A Parents Guild To Helping Your Child Get Better Grades

Parents all want their children to perform well in every subject and bring home an impressive report card. Unfortunately, the reality is that during your child’s K-12 years there are high chances that they will obtain a few disappointing grades. How parents handle bad grades is very important as this can affect your child’s future approach to studying. A bad report card can lead to an emotional situation for both the child and the parents. Here are some tips on how to react if your child brings home a bad report card.

First, don’t lose your temper with your child, talk to them. It is alright to let your child know that you are disappointed and that you perhaps feel they could have done better. It is imperative to discuss this calmly with your child and seek their opinion. You do not want to leave your child humiliated or ashamed.

Next, don’t rush them. Chances are your child will already be aware that the report contains some red flags. Once you have absorbed the news takes time to think about it all. It is important not to react instantly while emotions may be running high. If you are worried, tell your child that you need to look carefully at it and then you will discuss with them. Be calm and they will be too.

Discuss a realistic game plan with your child to try and improve their grades. Don’t punish for poor grades, it is better to try and identify problem areas and work with your child. Be realistic; a child who is obtaining D and C grades is unlikely to be able to get an A for the next report card. Improvement will likely be gradual but praise that improvement. The trend is what matters in this situation, not the score. Your child will be counting on you to help them out. Follow the above points and if need be, do not be put off to ask for help from the school. Remember children do not want to fail so help them get back on track.

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A Day In The Life Of A Magician

Have you ever seen a street performer or a magician do an amazing illusion that caused you to question life itself? Although that was an overstatement you may have said “How did you do that?” but what exactly is “MAGIC”.

Magicians spend hours at a time to practice and master these skills and sleights. However, wannabee magicians use fairly easy tricks that require no skill or mastery at all. These tricks will allow a small shock and some questioning, but what makes professionals so much better than unskilled people.

Magicians use sleights and card control as well as gimmicks and other items to create illusions that wow and impress even other magicians. Coin magic is known as one of the hardest types of magic, this is because it requires the most skill and practice to master. although some card tricks can be extremely impressive like color changes and jogs as well as more advanced methods, these require less skill than manipulating a coin that is extremely small and difficult to move. Magicians (like me) love to see people’s reactions and constantly carry coins and cards for close up magic in a slow time.

The reactions are the best part, being able to confuse people and make them think that what you did is impossible.
The best types of magic are street and close up magic, these require the most skill and preparation to be able to get the best reactions ever. Close up magic is the hardest form because the magician uses both coins and cards in extremely close quarters. This means that you can both see what they are doing and call them out if you see it. Street magic is another form of close up but it uses everyday objects and can get super cool reactions from people. The reason that magicians do what they do best is for the reactions.

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Are Movies Getting Worse?

It seems like the Cinematic Industry is having a decline in creativity, at least from a personal perspective. It just seems that they’re running out of ideas and have become desperate, so they make infinite movie series of movies people love. My grandpa always asks when Transformers 86 is coming out, but it is true they just seem to keep adding to series of original movies that people love to make money. It’s because we love the originals, it doesn’t matter if the other ones are bad! And that’s while they will keep doing it and keep making a very large profit from it. For example “Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, Rocky, Rambo, Jurassic Park, Terminator, etc.….”

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for most those movies especially Star Wars. I’m ecstatic every time a new one comes out, but after every release of a new movie, I come away disappointed which leads me to my next question. “Are all these continuous movies tarnishing the legacy of the original movies?”

As much as I hate to say it I believe so. I mean what ever happened to creativity and broadening the horizon and creating a cinematic masterpiece that the world has never seen. Why are people so scared to make something new, to introduce the world to a new idea on screen. To make new art not just replicate the old.

That’s the other issue is that because of the lack of creativity directors are beginning to just remake old movies. It’s the same story only through a different lens. Trying to create a nostalgic feeling for movie fans, but they just need to leave them untouched, let the classics stay classic, they’re like a fine wine, they get better with age. But at the end of the day people will just conform and stick to what’s safe comfortable and makes them the most money. Disney is a prime example, one of the largest movie producing and grossing companies in the world and all they do is remake movies that appeal to mass culture and especially children, and it makes them billions.

All I want is a brave producer to go against the social norm and create something different, something new and unique that we’ve never seen. Just like the producers of the old days that revolutionized the film industry because of their creativity! They didn’t care what the people thought and how much money it would make they just wanted to make art. Our culture is lacking that currently and needs it back immensely.

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Top 3 Most Influential Music Artists of The 2010’s

Over the past decade, the music industry has once again evolved in ways we never saw coming. With the immense growth over the last decade, artists have been bringing their best to the table and while there’s more music out there than ever, only a select few have undoubtedly influence the masses and their culture. Whether it’s breaking boundaries socially, lyrically or their innovative sound, singers like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Kanye West have paved the way for music throughout the 2010s. Here are three influential musicians of the past decade.

To be frank, it would be a crime to not include one of the best-selling artists of all time in this list, and Taylor Swift is just that. Arguably the most successful crossover artist of the 21st century, Swift has taken over the top charts with almost every release of her career—especially over the past decade. Starting the 2010s with Speak Now and ending with Lover gives listeners a full foray of Swift’s musical journey from country singer to pop icon. Whether it’s her confessional lyrics that pull on our heartstrings or her bombastic pop hits one can’t help but dance along. simply her influence on mainstream pop in terms of cultural impact or pure albums sold is unmatched. Taylor has practically dominated the music industry and undoubtedly broken boundaries for all musicians.

Some celebrities view themselves and other stars as normal people, but despite that, Beyonce is even a celebrity for other celebrities. Over the past decade, the “Queen B” has crafted her music into being more than notes and lyrics, but a catalyst for something more. Throughout the past decade, Beyonce illustrated the resurgence of the surprise album drop with her 2013 self-titled release, created a movement of black love and cultural celebration with her concept album Lemonade and captured a new generation of hearts as the voice of Nala in Disney’s live-action Lion King. All in all, it wouldn’t be the most influential artist list without including Beyonce.

Love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that Kanye West has had a massive impact on hip-hop and music as a whole during the 2010s. Without Kanye, the world would most likely not have Drake, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi or most popular rappers today. Breaking musical and societal boundaries, Kanye has always been about doing what’s different. Whether it’s electrifying and polarizing listeners with albums like 808s & Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and The Life of Pablo or Kanye creating controversy with his actions and words, he has continued to stay relevant since his first album dropped in 2004. Hip-hop wouldn’t be what it is today without the influence of Kanye, and even as he dropped what may be his worst album to date with Jesus is King, the rapper will remain to influence listeners and contemporaries for years to come.


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Australia Fires

On November 12, 2019, the public of Sydney, Australia was warned of catastrophic dangers from wildfire. Since then, 15.6 million acres of the country has burned. The fires have taken a large toll on the people who live there, 24  people have died and over 1,000 homes have been destroyed, and people are evacuating every day.

This has been one of the worst fire seasons Australia has ever seen. The area of land that has been destroyed is much bigger than the fires California experienced  in 2019, and even bigger than the land destroyed in the devastating fires in the Amazon rainforest. Imagine the entire area between Logan and Nephi being completely destroyed by fire, and that’s how much of Australia has been burnt down.

But it isn’t just Australia being affected by these devastating fires. It is possible for the smoke from these fires to spread across the Earth, causing poor air quality for countries across the world. The pollution from the smoke is so bad there, that people are being sent to the hospital each day.

The wildlife on the continent is extraordinary, and many species have been pushed to the brink of extinction. It is estimated that over 1 billion animals have died. If we can’t find a way to put these fires out now, the koalas we think of when we think of Australia along with tons of other species will be gone forever.

Is there a solution to this? The fires have seemed never-ending, and there’s only so much fire fighters can do. Researchers have been looking for a solution, and some indigenous people might have a surprising solution. Their idea is to start small scale fires to clear the debris that would help the large fires spread.

The fires in Australia have been devastating, and although it might seem like it doesn’t have anything to do with us, it could have an impact on us. If you want, there are many places you can donate to to help fight this and save Australia.


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Breaking a Social Norm

When going about breaking a social norm, it was hard to find something which is surprising because I am a teenager and am always making trouble some way or another. What I decided to do was go to Walmart and play some music over the Bluetooth speakers. The social norm is just to walk around and look at the speakers with the intention to buy. The very reason I went to Walmart was to play loud songs on any speaker I could get a hold of. 

I was hanging out with my friends and said that I needed to go to Walmart, and they agreed because we never have anything else to do besides mess around at random places. We walked around for a little bit and messed around and when no one was looking, I slipped away and went straight for the speakers. When I got there, it was loud because there were so many speakers and stereos and TV’s around. I turned all the sample tracks down on all the speakers, so it was a quiet enough to hear my music clearly. I then started trying to connect to any speaker I could and luckily, I found about two that worked (they have some sort of blocker on the speakers to prevent you from connecting).  

I connected to one of the speakers and walked away, trying not to seem suspicious or out of the ordinary. I went a couple dozen feet away from the speakers and any people and started to play music. I slowly turned up the volume all the way to max. I proceeded to walk around and act like I was shopping, but it was also really funny because people would walk by and look very alarmed and a little mad.

At one point,  the workers eventually started trying to figure out who was connected to the speakers. They saw us and, being teenagers, they probably assumed that we were up to no good. This was true, but no one knew that. I tried not to act too guilty and we made our way out of the store. I eventually walked out of range of the speakers and the music stopped. The workers stopped searching around, but I could tell they were intent on catching whoever did it, but I managed to blend in and get away with it. 

I would say that pulling this off was harder than I expected, mainly because it is harder to act normal when you know something that someone else doesn’t. Nevertheless, it was successful, and I feel pretty good about how it all went down. We also had permission from one of the managers but none of the workers knew.

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videogames of the decade

Although there were a lot of games and consoles that came out in the last 10 years everyone has there favorite games and favorite consoles to play on, there is different pros and cons on every console.

Some of the best memories are staying up late having great late nights with friends or siblings gaming super smash,  but lets start with what years the best and most popular video games came out.

In 2010 we had banger games come out,  we had red dead redemption, call of duty black opps, rock band 3 and last but not least of the year we had halo.

in 2011 we did not get many popular video games but we got modern warfare 3, Skyrim, Lego star wars 3 and even battlefield 3.

Overall the video game industry had a tough year in 2012 the most popular game we had coming in at number 1 we had black ops 2, coming in at 2nd we had Madden NFL ‘12 and coming in at top 3 we had Halo 4

Coming in at  number 1 selling in 2013 was GTA 5 come out, 2nd was  NBA 2k14, and 3rd was crisis 3.

2014 we had destiny, call of duty advanced warfare, forza horizon 3.

2015 the most popular game was fallout 4 black opps 3 and Halo 5

2016 we had over-watch, super Mario run Pokemon go

2017 we had fortnite, and batttle, WW11

2018 black opps 4, fall out 76 super mario party.

