Can climate change be fixed?

In modern-day people are richer, healthier, smarter, and live longer, almost everything is better for the average person. But there’s one glaring problem in the way of all of this and its climate change. 

And on the surface, it seems so easy to just fix everything, just stop pollution, right? Well, if you take a second look at everything it gets complicated to just stop pollution. 

Public opinion and facts get skewed a bit like people make a big effort on a coal plant, gas cars, and cows so it often seems easy to fix with solar panels, electric cars, and plant meat but it’s more complicated than that. 

Because modern-day infostructure is horrible for the environment and has been an issue during the industrial revolution over 150 years ago and an effective way to think about pollution is that the easier people’s lives are the worse it is for the environment. 

Like cars, houses, roads, energy, and many more contribute to climate change but some big polluters have rarely spoken of like landfills pollute as much as all airplanes, and people’s homes pollute almost twice as much as all cars. 

And electric cars aren’t an answer to climate change because a new car is being built, and 2 meters of road pollute the same so if roads are built the same way it’s not going to change much because fixing one thing reveals more issues around it. 

“It’s not that the world hasn’t had more carbon dioxide, it’s not that the world hasn’t been warmer. The problem is the speed at which things are changing. We are inducing a sixth mass extinction event kind of by accident, and we don’t want to be extinct.’” said Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

But just because a solution exists doesn’t mean it’s going to happen because there’s a divide between rich and poor. After all, the richer somebody is the more co2 they emit, and getting to the middle class requires polluting. 

It’s hard to say a developing country needs to switch to solar power and stop cutting down trees when they are barely surviving and need cheap materials to financially improve this means they need to pollute. 

Look at concrete it contributes 8% of all global emissions so stop using concrete right? Well, it’s not so simple because it’s a cheap easy material for buildings and roads in developing countries. 

And in principle, all of this can be overcome but not right now especially with food because almost half of the population can barely afford to eat and rice alone emits 1.3% of global emissions. 

And the foods people like the most also pollute the most with around 40% of habitable land being dedicated to food production and plant meats have gotten better but it’s not close enough to make a dent. 

But there are solutions right now that could almost completely stop climate change called direct air capture. This takes the emissions condenses them and stores them underground or transformed into products. seems great solution solved right? 

No, because they are expensive, and it would cost 10 trillion dollars (about $31,000 per person in the US) a year to put them into every industry that pollutes 10 trillion dollars, which is half of the USA GDP every year and nobody currently has that money. 

And this will be necessary for the future because even if nobody ever polluted again it would take over 400 years for the earth to mostly recovering and over 10000 years to make a complete recovery. 

And in this discussion, there’s a lot of individual blame saying if everybody cut back a bit everything would be solved this is far from the truth. 

 because let’s say you get an Electric car, an electric stove, double glaze your windows, stop eating meat, get solar panels, never go on vacation, and never use plastic well if one person did this how efficient will it be? 

But just having done a global experiment with covid where most shopped less, drove, less, and polluted less there was an 8% difference from prior years which is good, but the scale is too massive. 

Because if one person stopped all their emissions for their whole life, they would save about 1 second globally but most have already polluted a lot, so this is an unreachable goal. 

“I’ve starred in a lot of science fiction movies and, let me tell you something, climate change is not science fiction. This is a battle in the real world, it is impacting us right now,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger an Actor & Former Governor of California.

it might be too late, the plant could be in a state that no solution can solve but this is where everybody needs to stand together and fight for change and take out the big polluters. 

And the average person can do two things vote for people dedicated to stopping climate change and invest in companies trying to make a difference and that’s just about the best you can do. 

So, no climate change cannot be changed right now but hopefully, in the future, it will be if engineers, scientists, and governments work together, maybe the world can solve this issue. 

“One thing leads to the other. Deforestation leads to climate change, which leads to ecosystem losses, which negatively impacts our livelihoods – it’s a vicious cycle,” said Gisele Bundchen a Supermodel & UN Goodwill Ambassador.

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The Artists’ wives

  The art world has a record of forgetting the artists’ wives. Throughout history male artists get inspiration from their artist wives but the women get little to no recognition.  

   Lee Krasner falls under this category. She is known for her abstract painting and collage designs. Krasner was a part of the New York abstract expressionists. Krasner helped Jackson Pollock with his career and his style.  

  The Museum of modern art reported on Krasner’s life, “Krasner introduced Pollock to many artists and gallerists, including Willem de Kooning, Hans Hoffman, and Sidney Janis, and most importantly to the art critic Clement Greenberg, who became a champion of Pollock’s work.” 

  She was vital to Pollocks work, yet she is not as much of an art figure as Pollock and is often forgotten. 

  Jo Hopper is an American surrealist that is seen in many of her husband’s work. Jo was often a muse and model for Edward Hopper. She is seen in some of his most famous works like nighthawks or woman in the sun.  

  Before Edward she was well established as an artist. According to the Guardian “When she married Edward Hopper, Josephine Nivison was 41, and had been painting successfully for 16 years. Her work had been shown alongside that of Modigliani and Picasso, Maurice Prendergast and Man Ray.” 

  Now her husband is ‘famous’ artist while she is in his shadow of artwork.  

  She also helped influence Edwards’s work, yet she is not as much of an art household name. Even now she is still often referred to as Edwards’s muse instead of a creative mind herself.  

  Lee Miller is yet another muse. Her boyfriend Man Ray was a famous photographer while Lee Miller was a model for vogue. However, she started to move towards the arts.  

  She became a photographer and painter. Most of her most recognizable works were at the frontlines of World War II.  

  During her time in the war, she documented everything she saw. That included concentration camps, soldiers, and broken cities.  

  After seeing the concentration camps Miller was mad and broke into Hitler’s apartment to seek her revenge. Her son reported to the Telegraph that “I think she was sticking two fingers up at Hitler. On the floor are her boots, covered with the filth of Dachau, which she has trodden all over Hitler’s bathroom floor. She is saying she is the victor.”  

   All these women did powerful things and had hardships of their own however they are often brushed off, overlooked, and underrated.  

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Hamlet can teach high schoolers to stop procrastinating

Many high schoolers struggle with a serious illness called chronic procrastination. Students don’t have any motivation to get their work done and lack the capacity to act against their missing work. Procrastinating may seem like a modern issue, but the tragic hero Hamlet also struggled with this affliction. 

 Shakespeare’s play Hamlet shows that balancing thoughts and actions determines our level of success. For example, the characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern showcase how not thinking for yourself can be fatal. Many can argue that they didn’t have any thoughts of their own, and didn’t stand up for what they believed in. Instead, they ignored their good friend Hamlet and obeyed the king’s every command. 

 “Ay, sir, that soaks up the king’s countenance, his rewards, his authorities. But such officers do the king best service in the end he keeps them like an apple in the corner of his jaw, first mouthed to be last swallowed. When he needs what you have gleaned, it is but squeezing you and, sponge, you shall be dry again.” as Hamlet states in act 4 scene 2, he proves a point by likening them to a sponge, because they are just soaking up whatever Claudius says to them, and they weren’t trying to form their own opinions. 

 Hamlet says that the king is just using them and doesn’t care about their well-being. Hamlet ends up being correct when both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern wind up being killed in England after following one of Claudius’s orders. 

Claudius is an example of a different type of thinking, Claudius struggles with overthinking after he has already acted. Claudius plotted to kill his brother and take his place as king. After being successful he takes his ex-sister-in-law as his wife.  Claudius however struggles with feel guilty after the fact and wishes he could have everything his brother had without killing him. Hamlet act 3 scene three Claudius states 

 “though inclination be as sharp as will. My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent, and like a man to double business bond, I stand in pause where I shall first begin, and both neglect.”  

Claudius talks about his guilt and how he regrets killing his brother. Although Claudius thought out his plan greatly after he took action, he ended up regretting what he did. Balancing his thoughts may have led him to the fact that killing his brother would make him feel bad before he murdered his brother.  

Lastly, Hamlet shows us that thinking too much without acting can be just as fatal as any other mortal flaw. Hamlet throughout the play spends his time plotting and thinking of how he will revenge his dead father. However, he ends up dying because he waited too long to do anything. If Hamlet had acted sooner, he may have been able to survive. 

 Shakespeare showcases this often throughout the writing of Hamlet, by having the character second guess himself. For example, in act 3 scene 3 Hamlet states the following, “Now might I do it pat, now ‘a is a-praying, and now I’ll do’t–and so ‘a goes to heaven, and so am I revenged…No. Up, sword, and know thou a more horrid hent.” 

 Hamlet plans to kill Claudius while he is praying but decides not to because he doesn’t want him to go to heaven. Instead, Hamlet decides to wait until Claudius is doing something sinful. The irony is that Hamlet knows Claudius is a murderer and so it shouldn’t matter how he dies, he will end up in hell no matter what. Hamlet eventually gets his revenge on Claudius but pays with the price of his and his mother’s lives.  

Hamlet’s characters show us how we think can be detrimental to our lives. If we spend all our time just thinking and never acting like Hamlet, we will never get what we want. And if we just do things to please others like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern we are ignoring our own needs. And if we are like Claudius and too quick to act then we may regret our past. 

 Procrastinating is just another version of balancing our thoughts and action. Taking more control of our lives and acting when we see fit may change the outcome of how we live. Like Shakespeare shows, Fortinbras took his life in his own hands and fought for what he wanted and ended up being the only successful character in the tragedy of Hamlet. 


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Public education and self harm

On average 640 Utahns die from suicide a year, as a result Utah is in the top 10 states for highest suicide rates in the country. According to research done back in 2020 suicide is the second leading cause of death in Utah.

According to Michael Stanley, a suicide prevention research coordinator for UDOH, there are about 50-70 deaths by suicide a month. This data is consistent with numbers going back to 2015. Since the pandemic started the suicide rates have stayed high, but they haven’t increased.

In Utah, for people ages 10-17 the number one cause of death is suicide. We have seen this tragedy happen very recently with 10-year-old Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor. Izzy had autism and she was African American, both these things led her to be bullied at school, the bullying became so much for Izzy that she took her own life because of it.

The Utah Department of Health stated that youth suicide rates have tripled over the last decade. There are many reasons these teens are committing suicide: bullying, discrimination, and social media; these are just some of the many reasons behind these acts of desperation.

Schools need to prioritize  the bullying that has happened in schools, especially in the Davis District. Davis School District is under investigation for the harassment of students of color. People who commit suicide do it as a last resort, they have gone through so much and have no way to help themselves.

Suicide rates are not only a problem in Utah, it’s a problem all over the U.S. but that doesn’t change the fact that Utah has one of the highest suicide rates. This might have something to do with the culture and the way people are treated based on their race, gender, and sexuality, but something that is for sure is there has to be some way to fix this problem.

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Why are social security cards horrible?

Well, Americans love their freedoms the slogan is, land of the free and home of the brave and even though Americans are nether it is a good slogan overall Americans like being able to do whatever they want. 

It comes from the pioneers who came here to live outside the government which sounds good except for all the government so because of the “Freedom “America docent have a national id card. 

But suspiciously almost every US citizen does have a social security card that many places ask for to prove who you are, and it is an id in the worst way possible because it was never designed to do that. 

This is an issue because this is the key to letting the government know that you are you and losing it is the worst kind of identity theft that can happen, but why is it so bad at being an id well? 

There is no picture, no description no biometrics there is nothing that makes it personal to you because this was all made back in the great depression when they introduced the social security administration or SSA for short. 

It was a mandatory tax that would save money that you can use when you turn 65 or retire with the purpose being that if in the past you did not save any money future you can still live off the money you paid into it. 

So, it was made to track how much you put into your social account and since it was only work-related there was no point in giving one to a kid but everyone alive in America has had one since birth but why? 


Well because America has no national id cards it is extremely hard for government institutions to keep track of people over time and with hundreds of millions of citizens that is hard to do you could try something else, but the social number was the easiest. 

So, the tax department started to use the social number to make tracking taxes easier and make kids get them so parents can get a tax discount that was based on the honor system which had to change fast. 

And this made it easy for the whole government to use the social number to track people without making their system and to Exchange information between institutions about people. 

And Americans not wanting a national id card the movement made the next best thing, but it ended up being worse because the card was never meant to be used in this way and it is easy to tell because there is no security built into it. 

The reason most national id works is because it has many little tricks to secure itself. The most common is to have the last two digits add up to the sum of the number so 8002295618041 is valid but if one number switches it’s invalid. 

This is because every number before the last two digits add up to the last two digits so 8+0+0+2+2+9+5+6+1+8+0=41 and this is an easy security measure to use but the social security card does not have this. 

And every card does this so nobody can just guess it at random, try pushing random numbers into amazon and try to buy something you need the number, zip, cv2, and expiration date try and guess all of this if one number is off it will not work at all. 

