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Principal: Dr. Gregory Wilkey
Phone Number: 801-402-8800
325 South Main St
Kaysville, UT 84037

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Top 5 Teacher Pet Peeves

The student-teacher dynamic at Davis High is very healthy most of the time, but, let’s be honest, we annoy each other sometimes. From early on in their careers, teachers have noticed specific annoying characteristics of students and developed pet peeves for...

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Top 13 Horror Movies of All Time

Up until about age 13, I hated horror movies. More accurately, I hated the idea of horror movies. I never actually saw one because I was a “scaredy-boi.” Then I started to stop getting scared of killers and monsters, and started to get scared of my...

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Was the Travvy Patty Lit?

The Travis Scott Meal is very controversial. Some say it’s horrible, some say it’s the best McDonald’s meal they have ever had. Recently McDonald’s and Travis Scott collaborated and made 2020 better with the Travis Scott meal. The meal includes...

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