All State, not the insurance, but the Band/Orchestra Performance

On the 18th and 19th of January , members from the Davis High band choir and orchestra performed at the UMEA all state concert, in arguably the fanciest stage in Utah, the Abravenal hall.

7 members from band, 1 member from orchestra, and about 10 madrigals from Davis were a part of these performances. Each member aided in forming full size bands choirs and orchestras with members from around the state that took part in performing for most of Friday, and a small chunk of Saturday.

After interviewing one of the band members who went, Preston Parker, I learned many things about these performances. Preston himself is a trombone player, and has been playing for 6 years, this experience helped him get into this event. Him and a few other friends had a in Preston’s words an “all state party” where he and a few other band mates helped each other learn their pieces until they were able to perform under the view of a camera, then sending their video performance to the judges deciding whether they were good enough.

Preston was well qualified for this performance and played the audition piece well enough to be a part of this event, even though when I asked him about this years audition piece he told me: “This year I didn’t love the audition piece.”

His audition piece may not have been the best, but one of the songs he was able to play was very special. The song Amber Sky was commissioned, or made by request, for this performance, making him and the band the first who performed it. This song was being played for the first time when most of the band had seen the music for the first time, as most members sight read the music, which totally blew my mind.

The performance itself was all played very well, by the best from our state in high school. the Abravenal Hall was rightfully used for this event, because the talent of the performers deserves a stage like that.


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Davis D’ettes: The D’ettes rise up at state drill

Our own outstanding Davis High D’ettes competed at state this past Saturday, February 2nd. This was the first time in many years that the D’ettes have made it all the way to state, and they most definitely earned it. In the end, the girls placed 6th overall, making the school proud. The team worked extremely hard this season, taking home 2nd overall in region earlier last month.

The D’ettes have come a long way this year, pushing themselves past their limits and working harder then ever before. The girls’ hard work paid off, sending them to the state competition. Only a limited amount of Utah schools were chosen for the state competition: Davis, Copper Hills, Pleasant Grove, Hillcrest, Herriman, Layton, Fremont, Bingham, and Cyprus. After preforming three outstanding routines, the D’ettes placed 6th overall. When it came to individual sections, they came out with 3rd place in the dance routine. The team is most proud of this placement, and feels they did extremely well on their kick routine as well.

“Our highlight was mainly just being there and making it so far but we were even more happy hearing our name called for third place in dance routine.” -Makayla Littleford

Even though they broke boundaries with the school by going to state for the first time in many years, the girls are still humble and have certain aspects they’d like to work on to better themselves for next season. Technique in military skills and unity are among the techniques they feel they want to master for next year.

If you didn’t get the chance to see the D’ettes in action this year, don’t worry! They may be done with competition season but they still have a few performances left. The team trip to Disneyland is coming up and they perform at basketball games as well! This competition season has been an amazing one for the D’ettes, and next year will only bring more good things for the drill team!


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Davis High Debates at UVU for Marie Clegg Mem.

Davis High battles for victory in the Marie Clegg memorial competition. The competition will be taking place at Utah Valley University. At the tournament, controversial topics will be fought about to create a very thought provoking situations.

I asked the Davis High Debate team captain Jackson Ridges how he expects the team to perform and he said “We took first at region and third at state last year and are hoping to improve this year” The competition will have around 400 competitors participating in the events

One of the most popular events to be competed for is impromptu. In impromptu you are giving a word and you are supposed to make a speech just based on that word with a short amount of prep time. Extemp is a similar to the impromptu event but it is based on current events happening in the world.

Events like the Lincoln Douglas debates will be competed in. The Lincoln Douglas debates are structured like the debate that took place between Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas back in the 1800’s about slavery during the republican primaries in 1858. They also have the events public forum and policy, impromptu, oratory, and exempt.





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The D’ettes anticipate critical region competition

Davis’ D’ettes have been anticipating their highly critical competition coming up next week. The region drill team competition is the deciding meet for which schools will move on to the semi state and then state finals. Our school’s hard-working drill team has been putting in hours upon hours of work to prepare for upcoming region which takes place next Wednesday, January 23.

The D’ettes have prepared 4 dance routines to preform at region: military, kick, dance (and their optional routine that doesn’t qualify for state.) For the most part, the group will preform all together in these routines. A few girls will preform solos at region, but dancer Makayla Littleford says that solos are optional for all dancers.

