The Villain of the NFL?

Antonio Brown has absolutely rattled the world of sports. Antonio Brown, once Pittsburg’s star wide receiver, has now joined the NFL’s most hated team. Brown had a falling out with the Steelers organization and requested to “get out of the town.” Brown’s management teams first option was the New England Patriots. The Steelers shut that down quickly due to the fact that the Patriots are in their same division, and because AB couldn’t get to his preferred destination. He then went to the Oakland Raiders.

While in Oakland he was more of a headache than an asset. AB started off the pre-season without being able to play because he had frostbite in both his feet. When he was able to start playing, they wouldn’t let him wear the helmet that he preferred because it wasn’t up to code with the NFL’s standards. He held out for a long time because of the helmet issue and received a lot of criticism for his stance on this because people felt like he was complaining about nothing. When he finally announced that he was going to play, the Raiders organization fined him for his holdout. This was the boiling point for Antonio, and he wanted out.

Antonio Brown had a fight with the GM and said some racial slurs and threatened to fight him. AB consulted a social media specialist to try and get released as fast as possible. AB recorded a phone call he had with John Gruden, where Gruden told him to stop and just play football then it was posted on social media. Brown’s plan worked.

Saturday morning Antonio Brown was released from the Oakland Raiders. Everyone was happy because they wouldn’t have to hear about the, “cry baby” for a while until he became another team’s headache.

At 4:10 p.m. ET on Saturday, Antonio Brown shocked the football world and became one of the most hated players in the NFL. He joined the NFL’s most hated team, a complete dynasty, a team that already seemed unstoppable with the likes of Tom Brady, Julian Eddleman, Josh Gordan, And Phillip Dorsett. Antonio Brown is now a Patriot.

The Patriots Started off the season with an absolute dominate performance of the Steelers with a score of 33-3. The patriots looked like they don’t even need Antonio Brown, but with one of the best receivers in the league their offense will be seemingly Unstoppable.

The New England Patriots are the best football franchise ever. They have won two of the last three super bowls while going to all three. They have the best quarterback to ever do it, Tom Brady. He has more rings than the Steelers, who have the second most rings in NFL history after the Patriots.

The Patriots take a lot of criticism for being so good and for taking players who cause other team’s headaches. The culture of the Patriots is very important to them and they wouldn’t let anyone change it. If you don’t mend into the organization, you are gone.

New England is known for taking players who have “problems” and that no one really wants because the are too much of a distraction. Randy moss was one of the best receivers ever but he was really mouthy and no one wanted him. The Patriots got him, and in his first year with them he got 23 touchdowns, his career high.  Just a few years ago the patriots picked up Josh Gordon, he has been one of the best receivers in the game since he joined the league in 2012, but he was a “problem”. He broke the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was indefinitely suspended by the NFL. After he was reinstated, he was traded to the New England Patriots. He is now back at full strength and is right back where he left off.

Antonio Brown was a Patriot for about three days before being accused of sexual assault. This just adds to what comes with Brown, and the timing of this allegation is very peculiar. Brittney Taylor has accused Brown of sexually harassing her three different times from 2017-18. The question rises why didn’t she come forward at an earlier date? Brown has been a huge name in sports for many years, so why does she come out when there is already a lot of hate around him with all of the team switching drama? Brown has come out and said that these allegations are false, and that he is going to fight the case and countersuit her. Supposedly Brown and Taylor were involved in a consensual relationship and anything that happened was consensual. Taylor is asking for money damages by saying that, she has been too afraid to come forward before now. Brown will not go to jail, even if he is found guilty. The Patriots are still not sure if he is going to play on Sunday against the Dolphins. Bill Belicheck has said,

“They are taking it day by day.”

If any organization can deal with all the crazy drama that comes with Antonio Brown, it is the New England Patriots. They have the most experience out of any organization and have done an amazing job with rehabilitating players and keeping their culture the best in the League.

Is Antonio Brown Guilty? If the Patriots can’t rehabilitate him, then who can?

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European Life

I recently had the opportunity to go to London and Denmark with my parents. There are a lot of cool things I noticed that are pretty contrary to things we do here in the states.

When we  left the U.S. we stopped in New York because we had a layover. We then had another six and a half hour flight to London. When we got there we were very tired from our flight and our body clocks were off because it was 6:00 in the morning when we got there. But that didn’t stop us from touring the city.

I was amazed at all the architecture because a lot of it was very old and Victorian era buildings. I was also shocked by how clean the city was compared to some of our big cities here in the states. I also noticed this in Copenhagen, Denmark, but even more so. It seemed like they took the time to care for their cities and streets and make sure all of it was clean and welcoming in a sense.

The second thing I noticed was portion sizes with food. They eat a lot less than we do, and it shows. I noticed how there were considerably less obese people. It also seemed like the food all over the place was more clean and healthy. In grocery stores, convenience stores and just anywhere you can get snacks or food, there is way less sugary products and more healthy options.

But most of all it was a great experience to see how different they live than we do. I am serving an LDS mission in Denmark in June, and it made me so much more excited. I truly can’t wait to get back to Denmark.

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To stay hydrated, get a Hydro Flask!

The average person needs to drink 64 ounces of water a day. The most convenient way for people to stay hydrated is carrying a water bottle with them throughout their day. With all the different brands & styles, who’s to know what kind of water bottle a person should get?

Fear not, for Hydro Flasks are easily the best water bottles out there. The classic, sleek design makes for easy personalization. There’s something for everybody with the wide variety of colors & designs. Many people choose to accessorize their Hydro with Flex Boots, different colored caps, & lots of stickers.

Some might argue that Hydro Flask’s biggest competitor, Yeti, makes better water bottles. That’s absolutely incorrect because Hydro Flasks are easier to carry and come in more customization styles.

Junior Robin Nelson says, “I love my Hydro Flask more than my life. It’s my favorite color, & it keeps my water cold. I’m running to dance & even if I have to leave my water in my car, it’s still cold.” She ends with this, a steely glint in her eye really showing how strongly she feels. “I hate hot water.”

Do yourself a favor, & toss out that old excuse of a water bottle & get yourself a Hydro Flask. They’re available at a number of retailers, including Tilly’s at Station Park. Stay hydrated!

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The debate that’s breaking all of our hearts

In 1973 the supreme court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that abortion is legal and the rights of the woman. Recently those ideals have been questioned and people are wanting them to change. There are at least 8 other states who have limited abortion laws  and are wanting to overturn the supreme court decision in 1973. In Georgia the governor, Brian Kemp, just passed a bill that stated you cannot get an abortion after a heartbeat is detected which can be as early as 6 weeks. 17 states are considering passing the heartbeat bill. In Alabama the governor, Kay Ivey, just passed a bill saying you can’t get an abortion after 6 weeks even if it was incest or rape. The consequences for getting an abortion can be prison time for 10-30 years.

The pro-life or pro-choice debates have been going on a lot in the past week and there have been a lot of people putting their opinions out on social media. I think one thing that is not talked about enough is that pro- choice doesn’t mean “pro- abortion.” I think that you can support freedom of choice but that doesn’t mean that you think that abortion is a “good thing.” One of the best things about the United States is that we have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves and our own family. The frustrating thing about what is going on right now is that the government is imposing themselves on the personal decisions of a family. These new laws are not only taking away women’s rights but family rights as well. As much as there needs to be restrictions on abortion the laws in Georgia and Alabama are too much because they are basically forcing a pregnancy.

People will get abortions for many different reasons and it’s not fair to assume that any situation is the same. Every family or woman that decides to get an abortion goes through different situations and nobody will know why they made the decision they did, and because we have the right to privacy they don’t have to talk about it. There are so many grey areas when it comes to abortion and it’s no one else’s choice to decide whats best for the woman or the family. As a citizen of the United States you have the right to choose what you do with your life and nobody should be able to take that from you.

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Is Dating a Thing of the Past??

Do people still go on “dates” anymore, or do they prefer to just hangout in large groups?

Technology has changed the way people date. Texting makes it easy to get to know people without something like going to dinner and a movie. Dating is a more classy way to get to know someone you’re interested in. A lot of people, though, have not been on a real date and have just adapted the idea of just hanging out. It is more comfortable, and there is not as many awkward moments typically.

Hanging out is a good way to get to know someone better. This can get you to the point where you can comfortably ask them on a date. Dates are not a thing of the past, they are just less frequent because of technology and the way people socialize now.

On the other hand, some may consider it to be a thing of the past because kids now-days are more interested in the superficial parts of dating and being with someone for a while. They focus on other things like school, or they don’t focus on anything at all. I think that kids are losing the desire to be in long term relationships. These days kids like just hanging out instead of organized dates.

I think dating is both modern and a thing of the past because of the way dating has evolved these days.

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Graham Jarvis: Best in The World!

#1 in the world, Graham Jarvis is the best extreme enduro-rider in the game today!