2019 we got apex, modern warfare destiny 2

the most popular console of the decade was the nintendo switch besting sonys playstaion 4 and microsofts xbox one. These three platforms including PC are the largest gaming platforms available. This decade was a great one for the gaming community and the coming decade will be have plenty to be excited for t0.

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Should More Young Women Wear Less Makeup?

In today’s society, makeup is broadly known about and used. Everyone can wear makeup. Whether you are male, female, non-specified, etc. you can wear makeup. But, wearing makeup has its disadvantages. Should more teenage females wear less makeup? I believe yes, and here’s why.

When wearing makeup, most people do it to feel what society thinks is prettier, especially young females. I believe that females, and anyone in general who does not feel beautiful naturally, should wear less makeup until they feel good in their natural body.

I have always loved makeup and fashion, every since I was little. Because of this, I have played with makeup my whole life. I first started wearing makeup -in public- in fifth and sixth grade, and I loved it, I always felt pretty and grown up, It made me feel confident.

I started wearing more makeup about the age of twelve or thirteen. I was in junior high then, and it was not uncommon for young girls my age to wear makeup. I had always been more confident from the get go, most people my age had to still get to the stage of being unapologetically themselves. So for me, wearing makeup was not a necessity.

I soon got to a point where I realized, I did in fact start to feel less confident and less beautiful if I didn’t have any makeup on. I tried to ignore it, but it always bugged me. Nobody should feel less beautiful because of something society tells them they need.

I decided to make a change. I told myself I would stop wearing makeup until I felt confident enough to go without it completely.

I did. It took about a week to completely feel like myself. For these seven days I didn’t wear any makeup at all.

After that week, my passion for makeup grew, but not because I felt like I needed it.

I felt confident enough to go with or without makeup, and feel beautiful and socially accepted.

I believe that more teenage and pre-teens should wear less makeup, until they are confident in their own bodies with their naked, natural face.

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The Name of the Wind: One of the Best Books of All Time

“I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep. You may have heard of me”

Those words are written on the back of the best-selling book written by Patrick Rothfuss, and the beginning of a trilogy to go down in the same shelves as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.

The books, first being released in 2007, are about a boy who during the course of his life discovers knowledge unknown, gains the trust and disdain of a king, traverses adversity as well as glory, and lives a life before his twenties that most do not live in a lifetime.

This book, which has just recently celebrated its 12th anniversary with over 10 million copies sold, is one of the most lauded series and stories ever written and published.

You can pick up this beautiful piece of literature at your local bookstore or on Amazon for about ten dollars, and engage yourself into a spectacular story and a living breathing world.

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2010’s Fashion Recap

Fashion trends come in abundance every year, in all shapes and sizes. Some we look back on with fondness and appreciation, others with distaste and annoyance. The 2010’s were certainly no exception from this pattern, so here are some of the biggest trends, good or bad, from each year of the decade.

2010: One of the biggest trends of 2010 was skinny jeans. Lots of people wore all different types of skinny jeans along with graphic tees and leather jackets. Other trends included ballet flats, floral, long maxi skirts, and tunics. Trends for men included v-necks, big jackets, and flannel.

2011: Bright denim was very popular trend in 2010, as well as jeggings, leggings that look like jeans. Menswear started to become a trend for women, with tuxedo jackets and oxfords starting to become popular. More dressy casual clothing became popular for men, as vests and button up collared shirts were a big trend.

2012: Peplum started to come in this year, and it was a very big trend. Wedge sneakers brought classic shoes to new heights, and people loved it. The menswear trend carried over from 2011, and lots of women wore statement collars. Scarves, boots, and trench coats were a trend that kept people warm and in style.

2013: Leather was very in throughout the beginning of the decade, and 2013 wasn’t any different. It was a year of contrast as the color combo of black and white was very in style. Hardware became a trendy accent in shoes and accessories.

2014: Bomber jackets were everywhere in 2014, as well as tea length skirts and sweaters. Athleisure started to come into fashion this year with track pants and leggings becoming popular.

2015: Off the shoulder tops, white sneakers, embroidery, and lace up everything were the staples of 2015. Slip on sneakers also rose to popularity.

2016: Bomber jackets came back into popularity in this year, as well as off the shoulder tops. People took it back to the nineties with chokers, and were very comfortable with tons of velvet tops. Ripped denim started to become a trend, and turned into something that would stay for a very long time.

2017: Cropped sweatshirts, slides, and tracksuits continued to make the athleisure trend become popular. Ripped jeans continued to be a trend, becoming more and more popular.

2018: Skinny jeans started to fade out, and mom jeans, straight leg jeans, and baggier pants became popular. Plaid was very in style, plaid pants, plaid jackets, plaid shoes etc.. People took inspiration from the 90’s with fanny packs and chunky tennis shoes.

2019: Biker shorts, animal print, bucket hats, and lavender were all defining trends of last year. People continued to embrace 90’s style, and oversized clothing became a huge thing.

The 2010’s were great, but now that they’re over, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things, including fashion trends.

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2k19 Trend Recap

The 2010’s have officially come to an end as of January 1st. As we say goodbye to 2019 we are also saying goodbye to all of the most popular trends that it contained. I talked to about 50 students of Davis High and asked them all one question: What was the most popular trend of 2019? There were seven things that all got mentioned more than 30 times. I’m going to count down these seven things from the most popular to the least popular.

#1: Tik Tok- Tik Tok was mentioned by almost everyone I talked to. Multiple people said that Tik Tok was like the new musically or the new vine. Everyone has been obsessed with this app and spends hours on end watching and making these videos.

“I downloaded Tik Tok as a joke at first, but then I got addicted and now I always catch myself doing the Tik Tok dances and using Tik Tok references all the time. I never even get any homework done anymore, I just scroll through Tik Tok for hours,” said student Ellie Anderson.

#2: Scrunchies- I thought it was very interesting that this one was mentioned the most after Tik Tok. Scrunchies were a huge thing in the 80’s and made a sudden comeback in 2019. You could see girls wearing them around their wrists or in their hair wherever you went.

#3: Airpods- Airpods were actually released from Apple in 2016, but since the generation 2 Airpods and the Airpod pros were released in 2019, they became super popular. This is just one of many trends that I don’t think is going to be left behind in 2019, these are coming with us right into 2020.

#4: Hydro Flasks- These were mentioned by every single girl that I talked to. I think it is safe to say that this trend is the most popular with girls. A lot of girls decorated their Hydro Flasks with stickers too.

“I guess you could say 2019 was the year that the VSCO girls took over,” said junior Phoebe Arnold.

#5: Nike Air Maxes- This style of Nikes was extremely popular during 2019. This trend was very popular with the boys rather than the girls. A lot of people got them customized too, so no one would have the same shoe as them or so that they would have the coolest pair. Personally I loved this trend for the boys and I think it helped them up their style game.

#6: Carhartt Beanies- This is another trend that was very popular in 2019 but will also be coming with us right into the 2020’s. If you walked down the halls of Davis you could count at least 20 Carhartt beanies on people’s heads every day. This trend was one of the only ones that was pretty popular with both boys and girls.

#7: Bold Makeup- This was the trend that was mentioned the least out of the seven but was still pretty popular. This trend was one that mostly girls mentioned too. Youtube makeup artists and the releases of their own lines of makeup was the biggest fuel to this fire. However, with the new year a lot of girls are now going for more subtle looks.

So there you have it Davis High, the top seven trends of 2019 according to its very own students. I don’t think I am the only person who is excited to see what trends the 2020’s will bring us!

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The Best Movies of the Decade

2019 ended just over a week ago which also brings an end to an astounding decade of movies. Every year from 2010-2019 brought us amazing cinematic experiences, many of which are worth the recap.

2010 Top 3 Movies: Inception, Toy Story 3, The Social Network

Inception is a movie that is in the discussion for the greatest movies of all time. Rotten Tomatoes describes it as

“Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Inception is that rare summer blockbuster that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually.”

Toy story 3 is another great movie to add to the already great Toy Story Franchise, and The Social Network racked up a staggering 96% tomatoe meter reading.

2011 Top Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Rango

Harry Potter 8 ends the story of the boy who lived in a stunning way, and is arguably the best Harry Potter movie. Rise of the Planet of the Apes brings its comic book predecessor. Rango stars Johnny Depp in the best animated movie of the year.

2012 Top Movies: The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall

The Avengers steers the MCU in the direction to produce great movies. The Dark Knight Rises ends one of the greatest trilogys of all time. Skyfall earns a 92% tomato meter reading and adds another great movie to the James Bond Franchise.

2013 Top Movies: Monsters University, Frozen, Gravity

Monsters University is an amazing prequel to monsters equal and rivals Frozen for the best animated movie of 2013. Gravity is described by Renuka Vyavahare:

“Oh to be astonished, frightened, and entertained all at the same time — that’s the power of Alfonso Cuaron’s masterful film.”

2014 Top Movies: Interstellar, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Whiplash

Interstellar provides an amazing movie for teh sci-fi genre. Captain America: Winter Soldier is argued by some as the greatest MCU movie. An underrated Whiplash movie earned a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

2015 Top Movies: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Creed, The Martian

Star Wars kicks off their third trilogy through an impressive The Force Awakens movie. Creed becomes a great sequel to the Rocky franchise. The Martian movie is arguably the best movie based off of a novel of all time.

2016 Top Movies: Moana, Captain America: Civil War, Moonlight

The fun family movie Moana is the best animated movie of 2016. The MCU adds another great movie to their franchise with Captain America: Civil War. 98% Tomato Meter reading Moonlight earns an Oscar for best picture.

2017 Top Movies: Get Out, Coco, Dunkirk

Jordan Peele’s Get Out could be argued as the best horror movie of all time. Coco takes 2017’s top animated movie spot and wins best original song for “Remember Me”

2018 Top Movies: Avengers Infinity War, Black Panther, A Quiet Place

Avengers Infinity War brings a new dimension to the MCU along with Black Panther. A Quiet Place shows viewers that you don’t need to say much to make a great movie.

2019 Top Movies: Us, Joker, Marriage Story.

Us, another Jordan Peele masterpiece, goes down as one of the greatest horror movies of the decade. Joker may have been the most hyped movies of the decade, and delivered. Marriage Story earns itself an amazing 95% Rotten Tomato meter reading.

Obviously this decade has will go down as one of the best ever for movies, and we will see what the new decade brings to the table!

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The last decade in music

The last decade in music

The last decade has been a very pivotal time in music as there are so many different genres of music rising and falling throughout the whole decade as many new artists rose and old ones fell.

2010 was a very reflective year of the decade that came before it with the top charts being dominated by pop music and pop superstars but with Hip-Hop giant Eminem still showing up on the top charts here and there as well as katy perry having a couple of top charts hits.

2011 was like the year before with some of the same songs still being on the top charts but this year there was more alternative style pop with lots of dance and party music as well with Give me Everything by pit bull at number one and Party Rock Anthem coming in at the number two song.

2012 Once again much more alternative poppy music is topping the charts for 2012 with maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj making the top charts for the 3rd year in a row and K-pop sensation Gangnam Style also making the top charts at number 4.

