A review of Frightmares 2020

As we rapidly approach Halloween, many people are seeking out unique ways to celebrate with the ongoing pandemic. Most of us are familiar with our state’s one and only amusement park, Lagoon, which is only a short drive away. Each year, Lagoon hosts a Halloween event known as “Frightmares” from mid-September until Halloween for locals to enjoy both amusement park rides and Halloween encounters. Here is what some friends from Davis High think about Frightmares.

Senior Brooklynn Crowley works at Lagoon, and gets to operate during Frightmares. This year, she says the main focuses of Lagoon staff are on sanitization, masks being required in all lines, and enforcing social distancing. She says that employees are “constantly sanitizing everything” to keep the environment as safe and enjoyable as possible.

According to Crowley, Frightmares’ claims to be family-friendly are true. She explained to me that all scary attractions have a sign out front rating the scariness level so sensitive individuals know whether or not to enter. This year, there are even “Haunted” houses for kids to trick-or-treat at. Crowley says most patrons find the experience to be worth the price, and she counts herself lucky to get in free due to her employee status.

But what about the non-employee patrons who attend Frightmares? Mr. Frey has a season pass to Lagoon and thinks that Frightmares is a fun way to end the season. With the high price, he recommends getting a season pass because it will be paid off after just two visits; however, he says it is an enjoyable experience either way.

Due to the high variety of rides and activities, Mr. Frey agrees that Frightmares is a good experience for the whole family to enjoy, and recommends it this Halloween season. When asked how COVID-19 restrictions effected his experience, he said that things are relatively the same as usual with the only changes being social distancing and being required to wear masks in line.

Based on the high praise and large amount of cars in the parking lot, I’d say this year is a success for Lagoon’s Frightmares, and it is highly recommended by staff and customers alike.

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The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes: Hunger Games Prequel Review

Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games trilogy, recently released a prequel to her acclaimed series titled The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Fans were desperate to get their hands on a copy, and were not disappointed with the new addition.

The book focuses on the villain of the original series, Coriolanus Snow, when he is 18 years old. A student in the Capitol, Snow is acting as a mentor in the 10th annual Hunger Games. Fueled by financial struggles within his family, Snow is desperate for the glory, power, and money that will come if his assigned tribute, Lucy Gray Baird from District 12, wins the Games. However, as Lucy Gray and Coriolanus prepare for the Games, with their fates intertwined, they develop feelings for each other. Snow has to learn how to balance his desire to protect Lucy Gray with his loyalties to the Capitol.

The novel explores some very interesting topics such as human nature. When society is stripped of authority, what remains? One character in the book, Dr. Gaul, would claim that without authority or control, society would look exactly like it does in the arena. Humanity abandoned, chaos and monsters rampant. Other characters, namely Sejanus and Lucy Gray, would disagree, claiming that morality is rooted at the very core of human nature. Confronting this and similar topics, makes the story so much more interesting and complex and therefore, enjoyable to read.

The author also did a fantastic job at connecting this book to the original series. For example, the prequel explains Snow’s love for white roses and why people are allowed to sponsor and place bets on the tributes. Throughout the book, significant nods are also made to Katniss Everdeen, the trilogy heroine who will become involved in the Games 64 years after the prequel. For example, the prequel features the song that Katniss sings to Rue when she dies, as well as the origins of the song The Hanging Tree which Katniss sings during the rebellion.

As good as this book was, it left readers hanging in some aspects. For example, the book revealed that Tigris, the woman who openly despised Snow in the third book of the original series, is actually Snow’s cousin. However, the author made no effort to explain their transition from cousins/best friends to enemies. Also, Snow poisoning his council members and mistreating the victors are topics that had a lot of potential to be explored in the prequel, but weren’t. Hopefully, if the author writes more continuations, those topics will be covered.

Overall, the book was a homerun in providing an interesting narrative that simultaneously gave context and even greater depth to the original series, and fans are excited to see what else the future holds for the beloved Hunger Games series.

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Student Allergies: What we Should be Doing

Everyday the amount of people with food and pollen allergies increase. Because of this, the question rises, how should we deal with it as a community, how should we deal with it as individuals, and how should the schools deal with it?

Schools across the world have had different ways of dealing with this, ranging from indifference to strict guidelines. Food places ranging from restaurants to food distributors have, up until this point, left it up to the ingredients label to have those who can and can not eat certain things find options for their individual needs. Its considered cruel to think we should just let them deal with it, but it’s also unrealistic to some to think that we should cater to every single persons problems.

For context, an allergy is someones immune systems reaction to a substance it doesn’t recognize which would includes but is not limited to pollen, fur, particular foods, dust, and medications. Many students have to deal with this on a daily basis, the main thing that the school would have to worry about would be the food allergies in what they serve and what is brought onto school grounds.

As the numbers increase, food needs to be treated more delicately. Gone are the days where cross-contamination is alright, because it can lead to someone becoming sick or suffering an even worse fate. The question comes down to, how should the school should deal with this? Should the school leave it to a student to get access to food they can have and leave the issue alone, or should they facilitate how things are handled in the cafeteria and in classrooms? On that note, how can they enforce rules like this on an individual basis?

Fortunately, for most, food allergies aren’t as severe as many would have you believe. Due to that fact, we don’t have to worry about proximity of food to those affected and tracking student lunches only to have to find a way for school lunches to be offered for them. Ideally, we should be able to facilitate things so that anyone can get the food they need, but every individual person is different. There will always be one person with an allergy that conflicts with our current food system or how we conduct ourselves.

It comes down to what our solution should be. Ideally we should get the school cafeteria to carry hypoallergenic foods that are separated from other foods. There are options in the school but not a large amount of options. Other than that, what is currently in place works, students tell teachers that need to know and make sure that it is taken care of in the best way possible. What is needed is more student and staff awareness, if you have friends with allergies, just be mindful and we can make the school a better place.

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California Fires Spread Pollution: A Danger to Us All

California fires are nothing new to those of us near the west coast, however the California fires may have more of an effect on us than we realize. Due to the way Utah is formed, with our mountains trapping in all the air we have, a lot of pollution from the recent fires is being trapped above us. Air quality is decreasing day by day and the fires are getting worse at the same rate.

The levels of pollution is being monitored by multiple stations, Salt Lake City’s monitoring stations has reported anywhere between 40 to 85 micrograms per cubic meter. With areas such as Tooele country reporting upwards of 100, these amounts are considered dangerous for sensitive groups; those with breathing problems.

Even our local firefighters are having to leave in order to help with California’s fires, which are spreading at an even quicker rate due to the high wind speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. The lack of firefighters here in our area could also leave us at a higher risk.

The fire spreads at a quick and wide rate. To keep a fire going it needs fuel and air, and a forest makes for great fuel. Fortunately, we live in a desert, so there are not many large forests. However, if a spark did reach one of our more grassy or densely populated areas, a fire could start. It goes without saying that it would have a negative effect on the people and life that covers this planet.

“I believe that pollution levels in our community, as well as throughout the world, are ever rising as time goes by. I am not sure if the windy situations will help, but at this point I am hoping for anything that could possibly help our planet to grow rather than regress as it currently is.” – Brooklynn Crowley

Nevertheless, we will have to hope for the best. Hope for some strong (but maybe not too strong) winds to get the air cleaned out, stay safe out there Darts!

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What it’s like to move across the country during the COVID-19 epidemic

During this global pandemic, we all have been impacted by change. We can’t see our friends, we have to wear masks, and we have been stuck inside quite a lot. What if you had to move across the country amidst all of this as well? How would you deal with two types of extreme change at the same time?

Well honestly, it is really hard. I moved from small-town, southeastern, New York to Layton, Utah in March, the beginning of quarantine. My last day of school there was everyone else’s last day of school for the rest of the year. 

On the academic side of things, I not only had to adjust to online learning but a whole new curriculum! In New York, I took Algebra II, here I was supposed to be taking some weird Secondary Math class? I still don’t know what it is called. They also require different amounts and types of credits that they didn’t require where I used to live. I have to stack my schedule full of electives in order to catch up. Let me tell you, having a completely full schedule during your senior year is tough. It’s good that I’ve had Senioritis since Freshman year though, I’m rather used to it by now. 

The Social Scene is probably one of the hardest adaptations that I am still going through. On the first day of school, I freaked out because no one had explained to me how lunch worked! “Where am I supposed to go, What should I do?” was running through my head. I still don’t know completely. At my old school, we just had one room and everyone ate there. Sure, there was a newly built senior lounge next door but that was it. Making friends was also hard. How am I supposed to make friends whilst simultaneously quarantining and maintaining social distance? When everything started opening up again, it was a lonely time. 

Culturally, it has been hard as well. In case you didn’t know, Utah and New York have very different cultures. How am I supposed to know what people like to do and talk about here with restrictions? How am I supposed to get used to it if hardly anyone will talk to me due to Covid-19 precautions?

In New York, people were very direct. If they had a question, they would ask it. They would start teasing you and treating you like an old friend almost instantly. Here, it seems that that is different, that people are slower to open up, but I don’t actually know. I have no idea what cultural differences are due to COVID-19 and what are due to Utah having a different culture.  The fact that the culture is hard to get used to is especially strange because I had lived in Utah until I was 7. I won’t even start on the obvious differences politically and how weird that has been. Especially since I had thought I came from a relatively conservative area. 

I have moved many times, most notable being Utah to Virginia, and then Virginia to New York.  In all honesty, this has been the hardest move. Which is pretty obvious considering all things. Especially when you add in the fact that I am a Senior this year. On the other side, it’s bad but not as bad as you might think.

Last year in New York I had no friends in my classes, so I’m used to not socializing in class a lot. I also tend to adapt to life changes quite quickly so I don’t feel that bad, to me, it’s just how life is. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel like I’m missing out though, I still feel it, but it’s not overwhelming. I am hoping that soon we can flatten the curve and open things back up so I can experience what Utah is like before I head off to college next year, so I can at least have some knowledge of what Utah is really like.

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Hybrid Schedule: Students Tell All

School is one of the many things that has changed significantly in recent months due to COVID-19. To keep students safe, Davis School District has chosen to apply a hybrid learning schedule that is affecting students academically and socially.

This new schedule involves students attending school in-person twice a week and remotely on the other 3 days. Students have found that learning half the curriculum online allows them to get more sleep and live a healthier lifestyle, but it poses challenges academically.

“I always get confused at when assignments are due and I never know if, somehow, I missed an assignment. I feel like teachers haven’t made it very clear what assignments we’re doing in class and what we need to do at home.”

States Breanna Wilson, a senior at Davis.

The hybrid schedule seems to be shifting the ratio of learning to practicing in a negative way. Less learning. More homework. Students are only in each class once a week. Such limited time with teachers in-person makes it difficult to understand the concepts. Consequently, when they are trying to complete their many homework assignments on remote days, students often feel confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

“Virtual instruction can often be confusing and doesn’t allow for activities that further explain the concept (like labs and demonstrations). The biggest frustration has been not understanding the concepts and not knowing what the expectations are for each class or assignment.”

Says Rachel Dummer, a Davis High student.

Since there is less time to learn the concepts, many teachers are cutting their curriculum nearly in half so as not to push students at an unbearable pace. Students appreciate this because it lessens their workload and anxiety, however, they are not being intellectually stimulated.

When you’re taking classes with this hybrid schedule, you’re probably only going to learn half the material that you were supposed to. I’m super into learning, so I find that an issue. If I’m taking a class, I want to learn the material it’s supposed to teach me.”

Another problem that students have noticed with this system is attendance. This schedule was designed to allow students to work completely from home should they get sick or if the school were to shut down again. It was supposed to relieve students of the pressure to attend school in the building. However, it has not done so. In fact, since students only go to each class once a week, grades are more attendance-based than ever before. Students have expressed that they wish teachers would make more of an effort to ensure that they will not get penalized for missing class if they get sick.