Born in England on April 21, 1975, he has been riding his whole life. He won his first trials event when he was only 10 years old. He continues to live in Yorkshire England today, traveling around the world riding. He rides a Husquvarna 300TE.

Extreme-enduro is a pretty new sport that requires riders to try and ride through seemingly impossible terrain. The terrain covers about everything from boulders, mud, steep rocky inclines, to man-made obstacles like log piles, motorway barriers, large rocks, and tractor tiers.

To be able ride these conditions, Graham Jarvis has to do a lot of modifications to his bike. He has lightened the suspension, added on a FMF exhaust pipe, he uses Hinson basket, and his clutch is made to be able to take large amounts of stress (like when he races in Erzberg).

Erzberg is an Austrian motorcycle enduro-race that began in 1995. It’s held annually in either May or June. It’s held in an open pit mine. At the beginning of the race about 500 riders start from crawling up the walls of the mine. One of the hardest sections of the race is called Carl’s Dinner. In the 2015 race the very first to arrive to this section was Graham Jarvis.

Graham Jarvis has won the 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Erzberg.

He has also won the

Red Bull Romaniacs – 2008, 2011,2012,2013, 2016, 2017

Hell’s Gate – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017

Roof of Africa – 2013, 2015, 2016

Red Bull Sea to Sky- 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Scottish Six Days Trial – 1998, 1999, 2004, 2006

And that’s why Graham Jarvis is the best in the world!

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IT Chapter Two

The IT Chapter 2 trailer was recently released and all you need to know is it looks amazing.

Stephen King’s “IT” which was written in September of 1986 and was made into a movie in 1990. Director, Andres Muschietti took it into his hands to revamp this twisted thriller. The first chapter of IT was remade and released in 2017 and it was just as good as was hyped. The director did a very good job of bringing modern horror and fear to the already familiar face of Pennywise and all he is.

The second Chapter is set to take place with the characters being kids in the first who are now adults. Pennywise is resurfacing after his 27 year hibernation period to get his revenge, after the kids escaped his grasp in the first.

The beginning of the trailer takes place with Beverly back in Derry at the house she grew up in. An elderly women now owned the house and invited Beverly inside for tea. Beverly starts wondering and looking at the pictures on the walls and sees the face of the infamous clown. At this point you’re gonna have to go watch this hair raising trailer to get the full effect.

This movie is becoming more and more hyped with the release date being so far away. Strong recommendation to go watch the trailer and to see it in theaters come September.

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The music we listen too

Throughout the world and history music has been and still is an extremely important part of humanity. Proof of its existence since the beginning of man has been discovered.  The oldest instrument, is a bone flute from a cave in Germany, carbon dates to 35000 years ago. The first complete musical composition is the Seikilos epitaph its written on a gravestone that resides in modern day turkey, and has been decided to be from the first or second century AD.  the first known written song is cuneiform, a Hurian hymn written 3400 years ago. The credited founder of music itself is Iranian king Jashmid, with his rule during the eliminate empire that existed from 2500 BC to 644 BC, but presumably it existed before then because humans have had vocal chords longer than that.

Quite clearly music has had a major influence on our world. In modern times though, hymns, operas and classical music were the most significant as it started out, but, as we progressed, so did music, leading us to the 1,264 genres we have now.

It has been used a long time as a way of helping to get through work. A great example of this is music that slaves would sing while on the plantation, though just songs at the time, the significance of African american culture in music is substantial. so substantial that in my age group the genres of music they are accredited for is most listened to.

Here in Davis high, I took a poll of 60 students and the outcome of the best wasn’t surprising. Coming in first was rap, with just over a third at 22 people voting it as their favorite. A tie at second place, with country and punk rock with 14 people each, though both of these are much lower nationwide, in Utah culture seems to make them popular. A three way tie comes in at 3rd place, with rock, alternative, and electronic all having 3. Though in third in this sample, nationwide in all age groups, rock makes up 21.7 of favorites, which put it in first. What was even more shocking is what came in last, pop with only 1 person saying it was their favorite, because nationwide, its only 1.6 percent less than rock, so barely number 2.

The United States is a very diverse place, with diverse music choices. My sample did not really reflect our nation at all of all ages, and not too similar to our age group too. The culture here in this area of Davis country though, the culture is very different from the rest of the United States, so maybe its that influencing our favorites, or maybe its just something else.

Whatever it may be, and whatever your favorite genre may be, in the long run it doesn’t matter as long as you like what you listen to.

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Game of thrones: the best show ever?

While going through your daily lives, it is likely that you have heard of the hit show Game of Thrones. The enormous fan base produces a very outgoing, persistent, and obsessed demographic. If you have not ever watched the show, hopefully this article can provide insight on why people become so addicted to it.

Game of thrones started off as a book series by George R. R. Martin. The first book in the series came out in 1996 and became vastly popular prior to the release of the second book. Shortly after the drop of the book on the market, it swiftly became a New York Times best seller with thousands of people reading the adventurous tales of George R. R. Martin.

Game of thrones is well known for the medieval political drama and deep character development. You will constantly hear fans talk about events in the show like the red wedding and lots of the dramatic scenes. Most of the well known characters include, Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, and Jon Snow.

The amount of viewers recorded on the show is truly incredible. An average of 18 million viewers per season. The amount of viewers for each season trumps the populations of countries like Greece, Portugal, Cuba, Israel, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

If you have interest in game of thrones, I recommend it tremendously. But you might want to hurry up, the last and final season of the show, season 8, is out and the show is almost at the season finale!

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Effects of Social Media

In today’s world, social media is one of our biggest forms of communication and entertainment, but has anyone really thought of the side effects of constantly being in a digital world of measuring up to other people and constantly comparing.

Social media is often a place where people only share the good side of things. A lot of the time when people post things on social media they are looking for likes and comments on their posts. This has been proven to raise endorphins and give a temporary rush of happiness or adrenaline. This is why when people are away from their phones, they feel a sense of withdrawal and can even have symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Social media is also a place where a lot of negative can be. People feel a sense of security when they are behind a phone screen or computer screen. This is why people will comment or post nasty things that tear others down and make people feel not good enough.

Social media is also taking away our basic ways of communication in person. We are not branching out as much and having face to face human interaction. This is not teaching the younger generation of kids how to talk with others and read emotions because often times, you can not see emotions through the other end of the screen.


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Nature Vs Nurture

Nature Vs Nurture, two clashing ideas that have been debated for ages and will be for generations to come. The whole concept of the debate is whether or not someones personality and habits are inherited from the family gene pool. On the other side, it is debated that a personality is influenced by the environment it grows up in and in some cases consumed by it.

The theory debate was first credited to psychologist Sir Francis Galton. After the publishing of his book, Hereditary Genius in 1869, the argument was born. Although philosophers and scientists before Francis Galton had discussed one side of the theory, they had yet to discuss both sides from an argumentative standpoint. For example, during the Greek Classical Period, Plato favored nature, and disputed with Aristotle who favored nurture. Other important figures like John Locke also looked into the debate.

The nature side of the debate, is debated whether or not the characteristics of a person, like personality and habits are passed down through the family gene pool. Scientists continue to study aspects like aggression and intelligence and are trying to prove the nature theory and how a personality is embedded into someones DNA.

The Nature theory suggest that biological genes are predetermined by birth. Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato, believed that knowledge is also embedded within the mind. He also believed that in order for the mind to make sense of experiences, it must have a built in structure to learn from them. Thus disputing with Aristotle’s views and beliefs.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

On the other side of the argument, the nurture theory states that the personality and habits of a person are influenced by the environment around them. Aristotle, who contributed to the ideas behind western history, believed in and also contributed to the creation of the nurture theory. He eventually developed the idea of empiricism and that repetition brings excellence.

The idea behind empiricism, is that knowledge is obtained through the our senses like sight and sound. Empiricism once built upon led to the nurture theory. This created a clash with those who believed in the powers of reason and rationalism. From then philosophers and scientists built upon the theory until it became what we know it as today, Nature Vs. Nurture.



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The effect sleep deprivation has on school performance

No matter where you go, students will undoubtedly blame their performance in school on how much sleep they get. because let’s face it; high school and college students are not getting the recommended amount of sleep per day.

However, exactly how much is our lack of sleep affecting how well students do in school?

A defining characteristic in daily life is that we live in cycles. The cycle on which we sleep and wake up everyday is called our circadian rhythm. These circadian rhythms can be thrown off by a demanding schedule and by stress, both of which are very prevalent in high school lifestyles.

Since sleep affects your academic and mental ability, an unbalanced sleep schedule can decrease your academic performance by up to a full letter grade.

When you are sleep deprived you tend to have difficulty learning, remembering, and impulse control. Even losing 15 minutes of sleep can effect your academic performance significantly.

Another factor of how sleep affects your performance is a concept called sleep debt. Basically sleep debt is the fact that lost sleep cannot be gained back overnight.

If you only sleep for 5 hours, you can’t gain back the sleep you lost that night in one weekend. It takes at least 2 weeks of consistent and healthy sleeping to get rid of sleep debt.