2013 has some new faces with Robin Thicke and Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams on Get Lucky and katy perry once again makes the top charts but another new face is Macklemore with the song can’t hold us coming in at the number 4 song on the top charts.

2014 is unique from the previous years in this decade with girls dominating most of the top charts out of the top ten songs from the year 8 of them are girls with songs coming from Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor and Nicki Minaj with the songs Fancy, Problem, All About That Bass and Bang Bang.

2015 is the opposite from the year before with 8 of the top songs coming from boys with the weeknd having two top ten songs with Can’t Feel My Face and The Hill’s. Another top hit from this year is well known Adele song Hello and a top song from Justin Bieber with What Do You Mean.

2016 as the years have gone by the music has slowly changed each year to more moody darker sounding music with a lot more focus on production and this year shows that very well with One Dance by Drake Work from Home by fifth harmony and songs by Rihanna and Calvin Harris coming in the top charts showing the shift towards this more moody Hip Hop style of music.

2017 is when rap music specifically “mumble rap” really started to pick up with songs from lil uzi vert and post Malone and 21 savage coming in the top charts. Although pop stays on the top with ed Sheeran’s shape of you.

2018 Is more moody style music with No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande coming in at number one and with drake having 4 top 10 songs with three of his owns songs and with a feature with Travis Scott on the hit song sicko mode.

2019 is a very unique year of music with an alternative song being number one with Billie Eilish’s Bad guy and “country rap” song Old Town Road and with Selena Gomez coming in the top four for the first time all decade in a year where her style of music has fallen off.

Over the course of the decade music has changed a lot coming from poppy music to moody alternative music and “mumble rap” dominating the charts towards the end of the decade I wonder what is in store for the next decade of music.


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Be as glam as a snowman with this winter fashion!

During the winter Utah’s weather gets quite chilly. Anytime you go outside you’re going to want a jacket or something warm. So why not do it in fashion? A couple of things that are becoming more and more trendy this winter are turtlenecks, faux fur coats, sweaters, jackets and more.

When picking out an outfit you should consider mixing and matching styles. You could layer an oversized graphic T-shirt over a turtle neck, long sleeve shirt, and a hoodie. When picking out your graphic T-shirt don’t be afraid to get colorful. If you’re trying to get funky you could even layer a short-sleeve button-up over a turtle neck. You could match these combos with some ripped boyfriend jeans and boots. Boots that are popular right now are Doc Martins and Hunters.

Want to wear a cute outfit with your faux fur jacket? Find a simple shirt that goes with your jacket then find some skinny jeans or mom jeans that would fit with the colors. After that find yourself a cute belt. You could pair this outfit with some sneakers or boots! you could also pair this with some ripped jeans or leggings!

Winter fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. The main goal is to dress warmly. Get creative with the outfits you put together you would be surprised at what you come up with. Also, don’t be afraid to try something different or a little out of your comfort zone. It can be fun to try new things with your wardrobe. You can find winter clothes anywhere, even in thrift stores. Just make sure that while you’re dressing up that you’re dressing warm because the winter weather does not agree with short sleeves and shorts.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The new Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker has the Star Wars fan base split in half. People either loved it or hated it. The new addition is like how Avengers Endgame was to Marvel fans. A huge fan pleaser, Though this may please most fans hardcore fans end up disliking the film.

Overall most people love the film, with fun characters and a gripping tale in outer space to spark the Star Wars nostalgia in anyone. Seeing the Millennium Falcom evading storm trooper fighters and Rey with Lukes saber training in the force is a huge fan pleaser to anyone who has seen Star Wars.

“Loved it, because JJ Abrams fixed everything from last jedi and fixed the saga.” -Carston Christensen

Star Wars is anyone can talk about on social media and for good reason. It’s a great ending to this Star Wars saga, with a great feel good ending leaving you sad that you cant see more. Seeing the Star Wars universe finally come to peace is satisfying and great to watch.

“I liked it.” Isaac Whipple

Some people didn’t love it as much as others. Disliking dialiog at some points and bad pacing and leaving loose ends were the biggest concerns of the Star Wars community. Most didn’t like how Finm didn’t play a big enough role in the film, with him originally seeming to be one of the main characters. Some didn’t like how Rey took the Skywalkers name or how she was a palpatine either.

The biggest annoyance of all in The Rise of Skywalker to fans was the kiss between Rey and Kylo Ren. The kiss was so unnecessary and was not a good addition to the movie. There was no hint to romance before and they were previously enemies and comrades but not lovers.

With any big franchise movie there will be little things that people don’t like but overall Star Wars was a great finale to the Star Wars saga that every should go see.


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School tranfers and bullying rates

Last year, over 300 student transferred to Davis High School after the first semester of learning at Farmington High School. Not only did students find the summit program to be completely unsuccessful, but people were also dealing with an unbelievable amount of bullying.

“High in rates of cruelty, I don’t even understand why so many are hurting others, I included,” one student described.

Not only is this a Farmington High School issue, but a Davis High School issue as well. A young man at Farmington High School admitted that the school isn’t that good, but that it was still better than our very own Davis High School.

“I don’t like Farmington, but everyone I know who transferred to Davis has been bullied worse than they ever were at Farmington,” this student explained.

So many people left a brand new high school to go to one that has been standing since 1914. These brave students, or at least a majority of them, left to have a better high school experience, but got much worse.

We are supposed to be in not only an accepting community, but a loving one.

There is not only the side of the story where Davis High is an inhabitable school when it comes to the welfare of it’s inhabitants, but it also goes the other way around.

A good friend of mine that transferred to Davis explained to me about the ruthless bullying that she had to endure during her stay at Farmington. She explained to me that she thought of letting life go due to the taunting and actions of others.

“Farmington was the worst experience that I have had in my entire life and Davis high has been a little better. Not good, but better.”

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New year new me

This new year is extra special this year. 2020 isn’t only the start of a new year but its the start of a new decade, how exciting is that? As students in high school, the new decade brings plenty of new things for us. This is basically the start of our whole lifes. With that comes all the goals we set and resolutions we made. New years resolutions are a common thing for people to make and hold to. It’s a way for you to hold your self responsible and accountable for the things you do.

There are many different kinds of New Year’s resolutions. The most popular goal is to stay healthy. Such as exercising Everyday, eating healthier, and some people even cut out sugar for the whole year! At the beginning of the year you will notice several people getting gym passes and going to the gym quite frequently. But that doesn’t usually held throughout the year.

Other resolutions and goals include mental health, being social and getting out of your comfort zones. With a fresh start, people will tend to take the time to begin to work on themselves and their mentality. Learning to be happy and grateful for the things you have and create a positive mental space for you to grow. Some people make goals to be more outgoing. Doing this helps people be more proactive. Some people even start dressing different or restart their social media feeds.

The new years indicate a new start and several people around the world take advantage of this opportunity to change for the better. Think about your new year’s resolutions and how you can set them to help them stay and actually help you in your day to day life. Keep in mind that with this new decade its time to focus on yourself and improve yourself!

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Is the force real?

The force is a made-up concept in the Star Wars realm. The force was an energy that connected everything in the universe. The story of the force goes way back, about 36,000 years before the events of episode 4 of Star Wars. There was an ancient order of scientists and philosophers called the Dai Bendu on the planet Ando Prim It was there that they had discovered such a powerful and mystical primal energy that they began calling “the Force”.

The force is a concept existed well over twenty-five thousand years, all thought there are multiple aspects of the force, The living force was fueled by the energies of all of the life forms and in return fed into the cosmic force, the force that bound everything together.

Cody Crawford: “It’s cool, it’s tight, wish I had it.”

Usage of the force grants several useful and special powers, such as the ability to sense impending attacks; to push, lift and manipulate physical objects; To influence the mind of others to put them in a seductive like faze and make them sleep by controlling their mind.

Thousands of years before the Clone Wars, the unity of the Jedi Order was fractured by a rogue Jedi who came to believe that the true power of the Force could only be reached through passion rather than the calmness of the Jedi way. The Jedi High Council at the time balked at this new direction, and the fallen Jedi was banished from the Order. Nevertheless, a group of renegade Jedi followed the rogue into exile, resulting in a schism that gave way to the Hundred-Year Darkness and the rise of the Sith Order.

Is the force real? We may never know, maybe it was lost a long time ago as was the Jedi, making us fall into a bland world blaster and light saber free. Maybe it exists on a planet far far away. have you felt the force?

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The Hot Spots for Hot Chocolate

When you think of winter, what do you think about? Personally, I think of all things cold like playing in the snow, sledding, skiing and snowboarding. And after all of those frosty activities, you need something nice and warm to stop your chattering teeth and heat up your goose bump-riddled skin. What better treat to do that than a steaming mug of hot chocolate? Whether you want whipped cream, marshmallows, peppermint, milk chocolate or dark chocolate here are all the hot spots you can go to to get your daily cup of hot coco.

One of the most popular, local spots to go get hot chocolate is the Starbucks at Station Park in Farmington. This is a popular spot because they have so many kinds and you can add any flavors and fix-ins that you want! Of course, all of this comes at a price. Starbucks can be pretty pricey depending on what you get. However it is all so worth it because the quality and the taste is just so heavenly.

The next most popular places to get hot chocolate are just your local gas stations. There are so many around here like Maverik, 7-Eleven or Chevron. Which ever one you go to they all have some steaming hot chocolate ready for you and your friends! The benefits of getting hot chocolate from these gas stations is it’s a lot cheaper than Starbucks. The downside of these places is they don’t have as many flavors and things that you can add to your hot coco, but hey, all hot coco is delicious no matter where you get it.

If you are up to taking a little drive, there are so many cute cafes and coffee houses in Salt Lake that have some pretty delicious hot chocolate! The three most popular places are Hatch Family Chocolates, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Les Madeleines. These are all cute shops and cafes that have amazing hot coco. Some people even say that you haven’t had true hot chocolate until you’ve tried the famous hot coco from one of these places. No matter which hot spot you go to there are so many unique and tasty flavors, so get out there and expand your hot coco horizon!



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The Affect That Art Had On My Life So Far

At a young age, I enjoyed making crafts and being creative. I remember as soon as Pinterest became a big thing I would spend hours on the social media site. I would pin arts and crafts and spend my weekend creating all kinds of things. I would sew blankets, aprons, pillow covers; I created scrapbooks, pasted glitter all over the place and let my imagination run wild. I was lucky as a child because my mom would let me make whatever kind of mess I wanted to. It really let my mind create all different kinds of unrealistic realities. I was very impatient and would speed through things because I thought I could do everything without directions. I would have to redo projects multiple times. This taught me to read directions and to take tasks seriously. If you do it right the first time it saves so much time.

During my sophomore year, I was put into a painting class, I was scared because I thought my projects were going to come out horrible. I wanted everything to be perfect. As I started the assignments I realized how much I loved painting. I could create something that no one else did. It was satisfying. During this time I went through some traumatic experiences in my life. When I was struggling or sad it helped turn my logical side of my brain off and helped me stop thinking about the hard things in my life.