Students are also being affected socially in many ways due to this new system. One way is through masks. Davis School District requires all students to wear masks to promote safety. Most students are very willing to abide by this rule if it means they get to stay in school, however, they have noticed that the masks have caused notable changes in the social dynamic of the school.

“In a lot of my classes, way less people talk to each other and it’s a lot harder to read people’s emotions. I’ve noticed that it’s harder for me to make friends too. I feel like I have less social skills with a mask on because I can’t tell how people feel. Also, I can’t understand my teachers or classmates sometimes because their voices get muffled.”

Says Breanna.

The hybrid schedule splits the school population in half alphabetically and then alternates the two groups between in-building and remote. Group A attends school on Mondays and Wednesdays, while Group B attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means that students no longer see some of their friends at school.

“It’s hard to keep up with friends on the other schedule. You really have to make an effort at it. It’s a lot harder when you don’t see them at school to stay friends with them. It’s just a matter of keeping in communication and showing that you care, even if you’re not physically able to see them. This new schedule is very much a test of who is your actual friend and who is just there because of convenience.

Explains Eva Weeks, a Davis High senior.

One of the biggest disappointments that this new schedule brought was the lack of school social events. Sports games are difficult to attend, and the school is not sponsoring any dances. These events provide great opportunities for students to meet new people and make new friends. Not having these leaves a void in school morale.

“The dances and sporting events are what hold the school together and give students school pride. I think that not being able to attend all of those will definitely affect the students socially. It’s hard not to be able to go and support your school. I think it will definitely impact every individual socially in some way and will impact school pride in general.”

States Eva.

Without these social events, students are having to find new ways to stay involved. Many have found that joining a club or sports team helps them stay connected. Others use Dartboard on Canvas to connect with other students. It’s important to stay involved where possible so that we can maintain school pride during these trying times.

Despite the challenges and shortcomings of the new hybrid schedule, students are grateful to be back in school and have respect for all the teachers, SBOs, and administration that are doing their best to lead our school under these unusual circumstances.


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The importance of freedom of speech

The comic “Finding Your Voice: A Free Speech Comic,” follows the experience of a boy at one high school; one where politics and controversial topics are openly discussed on an adolescent forum that the youth are required to attend. Most schools, however, are not like a prison of conformity. In fact, most schools censor controversial material and topics. While it may be in an effort to avoid confrontation and prevent the school from becoming a “political battleground”, the lack of freedom of speech deprives the students of many valuable learning opportunities.

It deprives the students of an opportunity to learn how to properly handle these types of conversations. If students aren’t allowed to talk about controversial and sensitive topics during the prime socialization period of their life, then how are they expected to deal with such complicated aspects in adulthood? How are they expected to learn that you can debate without making the matter personal? How are they expected to learn that you can respectfully acknowledge others’ opinions while not agreeing with superiors? In the future, when a political conversation does come up, they could potentially offend somebody because they don’t know how to handle the conversation, because they weren’t properly taught how to do so.

It also deprives the students of an opportunity to learn about things that affect them as the future of our nation. Gun regulations affect them, for school shootings are a reality for them. LGBTQ+ rights affect them, for 8% of all high school students in America belong to the LGBTQ+ community (Schlanger). These are not things that will affect them, these things are affecting them, right now. Soon, the students will have the power to impact the policies. However, there is a lot to learn before they solidify their opinions and vote on these policies, so having people and resources to learn from are very beneficial. It is also the point of schools to provide these resources and opportunities so that the students may become contributing members of society. Just as the infamous quote states: “It takes a village to raise a child,” (Proverb). Like the mission statement of Davis High School states, “The mission of Davis High School, in collaboration with parents and community, is to prepare all students to become productive, contributing members of society by providing high quality instruction and curriculum in a caring and safe environment,” (District). Part of being contributing members of society is by voting and participating in politics. It is clear that students need to be educated on controversial topics  but are not receiving the proper education due to the censorship in schools. When the future of our nation turns 18 and gains the ability to vote on these policies society is going to wish that they properly educated them.

It also deprives adolescent students from the opportunity to speak their truth, and that kind of silence is cruelly unjust.

On the other hand, as mentioned in the comic, “…schools have the responsibility to instill ‘the habits and manners of civility’ and the ‘fundamental values necessary to the maintenance of a democratic political system.’” (Snyder). Some content put out by students may be harmful, which might justify schools in censoring some material on behalf of uncivil behavior. However, censoring the material does absolutely nothing. All it does is remove the content, it doesn’t teach the student how to properly share their opinion in a civil manner. Instead of censoring the material, schools should take the time to review it with the student and teach them how to respectfully share their opinion. This would do more in fulfilling school’s responsibilities of “instilling the manners of civility”. Speaking from personal experience, I can testify that this approach works.

As one of the Chief Editors of the High School I attend I myself have written many articles on “controversial” topics that seem unapproachable in classrooms from my experience. Some worth mentioning are “Effects of the Dominant Religion in Social Situations”, “The necessary darkness behind suicide prevention groups”, “Guns: are they good or bad?”, and “LGBTQ community in Davis.” The research I performed prior to writing these articles allowed me to explore the topic with a transparent eyeball (Emerson), fully seeing and understanding both sides of the debate without bias. Whereas before I found myself staying out of these types of conversations, I now found myself confidently expressing my opinion with confidence. Going through the process of writing the articles also taught me how to present my opinions in a civil and respectful manner. This would not have been possible had I not been allowed to talk about gun control or LGBTQ+ rights with my teachers and peers.

In conclusion, while freedom of speech is restricted in schools, it is necessary for the education of students. Freedom of speech allows students to learn how to properly handle sensitive conversations and learn more about a topic before forming their own opinion.



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The things we love

What is everyone missing out on? The answer: A lot!  Every person in the world has something they are passionate about, and because of this virus a lot of people are unable to do the things they love.

I understand a wide majority of Davis High School is involved in a school activity. Whether it be a sport or club. We are all having with drawl from our passions.

Right now I am in a major with drawl form Cheer. I miss my cute team and all the cool things my coaches have to teach me! It’s also very sad because this week would be our cheer tryouts, but they have been postponed for a later date sadly. So for the time being I am continually working on my cheer skills and just trying to improve. I am almost positive that all our athletes attending Davis High are doing the same thing, working hard for when their season comes again!

I know that we aren’t only missing our sports and clubs, But all our friends. I know I miss seeing all my friends in the halls and Friday nights! But hopefully this quarentine comes to an end as soon as possible! But for now we all need to follow the guidelines that have been set for us; stay home, stay safe!

I hope we are all in school together once again. Stay safe and healthy!!

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Coronavirus social media challenges

It is no secret that things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Due to the Coronavirus, people are all staying at home which gives them plenty of time to be creative. During this time, I have seen more social media challenges than I have in the past three years. I have seen about 50 different challenges scrolling through my social media in just the past week. 

The ones that I have seen the most are the “until tomorrow” posts. I was confused when I first saw all of these, so for those of you who still are, the premise of this challenge is that when someone likes an “until tomorrow” post, the original poster is supposed to DM that person and tell them that they now have to post their own embarrassing picture and keep it up…until tomorrow. 

The next most common challenge is the sports ones. Someone who plays a sport will post a picture or a video of them playing that sport (usually on their story) and then tag about three more people to do the same thing. The chain goes on and on. The most common sports that I have seen do this are dance, basketball, and football.  

Another big movement that I have seen on social media is mostly done by celebrities and influencers. It is the “#stayhome” movement. Celebrities will post pictures of themselves either with their families, with friends or just by themselves at home to try and influence their followers to stay home as well. 

The last challenge that has gone viral during the quarantine is the plank challenge on Tik Tok. This is when people do a plank workout that goes along with a song on Tik Tok. This is also a part of the effort for people to stay fit at home during the quarantine while all the gyms are closed down. 

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Movies to watch while quarantined

With the Coronavirus floating around in the air, everyone is self-isolating themselves and staying home to help slow the transmission of it. However, staying home for weeks on end can be pretty boring. One of America’s favorite things to do while at home is none other than a movie night! There have been plenty of new movies that have come out, especially on Netflix, so here are some movies to watch on Netflix while you’re at home. 

For all the people out there who love romantic comedies, one of the top trending movies on Netflix is a movie called Valentine’s Day. This movie follows the stories of multiple couples on Valentine’s Day and they all fit together like a puzzle in the end. There are a lot of stars in this movie as well. 

For those who love thrillers and horror movies, the top trending movie for you is one called The Platform. This movie is about a prison where inmates on higher floors get more food than those on the lower floors, who just get their scraps. However, this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart so watch at your own risk. 

All the action and adventure lovers out there will love a movie called 2012. It is about a dad who is desperately trying to save his family when a flood of natural disasters hit. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

Comedy is probably one of the most popular movie genres on Netflix. They have a bunch of comedy classics on there, but the number one trending movie is Hitch. IF you have never seen this movie, you need to watch it ASAP! It is about a man (played by Will Smith) that helps clients make a good impression on the first date. It is a hilarious movie that also has a little bit of a sweet side. 

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Let us not forget what we learned

This thing is going to end, and, when it does, let’s not forget what it taught us.

Let’s not forget our renewed fascination and appreciation for nature. How when we were stuck in our homes, and our heads, we turned to the outdoors for an escape. A hike, walk outside, run, bike ride, or even just opening a window could make all the difference. A deep breath of fresh air could offer some peace and clarity during this time, so let’s preserve it. The cleaner air during this time is due to a decrease in levels of pollution, due to our decrease in fossil fuel/greenhouse gas emissions and quarantine situation. In fact, there was a 40% decrease in air pollution in San Francisco, and a 28% decrease in New York City. In China, the heavy cloud of pollution constantly looming over them seemed to disappear almost completely. It calls for the attention of how the air quality affects our health, and how, when this is all over, we can take action to preserve the clean air.

“As we move to restart these economies, we need to use this moment to think about what we value. Do we want to go back to the status quo, or do we want to tackle these big structural problems and restructure our economy and reduce emissions and pollution?” stated Jacqueline Klopp, co-director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University.

Let’s not forget what we discovered about ourselves. Much of our lives revolve around school and our job that we often become dependent on these things, and it becomes a major part of our identity. Well, who are we without these things? Our job title has been taken away from many of us, but the hard work and determination we put in to get there is still apart of us.

“Being a lawyer isn’t a personality trait. However, the hard work and determination you had in becoming a lawyer is, and that tells you who you really are,” explained an undisclosed source.

This quarantine has also given us time to discover new hobbies and activities. It has also showed us how we react, how mentally tough we are, the best parts of our personality, and our priorities. We used this time to re-center and reconnect with what’s important, so let’s not lose focus when all this is done.

“I hope everyone learns something from this and has some kind of life guiding revelation from our time spent alone with our thoughts,” commented student Brooklyn Haycock.

Let’s not forget the importance of relationships, and what other people mean to us. It’s times like these that show us how lonely and hard life can be if you’re facing it alone. It’s times like these that also show us who the most important people in our lives are, and what those people truly mean to us. It’s times like these that show us how important human connection is, and how our relationships with those around us keep us grounded and sane.

Jazmine Russell, a holistic healer, said it best when she said times like these show us “how interconnected we all are, and the importance and meaning of human intimacy.”

Let’s not forget how everyone came together. How people spread hope and love through social media. A DJ, D-Nice, started playing long sets on Instagram live. It became dubbed “Club Quarantine”, and regular people and celebrities alike tuned in for some good music to dance to. Talk show hosts, like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, started doing their show from their home to provide for some entertainment and a distraction. Lady Gaga and Global Citizen put on a “One World: Together at Home” concert with performances and messages from various artists and celebrities as a way to pay tribute to the workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Along with providing positive messages, celebrities also put their money where their mouth is and started donating to various charities and causes. Halsey purchased FDA certified surgical masks and distributed them to four hospitals of her choice. Pink donated have a million dollars to an inner-city hospital in North Philly. Ciara and Russell Wilson donated 1 million meals to a Seattle food bank. Tyler Perry paid for everybody’s groceries in multiple grocery stores in Atlanta during senior hour one morning. Lady Gaga’s concert also raised 127 million dollars for coronavirus relief efforts.