So how can high school students maintain  their sleep schedules and stay out of “sleep debt”?

A couple of good solutions are first getting a sleep schedule organized into your daily routine of at least 9 hours per night. Sleep should not be considered as optional, but necessary for academic success. Also, sleeping in a cold, dark room with no electronics or caffeine before going to bed.

Sleep is one of the most important, yet most overlooked factors in determining your academic performance and success. Maintaining your circadian rhythm and sleep schedule can help you reach your fullest potential in school and in other areas of your life.






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Taylor Swift’s new song ft. Brendon Urie disappointed us all

Taylor Swift’s new song featuring Brendan Urie is extremely disappointing. The new song called “ME!” had a lot of hype from Taylor’s fans, there were lots of countdowns and Taylor even started posted on her Instagram again. In short, this song had high expectations.

Taylor Swift in the past is known for her writing songs about past relationships, and her latest album is more about recent drama that she has had with other stars. ME! is about how Taylor is narcissistic and crazy (which are not unknown facts).

Bredon Urie is in the band Panic! at the Disco. He has gained a large following and has many die hard fans. Taylor Swift making a song with Brendon Urie got a lot of people excited. Sadly, Brendon’s vocals were not represented very well by the song. The song also is not very unique compared to some of her other songs. It isn’t very revolutionary like her last two albums were.

The song also has some odd lyrics in the song. Taylor sings a part saying, “and there’s a lot of cool chicks out there,” while Brendon sings, “there’s a lot of lame guys out there,” which I don’t fully understand the point of this saying that they both also sing about them being hard to deal with. It’s an odd choice of lyrics that also seem pretty juvenile at some level. There’s also a part of the song saying “Hey kids! Spelling is fun!” which is supposed to be funny, but it’s really just more cringe worthy. Taylor Swift typically has creative song lyrics, but with this song her fans were expecting more.

I don’t dislike Taylor Swift or Brendon Urie. The song was disappointing and didn’t represent either of their voices very well. The song was supposed to really fun and it was. The music video is very pretty and colorful but the song on its own is nothing special.  I really wanted to like this song but there were a lot of parts of it that were odd and not very interesting.

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Does homework actually have benefits?

As time goes on the question of if homework has benefits is brought up a lot in the academic world. This debate is mostly between the students, who believe homework is not beneficial; and teachers, who believe that homework is a necessary part in their curriculum. As time goes on, homework is slowly starting to disappear from the scene for many teachers, but not all. Is homework necessary? Is there such thing as over doing homework students with homework?

Most, if not all, students of elementary, jr high, or high school, or any sort of school, students do not enjoy when teachers start handing out homework. When asked if homework has any sort of academic growth, Cole Jensen, a junior here at Davis, said, “I don’t believe homework has any benefit to my academic growth, I think the only benefit that comes with homework is so teachers can put something into their grading system.”

Cole also states later in the interview, “If a teacher is doing their job correctly, the classroom lessons and work should be enough for kids to learn.”

When asked a question similar to the previous, Brody Inman, another junior here at Davis, claims, “Teachers are putting to much emphasis on a grade, rather than their students learning. Teachers hand out homework and give grades based on their assignments.”

The upcoming kids and future generations of the world are in the hands of these educators, and homework is not the solution to improving the academics and smarts of them. Homework only adds stress to the stress already in place from the emphasis that is put on grades in today’s age. There are many solutions that could be used to make the world of academia a better experience for the younger generations; removing homework and relieving the stress enhancing busy work teachers put out known as “homework” can be a huge start to enhancing the educations of the future generations.

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Do injuries ruin sports?

Sports are, and will always be, a major part of the world we live in. Kids live their whole childhood dreaming of playing their sport under the big lights and reaping all the rewards that sports can offer. Sports can change a persons life in a drastic way, not just physically, but socially and mentally as well. In many sports, injuries can be not only likely, but inevitable. Many people may even argue that the cons in sports outweigh the pros.

Kids and teens have been actively participating in sports for decades even with the knowledge of possible injuries. Trace Dunn and KO Fisher were both members of the Davis High Football team for all three years of high school. Trace suffered 11 shoulder dislocations in his last year of Wrestling and Football, and KO tore both ACLs in his time with the Football and Basketball team. Both players were asked, “If you knew about all the injuries you’d have in high school beforehand, would you still play?”

Trace Dunn answered, “Of course. The doctor told me that I had a 100% chance of dislocating my shoulder again going into my senior year of football. I decided to not tell my parents because I knew they would make me quit and that’s not what I wanted. I wouldn’t have traded the season I had for anything.”

Ko Fisher answered the same question, “Yes I would still play. Sports have been a huge part of my life and has shaped who I am. Even with injuries I have learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.”

These players would both argue that the positives that come from sports outweighs the negative by a lot. KO went on to miss his senior year of football, but recover in time to play his senior basketball season and help the Darts to the State Semifinal game. Injuries can be extremely difficult both physically and mentally, but the players who have to go through it learn so much that helps set them up to go onto life after high school.

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Climate Change: a world fight

Emissions have been falling gradually in recent years in most of the developed countries, in part because of economic weakness but also because of strengthening climate policies. Emissions in the 28-nation European Union fell 1.8 percent in 2013, which is already a great advantage, including Germany and Poland among those, both developed and industrial nations. Emissions decreased also in Britain, Italy, Spain and other countries too.

The increase of these and other gases from human activity has caused the planet to warm by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since the pre-industrial era, which is causing land ice to melt all over the world. The oceans are rising at what appears to be an accelerating pace, and heat waves and torrential rains are intensifying. There are multiple studies that assume lands will be completely under water in a few years. And yes, you should worry about it even if you don’t live by the coast.

YES, this is a world fight, and we have been doing  a good job in protecting the earth, in multiple ways. But there is a lot more that needs to be done. Projects, agreements and treads such as the Kyoto Protocol, that commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions signed by some countries in 1997 in Japan, and also, the Rio+20, that was the third international conference on sustainable development aimed at reconciling the economic and environmental goals of the global community, in Brazil, 2012.


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Heavyweight title fight in question after boxer tests positive for PED

Anthony Joshua was supposed to defend his title belts against Jarrell Miller on June 1st, but now the fight is in question because Miller tested positive for banned substances.

Miller lost a huge opportunity because Anthony Joshua is widely considered the most popular boxer and is the heavyweight champion of the world. In 22 professional bouts Joshua has never lost and has won 21 of those fights by knockout.

Miller tested positive for three banned substances, GW1516, HGH, and EPO. This is an unprecedented amount of substances being found in someone’s system.

Before Miller was caught with these substances, they had a press conference for their fight. At the press conference Miller and Joshua faced off and things got dicey. As Joshua faced off with Miller, Miller shoved Joshua hard and things only got worse from there. As they were talking trash at each other Miller said some things about Joshua’s mother and he did not like it. Joshua then went on to say that he is Miller’s mothers landlord and that he is paying her rent.

It is not a part of Joshua’s character to talk smack like this, because he is normally very respectful towards opponents. Joshua is still training for June 1st and is looking for someone to fill Miller’s spot.

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DHS Newsies to rock musical theatre competition

This last November, the DHS Musical Productions class put on an incredible performance of Disney’s Newsies. They were the 2nd high school in the state of Utah and 11th in the country to perform this show as the musical rights had just been released the preceding spring. The class of 70, in addition to the stage crew, worked hard all through the summer and fall to get the show as good it could be. Many late nights and early mornings where spent building the set, painting, learning complicated tap routines, and dancing, dancing, dancing!

All this hard work didn’t go unnoticed. Two judges from the Utah Festival of Opera and Musical Theatre came on opening night to watch the show. They go around 30 high schools in Utah, watching theatre performances and decided who should be the top ten finalists for each of the 13 categories. After months of deliberation, Davis has been chosen as finalist for 11 out of the 13 total categories!

Michael Wright, theatre teacher and director of Newsies explains how the Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards function. On May 18th, most of the cast and members of the crew will go to the Eccles Theatre for the show.

“It’s a red carpet affair, a black tie event-similar to the Tony’s or Academy Awards” says Mr. Wright.

“It’s a mixture of awards and performances.” added Wright.

Davis has 4 performances: Dekklan MacKay, Anna Peacock, and Hyrum Frank will all perform in a medley with the other finalists. A group of the ensemble will perform the crowd favourite “King of New York”

Here’s what DHS is a finalist for:

  • Best Musical
  • Best Actor-Dekklan MacKay
  • Best Actress-Anna Peacock
  • Best Supporting  Actor-Hyrum Frank
  • Best Director-Michael Wright
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Set Design
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Lighting Design
  • Best Technical Crew
  • Best Ensemble

Tickets to attend the event are availible on the Utah Festival website! Give a big congrats to the Newsies cast & crew!!