Not just with painting, anything where I am using my ideas whether it be writing, sewing, cooking, baking, etc. It helps me and so many others to sly away from the rough situations in life. It has taught me that I can be creative through all aspects of life and it helps me to take a break. I challenge everyone to take a moment every day to be creative or express themselves in some way. It can make a big difference.

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From Yeezus to Jesus: A Kanye West Analysis

Why be a good person when you can pay your way to eternal life? Throughout the middle ages, the Catholic Church sold indulgences-medieval equivalents to get out of sin-free cards, profiting off the rich and poor alike. The Church promised eternal life in exchange for a lump sum of cash, filling their own pockets while increasing the poor’s hardships. The Catholic Church would not be the only group using religion to earn money. Only two years ago, a Minnesota man stole millions from unsuspecting investors under the guise of “doing God’s work,” housing oil workers in the freezing American North. He instead used the stolen money to purchase private islands and classic cars — neither of which the Bible mentions. Now a new prophet carries the tradition of using the Lord’s name to swindle the masses, and you may recognize him from the billboard top 100 charts. Kanye West’s sudden conversion to Christianity coincides with a brand-new Bible flavored album with dozens of expensive merchandise items. West’s products range from typical print t-shirts to the unorthodox pairs of “Jesus is King” emblazoned dirty socks, all for prices much higher than their manufacturing cost. Is Kanye West genuinely interested in using his platform to exalt the works of God, or is he simply the latest in a long line of con men using the Lord’s name to line his pockets?

Before discussing Kanye West any further analysis of those that inspired him is necessary. Throughout “The Economics of Religious Indulgences” by Alberto Cassone and Carla Marchese, the authors analyze the Catholic Church’s past practice of indulgences. Interestingly, they compare the Church to a club where leaders attempt continuously enlarging the club’s size. The authors claim indulgences entice risk-taking individuals to join the Church. These risk-takers are more likely to sin and earn money for the Church by paying for indulgences. Coming from the author’s perspective of viewing the Church as a club, indulgences are a win-win for the Church and its constituents. The Church facilitates spreading the gospel while also earning money to help fuel its operations, and members get a guaranteed ticket to heaven. However, many argue indulgences went against the Church’s teachings regarding equality and corruption. Most of the populous could not afford indulgences as they were too expensive. The poor were barred from heaven while the corrupt had an all-access pass. This injustice eventually became too much for the public to ignore.

Within “A ‘Traitorous Religion’: Indulgences and the Anti-Catholic Imagination in Eighteenth-Century New England” by Michael S. Carter, he explains the eventual backlash to catholic indulgences. Anti-Catholicism was prevalent in the early-modern English-speaking world. Many believed that indulgences gave Catholics a license to sin advance. Others feared that Catholics would have loose morals because they could admit guilt and pay to avoid repercussions. Carter elaborates on his position, explaining many viewed the Church as spiritual slavery that required monetary payments to escape bondage. As church leaders saw that others condemned indulgences, they realized that they could no longer ensure the club’s growth. Leaders then failed their two main goals: spreading the gospel and acquiring funds. Eventually, leaders decided to end the practice of indulgences; however, this did not end the use of religion to build the wealth of others.

Another example of religious exploitation is found in “Snake Oil Salesman.” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the author outlines the steps Ronald Johnson took to swindle millions from others. Johnson stole from people in Montana and North Dakota under the guise of developing an indoor motor home park. Losses totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars per person, causing dozens of people’s livelihoods to be lost or wholly altered after Johnson stole their money. Described as highly charismatic and incredibly convincing, many have described Johnson as a modern-day snake oil salesman. He even convinced people to invest in his scheme by saying it was God’s work to build this motor home park to help the poor, freezing workers of the northern oil fields. After some analysis, parallels are quickly drawn between Johnson’s actions and the actions of the Catholic church hundreds of years ago. The most obvious comparison being Johnson and the Church’s use of God to motivate others to give up their wealth. However, Johnson scammed people by convincing them to earn God’s grace. The Catholic Church conned members by giving them a chance to please God and expunge their sins. Whatever the case, the wealth accumulation of both a Midwest conman and the most significant Christian religion had the same root cause. Nevertheless, Ronald Johnson’s classic cars would not be the last time the religious would be exploited for a quick buck.

In “Is Kanye West a Great Artist or a Great Marketer?” by Kevin Winter, he explores West’s marketing prowess throughout his career. Winter first poses the question, “Think about the last time Kanye came up in a conversation: Did you talk about his music?” For most people, the answer is no. Many believe West to have a screw loose or be incredibly unpredictable, yet these antics are part of the act. Ever since his first step into the spotlight in 2004, West has continuously clamored to be the focus of attention. Whether it be controversial public statements at the VMAs or saying slavery was a choice almost as soon as he re-joined social media, West knows how to create a stir. However, Winter believes West’s most significant fault is that he cannot merely let his art speak for itself. West diminishes the value of his work through clownish stunts and lack of humility. However, Winter also acknowledges the strategy behind these outbursts, noting Kanye West pulls a stunt exactly when he begins losing star status. Kanye West yearns to be a star and, more importantly, maintaining his bank account necessitates his constant relevancy. So, after stealing the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the VMAs, announcing his future presidential run without warning, and supporting the most controversial president in recent memory, West had to find a way to keep his stardom alight. West’s next evolution would see the man that just years ago declared he was a living god transformed into God’s most important messenger.

Unlike earlier in his career, West no longer portrays himself as a literal god, he is now an agent of Christianity, at least that is what he wants us to believe. Stereo Williams explores Kanye’s newest stunt in “Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Is Fake Christianity at Its Finest.” Williams outlines Kanye’s new life as a born-again Christian. West’s incredibly popular Sunday Services around the country have been significant attractions for Hollywood A-listers and the upper middle class alike. Unlike the typical religious sect, West does not bother engaging with the lower classes. While his services and events are free, they fill to the brim with designer clothes and celebrities. In Salt Lake City, a sea of expensive clothes and upper-middle-class high school students clamored for a chance to see West remix gospel songs on a keyboard for an hour. Kanye is only occasionally interested in seeking God’s grace or praising His mercies and is far more interested in nailing himself to a cross. West needs the attention to be on him; his conversion is a publicity stunt as only Kanye West knows how to pull off. By all accounts, his strategy has worked, and West has been thrust back into stardom. What many would like to know is whether Kanye is using his resurgence to fill others with the gospel or fill his pocketbook.

They said the Devil would be attractive; those people did not expect him to wear Yeezys. During the episode “Botham Jean’s Brother Hugs Amber Guyger, Is Kanye West ‘Jesus Is King’ A Scam? More | SOTC S2 E8” of commentator Joe Budden’s podcast, the topic of West’s newfound religion is met with skepticism. He believes all of this Jesus stuff is an attempt to sell merchandise and make money. West is no different from a televangelist or pastor riling up the masses for his gain. The issue is people are naïve enough to believe it and buy into his schemes. West is going against one of the principal teachings of Christianity: humility. West uses the hype around his new album and persona to rake in millions while diminishing the impact of traditional Christianity. The hosts quickly add that Christianity is a positive force in the lives of millions. However, West’s homebrew brand does not have the same impact.

It is consumerist, it is shallow, but most importantly, it is profitable. West thrives in a society wherein the populous clamors for his blessings. $300-dollar sweatshirts with circles on them sold out in minutes, $25-dollar dirty socks sold in the thousands, and people who had never previously listened to a non-explicit album in their life blast Christian music with a sax solo. From the consumer standpoint, the infatuation with West makes perfect sense. All of these individuals wish for the approval of God’s self-proclaimed chosen musician. Merchandise is the modern-day indulgence; through their purchases, the consumers cleanse their sins. However, in this case, the sin is not theft or adultery; sin is rejecting Kanye West. Religion typically aims to offer something that individuals do not already have, whether it be an explanation for existence or a way to achieve eternal life. West preys on the upper-middle class and the rich because they already have their necessities. West’s disciples yearn for bread and circus. They demand entertainment, and West delivers through his constant changing of persona and publicity stunts. West uses his marketing skills to swindle these masses using the same act of God justification that convicted conman Ronald Johnson used. However, West is still at large, and instead of spending the money on classic cars, he spends it on maintaining his incredibly expensive Italian marble floor. The said floor can only be repaired by select artisans who must fly in every time a repair must be made (which is also not in the Bible, by the way).

Some believe West truly is doing good work through his modernization of Christianity. His supporters often cite the faith’s inability to modernize for a 21st-century society built upon hyper-consumerism and decadence. However, West’s tactics could not be farther from Christianity’s teachings. Rather than using his charisma and wealth to help the disadvantaged West funds his operas and family vacations. Rather than promoting service, he dines at the most excellent restaurants and travels in a private jet. Rather than apologizing for past actions, West will stand by them till the day he dies. None of these traits are very Christian-like, nor are they evidence of a right person. West uses his 68-million-dollar tax return and his fanatic fan support as evidence of God’s blessing. However, a short Bible reading would quash their claims.

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God” (1 Peter 4:10). West could use his platform for good; his reach is almost limitless. Instead, West distracts from worthy causes such as charity or social work that make a difference. Rather than being a Mother Tereasa, Kanye West is a Ronald Johnson or a corrupt Catholic priest, and his success is our fault. Throughout history, humans have witnessed these figures harm our societal systems. The only way to stop Kanye West’s abuse of Christianity is to stop encouraging his antics, as entertaining as they may be. When will society stop enabling those that wish to hijack these social systems? Probably when they stop buying $300 t-shirts.

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New Year’s Resolutions

As 2019 comes to a close and we look forward to the beginning of a brand new decade, many people are busy making new years resolutions. Some of the most common ones include losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising. But aside from becoming more healthy, some people have resolutions like traveling more or trying new foods and meeting new people.

Students at Davis High have many different resolutions for this year. Some common ones are to get better grades, or for the seniors, to graduate and start a new chapter of their lives with life after high school.

“I want to get good grades, be more active, and just be more happy.” said Ireland Dannehold, Sophomore.

Some people don’t know exactly what they want their resolutions to be, so here are some ideas.

Donate to more charities – this is a great way to give back and have a positive impact on the community.

Get a new hobby – hobbies help people meet new people and find something they truly love, and make people more happy.

Travel to a place you’ve never been before – the world is big and traveling to new places helps people gain new experiences and learn more about different cultures.

Get organized – organization helps people get better control over their lives reduces stress.

Stop procrastinating – procrastination is often the reason we don’t accomplish goals.

Spend more time outside – studies show that being outside boosts your immune system and makes you more creative.

Be more social – meeting new people and making new friends helps people gain new experiences.

Have a positive attitude – positive attitudes help people achieve their goals.

Keep a journal – journals are a great way to document stories that happen to people.

Save more money – having money saved up is a great way to have peace of mind in case of an emergency.

New Year’s Resolutions are what help give our year more purpose. They make our lives happier and help people feel more accomplished and fulfilled. Having a resolution is a great way to ring in the new year.


