Why Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” is the greatest album ever made

Frank Ocean is undoubtedly one of the greatest artists of the 2010s. Critical acclaim, a massive fanbase, and mainstream success attest to this. Blonde, which many consider his magnum opus, has aged like a fine wine since dropping in 2016.

Blonde is an R&B record that contains elements of pop, indie, and hip-hop. The beats are slightly unorthodox but pair beautifully with Ocean’s vocals.

Silas Williams, an avid music lover, shares his opinion on the album, “I never really thought that I would enjoy R&B but Blonde proved me wrong. The music, especially Frank Ocean’s vocals, transports me to another dimension.”

Williams is not alone in this opinion. Music critiquing website Pitchfork, which is notorious for its harsh ratings, gave Blonde a 9/10.

Pitchfork encapsulates perfectly why Blonde is so amazing, “These songs are not for marching, but they still serve a purpose. They’re about everyday lives, about the feat of just existing, which is a statement in its own right.”

While Blonde may not follow a harsh theme, all songs are similar in style and purpose. These songs are not meant for a party, but more for a late-night car ride. It’s a great album to listen to when you just need a moment to yourself.

While lyrics and themes are not as open and easy to understand as some other records, Blonde still has a purpose. Throughout the record, Ocean talks about finding his identity as a queer black man. These themes are scattered throughout the album but do not follow a unique pattern.

What is amazing about Blonde is that the deeper meaning is there if one wants to search for it. However, one could also just listen for the serene, peaceful, and beautiful music Ocean provides.

Williams further shares his opinion by stating, “At first I think Blonde was a great record I played to enjoy. When I looked for the deeper meaning, that’s when it became a masterpiece.”

Sadly, it has been six years since Ocean last dropped an album. However, his fans will forever have this masterpiece to look back on and enjoy.

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The Count of Monte Cristo; a tale of sweet revenge

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas is the story of Edmond Dantès. His betrayal and falsely based life sentence in a dungeon on an island in an inescapable prison. He eventually escapes, finding the treasures on an island. 

The island is named the Isle of Monte Cristo, and from there, Edmond becomes known as the Count of Monte Cristo. After that, he carefully manipulates everything around him. He then employs that tactic to remarkable effect for his revenge. 

He slowly and carefully manipulates his enemies so that they destroy themselves. This tactic works, so that in the end, with only a few unexpected and undesired consequences that take it too far, his revenge is successfully wrought on them. 

Students at Davis High School read the book, but the question that is never asked is, why was the Count of Monte Cristo’s revenge successful? Why didn’t his enemies realize how much they were being played in his hands sooner? 

Consider the personalities of the antagonists: Caderousse, Villefort, Danglars, and Fernand Mondego/Count of Morcerf. They all shared one thing in common: they were vile, selfish creatures that took advantage of people and positions to get what they lusted or desired. 

The antagonists also have very two-faced standards of honor. They all cover up their deeds, but feel obliged, as rich men who have “honor”, to challenge those who insult them or cause misfortune to a gruesome duel to the death. 

In the end, it was their own poor and selfish choices that allowed themselves to be manipulated so easily. Their selfish deeds sowed the seeds for terrible consequences, and Edmond Dantès reaped those terrible consequences with his calamity creating revenge. 

Which is why the best way to learn from their choices is to study where they stemmed from so, we can learn from them. First, the antagonists lived mostly in selfishness and greed. The best way to avoid them is: 

Try to live life learning to let go of some wants and bridle them. No one can get everything they want exactly the way they want it. Second, they had no morals other than the Parisian wealthy’s code of honor. 

That moral code is very weak because the focus of that moral code is to never let insults to your name and always make sure that your image looks as beautiful as code. A strong moral code should have these: 

A realistic view on life, a strong set of morals that help keep you from making poor decisions and thereby save you from suffering the consequences, and helps you be a better person and impact on the world than otherwise. 

However, the most tragic part of the story is that Edmond, in the six months he exacted revenge, could’ve used that money for good. Instead, he used it to take revenge, and did only one truly good and noble deed. 

He paid the dowry to Mercédès, his former love, who married Fernand because she thought he’d never return after being sent to the dungeons of the Château d’If, as penance for letting his revenge harm her and her son, Albert.  

The only good deed he did was helping Valentine escape death and run off with Maximilien Morrel, the son of his former employer, thus preventing the death by suicide on the part of Maximilien, and death by murder for Valentine.  

We then decided to go out and interview a sophomore on his thoughts on the Count of Monte Cristo, since almost all the Sophomore here at Davis High read the book in their English classes. The interview went as follows: 

Why do you think the Count of Monte Cristo was so successful? 

Because it’s a revenge story,” Toby Butcher said. 

What attributes of the antagonists do you think allowed them to be manipulated so easily? 

They’re arrogant, confident that he [Edmond] is gone,” Butcher replied. 

What attributes of the antagonists should we avoid? 

Arrogance, but also [not] having resilience,” Butcher told us. 

What attributes of Edmond are most favorable? 

He is charming, gets favors done easily, he’s rich, and filled [with] vengeance,” Butcher said. 

What choices that the antagonists and Edmond made that we should avoid? 

Maybe not killing as many people,” Butcher replied. 

There are lessons to be learned from the Count of Monte Cristo about how betrayal feels, and why exacting revenge didn’t solve the initial problems that came with that betrayal itself. These lessons can help us improve ourselves and society. 

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Embarrassments at Davis

Being in a school full of a bunch of different people watching you, everyone is bound to have an embarrassing moment every once and a while.

For Jessie Higley, her embarrassing moment came in late January of 2021.

She was competing in a dual meet against Northridge when she was put into an illegal Half-Nelson and her shoulder got dislocated.

“As my shoulder was hanging out of the socket and my coaches were running me out of the gym with my dad. The attention was all on me. While the trainer was looking at my arm my dad’s face suddenly turned yellow. He said he needed air and he stood up. He immediately hit the ground in the middle of the room. He woke up with a bloody face and will now be known as the most embarrassing dad in all of wrestling.”

Jessie is mortified by this experience, and will always be embarrassed when looking back.

The students at Davis have had more mild, but still embarrassing moments within the halls of the school.

Something we all can relate to, Maya Jensen shares a story that we can all relate to. “I was once just minding my own business, walking down the stairs, when my shoe suddenly slipped. I was on the floor. People walking past me, staring. I was mortified. That was the most embarrassing moment in my whole life.

Allie Erickson has echoed a similar story. “Me and my friends were walking next to each other. I was on the end. A kid walking in the other direction decided to turn around. He timed it wrong and knocked right into me. I wasn’t just slightly jolted, I was knocked onto the ground. Just laying there for what seemed like a century.”

We all have experienced these moments. Even though it may live in our minds for the rest of our lives, everybody else won’t even remember it by the end of the day.

homework helpers organic chemistry

value of time essay

To sum up the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in one word is weird. The movie was released on May 2nd and was considered to be the biggest Marvel movie of the year. Other movies anticipated to come out this year are Thor: Love and Thunder coming on July 8 and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11.

Next Best Picture explains the movie. “A few months after the events after Spider-Man: No Way Home Dr. Stephen Strange, with the help of both old and new mystical allies, travels into the multiverse to face a mysterious new adversary.”

Sam Raimi who is known for his horror movies is the director. This influence makes this marvel movie darker than most. Ms. Pedersen, a teacher at Davis High commented on the dark nature of the movie.

“Not only was it suspenseful, the whole mood of the movie was dark. It is what you would expect from someone who directed movies like Poltergeist,” she said.

“It was darker than an of the other Marvel movies, that’s for sure. But I would still recommend seeing it.” Chloe Wilson a sophomore at Davis High commented.

Some are saying the movie is merely a long commercial for Wandavision. There are several things to see before going in to understand the movie. The first Doctor Strange, Wandavision, Spiderman: No Way Home, What If… ?, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity war, and Avengers: Endgame all give background that’s beneficial to this movie.

All of the movies tie in together giving backstory and continuing characterization. It is kind of cool they have designed them this way.

Kainoa Sorensen, a senior at Davis works at a movie theater. He commented on what moviegoers are saying as they come out of the theater.

“They are all commenting that it is pretty much just another Marvel movie,” he said.

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Doctor Strange 2, a mess of a film

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came out on May 6th, and opened up a portal full of mixed opinions and negative reviews.

This story is not spoiler friendly and will discuss moments in the film.

Synopsis of the film: Dr Stephen Strange casts a forbidden spell that opens a portal to the multiverse. However, a threat emerges that may be too big for his team to handle.

The movie received a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes (placed 23rd worst out of all 28 marvel movies), a 61% on Metacritic, and 4/5 on Common Sense.

The movie was directed by Sam Raimi, who is known for horror and thriller movies, and the original Tobey Macguire Spider-Man trilogy.

Marvel gave him the directors chair, but they didn’t let him have full control.  Which then messed with the pacing of the film because we go from standard marvel go lucky fun to a weird, dark and slightly thriller feel.

You could tell Raimi wanted to go full out thriller for this film but Marvel execs would just not let him, so they gave him a few scenes and that was it, it ruined the tone and pacing of the entire movie.

America Chavez (Xochital Gomez) was a new character with the ability to travel between universes, which ended up in our universe after another Doctor strange from another universe tried to take her power for the fate of the multiverse.

Gomez seems to be a new actor with bland delivery and poor execution on her character, she was poor in this movie and marvel fans hope she does better in her return in the future.

Next off is Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), also known as the Scarlet Witch.  Who has fallen down a dark path to try and smuggle herself into another universe so she can have her (fake) kids (that she created after holding an entire town hostage).

Olsen Played the roll great with what she was given.  But Wanda is flawed and has no real reason to do what she does in this movie (murders hundreds of people across multiple universes, including some of the strongest and smartest people, such as Charles Xavier, a variant of Captain Marvel, Captain Peggy Carter, and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four).

The Scarlett witch was a flawed character and was doomed to fail from the end of Wanda-Vision.

Benedict Cumberbatch did great as he always does since he’s an amazing actor and just flows through Doctor Strange and is one of the best actors in the MCU, he had no flaws in this film besides the movie as a whole.