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Virginia National Champs

With another year of the NCAA tournament taking place, the NCAA has crowned its new champion, The Virginia Cavalier’s. Virginia, out of the ACC, finished the regular season at 29-3. They had lost to Duke twice and lost to Florida State in the semi finals of the ACC tournament. They finished their season at 35-3.

However, Virginia came into this years NCAA tournament determined and dedicated. Last year, Virginia basketball made history by the first ever number 1 seed getting upset in the first round to a 16 seed, for the first time in history.

Coming into this years tournament Virginia was set on their main goal….to win a national championship. Coached by Tonny Bennett, the Cavalier’s had a talented team with Kyle Guy, Kehei Clark, Ty Jerome, De’Andre Hunter, Mamadi Diakite, and Braxton Key.

The Cavalier’s were arguably the toughest team in the tournament who played great defense and had a very efficient offense. Throughout the tournament Virginia had few close wins but managed to squeeze out win after win.

Virginia beat Carson Edwards and the Purdue Boilermakers in the Elite 8 by Mamadi Diakite hitting a shot at the buzzer to tie and send it into overtime. Virginia ended up winning in overtime and advancing to the Final 4. There, they took on one of the hottest teams in the tournament, the Auburn Tigers. Auburn was on a roll and playing better than anyone. Virginia came out victorious, however the call that won them the game was very controversial. In the national championship Virginia faced off against the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. This game also went down to the wire and into overtime and ended up being a great game. Virginia slipped past in the end and took home the Natty.

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American youth should do more reading

It is no mystery that reading raises intelligence and supports a more intellectual way of thinking, so why are more and more people spending time on brain dead activities such as social media, video games, or binging Netflix shows? Is America’s youth currently going through an epidemic of time wasting?

If your answer to the question above was no, think of this. Fortnite, the most popular game right now has 250 million registered players. A study done by Statista shines some light on the issue.

“32.5% of players spend 6-10 hours weekly on this game. 30.4% of players spend 11-20 hours on Fortnite weekly, and 7.7% spend 21+ hours weekly on Fortnite.” The statistic shows.

Doesn’t this seem like a waste of time? It’s because it is. Fortnite does not provide any skill development and takes away time from things that can be constructive to you.

Doing wasteful things like mentioned before, are things of temporary happiness, but if you want self-development or to receive long-lasting happiness, you should look into things that are more meaningful. Reading has been proven to reduce stress, increase intelligence, and improve your memory capacity. And finding a good book you are really into can be more satisfactory than winning any Fortnite game, any Netflix show, or receiving any amount of likes on Instagram.

Social media can also be dangerous to our mental health, there is no book that can be harmful to health. Social media has been proven to cause anxiety disorders and depression. Reading can help counter those symptoms. Scientists discovered that spiritual texts help lower blood pressure, help calm people with mood disorders and mild mental illnesses. Reading also helps with focusing skills, which counters social media that lowers peoples attention spans by a good amount.



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The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is one of the biggest rainforest’s in the whole entire world. Located in South America, the Amazon rain forest has one of the largest rivers in the world running right through the middle of it, the Amazon river. The Amazon river is the widest river in the world as well. 20 % of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. Big cities, villages, and tribes call the amazon home.

The Amazon rainforest is vast and filled with very cool wildlife, plants, and trees. Tons of dangerous creatures call this place home as well.

Some of the wildlife that live throughout the Amazon are very dangerous. The black-caiman and the anaconda are two of some of the most dangerous in the whole jungle. Along with those animals, venomous snakes and spiders live throughout the Amazon too. Piranha’s are some of the most popular types of fish that call the Amazon home. Pink river dolphins, electric eels, and even bull sharks are known to live in this river.

A lot more animals call this place home including monkeys, sloths, and bears. One of the most dangerous and interesting animals that lives here in the Amazon is the jaguar. Jaguars roam the jungle floor and are at the top of the food chain with the caiman and anaconda.

The Amazon is a super cool place filled with rivers, plants, and amazing wildlife. People that live along the river use the river for so much, and is an essential part of their lives.

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Bob Ross Comes to Davis

The Davis High senior committee and the senior class officers along  with their advisory teacher Tracey Meade, come together and worked hard to come up with the amazing  idea of “Painting with Bob Ross” for the latest senior activity. The final decision was made with a vote that the committee made. It was held in the school cafeteria on the 20th of March.

“Senior Committee got together during home room and they thought of all sour of funny activities and came up with it, and we just needed to fit in the schedule.” said Ms. Tracey.

Since there were around 50 students at the activity, they took a big TV that belonged to the SBO’s and the infamous painter Bob Ross was broadcast to teach the 50 students the techniques of great painting.

All of them started with a  11×14  construction paper canvas, gathered paint brushes,  and a well chosen episode to incorporate all the beautiful paints that were brought.

“The funniest part is the expectation of finishing three episodes but as we had to keep pausing it so everyone could catch up and understand, we didn’t even get though one.” Tracey said while chuckling.

It was cool to see a great idea brought to life with the help of the SBOs and senior committee. The turn out was better than expected and everyone seemed like they had  lot of fun. “We may not have gotten through as many episodes as we planned, but people had a great time in there” states Scott Swain.

Well, it seems like the idea turned out great. If you are a junior or a sophomore, let’s hope this becomes a tradition so all of us can be able to enjoy it.

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E-Books: a revolution for nature

Electronic Book. Heard of i? You might have it, or you might have not. Their era is only starting.

Technology has become a very important part of our lives, which makes us automatically attracted for every thing that is electronic. Despite the facts, you might be asking yourself, why should I care about the environmental impact of printed books vs E-books? Does it really make that big of a difference? Though these are valid questions, hopefully some background information will lead to a greater appreciation of this issue’s importance. We are so often surrounded by an endless supply of printed books, magazines, and newspapers that it is easy to become desensitized to or forget about their negative impact on our environment. However, in 2008, the publishing industry was responsible for the harvest of nearly 125 million trees. And also, if you are not a “reading” person, habits on your phone or Ipad can stimulate yourself do try new things, such as reading, since you don’t have to grab a book and just access it on your phone.

When consumers stop to think of their reading habits and the printing industry adapts accordingly, E-books clearly have the potential to lessen CO2 emissions. That being said, it is important to take in all facets of the books vs E—books debate as well as look at possible alternatives, like libraries and apps, when deciding what is best in your unique situation. It is your decision to make, but it is up for the time to decide what is gonna be our future.

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How Greek philosophy helped build American government

If you look at all the aspects that helped our founding fathers build the structure of America, the leading one would be Greek philosophy. From teachings of Aristotle and Plato, their words helped inspire the best government to ever exist. The American government as we know it would not exist as we know it without these brilliant men.

The ancient Greek teachers believed that everything had virtue. They taught that a horse being virtuous is pulling a cart, or a boating having virtue is sailing. They believe every person, animal, or object had value to become something more important.

In Greek philosophy, Telos means the value of an object lies in its capacity to achieve the purpose for which it was designed. So Telos for stone can become brick or a statue. Telos for water can be keeping living things alive or to help crops to grow. This helped lead to more scientific production for the Greeks, and later on, the Americans. With Americans finding the natural Telos, it helped them find gasoline can fuel vehicles, or silicon can be made into digital electronics.

Going along with Telos, Logos in Greek means man’s mind mirrored that force to the extent that man can uncover the world’s purposes. This helps give man purpose to go out and discover the world’s many secrets and later to make scientific advancements that helped America become the super power it is now.

Greek philosopher Boethius started the liberal arts and split them into 2 different categories. Quadrivium is music, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy. The other section of the early liberal arts was Trivium, which was divided into grammar, rhetoric, and logic. With starting these liberal arts, it provided the pathway to the culture in the Americas.

In 510 BC a philosopher in Greece named Cleisthenes brought up the idea of democracy. After that the idea caught on and helped create the best governments ever to exist.

Greek philosophy helped in countless ways to provide the steps to making the American government. These philosophers were brilliant people who inspired millions and helped create the best government in the world.

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Music in our lives

Music. Is it not such a common word? To begin with, music plays an important role in shaping one’s identity. Without it, one would not be a whole person. Music has helped several people shape their personality and has made them take control of the person they want to become. Since the ancient cultures and until nowadays music has played a major role in influencing multiple societies and cultures around the globe. It has become difficult to escape from because we are not only exposed to music via the radio, but also tapes, CD’s, television programs, cinema films, as well as being an integral part of television advertising. Music has intruded more and more into public spaces, such as supermarkets, shops, waiting rooms, buses, taxis, aircraft, bars, restaurants, cafes, from the passing “ghetto-blaster” car, and not to mention the bombardment of uninvited musical sounds. Today, most six to seven year old children have probably come into contact with more music than those people living before the age of electronic media did in their whole lives. The numerous amount of music exposure that has intruded in today’s society has influenced several youngsters, including myself, and probably you, to have different personalities and behaviors.