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Fun things to do over Christmas break

Even though Christmas break is a vacation from school, and a time to relax, students still have to find ways to entertain themselves for two weeks. Many kids can feel bored, because school can give them things to do and work on. There are many ideas to make Christmas break meaningful, here are just a few.

Have a Christmas movie marathon:

There are a TON of good Christmas movies out there ranging from Home Alone to Elf, and not enough time to watch them all inconsistently. Sometimes the only answer is to pick a day and watch them all at once. With many movie subscription sites like Netflix and Disney +, it won’t be hard to celebrate the season by watching your favorite films.

Hanging out with friends and family:

Even though it is the simplest option, it can be the best. When asked what their favorite Christmas activities were, Quinn Sorenson and Mason Otteson said:

“Hang with family,” said Quinn Sorenson.

“Hangout with friends/family,” Mason Otteson also commented.

There are hundreds more activities to do with other people than with yourself. There are many board games to be played and many snowball fights to be had with the people you love.

Make Christmas cookies:

Baking Christmas cookies is both a fun and delicious way to pass the time. There are at least a hundred types of Christmas cookies, and with a full break, it won’t be hard to find time to bake them. Cookies are a classic during the holidays, so why not bake a few and indulge in the Christmas cheer.

Going to see Christmas lights:

Many places offer a beautiful array of lights including Temple Square and The Layton Lights. Although these are great places to go, you can find lights in almost any neighborhood. Just going for a walk to see them all is a great use of your time.

With a full two weeks of break this year, there a hundreds of opportunities to participate in your favorite activities. Happy Holidays!


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Christmas Gifts: Parents Edition

Even though you spend your entire life with them, your family always seems to be the most difficult people to get gifts for.

However, it is not an impossible task. There are many simple and cheap options that you can still get your parents.

Material gifts include:

  • Cozy slippers – something to keep warm and to be comfortable
  • Printed t-shirts – something fun and simple to wear
  • Printed Family Photo – meaningful and a new edition to decoration
  • Candles – who doesn’t want a good smelling house
  • Socks – something soft to keep warm
  • A watch – so they don’t miss any more events
  • Jewelry – simply for style
  • A book – who doesn’t love a good read?
  • Gift cards – the possibilities are endless (with a budget of course)
  • A blanket – a gift to cuddle up with and add another layer to the bed

$0 gifts include:

  • A homemade meal – something for the whole family to enjoy
  • Do the dishes – even though it’s loathsome, it will help out more than you would think
  • Dust the house – you’d be surprised at how much is lying around
  • Clean the boarders – you may not notice the difference, but someone will!
  • Do the laundry – don’t forget to fold it and put it away as well
  • Vacuum the house – it really doesn’t take that much effort, just plug in and go
  • Sweep the kitchen – crumbs hide just about everywhere
  • Organize the garage – I can guarantee that this is a big deal to your parents
  • Mop the floors – something simple and rather fun with the right music
  • Shovel the driveway – as long as snow actually shows back up
  • Take out the trash – simple, but effective
  • Be kind to siblings – I know it’s hard, but you can do it!
  • Clean out the refrigerator – so much easier to find the right snacks

There is also the option of giving your parents “coupons” for things such as chores.

“I normally give my parents chore coupons for Christmas.” -A Davis High Student said.

It is an easy way to spend little to no money and to make your parents happy on top of it.

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Christmas cookies and holiday spirit … that’s the way traditions start!

With Christmas less than a week away, it seems appropriate to talk about favorite Christmas traditions. Students will be getting out of school this week, and are anxiously looking forward to the break. Some will be traveling to far and exotic places, while other students will be staying home cuddled up in blankets by the fire. But one thing that we all look forward to are the traditions that we do throughout the month of December during the Christmas season.

A lot of students are looking forward to hitting the slopes over the break. Snowbasin and Park City are the most popular ski resorts to visit this time of year. Skiing and snowboarding is a favorite Christmas tradition because friends and families can spend time together doing a fun and wholesome activity.

Hailey Halliday, a sophomore here at Davis, put in her input on her favorite Christmas traditions.

“My favorite traditions is going to my grandparents on the Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve.”

One Christmas tradition that she felt was unique to her family was that her family watched the Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate. Hailey is looking forward to having a break from school and spending time with her friends and family.

Other students are perhaps looking forward to baking their favorite treats for Christmas. Christmas break is a time to indulge in sweets. Houses are filled with the wonderful aroma of cookies, hot cocoa, and Christmas dinner. Whether it be constructing a gingerbread house, frosting sugar cookies, or decorating chocolates, traditions involving baked goods are a wonderful burst of flavor to our tastebuds.

Some teens are looking forward to shopping all day until they drop. Some traditions revolve around finding the perfect gift for your family members and friends.

“Christmas traditions are important because they have always been there. And I have so many memories with them!”

Christmas traditions are an important aspect of this time of year. During the break, make sure to spend as much time as you can with family and friends, no matter how you do it.


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It’s ski season ladies and gentlemen

It’s that time of year again my fellow skiers and snowboarders. Run out to the shed grab your gear and dust it off to get ready for what’s about to be a powdery season. All the local ski resorts have opened and are ready to be shred. Whether you go to Powder Mountain, Snow Basin, Alta, Snowbird or any other of the local resorts your sure to find powder around every corner, and if you have found any yet don’t worry! This year is the year of EL NINO, in other words, the weather patterns have shifted just right to give us a great year with plenty of snow.

I ski at snow basin so I can only speak for the snow conditions on that particular mountain. Snow basin also seems to be the most popular resort for people living in Kaysville and the surrounding areas.

As of the last time I was on the mountain only seven runs had been opened, but more have been opened since. The snow cover wasn’t bad but a little choppy in some places, hitting small patches of ice wasn’t uncommon either in high traffic areas. The clouds have been hanging low resting on the tops of the mountains at the beginning of the season, mostly due to the recent aversion we have experienced, but has cleared up in the past few days with nothing but blue skies and an open mountain.

Weather forecasts have picked a storm brewing and you can count on its arrival early next week to add to the 54” base that has already been received this year. The storm will come through right in time to hit the mountain all Christmas break and more snow is bound to be on the way. Don’t forget to grab your gloves and cap on the way out the door, and have a great season shredding on the slopes.


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Juice WRLD’s unexpected death

You wake up Sunday morning and roll over in bed to check your phone. Your Snapchat stories are full of Juice tributes and collages. Your first thought is “it must be fake”, you frantically search the internet and find headline after headline of the young rappers death. Tears fill your eyes as “Lucid Dreams” replays in your head.

“I still see your shadows in my rooooooom, can’t take back the love that I gave you……”

“21-year-old rapper Juice WRLD has died after a seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport,” TMZ reported.

This was the only bit of information Juice WRLD fans were given Sunday morning, leaving them heart broken and confused.

Jarad Higgins, formally know as Juice WRLD was born December 2, 1998 in Chicago. His mother paid for piano lessons at an early age. He was highly regarded as a musician and aspiring song writer while attending Homewood-Flossmoor High School.

Juice got his start on the app “Soundcloud”,  he broke through the charts with his song “Lucid Dreams”. Leading into his 2018 debut album, “Goodbye and Good Riddance” which was sold over a million times. 2019 followed up with “Death Race for Love” which debuted at No. 1  on the Top 200 chart and was certified gold last June.

Many artist’s gave tribute Juice on social media Sunday night. Chance the Rapper gave the world a beautiful tribute.

“He knows our hearts. I really wish we had more talks like that one night in LA. Dude. This is ridiculous. Millions of people, not just in Chicago but around the world are hurting because of this and don’t know what to make of it. I’m sorry. Love you and God bless your soul”.

Ally Lotti, Juice’s girlfriend, speaks out after his death.

“I just wanted to come out here and let everyone know that Jarad loved every single person that he helped on this Earth. He literally loved every single one of you guys. There was not a time that he showed me any different love than he felt for you. He wants everyone to know that you need to take any negative thing in your life, he would tell you every time he saw you, and change that to a positive situation. Change that to 999. You’ve got to keep that in your heart.’

999 was a number Juice repeated throughout his music career. It was a symbol for turning a negative into a positive. Juice gave the world a reason to keep going and his music saved lives. Just like X, Peep, Mac and so many others Juice was a legend, he gave his all for the music and fans he loved.The world will never be the same without Juice WRLD. His legacy and music will be shared for years and years. Rest in Peace to the beautiful soul, fly high Jarad. <3


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Gifts that parents won’t have to pretend to enjoy

The annual crisis of gift shopping for parents is finally here. For some reason, every year teenagers struggle with the concept of purchasing their parents presents in hopes to find the perfect present. While a ‘perfect’ present might not exist, there are a few good ones out there.

When finding presents for your parents, there are almost always two routes to go. Practical or gag. It depends on what the shopper feels up to, and what the shopper’s parents will enjoy more.

One good example of something practical would be the OMORC 32 OZ Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, otherwise known as a flavor infusing water bottle. This item is priced at $14.99 on amazon, and allows the user to turn regular water into fruit flavored water by simply adding fruit into a compartment within the water bottle.

“Food-grade Material. Made from toxin-free, shatter-resistant and impact-resistant Tritan materials, the bottle is completely BPA-free to create more healthy concoctions and seal the flavor of your drink,” is what amazon.com describes it as.

Another great practical gift is and adult coloring book. Many places offer these from 5-11 dollars, and can be a great thing for your parents to do when they have nothing to do.

“Coloring Book for Adults: Stress Relieving Designs: Animals, Birds, Mandalas, Butterflies, Flowers, Paisley Patterns, Garden Designs and Amazing Swirls for Adults Relaxation,” is a description by amazon.com.

If parents would rather appreciate the laughs of a gag gift, amazon offers a “Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon By Ototo Design.” Parents will finally have a spoon shaped like the Loch Ness Monster to make pasta with.

One last gag gift would be a “Redneck Nation Plunger Christmas Tree” found on amazon for 9 bucks. Moms and dads everywhere will love opening up a 15 inch tree with a trunk for a plunger.

Even if none of these gifts listed here or on the internet work, there are always gift cards. Happy Holidays!

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Ford vs Ferrari

A race that transcends time. Ford vs Ferrari is a underdog tale about Ford’s vision to win the Le Mans. With Ford only manufacturing cars for everyday people and Nascar cars they had never participated in a race like Le Mans.

The Le Mans is a 24 hour French race and the oldest active sports car race. Former and only US winner of the race at the time Carroll Shelby, who is played by Matt Damon, partners with Ford to try to make a car that can beat four time consecutive winner of the race Ferrari

Though to be an impossible task by Ford, Shelby seeks help from British Ken Miles, played by Christian Bale who is a mechanic and professional racer. Their goal, to bear Enzo Ferrari at his own game in this brutal 24 hour race.

With Shelby and Miles previous experience with racing and building cars they work together to make the perfect machine, the Ford GT.

With Fords almost endless bank account they could make whatever they wanted, and what they wanted was something that could beat Ferrari.