There have also been beautiful displays of humanity from ordinary people. Claire Young wrote about it best in her article “People worldwide rise up amidst coronavirus chaos.” (https://www.davishighnews.com/16657/opinion/people-worldwide-rise-up-amidst-coronavirus-chaos/)

Also, as many have already said, let’s not forget or take for granted the simple things in life. The enjoyment of being able to go to your favorite coffee shop and talk to your favorite barista. The ability to go to fun events and meet amazing new people. A simple hug, high five, or handshake. Just being able to live life without having to worry about some invisible killer.

Last, let’s not forget the different problems the world faces, how much still needs to be done to improve, and how we can do something about it.

“I want to remember that it’s times like these that determine who our society’s working for and who it’s not. These systems are not working, and we need to be doing something about it.” –Jazmine Russell



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My quarantine journal

The quarantine has had unique effects on everybody that has been subjected. This is the story of my quarantine.
I wake up dazed. I look up at my clock and it reads 8:30 pm, had I woken up that late in the evening? Then again, I had done homework all night. The quarantine has genuinely messed up my sleep schedule. I am sleeping from 12 pm to 8:30 pm on most days. Staying up all night and sleeping during the day makes doing my schoolwork even more difficult. I wonder how I’m going to get myself out of this situation.
Lately, with the quarantine, I have had trouble finding inspiration to do any of my schoolwork. I’m a senior in high school in their final term, after having been accepted by a college. Is there any reason for me to do my work?
Since day 1 of the quarantine I’ve had to ask myself “What is my motivation today?” By doing that I thought that I would be able to find my motivation and actually end up doing the work of my own accord. The sad truth is that this isn’t the case.
As each day passes in this self-imposed prison, it is increasingly more apparent how difficult modern humans would take subsisting.
Perusing the news no longer brings new information. Everything is the same and it is generally about people being dumb. This is why I no longer watch the news. I try to fill my empty time instead with my job and severe binge-watching of tv. Of course, with most repetitious activities, these are also becoming quite tiresome to keep up with.
In terms of going outside, I have only gone outside twice since April has started. Luckily instead of going stir crazy, I have merely stopped thinking in all entirety. I have stopped thinking about most issues and I have let my emotions take control of me and my daily habits.
One detriment of this quarantine and this sleep schedule is that I have been reduced to eating one meal a day with no snacks. I don’t quite know what I have become.

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The light at the end of the tunnel

Let’s begin with the facts: the coronavirus has currently infected over 2,435,876 people worldwide. Some of the most common symptoms include a dry cough and a fever. The number of cases is still increasing though possibly at a slower rate. The world is in borderline chaos trying to contain the virus. Those are the facts everyone already knows. Those are the facts that create fear within society.

There is a brighter side to all of this, however. We are already working on a vaccine and have the top scientists working on it. One is expected to be through human trials within a year. And counter/measures like social distancing are protecting the vulnerable and slowing contagion.

And there are some positive side-effects as well. Pollution levels have decreased. Humans have been coming together to support each other in birthday parades and many other creative ways. Accident and air quality-related deaths are on the decline.  People are reconnecting with loved ones to whom they wouldn’t otherwise be talking to. There is a sense of unity between people and communities that’s never been here before. I have seen students, teachers, and families learn to appreciate the things they took for granted like going to school and seeing each other and sharing a meal with friends.

With or without the virus, it can be hard to find positivity in the world today. One important thing to remember now is overcoming hard situations is what makes people stronger. Once this is all over people will appreciate the little things in life like they never have before…going to the store and feeling safe or hugging a friend or loved one that doesn’t live in your house. People will appreciate being close and going outside. People will appreciate smiling at one another in the halls rather than rushing to class. Feeling productive and making plans and having some predictable structure in life will come back and be a new kind of fun.

It’s important to look at what is positive because that’s really the best way to survive right now. Dwelling in negativity is too easy. We should challenge ourselves to look for positive things every day even if it’s just a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Reflections in Quarantine

In thinking about the chaos that has ensued recently, I have realized how little control we have over our own lives. Just think about how one tiny biological mutation has brought our entire species to its knees. The earthquake we had recently was just one slight shift of tectonic plates deep below the surface of the earth. Yet it cut off an entire city’s power. It brings things into perspective.

We become so absorbed in our daily routines that we forget how weak and fragile we are compared to the earth and its elements. How small we are in the grand scheme of things. Being stripped of normalcy has been a slap in the face of reality that cannot be ignored. These recent troubles have made it clear what’s important and what deserves our attention and devotion.

Being isolated has made me appreciate people more. Oh what I would give to be able to interact normally with people again. To leave the house without a face mask or to go out for dinner. To hug my grandma. To welcome home my brother from his mission out of the car. Remote learning has helped me understand the importance of school. I would gladly wake up at 6 a.m. and willingly spend hours on homework if it meant seeing my teachers and classmates again.

The whole experience has been frustrating, emotionally draining, and just plain awful, but I think we needed it. When this is all over, I hope that the world doesn’t return to its old ways. I hope that we won’t take advantage of ‘normal’ again. That people of all races, faiths, and backgrounds will choose to unite as they are uniting now. That we will go outside and take care of our planet. That we will love each other as if nothing else matters.

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Stuck at home? just grab some headphones!

Its been who knows how many days since the start of quarantine. With practically everything closed and no school it seems has though the world just decided to stop spinning. Like most people I haven’t done much during this quarantine other than video games, movies, and the occasional skateboard session outside. The days are just starting to fade all into one big cycle, wake up, eat, chores, video games, eat, back to sleep and repeat.

My quarantine so far is only enough to cover 75 words of this weeks story, so for the rest I will talk about how 2020 is possibly one of the best years for music we have seen in a long time. With it only being April, we have already seen projects dropped from big artists like Lil Uzi Vert with his project Eternal Atake, Mac Miller with his project Circles, Eminem and his project Music to be Murdered by, Lil wayne with his album Funeral, Greenday and their newest album Father of all…, Tame Impala and his long awaited project The Slow Rush, Jack Harlow with a surprise project Sweet Action, the list goes on.

Considering that it is only April and not even summer yet you can be sure that we haven’t seen an end to this monumental year for music. Lots of music has already been announced and much more to come our way to keep our heads up and smiling while stuck at home.

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To all those who had to say goodbye too soon

To all the athletes whose season ended too soon. Who put in years of hard work just to lead up to this year, to one game, to one moment. Who had a goal, and wanted to achieve it before giving it up forever. Who wanted the extra time to hang out with teammates, your best friends and sometimes your family. Who wanted the entire year to just live in that sport and be happy.

To all those who relied on that after school activity for their sanity. Who needed the small amount of time to connect and talk to those who were similar to them. Who valued that time to fully express themselves through art, service, or a craft.

To all the seniors whose year suddenly ended too soon. You wanted to be done but now you’re not so sure. You were starting to move on but you still wanted and valued that extra time to just be in high school. To be dependent and a little bit careless and irresponsible before you were on your own. To have those final moments to say goodbye to the structure of public school, and to say goodbye to the teachers that really impacted your education and life. To have those final moments of seeing your childhood friends every day, and to spend more time with them before you go your separate ways.

I’m sorry. For all that time and all those moments were supposed to be guaranteed, but now our rites of passage were suddenly canceled. All we’re left with is the shock from the sudden events and feeling lost from not knowing how to process. Not knowing how to find closure.

I guess closure is never guaranteed, for anything in life. Some moments just end too unexpectedly, and we’re left wondering what’s next. Well, I guess we just have to move on. Have to look at where we want to go in life and start working to get there. Start creating new dreams, new plans, and new goals we want to achieve.

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My experience through the coronavirus crisis

The first case of the novel coronavirus occurred in China some time in December. The first death from this new disease was announced on January 11. The memes and jokes started coming around January and February. At the time, it seemed so far away, like it would never reach us. However, it only got worse from there. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization deemed Covid-19 a pandemic.

The panic and change that followed happened overnight and only got worse throughout the next two days. My first period teacher made a joke about not breathing in the halls to avoid catching it, and in the 6 minutes it took to get from first to second period, the vibe completely changed. The coronavirus was all we could talk about, how it would affect our personal lives, how it’s changing society right now, and looking for the updates from government officials. As the day went on teachers tried to return to normal, reassuring us that nothing has happened yet, and if it does we will adjust accordingly.

The next day was no better. We went from calmly taking the precaution of sanitizing the desks, to a widespread fear about the school that didn’t allow for any focus other than on what was happening in the world around us. That fear and panic followed me throughout the entire day, from class to class, and even home.

On March 13, the governor of Utah ordered a soft closure of all public schools. What does that mean for me? Well, it means I get to switch to online school until further notice, further notice being April 6.

That’s not so bad. We just put our life on pause for a few weeks, take a break, and then come back. I’ll admit, I was a little relieved. Relieved that I would no longer be put in danger of contracting this virus, and glad for the break, for I was starting to get worn out from school, work, and extracurriculars. Sure, online school wasn’t ideal, but it allowed for me to get all my schoolwork out of the way early and then spend the rest of the time doing whatever I wanted. More time for reading, movies, hikes, and even a few games of pickleball with some friends.

I don’t know when it started to get serious. Maybe when they reported a few known cases of Covid-19 on base where my mom works? Maybe when my parents switched from a rotating schedule to working full-time from home? Maybe when I started to sense that people were lying to me? For although we were supposed to go to school after Spring Break, teachers uploaded assignments for the rest of the year. People started hesitating, being careful as to what they were saying around me.

Slowly, everything got cancelled, everything closed, and it became clear that this thing wasn’t going away any time soon. What does that mean for me? Well, it means that my senior year ended too soon.

All I can think about is how much I don’t want this. I want to see my friends almost every day before I have to say goodbye. I want to have the opportunity to learn about what I was supposed to learn about. While technology has made it very effective to move almost everything online, it’s hard to learn CPR through a screen. While I appreciate teacher’s efforts to alleviate the stress and create easy assignments that allow for the expression of my emotions, which is so essential during this crisis, I don’t want every assignment from every class to be about the coronavirus. I want to learn about the baroque, enlightenment, romantic, and modern periods in my humanities class.

I guess I get it now when people say they feel like they’re missing out on their senior year. While I don’t care about missing prom, for I was never going to go anyways, and I could trade the senior grad party for a small celebration of my own, I still don’t want this. But I guess we don’t always get what we want, and nothing in life is ever guaranteed.


Sources: https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-timeline.html

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Activites to alleviate the quarantine.

Utah is beginning to see an increase in Coronavirus cases. As of April 7th, Utah has 1738 cases. Alarmingly, Utah had 1012 cases just on April 1st. 700 more cases within a singular week. It is because of this increase that everybody has been quarantined into their homes. Now the trouble is the boredom that follows being quarantined for an indefinite period. I have had no trouble acclimating to this. Most people though are slowly going crazy, not knowing what to do with this isolative time. Here are some things that I do, that might be able to help you keep sane while stuck at home. 

Surprisingly, many people, I included, have been taking this time to learn a new hobby or skill. This quarantine has given almost everybody in the United States, enough time to work on themselves and to better themselves. Taking this time to read, create a new stream of income, learn more about yourself, or better your place in life right now is a great usage of your time in this trying situation. I have taken this time to calm myself from the stresses of my graduation and the current situation that I am in by reading a book; Declutter Your Mind by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. 

Due to the consistent quarantine that has now been placed upon us, almost all families across the continental United States have resorted to cooking at home. Cooking can become an enjoyable hobby and it’s essential for the survival of an average citizen in the modern-day. I often try to cook at least one meal a day, that way I can continually increase my skill and ability while still providing food for those in my household. 

Of course, there’s always the route of binge-watching tv and playing lots of video games. This isn’t always the worst way to pass the time, but you must stay observant of exactly what needs to be done in your daily schedule and how much time you’re dumping into this activity. 

The best thing that I have done so far is worked from home. Work has given me a way to stave off the boredom while still earning money. It may be difficult for a high schooler to get a job that allows them to work from home, but if you’re looking for one Vector Marketing gives lots of high school seniors an opportunity. 

Despite everything that has happened so far this year, remember that the main goal of all of this quarantine is to stay safe and to make sure that you don’t infect anybody else! Stay safe everybody!

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The fastest metal cars you’ve ever seen

I got my first Hot-Wheels car when I was 3, it was a green Camaro that has been passed down from generation to generation. I have a huge collection of Hotwheels cars. The reason Hot-Wheels are so interesting is because they can be collector items if you find old ones. New cars aren’t as collectable as the antiques.

The very first Hot-Wheels car was made in 1968 it was the custom Camaro. The original Hot-Wheels cars first came out with 16 different kinds of cars, known as the sweet 16. Hot-Wheels is owned by Mattel and they have made a monopoly in the toy car industry, everyone knows what a Hot-Wheels car is. The reason Hotwheels are better than matchbox cars or any other toy car is that they use a different type of axel that allows them to roll in a straighter line.

The rarest Hot-Wheels is a 1969 Pink Rear O Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb. If you find 1 of the 2 that were made they are worth upwards of $72,000. The reason this car is so expensive is that there are only 2 that were produced in the color pink. They were never sold to the public, only 1 has ever made it to public hands.

Hotwheels have been around for many years and they will continue to stick around for many more. The little 99 cent cars have brought so much joy to people and inspired so many kids to grow up loving cars. Hotwheels cars should not be overlooked as just a toy.


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How restaurants are staying afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic?

One of the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the closure of all public dining rooms in Utah.  While most restaurants remain open, this closure has had a major impact on their business.

Restaurants in Utah are no longer allowed to let people sit down and eat in their dining rooms. Customers are now required to go through the drive-thru, if the restaurant has one, or order take-out. Has this impacted local eateries? The answer, obviously, is yes, but the impact is greater some places than others.

“We have been about as busy as before because everyone who came inside is now coming through the drive-thru,” said Isaac Baker, an employee at McDonald’s in Kaysville.

Business at McDonald’s hasn’t slowed down much, but that doesn’t mean the employees aren’t feeling the effects of the virus.

“Lots of employee’s hours have been cut down including mine,” explained Baker.

This is due to the CDC’s recommendation that there shouldn’t be gatherings of 10 or more people to slow the spread of the virus.

It seems that fast food restaurants aren’t feeling the effects of the virus very strongly, even if their employees are. However, what if a restaurant doesn’t have a drive-thru or popular take-out service?

Nicole Pett, an employee at the Kaysville Yogotogo, said that business has really slowed down during the closure.

“A lot of people would usually come in, get their ice cream and sit down and talk with their friends/family for a while. Also a lot of teenagers would usually come in at night and talk with their friends, but now parents aren’t letting them out of the house anymore so we lost a lot of business from that,” she explained.

Restaurants whose main business is from people coming in and sitting down to eat have been hit hardest by this closure. Until this pandemic passes, it seems that fast food will continue to thrive while traditional sit-down restaurants are in for a rough little while.

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How are students handling social distancing?

No one had heard of the term, “social distancing,” until a couple weeks ago, but now it has a massive impact on our schooling and social lives. How are Davis High students handling this new way of life?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States Government Officials have been pushing this concept of social distancing. While it is definitely necessary to help curve the spread of the virus, it’s been a big blow to students’ routines and social lives.  Now, you can’t go to school, hang out with large groups of friends, or even grab a quick bite to eat at a fast food restaurant.

Everyone at Davis is handling this differently, but the general consensus is that they can’t wait for social distancing to end.

“Emotionally, I’m feeling really trapped,” said Emily Lindberg, a senior at Davis.

This has been a really hard time for students, especially seniors.  They have to miss out on one of their last two months of high school, and all students are missing the social interaction that comes with day to day life at school.

There are many ways to spend your time during social distancing, but the biggest challenge is staying connected with your friends.

“I’m using social media … FaceTiming, texting, and calling a lot more than I usually do,” said Emily when asked how she’s trying to stay connected with her friends.

People are turning to their phones now more than ever to talk with their friends, but no one wants this to continue to be their primary form of communication.

We all need some way to get through this, and that can be different for everyone.

“Take it one day at a time, keep (your) mind busy until it’s all over,” advises Jax Pearce, a Davis High senior.

Whatever your solution is, it seems clear that anything you can do to keep your mind off of the virus and the social distancing concept will make the next month a lot more bearable for you.

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Flattening the curve, one face mask at a time

Hundreds of local Utah residents are sewing homemade face masks to help protect people in this time of heightened concern.

With the number of Coronavirus cases increasing, so is the urge for medical professionals and community citizens to stay safe and healthy. During these worrisome times, it is vitally important that people take proper protective measures. Wearing face masks is a great way to ensure better health, which is why many have taken it upon themselves to sew homemade face masks for others.

Initially, the main goal of these local philanthropists was to donate as many face masks as possible to medical professionals who are on the frontlines combatting this disease and to hospitals whose stocks are running low. Healthcare professionals have since announced that, while moved by the generosity, they are unable to accept homemade face masks. Medical institutions have explained that cloth masks do not provide the level of protection that is needed for those in direct contact with Coronavirus patients. Although they may not be appropriate for hospital workers, they are certainly helpful for those at home.

The masks block droplets that are ejected when someone sneezes or coughs and they remind people to refrain from touching their faces. Thus, face masks will prevent many different types of sickness, including the rampant COVID-19. Professionals have encouraged people to wear face masks saying that the use of masks along with social distancing will help to slow the spread of coronavirus in the community.

Sewing face masks is a fantastic way to contribute to the safety of the community and anyone can do it! All you need is some fabric, thread, and elastic and they just need to be big enough to cover the mouth and nose. Countless tutorials and designs can be found on the internet, as well as sewing professionals who are available to help. Some fabric companies are even giving away special kits to Utah households with materials to make the masks.

Each member of the community plays a crucial role in preventing this life-altering disease from spreading. Devoting even a small ounce of time to sewing face masks can make a world of difference.  Making face masks is a great way to serve the community during this trying time and to protect ourselves and those we love.

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COVID-19 vs. Class of 2020

COVID- 19, also known as the, Corona Virus has swept the nation fast, impacting all of the United States starting in January, causing closure of many things including school the start of March 13 until May 1.

Many seniors across the nation having been looking forward to the day they will be able to walk the stage with their best friends after finishing 12 years of school. Others have been looking forward to senior night in the sports they have been perfecting for many years and looking up to other seniors and being excited to be in their shoes one day. On top of the high school seniors being devastated, others graduating from college  are also affected, being in school for years to get ready for their profession to be contributing to the people of society, and all they get is a video chat and a diploma in the mail.

In a survey asking if seniors felt robbed of their senior year, many said graduation, here’s what others said,

“I can’t spend the last few months of my senior year with my friend,”  Addie Walley.

“These were our last months that we’d get to solidify friendships with people we might not get to see during or after college,” Kiana Madrid.

“We don’t get to fully live out our senior year, like our proms, games, senior trips etc,” Judy Rodriguez.

” Yes because this part of the year is full of lasts for us. Our last prom, our last track season,” Bradley Lawson.

It is not a sure thing that graduation and prom activities will for sure be cancelled, but from the look of it with number cases of the Corona in Utah constantly getting bigger the out look is not pretty.

But hey at least we aren’t the class of 1918.

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A Whole New World: Foreshadowing and Detailing

Last year, my sophmore year of high school, I happen to have had the best English course of my life. One thing I had the pleasure of learning about was the power of foreshadowing and detail in films and literature. Well, the arts in general.

Let’s take the Count of Monte Cristo for example. So much of that beloved piece of art, both in the form of moving pictures and literature, has an immense amount of foreshadowing and detail. That is, after all, why it is considered to be one of the best pieces of literary arts that this world has obtained.

“Foreshadowing in movies is essential to a point. If it is too obvious than it ruins how the entire movie is perceived.” – Mitchell Johnson

Even small details that may seem minor to the work can make or break the entire film, novel, or art piece. Things as simple as the shadows used to differentiate the good from the evil, the composition of outfits and characters, similar references from movies to books, expressions, reactions, and sneak peeks can determine how well the overall product will turn out.

“I love when movies and books use foreshadowing because it is so fun and interesting to look for those little hints that lead to the finale, and I like detailing because it adds more depth to the picture of whatever it is that you are looking at.” – Thomas Lassache

Being able to have such wonderful form of not only entertainment, but objects to help us stimulate thoughts and emotion is such an amazing thing. Everybody seems to be waiting for the next advancement in our society, but we already have everything we need. We have wonderful forms of technology of old and new. All that we want, all that we need, and a little bit more.

“Sometimes I think that I need more, but there is so much to look for in things that we already have. Especially that of the fine arts departments.” – Matthew Ralston

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Donald Glover saves 2020

Donald Glover, otherwise known as “Childish Gambino,” the famous singer/rapper surprised his few fans awake around 1 o’clock early Sunday morning (mar. 15). Glover perhaps dropped the album for his fans to enjoy during this global pandemic. However, the album was only able to be streamed from https://donaldgloverpresents.com/ and it was only enjoyed by the few up that early as it was only streamed for 12 hours and stopped playing around noon.

The album then titled “Donald Glover Presents” contains tracks with features such as 21 Savage, SZA, and Ariana Grande. There are 12 tracks on the album which could be Gambino’s Last, or so he stated in his Grammy’s speech.

“I like endings I think they are important to progress.”

Glover also said that he has a few things planned but he’d rather not talk about it.

“Sometimes I think the way you get to the gift, is more important than the gift,” said Glover.

Some fans were left disappointed if they didn’t get to listen to Gambino’s album in the short time that they had to do so. However, a time began on the website a few days after the initial release, hopefully leading up to a final release everywhere. When the timer began to run low and eventually run out, fans everywhere were not disappointed to see his album release.

On March 22 the long-awaited album from the infamous Childish Gambino released titled, “3.15.20” possibly titled after the first initial tease of the album released on 3/15/2020. What happened this certain day? Did Gambino release it for some special purpose on that date? It is all up for discussion as it is sometimes hard to get Glover to speak on any of his work. Donald Glover is a very Private person, read more about him in another one of our stories, https://www.davishighnews.com/15829/opinion/the-infamous-childish-gambino/

Glover had planned to release his latest and final season of “Atlanta” on March 1st, However, it was postponed to now release in 2021. “Atlanta” is Glover’s hit television series he created, stars in, and occasionally directs at times. “Atlanta” fans, however, will be happy to hear that with the postponement of the release fans will now get more of the series. 10 episodes of season 3 are scheduled to release early that year, and the now final season 4 with 8 episodes coming out some time that fall. With the Corona Virus pandemic everywhere fans hope the seasons filming doesn’t get pushed back even more.

What is next from Donald Glover? It is always hard to tell, whatever it may be fans everywhere are always awaiting his next move whether it be more music, acting or directing. Go listen to his latest album streaming everywhere right now!


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Donald Glover saves 2020

Donald Glover, otherwise known as “Childish Gambino,” the famous singer/rapper surprised his few fans awake around 1 o’clock early Sunday morning (mar. 15). Glover perhaps dropped the album for his fans to enjoy during this global pandemic. However, the album was only able to be streamed from https://donaldgloverpresents.com/ and it was only enjoyed by the few up that early as it was only streamed for 12 hours and stopped playing around noon.

The album then titled “Donald Glover Presents” contains tracks with features such as 21 Savage, SZA, and Ariana Grande. There are 12 tracks on the album which could be Gambino’s Last, or so he stated in his Grammy’s speech.

“I like endings I think they are important to progress.”

Glover also said that he has a few things planned but he’d rather not talk about it.

“Sometimes I think the way you get to the gift, is more important than the gift,” said Glover.

Some fans were left disappointed if they didn’t get to listen to Gambino’s album in the short time that they had to do so. However, a time began on the website a few days after the initial release, hopefully leading up to a final release everywhere. When the timer began to run low and eventually run out, fans everywhere were not disappointed to see his album release.

On March 22 the long-awaited album from the infamous Childish Gambino released titled, “3.15.20” possibly titled after the first initial tease of the album released on 3/15/2020. What happened this certain day? Did Gambino release it for some special purpose on that date? It is all up for discussion as it is sometimes hard to get Glover to speak on any of his work. Donald Glover is a very Private person, read more about him in another one of our stories, https://www.davishighnews.com/15829/opinion/the-infamous-childish-gambino/

Glover had planned to release his latest and final season of “Atlanta” on March 1st, However, it was postponed to now release in 2021. “Atlanta” is Glover’s hit television series he created, stars in, and occasionally directs at times. “Atlanta” fans, however, will be happy to hear that with the postponement of the release fans will now get more of the series. 10 episodes of season 3 are scheduled to release early that year, and the now final season 4 with 8 episodes coming out some time that fall. With the Corona Virus pandemic everywhere fans hope the seasons filming doesn’t get pushed back even more.

What is next from Donald Glover? It is always hard to tell, whatever it may be fans everywhere are always awaiting his next move whether it be more music, acting or directing. Go listen to his latest album streaming everywhere right now!


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Inequality in the healthcare system

On March 12th, the NBA decided to suspend all games because of a player testing positive for COVID-19, and rapidly went about testing every player that could be affected by the virus.

The Utah Jazz had 58 members of the team, including players, coaches, and other staff, tested immediately. The Brooklyn Nets then were tested and found that several members of their team had been infected by the coronavirus, and recently the entire Los Angeles Lakers team was tested for the disease.

Now while it’s not inherently bad for celebrities and the rich to be tested for infectious diseases, why should the wealthy be given testing priority over those who have life-threatening symptoms?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted,

“We wish them a speedy recovery. But, with all due respect, an entire NBA team should NOT get tested for COVID-19 while there are critically ill patients waiting to be tested. Tests should not be for the wealthy, but for the sick.”

The problem that we see with the healthcare system, in terms of coronavirus testing, the availability of tests is much lower than the abundance of people needing to be tested. NBC says,

“As cases in the United States continue to rise, so are reports about a shortage of testing kits. Sick patients are being turned away, unable to receive tests because they simply aren’t available.”

It brings to light the inequalities of our healthcare system that are experienced by thousands of people who need tests, but they aren’t there, who need medication but simply can’t afford it, or people who are uninsured and cannot afford life saving treatments.

Another large inequality that is found in our healthcare system is the high cost of medical procedures, especially for those who cannot afford health insurance. A study done by Harvard Medical School in 2009 found that roughly 45,000 people die every year because they cannot afford the cost of medical treatment for life-threatening conditions. We can assume that number has risen in the past decade because of the sharp rise in the cost of health insurance.

In 2009, when the study was published, health insurance around the country was an average of $161 per month. In 2019, the average cost of health insurance was $599 per month. Since that time, however, the average wage has only risen 3.5 to 4%, while the cost of health insurance has rose over 372%. While health insurance companies raised premiums, they didn’t raise quality of healthcare available.

Perhaps one of the more frustrating and outrageous aspects of the U.S. healthcare systems is price-gouging of medicines. Price-gouging is when a company takes a product and marks the price up to a cost that is hundreds, if not thousands, of the cost of production. A prime example of this is the EpiPen.

The Cut News says,

“CBS News reports that the price of EpiPens has increased by more than 480 percent since 2009, two years after Mylan purchased the device from Merck. A two-pack used to cost pharmacies about $100. It’s now $600, and they have a stated expiration of one year. But health insurance covers that, right? It depends on your plan. If you’re one of the many people with a high-deductible plan, you could be stuck with the bill. Parents of children with severe allergies are told to have devices at home and school, too, which can add up fast. Two packs can set some people back $1,200”

Another example of price-gouging is insulin. Insulin is the medication that is required to regulate blood sugar for those with diabetes. A report from the American Diabetic Association found that the price of insulin has nearly tripled since 2002, and rose 64% since 2014.

The report further finds that many patients have to decide whether to buy the life-saving medication or pay bills or other life necessities like food, or are rationing their insulin which is a dangerous practice which can lead to death with some patients. Similarly, the quality of insulin hasn’t seen any large increases, and certainly hasn’t improved enough to warrant a tripling in cost. It’s the reason that many Americans who live in northern states often cross the border and buy insulin in Canada.

Like many other aspects of the American economic system, the healthcare system ensures big checks to their executives at the cost of lost lives of the working-class American. It’s unfair that there is no regulation and healthcare companies are allowed to raise insurance over 300%. It is a problem and needs to be fixed and unfortunately, the future of healthcare doesn’t look great for the working-class American.

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How is Covid-19 effecting our school

Covid-19 really is taking over our school and other events.

At the beginning of last week there was talk of Covid-19 rapidly spreading through the United States. Shortly after on a Wednesday game, two of the Jazz players tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. This caused a panic among the nation because they are just normal people. This was the start to the United States concern and led to talk of shutting down schools for a few weeks.

Well on Friday March 13th, the governor of Utah announced that all Utah school districts would be having a “soft closure,” for two weeks. All classes are now being held online starting Wednesday, March 18. This is a sudden change, but was done to help stop the spread of this virus, Covid-19. Other than schools being closed, all events with more than a 100 people would also be having a “soft close”.

“I didn’t really think that our school would ever actually get closed due to this, I hope everyone stays healthy over these next two weeks.”

States a surprised Davis High Student.

“I am a little upset there won’t be any basketball to watch, but I am happy school is being closed.”

Another concerned Davis High Student.

Due to the “soft closure,” student need to make sure to check their emails and see what they can do to get their grades up and where they want them by the end of the week, which is the end of term!

Next semester begins next week so students need to make sure to stay caught up on those assignments given to avoid becoming swamped with work when students return back to school after spring break.

Remember to listen to political leaders by staying at home to decrease the spread of this virus. Stay safe and healthy over these next few weeks.

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How to stay motivated to do school work at home

During the soft closure of Davis School District, it can be hard to stay motivated to do school work because of the easy distractions of being at home. Some distraction include; family, friends, notifications, the temptation to sleep, or even just procrastination. Here are a few tips to stay motivated and on task:

1. Reward yourself when you meet a homework goal. 

Rewards can be a powerful motivator! The reward doesn’t have to be anything big, it could be giving yourself 5 minutes to look through Snapchat, Instagram, or Tiktok after you read a section of a textbook or finish a homework assignment. The bigger the accomplishment, the bigger the reward.

2. Treat yourself before getting to work. 

When you treat yourself to a snack, or check social media before you start schoolwork, it can boost your mood and your motivation. Just be sure to set a limit of how long you can be on your phone, so you don’t lose track of time.

3. Work with a motivated partner.

Working with friends or siblings, can make doing school work more enjoyable. You can also help each other stay on track as well.

4. Find the time and place when you do your best work. 

Some people do their best work in the mornings when they feel awake and energized, instead of at night when they feel tired and groggy. Location also helps you stay in the school work mindset. Most people prefer to do work in a quiet environment where they have a clear mind, with no distractions. Its a good idea to experiment new areas until you find what works best for you.

5. Set goals. 

Setting goals can keep you motivated and make school work seem more attainable. Make your goals S.M.A.R.T. Be sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound. Making S.M.A.R.T. goals are important, because they keep you from setting vague and unreachable goals, that you cant achieve.

Other quick tips to keep you motivated to do school work are:

6. Put away distractions

7. Keep yourself focused and alert

8. Stay energized

9. Take frequent breaks

10. Prioritize assignments

11. Break assignments down into more manageable pieces

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People worldwide rise up amidst coronavirus chaos

People everywhere are rising up and doing their part to ensure an optimistic future for all mankind, despite the utter chaos that has come from the global pandemic COVID-19.

The coronavirus has brought our species to its knees and has changed everyone’s life in some way. As a result of the disease, schools have shut down, travel has ceased, many are quarantined, and all are encouraged to socially distance themselves. These abrupt, pertinent changes to our lives have the potential to cause feelings of isolation, discouragement, or hopelessness. However, that has not been the case. In fact, this life-altering disease has initiated a worldwide fight for happiness that has never been seen before.

The impact of the coronavirus has brought a unique sense of focus for people. It has, in a way, simplified our lives to allow for much-needed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. For example, locals are embracing nature more in an attempt to safely and healthily escape their homes for a moment. Families and individuals are walking, biking, and simply enjoying the outdoors far more than they did before the coronavirus.

Also, life has become immensely less busy due to the cancellation of most sports and events as well as remote school and work. This allows people to spend more time with their families and to focus on what truly matters to them. Too often, our vision becomes clouded as we become caught up in daily tasks and responsibilities. Social distancing has provided a unique opportunity to set aside those daily troubles and focus on what’s important.

Instead of causing isolation, social distancing has, ironically, brought a newfound sense of community. People are reaching out more and making a greater effort to take care of each other. Many have offered to go grocery shopping for their elderly neighbors who are at a higher risk of getting sick. Others have launched online support groups for those who struggle with anxiety about COVID-19-related issues.

Many people are also trying to better support local businesses in this trying time. Restaurants are particularly suffering right now with much fewer customers and much less in-dining eating. One man in Draper created a website where people can buy gift cards to help restaurants stay afloat while not risking their health. Another restaurant customer left a $1,100 tip for the staff of the restaurant- many of whom he knew would likely be losing their jobs when the dine-in ban went into effect.

Not only are locals supporting businesses, but the reverse is happening as well. One local bakery has been giving away 2 free loaves of bread to its customers. The first loaf is to help the customer and their family during this time, and the second is for the customer to give to someone else who could benefit from it. Many grocery stores are also giving away free toilet paper and other supplies for those who need it.

There is also a greater emphasis on promoting medical research and supporting medical professionals. The University of Utah, a major advocate of medical research, launched a White Ribbon campaign in support of medical staff. IKEA also contributed to this effort by donating 50,000 face masks from their warehouse to a major hospital.

Social media has become a safe space where people are sharing positive and uplifting messages of hope as well as necessary information in this time of darkness and confusion. Many celebrities have used their social media platforms to promote optimism and many have donated their time and money to the cause. For example, Donovan Mitchell paid for students’ meals during public school closures. Rudy Gobert donated $500,000 to support COVID-19 relief. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated $1 Million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, and Jimmy Fallon rose $20,000 to give to Feeding America.

The examples are endless. People are taking control of their futures, refusing to be crushed by this pandemic. This disease has united us in a way that could never have been imagined, and it has brought about changes to our society that we desperately needed. So, stay optimistic, for we are not faltering in the face of this trial, but growing stronger.


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The curse of consciousness

Greed, cruelty, sadism, hypocrisy, pride. This is the curse of thought– consciousness. Man is the lowest of animals. One might claim that ignorance is bliss but, rather, knowledge is corruption.
Man claims to be ‘civilized’. Compare man to wild anaconda, mankind hunts for sport mankind had to devise ‘tags’ to prevent killing off entire species of thought to be a lower animal. However, even with tags; mankind hunts on their own standards, taking as much as they want. Cause they can, and they love it. The wild, supposedly lower animal, when presented with prey, eats as it needs never killing more never wasting.

Why work when you don’t have to? Since the dawn of time man has been driven by laziness. The constant desire to make life easier. We all dream that way don’t we? Wishing we owned a business, and could just sit back and watch the money roll in. Never do we want to work a day in our lives. It is the American dream. People travel from one nation to another just for the opportunity.

“Man is the only Slave. And he is the only animal that enslaves.”- Mark Twain

Whether it is corporate enslavement or buying one another, slavery is still around. The worst part is not that man enslaves, but that man enjoys the torment of one another.
European, Native American, African, Asian. Every ethnicity, every culture commits, has committed atrocities. The crusades an honorable plight in the name of God– a bloody massacre of god-fearing men, no different than the crusaders. Aztec human sacrifices, Genital mutilation, Footbinding, The Holocaust, the list goes on. We like not only to prove that we are better than each other but we love to make one another suffer. Whether it is in the name of God or our country.

“Man is the Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Ani­mal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion – several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself, and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight.” – Mark Twain

In every action we are hypocrites. We create philosophies of how it is that a man should live. But, if we evaluate ourselves off of them, we are at the bottom. For example utilitarianism– the greatest good for the greatest population. As by our very nature, we destroy the earth we live on, causing the extinction of one species after another until cause our own. Each time we try to reach a higher level of action, like the will of God, we end up creating some of the greatest atrocities of mankind. However, higher animals don’t do this.

Higher animals have no pride, they aren’t hypocritical, sadistic, cruel or greedy. They feel pleasure, they feel pain. But they act primally out of pure instinct. Their ignorance is arguably, blissful. If you don’t want to be the lowest animal by now and become as lavish as chicken, you should take some time and humble yourself, give up the pride you hold yourself to. Once you’re done with that give up your sadistic desires, look at the person next to you. That person is nothing but equal. They look like you, feel like you, think like you. Take your gift of conciseness, use it for something other than inflicting pain and giving into greed. Smile at them, and offer them unjudgemental acceptance. Like a civilized animal.

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Earthquake shakes up Davis County

Just after 7:00 a.m. on March 18, 2020, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 on the Richter Scale hit the Salt Lake area about 4 miles from Magna, UT. The quake cut power to about 55,000 residents, says utility company Rocky Mountain Power. It is the largest earthquake to hit Utah since 1992. At least six aftershocks had been recorded within 20 minutes of the initial earthquake. Several large media sources have reported on the earthquake, including NBC, CNN, USAToday, and CBSNews.

The tremor has had a large influence on broader sectors of life as well. The Salt Lake City International Airport was forced to divert incoming flights to give time for inspections of the runway to take place. The airport has closed roads into the airport, telling people not to come. Additionally, KUTV news anchor Brian Mullahy said that the earthquake means no flights in or out of the airport for several hours. The public transportation systems in Salt Lake City have come to a halt, and all TRAX cars have found a station safely and evacuated passengers.

Another large worry with the earthquake is the potential for infrastructure damage. In terms of the Richter Scale, levels 0 to 3 generally aren’t felt by people, levels 3 to 5 are felt clearly, and anything above 5.1 has the potential to cause damage to infrastructure. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said, in reference to infrastructure damage, “The City is assessing the situation now and I’ll circle back with an update when I have it. Be safe.”. The Utah Department of Transportation had inspection crews out immediately and said in a tweet, “So far there doesn’t appear to be any, but we’re checking everything out, specifically our bridges,”.

Perhaps the largest worry after an earthquake is the question, “could there be another one?”. There have been small aftershocks, but because of the close proximity to the Wasatch fault line, a large earthquake could be enough to trigger the massive earthquake that seismologists have been predicting for decades. The United States Geological Survey, aided by the University of Utah Seismology Department, forecast that there will likely be more aftershocks in the coming days. Within one week, the USGS predicts that there is about a 90% chance that there will be anywhere from one to 220 earthquakes larger than 3.0 in the coming week. They further predict that there is a 17% chance that there are one to three earthquakes measuring at 5.0 or higher in the next week. A seismologist from the University of Utah predicts a 5% chance that in the next week, an earthquake measuring higher than 5.7 will occur.

While the likelihood of there being another big earthquake is fairly low, less than a one in five chance, it is important to be prepared. The USGS urges people to be ready in the case of a larger quake, and to remember to drop, cover, and hold on.

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Coronavirus’s impact on the basketball world

On March 11 and 12, all proffessional and collegiate basketball programs were shut down for an unspecified amount of time. The culprit: Coronavirus.

March is prime basketball season, due to the fact that it contains the climax of the NBA regular season and the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments. For basketball fans, this has been a devastating blow.

This downward spiral started on March 11, when Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for corona. The jazz game was then postponed, and the entire league snowballed into postponing all other games.

“This is so far out of the realm of reality that it feels like more of a movie,” said Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Many others agree with Cuban, because nothing like unto this has happened to the NBA before.

Since Gobert’s positive test of Covid-19, two other players have also tested positive: fellow teammate Donovan Mitchell and Detroit Pistons big man Christian Wood.

Since this suspension, many of the league’s finest players have reached out about Corona, and all agree that basketball should be set aside for safety.

“Basketball will be back at some point, but right now protect yourself and stay safe out there!” tweeted Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors point guard.

“Basketball becomes secondary…Take care of yourselves and your family. Wash your hands often.” advised Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks small forward.

The following day after the NBA league suspension, the NCAA tournament (or March Madness) was canceled. After a season of hard work and many different title contenders, there would be no national champion in 2020.

“Extremely, extremely disappointed,” said Gonzaga head coach Mark few after hearing of the tournament’s cancelation.

When all is said and done, there will be no more basketball in March. Although it is tough for all the basketball fans in the world, it is for our safety.


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Is technology causing an increase in attention disorders?

We live in a world ruled by technology and distractions. With technology always surrounding us, and creating a world where multiple things demand our attention at once, it makes us wonder if technology is causing an increase in ADHD and other attention disorders.

Prevalence of diagnosed ADHD in kids ages 4-17 has increased by 4.1 percent in the past 20 years. Of these kids diagnosed with ADHD, 14.5 percent have a severe case, 43.7 have a moderate case, and 41.8 percent have a mild case.

There are many factors that cause an attention disorder, the main one being genetic and involving the chemical makeup of your brain. Other factors include environmental toxins, and exposure to substances that change the chemical makeup of your brain (drugs, alcohol, etc.). Technology, however, is not that great of a factor.

While technology may not cause ADHD, people may display symptoms of ADHD because of it. This is most prevalent when we get notifications. All notifications draw our attention away, and we get an impulse like we have to look at it immediately.

“This is an immediate draw on his attention, away from whatever he was learning. It creates a high level of stimulation with alerts and notifications and advertisements that can cause teens to have more difficulty focusing and staying on task,” Dr. Manos further explains.

So maybe the difficulty in focus comes from being constantly surrounded by other things, and constantly trying to multitask no matter how impossible it is.

Multitasking is physically impossible. While you may think you’re doing two things at once, your brain is actually just switching back and forth between tasks. Because of this, you’re missing out on some information, and when there’s too much going on it makes it really hard to focus.

Upon conducting a survey in which 24 people participated, it was found that 92% did homework with something in the background (music, movie, TV). While they said it did not affect their ability to focus, 92% did say there were certain subjects that they couldn’t do that with, in which they had to solely focus on the subject. However, the opposite was also true. 88% said they could only perform certain tasks with music in the background (mainly absentminded tasks, like cleaning, doing makeup, getting ready, laundry, and driving). This is a display of symptoms of ADHD and ADD, needing music in the background to focus, however not a diagnosis or proof of technology causing an attention disorder.

Everyone said they randomly look at their phone absentmindedly, showing how technology can be a powerful distraction.

Either way, it’s a good idea to step away from all technology every once in a while.

“I can’t focus on anything. I’m constantly crowded by things to do, parents interrupting me or texting me for the smallest thing and expecting me to respond ASAP, multiple different friends trying to make plans, my coworker trying to plan something for work, loads of homework, and my own music in the background. When I get on my phone, or even my computer, I’m constantly jumping between apps. However, when I spend some time away from everything, the fog in my mind disappears. It’s like I can finally see clearly for a second.”-undisclosed source.









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The good and bad of Promposals

Prom is coming up at Davis High, and while most of you guys have already asked, we have some do’s and some definite dont’s to guide you in your “Promposals.”

Everyone knows that you have to ask to Prom with a poster and something like a treat, but that’s where the rules end.  People take advantage of this opportunity to show their creativity and artistic ability.  This is all a ton of fun for everyone involved, but what do girls want to see on their poster? Is it even that big of a deal to them?

“I’ve saved all of mine,” said senior Rachel Bennett.

The posters are, in fact, a big deal to the girls being asked.  Naturally, they have advice for boys on what they should do for their posters, and more importantly, what they shouldn’t do.

“Ones that people do all the time like the Starburst one,” Rachel said of what to avoid with Promposals.

Girls don’t really care what guys put on the poster as long as it looks like they put some time and effort into it so that they know that their date really wants to go with them.

These Promposals aren’t as big of a deal to the boys making them.

They’re “not too big of a deal as long as she said yes,” according to a senior at Davis High.

Some boys put tons of time into their poster, but most boys don’t match the girls’ desired effort.

“Like five minutes,” said a senior boy when asked how long he spends on his posters. “I’m not too good at drawing stuff so my mom does it for me and I tell her what to write.”

While boys don’t put as much emphasis on the Promposals as the girls do, everyone loves the dance and all the activities associated with it.  Here’s to hoping we can still have Prom this spring.

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What About Rugby?

Rugby is a fascinating and exhilarating sport, but most of the student body doesn’t know that Davis had a rugby club. The team ended in 2016-2017, when they won state and no one even knew about it. The coaches were Skip Wilson and Adam Capel, and they coached the sport for nearly 3 years.

The rugby team preformed spectacularly throughout all of their seasons, however it wasn’t considered as a School sanctioned sport, the team was club operated instead.

“The team worked really hard, and we had some amazing seasons. The best part about coaching was watching the kids win state. They deserved it after all of their hard work,” said Former Coach Adam Capel.

Since the club ended in 2017 no one has even questioned the existence of the long lost rugby team. Not even most of the graduating class of 2020.

“Playing on the team was a blast, we had a great last season. To win the state championship was a dream. We ended on a great last note,” said Liam Capel, Former Davis Student and rugby player.

The Rugby team hasn’t crossed anyones mind. After asking students if they knew there was a rugby team to begin with, the majority of our student population had no idea.

Rugby is a amazing sport and it would be be a spectacular addition to our school if the school brought it back, but until then, the the class of 2016 will be the last to know where our rugby team went.

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Challenges children face in divorce

A child’s response to divorce is different, based on their age. Through research and personal experience here are some factors to consider as a child endures this difficult time.

According to Anita C. Savage, emotional issues arise with individuals of any age because of divorse. When parents split up, their interactions with each other, and the child, effect the child’s ability to cope with emotional stress now and in the future.

Divorce causes infants, toddlers, and preschool age children to develop anxiety. Anxiety in young children often make them angry, making it hard to regulate their emotions. Divorce causes this anxiety due to the lengthy separations from each parent.

A developing child needs frequent contact with both parents. Divorce causes insufficient amounts of contact with the child and frequent separation, which forms their anxiety. Remember, while going through a divorce, it is important to spend time with the child frequently.

Divorce majorly effects school age children 6-12 years old. It causes the child to experience astronomical amounts of stress, which leads to withdrawal in school, and revert at home. Often times, a child believes the divorce is temporary and that their parents with reconcile.

The child may also believe that the divorce was their fault because they lack the power to save their parents marriage. It is important to assure your child that the divorce had nothing to do with them. Remember, letting a child talk about his or her emotions and feelings plays a major part in their own emotional healing.

Self esteem and academic achievement is effected by divorce in emerging adults and adults. The older children become worried about the success in their own future. Since these children are closer to adulthood, divorcing parents, often involve their children and this causes emotional harm. It is important to remember, no matter how old the child, you must always protect your children from issues between you and your spouse.

Despite the divorce, both parents still have the child in common, and love the child unconditionally. It is important for both parents to support the child’s relationship with the ex-husband or wife, and parent the child cohesively.

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High School, Is It Really The Best Years of Our Lives?

All our lives we’ve been told that high school will be the best years of our lives, but will it? We talked to many high school seniors, both current and long since been, about their high school experiences. Did our results may have changed that very statement our peers told us so many years ago?

After speaking with our volunteers we found that more times than not, the people saying that high school was the best time of their lives are the ones who peaked in high school. These are the kids with all the friends, whom everyone knows their name. The athletes that never made it out of high school ball. The common factor in the ones saying that wholesome phrase aren’t necessarily saying it to mislead you, they are just leaving out the stories on why the other years aren’t so great.

On the other hand, the other volunteers who said that it wasn’t all its made out to be are mostly current students but not only so, gave us plenty of reasons why their opinions should be heard. The most common thing said was leaned toward the emotion trauma it might bring to the people with not so many friends. The fact isn’t that friends weren’t their, no it is really that fact they were never friends to begin with. Fake, toxic, and overall bad friends cause the average teenager psychological damage. When they aren’t trying to keep the friends that don’t want to know they exist in the first place, they are also battling with popularity. If you don’t have friends to spread your name, fake or not, you get verbally abused by the kids who do. It almost makes you feel popular but for all the wrong reasons. Everyone knows your name because of a rumor or the simple fact that you are the main target of the most popular kid in school’s daily pranks.

So next time someone tells you, “Enjoy these times, they are only gonna get harder.”. Ask them how their high school experience was, and then decide for yourself if you should listen to their “advice” or not.

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The Office vs. Parks and Recreation

Two of the most popular TV shows on Netflix, The Office and Parks and Recreation, come head to head among Davis High School Students on which show is superior in both humor and content.

According to IMDb, The Office is a, “American mockumentary sitcom television series that depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.” This show stars, Steve Carrell playing Michael Scott, the main character, along with John Karanski, Rainn Wilson, and Jenna Fischer as his co-stars.

According to IMDb, Parks and Recreation  is an, “American political satire sitcom television series featuring a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks Department of Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana.” This show stars, Amy Poehler playing Leslie Knope, the main character, along with Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, and Chris Pratt as her co-stars.

Each of these shows depicts the working class and the everyday life for these people. The Office depicts the life of a office workers at a paper company, Parks and Recreation depicts the life government employees in an underrated department. They each add romance, drama, and conflict, while always adding humor to each of these factors, each show is practically a big joke, but which joke is funnier?

When Davis High Students were polled on this same question 70% of students said that they preferred The Office over Parks and Recreation, leaving the other 30% of students to favor Parks and Recreation over The Office, Davis High Students had this to say about The Office.

Davis High Senior, Landon Huffman stated that,

“The Office seems slightly more real. Expect for Dwight and Michael.”

Davis High Sophomore, Kort Brough said,

“The Office is just better.”

Adam Coles, Senior Class Officer, says he likes The Office better because of,

“Michael Scott.”

Emily Lindberg, a Senior at Davis High expresses that,

“Parks and Rec feels like it’s trying to be The Office, but I still love it tho.”

Many Students prefer The Office over Parks and Recreation, but students still had positive things to say about Parks and Recreation.

Bridger Robbins, a Davis High Senior, expresses that he likes Parks and Recreation over The Office because of,

“Ron Swanson.”

McKay Bennett, a Davis High Sophomore, says that he loves Parks and Recreation because,

“Star Lord is a God.”

The question has been answered by Davis High Students that The Office is superior to Parks and Recreation, but they are both spectacular shows. They each strive to make their audience laugh about normal everyday life that is often dismissed, by Hollywood productions, the life of the working class in the United States. All students can agree that each are humorous and should remain on Netflix.

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Davis High’s warm weather attitude

Spring of 2020 is finally coming and is expected to start on Thursday, March 19th! With Spring comes warm weather and with warm weather comes a whole new mentality at Davis High. Less sweaters and pants and more shorts, skirts, dresses and t-shirts.  

When Davis High students were asked what their thoughts are on the warm weather finally coming after a bitter-cold winter. Their thoughts on what their favorite things are about warm weather and what activities they like to do came up. Out of all the students, there was one answer that was said by almost everyone.

 Sarah Brown was the one who kicked off the most popular answer by saying this,

“My favorite thing about the warm weather is finally being able to drive with the windows down and blast some summer music. It is the best when you get to go on drives with your friends and just jam out.”  

“Warm weather just makes me so happy because it means that summer is coming and there is a lot more to do when its warmer. I love to be outdoors and when it starts getting warmer it means that I get to do all the fun things I love like hiking, swimming and going boating.”

Said junior, Phoebe Arnold. 

With Spring at Davis High also comes all the Spring sports! Soccer, tennis, softball, baseball and golf are all the sports that are just starting their seasons and all the players couldn’t be more excited!  

“I love warm weather because I don’t have to wear sweats every day anymore and, in the Spring, I finally get to play softball.”

Said varsity softball player Ellie Anderson.

She said Spring for her is all about softball, but she just loves warm weather all around because it reminds her that Summer is just getting closer and closer! 

This warm weather is really kicking off the new and happier attitude here at Davis High and all the students are here for it! 

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MLB Offseason

As the start of the MLB regular season nears, for those who enjoy baseball, it can be fun to look back over the offseason and review what happened.

One of the largest stories that dominated the offseason was the Houston Astro’s cheating scandal. It was uncovered by former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers that in the postseason of 2017, the Astros used high quality cameras to relay the opposing pitcher’s pitch call to the batter. The Astros teammates in the dugout would hit a garbage can with a baseball bat to let the batter know what pitch was coming.

“The Astros cheating was a huge letdown for me.Tipping off the pitches via a camera and the noises really irks me”

Said Evan Andrus.

Evan has been playing baseball for 12 years and has never missed a season.

Evan continues,

“I think that either they should lose their World Series rings or not be able to play in the postseason this year.”

Unfortunately, the Astros players are immune from punishment due to an agreement to cooperate between the MLB and MLB Players Association. The scheme was player-driven and some of the players that were more involved issued apologies, but many in the baseball community feel that the apologies weren’t heartfelt and sincere, rather that the apologies were done to generate sympathy with the press.

Many large blockbuster signings and trades happened over the past few months and it’ll be interesting to see which deals succeed and which deals flop. Among those deals include the Los Angeles Angels signing the MVP candidate Anthony Rendon, the New York Yankees signing the runner-up for the A.L. Cy Young Award, Gerrit Cole, or a massive three team trade that sent former MVP Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Evan Andrus said that he thinks the biggest deals of the offseason were the Yankees signing Gerrit Cole or the three team trade between the LA Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox, and the Minnesota Twins.

One of the biggest things to discuss at the start of any sports season is the predictions for award winners and the championship team. Evan Andrus says that he would like to see the Milwaukee Brewers in the postseason and World Series, but realistically thinks it will be the Yankees and Dodgers. Many professional baseball analysts predict that teams such as the Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels, or New York Mets could be in high contention for playoff spots.

It’s a long season, and in 162 games, there’s plenty of room for teams to get hot or cool down. Many things can happen, and it’ll be interesting to see how the season plays out.

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Costa Vida in Kaysville

The thought of going to Costa Vida and feeling the blast of air conditioning on their face on a warm summer day goes through the minds of Kaysville residents because of the new location that opened up less than a year ago.

The work environment at the Costa Vida in Kaysville is fun and bright! The bright colors of the chairs and decorations will ensure that you are in a positive environment. People who visit are ready to have some yummy food to sit and enjoy themselves.

Costa vida has such a variety of foods and everyone is sure to find something that they like. The best part is that you can watch them make the food right in front of their eyes, ensuring that the customer knows exactly what they’re eating and how it was made.

Customer, Gay Bennett, offers some insight on her experience at the Kaysville location.

“I like the Kaysville location better than the Farmington location because it is more open, seems cleaner, and less stuffy.”

Working at Costa Vida is a great job for high schoolers because it pays well, people work well together, and, of course, the food is delicious! Working here is a great way to be social with others and to get out of your comfort zone. Working with the same people everyday is a great way to form friendships with people. Having good friendships at work makes for a better experience and something that doesn’t feel like work.

Julie one of the Costa Vida employees says,

“We’re all pretty close and have fun working together.”

Costa vida has a fast pace work environment because everybody in Kaysville loves Costa Vida. This location opened up Spring of 2019, which was a success to everyone in K-town. Since this Costa Vida is new and exciting everybody wants to be apart of it all. Davis High school students go here for lunch because its so close and convenient.

This new location has become a new hot spot in Kaysville for the residents and students living her. It has provided many teenagers job opportunities and is already a successful business location in its short life span of only one year.



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Hair color: style vs. stereotype

Most people who walk through the halls of Davis High notice that some students have exotic hair color. Some adults especially in Utah feel that unnatural hair colors are showing the image of that person’s life, mostly bad things about that person’s life.

Many people have heard the dumb blonde jokes, however these may just feel like jokes to the person telling them. However, they can be extremely damaging and is extremely derogatory. Most people stereotype people based on their hair color, some people even go to the point of placing them in groups based on their hair color.

Blue hair color used to be a bad thing but with more and more people dyeing their hair unnatural colors blue hair has risen up to one of the most popular colors along with purple and red. Lots of people with dyed hair hear the same things all the time, usually along the lines of “Are you just trying to be rebellious?” However, most people just want to be unique and put a new spin on their hair that expresses their personality as artistic or fun. Most people just want to express who they are.

Most schools across the U.S. do not allow distracting hair color in school, however, the students of Dais High should thank the administration for allowing colored hair in the school, and with times changing more and more people will continue to dye their hair and or try it out for the first time. Hopefully the students of Davis High will take this to heart and continue being awesome and accepting people for who they are. Hopefully the people with exotic hair colors will hear less and fewer remarks toward their hair until there are no problems or anything that makes artistic people nervous or scared.

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A quest to find Forest Fenns treasure

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in the western United States, there is a box of treasure that has been hidden by a man named Forest Fenn, worth about 2 million dollars in value. It sounds made up right? Well believe it or not, Forest Fenn, and his treasure are both real, and they are both 100% legit. Travis Frey and his 4th period journalism class will be the ones to find this treasure.

Forest Fenn had acquired a great deal of wealth throughout his life due to a fruitful career and time in the military. He was also a sort of a prospector for a time and had made a small fortune off of some of his findings. In 1988, Fenn was dignosed with cancer, and they thought it was going to be terminal. Because of his diagnosis, he decided he would bury a chest of valuable things somewhere in the Rocky Mountains to spark up a public search. Somewhat of a final purpose if you will. However, he ended up beating the cancer which is kind of hilarious, because now he gets to watch the world scramble trying to find his treasure.

The only clues to the hiding spot is a short poem he wrote about the treasure. Travis Frey has several copies of the poem as well as a map of the rockies hung up on the wall in his classroom. For several weeks now, he and his 4th period journalism class have poured over the clues and have done intense research about possible hiding locations.

“I think it’s somewhere between the Green River and Flaming Gorge,” says Wylie Gordon, who has been heavily involved in the investigation.

Another student, Isaac Whipple, says…

“I think it’s in New Mexico because if it was in Yellowstone it would be impossible to explore and find it.”

When Frey was asked if we have a chance to find the treasure he replied…

“Yeah. There’s no doubt in my mind that teachers are blessed in much different ways when it comes to finding treasure.”

Will our journalism class find the long lost Fenn treasure? I personally would be absolutely shocked if we didn’t find it. If you have any tips, clues, or would like to join our expedition, talk to Frey.

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What’s Poppin? Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn!

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn is a multi generational business whose impact on the community is almost as impressive as their gourmet popcorn.

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn, originally called the Popcorn Place, has been selling popcorn since 1984. However, its founder, Lisa Call, had been making popcorn long before that. The family owned many small town movie theaters including the Kaysville Theater and many others in the area. Lisa started making caramel popcorn (a recipe which is now on it’s fourth generation in the family) in the back office of one of their theaters and sold it occasionally. Customers absolutely loved it so she walked down to the corner drug store, bought some sucker oil, and made the second flavor ever-cinnamon, which people also loved.

“Over the next couple of years, we got up to 120-something flavors. She just had so much fun with the creative process of coming up with new flavors.”

Zach Call, current owner, says.

As much as Lisa loved the business, it wore her out. She ran every aspect of the business for 32 years, but she got to the point where she couldn’t handle it physically anymore, so she started to consider selling it. That’s when Lisa’s son, Zach Call, began to get excited about it.

My wife and I bought it in January 2016 and with the enthusiasm, or stupidity, of young 25 year old’s, both immediately quit our jobs and went all in on this being our thing. We’ve pushed for expansion ever since.”

Says Zach.

In the time that Zach has owned the business, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn has expanded to 2 locations-Kaysville Main Street and the Layton Hills mall-with another one opening in the Newgate Mall this weekend. Lisa’s legacy of passion and creativity combined with Zach’s ambition and drive have made this business extraordinarily successful and prevalent in the community.

One thing that Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn does to support the community is called, “Pop Open a Good Book.” At the end of every school year, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn collects as many children’s books as possible and then donates them to Title 1 elementary schools. The company gives the kids popcorn and books with the desire to help them get excited about reading.

It’s something that’s super important to me because I feel like in a lot of ways traditional schooling didn’t work out terribly well for me. I think a lot of people are in traditional schools to check a certain number of boxes before you go home, rather than learning to love learning. So, this is something that has very little to do with selling popcorn but very much to do with trying to support the community and trying to help kids in a way that would’ve helped me when I was that age.”

One differentiating trait of Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn is that popcorn is the only thing they sell. Since the beginning, the owners have made it a goal to be experts at one thing and doing it extraordinarily well. Those efforts have certainly paid off. Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn currently sells 25 flavors year round with another dozen or so that come up on special occasions. They have a flavor for everyone including Butter Pecan, Kettle, White Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Cheddar, and Mountain Mist. They even have a signature brand that minimizes ingredients to produce much healthier popcorn.

Several Davis High students commented on the popcorn saying,

“They do a really good job. It tastes so different than any other popcorn than I’ve had before-in a good way!”

Carlos Zubeldia.

“It’s sweet and savory at the same time. It’s not what I expected but it’s so good!”

Anni Goebel.

“The texture is really nice. It really melts in your mouth and I definitely think I could eat a lot of it.”

Isabelle Karren.

“The flavors are fascinating. Some are really mellow and others feel like a party on your tongue.”

Brittany Clegg.

“It’s regular popcorn, but with an extra something special.”

Elizabeth Oldham.

“I’m already looking up their website to order some more!”

Tyler Ruffell.

Over the years, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn has clearly perfected their craft at making gourmet popcorn and focuses on maintaining a very positive influence on the community. As their business continues to grow and expand, Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn will undoubtedly have a resounding influence on both the people and their tastebuds.


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Pros and cons of taking the ACT through the school

The juniors at Davis High are all dreading the date of March 3rd, 2020. This is the day of the ACT test taken through the school. However, is taking this test through the school really the best way to do it?

For those of you who have taken the ACT through the official ACT organization know that it can be pretty pricey. The cost of taking it through the ACT organization are $52.00 for the test with no writing and $68.00 for the test with writing.

There can also be additional fees if you register late or need to change the test date or center. These additional fees range from about $30.00 to $55.00. It will also cost you $13.00 for every place you want to send your score to.

The biggest benefit of taking the ACT through the school is that it is all payed for by the school. You will also get to send your score to three institutions of your choice for free.

The next benefit of doing the ACT through the school is that it is very convenient. The test dates take place during a scheduled school day, so it will not interrupt with your schedule and you will not have to go out of your way to get to a testing center. Davis’s starts at 7:30 a.m. which is just like a regular school day. All the students get to go home right after as well, so that is another bonus.

However, there are still some cons of taking the test through the school. If you plan on just taking the ACT through the school, then you will only have one chance to get the score you want. The school will only pay for one test. The school also does not provide as many opportunities for test prep as other organizations do.

ACT organization provides classes both online and in person with real instructors to help you prepare for the ACT. They also have many apps you can download on your phone and a prep book you can buy at your local Target or Barnes and Noble.

I asked 40 juniors whether they think that doing the ACT through the school is the better option and 31/40 of them said that it is.

When asked why, one student said this,

“The ACT is very stressful and it makes it a little less stressful to do it through the school because they make it such an easy process and everything is done during school hours. You don’t have to go out of your way for any part of the process.”

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Did Rock Band put Guitar Hero out of buisness?

The feud between the two most popular rhythm games on the market, Guitar Hero and Rockband, has been going on since their releases.

Guitar Hero was released first in late 2005  by RedOctane. Though only released for the Playstation 2, it went on to win IGN’s,

“Best Game of 2005” award.

After the release of the first Guitar Hero, RedOctane sold some of the rights to Activision.

Basically telling them,

“You make the games and put our name on it too.”

But then, in 2007, EA comes knocking on the door of Activision with their newest game, Rock Band. The feud was on, Guitar Hero and Rock Band at eachothers necks. Guitar Hero would come out with a game, Rock Band would follow right behind. They started getting specific Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was released in mid 2008, bringing a new level to the playing field. It wasn’t just about the songs anymore, now it was about the market.

Following the release of the Aerosmith Edition of Guitar Hero, Rock Band knows back with something nobody saw coming. Early September 2009 rolls around a Rock Band releases The Beatles: Rock Band, but not before Guitar Hero had released their Metallica Edition. So in the newest level of the market the score was Rock Band with only one band specific game out and Guitar Hero already having released two. Not to mention once Beatles Edition was released Guitar Hero came back with Van Halen Edition.

Between 2005 and 2015 Guitar Hero came out with 25 games, but not all about the guitar. They started having to stretch for more because of their competition’s matched success. Guitar Hero release games so stretched as DJ Hero, Band Hero, and even releasing a couple of games you couple play on your cellphone.

Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero had a 10 year run, and like Rock Band the market started to slip away. People just weren’t interested in new versions of the same game. Rock Band pushed out only 20 games in their stretch with such themes as Lego, Green Day, a couple of phone games, and even an expansion pack for specific AC/DC songs.

This article isn’t to make you pick a side, it was to inform you of the journey these two companies, who had a feud from the get go, continued to push the envelope on one another.

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D’ette’s Service Project

Days for Girls has been a very impactful foundation for women around the word. The Davis High D’ettes had the oppurtunity to help prepare kits for the women with the foundation.

The goal of the Days for Girls foundation is to,

“change the status quo through quality menstrual care solutions, health education, and income-generating oppurtunities that give back days of oppurtunity and health.”

They give women in third world countries kits with hygienic products to help health care and quality of life. The foundation has been working since 2008 and today reaches more than one million women and girls in more than 125 countries.

On February 19th, the D’ettes were able to help prepare these hygiene kits.

“We were all split up into different groups where we were assigned a small task that went into making a kit.”

Explains Bella Iannone,

“Whether it was cutting fabric, threading straps in the bags, or sewing, etc.”

They put a lot of work into this project and they came out of it with a new perscpective on the world.

“It was very eye opening to us -all the things we take for granted each day- hygiene items that we have easy access to, that girls in other parts of the world don’t have readily available to them.”

Said Celesta Stephenson.

They are all glad they got t be involved in this impactful foundation and to have this oppurtunity.

The D’ettes totaled forty hours of service for these women. They prepared many kits and helped so many women.

“Since we have 39 girls on our team the women with days for girls that was working us said we got weeks worth of kits done.”

Said Bella Iannone.

The team loved being able to help so many women around the world.

Coach Celesta Stephenson shared her opinion on the turn-out of the project,

“It was a great service and we left feeling happy with what we were able to contribute.”

This was a great opportunity for the team to bond and give back to their community and those in need.

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Is Disney+ worth the hype?

Disney Plus was the best thing since sliced bread when it was released in November of 2019, but is it still worth all of the attention it gets?

Everyone at Davis High seems to think so.

“I think it’s good.  I watch it,”

said Isaac Chamberlain, a junior at Davis High.

“It’s so popular and a lot of people watch it.  Movies you know are there.”

Everyone loves Disney movies, and almost every Disney movie is on Disney Plus. Kids and teens love the new movies and TV shows, while adults love having access to movies that they grew up with.

“I have access to all the old shows I watched, and I can introduce my kids to the old shows,”

Said Mrs. Tarbet, a gym coach at Davis High.

She really likes Disney Plus, and says her kids love Disney Plus too.  While she is supportive of the streaming service, she says it doesn’t help very much in class.

“I’ve seen students watching ‘Suite Life on Deck,’”

She says.

While the movies and shows that everyone knows have been successful, the real hits have been the original movies and shows exclusive to Disney Plus. Arguably the most successful of these is “The Mandalorian.”

“‘The Mandalorian’ was awesome,”

Said Isaac Whipple, a senior at Davis.

“The Mandalorian” brought more viewers to Disney Plus than any other show on the service. It has attracted die hard and casual Star Wars fans alike, as well as others who simply think that Baby Yoda is cute.

Disney Plus has something for everyone at Davis High, whether you’re into the Disney classics, Pixar movies, Star Wars, Marvel’s superhero movies, or even National Geographic shows and documentaries. With new movies and shows coming out regularly, Disney Plus continues to keep viewers entertained and will keep getting attention and additional viewers for a long time.

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Which is better?: Jimmy John’s vs Subway

Rivalry is inevitable. In terms of the creative sandwich makers from Jimmy John’s and Subway, they are the peak of rivalry in the sandwich space. When put up against each other, which of the two is better? Today we will evaluate menu variety, atmosphere, and the benefits of both food chains.

Both food chains are well known for having a large selection of sandwiches to choose from. Some of Jimmy John’s specialty menu items include lettuce wraps, 8-inch bread, and 16-inch bread. Subway, on the other hand, has a much more diversified menu. By offering turkey wraps, salads, and soups they pull ahead of Jimmy John’s.

“Subway has a more welcoming environment for teens while Jimmy John’s attracts adults more often. Both places have the same variety of sandwiches, but Jimmy John’s has better quality sandwiches.”
Said Gabi Jones.

When dining, it is important to account for the atmosphere. Emotions play a large part in the consumer cycle. Businesses know that the emotional state of the consumers is what can compel them to make a purchase. This is why when the locations are in a better area of town, the franchises tend to make more money.

“Jimmy John’s feels like a much more professional atmosphere. Subway’s colors make it seem like it is more child-oriented. Another weird thing is that Subways are usually in more shady areas than Jimmy John’s.”
Said Bailey Kealamakia.

Not only is the atmosphere vital for each company’s survival, but the benefits can also cause more customers to flock to one location over the other. Both locations prove to give their unique benefits, but one is better than the other.

Each food chain has its own rewards program that can give different benefits to their customers. Jimmy John’s has a nontraditional rewards style. Instead of awarding their customers based upon how much money they spend, Jimmy John’s instead has opted to give out free sandwiches and sides on national sandwich day, the customer’s birthday, and other randomly selected days.

Subway’s reward system, on the other hand, is quite traditional. They say that for every 200 points the customer receives $2 back. With $1 equaling 4 points, every $50 you are getting $2 back. One benefit of the Subway system over Jimmy John’s is that you can use your balance to purchase anything within the fast-food restaurant.

Overall, Jimmy John’s is a solid fast food restaurant, and it comes very close to beating Subway, but while using our three criteria for measuring which is better, it is blatant to see that Subway is better than Jimmy John’s.

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