Just for you to have and idea, music and history had always came up together, being part of a lot of people’s nowadays, with a great advantage that makes us addicted to it, because of what it makes us feel, and with the disadvantage that makes people so close to it that they become farther from society. But, music is identity, and our identities are not made by ourselves, but build by people around us, just like music.

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Owning what you have and who you are

Everyone here on this earth deals with flaws and/or long lasting diversity, whether it’s a mental or physical disorder, or a chronic disease. Everyone has flaws, but instead of being ashamed, scared, or sad about them, we should be proud.

I personally have been diagnosed with high functioning level 1 autism, which used to be called Asperger’s syndrome. Instead of that being a setback, it has been a blessing. Diagnosed when I was much younger, my family and doctors thought that I wouldn’t be very social, and that I wouldn’t even have friends.

However, through medication and therapy, I’m one of the most social people at this high school. Due to the way my brain is wired I’m known as one of the funniest people around.

Though making people laugh is great, what is more important is opening the Overton window. The way I found happiness was being open, and accepting my limitations.

Though it may not work for everyone there is proof it has worked before. Nick Vujicic is a man who has not a single limb. This led to him being bullied by the the other students there. This put him in a great depression. Though this story may have gone very bad, Nick realized that he could use this for his advantage. He is now a comedian and a motivational speaker, who is spreading this word more a lot more effectively than I am.

Our journalism teacher, Mr. Frey recommended a quote to me from Game of Thrones that says “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Our flaws, or coming over them, can be the greatest strengths you have. So use them like armor. Use them as a strength. Use them as a way to make others laugh.

Accepting our flaws will teach others to do the same, which will make our society more accepting of one another, which in turn will lead to being closer, which may help us get one step closer to peace. Instead of saying one group is better than another, realize that nobody is better than the other, because we are all flawed in our own ways.

Opening the Overton window and setting an example is what I am asking you to do. I was a junior high student at the time, so I know you can do it to.

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Duke heading into NCAA tournament

Coming into this year’s NCAA tournament, Duke has an impressive roster that includes 4 starting freshman. They include freshman phenomenon Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Trey Jones, and Cam Reddish.

Zion Williamson leads the pack with an impressive 22.1 points 8.9 reb per game. Meanwhile the other star of the team, RJ Barrett, barely edges out Zion with 22.9 points and 7.5 reb per game. Both Zion and RJ are projected to go in the first round of the NBA draft.

Duke’s record heading into the tournament is 29-5 overall. They are a number one seed and are expected to make it very far in the tournament, but you never know. The NCAA tournament is full of upsets and it is never a guarantee that the team will win.

Dukes head coach, Coach K, is one of the most famous and arguably one of the best coaches of all time. He has led his Duke teams to 5 national title wins, 12 final four appearances, 12 ACC regular season titles, and 15 ACC tournament titles. He has coached at Duke for 39 years and has had some very successful players go on to the NBA and thrive. Some of the NBA players have been Kyrie Irving, Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, and Grant Hill.

Hopefully Duke can make a run or even win the tournament.

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Going green

In the present day and age, plastic waste is as problematic as ever. Not only is all the waste being created by humans filling up landfills, but also polluting and killing our oceans. The amount of food and trash being thrown away is ludicrous and needs to be addressed.

About 4.4 pounds of trash is thrown away daily by the average person. Americans alone produce about 254 million tons of trash in just one year. Ten percent of that ends up in the ocean. Fourteen million tons of garbage-most of it plastic- is being dumped into the our oceans. At this rate, the next generation will never see a garbage-free beach.

Some of you may say that this isn’t your problem or that one person doesn’t have a large enough impact to create any change, but that is where you are incorrect. As inhabitants of the Earth, it is our job to keep it healthy, clean, and make sure it lasts on for future generations. Even the smallest thing, like not using a plastic straw with your drink, can have an impact on your carbon footprint.

But what is a carbon footprint, you ask? A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc. In other words, it is the impact you have on the Earth. So how do you reduce your carbon footprint?

By using your car less, reducing your intake of meat, and traveling by flight less, you can reduce your economical impact. You can also reduce your amount of waste by using a reusable water bottle, metal or bamboo straws, your own personal cutlery set and using your own reusable grocery bags.

But no one can make you want to help better the environment but yourself. So you choose. Do you want keep the oceans and beaches garbage free, or do you want the convenience of a plastic straw? You decide.

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Being Gay in Utah

It’s 2019. We’ve seen so many incredible developments for human kind in the last century. We’ve put a man on the moon, invented birth control, and had countless technological advances. Social advances include women’s right to vote and work, high school graduation rates, and legalized gay marriage in the US.

This is a very difficult article for me to write, but I feel like it needs to be written. I am writing this anonymously as to protect myself and my family. As a queer man living in northern Utah, I cannot help but be worried. I am currently still “in the closet” because I am afraid of what my community’s reaction would be.

Being gay isn’t something I think about 100% of the time. It’s just a part of me, like the music I listen to or the clothes I wear. It isn’t a personality trait. It’s not a trophy or medallion I wear around my neck; in fact, I try to hide the fact as much as possible. I love my parents, but I hate to imagine their reactions if they find out.

You don’t know what other people are dealing with. So let’s all just love each other because there’s just so much we don’t know. Be good to each other, and be safe <3

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Negative side to High School sports

At most, if not all high schools around the country, there are sports teams. These sports teams consist of the best of the best athletes from the school. During the off season of competition sports is usually when high school sports take place, and the season usually lasts around 3 months. Though, not playing on a team during this time may not be the best for everyone it may just be best for you.

Depending on the coach and the teammates you’re surrounded by, your high school sports experience could make for some of the funnest times, or even some of the most physically and emotionally grueling times of your high school experience. More often than not the coaches for high school sports teams will be there for a while, meaning, a coach you don’t like may be there for your entire high school life.

The whole high school sports experience gives more reasons not to play than reasons to play, outside of the coaching. These are just to name a few.

High school referees are typically not there because they are looking to make an extra buck rather than actually caring about what they’re doing. This results in poor officiating and changing the outcomes of big games. In addition, those that are over refereeing will not take any action against the officials that may have changed game outcomes.

The ego that comes with high school sports as well is tremendous, when the dressing up for high school sports occurs it brings out a different side of most; one that wouldn’t be seen otherwise; a huge reason the term “jock” came to be.

Last of the few reasons named is the political side of high school sports. There is no question that there’s a political side. There are occurrences where kids who may not belong on the team make it because of who there parents are or who there siblings may be, sometimes even who their club coach may be. There is a political side regardless, and this takes a big toll on team performance as well as the social experience that occurs with high school sports.

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Why In-N-Out Burger’s Fries are the Worst

In-N-Out Burger is one of the highest ranked burger joints in America, coming in at #2 according to the Harris Poll’s 30th annual EquiTrend study. This is very impressive considering the fact that In-N-Out restaurants can only be found in 5 US states: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.

Almost everyone who has ever eaten at In-N-Out can agree that their burgers are unmatched. People travel from all over the country to one of these five lucky states to get the opportunity to indulge themselves in the finest burger this California-based chain can offer.

“In-N-Out burgers are a little slice of heaven on a bun.” said one Davis High Student.

Their fries however, do not receive the same praise. In-N-Out fries were named “Worst in America” by L.A. Times food columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson.

“Bland, crumbly little matchsticks that aren’t improved by any amount of ketchup, salt, cheese, or salad dressing you want to add to them.” describes Peterson.

This is not an unpopular opinion. Many people do not think In-N-Out fries are a satisfactory side to their delicious burgers. You would think that a restaurant that makes such delicious burgers would have fries just as delectable to compliment the burger, but this is just not the case.

Margaret Brown, a student at Davis High, has a strong opinion on the matter.

“Their fries taste like cardboard. But that’s not the worst part; They taste like unsalted cardboard because you have to dump your own salt onto the fries.” states Margaret.

Another student at Davis who is a fan of the chain’s fries even stated that she thinks “the fries have a weird texture”.

Even though In-N-Out’s fries are completely unsatisfactory, their burgers are still insanely delicious and we should consider ourselves lucky to be one of the few chosen states to be graced with their presence.

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The return of Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is the top NBA prospect for the 2019 draft. He is a 6-7 285 forward and he can move and jump like no other. He is the starting forward for Duke University. The first time the Blue Devils played their rivals North Carolina Tar hills Williamson got hurt within the first 30 seconds. He made a hard cut and he shoe ripped which led him to sprain his knee and he was out for 4-5 weeks. No one was expecting Zion to come back and play for Duke because he didn’t want to re-injure his knee and this time he could be out for months and he could miss that NBA combine.

“Knowing what I know now college is bulls–t So my advice is to do what’s best for you and your family. College does nothing for you at this point, you’ve already proven that you’re the number one pick coming out, you’ve already proven your talent. Get ready for the next level because its happening.” states Demarcus.

Zion did not take Cousins advice and came back for Duke first game in the ACC tournament against Syracuse and was as good as ever dropping 29 pts, 14 rebounds, and had 5 steals. Duke bested Syracuse 84-72. When Duke has Zion they are a very tough team to beat.

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What in the world is ASMR?

Would you watch a video of nothing but whispering, tapping, and brushing makeup brushes on the microphone? As weird as it sounds, some of these videos have gotten over 5 million views. These videos are called ASMR. But what the heck is ASMR? And why do people like it?

ASMR is a new, popular YouTube trend made with the goal to help viewers relax. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a pleasant tingling sensation that typically starts in the scalp. ASMR is experienced in response to certain audio and sometimes visual stimuli.  It’s described as a tingling, fuzzy sensation starting in either the scalp, lower back, or nape of the neck. The tingling slowly spreads to the rest of the body. It’s very relaxing and often said to aid sleep.

However, not everyone experiences ASMR. There’s not much research done about ASMR, but with it’s rising popularity that may change. Even if you don’t experience tingles, it can still help you fall asleep quickly. There’s many different types of ASMR videos. From whispering, tapping on various objects, mouth sounds, to medical or Harry Potter roleplays. It’s unconventional, but try watching an ASMR today! You never know until you try it.

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Westbrook and Jazz fans exchange words

On Monday night it was no ordinary Jazz game. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Jazz 98 to 89, but Russel Westbrook and a Jazz fan exchanged a lot of words. The Jazz fan was given a life time ban from Vivint Smart Arena for his actions. Russel also received a $25,000 fine for using profanity and threatening a fan.

“A young man and his wife told me to ‘get on my knees like you used to.’ And for me, that’s completely disrespectful to me. I think its racial. I think its inappropriate in the sense of there’s no protection for the players.” States Westbrook.

“Russel told me ‘i’ll f–k you up. You and your wife.’ So I told him to sit back down and ice his knees, bro.” said the Jazz fan.

I was at the game on Monday and it was very weird and awkward. Everyone was talking to him and he must have had something against that fan because there was a lot worse things being said about him. I think Russel shouldn’t have been punished and neither should the fan.

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NFL Offseason Trades.

This has been a crazy off season for the NFL, a lot of trades have happened, including two franchise receivers, Odell Beckham Jr., and Antonio Brown. Odell was traded to the Browns, in return the giants received 2019 17th overall pick, 2019 3rd round pick, Jabrill Peppers, and Kevin Zeitler. Odell signed a contract with the Browns for 5 years for $95 million. This makes the Browns a very dangerous team with an explosive offense. They have Odell and Jarvis Landry and receiver, and Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb in the backfield. They also have a very solid offense of line to protect Baker.

The other big time trade was the Pittsburg Steelers trade Antonio Brown to the Raiders, the Stealers got a 3rd and 5th round pick in the 2019 draft. Antonio signs a huge contract with the raiders for 3 years for $54 million. This was a huge pick up for the Raiders they had tough season this season. They were in need of an allstar receiver because they lost Amari Cooper last season to the Cowboys. They also lost Khalil Mack last season to have a person like Antonio Brown is huge for there team.

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90’s is the best decade for music

When every decade is compared by the music that came out during that time, 90’s is by far the best. From some of the all time greats like Blink-182, and Notorious BIG, every genre was moved by this decade. Hip hop was getting big, punk rock, and grunge were growing.

Grunge was really big in the 90’s. When Nirvana got big, it created a movement of grungey bands and style. Bands like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Sound garden and Alice in Chains were the biggest grunge bands. The unique sounding vocals with the deep, depressing lyrics and themes caught attention, mostly from teenagers in high school, making grunge big with young people.

Punk rock was also a huge genre with the young kids. With the rock and pop sound mixing, it caught the attention of a lot of people. With Big bands like Blink-182, Weezer, The Offspring, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, Papa Roach, and Linkin Park. The popularity of Blink 182’s album Chershire cat helped lead the genre to popularity.

Hip Hop was not very popular prior the 90’s, but the genre became very popular in the 90’s, especially in urban areas. Hip hop also got very political in the 90’s, NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” came out in 1988 but got big in the 90’s. This album caused a controversy with its violent and anarchist themes.

90’s Hip Hop was big with the gang’s of the 90’s. Two of the biggest artists Tupac and Notorious BIG were from 2 opposing gangs and sides of the country creating a rivalry.

With so many influential musical movements in the 90’s, it is easily the best decade for music. From Punk to Grunge and all the way to 90’s hip hop. No matter what genres you like, 90’s music will please you.

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The real fear humans have to worry about

Global warming is the single most important issue facing humans today. Global warming isn’t an issue of us against them, but an issue of the human species having to make great changes in order to save our planet. NASA has said “The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95 percent probability) to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over decades to millennia. “Global Warming is caused by the greenhouse effect which is when gasses in the earth’s atmosphere get trapped in the sun’s heat. Humans are speeding up this process by burning more fossil fuels and deforestation. By burning more fossil fuels and cutting down trees we are allowing there to be more harmful gasses in our atmosphere that holds in the heat. Carbon Dioxide is extremely detrimental when there is too much of it in our atmosphere. Currently Carbon Dioxide levels are off the charts and haven’t ever been this high. The earth goes through phases like the ice age and such, but looking back even through the warm stages of the earth it has never been this bad before.

You maybe asking yourself okay but how is global warming effecting me? Global warming has caused there to be more droughts and more forest fires. The Union of Concerned Scientists said “The effects of global warming on temperature, precipitation levels, and soil moisture are turning many of our forests into kindling during wildfire season.” Not only are fires increasing but also other natural disasters like hurricanes. In past years there have been more and more hurricanes that have been stronger and more damaging than other hurricane seasons. NASA says “Hurricane-associated storm intensity and rainfall rates are projected to increase as the climate continues to warm.” Farming will also be effected because there will be more droughts and pests that will get to the plants and negatively effect the crops.

Global warming has also effected polar bears and penguins. The ice is melting and there have actually been reports of polar bears drowning trying to find ice to live on. The penguins are having a harder time finding krill to eat since global warming is effecting the krill in the ocean as well. In the ocean’s coral reefs are dying, Scientists are worried that the coral reefs won’t have time to adapt to the temperature change and just die out. “We’ve seen half of the corals on the Great Barrier Reef killed by climate change in just two years,” Mark Eakin, study author and coordinator for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Watch, wrote in an email. “This study shows that the coral reefs that have been least affected by heat stress in the past are more sensitive to heat stress than we realized. It also shows climate change threatens the diversity that is the hallmark of coral reefs.” Global warming is obviously negativity effecting our Earth and us as humans. Change is necessary and needs to happen now there are many ways to help like using solar energy, driving less, and also recycling. Every human needs to start helping out in order to save the world.

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A chocolate milk for every occasion

Have ever craved the perfect combination of chocolate and milk? The perfect amount of richness and the perfect amount of creaminess? There are many brands of chocolate milk but they’re not all the same. Some brands of chocolate milk are far superior than others. There are three levels of chocolate milk; there’s the disappointment chocolate milk, the middle ground chocolate milk and the best chocolate milk. All three types can be found at local grocery stores and purchased for a reasonable price.

The disappointment chocolate milk is Trumoo. I’m sure there are people that would disagree with me on this but the fact is that Trumoo is just not that good. Sure it’s easy to find because they flood the grocery stores with their product but Trumoo replaced the chocolate milk that was sold at school lunches and that chocolate milk was much better. Trumoo is not very creamy and has a bland flavor. Compared to other chocolate milks Trumoo just doesn’t have a strong flavor and when I buy chocolate milk that means I want chocolate milk not pond water with an expired Hershey’s bar in the middle. Trumoo can be good if its the only option you have but it simply should never be a “go to”.

The middle ground chocolate milk is Nesquik. When I say Nesquik I don’t mean the kind you get in the bottle I mean the powder. The Nesquik powder is a great everyday chocolate milk. You can add the perfect amount of powder depending on your mood. It has the perfect flavor for just a casual cup of chocolate milk. Its not the best chocolate milk but it’s just a good average chocolate milk that you won’t get tired of.

The best chocolate milk is Darigold. Darigold has the perfect amount of creaminess and the perfect flavor. This chocolate milk is the best and when you see it at the store I highly recommend you buy this one. It is the perfect amount of chocolate in the milk with the most perfected punch of flavor. This is the special occasion chocolate milk that you drink after you just got off the plane after getting first place bobsledding at the 2014 Olympics. Just looking at the color of Darigold you can tell it’s the best it has the perfect rich chocolate flavor that really makes you want chocolate milk.

Not all chocolate milk tastes exactly the same. It’s good to have a guide as to what the best chocolate milks are and the perfect occasions to drink them. Not all chocolate milk has the perfect taste for every occasion. The three tiers of chocolate milk is very important in a chocolate milk connoisseur’s life. I hope this helps you with all of your chocolate milk adventures.

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The Anti-Vaccine Movement Exposed


One might think that in 2019 easily preventable diseases wouldn’t be an issue. However, a different kind of epidemic is sweeping the world: vaccine hesitancy. In fact, vaccine hesitant parents were one of the top global health risks of 2018. Over 220 cases of measles have been reported in the Us across 12 different states. 72 of these cases have been reported to take place in Washington, where the antivaxx unit is very strong.

But why are these parents opting out of the evidently effective immunizations? Here’s some of the top reasons parents aren’t vaccinating their children.

  1. vaccines cause AUTISM!!!
  2. people are getting sicker
  3. vaccines are too expensive

Of course, we all know that autism is a genetic disability influenced by different factors. A parent with ASD, certain genetic conditions, and having a very low birth weight can all cause autism. A study of 96,000 US children show that there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

“Even if they did cause autism, that would just be who they are,” says an anonymous DHS senior with high-functioning autism. “It’s like sexuality, that’s just what you’re programmed to do.” Just because a person has autism doesn’t mean they can’t lead a normal life. Debunked.

People are getting sicker because more and more people are opting out of flu shots and vaccines! Debunked.

Maybe the cost of getting all your children’s vaccines is a little expensive, but the $80,000 you’ll be spending to treat your child’s measles is definitely worse. smh

Anti-vaxxers live in their own little echo cambers, where they refuse to look at or listen to anyone who might disagree with them. Our hearts go out to their poor children who are given no say in what happens to them.

Here’s a meme to lift the spirits!

Remember: vaccinate your freaking children.

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UCLA Bruins: the sons of Westwood

Right next to the coast you’ll find a great school, UCLA. UCLA stands for the University of California at Los Angeles. Located in Westwood, California, right next to Santa Monica, UCLA is the number 1 applied to public university in the nation. The UCLA Bruins are one of the best academic and athletic schools in the whole country.

UCLA is famous for having one of the best basketball programs. UCLA holds the record for national titles in basketball at 11. With head coach John Wooden lead the Bruins to 10 national titles under his 12 year reign, included 7 national titles in a row. The 11th came in 1995 under head coach Jim Harrick.

Some of the best basketball players in history came through UCLA. Players such as Walt Hazzard, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Bill Walton, and Gail Goodrich played for Coach Wooden from 1964-1975. Some of the more recent and former NBA stars that played at UCLA include Reggie Miller, Trevor Ariza, Darren Collison, Russell Westbrook, Jrue Holiday, Kevin Love, and of course Lonzo Ball.

UCLA has other great sports programs as well. The baseball team is usually one of the best in the nation, along with water polo and softball. This year, the gymnastics team is ranked in the top 5 as well.

UCLA is a great university with not only great athletics, but great academics. The medical program at UCLA is one of the best in the whole country.

With an awesome campus, perfect weather, and some of the best programs in the country UCLA is an amazing university. The best in the west.

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Salt Lake has something more sweet to offer than just the 2002 Olympics

Salt Lake City Utah isn’t the city of lights, its not the city that never sleeps, nor is it typically thought about unless people just randomly remember the 2002 Olympics, but when people miss out on SLC, they’re missing out on some of the best dessert places the state of Utah has to offer. Among the standouts on the surprisingly crowded SLC dessert scene will be highlighted in this article.

Munchies desserts is open most week days and weekends. Munchies is interesting because they open around 7p.m. and stay open until 12a.m.-1a.m. depending on the day of the week. To get details on their hours they always have them on their Instagram. Their menu is relatively small, but very high quality. Munchies has brownies, chocolate chip cookies and great cinnamon rolls. They also have a dessert that changes every month. They also deliver if you go to the website and put in an order.

Hatch Family Chocolates opened in the Avenues in 2003. They are one of the only places that still dips chocolate in Utah. The restaurant is owned by Steven and Kate Hatch who are carrying on the family tradition. Their chocolate shop has a great atmosphere, and they’ll sometimes have performances. They have a great selection of chocolates and warm drinks. Hatch Family Chocolates values high quality chocolate will not disappoint you when you decide to go in.

Big O Donuts is a doughnut shop that handcrafts all of their doughnuts and makes them fresh. They use local ingredients that are all 100% plant based. Big O Donuts value being Eco-friendly and having unique doughnut flavors. Their flavors range from a Blueberry Lavender Cheesecake cake doughnut to just an average Boston Cream. They also have a doughnut of the month that is always a unique and fun flavor.

Goodly Cookies has large cookies that are sold for $3.50 each. They are gaining popularity and have great flavors. Goodly Cookies has flavors from white chocolate raspberry to just average chocolate chip. Their cookies are made fresh everyday. On weekdays there are open from 11a.m.-11p.m. On weekends they are open from 11a.m. and stay open until 1a.m. Goodly Cookies hired extremely experienced chefs to help create the perfect cookie recipe. They believe they have the best cookies you will ever try after 20 years of perfecting the recipe.

Salt Lake has so many good options for dessert. So next time you think about Salt Lake, consider some of these places with high quality treats that will not disappoint.


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Lord of the Rings is better than The Hobbit, Change my Mind.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is superior to the Hobbit trilogy! The Lord of the Rings movies were actually well-made, unlike The Hobbit! LOTR was directed by Peter Jackson to respect and honor one of the greatest novels of the 20th century. The Hobbit was only made to make money, but it didn’t because the producers of the move got back what they put into it: nothing. LOTR movies made a gross total of two billion, eight-hundred ninety-seven million. The Hobbit only made a grand total of seven-hundred forty-five million. Still a lot but, nothing compared to two billion.

About every moment in The Hobbit was CGI. Ian McKellen (Gandalf) had a break down on set of The Hobbit because he was doing it all with a green screen. While in LOTR, they built whole cites and towns. Mordor, Hobbition, Rivendell, Rohan, and more.

Almost every scene was filmed in New Zealand. The crew and actors would take helicopters to tops of mountains to film (except for Sean Bean who hiked the whole way because of his fear of flying.) The actors would float down rivers in small boats they built specifically for the movie.

In fact, everything was made for the movie. Every prop in the trilogy (except for weaponry) was made from scratch. Each costume and makeup was customized for each character: extras, hobbits, elves, and orcs. Orcs in LOTR were not CGI, but in the hobbit they were all CGI, making them less life like and individual. In LOTR they didn’t even use CGI for the hobbits and dwarfs, which were around 4-5 feet high, they would simply hire scale doubles.

Everything was more genuine and real in LOTR. During the filming of the first movie, Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) broke his tooth, then during lunch that day got it fixed and continued filming. The directing and dialog was just better in general. While both were filmed by Peter Jackson, he did a much better job with LOTR. Each character had a back story, and actual charter arc. This made it so you cared about every character. When one would die, or have a loss, you would care and feel real emotions for them. Because they put more human effort in The Lord of the Rings than The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings is the better movie.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


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Dear Old Davis High School

For 115 years, the greatest high school has stood, through both World Wars, the Great Depression, the mob era, and many of other occasions. This building is much more than rebar and tile: it’s memories, stories of success, stories of sadness, stories of greatness, and a place of unity. From our sports teams to our arts, we all stand as one. As long as you have Davis high pride, you belong.

With an average act score of 27, a graduation rate of 97% and an 87% AP pass rate, it is no wonder our school is known as a good one for education. Many 4 to 5 star ratings by high school comparison sites, the proof is in the pudding that our education is great.

Our athletics, too, are impressive. With so many state wins, a hall full of trophies, and many times at first in the nation (most recently 2 years ago with women’s soccer), our record is quite impressive. Many people who have gone NCAA sports, D2 and D3 athletes, one Olympian, and two Paralympions, proving our ability and athletics.

Our arts are just as impressive as our athletics and academics. From our cheer team taking nation this year, to our band playing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the skill there is undeniable. Our dance team always seems to have a new dance every event, our color guard putting hours into their art, and our orchestra playing music that has got students to the Allstate performance. Our arts programs are well known, and as awesome as our sports.

But the thing about this school that is the best thing of all, our pride. From true darting, to football games, the pride is unmatched. This year especially, we were rated the best student section in Utah. But that pride has been held throughout the years, because as we are asked, we defend the tradition. Whether an art or a sport, its all about the feeling, the feeling that brings us together.

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Denmark: The happiest country on earth

Denmark is widely considered the happiest place on earth. This has been tried over and over again, and the facts are generally the same! People who live in Denmark say they are the happiest for these reasons…

People are very welcoming and ready to talk to anyone who comes their way, they all look out for each other, and there is little to no poverty! There is no poverty because education and healthcare is free. They live in a socialist government, which means there is basically no one that is better than another person, besides of course, their leaders and royalty.

Denmark is also a very flat country and is considered one of the best for biking, because it is so flat. It is also one of the cleanest countries in the world. The harbor is so clean that people can swim in it and not have any problems. Denmark is also so small that you can never be farther than 1 hour from the ocean.

Some other cool facts about Denmark is that, from 1880 to 1920, roughly 10 percent of Denmark’s population emigrated to the US. My great grandparents were apart of that 10 percent. This is cool because I just got called on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Copenhagen Denmark! I leave June 26th and I am speaking Danish! I am so excited to learn so much more about Denmark!

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Bang energy drinks: are they dangerous?

Bang energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular. People believe bang to be a healthy alternative from the popular Red Bull and Monster energy drinks with zero calories, zero sugars, no cholesterol, no carbs, and plenty if supplements used by athletes like creatine and BCAA’s. A large  amount of other people are scared of Bang’s popularity as well with fear that it can be harmful. These contradicting arguments raises the question, is bang truly healthy?

A sugar free energy seems to be good right? Bang actually includes an artificial sweetener called Sucralose. A popular variation of the sucralose sweetener is Splenda that a lot of people know of. This replacement seems to be good but when Sucralose is consumed in large amounts, it can cause health issues with your stomach and increase your hunger levels.

Each can of Bang energy contains 350mg of caffeine, which is a very high amount. A cup of coffee averages 95mg of caffeine, this means a can of bang has 3 times more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Consuming this amount of caffeine at once can also give you caffeine intoxication which can potentially send you to the hospital.

Caffeine is also one of the only proven drug that can increase athletic performance and cognitive ability. Caffeine has also been found that it is a good stimulant with burning fat with an increased heart rate, especially when it is paired with exercise.

There are some benefits to Bang energy drinks, but the cons to the drink are greater. If the drinkers’ caffeine tolerance is higher, it may be safer to them than others, but it still would be safer to stay away from Bang all together.

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Shall not be infringed

Due to the school shootings in recent time, politicians and protesters alike are trying their best to ban the tactical part of guns, and though they don’t say it, guns all together. They have had many wins recently, but their bans and prohibitions are proving worthless, and this is why.

First and foremost, in places where guns have been banned, there are still gun homicides. There are much less for sure, but the murders are still there. Australia has banned guns with exceptions for hunters or farmers, but there was a gang shooting a few weeks ago, and a mass shooting last year. Their murder rate has gone down since the ban, but ours has too since then. Many countries are having a downward trend on murder, so this statistic and argument is pointless.

There are countries where the gun ban actually increased murder rate. Immediately after the United Kingdom imposed their Firearm Act of 1997 crime spiked to a ridiculous number. Though a downward trend happened after, the spike their murder rate is now rising again. Therefore these gun bans are worthless, especially because we have more guns than people in the United States, making that hard to do regardless.

Second off the banning of guns will not change murder. If a person wants to  murder, they will. In the previously mentioned United Kingdom, they are now trying to get rid of knives, because the murder has just switched to the use of knives there. People who have the intent to kill will kill, and that”s how it is. More people are beat to death in the US than killed by rifles. Therefore intent is what causes murder, not guns.

Last but not least: Article 4 in the Bill of Rights, and the second amendment to the Constitution states ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This supreme law of the land is why we have guns, and why we are a free country.

As George Washington said, “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself”. The liberty of our nation relies on those two things. Without those two, we, our country, wouldn’t be as beautiful and powerful as it is today. So, strong we will stand, until the end of time.


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Trump Derangement Syndrome: Truth or Hoax?


Ever since the 2016 election, there has been a lot of drama back and forth from people from both political parties. It has almost become mainstream for people to hate Trump. According to’s polls, Trump has a 53% disapproval rate. A lot of his supporters are becoming more and more quiet about their support for him. Why is Trump so wildly unpopular? Is it because of his politics and diplomacy? Or is it because he has become a persona that’s social norm to hate?

A lot of recent news rallies have caused a big rise of suspicion about the Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Jussie Smollet and MAGA kid story shine a light on the fact that people are quick to judge  people who wear Trump’s merchandise. When the stories first came out, people were so certain that the stories presented were the truth because the antagonists were wearing “MAGA” hats, but it turns out Jussie Smollet lied about being attacked for his sexuality and his race by Trump supporters. Jussie in fact paid off 2 brothers to wear the “MAGA” hats and to “attack” him in the view of security cameras.

As for the MAGA kids, a short 10 second clip was released of a young teenage boy in a MAGA hat grimacing while a native american played a drum in his face. This video made people jump to the conclusion that the boy was mocking the native american, but in the full 2 hour video, it shows that the native american man walked up to the high school boy and played the drums in his face and refused to walk away. Meanwhile the young boys from a catholic school were verbally attacked via racial slurs and hate speech by a third party group.

The biased media was very fast to create a story and blame Trump. They called his supporters everything from “white trash” to “racist pigs”. People seeing these news stories and not knowing the full extent of the full story’s were quick to blame Trump and his supporters.

One component of the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is his supporters merchandise. People choose to take extreme offense whenever they see someone wearing Trump’s gear. Many assaults have taken place against those wearing the hats. Trump supporters have been kicked out of schools, restaurants, stores, and even college campuses. People have gone to as far to call the MAGA hats “modern day KKK hoods.”

When Davis High Student Taylor Eldridge was asked about the Trump Derangement Syndrome, he said: “Yes it’s a real thing. People give President Trump such a bad rap when he has done so many things. People who have Trump Derangement Syndrome refuse to acknowledge the great things he’s done.”

There have been countless claims by people with this syndrome that have claimed Trump is a racist, but they have no idea why they are even calling him that. They just do it because everyone else does it too. Trump wants to build a wall along the US and Mexican border to stop illegal immigration and drug trading over the border. People saw this as a sign of hate when it wasn’t. Most politicians believe in border security in both parties, but not necessarily the wall. People see Trump wanting to build the wall as a racist decision because of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump and his supporters are seen as homophobic, but Trump is more LGBT friendly than you would think. According to ABC news, the Trump Administration has recently launched an international effort to end criminalization of homosexuals in other countries.

There is a lot of evidence that supports the existence of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, but Trump does give people reasons to dislike him. He does not have the best diplomatic skills and his immature tweets do enrage a large population of the country. But at the end of the day, it is up for you to decide: is the Trump Derangement Syndrome truth or hoax?

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Utah: The Nations’s best state

Utah, the beehive state, in my opinion is the best state. From everything from economics to culture, Utah is abundantly rich. From any demographic you are coming from, Utah has a fit for you. From Salt lake City to Saint George, Utah is the best state in the best country in the world.

Utah’s economy is booming. With a GDP of 100.7 billion and higher GDP’s than countries like Hungary, Mongolia, Iceland, Ukraine, and Guatamala. In 2017, Utah was the second fastest growing company population and economic wise. With big markets in tourism, mining, manufacturing, technology, and petroleum, Utah brings lots of profit and jobs to the state.

Utah is a perfect place for the outdoorsy demographic. Utah has the 3rd highest amount of national parks out of the 50 states with 5 national parks. Utah also has a very large amount of state parks counting up to 43.  Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, off-roading, wake boarding, hunting, and much more. Most of the population of Utah lives alongside the mountain range, that means people do not have to drive to far to get into the mountains.

Culturally, Utah is terrific. The art scene in Salt Lake City is wonderful, they have spectacular plays at Eccles theater in down town Salt Lake. They have a large amount of murals painting on the sides of buildings in the city as well. The Utah Jazz, the local NBA team brings some unification in fan ship among the people of Utah. The “holy war” is probably the most divisive event in Utah, but is also basically a state holiday. The heated rivalry game between Utah university and BYU is an event to look forward to every year. One thing people from out of state notice is the large amount of people who enjoy wearing shorts and short sleeved T shirts in the winter time.

When most of people from out of state think of Utah, they think of it as the “Mormon” state. With around 60% of the states population being registered with the Mormon church, it is clearly a majority LDS state. Also, the LDS church’s head quarters are located in Salt Lake City along side with its biggest and most famous temple. The state was also founded by the Mormon pioneers in the 1800’s when the were escaping persecution.

With so many things to do and so many great people to meet in Utah, it is clear that Utah is the best state. Students at Davis High School are very lucky to be living in such a great state that Utah is.

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What are the effects of contact sports on mental health?

In recent years mental health in boxing has been a concern for many, and with more technology there is more research done on the effects of boxing. Most contact sports provide the risk of concussion and now there is evidence to show the mental side of things.

Former heavyweight Tyson Fury has weighed in on this in a recent interview with ESPN.

“I lost my will to live.” states Fury.

This is a seriously concerning statement because mental health can affect the lives of athletes and anyone.

In high contact sports like combat, football, hockey and many more sports the rate of concussions is huge. When someone gets too many concussions in sports it can affect them for life.This could cause an athlete to develop a brain disease known as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy).

One of the most famous cases of this disease was in an NFL football player. Junior Seau was a linebacker and a prominent force in the NFL. Years after he retired, he committed suicide in his apartment. He wrote down lyrics to his favorite song that says he was ashamed of who he had become. Perhaps the most disturbing and sad part of it all was that he shot himself in the chest so that scientists could study his brain and see the trauma he had developed over the years. To this day sports doctors and scientists are looking for new ways to prevent CTE or lessen the trauma of contact sports.


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