The CGI was terrible in some parts of the movie (on par with standard TV CGI, and even worse than the Marvel TV shows) and other parts and set pieces were amazing and looked incredibly real.

To put it simply, this movie is forgettable.  Ask people what they thought about the entire movie and they can probably only fully remember a few of the more important/ crazy set pieces.

“The pacing of the movie was terrible. Everything about it felt rushed. America’s acting felt monotone and her line delivery didn’t fit the tone of the movie whatsoever. It felt more like a poorly made horror movie than one from the MCU. Absolute dog shit. Would rather gouge my eyes out than watch again. 1/10.” said Hallie Kinsley

“I cried after a mans head exploded -13/10” said Miriam Kendall

“It was just cheesy and silly, it wasn’t serious, they should have just let Wanda kill the kid (America) 4/10” said Adeline Matthewson

“I really liked the plot, it expanded upon Wanda-Vision a lot and went more in depth into the multiverse and did really well 8/10” said Corrin Cottrell

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Seniors’ favorite memories

It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school. 

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas. 

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.  

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.  

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Ending with question 8/8. What was one of your favorite memories of senior year and why? 

“I loved all the football games because of the good vibes and energy that was there.” -Emma Bough 

“ My favorite memory of senior year was the first day of marching band. Seeing all the little freshmen so excited to do things just always made my day. Some were shy but like by the end of the day they were talking to everyone and it just made me really happy to see that.” -Abdon Figueroa-Ruiz  

“My favorite memory by far was in marching band. We were playing the last chord of our field show at our last performance ever. I had thought of all the work we as a band did, and all the joy from accomplishing that work rushed to me in that moment. That was a powerful experience.” – Hannah Davis.  

“I would say this year’s Marching Band season. In the end we took second in the Western US (Farmington High). I was so happy about the work we accomplished, and LEVEL UP was my favorite show by far. There’s nothing that compares to an announcer saying your school’s name, giving it your all, and playing that last chord. I love marching band and will miss it for sure.” – Hali’alani Harris  

“One of my favorite memories was CE dance class because I got to meet new people and learn lots of cool dances.” -Kaela Wall  

“Just hanging out with my friends all day every day because I love them so so much.” -Maddie Nacy 

“It hasn’t happened yet but I think this prom is going to be crazy because my band is going to play a couple songs which I’m super excited for.” -Jayden Green  

“My favorite memories are hanging out with all my friends.” -James Olsen 

“Definitely going to state for marching band because I love it so much and don’t want to have to let it go.” -Beau Gemperline 

“Definitely St. George comp for state (marching band). The thrill of it happening and the relief of it being over was pretty epic.” – Beth Johnson  

“One time two of my best friends and I drove to antelope island in the middle of the night for fun. It was really fun and spontaneous and is definitely something I want to remember.” -Owen Bascomb

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Snow-cones with Sadie

Hokulia is a snow cone shack where you can go and get the best of flavors. Lots of kids at Davis loves this place for it is in their price range and it is also very delicious. Sadie Hathaway is manager at Hokulia and she loves working there. They are now open for this summer so you can go check them out.

“I like shaved ice because it is busting and it makes my tummy feel WAHOO!” Said Graham Capel a senior here at Davis High.

The best sellers at Hokulia are tigers blood and blue raspberry this is Sadies third summer working at the shack and she has loved it. They are also hiring right now if anyone is interested in a summer job.

“My favorite flavor is either blue hawaii or the 808 combination.” Said Sadie Hathaway

They have 3 locations close to Davis, One by Winco, one by the mall, and one by vasa! Head on over to hokulia today to get the best shaved ice you have ever had. A lot of students at Davis High say they really like the flavors and the prices and it is very reasonable. So if you are ever looking for someone to get good shaved ice, you know where to go.

I love shaved ice at the snow cone shack because its something to do in the summer.” Said Kaden Francom

Keep snow cone shacks alive and well by visiting one this summer to cool off.

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Should fast rap be considered mumble rap

A war between lyrical fast rappers and mumble rappers has raged on ever since mumble rap rose in popularity in the late 2010’s. Both the terms “mumble rapping” and “fast rapping” often come with a negative stigma. In both instances if you can’t understand what the person is saying, the song will be dismissed as bad music. 

In 2020, YouTube rapper previously known as Luke Gawne, released a track called “DEATH TO MUMBLE RAP”. On the song he was accompanied by other YouTube rappers named Crypt, Futuristic, and Mac Lethal. All of them bought into the theme of the song being that rapping fast is superior to mumble rapping.  

“Look I get it, rapping fast can be cool, it takes time to practice and hone, it still doesn’t change that you’re not really saying anything, or at least not saying anything interesting or the least bit clever.” Esteemed music reviewer on YouTube Anthony Fantano had that to say about the track. 

Regardless of how the words come out of the artist, if you can’t understand what they are saying, it should be considered mumble rap.  

A lyric on the Death to Mumble Rap track goes as follows, “Come to the Windy you gon’ get nothin’ but animosity, Midwest monopolies, monstrosities, Rap god I’ma leave you in poverty.” The song ends up being completely hypocritical. Not a single sentence of that made any sense. 

Typically, the so called “mumble rappers” don’t shy away from the name. They aren’t really offended by it if their music is successful. 

A whole bunch of ‘ayes’ and a whole bunch of ‘yeahs.’ That’s it. That’s all I do. I tell myself that I’m not gon’ go over 80. I say, like, 79 yeahs, and it works. We what you call mumble rappers. So you say ‘yeah’ after everything and make it rhyme no matter what it is.” Platinum artist Lil Uzi Vert said in an interview. 

It is important to realize that dissing on another music style or genre is completely childish. Music is subjective in all circumstances. Just because you don’t like the way it sounds, doesn’t mean it is bad music. Everybody has a preference.  

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Senior’s advice

It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school. 

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas. 

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.  

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.  

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Question 7/8. What do you have to say to the incoming sophomores? 

“ If you don’t like a teacher, be sure to ask your counselor to switch into a different class. If your counselor says no, don’t let them just do that to you, you definitely can get into a different class.” – Kate Bowers 

“Good luck kids.” -James Olsen 

“Don’t let what other people say about you effect your actions.” -Lily Lebaron 

“Focus on the fun experiences that you can have with your friends and have a good attitude. Instead of the hard parts of school and drama that a lot of people focus on.” Ashley Hintze 

“Make smart decisions. Also avoid relationships. Always do your homework on time, and always put school first.” Abdon Figueroa-Ruiz 

“Don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you because they probably won’t be thinking of you.” -Kate Allen 

“Don’t get caught up in your fixed mindset of what you think high school should look like. Try new things, meet new people. Also don’t judge anyone. We’re all just people trying to survive life, and everyone’s going through something difficult.” – Kenzi Ashton 

“Keep working hard and be kind to EVERYONE!” -Addy Pace 

“No one actually cares about what you’re doing as much as you think they do. Just be yourself and do whatever you want.” -Abby Chase 

“Worry less about grades and focus on making memories, while keeping your future in mind.” -Owen Bascomb 

“Don’t give a crap about what other people think.” -Sam Hirschi  

“Planning ahead is important. If you’re up to it, take those AP classes and save yourself some money in college. But remember that there is more to life than getting ready for college. Don’t rush to grow up.” -Grace Mayor 

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Should homework be removed?

With the end of the year approaching many Davis students are being overloaded by homework assignments and upcoming end of year exams. This leads many to question whether homework in the first place is useful or just busywork.

Many question the validity of homework within the education system citing various reasons why it should or should not be performed in school.

“I think homework is valuable to learning as it helps you practice certain complex concepts, for example in statistics when I learn something in class it helps me when I can practice it with the assignments,” said Nick Watkins when asked whether he thought homework was valuable to learning.

While homework can be useful for practicing, this function can also be accomplished with regular class work and practice time in class.

“Yes, I think classwork can accomplish this same goal” admitted Watkins when asked if classwork could achieve the same goal as homework at school.

Of course, the only problem with this theory is that there sometimes is not enough time for classwork to cover all aspects of a class leading to even further questions of whether what we are learning is useful or if we should extend/reduce school time.

However, many agree that homework should at least be reduced from its current form within the Davis High education system. Especially because of the strain that it puts on students and the time that it takes away from them to live their normal lives.

“I think that homework should be reduced in some cases, when you have already learned a topic and know how to do it there is no point doing it over and over again” said Watkins when asked if homework should be reduced/removed

The homework reduction would also not be applied uniformly to all classes as homework really depends on what subject is being taught. For example, math would require more practice as compared to a subject such as English in most cases.

Others still argue that school is supposed to be directed at getting you jobs and therefore homework is useless because you won’t take your work home with you.

No matter what you think about homework one thing remains clear, it will stay part of the learning experience for years to come, however change is being made.

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Davis teacher’s viewpoints on the point of life

What is the point of life? Many of us ask ourselves this when them seems to be no point at all. Millions of people have opinions but none of them are correct because there truly is no correct answer.

Mr. Williams is a chemistry teacher at Davis high. He believes there is no true point of life. In his own words, “People think there is some big objective in life, and without that life is meaningless. If there is an objective to life, then you now become the actor in someone else’s story.”

Mr. Williams believes that the point of life is do what you want. He believes that we should follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. His advice to living life is care about things and do not take what you have been given, choose what you want and pursue it.

Mr. Hyde, one of the history teachers at Davis, is similar in his belief that we should live our life. “Even if I had all the money in the world, I would still be teaching because I enjoy it.” He thinks we should do things that we enjoy.

Ms. Chapman is a financial teacher at the school, she believes that we should serve others in our life. Not only does serving others make them happy, but it also helps us become better people. “You don’t always know someone’s back story and sometimes a little bit of kindness goes a long way” was her way of putting it.

The advice they give us is to step back and realize that we should not be wasting time on miniscule things. We should remember a little bit of a kindness goes a long way. Finally, we should follow our dreams and live out our lives however we would like.

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Why is Utah’s weather so bipolar?