You don’t have to be into cars to like the movie either it’s a good watch for all who choose to see it.

“I think you don’t have to give a damn about cars at all,” says Christian Bale. “Everybody can relate to the story in terms of the passion they have for something that they want to do with their lives and the hurdles that are standing in their way, whether it be from outside sources or demons in themselves.”

Ford vs Ferrari is a great movie that surpasses expectations of a normal racing movie. It gets you interested if you like cars or not and is a great, passionate story that everyone will love.


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How to Navigate Through Aggressive Hallway Traffic

The hallways at Davis High School resemble the hallways of the titanic flooding with violent chaotic energy while the ship sinks into an eternal pit of doom. It’s no surprise many kids have to run through the school like they’re being chased by a starving grizzly bear, just to make it to class before the late bell. It’s no secret that the school is quite large, and filled to the brim with angry sleep deprived teenagers. Walking from class to class can leave you questioning if you’ll still be alive to take your math quiz next period.

The best way to solve this threatening problem is to pinpoint the cause of all the traffic. One activity people really seem to enjoy is coming to a halt right in the middle of the hallway where everyone is trying to walk, and uncomfortably flirt with each other until they have 20 seconds to make it to class. What these attention deprived children don’t understand is that when they stand in the middle of the hall in large clusters, everyone else that also attends the high school, can’t get where they legally need to be. If these wild students would gather in the commons or at least on the side of the hall, it would be much easier to get through the halls and to class on time.

Another leading cause of this hold up is people’s inability to walk. Walking is just like driving, there’s a left lane, and a right lane. If you stay on your side of the hall instead of attempting to walk through an entire swarm of people going the opposite way than you, the world will be a better place. It’s like trying to rock climb up a powerful waterfall, you ain’t gonna make it brotha. It is also vital that we yield to one another when turning left and when approaching a large intersection.

Kindness is key when dealing with individuals with intense walker’s rage. You can identify these angry elves by the following: a troubled look upon their sweaty face, heavy breathing from their determined pace, a lack of manners and consideration of others feelings, the tendency to flat tire and tailgate those in front of them, and their complete disregard for personal space. The best way to deal with them is to ask if they need a cold beverage and give them a good embrace.

With so many nervous, cranky teens packed into a building like sardines, it is our moral duty to help each other make it through each school day. By acquiring some common sense and making good wholesome decisions, we can all walk efficiently through the halls. Never again will anyone suffer the tragedy of being compressed between a dirty stranger and the cold stone wall.

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Frozen 2: Does Disney Finally Have a Decent Sequel?

It took exactly 5 years and 360 days since Disney’s Frozen to produce us with a sequel. It was the first sequel starring a Disney princess to get a theatrical release and made over 358 million dollars within the first 3 days of the release. After the original Frozen racked up a 90% tomato meter rating and producing the hit song “Let It Go”, nostalgic fans hoped for something similar.

Frozen 2 tells a tale of the familiar characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf the snowman, Christoph, and his reindeer Sphen. They journey to a mysterious enchanted forest where not everything seems normal. They set out to save the kingdom of Arendelle from peculiar events, and to discover the origin of Elsa’s powers.

Like unto its original, it is a heartwarming tale, with many parts that will make you both laugh and cry. Although it was filled with many songs and scenes that remind of the original, some say it is nowhere near the level of the 2013 Frozen.

“It’s pleasant to catch up with the characters, but mostly it’s just here to give kids more of that thing they liked six years ago.” says Nowtoronto.com.

Despite the fact that this movie may fall short of the first one, many people love it just as much as the original.
Frozen 2 is the rare sequel that surpasses the original. The scope is twice as staggering, the action twice as thrilling, the autocannibalism sequences twice as harrowing, the songs is twice as catchy.

Many of the songs Frozen 2 debuted showed signs of the first film. The song “Love is an open door” from the first Frozen compared with “Some things never change” brings a similar sound and meaning. Even though the songs may be close to the same as the original Frozen, they bring a great message. Anna (Kristen Bell) has a solo song called “The next right thing”. The song explains how even if all is lost the next thing to do is push forward and is very applicable moral to use in an everyday situation.

All in all, Frozen may not be as good as the original, but it is still a fun story with a great message.

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Grammy nominees revealed

The 62nd Grammy nominations were held 3 weeks ago on November 20th and you won’t believe the number of people who made it to the Grammy’s, which the Grammys include album of the year, songs of the year, best new artists, best rap album’s, best country album and record of the year and plenty more, there are more than 80 topics.

We may as well tell you this now because this truth does not hurt: Lizzo scored the most nominations for the 62nd Grammy Awards.

The Recording Academy unveiled 2020’s roster of nominees on Tuesday morning and Lizzo scored a leading eight nods in total, including ones for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year.

Wednesday was a very good day for new music artists including Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish. Billie got nominated album of the year, a record of the year, song of the year. Lil Nas got nominated album of the year, and got a record of the year and got into best new artists list and many more I will be mentioning.

Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X each received six nominations apiece, while Ariana Grande earned five.

The rappers who got the best rap album of the year would include of, “Championships” by Meek Mill, “I am > I was” by 21 Savage, “Igor” by the famous Tyler, The Creator, “The Lost Boy” by YBN Cordae and “Revenge Of The Dreamers III” by Dreamville, which a lot of people were surprised Kanye West did not make it to any of them.

“They want to know what I would do if I didn’t win… I guess we’ll never know.” – Kanye West

If you want to see more about the Grammys the music industry’s biggest night will air live on Jan. 26, 2020, from Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Alicia Keys returns as host.

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Utah’s Secret Date Restaurants

With the upcoming Christmas dance on Saturday the 14th some people still need places to go have a romantic dinner with their date. If you are like most people you probably need ideas for a great dinner to have a great time. Hopefully, this article will help.

Make your dinner

Making your dinner can be very fun and will help with your image. Someone who knows that you can cook can make you look more responsible and even more fun to be around. If you are on a tight budget then this is probably your best option because it will cost you nothing but your time.

Olive Garden

“Olive Garden is the best restaurant for a dancing dinner, Mitchell the waiter is a god”

says Trevor Schwab

This location is a little pricey but the food is good and you get all you can eat salad with most meals.

Little taste of Britain

This restaurant has very good food it is, however, cheaper than more expensive options. The atmosphere in the restaurant will allow you to enjoy your night.


Teppanyaki is a Japanese steakhouse that is only for people with a fairly high budget. Along with amazing food you also get a show, the servers will cook the food on your table and entertain you. One downside is that you will always be put on a table with other people you don’t know so a group is the best option.

Sills cafe

Sills cafe is a retro-style cafe that has very good food. The atmosphere is extremely chill and very fun. When you walk in it will feel like an old 80s-90s movie.

All of these ideas are a good idea and no matter your budget its all about the fun. If you cant afford the expensive places don’t stress, the dance should be fun not stressful

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How to save money during Christmas season

During this holiday season there are some ways to save money to buy the gifts you want to buy for your loved ones.  Ways including coupons, sales, and maybe going to a thrift store. There are websites and apps that can help you save such as Groupon, Woot, Cool Savings, and ScoutMob. There are coupons on Groupon for places like amazon, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Best Buy American Eagle, Blue Apron, Kohls, Forever 21, and more. There are deals at the Layton Mall for some 50% off deals, and clearance sales on clothes and accessories at American Eagle.

“I buy really simple gifts that in bulk that can be given to lots of people. I also write lots of notes and do homemade things too. It isn’t hard to save if you just think about it. Plus, it’s the thought that counts. Cookies and brownies are really smart gifts too, especially for people who are really hard to shop for.”

said Charity Maynes, Senior.

Some good places to shop for your friends can be from walgreens, walmart, dollar tree, target, and more low dollar stores. These places are good places and you are sure to find something for a friend, significant other, or a relative.

“I buy simple, cheap items and customize them myself to make the items more personal and less store bought. This way you get a personalized, cheap gift for everyone. I believe it adds a special touch to those already thoughtful gifts.”-Talia Swindell, sophomore.

Even the smallest gifts can mean a lot to someone that would normally not have gifts at all. For the christmas season go ahead and shop at some of these places for your pals and no doubt it will make them grateful.

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One Man’s Trash That’s Another Man’s Come Up

Here at Davis High School there are so many students that it’s hard to find unique clothing that other students don’t already have. If you are looking for places to shop where you can find clothing that only you have, you have come to the right place. Thrift stores are the best place to go when it comes to creative clothing. There are so many thrift stores that aren’t that far away from Kaysville. The 3 most convenient are Savers, Goodwill, and the DI. All 3 of these thrift stores are right next to each other so you can stop by every one of them when you are doing your shopping.

Isaac Whipple a senior at Davis High, gave some great advice on thrifting, he said, “Don’t be afraid to be different. Thrift store’s are one of the only places you can find one of a kind clothing and make it your own.”

The things you find at a Thrift store can range from things that are trending like Dickies to things that you have never seen before. Whipple admits,”Wearing your swag you found that no one else has, is one of the best parts about thrifting. It’s the thrill of finding a nice item that you wouldn’t normally find.”

Thrifting isn’t only about finding new clothing, its about the experience. You can use both your imagination and creativity to create something you would never find in a regular retail store. Not only do you find this cool clothing, but you can find things like vinyls, paintings, and all sorts of collectible items.

So what are the perks of thrifting besides the clothing and the collectibles? The prices are amazing. You can find a T-shirt for $2 and  sweatshirt for $7. Another perk about thrifting is that there are thrift stores everywhere. Some of the best ones are found in Salt Lake City and Ogden. Believe it or not the best ones are Savers and Goodwill. Those are the stores that you will find the best product for the cheapest price.

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The 12 Dates of Christmas

It’s Christmas season and what better way to spend it than with that special someone! It’s time to get out for some fun this winter with some of these great winter season date ideas. Whether indoor or out, here are 12 cute date ideas that will get you cozied up with your boyfriend, girlfriend or even just a bunch of your friends!

Date #1: Go ice-skating! Ice-Skating might be one of the most cliché, yet beautifully picturesque dates that you need to do. You can spend the night holding hands and skating loops around the rink to “All I Want for Christmas is You” just like in the movies. It is also not that costly which is definitely a plus for all of us broke high school students out there.

Date #2: Hot chocolate and Christmas movies! Snuggle up under some blankets with of mug of hot chocolate, whipped cream, and marshmallows and tune in for a marathon of the best holiday movies like Elf, A Christmas Story and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Date #3: Decorate a gingerbread house! Go to the store and get all your favorite candies and show off your creative side through this cute and edible Christmas treat. You can get pre-made kits or if you are feeling even more ambitious, you can build your own from scratch.

Date #4: Volunteer at a local toy drive or soup kitchen! Christmas is not just about receiving, a big part is about giving and you can give back with this date idea. This Christmas season give the greatest gift of joy and help put some a smile on people’s faces.

Date #5: Go sledding, skiing or snowboarding! This is one of the more active and fun dates, you can go out and enjoy the fresh, sparkling snow. If you and your date both know how to ski or snowboard, you can go and do that too!