One misconception people seem to have about competitive high school dance teams is that they learn new dances for every competition. In actuality, drill teams typically have the same dances for competitions, but according to team member Makayla,

“We compete the same routines but they change depending on what looks good and what doesn’t.”

So we can see that the D’ettes are constantly innovating and bettering themselves and their routines. By the time they get to competitions like region and state, their routines are meticulously clean and edited. These dancers have practices for hours before, during, and after school, and with that much work it’s no wonder their routines become so clean.

Because the girls have been working extremely hard this year, they are hoping for a place in the top three at region. Placing at region would guarantee a spot in semi state and finals. If they don’t get high enough scores, however, competition season will be over. We will soon find out the result of region and wish the D’ettes good luck!

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Chaos of lunch

Here at Davis High students are crunched with time during lunch. Lunch is about forty five minutes ever day except for tuesday when it is a short thirty minutes.

With this very short time students have to come up with quick places to go get food and get back to the school in time for class. You have to count in driving and ordering in some cases. but with all students leaving at the same time it makes it hard to get our of the parking lot. Which cuts into the already short lunch.

A popular lunch for students here at Davis High is going to each others houses in a rotation. Students have their parents prepare a lunch and they go over to their house with their friends and eat the already prepared lunch and go back to school. and then repeat at another one of their houses.

There are also lots of very popular fast food places to go to during lunch. Student Elijah Williamson said,

“Me and my friends like to either go to one of our houses. or if we don’t have any prepared food, we like to go to either big Daddys pizza, or Wendys. Because both of these places are very close and cheap. And also is a lot of food for the cost.”

But along with Wendy’s and Big Daddy’s, there are lots of other choices, like Old Griss Mill, Bowmans, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, And Taco Time. And many many more.

Students have gotten lunch down to a science. Student Connor Finlinson said,

“We sprint out of the school, jump in someones car and drive as fast as we can to our destination. And jump out of the car sprint inside eat our food and sprint back school to be on time class.”

Overall, lunch is a very chaotic time of the day, but yet still a relief for the students.

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Davis Bands Concert

Last Monday, December 17, Davis high school’s bands had their annual Christmas concert.

“Concerts are always really fun to perform at because we finally get to share our gifts with our friends, family, and peers.” said flute and saxophone player, Gabi Boi.

To start off, the percussion ensemble took the stage with an amazing performance of  Patapan by Wallace/Brooks. It was near flawlessly done and wasn’t even their best played piece that night. They also played Little Jazz Drummer Boy by Brooks/Madill, 12 Daze of Christmas by David Steinquest, and Robin Laid an egg by Jesse Mattson. In the song 12 Daze of Christmas it was written to have twelve different time signatures to symbolize the twelve days of Christmas as sang in the original song. It was a really hard piece, but they rocked it.

Next the Jazz band came in and played Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Peter Blair, Greensleeves by Gregory Yasinitsky, and Drummer Boy by Rob Holmes. In each of the songs there was a part for a soloist

After a thirty minute intermission the concert band made up of Sophomores came in and rocked a performance of Polar Express by Jerry Brubaker, Gesu Bambino by Pietro Yon, and Holiday Portraits by Sean O’Loughlin. They were fantastic at Polar Express and somehow continued to wow the audience with an even better performance with each song.

Following the concert band, the symphonic band came in with An American Christmas by Robert W Smith, Angels sing by Bill Calhoun, and Carol of  the Bells by Sean O’Loughlin. They played each song with minimal mistakes and made their most difficult piece, carol of the bells, seem easy.

To finish off the night, the wind ensemble played their pieces Joy of the Seasons by Sean O’Loughlin, Viktors Tale* by John Williams, and O Magnum Mysterium by Lauridsen. On O Magnum Mysterium a special guest, clarinet player Dr. Hagan. She played magnificently and charmed everyone in the audience with her playing.

At the very end of the night the wind ensemble ended with Sleigh Ride by LeRoy Anderson. Santa surprised the audience and came onto the stage, he conducted the band leaving an exciting end to the performances that night.

The bands worked hard for several months and accomplished something truly amazing.

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Winter Wonderland Orchestra Concert

The chamber and concert orchestras of Davis High are putting on their annual winter concert tonight in the auditorium. These two orchestras have been working on their winter songs tirelessly each class period. Tonight, they will showcase the songs Sleigh Ride, pieces from the Nutcracker, Carol of the Bells, and a German Christmas Concerto, and well as others from the concert orchestra. 

According to chamber orchestra member Elise Hatch, the German Concerto has been the most challenging technique-wise out of the songs they have learned. Elise has a solo during this song, and says that the song isn’t necessarily challenging, it’s just slightly more difficult to remember all their techniques incorporated into the song. 

The orchestras each meet during one class period to practice.  

“We do scales as a warm up, and then we just play the pieces. We do sections which is just breaking off into different groups.” 

Elise Hatch says. Each section practices different parts of their songs after doing warm ups to get their hands, minds, and instruments ready to play the real thing. They’ve practiced these songs for months, and their hard work has almost come to fruition.

The song the chamber orchestra is most excited to showcase, according to Hatch, is Sleigh Ride.  

“Sleigh Ride is fun because we get to play it with the band.” 

Sleigh Ride will combine the musical talents of the chamber orchestra and our school’s state award winning band. This song is sure to be filled with emotion, excitement, and energy. It’s one you’ll want to be sure to catch! 

For those who don’t know, there are two orchestras preforming (and additionally, the band.) The chamber orchestra is one in which students must audition to be a part of. The concert orchestra does not require audition. Both are full of talented students who have worked hard to be able to perform in their showcase tonight.

If you want a night full of beautiful winter songs played by two wonderful orchestras and a band, make sure to tune in to Davis High School’s orchestra winter concert! 

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Davis High’s exhilarating gaming tournaments

In the wake of the news that the school would not be putting on the bachelor auction this year, the school knew they had to something new that would be just as good, if not better, than the auction. Eventually as the idea came in and out SBO advisor, Erik Gunn, decided to hold multiple video game tournament including the likes of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and Fortnite. I recently interviewed him to discuss the tournaments.


Why did you decide to hold these tournaments?

“We knew going into the school year that we were not going to be doing the bachelor auction for a number of different reasons. We just kind of decided ‘Ok if we’re going to lose that activity that everyone loved then we have to try and replace it with something.’ And the idea was that there’s no one activity that can simply replace the bachelor auction, so we decided that there needed to be more activities to replace the bachelor auction. What we decided to do is try and reach as many people with different types of activities; so, we went athletics, and with the ugly sweater it’s more of a creative aspect, and with video games we were reaching into another aspect. It’s just about trying to reach as many people with as many activities as possible.”


What kind of tournaments are there?

“So, we played Mario Kart on Tuesday which was awesome. Coming up we have the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Fortnite duos tournaments.”


What are the prizes?

“We made custom made trophies. Mr. Leifson laser cut some trophies out of acrylic and engraved them. Along with the trophies were giving every winner a $10 gift card.”


How do you sign up for one of the tournaments?

“There are sign up forms outside of room 1802 in the commons. After you fill out the form you just need to pay the entry fee and bring the both the form and receipt to me, Mr. Gunn, in room 1802.”


How many people have signed up?

“I don’t have a firm count yet. We had about 20 in the Mario Kart tournament and 16 in the spike ball tournament. We don’t have the final numbers yet for any of the other tournaments, but I know we printed 50 forms for both the Smash Bros and the Fortnite tournaments and I’ve had to reprint forms for both. So over 50 forms have been taken but I don’t know how many have actually signed up.


If you get the chance would you want to hold more of these tournaments in the future?

“I think so. We’ve had good success and positive feedback from the people who have participated so far. So, I definitely think it’s something we’re going to pursue and have maybe a few times a year in the future. Our goal as a student body officer group is to try and create activities for as many people as we can. Some people don’t like sports, some people don’t like theatre, some people don’t like music, so what we’re trying to do is provide activities that reach a broad amount of people that have different interests.”


The tournaments have already raised a lot of interest and has already seen a good amount of success. The tournaments are to help raise money for the Sub for Santa fundraiser. If you have any interest in participating and potentially winning a beautifully crafted trophy and $10 you can pick up an entry form outside of room 1802 in the commons.


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The New Magic the Gathering club

Magic the gathering might not be what you think, some might think it’s a gathering of magicians but no, it is a trading card game that is based around mythical characters a trading them to different people. but as for the club at Davis High you meet with other people from the school that play, and you can make a new group of friends to play magic with. The game in itself makes you think and is a very good way to improve your logical thinking, and it is also a very good way of making new friends and people to play magic the gathering with.

let’s start with what magic is, it is a trading card game where you can play against other people and use strategy to win. you also trade cards with one another to make your deck really good, so you can win games.

you might be brand new to magic the gathering and wondering if you need to know what you are doing to join the club. The answer is no you do not need to know the slightest about the game you can just show up and learn how to play, but what if you do not have cards? courtesy of Mr. Merrill you can have a free set of cards to get you stared into the magic the gathering club. so, you if you join the club you can get all set up for magic the gathering career.

The magic the gathering club is also a great way to meet people if you are new to the school or if you just don’t know many people. The club seem really cool and is a very good atmosphere to just have fun and learn something new. Another cool thing about magic the gathering is it actually gathers all sorts of people to play the game and just have fun with each other. Mr. Merrill also said that what makes it fun is “different for everyone”. so, you should try it out and see what makes it fun for you.

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How You can spread Christmas Cheer

The Holiday season is officially in full swing, leaving many students at Davis High buzzing with the spirit of giving. Recent events such as the Food Drive and Sub for Santa have provided Davis with a way to share some of the joy and cheer that enthralls our school, but our community is just getting started. Here are just some ways that you can help better the lives of students here and across the globe this winter.

Blanket Drive 

Davis High’s Key Club is sponsoring their annual Blanket, Pillow, and Pillow Case Drive and will be collecting these donations until December 18th. With a goal of 300 items of each, the drive helps to make a difference in the lives of Mountain High students as the weather turns cold. If you find yourself in a position to help, drop off the blankets and pillows at the counseling center before the drive ends.

UNICEF Gift Shop

When you’re purchasing your Christmas gifts this year, make sure to check out, the UNICEF gift shop. Every gift you purchase helps provide funds for children in need and supports artisans across the world. All it takes is a few minutes to order the perfect gift and help make a difference in the lives of children across the globe.

Newborn Kit for Rohingya Refugees

The Rohingya refugee crisis is one of the largest and most threatening in the world today. Newborns that are caught in this conflict and their mothers often don’t have the supplies they need. If you want to help, gather 1 onesie, 1 pair of socks, and 1 baby hat in a Ziploc bag and email for the nearest drop off address.

Hygiene Kit

Refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Bangladesh would be the primary receivers of this gift. It’s very important that these refugees have access to hygiene products for their health, physical and mental. To help out, gather 1 Shampoo, 1 Washcloth, 1 Toothbrush, 1 Toothpaste, 1 Comb, 2 Bars of soap, 1 Deodorant and place them in a large Ziploc bag. Email for the nearest drop off address.

Blood Drive

Davis High’s HOSA club is hosting a blood drive in the little theater after school on December 13. To sign up you must be 16+ years old and meet the weight and height criteria. Contact Mr. Fahrenbach, Mrs. Kurtz, or Mrs. Ogden to sign up as a candidate. If you find yourself able to donate blood, please take the time out of your day to do so! You could make the difference between life and death this season.

This season is one for gratefulness of the gifts that we have. As you take the time to appreciate your life, look into what you can do to better the lives of others! You’ll find it will warm the hearts of those you help, and will be a wonderful  experience to add to your own holiday cheer.

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Writers Academic one page at a time.

The writers academic club or simply writers club is known for creating stories and characters in the mind of high school students the club is made for those who want to express their writing to others. Whether its Si-Fi mystery, horror or fantasy there is a place for you at the writers academic club.

The writers club was created for those who love to write and create stories, the point was that Students could get writing and show others there work and learn to improve it. Ms. Newbold, who is the lead of the club explained that not only do you write stories but you compare and learn what others have to say about it, as well learn to improve it. Another great thing about writers academic is that you get to express your creativity and rather then just show it to a few you show it to many.

I spoke with a few of the writers club members about what they usually do and what stories they create, including the student president Alyssa Rayburn. When asked about what she as the student president has to do. “there is a lot that goes into it,” she stated “there is announcements, running the lesson, and fundraisers. She also teaches the lessons for the club they are currently learning about foreshadowing and building suspense.  She also told me that there are also t-shirts for the club that are open to buy. “The club is always open for new people who love to come and create.”

Another interview with member Riley Mendoza explained how the club works as well as what they mostly do and what they write and create.  Fantasy he tells me is the most common and well liked genre that they write. “Its not just about writing,” he says. “You learn about character development and world building as well review each others work to see how to improve and get the best out of your writing”.  Riley is also currently trying to get some of his work published as a book, he has enough to make two books out of five from what he tells me. The genre He enjoys most is fantasy and mystery.

The writers club is quite happy to include and others into the club or teach them the art of story telling. you also don t have to sign up to go to the club itself, you can show up anytime you like and leave you want to. Writers club starts 2:30 after school and ends 3:30 after school.



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