“the social security card is the worse case of financial protection this world has ever seen,” said F.D.R he also said ” American citizens should not be viewed as numbers we need a better system”

But a social card has none of this in fact if you were born before 2011 it is extremely easy to just guess one because the first three numbers are what state it was applied for and the last for just goes up in order same with the middle two. 

So, take your number, subtract, or add one and that is a valid number of somebody your age born around the same time and a fraudster that knows where you were born and what time can guess 5 of the 4 numbers. 

The physical card is horrible too for reasons stated earlier this means it has less security than a library card and is vastly more important, so it fails and being a secure number and being a good id but at least it’s universal right? 

Wrong not everybody has a social security card you do not have to have one if you are a part of a religion that does not agree with social security and has had to be around since 1950 so if you are not Amish, you cannot get out.

“You don’t have a soul; you are your own soul. In other words, you are not this book, your social security card, your body, or your mind. You are you.” said L. Ron Hubbard.

So, the most important number you have is not secure inset practical easy to steal and it fails at everything it does today and with computers, you can sleep safe knowing any computer can figure out your number in a couple of hours at max.

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A painter and her story, Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous female painters and Latin painters. Many people know her work, or of her work.  

  Kahlo is famously known for representing Mexican culture and having pride in it. She wore traditional Mexican dresses with a mix of contemporary style. 

Part of what makes her work so interesting is her life; she had a lot of pain and tribulation. When she was young, she contracted polio, which left her with a limp.  

At the age of 18 she got in a bus crash, leaving her with chronic pain, multiple surgeries, and left her infertile. All of these things left her with lifelong affliction which was shown in all her work.  

  Later in life she had a more than complicated relationship with another artist, Diego Rivera. The on and off relationship left her with many emotions; good and bad.  

  Recently one of her paintings was sold at an auction for $34.9 million. According to New York Times it is now “the most expensive artwork by a Latin American artist.” 

  The piece is called “Diego and I.” The self-portrait was painted a few years before her death. It depicts the anguish she went through after Diego cheated on her and almost divorced her.  

  New York times also reported that “Kahlo surpassed a benchmark set by Rivera in 2018, when one of his paintings sold at auction for $9.76 million- or the equivalent of $10.75 million today, accounting for inflation.” 

  Anna Di Stasi, The Director of Latin American art at the auction house said “You could call tonight’s result the ultimate revenge, but in fact it is the ultimate validation of Kahlo’s extraordinary talent and global appeal.” in a press conference after the auction.  

  Frida Kahlo is an innovative and groundbreaking that set the stage for Latin art and women in the industry and this auction proves that.  

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The mind palace of a creative writer

Creative writers are some of the most interesting people on the planet. They think of things that the average person might not. They think of stories and situations that most people wouldn’t think of ever happening.  

An example is the thimble radios from Fahrenheit 451 headphones where already a thing but were big and ugly. Soon after the book in 2000 the “sea shell shaped” headphones were created and are now a part of our everyday lives.  

Writers have invented things that have never existed or possibly could never exist. Creative writers’ imaginations can be both frightening and entertaining. To explore one’s mind is reaching dangerously new territories.  

“Since I was young, I always wanted to make up stories. I’ve always been into fandoms and shows and writing about it makes me happy. To write about new ideas and to write about my own characters is very fulfilling,” says Hero Hampton, a creative writer.  

Many writers start at a young age with a very powerful imagination and it continues to grow within them. It is possible as child, they needed a way to free their creative minds and writing helped them explain their creative thoughts.  

“A writer’s mind works by someone wanting to explain something that isn’t there and can’t explain in person so they use writing to describe what doesn’t exist. And in this way, they are very intelligent in this sense they are able to explain something that most people can’t. Some of them are very harsh on themselves but that’s just the mind of a writer,” explains Daniel Smalley. 

Trying to explain a story that just popped into someone’s head one day is difficult. Writers have figured out how to put these random thoughts into words and make a whole new world out of the idea. Many don’t even know where the ideas come from.  

“Sometimes it’s from dreams or just wanting to make a person that has a skill or a super power I want. Pictures generate ideas,” reported Torryn Mecham.  

Knowing where the thoughts come from lets the writer mix ideas with reality. Writers have formed many ideas and have helped build today’s society. Writers give ideas to others which make people want things  

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DogTV, A TV channel for dogs.

Starting next Monday, DogTV will begin airing in the UK. 

Starting this coming Monday, man’s best friend will no longer have to watch stupid human tv shows, and more tv curated to them. 

“DogTV has been created by following studies of dog’s psychological and physiological needs, responses, moods, to help them feel stimulated and relaxed when owners are not around”, said the producers of the upcoming channel. 

After a long three years of research, and lots of tested programming aiming to help dogs with separation anxiety, loneliness, and stress, the channel will also help dog owners better understand and look after their own pets. 

Dog owners are constantly rising in the past to teenagers moving out and the COVID lockdowns and quarantines, it’s a good time to help all of the new dog owners help their newfound friends, especially with life starting to adjust back to normal and dogs being scared of being left alone for the first time. 

Colors, audio frequencies, and camera alignment have all been adapted to help dogs with their senses to cater it the best it can be done. 

Professor Nicholas Dodman, chief scientist for DogTV said, “DogTV is an excellent resource for dog owners to help alleviate some of the behavioural problems that can arise when dogs are left alone.” 

“With numbers of dog owners rising of the pandemic, owners now returning to work, DogTV helps canines to feel relaxed and comforted until their owners return home.”, said Dodman. 

The channel, which has already aired in other countries, will also have shown specific to dog owners, including shows by the famous dog trainer Laura Nativo, who will be providing tips on how to live a better home life with a pet and how to make their life better, as well as other shows that provide information on simple recipes for dogs. 

According to DogTV, one in every six dogs suffer and have separation anxiety.  Symptoms of separation anxiety include excessive and stressed barking, refusing to eat, trying to escape, and destructive behavior when separated. 

British animal trainer, Victoria Stillwell said, “People think that DogTV is bit of a weird concept at first, but when I tell them the amount of research that has gone into this, that this TV channel can help their dog while home alone, improve their lives considerably and help with different stresses and axieties, they get it.” 

This new service will be available on an assortment of smart Tv’s, Android, Apple devices, and as well as online. 

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NFL and Taunting Penalties

In the American National Football League, a player can receive a penalty for taunting if players engage in, “The use of baiting or taunting acts or words that engender ill will between teams” according to NBC sports. 

This penalty is worth a 15-yard loss on offense or an offensive 15-yard gain if the flag is thrown on the defense. NFL players this season are becoming increasingly frustrated at how often this call is made in the game. 

In a recent Chicago Bears versus Pittsburg Steelers matchup, in what’ve possibly been a game ending sack by Bears defensive end Cassius Marsh, turned into a first down and more for the Steelers offense. 

The penalty was thrown after the sack when marsh spiraled into a karate kick and took multiple steps towards the steelers bench, staring them down in the process. “I saw the player, after he made a big play, run toward the bench area of the Pittsburgh Steelers and posture in such a way that I felt he was taunting them.” Referee Tony Corrente described the play. 

Marsh in an emotional interview completely disagreed with the call and shared his thoughts. “I think it was pretty clear to everyone who saw it that I wasn’t taunting. On my way to the sideline I got hip checked by the ref and it’s pretty clear.” Marsh said. 

Many NFL players and fans believe that the taunting call is taking away from the intensity and competitiveness of the game. Like the play with Marsh, it takes it an exciting moment for fans and turns it into a disappointing experience.  

Penalties this ridiculous take me right out of it and make me question why the hell I even bother watching.” An NFL fan says on reddit. 

In defense of the NFL, it is understandable that they are enforcing the taunting call for the safety of the fans and players. It does a great job at keeping everyone at the game tame and calm. If a fan sees that fighting and taunting is permitted on the field, why wouldn’t it be allowed in the stands? 

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The Artist that destroys his work

 The famous artist Banksy is known for his graffiti work around the world. He travels to different cities spray painting his pieces and then leaving without his identity being known.  

Although the act itself is illegal, because Banksy is so popular and critically acclaimed, they tend to be protected by the city. Even Park City embraces their illegal Banksy work and protects it.  

  Although much of his work is graffiti, he also does paintings. His most famous painting was also one that he designed to be destroyed.  

 NPR reported on the stunt, “In 2018, the “Girl With Balloon” piece was sold at auction for $1.4 million dollars, but the work of art “self-destructed” the moment the deal was done.” 

  Banksy secretly installed a paper shredder that destroyed the piece in front of everyone’s eyes. Many speculated on the artists’ intended meaning. 

  According to the Smithsonian “The self-destructing “Girl with Balloon” is believed to be a comment on capitalism and the art market. However, if Banksy wanted to make a real statement, Smee points out, he would have totally destroyed the art.” 

   After the incident the piece was recently put up for auction this year. According to NPR “It’s expected to go for between $5 to $8 million.”  

  Earlier this year a group burned an actual Banksy on a live stream. Which was inspired by Banksys shredding incident.  

  According to BBC “We specifically chose a Banksy piece since he has previously shredded one of his own artworks at an auction.” 

 Banksy is arguably one of the most notable contemporary artists and much of his fame has come from illegal activities and the destruction of his own work.  

  No one knows where Banksy will go next or what kind of stunt he will pull. But either way the world is watching him.  

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New steps after the mastered steps

Many seniors have gotten used to their life at home and their school life over the past 12 years. Soon they will be going to college or going to live on their own in the “real world”.  

Many students aren’t prepared to go and live away from home and away from their loved ones. College students are put into the world seemingly with little preparation. They are also not prepared for the work that will be needed for college.   

“To me college means to grow, to learn beyond basic subjects of high school, to learn about subjects and to be challenged. It also means I can broaden my social circle. Graduating from college gives me more opportunities for my carrier path,” says Beatrice Martinez a graduated college student.  

Many people will argue whether or not college is worth all the financial pain and stress. However, it has been well established that a college degree can increase the chances of getting a job. Experience can help a person grow and learn in the real world.  

“I didn’t like that no one cared if you showed up or passed the class. But It’s your money and if you fail you waste everything. There is no outside accountability,” stated KayLyn Thompson.  

A fresh new adult going to college and living on their own can be very difficult for some. Giving them a free range to live on their own helps them figure out what to do and how they want to live. Many students are ready to become their own person. 

“I can do the basic skills like laundry and cook but being in college and learning things that are much harder I’m not prepared for that, and I don’t think I’m ready for an adult job yet,” said Ellie Davis a student preparing for college.  

Students are nervous to go out and being on their own. They want help before they go; this could be from parents or from school.  

“If we were given more classes on how to properly manage money, get good insurance, pay taxes or how to buy and take care of cars, we could do so much better in life,” stated Lili Larson another student ready to graduate.  

Students need these skills more than anything to survive. Giving students tips or classes for basic needs they will be more ready to go into college. 

“It depends on the students.  If students have skills such as scheduling, time management, completing assignments on time, and the willingness to try then they have some basic skills that will help them succeed in college.  But if they are not even willing to put in basic work to barely pass a class, they need to seriously consider their actions and they can change,” explains Ms. Jones a teacher at Davis High School.  

If a student works hard enough then they have a better chance of succeeding. All they need are good management skills and to be willing to work hard. There are many good perks to being in college.  

“The most beneficial thing about going to about going to college to learn. There is so much value in knowing that we have what it takes to manage difficult tasks, assignments, etc. and be able to solve problems our own way and to find solutions. A typical four-year degree may not be the best option for every student. If that is the case, I strongly recommend pursuing post-secondary vocational training of some kind,” says Ms. Chapmen another teacher from Davis high.   

Going to college is very difficult but it could help many people in the future. Being careful not to overspend or procrastinate and staying on top of homework, students will be successful. If possible, all students should at least consider going to college.  


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Mental Illness in School and How to Help

Schools were established long before things like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Bipolar, and a plethora of other mental disorders were even thought of. Of course, they’ve always been around, but a new wave of awareness started only years ago.

Schools are adapting to the idea of different learning styles, that different things work for different people. No two students are the same, and many, if not most, are still being taught in ways that don’t work well for them.

Ryan Honick says, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the ‘I never let my disability/pain/illness stop me’ is an ableist and harmful narrative. Sometimes chronic issues are debilitating and they do stop you. And you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about it.”

While many more common illnesses might not stop someone from succeeding, they still affect them in big ways. This article covers some of those ways.

School isn’t easy for anyone, but mental illness adds even more of a challenge. “[Anxiety] affects my focus because it affects what I’m thinking about in class. I’m panicking about panicking. It definitely affects the quality of my school work,” says Brayke Lindley, a Junior at Davis High School.

Hailey Heaps, also a DHS Junior, says, “Sometimes it’s like I’m not even there, my mind is just so focused on other things, so I can fall behind. It’s hard because it feels like I am just constantly playing catch up.”

With assignments and deadlines from so many classes, falling behind at some point or another is not uncommon. When you regularly miss anywhere from a few minutes to a few days due to mental difficulties, it’s almost impossible not to.