Date #6: Go walk around and look at the Christmas lights! You can go down to temple square, the zoo, or even just drive around with some food and look at lights around neighborhoods!

Date #7: Go thrift shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater! This date can be really fun and silly. You can even go and buy decorations and make your own ugly Christmas sweater if you want!

Date #8: Go window shopping! Window shopping can be fun walking through town under the lights and checking out little handcrafted items with your date. You can even get some Christmas shopping done while you’re out!

Date #9: Go to a local holiday play or show! The Nutcracker is a really popular one nowadays, but you can find a bunch of little holiday plays around if you look!

Date #10: Head to a basketball game! A little competitiveness never hurt anybody! Plus tickets are cheaper at the beginning of the season, so your wallet will thank you.

Date #11: Make some fireplace s’mores and jam out to some Christmas music! It may feel a little childish, but who can resist the temptation of half-scorched marshmallows and belting out some Christmas classics.

Date #12: Plan a game night! If the cold weather’s got you down, your spirit will never be too old to enjoy a smashing game of Uno or Phase 10.

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Winter Fashion: Tips and Tricks for Staying Confident & Cute

Fashion has no limit. Fashion is an experience, a way of expression. It has no season or time of year that makes it relevant or irrelevant.

The way we dress shows everyone around us how we represent ourselves. For example, you are not going to wear ripped jeans and a baggy T-shirt to an interview where everyone dresses formal, chances are they will take one look and turn you down.

Overall, fashion is the most common way of human expression. How we treat ourselves, how we act, and who we are generally comes about through the way we dress.

Most find it easy to have that freedom to express through clothing in the summer, and warmer months, but what about during the chilly holiday seasons?

Here are a few fashion tips to help you keep that confidence beaming -even during the cold winter months.

First off, the most common and easiest one, Layering. Layering is an easy, simple way to wear your favorite confident boosting outfits, but also staying warm and bundled up. There are many different types of styles that make it easy to layer on to. Basic styles that are simple such as a nude top and black jeans, are easy to add layers on and still look put together, all the while being warm.

Second winter fashion tip: Shoes. During winter, most outfits tend to be more colorless and based on gray, nude, blacks, dark greens, etc. Wear your favorite basic outfit, and let your shoes steal the show. A great tip for this is getting yourself some cute, yet warm, boots. Wearing a basic outfit with those boots, or other type of shoes if preferred, will really tie the whole outfit together.

Third tip to spice up those outfits: Accessories. Accessories in general are an easy way to really add to an outfit, but during the winter, accessories spice up an outfit just as good as any other time of year. Wearing belts over your coats, or getting a nice pair of earrings will add to a simple fit.

A fourth way to hop on the trend chain and really help spice up your outfits is: Faux Fur. Faux fur is big on trend right now, and it is perfect for those simple outfits to really help give it that push, all while keeping you warm.

Five: Beanies. Beanies are an item that nowadays, are being worn year round. The more the reason to bundle up with a nice beanie. Beanies are functional, yet stylish. A good beanie will completely change the look of an outfit. Investing in a few good and cute beanies-most of which are fairly cheap- will really help you stay up to date on the latest fashions.

Six, everyone’s favorite: Sweaters and hoodies. Sweaters have always been a favorite fall and winter must to some, but this year seem to be even more popular. There are many types of cute and chic sweaters, finding a good sweater that you feel comfortable and confident in is key. Hoodies on the other hand, everyone owns a hoodie. Even during the warm months you can catch people still in their sweatshirts and hoodies. Finding a good hoodie that you love and feel confident is easy and simple. A hoodie or sweater with a good pair of jeans is a cute and simple look for when it starts to get chilly.

Seven: Jackets. As simple as it sounds, finding a good jacket will really add to an outfit. Popular ways to find cute, cheap, and unique jackets is thrifting. Oversized jackets and hoodies are in, making it easy and simple to have a warm but cute outfit. Go to your nearest thrift store and find any type of jacket, jean or wool, big or small, colorful or nude, any jacket works-to keep you staying warm, yet cute & confident.

Last but not least: Color. As I have already mentioned, blacks, whites, tans, nudes, and those of darker colors such as olive green and maroon, are good winter and fall colors. Wearing the right colors will have you looking confident, fresh, and fabulous. The best part is, this colors are easy to find and match. They are the most common and popular ingredient for having a good looking outfit for those colder outfits.

Taking a basic outfit, and using any of the tips above will really help you spice up your outfits, all the while staying warm and confident.

What’s your favorite outfit? What is something you could add to keep you feeling confident, but also warm?



6 Winter Fashion Tips for Looking Good When It’s Too Cold to Deal


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Kaysville Theater

Main street in Kaysville holds one of the most treasured buildings in the town. The home of the best buttered popcorn and wholesome family entertainment is known as Kaysville Theater. The Theater has been loved by Kaysville citizens for generations, it opened in 1981, and has been here ever since.

Kaysville Theater is notoriously a family business. When Bill and Mary Call met, they were both working at the capitol theater. Bill as a projectionist and Mary as a ticket taker. One day, as Bill was on his way back to Roy from Salt Lake, he noticed the theater sitting there empty and thought it would be fun to own. He started looking into it,  and leased it for a few years before buying it.

The theater has a good reputation for being inexpensive, with prices just under $4. The Calls believe they were among the first theaters in Utah to have the free refill on a large popcorn, and they know they were the first to have the refillable theater mug.

“I love Kaysville Theater because it gives the community a chance to bond and they usually have really good shows that I like to see.” said Charity Maynes, Senior.

Although Kaysville Theater doesn’t show brand new movies, it’s a nostalgic place for many Kaysville citizens, and has some of the best popcorn. It’s easy to find joy in the simplicity of the theater and the wonder it provides to families throughout the city.



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Disappointment at 10 MST: Converse X Golf Le Fleur restock

Tyler, The Creator was the recipient of this year’s Wall Street Journal Innovator Award. His groundbreaking music combined with his visionary work for his clothing brand, Golf Wang, and converse line, Golf Le Fleur secured him the coveted award. In celebration of this achievement and the 8th anniversary of his Camp Flog Gnaw music festival at Dodger Stadium, Converse released the remaining stock of his highly coveted collaborations with the storied shoe brand.

To say the announcement of such restocks featuring shoes thought to be sold out up to 3 years ago created quite a stir would be an understatement.

“It’s insane that after all this time they (the shoes) are finally being restocked, I’m gonna try and get multiple pairs,” said local Isaac Whipple.

But as the countdown clock hit zero on the first day of the restock, Isaac and many other fans’ dreams would be crushed.

Every day leading up to Flog Gnaw, 4 shoes would be re-released at 10 A.M. mountain time. Everyday issues ranging from incredibly slow load times to total site crashes were common. Converse simply wasn’t ready for a bunch of teenagers to skip class to try and get 2-year-old shoes. This created a ton of headaches from fans all over the U.S. that we’re unable to get the shoes they wanted. Some even went the extra mile and bought automated systems to purchase the shoes for them in an effort to resell them.

In the end, the very few individuals that got their hands on a coveted pair of Golf Le Fleur Converse could not be more elated. Besides the obvious motivation for getting these shoes being style, many wanted a pair to show their devotion to one of music’s most entertaining provocateurs. While getting more shoes with the words “Golf Le Fleur” may not get someone closer to meeting their idol, it’s the thought that counts.


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Americans are Reading Less than Ever

Leisure reading is under siege. Within the last 15 years, the amount of leisure reading we have done as a society has dramatically reduced from about twenty-eight percent to nineteen percent. This marks a dangerous trend in America, notably the substantial lack of critical thinking skills and the ability to take in information from texts.

According to the American Time Use Survey, roughly 28 percent of people over the age of 15 read for leisure in 2004 whereas when they took the same survey in 2017 the percentage of those who read for leisure had dropped nearly 10 percent. To put that in perspective, in 2004, 91 million people read in their free time, whereas in 2017, only 59 million people read for leisure, a drop of roughly 32 million people.

While the Time Use survey showed a drop in people reading for leisure, the Pew Research Center found that those who have not read at all in the past year has increased drastically. In 1990, a study performed by Gallup found that 16 percent of the American population had not read at all in the last year. In 2019 however Pew Research Center found that the number of those who had not read a novel or play in the last year had risen to 27 percent, nearly a third of the population.

This prospect is alarming, as the decrease of reading influences both prospects very important to job finding as well as college, critical thinking and the ability to understand and take in information from text. Today, the vast majority of reading our society does is Instagram messages and texts. In college, however, you read from 400-page textbooks and are expected to be able to pull information from them. That jump, from two or three sentence posts to 400-page textbooks filled with academic language and complicated subjects is simultaneously an unnerving and terrifying jump to make.

When it comes to finding careers, however, it can prove even more terrifying. While a third of our population doesn’t read, 86 percent of employers state that critical thinking and written communication is vital to those who they hire. That means that of the 27 percent of people who don’t read, and thus have less experience with those vital skills, 13 percent of them will be looking for a job that values critical thinking and writing vital to their employees.

The problem of reading is not a new idea, as the idea of leisure reading has been declining since the 1970s; however, this is not a problem that is going to go away on its own, and it needs to be solved, or else we face the problem of a generation that is lacking in vital critical thinking and communication skills.

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Old school communication

Do you remember the days when you would go to the park and meet new kids and instantly become friends with them? You would play in the dirt for hours, ride bikes around the neighborhood, and constantly beg your parents to go over to play at their houses.

But now with the rise of technology and the increase of digital screens in households, children, teens, and adults are more likely to make friends online. Technology has also changed the way friendships work.

One night my father was telling me about his high school experience and what he did with his friends. He told me of all the shenanigans they got into and all the fun activities they did. They would ride to school games with a couch in the back of the trunk, have parties after football games, hang out and study for tests and projects while spitting skittles into a bowl, and talk for hours on the phone after school.

As I sat there listening to all his stories, I thought about the similarities and differences between friends today and in the past. Friends still hang out and talk for hours, and they still have parties and go to school events. But there are many differences as well. Friends constantly interact with each other over text and various social media platforms. There also seems to be a decline in face-to-face communication outside of school. Cellphones are a major factor.

It seems that when cellphones became more prominent in day-to-day society, teens significantly encouraged the use of these devices. The older versions only allowed phone calls, but it helped teens communicate more effectively and get to know each other more personally. Now, with the current and most modern versions of cellphones, phone calls have significantly declined as texts, social media posts, and instant messaging have rose in popularity in its place.

What we as a community have seem to have forgetten, is that it is so much easier to call someone on the phone and be able to hear others voices. Hearing the tone of a voice helps people determine the actual meaning behind the words and not cause any sort of miscommunication. In face-to-face communication, you can see nonverbal language as well. In today’s world, we are left with only the words we read via text message and aren’t able to rely on the tone of voice or nonverbal language relayed in the message. Miscommunication is much more prominent over text, leading to arguments faster.