So it’s spring again here in Utah, and just like every year, we’re experiencing nice heat, rain, cold, and then snow.

But it’s spring, and just last week it was 60 degrees, why is it snowing?

Well it has to deal with the elevation of Utah, and which ways the wind blows.  And since we’re in the valley, everything gets taken a little bit more and becomes more concentrated.

The second biggest factor is the wind.  where its coming from and what it’s coming with.

If were getting the dry hot winds from California, Then Utah will receive the nice warm sunny skies that we’ve come to expect in spring.

Then late March early April will come around and we’ll get the cold moisture driven winds from the north, and that right there is how we get rain, and if the wind is a little extra cold, Utah will end up getting some snow.

In relation to Utah’s bi polar weather, this type of year is when peoples seasonal depression flares up the most.

Just when people thought the weather was getting nicer and so was their mental health, Utah throws a pipe in the wheel of their bicycle of a brain.

Sadly spring is also the time where suicide rate is some of the highest of the years.

“I hate it so much, if it snows one more time this spring I’m just done and ill just quit everything and just leave Utah and never come back” said Hallie Kinsley

“it doesn’t bother me too much, I just hate that for those two weeks of snow that everyone forgets how to drive and there are so many crashes and man I hate that part about it” sad Nick Arancibia

“I like the week or so of snow because I love the snow but I hate driving in it so ill just stay home and stare out the windows for hours” Said Grace Mayer

So, blame the winds, not Utah in itself, its all the winds fault

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Should Davis have more breaks?

With Spring break fast approaching many Davis High School students feel relieved at the prospect of a weeklong break, others see it as too little. 

The first semester is laden with many breaks, veterans’ day, fall break, Christmas break among many other days off. However, the second semester, which marks the end of the school year is viewed by some as an infinitely lengthy period with little breaks. 

After Christmas break students are expected to stay in school for the rest of the year with few exceptions for Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and the final large break in spring.  

This leads to many students feeling tired of school and waiting anxiously for the freedom of summer to arrive. 

One student who chose to remain anonymous said “I think the length of the spring break is fine, but I wish they would add more breaks to school, like a 3-day break in May or something.” after being asked about if they thought Spring break was enough. 

Indeed, the end of the school year is a stressful time for many students who must go from April to the end of May with little more than a day off school. 

Combine that with those students who work jobs that will give them more hours during the break time due to the increased demand during these break periods. 

To Demonstrate this an anonymous student at Davis told us that “pretty much during my Spring break I will be working at my job not much else is planned” after being asked what they were doing over spring break. 

This leads us to question why we have breaks in the first place and what the utility of them is.  

For many students’ breaks are a good way to relieve stress from learning 5 days a week for so long, it is an effective way to rejuvenate students for the next month until another break ensues. 

Perhaps that is why the end of the school year feels so long to many students because we are absent from breaks for around a 2-month period.  

Taking breaks is the same reason the military has leave, businesses give vacation days, and why there is a weekend or day off in the first place. 

Breaks are an effective way to keep students present in the classroom and to give them energy after prolonged involvement in the school and education. 

Or as one anonymous student put it, “I like breaks because it gives me a break from the garbage education system.” he said after being asked about why he liked breaks 

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A broke student’s guide to scholarship services

Looking at tuition fees, with or without any basic scholarships, can be frightening. Fortunately, there are free scholarship services available that match students with scholarships based on their specific interests, backgrounds, and skills.

Listed below are some of the best services out there for high school students:

  1. Bold Scholarships- bold.org

Bold Scholarships offers exclusive scholarships as a way to combat student debt. Based on the profile you create, they notify you about scholarships for your particular situation. (As an added bonus, they offer a lot of no-essay options!)

While most of their scholarships may not seem to offer a significant amount of money (most of them are for either $500 or $1000, not enough to pay for a semester in most cases), students who take full advantage of the service and apply for as many scholarships possible, can make a significant dent in their student fees.

However, the scholarships on their page are usually only offered on their site, which limits the range of scholarships you can access through their service.

  1. Tallo- tallo.com

Tallo is another free scholarship matching service, but you may continue to find it useful after college, as they offer job connections as well. Be sure to fully complete the profile to be shown the best opportunities for you.

Additionally, Tallo can connect you with scholarships specific to the schools you are interested/ enrolled in.

  1. Scholarships- scholarships.com

Scholarships provides the most comprehensive profile set-up, connecting students to scholarships that seem made for them. Their page is super easy to use/navigate, and they make it easy to save scholarships and come back to them later.

Their service, unlike Bold Scholarships, does not provide opportunities specific to their site, meaning their options come from hundreds of other sources that can even be specific to your location.

Happy scholarship hunting!

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Are you in a manipulative relationship?

Today we will be discussing a very common issue in relationships, manipulation is not easy to catch right away unless you know the warnings and red flags before-hand. So that is exactly what you will learn by the end of this article.

Manipulation is a very common and very serious issue in a lot of relationships today, it can be done by one partner or both partners in any form of relationship.

The first warning sign we will talk about is thinking one partner has more power over the other partner, that is very wrong, everything in a relationship is completely equal, no partner owns another.

The second warning sign is one partner getting mad at the other for going out with their own friends, if you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t feel comfortable with you going out, talk to them, communication is NUMBER ONE in a relationship.

Third warning sign goes to one partner trying to “guilt trip” the other partner, guilt tripping is a big form of manipulation and should not be tolerated in any relationship.

Guilt tripping is purposefully making your partner feel bad for you for no reason other than to make you give them attention when they are deprived of it, guilt tripping is a HUGE sign of a toxic relationship.

Your relationship WILL be toxic if any of these happen to you, toxic relationships will never work out if you continue letting yourself get beat up and manipulated.

I had just gotten out of a three year relationship, and most of it was toxic “love”, I was blinded by a false form of love and care and that made me easily manipulatable, do not be afraid to leave someone for manipulation, it is the best thing for both of you.

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Davis students favorite Disney characters and movies

Almost everyone was raised watching Disney movies when they were young, some even watch them to this day, so that begs the question: what are Davis students favorite Disney characters and movies? 

Davis students have many different ideas of what the best Disney movie is but some of the most common answers were Hercules, Moana, Cars 2, and the original Lion King. 

When asked why these movies are their favorite an anonymous student said: “Hercules slaps, the music and animation in it are top Noch. Cars 2 is just underrated” 

While these are some of Davis’s favorite Disney movies the characters are a completely different story. Many students named heroes and villains interchangeably, so we split them into two categories. 

Some of the heroes named were Aladdin, Moana, and Hercules 

One student casually saying after being asked about who their favorite hero was “My favorite hero is definitely Hercules; he is definitely the best out of all the other ones and is pretty based” 

However, among Davis high students the villains were the most named of all the characters within the Disney universe.  

Some of the favorite villains are Scar, Dr. Fascille, Cruella, Captain Hook, and Hades. 

When asked why he picked Scar as one of his favorite villains an anonymous student said, “I don’t know Scar is pretty cool and one of the evilest villains in Disney history, one of the darker villains too.” 

Overall, it seems like the Lion King and Hercules stand out as the overall favorites among the students. With Cars 2, Moana, and a few others being rated well across the board.  

So, if you haven’t seen any of these movies since childhood or you haven’t seen them at all consider dusting off the case and putting them into your dvd player (or Disney plus service) to watch one of the classics of American film. 

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Harry Styles chart-topping new album

Harry Styles is releasing his 3rd studio album “Harry’s House” on May 20th. The lead single “As It Was ” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it continues to be the top song.

According to Today “Entitled “Harry’s House,” the album is exuding cozy vibes — and stirring up excitement among the pop sensation’s fans. Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long for music: While the album is dropping in mid May, the first single, “As It Was (Links to an external site.),” debuted on April 1.”

The album will have 13 tracks. ”

Good news: According to a press release from Columbia Records, Styles’ upcoming album has 13 tracks, one more than the 12 tracks on “Fine Line.” Styles’ self-titled debut solo album, “Harry Styles (Links to an external site.),” had 10 tracks.” said the same article from Today.

In addition to releasing an album, Styles is headlining Coachella. He performed with Shania Twain this last Friday. They sang “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” and “Still The One”.

“I personally cannot fathom this crossover, we grew up listening to Shania in the car ON REPEAT.” said Gemma Styles.

 (Links to an external site.)

Coachella is a music festival where many big artists perform. Styles performed 2 unheard songs from his upcoming album.

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The class of 22 experience

It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school.

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas.

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Starting with question 1/8. What was the hardest thing about high school and why?

“Getting my homework done on time because I’m a killer procrastinator.” -Maddie Nacy

“Not having a lot of time/being overwhelmed by the work load.” -Kate Allen

“Bad citizenship because of ditching.” -Wyatt Henderson

“There’s been a lot of hard things that happened in high school. I think the hardest thing was trying to find my voice. With so many opinions of others around me, it was hard for me to figure out what I like and dislike.” – Hannah Davis

“Time management. There’s so much opportunity and fun out there that it was hard to dedicate the time I needed to do homework.” -Garrett Lines

“The change of how it actually matter now. That you have to work hard in your classes to do well.” -Madi Spikler

“Junior year was the hardest part of high school because I had my hardest classes, I was figuring out who my friends were, and covid made it different than I expected.” -Ashley Hintze

“The hardest thing about high school was homework. For me, it was hard to find motivation to do work outside of school.” -Luke Marriott

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During lunchtime students at Davis high usually have a preferred restaurant to go to. Among these are Subway, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, and many others but one that gets little attention is taco time. 

While students may choose to go to the restaurant at lunchtime it is in far fewer numbers than the others mentioned above. So, the question remains, is taco time a good place to go during our short 40-minute lunch break? 

One student seems to think so, Redding Blood student at Davis high and taco time enthusiast has much praise for the restaurant. 

“Taco Time is wonderful; I would rate it 5/5,” said Blood after being asked what he thinks of Taco Time. 

The menu offers a plethora of options to the attendee with burritos, chips, salad, and even desserts available for order. 

“My favorite menu item is the soft beef burrito, it’s the only thing I ever get,” said Blood after being asked about his favorite menu item. 

One concern of Davis students when picking a restaurant, if they are conformists, is if they will be able to get back to class on time. Taco Time is located down the main street just before wall greens and far behind Bowmans, so it is probable to get back to the school on time. 

“it’s good and it’s close by, what else could you need?” said blood when asked about getting to class on time. 

Others might be concerned about employees giving them a bad experience or getting their order wrong and sometimes they are right. 

“The worst experience I had was when they gave me a soft bean burrito instead of my regular beef burritos.” proclaimed Blood immediately after being asked about his worst experience. 

Other than these occasional mess-ups Taco Time seems to be a good place to go to lunch or as Blood says “it’s epic, based, and red-pilled”. 

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Davis Seniors prepare for the next chapter

The class of 22′ is graduates on May 26th.  This year’s seniors have been one of the most impactful and involved classes yet. Holding state titles and many victories in sports and academics. Staff and teachers are saddened to lose so many kids.

When preparing for college, most students look to a few different schools. BYU is one of the most desired. Utah Valley is also in Provo. Utah State is up north in Logan. Senior, Halle Durham says, “I am attending Utah State in the fall. I am honestly so excited for this next chapter in my life.”

Halle Durham says, “Utah State is such a fun school. For anyone eager to make new friends and experiences, USU is perfect for that. I can’t wait to meet new people and further my studies there.”

Maren Vernon says this about attending UVU, “I have always loved Provo and the whole environment. I think Utah Valley is the perfect fit for me. I am rooming with a bunch of my friends. Graduating is going to be really melancholy. I have loved Davis and my experience here.” It is a hard but hopeful time of life for us seniors. Saying goodbyes and new hellos.

Graduating is such a fun time of life and we are excited for the next chapter.

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Senioritis returns

With the end of 3rd term, seniors are starting to get excited and stressed about the end of their high school careers.

A wave of senioritis is taking over the seniors at Davis High. Seniors are slowly giving up on showing up for class and caring about their grades. “I definitely don’t want to do school anymore,” stated Emma Jones.

Both Olivia Brockman and Preston Swenson admitted to their senioritis being very bad recently. Both not wanting to come to school and caring less about being on time to class. “I have been late every day this week,” Preston confessed.

Being done with most of their credits many high school seniors take advantage of having multiple home release periods per day. For example, Olivia Brockman has 4 home release periods on A-days allowing her to work more to save for college next year.

While the seniors are counting down the days until graduation, they are also getting nervous about moving on to college. “I’m done with high school, but I’m also scared of moving on to college,” Emma explained.

Other seniors however are full of pure excitement to graduate and move on. Fellow Davis High senior Olivia Brockman said, “I’m excited to go to college and experience new life,” and Preston Swenson simply stated, “I want to bounce.”

Emma and Olivia both agreed that the thing they would miss most about Davis High is seeing their friends every day. Both girls are going to different colleges from their best friends and have many of their guy friends leaving to serve a religious 2-year mission in the summer.

Although senioritis is running rampant throughout the Davis High senior class, they are still trying to live up the last term of their high school careers. “I’m just trying to live life and make memories with friends before graduation,” Emma stated.

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The power of BBQ

Grilling and Barbecuing is an art. Sizzling meats to perfection for guests to indulge in. The question is,,. which food item wears the BBQ crown?  Whether you like sausages or burgers, everyone has their favorites. It also depends how passionate the person grilling is. They play a big part in making the food memorable. The majority of society would say grilling is more of a summer thing.

“The grill goes away mostly in the winter but other then that we have it out quite a bit.” said Max Cheney a senior here at Davis.

Something beautiful about grilling, is that it brings people together. This is why the food has to be so good because it has to match the energy of the people that are attending a barbecue, even if its for the family, usually the person grilling is putting lots of effort and love into the food they are preparing. Which makes the food taste ten times better.

“My dad is so good at grilling and he puts lots of love into the food he makes.” said Grace Jergensen – Senior at Davis High.

Without grilling social events would be so boring. People love food, it is a part of our American culture. BBQ helps bring people to a good time. The smell of seasoned meat is amazing and who doesn’t wanna be around that. Grilling is super important and you need to have one at the next party you plan this summer.

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Spring break

With spring break coming up next week everyone is getting excited for time off school and thrilling trips.

Mia Simmons, a Davis High Senior has been getting ready to go to Costa Rica for weeks. Trying to get ahead on her homework so she has nothing to stress about after missing two days the week before the break.

A fellow Davis Senior, Emma Jones has been getting ready for her senior trip to Paris with her family this spring break. “I am excited for everything but especially Mont Saint Michel,” Jones stated.

While Simmons and Jones have very exciting trips for spring break, it is also very common for high school seniors to stay home and work to help save for college. For example, Olivia Brockman is planning on working everyday at least 7 hours a day.

Even though everyone has different plans, everyone agrees on what they are most excited for; sleep. Jacqueline Matthews explained, “I am most excited for a break with no stress and to be able to sleep in.”

Zoey Pickett and Olivia Brockman are looking forward to a true break without any homework to worry about unlike their friend’s taking calculus. “Ugh yes I have calculus and English reading to do,” Jones complained about her homework.

After debating, the group of girls could not come to a decision about if they would rather have a longer spring break or have a longer summer. “School feels so long anyways so long spring break, one week in the summer wouldn’t make a difference,” argued Matthews. While Brockman countered with, “I would rather have a week for Christmas and that’s it and then get out in April.”

“Go live your life this spring break,” -Mia Simmons 2022

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Life after high school

Now that high school is coming to an end for the class of 2022, a lot of discussions bring up college, moving out, etc. For the students at Davis High School, a common answer to those questions involve Logan, Salt Lake, and Orem/Provo areas.

Utah State University is a public college. USU is located in Logan, Utah, making it a common college for Davis County High School students, after they graduate.

USU’s main campus is 400 acres. About 18,000 people attend USU. In-state tuition is about $9,000, out of state tuition is about $23,000. There are also many apartments that are used for housing for students that go there.

One example of that is Millennial Towers. “Millennial Towers is the premier off-campus student housing at Utah State University. We are located just 1 block from USU in Logan Utah.”

The University of Utah is a public school. It is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. U of U is another common college for Utah students. Since it is located in SLC, many students move closer, or they choose to live from home and commute to school everyday.

For those that choose to be closer to campus, one example for housing would be the University Student Apartments. “Owned and operated by The University of Utah, the 1094 unfurnished apartment units are primarily intended for students and their families.”

Utah Valley University is a public university. UVU is located in Orem, Utah. Utah Valley University is also a common college for Davis High and other Utah Students to attend.

Utah Valley University’s main campus is about 228 acres. Total enrollment of students attending UVU is about 38,000 students. In-state tuition is about $6,000, and out-of-state tuition is about $17,000.

For housing near UVU, one example is The Green. “The Green on Campus Drive is the first student housing contiguous to Utah Valley University’s campus, consisting of 5 buildings of single-occupancy rooms, a parking structure and unique amenities to the area.”

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Summer is just around the bend

With School coming to an end, everyone is getting excited to have a great summer. High school students have a weird obsession with having exotic and fun summers.  People like to do things that make their summer one to remember. This summer try and do something that is out of your comfort zone because those moments bring something amazing. Summer is mostly everyones favorite season.because NO SCHOOL!

“I love summer because of how free it is, no responsibility, no work, all play!.” said Matt Allen, a senior at Davis High.

Some fun things you can do this summer include, swimming, barbecues, and hiking. Everyone loves going swimming because it is nice and refreshing on a hot summer day. You can also go on walks and hiking! It’s officially time to spend most of your days outside. Summer also means snow cone shacks. You can find them everywhere, just like the lemonade stands that will be on every street corner.

“Summer is so close and you see it everywhere.” exclaimed Laney Hart a senior here at Davis High.

So go get outside and do something crazy. Like go fishing, or camping. Instead of wasting your time on a phone, go make this summer the best summer ever. This is also the first summer where things will be the closest to normal in a while with covid restrictions letting loose. So safely take advantage of this.

“I am excited to hang out all day everyday, and not have to worry about assignments.” said Max Cheney

Let’s just say summer is the best season for being outside and getting some sun.

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Spring break apart of the high school experience

St. George is the best place to go for spring break as a high school student. It is so much fun because so many people go too, and you meet so many new friends. It is fun to go with your friends and also isn’t too expensive.

As previously stated, “so many people go too”. In past years, St. George has been a pretty popular place for high school students to spend their spring break at. Most, if not all, schools in the Davis School district have the same spring break dates, making it a common spring break residency.

Lots of teenagers choose to go with their friends because it’s apart of the high school experience, if your parents allow it. There are parties and get-togethers every night when in St. George.

St. George is located 4 to 5 hours from Davis County. Making the trip into a fun road trip with your friends. Also stated before, a trip to St. George is on the cheaper side, compared to other vacation destinations.

For costs, the biggest prices that would have to be paid, would be gas, and finding a place to stay. Some common places to stay would be to find and Airbnb, or a hotel.

“This year, my friends and I found an Airbnb that sleeps 16 people. We put a group together to split the cost of the house we are staying at. This made is so we only have to pay $185 total.”

Last year there was a group of teenagers that drove down and ended up camping on the rocks and just figured out their trip as they went. Which is also an option if camping is your thing.

Some activities that are also fun to do once you get down there, include sand hollow, Dixie rock, parties, etc. St. George is a super fun experience and many teenagers suggest to go at least once while you are in high school.

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Does Davis love Disneyland?

Disneyland can be the happiest place on earth for most, but for some it is not. Disneyland is amazing and known for great, but expensive food.The rides are amazing and then whole park is filled with detail. But for some Disney is too chaotic and “boring.” Which is very weird because Disney is the coolest place on earth.

“I LOVE DISNEYLAND, it is my favorite place in the world. I like it because I see so much happy energy and kind people.” said Brooklyn Louder a Senior at Davis Highschool.

Most all the students mentioned the food at Disneyland. The turkey legs are everywhere and so good. They also have so many mickey good shape items that everyone loves.  Some students recommended the raspberry macaron. Other then food, the rides are what the students loved most of all.

“I love all the rides at Disneyland but my most favorite, is Pirates of the Caribbean. It is just so relaxing!.” Said Sadie Hathaway, a senior at Davis High

The rides are the main attraction at Disneyland. Some of the more popular rides include Guardians of the Galaxy, Space mountain, the haunted mansion, etc. Students talked about how detailed the rides were and it makes you feel like you are in the actual movie. Which is pretty insane. Star Wars land is always mentioned as the best part of Disneyland. It is so incredible the way they make you fee like you are in a start wars movie.

So if you don’t have anything to do over the summer go to Disneyland and try all the wonderful things talked about in this article!.

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Sprinting to the end of the year

It is the fourth and final term, and for the students at Davis High, it’s the final sprint before the school year ends. For some, it’s the final dash to improve their grades and get a 4.0 grade point average. 

For others, once grades and homework are taken care of, the time for scheming for fun and amazing summer plans has begun. Already, summer vacations and Senior trips have been planned, or are in the process of being schemed upon.  

For a third of the students at Davis, it means graduation, and moving on to their next step in life. However, it also means saying heart-felt good-byes to faithful and dear friends, some of whom may never be seen again. 

For others, the relief of not having homework and grades to worry about is drawing near. Whatever the perception on what fourth term means, the spring fever and also the sense of the end that comes with it is contagious. 

“[I] feel good [about it],” Pierce Dobson said about how fast the time has flown already. In two weeks from 4th term’s start, there’ll be Spring Break. After that, the term goes on until before the last week of May. 

“{I’m looking forward to] lifting class to prepare for football,” Tanner Seely replied when asked about what event during 4th term he was looking forward to the most. There are events to look forward to, namely prom, yearbook signing, etc. 

“[I’m looking forward to] marching band,” Parker Combe said about what thing after the school year he was excited about. There are summer events after the school year to be excited about such as summer team training and various camps. 

“[I’m not looking forward to the end of the year,” Joseph Petersen replied about what about 4th term he wasn’t excited about. The end of the year has AP tests, Term Finals, and other end-of-year tests are not exciting things. 

“Failing a class [as a senior],” Quinn Sorenson said when asked about the worst-case scenario ending of 4th term. While make-up for classes are during the summer, it is a worst nightmare among seniors to fail at the very end. 

Among most students, 4th term is still and will always be the last shot at getting grades up and a time to enjoy as the school year ends, both slowly and quickly, like a car coasting down a steep hill. 

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It spreads like the plague. Its a disease that when you catch it you cant get rid of it. Everyone that tries it gets immediately addicted, as soon as you have a taste you cant stop. This disease is what we like to call senioritis.

Senioritis seems like an excuse that seniors use to not come to school but it genuinely is a contagious illness that cannot be cured. Senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

Lets dive in to what some seniors have to say about this rapidly spreading illness.

Sarah Quillen a senior at Davis high tells us what senioritis feels like to her  “It feels like when you go to plug your phone in its charger, but it wont work unless you hold it as a specific angle. Its miserable and horrible but necessary.”

As Quillen is fighting to come to school to make the most out of her senior year. Macie chamberlain another senior at Davis High also has a few words of wisdom to share ” Basically I have forgotten that school is not optional”.

Madi Fulks another senior at Davis states ” Senioritis is like when you have to sneeze but it wont come out and your eyes start to water and your nose starts to have a seizure. You know you mentally have to do it but you physically cant”

Seniors all around Davis high school struggle to get up in the morning to make it to 7:30 A.M. class. Let alone have the motivation to do their homework after using all of their discipline to even go to school that day. Seniors are exhausted and sleep deprived, and all of their mental capacity is being used on trying to figure out what they are going to do when they graduate high school in 2 months.

This illness is real and there will probably never be a cure for it. There will definitely be more cases in the future and the universe wishes luck to all of the new incoming seniors.

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Importance of mental health

Why is mental health just as important, if not more important, than physical health? Many time mental health is put to the side and looked at as unimportant, but after certain studies, here is why mental health is also important.

First, what is mental health? “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps to determines how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices”, according to MentalHealth.gov.

In a recent Ted Talk, the speaker talked about how mental health is taken as a joke, and not seriously. He said “There is a stigma around mental health and the only way to stop that, is to move forward.”

Some people believe that mental health is less important than physical health. Physical health is also important, but in most cases, peoples mental health needs to be viewed at first, in order for them to be physically healthy as well.

For example, physical health includes eating healthy, exercising, etc. If someone is depressed, that makes things as simple as eating the correct foods or getting the exercise one needs, difficult.

When someone’s mental health reaches a certain point, it can lead to things like anorexia, bulimia, eating disorder, etc. These disorders can severely affect their physical health, and even lead to death, when not taken seriously, or treated soon enough.

Another thing that is under the mental health category, is anxiety. There are over 3 million cases of anxiety disorder in the U.S. per year, yet only 43.2% receive treatment.

Suicide has a huge impact on society today. According to CDC.gov, “in 2020, suicide was among the top 9 leading causes of death for people ages 10-64.”

Mental health affects everything, that everyone does. It is so important and needs to be taken more seriously. If you or someone you know, is mentally struggling, reach out. So many people care, and know how to help.

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Habits and how to break them

I’m sure all of us can agree that everyone has at least one habit they would like to break. It could be anything from bad eating habits to something as small as biting your nails.

There are 5 scientifically proved ways to break a habit. They are lowering your stress levels, knowing your cues, replacing the habit, having a good reason for quitting, and setting better goals to rid of these habits.

Ella Murphy says, “I am most likely to start biting my nails when I am stressed out or nervous.” This is why when trying to break a habit it is best to lower your stress levels. You are more likely to do something you don’t want to do when you are stressed or nervous. Stuff like meditation is a great way to lower stress.

Knowing what triggers your habits is a good way to break the habit because then you can avoid those triggers. Sometimes it is called the “cue” and it is what makes you want to start the habit. These cues vary widely but common triggers can be anger, anxiety, and loneliness.

Replacing your habit with a healthier one makes losing the bad habit easier. Murphy says, “The best way to keep me from biting my nails is getting them done.” She is replacing this habit with something better. Most of our minds run on a routine and to stop that routine in one day would be nearly impossible. Instead of stopping it completely you are replacing it with something that is better for you.

To even be able to replace this habit at all you need to tell yourself a good reason for doing so. Even if you replace the habit, your mind won’t get that same feeling as if you were to be doing the old bad habit. Telling yourself why you should be starting this new good habit will help you transition better.

Setting good and specific goals helps in getting in the right mindset to get rid of this habit. The biggest battle in starting a stopping a habit is in the mind. Telling yourself time and time again what you are going to do to quit is the best way to get it drilled into your brain. Murphy says one of her goals is to keep her nails done all the time so that if prevents her from going back to her old biting nails habit.”

Habits are a part of all of us. Breaking a habit can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days. You cannot expect it to happen in a day. It will take time. Do not get discouraged and keep working towards your end goal.

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Why is Rudy Gobert so disrespected?

Rudy Gobert is in no doubt a star in today’s NBA and has the accolades to prove it. For the Utah Jazz he has won three defensive player of the year awards, he is a four time all-NBA player, a five time all defensive first team member, and a three-time all-star.

His lack of offensive talent and awkward playing style causes him to receive a lot of hate around the league. His offensive contributions are usually focused on setting screens and rolling to the rim causing his teammates to be open. Something the star scoring big men of the league tend to care less for.

After a game against the Timberwolves early in the 2021-2022 season, he was openly disrespected by multiple Timberwolves players, despite the Jazz’s dominant win.

Just one of those examples come from point guard Patrick Beverley saying, “If I’m defensive player of the year, I’m guarding the best player no matter what. I’m not roaming. It’s no discredit to Royce O’Neal, or any of the others on their team, but if I’m defensive player of the year, I’m not guarding Royce O’Neale. I’m guarding Mike Conley, I’m guarding Donovan Mitchell, I’m guarding Bogdanovic. You got Rudy Gobert out there guarding Vanderbilt. And every time I hear he’s defensive player of the year. So, whatever.”
Gobert also generated quite a bit of attention after he signed the largest contract for a big man ever back in December of 2020. His contract is worth $205 million dollars across 5 years.

“I think there’s a lot of big guys even today that can do what he can do. So when I tell the story, people think, ‘Oh, you’re just jealous.’ Yeah, I am jealous he’s making $250 (million).” Shaquille O’neal said on live television.

The premier example of where most of the hatred stems from has to be his childish actions back in 2020 when he touched all of the media room microphones. This was during the early stages of COVID-19 when he became the first player in the NBA to catch the virus. Although the league would’ve been shut down indefinitely, he often gets thrown under the bus by fans saying he is the overall cause.

“I had no idea I was even infected. I was careless and make no excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously. I will do whatever I can to support using my experience as way to educate others and prevent the spread of this virus.” Gobert later apologized.

Rudy seems to be used to the comments and criticism by now. He does a great job at giving professional responses and letting his game and accolades speak for themselves.

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How to avoid falling for a jerk!

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid messy relationships. Being a teenager and trying to navigate dating is hard. So, these pieces of advice from Davis Students should help.

“It is important to see yourself in another person’s perspective during a fight.” Henry Ihrig, Senior

“Treat them how you expect to be treated.” Kynzie Sheffield, Senior

“Go out on fun and cheap dates. Be creative!” Maddie Forster, Senior

“Always pay attention to hygiene. Look presentable.” Lian Yarbrough, Senior

Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship:

1. Isolation from friends and family

2. Hiding relationship and their actions

3. Extremes; sad, control, fear

4. People who love you warn you

5. Doing things against conscience

It is important to stay independent and be your own person while dating.

“Don’t forget about your friends and family. They are still important and you should maintain healthy relationships with them as well as your romantic partner.” Emry Kilgore, Sophomore

“Set boundaries so you don’t do something that you aren’t comfortable with.” Saydee Forster, Sophomore

“I know its cliché. But be yourself! Don’t change your personality or what you believe in based on what the person you are dating thinks or believes. Be transparent. If they don’t like who you are then that’s their problem, not yours.” Meigan Checketts, Senior

“Don’t rush. It is important to take things slow. Go on fun dates. Ask light-hearted questions. You don’t need to tell them all of your trauma or take things too far too fast. Easy and fun is key.” Kaylee Jensen, Senior

Never start the relationship on any lies. Be open and honest in the beginning. Setting a foundation for your relationship is important. It will help to determine everything else that follows.

If you use this advice from Davis High students, dating will become much easier.

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School lunch: The good, the bad, and the horrendous

The bell rings at 12:06, you walk down the halls to go to lunch but something is blocking your way. Its the lunch line to get school lunch.

School lunch has been notoriously made fun of. From movies and TV shows all the down to our very own hall ways. But is school lunch as bad as everyone says it is? Do people actually enjoy the food that they eat or are they just a bunch of Sophomores who cant drive on there own.

The lunch at Davis consists of a main line and two sandwich lines. The main line changes what they serve everyday. The sandwich lines serve different sandwiches, as well as salads.

Tyson Last, a Sophomore here at Davis High says, ” I rarely enjoy the school lunch. I eat lunch here everyday and most of it is bad, except the mini corndogs.” Last only eats lunch at school because he cant drive.

Tyson isn’t the only one that claims the corndogs at Davis are amazing, Allie Erickson also agrees with that. She only eats school lunch on occasion but when she does she hopes that is is hot dog day.

“The nastiest food is definitely the packaged burritos. Or when ever they try and do fish, like those fish sticks. And the beans look nasty.”

So if no one really loves eating school lunch why is there always so many kids getting it? Coby Trivett says “I don’t really want to go out and spend money, I also am trying to save my gas. It is getting really expensive.”

If you want to stop spending so much money eating out everyday, go and try out the lunch. You might be surprised to find that you like something there. Just stay clear of the fish sticks and beans.

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Life for the Russians

Russia is known on the world stage as a great power, they have one of the world’s strongest and largest militaries. They have over a million active personnel and an additional two million in reserve. 

While Russia may have a strong military, they are nowhere near prosperous. Russia is ranked 11th place in terms of economy. The United States economy is nearly 10 times the size of the Russian economy, while having a little over double the population size. 

Due to recent events in the world, Russia’s economy has taken a big hit. Russia Invaded Crimea in 2014 and many countries-imposed sanctions on Russia for doing so. Russia’s economy took a big hit because of this. 

Russia later began an invasion of Ukraine. In response to this event, the United States and the EU have imposed many economic sanctions. Many western companies are also imposing penalties on Russia. Major tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft. 

If there was a Russian that was looking to build a gaming pc, they cannot now because AMD, Intel and Nvidia are suspending sales in Russia. Because of the crash of the Ruble due to the economic sanctions, foreign goods have become more expensive. 

A Russian Youtuber known as NFKRZ said “I’m not like starving or anything, I have savings which are burning down” As a Russian enjoying goods of the west is now much harder. 

Banks in Russia are running out of foreign currency. NFKRZ then went to a bank. A woman working at the bank said “What do you not understand? There is no money!” 

 The security guard then said “Everyone, leave the area! No need to stand around here!” Many protests in Russia erupted as war broke out. The Russian government cracked down hard on the protest arresting many of them. 

Things are bad when despite Russia being an authoritarian regime, protest are breaking out. The Russian people do not support the invasion of Ukraine. The people of Russia are not allowed to speak out against the government. 

Many Russians are having challenging times because the leader of Russia, Vladmir Putin is invading Ukraine. The people of Russia are now paying for his mistakes. It is unfortunate that this has happened, human history is full of tragic events. 

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Davis High School staff’s opinions on vaping and marijuana

Vaping is a new type of electronic smoking making it taste better, easier to conceal, and well reusable when compared to Cigarettes. But that is just the good parts of it, the bad parts more then triple the good parts of vaping.

Not only does Vaping contain cancer causing chemicals, it also contains tin, nickel, and led. Led is a very poisonous metal when consumed and will give the consumer led poisoning, which could explain the feeling of nausea and chest pain.

Some people would think that marijuana is better for you because its all natural. Well that may be true, but only once you are completely developed in the brain, so don’t plan on it until you’re 25.

A teacher by the name of Bo Roundy stated that “Vaping companies target the younger generation”. His reasoning for this was “Just look at the flavors man, those fruity and sweet flavors are for kids not adults”.

He believes that vaping and smoking weed are unhealthy ways of getting high. There are other ways of getting high, which is just increasing your dopamine levels. You could exercise, hangout with friends you enjoy being around, or just doing something healthy that makes you feel really good.

Mike Criddle is the student resource officer at Davis High and he had his own opinions on vaping. He thinks there is definitely a vaping problem at this school because in his own words, “it’s just easier for a kid to run to the bathroom and take a quick hit off there vape then it is to light up a bowl in the bathroom”.

But it isn’t just the kids who ditch that are causing this problem. It’s people who use the hall pass and just take a quick puff when going to the bathroom. They don’t necessarily stay there for long, its just long enough to get what they want to do done.

They both have good advice for the students here and well everywhere else too. Roundy says “choose your friends wisely and just know there are healthier ways of coping with the hardships of life”. Mike says “nothing good comes after midnight so just be aware and cautious of who you’re with”.

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Why is everyone freaking out about 2022’s “The Batman”? (Spoiler free)

The Batman came to theaters on Friday, March 3rd, and everyone is talking about it, but why?

The thing a lot of people do before they see new movies is to check the Rotten Tomatoes score, well the movie has a 85% on the Tomatometer and an 88% on the audience score.

The biggest change is a new director, Matt Reeves.  Reeves made this worlds Gotham different than we’ve ever seen in the past.  it’s Dark, cold, and always raining.  This isn’t a normal rain either, this is a constant downpour.

The world building is phenomenal in this adaptation too, the city of Gotham seems to be a mix of New York city and Chicago, where it’s big and sprawling with different areas of the city, and just like the two cities, its disgusting and riddled with crime.

The biggest thing people can not get over with this movie has to be the casting of the masked vigilante himself, played by Robert Pattinson.  People cannot separate him from his past casting from Harry Potter and Twilight.  With Pattinson being a fan of batman himself and Reeves direction created a new batman more focused on detective work and speed versus pure brute strength.

In this movie it is Batman first over Bruce Wayne, Bruce only does show up for a few scenes during the movie.  So for everyone that hates Pattinson’s face, you wont have to see it very much during the movie since it’s hidden behind the cowl.

“The movie was so good, I’ve seen it twice.  I hate Robert Pattinson but I think he did a good job since his face was hidden the whole movie, I’m just glad there’s another movie with my favorite comic book character.” said Derek Miller.

The second biggest gripe most people have is the run time of this movie, which is nearly three hours long.  The movie is long but it is entertaining, in a similar sense of Avengers endgame, Avatar, or The Lord of the Rings.  Where the movie is long but you’ll be completely entertained the entire time.

“It was long but I was never bored” said Taya Wescott

The cinematography in this film is top notch and goes hand in hand with the set design, Greig Fraser was the cinematographer for this movie and most people can agree he did such a great job from the fight scenes to even just the simple scenes of two characters talking.

The the villains in this movie are also simple but top notch.  The secondary bad guys are all crazy crime bosses (which wont be listed besides the penguin because the rest are not in the trailers).  Colin Farrell who played Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin did great and was a small but amazing roll, and is rumored to have his own spin off TV show soon.

The other crime bosses seem to own the city of Gotham and this version of Gotham is definitely corrupt, and this was one of the things Reeves wanted, a Corrupt Gotham.

Then we have our main villain of the movie, The Riddler, played Paul Dano.  Dano played the Riddler in a new fresh version that works super well for our current times.

The Riddler is very reminiscent of the Zodiac killer, even with leaving clues for the Batman and the cops.  The character is also takes a lot of inspiration from noire styled horror movies.  And the opening scene of the movie shows you how brutal and scary he can be, but he gets so much further later in the movie

The Riddlers’ connection to Batman and the Waynes is more than meets the eye and goes further in depth in the movie.  There may be a Riddler prequel show or movie in the coming years that’s been in talks.  The backstory is not fully fleshed out but there is a Novel out currently (Titled “Before The Batman: AN Original Movie Novel”) which has a bit of Backstory of both Dano’s and Pattinsons’ characters.

“God, The Riddler was TERRIFYING”, said a girl at a showing of The Batman.

Most people who have seen this put this as their second or third favorite Batman movie, usually after 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, which most people say was so great from Heath Ledger’s Portrayal of The Joker.

So, does this movie deserve all of the hype?  Most people say yes, but that’s for you to find out.

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Widespread ditching at Davis causes administration to retaliate

In an epidemic of class ditching students at Davis increasingly find themselves in conflict with the school administration and staff who are trying to keep them in the classroom. 

When you walk the halls of Davis during class time you will see many students sitting on the benches alone or hanging out with a group of friends. These aimless wanderers usually either have home release or are purposefully not attending their classes. 

Mike Criddle, resource officer at Davis high school, talked about the frequency of these hall wanderers saying he saw them “constantly” and further added that “some of them have legitimate reasons to be outside of class, but sometimes they do not. Those who do not usually have a group of friends they hang around… it is a big problem.” 

While attendance has gone up since the end of the covid-19 lockdowns, many students still decide to hang out in the halls instead of going to their classes. Others decide to stay at the school during home release. 

One student in the hall during class said “I have home release and I want to eat lunch with my friends” he said after being asked why they were out in the hall during 3rd period and why they chose to stay here. 

That leaves us to wonder why students choose to go in the halls during class time. 

Officer Criddle explains why “kids get bored in school… sometimes there is a substitute in class, and they feel it is all right to ditch. Others just do not want to be in class or have a low attention span.” 

No matter the reason for ditching their classes the consequences for those who do are steep. Administrative U’s, truancies, parent involvement, and other punishments are enforced when someone has been missing class too much. 

“I usually go out and talk to them and try to build rapport with them so I can get them back in the classroom. Usually when I tell them to get to class, they reluctantly agree and head over to their classroom. Other times I escort students or walk with them to their classrooms to make sure they go.” Said officer Criddle when asked what he does when he sees students in the hall during class. 

There are many reasons that students give to ditch class but no matter the reason it still effects your grades and standing in the school.  

 Officer Criddle gave one final statement to the students ditching school saying “I was once in the same place you guys were, I made the same mistakes and I’m here telling you to not make the same mistakes as me… this is the short time of your life where you get to learn and develop, if you develop these bad habits now you will carry them with you into the future.”  

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The problematic terminology of the phrase “man-up”

What does it mean to be a man? The answer changes from person to person. Some would answer brave and strong, while others would say intelligent, while others again would say being able to back in a gooseneck trailer. There is no paramount definition to manliness, but it generally boils down to the same principles; strength, emotional repression, and aggression. 

Life can be tough, and you cannot always face it alone. The phrase “man-up” suggests that we as men need to forget that we have problems and just deal with it, for no other reason than because we were born male. Sons will hear it from their fathers and be taught from a young age that they can’t show weakness in front of anybody, even somebody who is supposed to be their role model.  

Men are expected by other men to bottle up their problems, particularly when it comes to mental health, and figure it out on their own. No “real man” would be caught dead talking to someone about how he felt, regardless of how close they were or how much they trusted each other.  

“Man-up” is detrimental to men’s health, not only because we refuse to talk it out, but because the only perceived solution to many problems is violence, be it taken out on others or on ourselves. Fights break out over the most trivial of offences, we cannot be disrespected for fear of looking weak in front of other men. Suicide rates among men grow continue to grow, because we are pressured by our peers to fit in, and to conform to what it means to be a man.  

We set our worth on what society and other men deem to be “manly.” If you can’t bench press your own weight, you’re not a man. If you can’t fix your own car, you’re not a man. If you have to get extra help with a subject you don’t understand, you’re not a man. All this piles up, and without external help we either end up hurting others or hurting ourselves. 

It’s okay to not be okay. We can’t expect to solve other problems without first solving our own. If you need to talk to someone, it’s perfectly okay to talk to someone. We can only become better by working together. 

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Thoughts on Graduation

Davis high set graduation for May 25th and at the time of this story that gives students 2 months to prepare and finish 4th term. Graduation marks the end of High School and the beginning of life as an adult.

Most students at Davis set out to college right after graduation or go on missions for the LDS church but, for the few that aren’t entirely sure what their next step is like Mason Merback, a senior at Davis, look for options outside of the box.

Merback said “I just wanna get out on my own, I’ve been looking at a few jobs either in Alaska as a fisherman or a Bouncer at a club, I also looked at going to Beijing China as a representative from L9” after being asked what his plans are after graduation.

For the majority of students heading to college, there are some major life changes coming their way like Carson Rasmussen who is heading to Utah State in the fall and said “I’m really excited to start my collegiate career in the fall of 2022 at Utah State University” when asked about his thoughts about going to college.

Another large part of the student population coming from the LDS church set up plans to leave on missions. They often receive calls in the summer after graduation but some even receive their calls before they graduate as some have down now.

Regardless of what students choose to do after High school graduation is a big milestone in life and should be celebrated by everyone. Graduation can be a stressful time for students that aren’t entirely sure what their next step is but all you can do is take it one thing at a time and be proud that you even graduated.

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True humility

Terrible, traumatic, horrific and petrified are just a couple words to describe the feeling, but there is a moment of true humility and embarrassment that only a select few have to experience. The ruckus of a thunderous stomach growl in the middle of class.

“Picture this” says Macie Chamberlain, ” Your sitting in the middle of class and all the sudden you feel your stomach get shoved up your esophagus. You grasp the sides of your desk, praying, that within the next few moments your fellow peers wont hear the whale calling noise ascend from your abdomen.”

Sarah Quillen a senior at Davis High school experienced an alarming grumble not that long ago. Quillen describes the story of her traumatic experience and puts it into perspective. “I was innocently sitting in my math lab, It was so quiet you could hear a pencil drop. I had just eaten lunch so I was feeling really good and ready to tackle some math equations, Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, my stomach made the sound of an aggressive chainsaw that would wake up the neighbors on a crisp Saturday morning. I was absolutely appalled and wanted to jump off a cliff in that very moment.”

After doing some research, We found out what some of Quillen’s class mates had to say about her stomach putting on a show.  Rhett Rice, who happens to sit directly to the left of Quillen’s seat said ” She was probably really hungry.” Sitting directly in front of Quillen was Zoe Weaver, she said “I was so alarmed when I heard an uprising commotion come from the back of the room”

Chamberlain and Quillen are not the only ones to experience wildly untamed stomachs. Brook Higley tells us about her story ” I was in fourth grade, sitting in class, my stomach roared and my best friend who was sitting across the room heard it her head up so fast and made eye contact with me, I was so tragically embarrassed.”

Our stomachs seem to get the best of us on our worst days. But us elite people with stomach issues will conquer these trials together. We can embrace the beautiful ballads our stomachs want to sing to us, even if it is in the middle of a silent room.

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The ways music affects the brain

Music can improve mood, reduce pain and anxiety, and provide opportunities for emotional expression.

Research suggests that music can benefit our physical and mental health in many ways. Music therapy is used by Hospice and Palliative Care Council certified music therapist to enhance conventional treatment for a variety of diseases and disease processes, from anxiety, depression and stress to pain management and improved functioning after degenerative neurological disorders.

1. It’s healthy for your heart.

Research has shown that your blood flows more easily when liked music is played. It can also reduce your personal heart rate, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.

2. It elevates mood.

Music can boost the brain’s production of the hormone, dopamine. This increased dopamine production helps relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Music is processed directly by the amygdala, which is the part of the brain involved in mood and emotions.

3. It reduces stress.

Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers inside the brain, which changes moods across the bored.

4. It relieves symptoms of depression.

When you’re not feeling the best, depressed but not diagnosed to say the least, music can help pick you up, much like exercise can.

5. It stimulates memories.

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia but music therapy has been shown to relieve some of its symptoms. Music therapy can relax an agitated patient, improve the mood and open communication in patients.  Plus, even as an average person, music can bring back happy memories and make a bit of momentary bliss.

6. It manages pain.

By reducing stress levels and providing a strong fighting stimulus to the pain signals that enter the brain, music therapy can assist in pain management.  With a mix of distracting and also slowing the pain with also the hormones caused by the music.

7. It increases workout endurance.

Listening to those top workout tracks or music that personally pumps you up can boost physical performance and increase endurance during a tough exercise session.

“If I didn’t have music I don’t know how I would cope. it’s the only thing that can calm me down when I’m having a rough time and it’s just very comforting in general. it’s an escape that nothing else can give you, and I personally don’t know where I would be without it” said Miriam Kendell.

“Music helps me to either elevate my positive emotions or help me process and understand the bad ones. Having a soundtrack playing in the back of my day to day life makes living more enjoyable by a significant margin.” said Hallie Kinsley.

“Music is something I can always fall back on when no one else is around, like in the late hours of the night.  It’s always there, it’s nice and comforting.” Said Grace Mayer.

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Rising prices bankrupt Davis students

After record gas and food prices continue to rise Davis students are starting to feel the squeeze of inflation. 

With the recent war in Ukraine and continued economic strife ever since Bidens inauguration last year inflation has hit its highest point since the early 1980’s, skyrocketing prices on food, gas, and other essentials. 

This has many negative consequences for students at Davis who do not have very high paying jobs or enough hours in the day to work full time putting a strain on them to continue to buy gas, food, and other items and putting more strain on families in the area. 

“It cost my family a lot more money to buy food and gas” one student said when asked how it had affected him personally. 

There are many different reasons for the economic conditions just described the recent war in Ukraine, along with a protesting trucker convoy, labor shortages, supply chain issues, money printing, foreign import of oil, and other causes all lead to the worsening economic condition we see today. 

In response to why he thought economic conditions continued to worsen an anonymous Davis student said “well there is the war in Ukraine, the trucker convoy, which is a good thing by the way, and of course the labor shortage” 

For these reasons and more Davis students are finding it harder to afford what they used to with gas prices in stores going back up again even after the release of 60 million barrels from the federal reserve. 

This begs the question what is the solution to the economic crisis we are now facing? 

The same student responded to the question by saying “people need to get off welfare and get a job” and further proposed to “86 46” 

While its unknown whether these or other solutions will bring an end to the economic crisis one things remains certain prices will continue to rise. 

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Films Studies with Mr. Wright

Films Studies is a class that is offered to every student at Davis High. It is taught by Mr. Wright. In this class students are taught what goes on in order to make a film. You will watch movies after a brief overview of the film, then have a class discussion, and learn to appreciate the art of film.

This class allows you to see movies that you might not otherwise watch. They start off with movies that impacted the film industry in monumental ways. For example the movie Citizen Cane produced in 1941 by Orson Welles. Movies like these used techniques we see in film today. After watching this movie students discussed what they saw and noticed about the movie.

“The Cinematography was groundbreaking for the time and it was one of the first sound pictures.” explained Max Cheney a senior at Davis High.

Another Genre covered in the class is documentaries. movies like Free Solo, and My Teacher Octopus. These movies depict real life events and challenges people face. For example in Free Solo, Alex Honnold faces a life threatening climb up the 3,000ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. He did this climb with no equipment. The ways they depict real fear in this documentary was unreal.

Currently the class is focusing on pop culture films such as, Back To The Future. This is a classic film and had to be shown to students who have never seen it because it is so good. The students in this class say this is the best class Davis High has to offer. Students say all kids who come to Davis should take this class.

“I love film studies because I’m able to appreciate and have meaningful conversations about great films and what makes them great.” said Malachi Mann, a senior at Davis High.

The teacher is also loved by every student. He is a film enthusiast who loves to teach students about the art of film. He makes sure every movie is appreciated, and recognizes the beauty behind it. Make sure to consider this class if you haven’t already taken it, and are interested in film.

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How you can support Ukraine

            Americans, in general, have chosen to “stand with Ukraine”. Most anyone with social media has seen people post show support with performative posts with a blue and yellow theme, or post headlines and videos that may not be credible.

            Amidst the confusion, misinformation and action that ends with an Instagram story, many people are left wondering what they can do to make a difference.

            Below are links to donation pages and a guide to checking the reliability of your sources.

Where to donate:

How to avoid misinformation:

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What’s with the vinyl record resurgence?

Way before the days of Spotify, streaming services, even CDs and cassettes.  There were vinyl records, and in recent years they have been the highest selling physical music media.

In the 70’s vinyl records sold on average 530 records world wide per year, and accounted for 66% of physical music sales.

But as new, easier, and smaller formats emerged.  Vinyl sales dropped in the early 90’s to less than 10 million units sold a year.

“It’s interesting to watch so many things come back into style (even when those things are far less convenient than modern alternatives) makes me wonder what things from our generation might cycle through in the future.” said Grace Mayor

Fueled by millennials and the older half of Generation Z.  The vinyl boom is now in full force.  In 2019, 18 million sold, in 2020, 27.5 million sold, and in 2021, 42 million sold.

What’s not even counted in these numbers though is the amount of used records sold.  On websites like on Discogs (9 million active listings, and sold 12 Million records in 2020) and eBay (which has 3 million active vinyl listings). Then we cant forgot the nearly two thousand record stores in the US and the thousands of record label/band websites.

“I’m not really into it but I’ve got a few friends who. are into it and I think its super cool.  I may get into it eventually but I just think its cool” said Nick Arancibia .

The vinyl boom slowly started with the indie labels who made limited run records for indie, screamo, hardcore, emo, and other genres in that similar sense.

From there it slowly started to spread to bigger and bigger bands, and loyal fans will buy anything, and then from there people start to realize that they actually start to like it, and slowly start to expand their collection.

“I own a few and I just occasionally use them because it makes me happy to see them spin, I’ll probably start buying more in the future.” said Taya Wescott

2020 was the very first year since CDs came out that vinyl has finally outsold the compact disc.

The vinyl boom has made it hard on labels to actually press and make vinyl in the past few years. 3 years ago vinyl records had an on average 2-3 month turn around time, but now to make this odd pieces of plastic takes 6-12 months.

Vinyl records will never surpass streaming services, but it will be here to stay for awhile.

And always remember, the plural of vinyl is vinyl, not vinyls.

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Does dating in high school actually work out?

Does dating at dateless Davis actually work out and last? Two Davis High alumni couples confirm it is not a hopeless dream to marry your high school sweetheart.

Payton Kauffold and Shay Monson graduated in 2020 and are engaged to get married this summer. Brett and Kimber Jones graduated in 1997 and got married in 2001. They have 4 kids, two of which are attending Davis high themselves this year.

Both couples started dating in junior year and knew each other from being in the same friend groups. Kimber stated, “because we were in the same friend group all of our friends were very invested in our relationship.”

Both Kimber and Brett’s parents were high school sweethearts, and even Kimber’s grandparents. Because of this they completely supported their relationship throughout. Kimber laughed when she noted, “I think they were just excited I had a boyfriend.”

“They were very supportive; they could tell that my relationship made me happy, so they had no problems with it” Payton explained about his family’s feelings. Payton’s little brother, Preston, confirmed saying, “of course we love Shay.”

The culture of Davis high did not impact either couple as much as their religious values did. Kimber confessed her seminary teacher once told her to break up with Brett to be an example. Obviously, she didn’t but it worked out in the end for her relationship. Unfortunately, the teacher passed away before he could see the happy couple married.

Most of the pressure to branch out and date others only came around when it came to dances. Payton expressed, “there was some pressure from people when it came to dances, but it was very minimal.”

Kimber and Brett conveyed how fun it was to date at Davis. Payton agreed with them but he also stressed that it was okay not to marry your high school sweetheart and have everything in your life planned out in high school.

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Rob Dyrdek’s rise to extreme financial wealth

Rob Dyrdek was a professional skater who later became an MTV superstar. His show Ridiculousness covers 60% of the billion-dollar network. Ridiculousness often is the only show MTV airs for days without breaks. 

Rob didn’t just get multiple shows aired on MTV by luck. The talented skateboarder transitioned into the television scene through multiple business deals and sponsorships. He has proven himself to be an extremely talented businessman. 

At the end of the 11th grade, rob took a leap of faith and dropped out of high school, missing out on his senior year. He moved to California then being the skating mecca of the United States. 

His first sponsorship deal was with a new and local brand called alien workshop. He wore the brand while skating in California to represent the company. At the time his focus was on becoming a professional skateboarder. He showcased his skills at a plethora of competitions to try and get his name on the map. 

One of his earliest and most successful sponsorship deals was with the skate brand DC. At the time the company was called Droors clothing. Rob designed shoes for them to try and provide a comfortable shoe for skaters to wear. Back then most skate shoes were flat footed and uncomfortable.  

His first shoe that was released for DC was called the Dyrdek 1. After the success of his first shoe, he designed many others for DC and made a lot of money. He was only 21 years old with a yearly salary of around three hundred thousand dollars. 

Considering he had plenty of money at the time, he decided to expand from his focus on skating and create a bunch of different types of business. Some being more successful than others.  

After a resurgence in his skating career, he decided to change his image. He realized that to gain more attention to himself he had to dress and act more like a rapper rather than a skater.  

DC was looking to release their first skate film and they invited Rob to be in it. He knew he wasn’t going to be the most talented skater showcased, so he drew awareness in other ways. He made skits involving his newly hired security guard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin protecting him from other security guards.  

Him and Big Black hit it off after that and decided to film a bunch of skits together. They became best friends. They got a show on MTV together called Rob & Big that showcased the unlikely friendship. The show was hilarious and successful.  

Rob continued his success on MTV through his next show fantasy factory, along with his most prolific creation Ridiculousness. Speculation has risen that through his extensive business ventures and profit from his tv series that Rob Dyrdek might be the first skateboarding billionaire.

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Why the school should unblock anime websites

  School can sometimes be hard and boring. The school’s environment is very hostile to fun. Teachers always tell me to put my phone away in class. 

 Poor students cannot even watch anime on their school laptop because all the anime websites are blocked. While it is true that some of those websites are not good, not all of them should be blocked. 

 Crunchyroll and Funimation should be unblocked, both websites are safe reputable websites that will not cause harm. Watching anime can be a coping mechanism to deal with stress. 

 Today’s society is fast paced, and people have many responsibilities. For example, a high school student at Davis High School must manage, of course, the schoolwork and a job as well as friends and relationships. 

A student from Davis High School was asked “Do you think anime should be unblocked from school?” He responded with “Sure.” As you can see it is unpopular for anime websites to be blocked. 

 The student quoted had great belief that school should not block anime. 

 We live in a society that is far from the simple days of living in the woods, hunting the game, and being done for the day. Far too many stresses with money determine your freedom. 

  Stress also has many negative health consequences. Stress can increase blood pressure, chest pain, weakened immune system and many more problems. 

Another student was asked “What do you like to do in your free time?” They responded with “I watch anime.” Anime is an activity that people do in their free time to relieve stress. 

 We can improve the health of the student body by unblocking anime websites from the school. The overall atmosphere of the school would improve as people would be less stressed. 

 Unblocking anime would result in more cultural diversity in the school. Davis High school is a place that is accepting of ideas and beliefs. 

As a student at Davis High school, it is my duty to promote diversity by advocating for anime websites to be unblocked from the school internet. The Davis school district has been on the front lines fighting against racism 

 By unblocking anime, it will help alleviate the problem. We would be more accepting of Japanese culture by doing so. 

 What do people do when they are stressed? They have coping mechanisms. Without anime being allowed at schools, some people may turn to more dangerous methods of coping. 

Another student from Davis High said “Anime should be unblocked, it would make school a better place” who currently attends Davis High School. 

 Some people might do drugs, gambling, overeating, and drinking alcohol. One of these problems can lead to other problems and cause a chain reaction of dreadful things occurring. 

 A much better way of dealing with stress would be watching anime in school. This cannot happen out the school, allowing anime websites in school. 

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True humility

Terrible, traumatic, horrific and petrified are just a couple words to describe the feeling, but there is a moment of true humility and embarrassment that only a select few have to experience. The ruckus of a thunderous stomach growl in the middle of class.

“Picture this” says Macie Chamberlain, ” Your sitting in the middle of class and all the sudden you feel your stomach get shoved up your esophagus. You grasp the sides of your desk, praying, that within the next few moments your fellow peers wont hear the whale calling noise ascend from your abdomen.”

Sarah Quillen a senior at Davis High school experienced an alarming grumble not that long ago. Quillen describes the story of her traumatic experience and puts it into perspective. “I was innocently sitting in my math lab, It was so quiet you could hear a pencil drop. I had just eaten lunch so I was feeling really good and ready to tackle some math equations, Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, my stomach made the sound of an aggressive chainsaw that would wake up the neighbors on a crisp Saturday morning. I was absolutely appalled and wanted to jump off a cliff in that very moment.”

After doing some research, We found out what some of Quillen’s class mates had to say about her stomach putting on a show.  Rhett Rice, who happens to sit directly to the left of Quillen’s seat said ” She was probably really hungry.” Sitting directly in front of Quillen was Zoe Weaver, she said “I was so alarmed when I heard an uprising commotion come from the back of the room”

Chamberlain and Quillen are not the only ones to experience wildly untamed stomachs. Brook Higley tells us about her story ” I was in fourth grade, sitting in class, my stomach roared and my best friend who was sitting across the room heard it her head up so fast and made eye contact with me, I was so tragically embarrassed.”

Our stomachs seem to get the best of us on our worst days. But us elite people with stomach issues will conquer these trials together. We can embrace the beautiful ballads our stomachs want to sing to us, even if it is in the middle of a silent room.

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