This leaves a big question. How do we change things? We can’t just snap our fingers and vanish the distractions from our brains. We can’t just stop giving assignments. Teachers can’t read their students’ minds, and students are often too nervous to ask for help.

There may be no instant fix, but there are still ways teachers and other students can assist each other. “It helps when people are patient with me. Sometimes I’ll be so focused on something else that it takes me a little longer to catch on to things.” – Heaps.

When a teacher gives a lecture and, upon finishing, a student asks about something they just covered, it is reasonably difficult not to get annoyed. There will always be the people who are only asking to poke fun and gain attention, or who aren’t listening because they don’t care, but chances are that they aren’t trying to be rude.

When a question is met with anger or frustration, it can result in guilt, embarrassment, and hurt. Comments like “just focus,”  or “just calm down,” don’t do anything, aside from adding frustration. Try to distance yourself from the situation and think about it from all sides. Annoyance may be a justifiable response, but it hardly helps.

A little patience can go a long way. If we can just take a deep breath and zoom out of our heads, we can make a big difference.

Remaining calm helps students with mental illnesses feel more safe in the classroom and more comfortable asking questions. Better understanding leads to a better education and a better learning environment.

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What is the debt limit?

You see the debt limit is just how much debt the US government is allowed to get into, it seems simple on the surface but gets deeper. Because the debt limit is the most dangerous political tool in the world. 

To understand the debt limit you need to know about American taxes as a whole and the way they spend those are decided by the president and congress and each has their specific jobs. 

The president’s job when it comes to money is to collect taxes and spend them on the government in whatever the country needs. But this does not mean he has full control over the money in the country. 

And congresses job is to set taxes and decide how much to spend and they order the president around like a puppet because they decide how much the president must spend that year no matter what. 

This happens because Congress makes the budget and decides what the country needs then they write the budget give it to the president and by law he must follow it and can’t save a dollar. 

But if more taxes come in than money spent everything should be fine, but congress intestinally puts more money in the budget than taxes collected which means the president must borrow the difference. 

 This scares many people like Mark Zandi who said this “We need to get rid of the debt ceiling law. It’s anachronistic and it’s a problem.” This isn’t a problem for any county but the USA. 

because if the congress in the Uk, for example, needs more money congress will fund it themselves but, in the USA, congress limits the about the president can borrow too which is what the debt limit is at its most basic level.

And it seems good until you see the real-world consequences of these two conflicting forces because as the president gets close to the debt limit congress acts shocked at the president’s reckless spending. 

And the president did indeed borrow that money but it’s because congress forced the president to so it’s a game of stop hitting yourself but more deadly for everybody watching. After all, it’s not about future spending. 

The limit is about paying bills they already have. So, if they’re at the debt limit the government would shut down because if they can’t spend money, they can’t do anything, and this is a global issue. 

As stated in this quote by Michele Bachmann “I think it’s important that people know what raising the debt ceiling is. It’s Congress giving permission to the federal government to borrow more money that we don’t have, and we borrow it to spend it.”  

Because the U.S. dollar is used globally, and many countries rely on it being stable but there is a way out because if approved Congress can raise the debt limit so that congress can force the president into more debt. 

But why do this? Well, leverage for congress the debt limit is amazing because it’s a problem they create, and they can just blame the president and the president can only solve the issue with congress. 

 And many are afraid of the future of the country if this is how the debt problem is solved. Like Bob Corker that said, “If it took multiple debt ceiling hikes, I’d rather achieve the savings.”   

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Malala announces her marriage

Malala Yousafzai, who at 17 is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate, became married in England on Tuesday, more than 9 years after she was shot in the head by Taliban as a teenager.

Ms. Yousafzai, 24, wedded Asser Malik, a director for the Pakistan Cricket Board, at a small Islamic ceremony referred to as a nikkah.

“Moment marks a precious day in my life,” she wrote. “Please send us your prayers. We are excited to walk together for the journey ahead.”

Ms. Yousafzai, an advocate for girls’ schooling, kept the info of her wedding day private. But she participated in pictures, such as her husband signing a marriage contract.

Mr. Malik is a director for Pakistan’s governing body for justice, in keeping with his LinkedIn. He graduated in 2012 from Pakistan’s Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Congratulatory dispatches on social media poured in from across the world. On Instagram, Greta Thunberg and Priyanka Chopra have been a few of the well- provision. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada stated on Twitter that he was hoping the couple loved their “special day” “We’re wishing you a lifetime of happiness together,” he wrote.

Tuesday’s marriage got here more than 9 years after Yousafzai survived an assassination try through the Taliban for criticizing the group’s tries to keep Pakistani girls from going to school.

Injured in the attack Yousafzai transferred to Britain for treatment. She settled with family in Birmingham, England, in 2013. She persevered her schooling and became an activist for girls’ schooling.

Yousafzai graduated from Oxford University, where she finished Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree, one of the university’s most prestigious.

In an August essay for The New York Times, she wrote about her worry for Afghan girls attending school under Taliban’s new rule.

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Millionaire living in Utah

Bhinda Singh started off as a young kid from Orem, Utah with lofty expectations to become the best and now building a franchise and a chain of restaurants.  

His pizza business recently started in 2017, and immediately flew. He owns 4 restaurants famous for the title “Curry Pizza”. Curry Pizza is a fusion between traditional Indian food and Italian pizza. He has endless flavors, spices, curries, and toppings.  

“Curry pizza wasn’t the average pizza it’s a new fusion holding interest and excitement,” said Singh. 

Bhinda has traveled to 36 states, and 2 countries thanks to his career and accomplishments. Within three years he has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Who in America, Lifetime Achievement Award, Fox 13 News, and is now planning to have Curry Pizza on display in Times Square in NYC.  

Singh says, “There was a point in my life where I couldn’t handle the pressure, and almost left the business alone. My landlord told me that I could do it and motivated and pushed me that this was a small bump. He helped me to continue on.” 

Restaurant owners face many competitors in the industry, and many would see it as a motivating factor to do better. He sees it as a downside and nothing like a driving factor because he leaves everything aside and focuses on his own goals.  

The Covid-19 pandemic affected his business and continues to do so now. Revenue started decreasing as low as 90% in his West Valley location. Businesses were affected tremendously but they continue to deliver their best work for their love of the customers. 

I love Indian food and the blend he has created is absolutely amazing. He has won the hearts of many in Utah,” said Kathy McBride.   

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The pink tax, discriminatory, simplified

Women spend on average $1,300 more for the same products each and every year. 

So, what is the pink tax?  It is not actually a tax, but it is actually a system based upon discriminatory pricing of women’s products, from razors to necessary items like feminine hygiene products. 

This “tax” isn’t just hygiene at the surface.  Yes, brands will sell a lesser quality razor for double the price of a man’s average razor, which is already pricy in the first place which pushes the point even further, but it even goes clothes. 

Feminine hygiene products are crazy overpriced, with the average box of 36 tampons costing about $25-40, while smaller boxes costing anywhere from $8-15, and usually you are going to need multiple kinds/types for different stages of the menstrual cycle.  What is crazy is that they cost pennies to make and are being sold for massive profit margins. 

Then it gets even worse, some of these products are infused with alcohol and/or perfumes which can cause pain, discomfort, and other symptoms that nobody wants to have, and that the alternatives usually cost more because the all-natural cost more to make and manufacture. 

Women’s pants are on average 1/3 more than men’s pants, which women’s pants already come in crazy and odd sizing standards that are not the same across all brands, but the pockets are tiny which cause women to buy bigger jackets with many pockets or the more common answer, purses and other similar types of bags. 

The gender pay gap obviously makes things even more complicated in the situation, with on average women making between 55 and 80 cents for every dollar the average male makes.  So, women are making less money, but they must spend money on necessities and must pay more for the same item. 

As of October 2020, New York is putting in major efforts to ban the pink tax.  It is now illegal to charge more for products that are close and similar to the same yet marketed to different genders.  The state plans to enforce this by requiring certain service providers to submit price lists.  It’s been over a year since the law was put into effect, and it’s hard to see how successful it has been. 

There are feminine hygiene product brands that are making cheaper and healthier options, but these companies struggle to get their point across due to their lower costs, and from these lower costs cause lower profits which sadly make it so they cannot get their point out there in the mainstream media as easily. 

To stop the pink tax there is only really a few things that can be done and that is to stop buying/avoid the overpriced “female version” of these products, and then support the cheaper companies that are trying to make a difference, in hopes that they can change things for the better. 

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First Ironman with down-syndrome races in the biggest marathon of the year.

Chris Nikic was born in 1999 with down syndrome. He was born and raised in Florida and at five months old, he had to have open heart surgery. Nikic had to overcome a lot of trials, he didn’t walk until four and didn’t eat normal foods until five.


Nikic started his exercise journey in 2017. “I started with a pushup and aimed to improve my performance 1% each day.”


In 2019 he found himself a goal to work towards, the coveted Ironman. The Ironman triathlon is a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and finishes with a marathon. The final cherry on top is it all must be done in 17 hours.


Nikic trained every single day for a whole year for four to eight hours. He trained with Dan Grieb a seasoned veteran of the Ironman completing 16 Ironmans of his own. Nikic’s time finally came in November 2020 at the age of 21 to finally do the race.


While Nikic struggled he completed the Ironman just 14 minutes under qualifying time at 16 hours and 46 minutes. Nikic received the Guinness Book of World Records for first person with Down Syndrome to complete an Ironman. Nikic was also honored at the 2021 ESPYs with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance and the Best Athlete with a Disability.


”I have to work hard and give my best every day. If I do an Ironman and become a pro-speaker, I will have a chance to get my dream.”


Nikic just recently took on his next challenge this past weekend with the New York City Marathon. He finished the marathon with a time of 7:12:20. Nikic also recently had a book published called, “1% Better: Reaching My Full Potential and How You Can”. He published this book less than a month ago and is available everywhere.


Nikic continues to look for the biggest challenges and challenge others to do the same. He is an inspiration to other like him and wants to break the barriers for people with disabilities and show that they can do the same if not more than the rest of us. He will be competing in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games.

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Why you should read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar, a classic novel by poet, short-story writer, and (you guessed it) novelist Sylvia Plath tells the dark story of a promising young writer fall into a depressive madness.

Of course, the story is not a quick, fun read, but instead a thought-provoking and beautifully articulated journey inside the mind of a brilliant poet.

Now, if you’re not looking for a classic to bring you down, you may wonder what the point would be to reading such a novel.

Of course, the writing is so engaging, and the diction is Plath’s pure, characteristic, and emotional poeticism- making that a reason in and of itself.

Other than the intensely wonderful, simplistic writing, the themes of the book are not only interesting but to many, relatable.

Throughout the descent to insanity, main character Esther deals with being unsure of herself and her future- who and what she wants to be. She finds the work she does at a fashion magazine does not fulfill her, but so many other career options appeal to her.

She dreads making the wrong choice and going through life feeling the way she does while working for the magazine. That is, lethargic, apathetic, and completely unmotivated.

This lack of direction only adds to her fatigued state, and she seems resigned to any fate that falls into her lap. Esther has lost all desire to be the hard worker she had always been as a student.

As someone graduating from high school, I am feeling my own career-related dread. Esther’s musings over various occupations, her romanticizing and then reality checking, reflect my own thoughts at this time of life.

Esther’s acceptance of a romance with someone she is no longer interested in is, I fear, something that many young women may relate to. Esther isn’t the most confident character ever written and seems to feel the need to just take whatever romantic interest comes her way.

This leads to many confused ponderings on her own aversion to marriage and her suitors in general.

This fear of domestic commitment seems like another relatable moment for young women. Even today, marriage can mean giving up a lot of one’s self.

These themes are few among many. Reading this work of Plath’s raw talent can benefit one emotionally and intellectually, by feeling joined with someone in a beginning-of-adult-life-crisis as well as reading a classic writing style, revered by so many English lovers today.

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Stuck at home with a killer disease

COVID-19 has been ripping throughout the population for two years, infection and/or killing people. COVID is a thing to fear, something that will be around for the rest of our lives, the only way to help slow things down is to wear masks and get vaccinated.

There are not many people in Utah that haven’t gotten the disease yet, but those people are going to end up getting it eventually. Many of the students at Davis High are not vaccinated, some by choice others because their parents don’t want them to be because of their political views.

It’s time to stop and think for a moment, it is time to think about how it is affecting out community by not getting vaccinated. By not getting the vaccine you are potentially giving others COVID and putting them and their loved ones in harm’s way.

Recent studies show that 61% percent of the Utah population has gotten at least one of their doses. However, only 53% of the Utah population has been fully vaccinated. That means only a little bit more than have the population is safe.

In Davis County alone almost 300 people have died from this respiratory disease, in Utah there are over 3,000 deaths. This needs to stop, people are dying because other people aren’t getting vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is something that will not only save you, but also a countless number of other people.

People who are choosing not to get vaccinated are saying “My body my choice,” but these are the same people who think abortion is sinful. If it is really “my body my choice” then they have no right to tell people, they are not allowed to get an abortion because it is their body.

There are many people who are dying from the disease that are saying on their death beds that they wish they had gotten vaccinated. The ages of people that have been dying have gotten younger and younger because they aren’t protecting themselves in anyway from this disease.

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NFT art work

Much of our world today is moving digital, especially with the Pandemic and now art is moving with this trend.  

NFTs or non-fungible tokens can be anything digital and many people are using them to collect digital art. NFTs are defined by Merriam-Webster as: 

a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership (as of a specific digital asset and specific rights relating to it)” 

In simple terms NFTs are a way to identify a unique piece and digital ownership of that art work.  

If someone buys an NFT there is nothing stopping others from copying the picture and sharing it with others because it is still digital. However, the original buyer of the NFT still has ownership.  

One way to understand it is by this; many people have seen prints of art work. For example, many people have seen copies of Starry Night by Van Gogh. However only one person or one museum owns it. This is the same principle as NFTs except instead of a physical copy you receive a digital copy.  

Recently NFTs have become a big part of the art world. According to Time magazine “NFTs are having their big-bang moment: collectors and speculators have spent more than $200 million on an array of NFT-based artwork, memes and GIFs in the past month alone.” 

Although many people are excited about the new world of NFTs there are some that are skeptical of it, and even criticize accessibility.  

According to Time Magazine, “The barriers to entry—it costs money and requires tech savvy to sell an NFT—could prevent some creators from joining in on the action.” 

This may be the future but until it is more accessible to the common artist there will be a lack of talent and creativity in the art world.  

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Do Video games cause violence?

Whenever you read the news these days it feels like it’s always the same thing video games cause violence or something like that but it’s not just today people say this. 

Back in the early 1990’s Mortal Combat, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, and Doom was all the rage and there was a ton of news coverage on it saying it would make people especially kids more violent and that has persisted to this day.  

But even back then the arguments used today were the same “it’s not harmful it’s just a game” This is said in almost every discussion on if games are violent or not but it’s time to bring up some real numbers to see who is right. 

Because this is a real issue with lives on the line. So, if video games do cause violence, then everybody can act accordingly with that knowledge. 

On whatever side this paper comes out on you can be sure that it is true with proof from trusted sources of information whose right or wrong is irrelevant the only thing that matters are the facts. 

 so, the question for today is do video games cause violence in the people that play them? and is there a connection between video games and gun violence in America? 

This argument is covered in opinion and personal interest, so this is meant as a buffer between that because people who play video games say it doesn’t and people who don’t say it does but here’s the evidence. 

But first, let’s see the links between video games and crime because if there’s a direct cause between violence and video games there should be more violence between the early 1990s till now as the ’90s started everything  

The graph below shows the amount of video game copies sold as well as titles released from 1980 to 2015. you can see it growing during the mid-1990s stopping around 2009 and starting to decline.

#1 video game violence story.png

Source: (Links to an external site.) 

And since violent video games started in the early to mid-1990s this gives a great start for this question because it’s clear that if video games cause violence, then crime should increase during these years. 

But looking at the graph below it’s the opposite effect and that murder rates peaked in the 1980s and when all of these violent video games came out murder rates dropped 


 #2 video game violence story.png

Source: (Links to an external site.) 

  And from 1991 to 2016 murder dropped by 45.5% rape by 30.0% robbery dropped by 62.3% and assault dropped by 42.7% so all major crime has dropped by at least 30% since the mid-1990s 

But maybe you think that since young people play more games there would be a more violent crime in young people so here’s the graph. 

It’s the same and you can see that it has plummeted since 1992. It almost seems like violent video games prevent murder but look at some more statistics before making your final decision. 

But in the news, it seems to be getting worse but that’s more a case of horrific mass shootings than individual murders so maybe the question should be do video games make individuals more violent. 

Well, that’s complicated mass shooting varies from person to person, and everybody has their definition, but the definition is four or more people killed in a public area. 

So, in that case, from 1982-2006, there were around 1.6 mass shootings a year so 3 mass shootings every 2 years but from 2007-2019 it’s at 5.4 mass shootings per year more than tripled   

#3 video game violence story.png

Source: (Links to an external site.) 

So maybe the new question should not be if video games make society more violent but if it makes select individuals more violent? And what role did video games play in the lives of past mass shooters? 

Like the Columbine shooters were fans of doom the sandy hook shooter was a fan of the GTA games, and some mass shooters love video games and others have never tried them so there’s no link yet between video games and violence. 

Also, of all the 18 mass shootings over the last 20 years, there were only four that had noteworthy video game habits 

And a good thing to remember is that video games are supper popular 58% of the entire U.S. plays video games and 55% have Sayed they’ve been playing more since the pandemic. 

Look at this graph below and see the difference between men and women in their video games women do play games, right? 

#4 video game violence story.png

Source: (Links to an external site.) 

Well, looking at this you can notice that the genres that are super popular with men are generally not on the phone. but women primarily play phone games with 83% of candy crush being played by women. 

This is important because women account for around 2.5% of mass shootings and men have the 97.5% so maybe looking at this there will be a link between violent video games with men holding 93% and 96% of FPS and Tactical shooter genres there must be a link, right? 

But none of these actual madders because only 12% of mass shooters showed any interest in video games at all and when around 72% of men under age 30 play video games so it might leave you worse off if you don’t play. 

“Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.” said Andy Serkis 

But this is the last point because the USA isn’t the only country that plays video games it doesn’t even play the most in China the market is worth $37.9 billion with 660 million gamers in China and 330,000 employees. 

America has $27.9 billion in the market 220,000 employees and 150 million gamers and several other countries like Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Canada, and Spain, all these countries spend Billions on video games every year but only one has an epidemic with mass shootings. 

Adjusting for the population the homicides by firearms in the U.S. has 4.46 homicides for every 100,000 people and the other 8 countries add up to 2.55 homicides for every 100,000 people 

So being 2nd on the globally for video games and 1st in gun deaths by a massive margin it’s hard to believe that video games truly cause all the violence the media says it does 

So currently there’s no evidence that video games cause violence. now it’s statistically more probable for somebody who doesn’t play games to commit a mass murder than somebody who doesn’t. 

 So, it’s time to address this issue. And find what causes the violence in America. 

Read this quote, Sayed, by ice cube if you aren’t convinced “think rap music is brought up, gangster rap in particular, as well as video games, every other thing they try to hang the ills of society on as a scapegoat.” 

Or read this on Elon musk owner of three companies and currently, the richest man in the world ” to make an embarrassing admission, I like video games. That’s what got me into software engineering when I was a kid. I wanted to make money so I could buy a better computer to play better video games – nothing like saving the world.” 

Can you blame 3.24 billion gamers for all society’s flaws? When is it the people who don’t play them who inflict the pain? 


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Traditional Halloween candy: disgusting or delicious

It’s the time of year when everyone is eating candy by the handfuls. Here is the question though, how do people really feel about the traditional Halloween candy that is candy corn. Candy corn is the traditional treat of Halloween, but it seems that not a lot of people like this candy.

Eighty-five people were recently polled on their opinion of the yellow, orange, and white sugary goodness. The poll remained fairly even with more people saying that they like the candy, but it wasn’t that high of a lead.

“Who doesn’t love candy corn! It is delicious and it is my favorite candy to eat during Halloween!” Savanna Sims said.

Fourty-nine out of the 85 people polled said they like the candy, resulting in 59% of the poll agreeing that the traditional candy is delicious. The leftover 36 people do not agree. So. 41% of the poll agree that candy corn is disgusting.

“They have a terrible texture and taste like straight sugar!” Anna Larsen exclaimed.

“They taste way too artificial and they have a bad texture.” Sophia Brown agrees.

The sugary treat has been around since the 1880s, becoming the treat of Halloween because of how long the process of making it is. The favorite fall treat for many people was only available from May to November, which is way it is tied to Halloween.

There are many mixed feelings about the candy that is candy corn. It has become a controversial subject between Gen Z. Candy corn is something that people debate every Halloween arguing about if its good or not, telling each other they aren’t friends if they don’t agree.

Debating the traditional sugary orange, yellow, and white candy has become another Halloween tradition that will probably be happening for years to come.

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Early Results of the 2021 NFL Season

2021 showcases the NFL’s 102nd season of American pro football. So far, we’ve seen breakout performers from players like Cooper Cupp, Jamar Chase, Justin Taylor, Kyler Murray, and Josh Allen to name a few.  

Most notably out of those players, Cooper Kupp has been outstanding at the wide receiver position. He’s on track to beat the great Calvin Johnson’s single season receiving yards record by 1 yard. It’s too early to know if he’ll break the record, but his early success is impressive, nonetheless. 

NFL fans have also been blessed with amazing early season performances from familiar faces such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Derek Henry. Tom Brady, playing at the level he is in his 21st season and at 44 years old, has never been seen before. He is currently the league leader in total passing yards at 2275. 

The current teams with the highest records are the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. They are both sitting at 7-1. There is currently also multiple teams with 2 losses. 

The Green Bay Packers were not expected to do this well at the start of the season. Their opening game showcased a dominate win by the New Orleans Saints, with the ending score being 38-3. NFL fans were quick to blame their downfall on an unmotivated Aaron Rodgers after a dramatic offseason between him and the front office. 

It’s a business — it’s an incredible opportunity to play this game — but it’s a tough business,” Aaron Rodgers said when asked about considering retirement during an interview. 

Although there is no clear cut frontrunner for the 2021 super bowl champions, we know who wont be taking home the trophy, featuring the Detroit lions with no wins so far this season and the Miami Dolphins with just one more than that. 

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Homework, is it helpful?

Homework is something students have to deal with on day one of school in every single year. Many students must go home and work on assignments teachers have given to study the material they are learning.  

“Homework is given so students can practice what they learned in class. It’s useful in settings where practice and repetition is important. Reviewing and revising is important to help a student study,” explained Ms. Tarbet, a teacher at Davis high school.  

Giving students work to study does help them. They can relearn and memorize it on their own time and can even ask for help from their parents. Some students have said that homework should not be for every class though.  

“Mathematics should be a class that has homework because it’s not an art that you can just learn, it needs to be practiced. But most homework should be done in class and not taken home unless it’s necessary,” stated Oliver Snow a current student in high school. 

 Classes that give out busy work rather than homework have given students more stress rather than helping them. Very few students, and, even parents agree with the amount of home work they are given.  

“Seeing my child now in her senior year, it seems homework does not help students. Without homework I have seen a huge decrease in stress and huge improvement in her ability to pay attention in class. She gets all of her work done in school and she has a better opportunity to study for tests,” says Janiene Powell a worried parent.  

Parents can’t always help their children, especially when the material is much different from when they were taught. Students fall behind because they are given homework they are struggling to do even if they learned it in class.  

Many students struggle to learn on their own and prefer to ask the teacher questions while in class. Each student learns different but learning at home can still be a struggle for many.  

“Students learn better with hands on activities and writing. They learn much better in school with the help of a teacher. If students interact with the material they were given, it’s easier for them to memorize and study the material,” commented Mr. Spaulding another teacher at Davis High.  

It would seem giving students hands on activities in a comfortable environment, they learn so much better and it might last them a life time. Students learn better with other people in the same position as them.  

“Study groups are a good environment for students to learn with other people. Students can retain information better if they are with people they trust and it’s better than just hearing it or doing work by themselves,” said Harrison Park a current student.  

Giving students a chance to learn together in class or out of class can really improve their ability to focus and understand. Homework has become a struggle rather than a help for many students. Although it may not be true for all students, it can still destress them and help them think from a different perspective.

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The $30 Million painting once stolen by Nazis

 Iconoclasm is when governments systematically destroy art. Which is exactly what the Nazis did. Many people know that the Nazis took jewelry, money, and art away from Jews as they forced them into concentration camps. However, few know that one of the artworks stolen was by the famous painter Van Gogh.  

   The watercolor painting “Meules de blé” which has been described by Christies, an art auction company. 

“Picturing three towering wheat stacks that dwarf the neighboring women” 

  The painting was owned by Van Gogh’s brother Theo who then sold it to Max Merioswki, a Jewish industrialist.  

As the Jews were getting persecuted Merioswki had to fled, sold the painting and after a few owners it ended up in Paris, where an art collector Alexandrine. Soon the Nazis would take control of. Christies reported on the piece.  

“With the outbreak of the Second World War, Alexandrine fled to Switzerland. Her art collection in Paris, including Van Gogh’s Meules de blé, was confiscated by the Nazi regime during the Occupation.” 

The artwork has not been seen by the public since 1905. Now Christine’s plan to sell for around 30 million dollars.  

  This iconic piece of art is not the only one that has been stolen by Nazis. Many famous and well-established artists faced the same fate. Vanity Fair did a reporting on these stolen works.  

As Hitler came to power, in 1933, he declared “merciless war” on “cultural disintegration.” He ordered an aesthetic purge of the entartete Künstler, the “degenerate artists,” and their work, which to him included anything that deviated from classic representationalism: not only the new Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism, Fauvism, futurism, and objective realism, but the salon-acceptable Impressionism of van Gogh and Cézanne and Matisse and the dreamy abstracts of Kandinsky” 

   Although Van Gogh’s piece will finally be seen by the public there are many pieces confiscated by Nazis that are still not found.  

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Why Dusty Baker is one of the greatest Major League Baseball managers of all time.

Johnnie B. “Dusty” Baker Jr., the current manager of the Houston Astros. After coming out of retirement to replace the former manager of the Astros A.J. Hinch for the 2020 season Baker has now taken his team to the World Series.  

Baker is the oldest of five kids and grew up in Riverside, California. He was nicknamed “Dusty” early in life by his mother because of how much he loved to play outside in the dust. During high school Baker played four different sports including baseball, basketball, football and track, this was only the start of his athletic career.  

1967 Baker was drafted in the amateur draft by the Atlanta Braves. One of Baker’s best friends, Hank Aaron convinced him to sign with the Braves instead of going to college. He made his major league debut in 1968 as a Braves outfielder all while serving as a Marine corps Reserve 1969-1974.  

Even though Baker started his career in Atlanta and played with them for eight seasons he decided to moved to LA to play for the Dodgers and make history. Baker was on the All-Star teams in 1981 and 1982. He won three pennants in 1977, 1978, and 1981. He was the first player to ever receive the National League Most Valuable Player award and won his first ever World Series in 1981. After spending another eight seasons with the Dodgers Baker played for both the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics for a short time. Baker finished his player career in 1986.  

Baker’s managerial career started in 1993 with the San Francisco Giants, that same year he was awarded National League Manager of the Year. Baker was hired to become the manager of the Chicago Cubs in 2003. He was the Cubs manager for four years. Baker continued his managerial career with the Cincinnati Reds in 2007 and was in Cincinnati for three seasons. In 2015 the Nationals hired his to be their manager and he was with them for another three years.  

Baker left for retirement in 2017. He has never won the World Series as a manager and has now come out of retirement to accomplish that dream. He is now with the Houston Astros and he has led them to the World Series this season. Will Dusty be able to bring another World Series title to Houston?  

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Facebook boldly changes company name

Facebook is starting its “metaverse” journey by rebranding itself as Meta 

“Meta in Greek means “after” or “beyond”.  The Facebook group will now simply be known as Meta, all apps and websites including Facebook will keep its name, the Meta name will just stick to the parent company/group. 

“An immersive embodied internet”, said Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and CEO of the now Meta, describing the “metaverse” that the company wants to do with the internet as a whole. 

What does this rebranding mean for Facebook though? And how will it affect the groups other platforms? 

The way Zuckerberg showed his vision in the recent keynote, it seems to be that all apps will have a new role in the “metaverse”, though each very differently from each other. 

“We will be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first.  That means that over time you won’t need a Facebook account to use our other services.  As out new brand starts showing up in our products, I hope people around the world come to know the meta brand and the future we stand for,” Zuckerberg wrote. 

Meta also has a brand-new logo, a sort of symbol similar to an infinity symbol.  In a blog post, Meta said the ‘Meta’ logo was “designed to dynamically live in the metaverse, where you can move through it and around it”. 

Zuckerberg envisions the metaverse as ït will go beyond the internet as we know it, with interoperability, avatars, natural interfaces, teleporting, home space, presence, and digital goods” all being a part of the metaverse. 

The idea of the metaverse is far from an original idea.  The original idea came from the novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, of course Meta won’t go the full-on dystopian route of the story. 

“Devices won’t be the focal point of your attention anymore, living in the ‘metaverse’ will feel more ‘natural and vivid’, Said Zuckerberg. 

Facebook/Meta has made this sound a whole lot grander than what It actually is at the moment.  This “living in the metaverse” is really just constantly being inside an AR or VR machine and/or headset.  Similar to some current video games currently being published and played, and hit its biggest streak a few years back. 

Meta seems to be making new technology old again, by creating a new idea but backing it up with old hardware, which seems like the opposite of what he said he was going to do in a few of his statements. 

Meta currently appears to be making a Matrix, just without all of the killer robots occupying the real world, but who knows, if Zuckerberg gets his way it may get there in the next few decades. 

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Britney Spears battles stifling conservatorship with the help of social media

For the past 13 years Britney Spears, famous singer/performer, had been in a conservatorship under her father. James Spears took charge of all her financial dealings and had a hand in planning out her life for the last decade. 

A conservatorship or guardianship is created when the court deems a person unfit to oversee their finances. Oftentimes this happens with those with disabilities or older people who cannot care for themselves.  

Recently there has been a trend on social media, “#freebritney”, claiming that Spears was getting taken advantage of. The movement brought up a lot of uproar against Britney’s family and people claimed that she was being treated unfairly.  

“My dad in the loop made me feel like I was dead, like I didn’t matter, like nothing had been done to me…I’m not lying. I want to feel heard. And I’m telling you this again so maybe you can understand the depth and the degree and the damage that they did to me back then.” Stated Spears during her conservatorship trial. 

On October 5th Spears was released from her father’s conservatorship. Spears later thanked her fans publicly on social media claiming that they played a large role in helping free her. Many claim that this would’ve never happened without the support of social media.  

“Media has a huge effect on many celebrities and politics they’re related to.” states Juhee Lee, senior at Davis High. 

Even if the media brought this issue into the light, the courts wouldn’t have ruled in her favor if it wasn’t a logical claim. Britney claims to have suffered a lot during the conservatorship, including not being allowed to see her boyfriend and kids. 

“It probably has a lot to do with experiences in her personal life and personal health too.” claims Lee. 

Spears suffered under her father’s control for 13 years, and media attention was able to help bring that to a stop.

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Christmas in October?

Homecoming was on September 18th and girls started asking to the next dance, the Christmas dance, the night of! Why? I asked some girls at Davis High School why they felt the need to ask so early. Lots of their answers were that they either felt pressured to or didn’t want their date to get taken.

“I asked 4 days after the dance because all the hot guys were getting snatched up too fast.”, says Taylor Leavitt. She felt inclined to ask so early because of how early other girls were asking. Another quote “I asked 5 days after homecoming, because Davis girls went insane and started asking all the boys so I had to if I wanted to go.”, says Greta Svagrova.

These are just a few examples of girls feeling the force to ask so early, because of other girls. Another trend pops up with this; guys getting nervous because all their friends were asked so early, so they worry that they aren’t going to get asked. “I asked last weekend, he was nervous he wasn’t going to get asked and I didn’t want him to stress.”- Anonymous.

Girls asked so early because they felt the need to ask, because of how early other girls were asking. Who started the trend of asking so soon after the last dance? And why so early? “I asked a week ago because I was worried the guy I liked was going to get asked.”, says Phebe Ramsdell. “I asked four days after homecoming because I didn’t want the guy I wanted to take to get asked.”, states Aubrey Morris.

Girls asked so early because they wanted to make sure they got to go with the guy they wanted to. This started a cycle of other girls feeling the stress to ask as soon as they could so that they could also go with the guy they wanted to.

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When everything is changing, why hasn’t our school system

Currently at Davis high attendance has been a struggle for a lot of kids. Many reasons have caused this, not only has covid-19 disrupted every single kid’s life, but it has also caused mental health issues and long-term health issues.

Students have missed from having covid-19 for a minimum of 2-weeks. They have also missed from the issues caused by the effects of our modern world

A question comes into play… Should students be punished for their attendance? There is a factor of context.

At Davis high three unexcused absences cause the student’s citizenship to be given a U. Let’s look at the different reasons why this rule is problematic.

  1. The student has mental health issues

If a student is missing a lot of school because of personal or mental health issues. There is no reason the school should be punishing the students for something that is out of their control.

“I had a teacher try and kick me out of her class because I never went, I have health and mental health issues which makes it hard for me to go to school. I have a 504 which gives me special accommodations. The issue was I was doing every single assignment and had an A in this class. She told my counselor she would refuse to grade my assignments because I was not going.” A Davis High Student added

Let’s reflect, a student who had personal issues was threatened to be kicked out of a class even though she had done every single assignment and has an A.

In a world where a student is threatened to be kicked out of a class, she already struggles to attend creates a hostile environment, and makes the situation worse for the student.

  1. Uninvolved Parents

At Davis High, the only way for an absence to be excused is for a parent/guardian to go online and manually excuse it. There is no way for a student to do this. In the US 50% of marriages end in divorce or separation.

“My dad lives in California, and my mom is a nurse at the hospital. I will miss school because I have perfect grades and don’t need to go a single day to my classes. I have 5 U’s because I can never get a hold of my dad and my mom works 80-hour week.” An anonymous student of Davis high added

In a day and age where divorce and unhealthy households are the same percentages of happening as a student graduating high school, these statistics can be found at This doesn’t even account for all the houses where parents just don’t care enough about their kids to help.


  1. Covid-19

Times have changed and covid-19 has infiltrated every part of students’ lives. Why hasn’t Davis High changed with it? Students have lost parents and loved ones. They are knocked out of school because of testing positive for 2+ weeks to keep other students and staff members safe.

“My sister had Covid a year ago. She has had multiple symptoms even a year later because of it like swollen legs, worsened asthma, stomach pain, all that need pain meds to help alleviate it. She struggles every day to go to school but has panic attacks because she is in so much pain. Out mom is super hard on her sometimes because she doesn’t want her to accidentally get a U. Which is the last thing I want her to worry about.” A Davis High student added

Not everyone can see it, but this is not a unique case. 1 in 10 people will experience long-term effects. That is 21.9 million worldwide according to the CDC.

When students are punished for things out of their control school becomes an unsafe environment for them. Students should not be receiving U’s when they are doing everything in their power to do their best in school.

This applies to students who have talked to counselors and even then, cannot get staff to give them a break. Most students don’t even feel safe talking to counselors.

Why do schools treat students with the automatic belief that those who are missing are ditching? Staff believes that they don’t care. Students are automatically given the judgment of lazy and unmotivated.

Schools need to take a moment and understand and change with the times. They wonder why students rebel against the system, an example being the “devious lick” trend.

It’s time for a change. Stereotypes need to be torn down, and students should be treated with empathy and not judgment.

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Is the future of the car industry electric?

Even though electric cars seem to be a new trend with tesla and BMW’s newest cars being electric and tesla only being electric. 

The first electric cars predate combustion engines coming out in 1832 long before henry ford would make the model t. But that was the end of electric cars for a while for several reasons. 

For one they were obnoxious to recharge and couldn’t go far at all only around 20 miles. Regardless of that, they were the most popular kind of cars in 1910 as they were twice as common as gas-powered cars. 

And when the model t came out with gas and was ¼ the price of electric cars the world turned to gas-powered cars and by 1935 the electric car was commercially obliterated. 

Read here for more information: (Links to an external site.) 

this is from Sebastian Mackeson the CEO of BMW “electric cars predate gas-powered cars but only now electric is speeding up”. 

But they were still useful for some things like in space the apollo lunar roaming vehicle as electricity was the obvious choice. It was only an individual use vehicle with only 57 miles, but the astronauts didn’t even need half of that.  

And in 1972 BMW made an electric car to lead marathon runners in their race and made an electric version of its 2 series cars. 

It ran on 12 large car batteries but at full charge only went 37 miles, but it showed the benefits of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can run quietly with no emissions, but it also illustrated their limitations.  

Because with the batterie limitation at the time electric cars were expensive with little range not practical for everyday use. So why would electric cars be the future if they can’t go that far and take forever to recharge? 

Well, companies have made a lot of advancements with batteries since 1972 as 50 years is a long time to improve a product.  

Take BMW for instance they have around 20 fully electric vehicles they’re selling right now and are heavily experimenting with other types of electric cars. 

All of this is possible by the advancements in batteries over the last 50 years with the biggest leap being lithium-ion batteries that have twice the charge for half the weight of normal batteries. 

Because of the wide use of lithium batteries, the cost has gone down because of an increase in manufacturing and optimization in the supply chain. 

Hear this from Elon Musk the leader in electric cars “technology will only improve with time and when more innovative people exist technology will surpass what anybody thought was possible”. 

Even though the price has gone down the storage has gone up in both per unit mass and per unit volume all while the price has plummeted. 

This is unlike combustion engines where decades of tweaking every detail there are extraordinarily trivial things to perfect it for improvement. 

But even though the battery life is still noticeably short people don’t travel as much as they think because batteries today are great for everything but road trips. 

for more information the batteries check here: (Links to an external site.)

In the USA 99% of every trip is under 100 miles and with almost all electric options being above that 99% of the time an electric car is better. 

And electric cars are better in several different areas the only issue is the range and recharge times that will improve over time. Here are 10 reasons why electric cars are objectively better as transport vehicles than gas-powered cars. 

For one there’s more torque from an electric car than a normal car and with the Tesla roadster being able to reach 60 mph from a dead stop in 1.1 seconds this will only improve. 

And thanks to the batteries under the floor electric cars have a low center of mass so there easier to control. Since you can use motors independently and each tire has its motor electric cars having precise control over each wheel which gives better traction. 

Electric cars are also a lot quieter with some electric cars needing to put speakers in the car to make a noise so it’s street legal. 

Electric cars are also cheaper to run and with gas prices at an all-time high right now electric cars are a lot cheaper with a full tesla charge being around $5 and a full gas fill-up being around $40. 

Electric cars are also more efficient than gas cars with both use and regeneration of energy because breaking recharges the car. After all, the wheel can recharge the motors the same way a dam generates electricity. 

If you have an electric car, you will never have to stop at a gas station because you can charge it right from your garage. 

There’s also less maintenance with an electric car there are fewer moving parts no oil changes and the breaks break down less because of regenerative braking. 

And depending on the source of electricity there are no co2 emissions if you get your power from solar panels, wind turbines, or dams you won’t be making a carbon footprint with your car anymore. 

And as cars essentially become computers on wheels electric vehicles are leading the way in self-driving cars which would prevent accidents and death on the road. 

Now electric cars are not even close to mainstream yet with only 2.2% of cars on the road being electric but that’s why it is the future. 

“Electric cars are going to be very important for urban transportation,” said Carlos Ghosn the CEO and Chairman of Michelin North America, Renault, Avtomat, Nissan, and Mitsubishi motors. 

With all the advancements the biggest issue is the charging time with electric cars taking around 30 minutes for each charge it is a massive issue that might already have an answer. 

By switching batteries at a gas station, you could hop out rent a battery put your dead one on a charger, and carry on, this tech is still in the preliminary stages so don’t get too excited. 

Electric car companies are experimenting, and many believe in the next 10 years over 50% of cars on the road will be electric. And that is why electric cars are the future of cars.

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Maverick gas stations: adventures last stop

Maverick gas stations were developed in the early 80’s by a group of money hungry men that were born before the invention of the automobile. They aimed to revamp the gross truck stop lot lizard havens that 80’s gas stations have become.At maverick they have a burrito section that makes some fantastic chicken churrito burritos that are seriously the bomb says Kenzie Sheffield student of Davis and maverick connoisseur, Kenzie Sheffield has been going to maverick since she little girl.Recently she has taken a liking to the low gas prices that maverick offers while the rest of the world follows the founders policy and exploits the capitalist policy of supply and demand and demands insane high gas prices while us common workers suffer the high gas prices and struggle to pay rent.This highlights on the supreme problems of capitalism say Gavin Dwayne cox a ex-member of a local band. As a previous republican Gavin turned alt left and he realized the exploitation of the laboring class for the rich to get richer was a problem that wasn’t going to fix itself.Now back to maverick the communist company the rose up above its capitalist roots to allow everyone to prosper. Maverick is the perfect company in the eyes of tanner Stuart a local Davis high student that claims one time they even paid him to fill up his self titled truck bubbles at their gas pumps.Another gas station that was so lucky as to be included in this years 2021 meme lineup was Texaco due to their rewards program that essentially gives away product for free and helps the homeless all while sucking money out of rich oil barons and making the world a better place.

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Everybody knows it’s happening, what do we know about it? Facebook misinformation OP-ED

Frances Haugen was identified in a “60 Minutes” interview last Sunday (the third of October) as the woman who anonymously filed complaints with federal law enforcement that the company’s own research shows how it magnifies hate and misinformation.“Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety,” she said. Haugen, who will testify before Congress this week, said she hopes that by coming forward the government will put regulations and laws in place to govern Facebook and other social media platforms’ activities.Preparing for the 2020 election, Facebook implemented safe guards and other precautions to stop the spread of misinformation, but then took them off completely after Biden had won the election, leading up to the US Capital riot on January 6th. “And as soon as the election was over, they turned them back off or they changed the settings back to what they were before, to prioritize growth over safety.”, said Frances Haugen.She said Facebook prematurely turned off safeguards designed to stop misinformation and other information after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump last year in the election, saying that the misinformation contributed to the Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol.After the election Facebook decided to dissolve a unit on civic integrity where she had been working, which Haugen said was the moment she realized “I don’t trust that they’re willing to actually invest what needs to be invested to keep Facebook from being dangerous.”In 2019, a year after Facebook changed its algorithm to encourage engagement, its own researchers identified a problem, according to internal company documents.“The company set up a fake Facebook account, under the name “Carol,” as a test and followed then-President Trump, first lady Melania Trump and Fox News. Within one day, the algorithm recommended polarizing content. The next day, it recommended conspiracy theory content, and in less than a week, the account received a QAnon suggestion”, the internal documents said.By the second week, the fake account’s Feed was filled with misleading or false content. In the third week, “the account’s News Feed is an intensifying mix of misinformation, misleading and recycled content, polarizing memes, and conspiracy content, interspersed with occasional engagement bait,” the internal documents said.The problems are definitely the algorithms that decide what shows up on users’ feeds, and how they favor hateful content. Haugen said, “A 2018 change to the content flow contributed to more divisiveness and ill will in a network ostensibly created to bring people closer together.”
While speaking to “60 Minutes,” Haugen explained how the misleading and fake content reaches Facebook users.“There were a lotta people who were angry, fearful. So, they spread those groups to more people. And then when they had to choose which content from those groups to put into people’s News Feed, they picked the content that was most likely to be engaged with, which happened to be angry, hateful content. ““So, imagine you’re seein’ in your News Feed every day the election was stolen, the election was stolen, the election was stolen. At what point would you storm the Capitol, right?” Haugen said.“And you can say, ‘How did that happen?’ Right? Like, ‘Why are we taking these incredibly out-there topics? QAnon, right, crazy conspiracies. Why are these the things that Facebook is choosing to show you?’ And it’s because those things get the highest engagement,” Haugen said, comparing it to “gasoline on a fire.”Haugen is testifying to the Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday (October 5th). “Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety,” she said.

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The most persistent myth in education

“This will Revolutionize education” there has never been a prediction that has been wrong so many times with so many different technologies. 

Like in 1922 when Tomas Edison said, “The motion picture is destined to revolutionize our educational system and that in a few years, it will supplant largely, if not entirely, the use of textbooks”. 

And just under 100 years later He’s still wrong. textbooks are still largely used today around the world even with the internet being the biggest educational platform in the world textbooks are still used today. 

In the 1930’s it was radio the thought was you could have experts talk over the radio to students to increase the educational system and now radio is hardly used due to phones that aren’t used in the same way either. 

And in the 1950s and 1960s educational TV was made thinking it would be Revolutionary for classes and whale this had a greater success school has been the same for over 150 years now. 

So, there were some studies to decide if students learn better from a live lecture or a recorded one played in an adjacent room to figure out which was better for learning. 

And in the ’80s there were no debating computers were the revolutionary answer to our educational system. They were audiovisual, interactive, and could be programmed to do anything. 

And even in the ’90s, people hadn’t learned from the past and smeary & Boyet Sayed this “the use of videodiscs in classroom instruction is increasing every day and promises to revolutionize what will happen in the classroom of tomorrow” and again they were wrong.

Most people in high school now have barely ever use DVDs let alone in the classroom because DVDs have been outdated since the early 2000s. 

so, for the 7th time, modern technology has appeared people think it will revolutionize the school system. And they have been proven wrong every time because the core of how people learn hasn’t changed. 

nowadays there are a bunch of modern technologies that will “revolutionize” learning like Laptops, tablets, smartboards, smartphones, etc… And these have revolutionized other areas of life and not school’s but why? 

Some might blame the government for lack of funding and not putting modern technology into full effect. But the major issue is the education system doesn’t need technology. 

Scientists for years have been researching what educative method is better than another like animation vs PowerPoints and similar experiments and the result was no significant difference. 

This means if the material is the same the results are the same even though animation seems to be a lot better than a picture with some text it’s not. 

Because the issue with animation is that the words aren’t there and the issue with PowerPoints is that the pictures don’t show everything, the issue is our brains. 

Brains are complex and everybody has a different one with diverse needs, desires, and goals. There can’t be technology that changes the way students think about subjects or gets students excited. 

The things that make us learn are hard if you aren’t thinking hard in school, you aren’t learning and aminations for some kids just mean sleep time. 

The amount of learning a student gets comes from their head if you are interested and want to learn something it sticks with you for a long time, sometimes forever. 

“Scientists spent so much time trying to figure out which media makes kids smarter but failed to research how to use the technology more effectively,” said Derek muller an educational YouTuber with a Ph.D. in physics. 

Scientists need to find out how to use the best media in the best way to make meaningful thought processes to make any progress with education. and that research is being conducted right now. 

but for now, schools will proceed as always with one teacher 20-30 kids doing tests taking notes getting graded this was how school was taught back in the 1850s, and it’s how school is taught in 2021.

So, who knows education could be under a revolution right now, but the odds are 1 in 7 so it might be another 100 years who knows? 


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The dark side of Farmington, Utah

For 26 years Davis County has been spooked with, Lagoon Amusement Parks yearly October traditions.

Frightmares originally opened in 1995 located in Farmington, Utah. It has now become a yearly seasonal event in hopes to create new traditions. The attraction lasts 8 weeks total, full of rides, haunted houses, and phenomenal dances performed throughout the night.

“When I first get to Lagoon and it’s the spooky season, haunted houses are the first thing that come to my mind as I enter the park,” Cadience Manchego exclaims!

Haunted houses have been the significant attraction at Lagoon ever since frightmares began. Nightmare Midway, Frightening Frisco, Nightwalk, Fun House of Fear, Pioneer Village Scare Zone are all on the scary spider ratings. They range from 1(least scary)- 5(most scary) spiders.

“The spider ratings are so helpful when going to Lagoon, because I know which haunted houses not to go in ha-ha. I have seen many people who don’t like haunted houses and I’m glad I am not the only one”, said Nishi Sharma.

For children and people who aren’t willing to be spooked during October, they have “scare free zones”. The “scare free zones” are kid friendly, and welcome you to all the rides in kiddy land. All of the rides are fully functionating during frightmares as well, you get the best of both worlds.

Hackenslash is one of the most popular dances at Frightmares. The performers make their costume, dance style, and acting come to life. After the show is over, they get off the stage and chase the viewers with chainsaws throughout the night.

“I love working in all the areas of frightmares, but especially the lines. Scaring people and communicating with everyone is so fun. The process of getting ready is such a good time costumes, makeup, and getting in character”, said Lizzie Irvine who works at frightmares.

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Why are cars so expensive?

Cars right now are going through a weird period almost all cars are going up in value by over 20% but why? Well, it all has to do with one single part that almost nobody can get there hands on with a production time of 5-6 months cars will be expensive for a while.

In fact, “we haven’t seen prices like this since 1953 where used cars that should always be going down in value as more wear and tear happens to the car but in 1953 and 2021, we are seeing the opposite happen” but why now?

The first reason is the semiconductor shortage, semiconductors have a lot of use in modern cars for features like power steering, backup cameras, emergency braking, cruise control, and any monitor in your car.

But semiconductors have more use than just cars in fact almost any electronic needs semiconductors phones, computers, tv’s, cameras, etc. All need semiconductors to function as advertised.

“Semiconductors are low because when the pandemic hit, transportation wasn’t as needed as people were working from home and not going out as much, so car production slowed.”

But other electronics were selling like hotcakes, so the semiconductor companies changed clients to big electronic companies and disregarded the car companies.

But as the vaccine came out and people needed to drive to work again demand in cars went up and companies couldn’t handle it and ordered more semiconductors to meet the demand.

“The pricing has been driven up by a few things supply is one of them, but I also think it’s been driven up by tax refund money and additional stimulus money, so I think it upped the consumer demand because now they had some more money in their pockets,” on explained the CarMax CEO.

Another reason used cars are going up in value is because new cars are too expensive for normal people with them being 35k-55k most people can’t put their entire salary into a car.

It also has to do with public transportation, since the pandemic many people don’t trust or use public transportation and instead are getting their own cars to avoid the virus and stay safe.

If you want a car hold off till prices drop and if you want to sell do it now because semiconductors won’t be in shortage for forever and eventually people will resort back to public transportation all though in shorter numbers.

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Skyrocketing gas prices concern Davis students

The average gas price in Utah lies at $3.77/gallon. Since last year gas prices have risen by an average of $1.02/gallon. Utah’s prices are also above the national average of $3.15/gallon. These steep prices have had many negative consequences for Davis High students.

“My friend’s car broke down from lack of gas on the way to the bank to deposit money.” explains high schooler Genevieve Nolan.

Students are getting desperate in order to maintain their modes of transportation. Some resort to depositing spare change or tips and argue that they can’t pay for gas without the gas to get to work. This creates a never-ending cycle of the blame game.

“With minimum wage at $7.25 there isn’t enough money to go around for gas. Especially with not being able to work a lot of hours due to school and homework.” says Brooke Higley Davis High senior.

Students are expected to manage a full plate as well as pay skyrocketing gas prices. Many students are resorting to walking more, or even driving their parents’ car to combat with needing gas.

“I can’t save for college and pay for gas.” argues student Maddie Morris.

Seniors especially are starting to stress the impending doom of paying for college, inclining gas prices are not helping.

Gas prices are speculated to be high due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since people were locked up all day, they had no reason to drive their cars causing oil/gas companies to suffer. When lockdowns lifted, people were eager to use their cars and begin commuting to work again. This caused the steady incline of gas prices as demand grew.

Although gas prices are still high, they have dropped since this summer much to the relief of high schoolers. Students are still hopeful that gas prices will drop further.

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Tyler, the Creator, an odd influence

Tyler Okonma is a rapper that has taken over the internet with his blunt words and his sense of humor. He has won a Grammy, BRIT Award, and an MTV Video Award, and has designed clothing and merchandise.

Tyler, the Creator, first arose on the music scene in 2007 with “Odd Future”, he has satisfied his title through an offbeat, unashamed way to deal with creation, all while changing himself from a dull power lyricist to an unguarded, adaptable artist.

His most successful album was “Igor”. “Igor” has gotten 122.9 million streams. Tyler The Creator set his spot at No.1 on Billboard 200. In contrast with his different collections, this was the first out of five for Tyler, The Creator to be at No.1.

“Go to the mall and buy some potato salad,” Tyler said when getting asked what he was going to do after getting nominated for a Grammy.

Okonma has a sense of fashion and humor has helped his success. He has become a trendsetter in the fashion world. Okonma said he accepts everybody dresses something similar, his own ethos is a salute to the abnormal.

“Growing up an inner-city black kid, I wasn’t the most masculine, I wasn’t into sports, I like pink,” said Tyler, the Creator to a sold-out crowd.

Okonma has started his own clothing company called Golf Wang. It shows cases vibrant clothing which features geriatric menswear that is marketed to young fashionistas.
Tyler, the Creator made dressing like a grandpa cool, got men to shake pink tennis shoes with flowers on them, and is a voice for the untouchables who walk to the beat of their own drum.
I never had a drink in my life. I don’t smoke or anything.” He has influenced part of his audience to not smoke or drink.
Tyler, the Creator has had success in many ways and it could only go up from here with him planning on more albums and tours.

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Vegetarian for Life or just a Phase?

Sonali Harangaonker, Davis High student has been vegetarian almost her whole life because of Indian culture!

“My culture is my most prized possession because of its uniqueness from other cultures. There are so many traditions, fun and colorful clothing and a variety of foods.”

Being a vegetarian isn’t the normal lifestyle people in Utah tend to have but Sonali is all about breaking down stereotypical barriers.

“Everyone’s first initial thought about vegetarianism is always negative and poorly looked upon but it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be because there are several options. Believe it or not people can survive without eating meat”

During a typical day of eating like Sonali, in the morning she tends to lean towards a banana and strawberry smoothie. For lunch, she usually makes a lettuce wrap with tofu as a substitute. Then for dinner; curry.

“Being a vegetarian makes you more aware of what you’re consuming so I don’t go out to fast food places often because of the health benefits. I recommend being a vegetarian to anyone that isn’t and is thinking about it.”

Restaurants and fast-food places have come out with more vegetarian options because of youtubers, celebrities and other well-known people who have converted to being a vegetarian. This proves how much impact and influence people have on this world.

In an interview with one of Sonali’s peers, Cadie, she said, “She thinks it’s beautiful that Sonali is a vegetarian and because it’s her body, she can do whatever she wants, and no one can say anything.”

Sonali is truly an inspiration to others that have a hard time embracing their culture and different lifestyle than everyone else. Her expressing how proud she is of her culture, is truly beautiful and is making a difference.

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Crypto trading hamster out-performs Warren Buffett and the S&P 500

Mr. Goxx, is the first and only crypto trading hamster. Mr. Goxx makes all of his decisions in the most high-tech hamster cage buying and selling crypto.

Mr. Goxx’s cage works by him running on a hamster wheel and deciding/ selecting which crypto he’d like to look into, and once hes made his decision he’ll run through one of two tubes, a buy or a sell tube, to either buy or sell said crypto.

Mr. Goxx has a trading office attached to his regular cage. When he enters his trading office/ headquarters, a livestream starts on Twitch, and his twitter account will let all followers know that Mr. Goxx has started a trading session. Mr. Goxx, located in Germany, is a nocturnal animal, so most streams happen during the night in Europe and day here in the U.S.

A box in the upper right corner of the Twitch stream keeps track of Mr. Goxx’s recent trades. A box at the bottom shows his account value and his returns.

Yes, all of this is real, including the money. Mr. Goxx started with about 270 Euro (about $325 USD), and is up about 20% since his start in June of this year. As of September 12th, Mr. Goxx was performing better than Bitcoin, Nasdaq 100, Warren Buffett, and the S&P 500.

It obviously seems that this business minded hamster is doing this all himself, but there are actually two friends behind the entire operation.

The two friends prefer to stay anonymous. Mr. Goxx’s owner, a lecturer and prototyping specialist, says he likes to spark people’s interest in new technologies, sometimes with humour. The other person involved, a programmer, has been his best friend since university, and helps on the technical side of things.

Mr. Goxx’s cage (trading office) is directly connected to the rest of his cage (or apartment as he likes to call it), and can leave or enter the “high tech automated trading office” at any time.

At the bottom of every Twitch stream, it says “Mr. Goxx is not certified or a licensed trader” and the bottom of every tweet it says “DISCLAIMER This content is for entertainment purposes only. Investments shown here are not financial advice”.

So, will Mr. Goxx become the wealthiest crypto investor ever? Most likely not, is it an interesting distraction from the world we all live in? Definitely. I hope Mr. Goxx has a good rest of his short career (hamsters only live 2-3 years on average). Feel free to check out this business hamster out at @mrgoxx on Twitter and @mr_goxx on both Instagram and Twitch.

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Nail Salon pricing keeps people astonished

Salee Nceuyen, comes all the way from Vietnam just to work at a small-town nail salon.

After coming to Vietnam, later the Covid-19 pandemic occurred and took a toll on the business. Their business closed for seven weeks, and revenue dropped significantly. Older costumers couldn’t come in for risk reasons.

“I would do my nails at home if I had the time, because getting them done is so expensive,” said Wendi Pehrson.

Pricing is the leading reason why so many people don’t get their nails done at a salon. It also takes a lot of time to get them done, when you can spend some time doing them yourself. Getting your nails done with a full schedule and a busy lifestyle is complicated.

Salee has been working at Tammy Nails 2 for five to six years and has fell in love with her job. She learned to do Cosmetology in Murray at Cosmetology school. She loves the atmosphere that comes with the job and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

“I work with people who make me want to come to work every day and I spend quality time with the people I love,” said Nceuyen.

She comes to work and accomplishes so much. Their staff is so efficient, fast, kind, uplifting, and creates a space that brings everyone together. They are willing to deal with any customer’s wishes. I got my nails done for the first time and they were so kind, and I had a welcoming experience.

“When I was younger, I wanted to become an accountant because I was good at math,” said Nceuyen.

Salee recognized after growing up that being an accountant wasn’t the right fit and becoming a nail technician was the best decision she had ever made. Being an accountant wouldn’t create the happiness she has now. She meets new people every day and loves the customers.

“I learned this skill and knew immediately that it would be good for me,” said Nceuyen.

Salee grew to be fond of beauty, the skills it took and knew that she could use these skills forever and quickly put them to use. She loves doing nails and enjoys the places she has worked at. She came from Vietnam to Utah just to achieve her goals.

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Daniel summerhays’s legendary year of teaching

Daniel Summerhays is a retired PGA golfer who came to Davis high school to be a golf coach and pass on his knowledge of leadership and sports.

While in his Professional career as a golfer coach Summerhays had 3 amateur wins and 1 professional win

When asked about how his first year was overall he said

“It has been great, I really enjoyed getting to know some of the students, however, some of the rules and Covid-19 restrictions have been difficult”

Coach Summerhays shared that he will not be coming back next year. this means students lucky enough to have him as a teacher got to enjoy their only year of teaching.

Some of the classes that Coach Summerhays taught were sports marketing, indoor lifetime activities, and leadership. His favorite class to teach was leadership.

When asked about how it was being the golf coach he said

” I enjoyed it, it was great to help some kids out and build good relationships with them.”

He said his favorite time with the golf team was in the championship where they were doing well and were up for the majority of the game, until the very end when the other team managed to slightly nudge out the lead and they ended up taking second.

When asked how he felt about daniel Summerhays as a teacher-student eric beck said “He is a good teacher and he keeps the students engaged and he does a good job at keeping the students active.

My personal opinion on Coach Summerhays is that he does a great job at establishing relationships with his students and he does a fantastic job at making classes fun and interesting.

His closing remarks were that he had learned a lot and feels like he will always be involved in the lives of high school-age youth.

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guayaki yerba mate

my name is Gabe franklin and i am a ambacebador for Guayaki. Guayki is a yerba mate company that started in 1996. Guayki yerba mate and its team of cebadores and hacedores are serving up yerba mate culture and connecting with communities worldwide. led by spirit, guayaki remains a privately held company so that it can steward their vision and ensure the legacy.

on Guyakis website you can find all about their vision. one thing they state is “with a blend of west coast pioneer spirit and argentine hospitality, the inspired semillas took to the road. traveling in a mix of VW vans, pickups, and rv’s, they took the wheel in one hand, and a gourd in the other to the four corners of the united states.

so far working with Guayaki yerba mate has been such a great experience. its a community of people that care so much about the environment and care to make the world a better place. “the regeneration of the planet is at the heart of our business model. every time you purchase Guayaki yerba mate, you’re creating a positive global impact. we call it market driven regeneration, and its the driving force behind everything we do.”

Guayaki is such a great company if you enjoy yerba mate they are the company to go with they care so much about everything in life and try their best make everyone feel cared about and happy. my job with them is to share the company with the community and bring people together in ways such as, concerts, hangouts, parties, or just in the classroom. i feel so blessed and am very happy to be working with this amazing company.

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Tomatoes, the super food to end all super foods. They are in like every good food imaginable. Did you know the Aztecs worshipped tomatoes? No they didn’t. Sorry, I had to.

First food on the board, because I’m hungry, is the tomato sandwich. The basic ingredients are toasted bread (the heathens delight in their untoasted bread), tomatoes (salted and peppered because a tomato is a different thing when its salted and peppered), and mayo (if you like miracle whip please don’t talk to me). This is one of the greatest sandwiches of all time. I remember when my mom made it for me the first time and I thought she was nuts but I ate it and it tasted amazing. Bam! Parenting.

Second, spaghetti sauce. Don’t talk to me about sauce. I’m Italian and my family has a sauce recipe from Italy and so if you show me Prego and Ragu and tell me that’s sauce you can stand over by the miracle whip people. Disgusting. Also note there is a lot of Italian mixed into Argentinian food. I had a lady in my ward from Argentina who made some good sauce, because apparently there’s a lot of Italians in Argentina.

Third, pizza doesn’t really count. If you like saucy pizza, you’re kind of weird. Also, spicy sauce should not be a thing. Y’all can go to the line with the other weirdos.

I know I’m being really judgmental in this story but I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just hungry, I’m right, and I’m sitting on Frey’s couch. I do not mean anything mean or offensive unless you like that stuff I said earlier. Please forgive me or don’t I don’t really care anymore. See  ya’ later boys and girls, I’m gonna do nothing for the rest of the week of this class.

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Dogecoin tanks after Elon Musk SNL appearance

Saturday Night Live is an Emmy Award winning Television show that is heading into its 46th season. It has been credited throughout the years with many funny one-liners in their memorable skits. SNL does a good job of providing satire for current world issues.

One way SNL gains such a big following is through famous guest appearances like Justin Timberlake or the Rock.  Last weekend, SNL decided that billionaire Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk would be great for the show given his media attention across the platform.

Elon Musk is known for many accomplishments including Tesla and Space X, but another thing Elon is known for is his influence on the stock market and crypto currencies like Bit Coin and Doge coin. Elon uses his social media platforms like Twitter to get the word out about a certain Crypto he is targeting.

Doge coin was created in 2013 by Billy Markus, a software engineer, and his coworker, Jackson Palmer. It features the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the Doge meme and was initially created as a joke payment system in the start of the crypto trading world. However, it soon gained ground after Elon Musk boarded the Doge train a few years ago.

Days leading up to Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL, Doge was trading at record highs. Doge was already up from less than a cent at the beginning of the 2021 trading year, to over 75 cents thanks to Elon Musk and his famous tweets like “Doge to the moon”. Reddit page r/wallstreetbets, known for their successful take on the Gamestop group trade, also fueled the rise of Doge with many viral posts showing accounts with millions of dollars of doge making upwards of 50 percent their values.

As Elon Musk made his appearance on stage, he was asked a few questions and things went downhill fast. Elon referred to Doge as a side hustle which did not settle right with his followers. Doge immediately tanked from 75 cents to almost 45 following his appearance. Elon tried to save it in the following days with more tweets, but the damage had already been done and his efforts made no difference. Doge was down and remains down to this day as it bounces between 49 and 50 cents daily. The Doge Dollar dreams are now further out of reach than ever before.

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Trump dominates other GOP candidates in Utah poll

The 2020 election was a whirlwind for both Democrats and Republicans as it managed to be the biggest voter turnout in history. Current President Joe Biden managed to receive 81 million votes while former President Donald Trump managed to receive 74 million votes. Former President Trump did not take it lightly when he lost claiming that the election was “fraudulent” and “stolen”, but the past is the past for the former President. Donald Trump has his sights set on 2024 and many Utahns believe he will come back as the GOP’s candidate for President. 

In a recent poll, 250 Utahns out of the 400 polled, stated that former President Trump would be the GOP’s nominee for President in 2024. 

“Of course Trump is coming back. If you watched his interviews with Sean Hannity and Candace Owens, you definitely get the vibe he is coming back. Now we wait to see if he injects himself into the Republican primaries in 2022.” 

Stated an anonymous person when asked why they believed Trump would be the nominee.

It is no secret that former President Trump is going to be a big part of the future for the GOP whether that means backing a candidate or running himself. Many believe Trump will be the one running. Many Utahns have expressed that they are not over Trump and want him back. They have not liked what the Biden administration has done, and they believe that Trump is man of his word. However, they are concerned that if Trump is on the ticket, he will split the Republican vote. A series of events can happen over the next couple of years to determine what happens, but many believe the former President will be back. 

Donald Trump’s political plans are dominating political conversations today. More moderate Republicans that I communicated with believed that Trump has already “roasted his goose” and that he should back a strong candidate for President instead. The candidate that most people want Donald to back is Governor Ron DeSantis of FloridaRepublicans and Democrats alike were impressed with how Governor DeSantis has handled the reopening of Florida. They also firmly believe that DeSantis will appeal to both extreme Republicans and the more moderate ones.

“I would fully back Ron DeSantis. I will be honest when I say how I like he has kept Florida open and how he always put Florida first. I thoroughly believe Governor DeSantis should run for President of the United States.” 

Stated a registered Democrat in Utah to me.

The prospect of a 2024 campaign for Trump has been characterized as coy. The biggest factor behind this could be in large part to campaign financing rules. The former President has until the Republican primaries in 2022 to announce his run for President. 

While the 2024 election seems like a lifetime away, it is a lot closer than what many think. The GOP is looking forward to it because they have a strong conviction; they can reclaim the White House and Democrats believe they can curb they Republicans.

“I will say today that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. He will come back stronger than ever and make sure that everyone knows he loves America. Even if he decides to not come back, I am sure that the GOP will put forth a great candidate. I look forward to the 2024 election.”

Declared an anonymous person who was polled.

These next couple of months will be wild but as Trump says supporters will be “very happy” with what he decides. 


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A Whimsical Female Lead That’s Actually Done Right

Last weekend I drove up to Logan to hang out with my best friend. While there, my friend and I watched the 1998 romcom movie “You’ve Got Mail.” Most straight romcoms are cringey and repetitive, so I tend to steer clear unless it’s to make fun of them. Surprisingly enough, I actually really liked this one.

The movie follows the story of Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan), a small bookstore owner in New York and her struggle to keep her shop open as a new, bigger bookstore opens across the way. Joe Fox (played by Tom Hanks) is the cause of this disruption in Kelly’s flow. As a co-owner of the new bookstore, Fox is a detached businessman who sees only profit.

While this financial struggle is occurring, both Kelly and Fox are emailing back and forth with people they’ve met in an online chat room. They share their thoughts and feelings about life without giving specifics about who they are exactly. Little do they know that the person they’ve been emailing is the very person they consider to be their real life enemy!

The plot is simple and straightforward enough. What I really enjoyed about the movie was the character of Kathleen Kelly.

When the movie first starts, we are introduced to the characters in their normal, day-to-day lives. Kathleen Kelly’s character is free-spirited and down to earth, loving her simple work in the bookshop—she is friendly and lighthearted. Because of this, I was kind of worried that I’d be watching another “manic pixie dream girl” trope happen.

We’ve seen it a million times before—a whimsical, two-dimensional woman steps into the life of a stoic man who couldn’t care less about other people. She changes his world and saves him from misery, making him see that everything is beautiful and lovely, etc.

The manic pixie dream girl trope actually has an official definition in the dictionary, as follows: a type of female character depicted as vivacious and appealingly quirky, whose main purpose within the narrative is to inspire a greater appreciation for life in a male protagonist.

I was happily surprised to find that the character Kathleen Kelly, while upbeat and cheerful, was not overly idolize as an angelical being. Kelly is bright and fun, but still a grounded adult who has weaknesses and imperfections. She’s adorable and happy without being shallow.

Kelly works in her cute little bookshop, finding happiness in the little ways she personally serves her customers. Despite loving her job, we see her question whether or not she is truly satisfied with what she is doing with her life. Kelly longs for something big or exciting to happen to shake things up.

This desire for something more is a source of insecurity for Kelly. Venturing out into something unknown frightens her, but she knows she can’t stay in the same place forever and be happy with her life.

Kathleen Kelly has a big heart and is totally an extrovert—her friendly demeanor sets the atmosphere for her little shop. What I found refreshing was that throughout the movie, Kelly gets frustrated and irritated with people. There’s actually a wide range of emotion that Kelly experiences in the duration of the movie.

Kelly gets annoyed with Joe Fox, finding him to be insensitive and overly blunt. Fox’s impersonal business mindset grates against her own outlook on business. Even though Kelly feels spite towards Fox, she struggles to verbalize it. Kelly discusses this struggle with her friend, confiding that she desperately wishes she could think of the right thing to say in the moment.

Near the end of the movie, Kelly finally comes up with the perfect zinger to say to her enemy. Immediately after it comes out of her mouth, she’s filled with regret and shame. Even though she wanted to say exactly what she said, her empathetic nature takes over her feelings.

Through small moments like this, the show displays a woman that is optimistic, kind, and completely human. This movie could easily have turned Kathleen Kelly into a stale, perfectly happy woman with too much enthusiasm to be realistic, but it didn’t. The movie showed a real person, rather than an ideal. The dimension given to Kelly’s character only adds to her endearing relatability.

Because of the success of Kathleen Kelly’s character and the development of the plot, I really liked “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s a movie that I would love to watch again. If you’re looking for a fun romcom that actually has some depth to it, I’d recommend this one.

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Are masks permanently changing how we express ourselves?

Masks are on virtually everyone’s face, but what will it be like when they are gone?

For many kids in America, wearing a face mask at school all day is the new normal. Whether it’s in the classroom, hallways, or bathroom, masks are always worn over the mouth and nose.

Most workplaces have also adopted mask policies and social distancing measures. Stores, theatres, gas stations; everywhere we go, there are masks.

As a lot of us have seen, this has changed how we talk to each other. For one, we have to speak louder than before; masks muffle and absorb sounds, making pronunciation more critical than ever before.

I’ve found that wearing masks also changes how we use facial expressions to communicate. Since our noses and mouths are covered, eyes and eyebrows are the only thing that really keeps our faces from being expressionless.

When talking to someone else, sometimes I have to remind myself to move my eyebrows, so they know that I am engaged in what they are saying. I am making facial expressions during the conversation, but the micro expressions are a lot less visible with a mask on.

It feels almost cartoonish to over-exaggerate what faces I make, and I have a feeling that once masks are no longer required, seeing everyone’s facial expressions will take some adjusting to.

Masks are kind of nice for people who have social anxiety; for example, I can lip sync to my music without worrying about who is looking at me. And if you have an RBF, masks are definitely your friend. No one can judge you for looking upset.

I’ve caught myself making a lot really odd faces underneath my mask while walking around campus. I’ll just be moving my face muscles randomly out of boredom. Realizing that people would be able to see me doing all this if it weren’t for my mask makes me laugh. I must look insane!

This got me wondering about how different it will be to talk to people face to face, without masks, after the pandemic has died out (whenever that will be). Will we go back to how things were before, or will we be permanently adjusted to them?

Seeing the entire face of a stranger weirds me out. I’m so used to only being able to see from the eyes up that seeing noses and chins will feel strange. And since mask mandates are present in almost every county, it has started to feel illegal to me. Like no, full face viewing is not allowed.

Maybe it’s just something I think about, but I am very curious to see how facial masks change the everyday interactions between classmates, employees, customers, and strangers. Will we feel and act normal when the masks are gone? Or will our social circles be forever changed?

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The licorice conundrum: Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

Which do you prefer, Twizzlers or Red Vines? This is the question that has plagued everyone’s mind for years.

Everyone has their own opinions on this, and I personally have gotten in some pretty heated arguments about this topic.

Red Vines are considerably more popular on social media. On Twitter, Red Vines has more than 64,000 followers which is 16,000 more followers than Twizzlers have. Red Vines also has more followers of Facebook. On Instagram, Twizzlers doesn’t even have an account while Red Vines has a lot of followers.

However, in 2019 Twizzlers was the best-selling licorice brand in the U.S. with sales amounting to about 102.2 million units. This raises the question: Does it matter which is more popular on social media if they don’t end up actually buying and eating the product? compares the pros and cons of both Twizzlers and Red Vines. They compare calories, ingredients, consistency, taste, and healthiness. Ultimately, they declare Twizzlers to be the winners debate. They say that although Red Vines are healthier, Twizzlers have a better flavor overall.

Twizzlers fans say that Red Vines are too waxy tasting and get too stale and hard and hurt your teeth. Red Vines fans rebuttal this by saying that Twizzlers taste like plastic and aren’t as healthy.

Personally, I think that Twizzlers are far superior to Red Vines. The taste alone makes me support Twizzlers because I agree that Red Vines taste like a weird waxy, chalky mix.

The only pro I will agree with about Red Vines is that they work better as a straw. Who doesn’t want to drink out of licorice? However, Twizzlers still work as a straw so they still win in my books.

There are some people who don’t like licorice at all and think we’re all crazy for caring about something as trivial as which brand of licorice tastes better. However, they will never understand the importance of this debate. In most statistics, the two candies are evenly tied. even goes so far as to say “Maybe there are some things humanity was never to find out.” in relation to which licorice is the victor.

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My Experience Trying Out for Davis High Soccer Team

Last week, on March 1st, 2021, was the very first Davis High Soccer tryout for the 2021 spring season. It was hosted at Ponds Parks, located in west Kaysville just off Burton Lane starting at 3:15 sharp.

This year will be my senior year on the team. I had played on the team my freshman and sophomore years in previous seasons, but decided to take a break for my junior season, due to education courses that would get in the way. The pressure was on after not touching a ball for a whole year.

The very first tryout was really relaxed. There were 72 players that they divided into four teams and we just scrimmaged on two different fields while the coaches watched. I got to get some touches on the ball and condition a little bit before the tryouts intensity picked up. They made no cuts the first tryout, so we would be rolling into the second with 72 student athletes still.

The second tryout was more or less the same. The pace of the game had definitely started to pick up due to the fear of the first cuts, which is always the largest of the player cuts so everyone was giving their all. After the tryouts, we all waited to see the results of the cut.

They were posted on the front office doors of Davis High School at 7pm that night. Only 52 players were left,  and 20 kids have been cut, I had survived first cuts.

Wednesday. It’s final tryout day. By 7pm tonight, this years Davis High School boys soccer team would be decided. They could cut anywhere from 10-14 players, and I had to make sure that I was not one of them. I played my heart out to make sure the coaches would have a difficult decision. There were 2 other seniors who took a break and decided to come back for their final year as well, and I knew it would come down to who out of us 3 they would take.

After playing my heart out, I hit the gym to keep myself busy as I waited for the clock to hit 7pm again to go check if I had made final cuts. I couldn’t stay focused while I lifted weights nervously. After what seemed like forever, I finally headed to the High School to see if I would be on this years Davis High Soccer team.

As I arrived, I parked in the visitor parking. I saw players walking back with their heads down as well as ones celebrating jumping in joy, and I wondered which one I would be. I walked up nervously, only to find out that I had made the team! A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing I did it. This season was about to be the best one yet. I knew how hard I was going to have to work, but I knew the reward would be worth it in the end.

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