So the next time you want to really get to know someone, call them or sit down with them and have meaningful discussions. If they aren’t available at the moment, use texts as a way to schedule time with them. Shoot a text their way and ask when you can talk to them. Take time to have meaningful discussions with those around you. You might actually find out that you have more in common than you thought.


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Who is This Angry Goblin That Lurks Within my Stomach?

It’s third period, you’re sitting in your math class taking an extremely difficult test. You’re trying to focus on the equations in front of you, but something is begging for your undivided attention. You can feel the growl building up and your breathing becomes heavy and your arms begin to quiver. Your forehead begins to sweat and tears begin to form in your sockets. You take a swig of your water praying that it will fill your stomach enough to stop the rupture, but alas. You grab the sides of your seat and brace yourself. Your stomach screams a terrible, gurgully cry to the class. You can feel the power of the growl as your entire abdomen shakes and erupts like a volcano. You grab your stomach and clench the folds in an effort to muffle your body’s inner workings, but it’s too late. Your peers are so startled they’ve dropped their pencils and calculators. They glance over at you wondering if that was your stomach or your compressed cheeks. You make eye contact with a fellow student and see nothing but fear in their eyes. You stand up and pretend to blow your nose to escape the tension around you.

This scenario is all too familiar to many of the students here at Davis High School. Stomach growling is a rising epidemic that has taken over the peace of almost every classroom. Anxiety rates during tests have sky rocketed because of the silence that surrounds students suffering from this issue.

“When the class is silent and food is not allowed to be consumed, my body sounds like a demon is trapped inside me and is trying to whisper a curse to the class,” stated Lauren Rusnell, a senior at Davis.

“I’ve never been so self concious of my body in my life. I have nightmares about how my body reacts in silent classrooms and wake up in a cold sweat,” added Annie Haycock, a sophomore.

So what can we do to fix this frightening issue? Much of the problem revolves around the fact that some teachers don’t allow food in their classrooms. They don’t realize that when you spend 4 hours thinking, reading, and creating, you’re going to get a little hungry. The 6 minutes in between classes is not enough time to consume a snack, or use the restroom for that matter. We aren’t allowed to take care of ourselves throughout the day with the strict policies we have on when we are allowed to do normal human necessities.

Another correlation is the silence of the classrooms. Students should be quiet and respectful when teachers are teaching and when taking tests, however having a room so quiet that you can hear everyone breathing is a little drastic. I have found that when teachers have classical music playing in the background while I’m taking a test, I perform a lot better. Not having to worry about the sounds my body is making and just focusing on the task in front of me greatly reduces my stress and anxiety. Teachers need to be more aware of these issues since it affects way more students than they may think.

At the end of the day, it would be really nice if everyone could accept that we are all human beings. Our bodies do things that are “embarrassing”, but they’re essential to our survival. When we burp, we should applaud each other. If we release some inner gasses, we should pat our peers on the back. When our stomachs decide to make whale mating call noises, we should be impressed with other’s amazing abilities. It comes down to the fact that Ariana Grande belches all the time. Prince Harry may step off a curb, become startled, and his bum may squeak. And almost everyone at Davis has a story to tell of a time when their hungry stomach erupted. If this could become the norm, we wouldn’t feel so afraid when our bodies started talking to us in the middle of a test. So next time you or someone else is experiencing a brutal hunger attack, don’t judge them, give them a good hug and a piece of beef jerky.

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The Meaning of Thanksgiving: What Does it Mean to You?

To you, what is the meaning of thanksgiving? Is it being together with family, or the delicious, warm, fresh, food?

Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for many reasons. One being the food, of course, but also being around family, friends, and for others; football.

When we think of thanksgiving the first thing that comes to mind is food. That delicious turkey or occasional Thanksgiving ham. Those filling potatoes, best when warm enough to feel it going down your throat as you take each bite. The aesthetic of the table setting with more food than anyone could eat.

Besides the food, the warming feel of spending quality with family and friends you may or may not see very often makes the holiday even more special. Those cousins you try to avoid at all cost, that aunt and uncle that never seem to get along, those special people who are part of who you are and where you come from.

Many of us don’t exactly have the perfect family, but when we get together with our families no matter how chaotic and stressful it is, it will always have us place within us. Being with the people who are part of you and represent where you come from, is a wonderful feeling.

I believe the real meaning of Thanksgiving is the people you’re surrounded by. Whether it’s strangers at a restaurant, your big family who half of them you don’t know the names of, your small family who’s closer than most, those people who may not be blood family, but they are the relatives you chose. Everyone’s family is different. Some people don’t have any family.

Some people spend Thanksgiving alone and hungry. I believe that this is why Thanksgiving is such a special, underrated holiday.

Being thankful for all you have, even if you are not thankful very often. This makes Thanksgiving special and meaningful. The world needs more thankfulness, the one day where everyone feels blessed and thankful, is the day of Thanksgiving.

We have so many things that each one of us take for granted.

That winter jacket you just got; someone is sitting outside in the cold. That bag of chips you bought from the vending machine and wasted because you weren’t hungry, someone is not able to afford school lunch and would do anything to eat the chips you had left. Those new winter boots your mom bought you but you would never use, someone is walking around in the ice and snow in worn out, old shoes because it is all they have.

Being thankful also means being grateful. Most of us would not think twice about throwing away some extra chips we have left over, or our nice new winter jacket when we decide we do not like the color of it and never use. These are things we should be more thoughtful on, and I believe that is why Thanksgiving is so important.

Thanksgiving is not about the food, or the football, in turn its about being grateful and thankful for everything you have. Including your family, friends, and the food in front of you,

For this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, be thankful, be grateful, give back. People would be so lucky to be in your shoes, don’t forget to be thankful you are in the shoes you are in.

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Disney+ has beat down the doors of many homes across the world. It has rooted itself in the hearts of Disney lovers everywhere and continues to flourish as its popularity increases. Gaining over 10 million subscribers in less than 48 hours, Disney+ spreads like wildfire and spices up the entertainment world.
Disney+ takes us through the decades and ages as they provide shows from almost a century ago. A great thrill comes from scrolling through dozens of options, allowing adults to relive their childhood through the animations of their time. Bringing back the classic favorites such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland brings joy and excitement once again and allows younger generations to experience the magic. Disney+ holds the hearts of many Davis High students and teachers.

“I love it because I get to watch like all the shows that I watch all the time when I was in elementary and when I was little. And I’ll always have access to it,”

Said Hannah Lindsey, Sophomore.

“I think it’s like a trip back through time to my childhood and lightyears beyond,”

Said Mr. Frey.

Disney+ is a favorite because of the variety of shows it offers. A few students shared their opinions on their favorites.
“Literally all I use it for is the Mandalorian and Phineas and Ferb so it’s a party.”

Stated Cole Larsen

“The Mandolorian is the reason for subscribing.”

Agreed Mason Allen.

There are many favorites on this new platform. It allows students an opportunity to get excited about the shows they loved as a child and it gives the community another opportunity to talk about something they love. Disney+ will continue to be loved by all as it promotes wholesome, family entertainment and the innocence of childhood. Now sit back with your favorite blanket and a bowl of popcorn and get ready to be swept away by the wonder Disney+ has to offer.

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How Harmful are Societal Expectations?

Every society has expectations and unspoken rules that demand to be followed. Drinking coffee, tattoos, piercings, and swearing are just a few of the things that are looked down upon by society. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole other level of other’s life that people are expected to follow, and it’s looked down upon if you don’t follow them.

“It’s so looked down upon to chase your dreams because there are all these expectations that people have on us that we will fail if we feel like we want to do our own thing,” stated Aaleiyah Laumua, dreamer and achiever.

Aaleiyah describes the expectations as a checklist. People are expected to first graduate from high school, then go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If they don’t go on a mission, or if they do, they are then expected to go to college. Once that is all done, they should be married and have a successful career.

The reality is, everyone’s life is different. Some may get married later than others, some may not get married at all. Some might graduate from college in four years, some might graduate in six. No one’s life is the same, no one’s going to go through the exact same thing, therefore no one can complete the same checklist.

These expectations can become very overwhelming, taking a serious toll on a person’s mental health. It could be seen as a potential cause of depression and anxiety. Also, if these expectations are not satisfied, the reaction from others can be harmful.

“It’s definitely harmed me…I felt like I wasn’t good enough to even be put on a checklist. I wasn’t good enough to receive those expectations because I wasn’t living it. To me, that was detrimental,” shared Aaleiyah on her own experience with dealing with these expectations.

Some people can take it harder than others, so it’s better to proceed with patience and kindness.

Aaleiyah finds the cure to the negativity from these expectations in doing what she wants to do. Following her passion for teaching dance and life lessons to the kids in the community.

“I see many kids come in, and my calling in life is to empower these individuals to continue to be creative, to continue love, continue to serve, be kind, work hard, be smart. All these things the world misses, they don’t tell them that.”

However, expectations aren’t all bad, they are set in place to help us reach our full potential. People see something in us that we may not even see in ourselves, they see us hitting the bar and going beyond, so they set these expectations to help us get there. We set expectations for ourselves to help push us to become the type of person we want to be. Expectations are what motivate us to do better than our best. To stick to our goals and continue to strive to become that person that we know we can be.

When we complete these goals and fulfill those expectations, we can look back on our lives and look at how far we’ve come. How much we’ve achieved and improved as a human being. There’s a sense of pride as we realize we became the person we’ve always wanted to become.

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Attending Class and Why it is Important

Attending class, it’s something that every student dread’s, some students dread it more than others, all students enjoy some classes better than others, but everyone can relate to not wanting to attend class daily.

Although many students try to avoid class attendance as much as possible does attending these classes help you in the long run? Or even in a short-term perspective? How can something this hated to be good for students?

Yes, it is nice to not go to class and avoid the stress of class, no one can argue with that, but going to class is very important for multiple reasons. The first the most important and obvious reason being education. It is very hard to get an education or be educated without being present for the teachings or lessons. The information doesn’t just get learned, remembered at random times, or to earn an education you must be present to learn the information and absorb and learn from it.

The second reason attending school is the social interaction and learning social skills. In class you are around others interacting not only through education and tasks, but often times you can meet someone people with similar personal interests and even people who have different personal interests. This teaches students to communicate and get along with others in many different situations which is important for everyone in all times and situations.

The third and final reason for attending school is the setting. In the future students will be in a similar setting like the classroom setting for example, being at job trainings or possibly an interview. Who knows, maybe the students will be the one’s writing on the chalk board. I think the classroom setting really prepares you for future and that is the point of school I think is very important.

Although it can be hard to find the interest or motivation to go to class every day, attending school is very important and it prepares you for the future. Attending school is a part of being a good, and successful student in school.

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Bringing the Malicious Reality of Gender Inequality to the Surface

Feminism. A tricky topic to approach if you’re uneducated about its true concepts. Many misogynists have transformed this word into a negative, man-hating type of idea; when in reality it’s quite the opposite. My definition of feminism is the absolute freedom to pursue what you’re passionate about and not be tied down by the ridiculous expectations of society. