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Principal: Dr. Gregory Wilkey
Phone Number: 801-402-8800
325 South Main St
Kaysville, UT 84037

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The Theories of the Game Among Us

Among Us is a murder mystery experience that is expanding to everyone around the world. There are also some dark secrets behind the plot of the game. But there are things in the game that are still unexplained. Like why and how was the imposter able to get on the...

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When is it okay to listen to Christmas music?

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means. It’s FINALLY time for Christmas music… or is it? There has always been a huge debate on the right time to listen to Christmas music and start getting into the holiday spirit, and it’s finally been settled. Is it...

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What’s going on at the United Nations?

The United States has been in the news for actions taken at the UN.  A couple of weeks ago the US made headlines by signing an anti-abortion declaration, and most recently when they were reviewed by other members on the basis of Human Rights. Back in October, the...

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Class of 2019 Mob Spotlight

Two years ago, the Mob was born. Created by a friend group that explains themselves as misfits. Together they formed the legendary and iconic student section known as the MOB. The name and movement have now been passed down for two years and continues to ignite Davis...

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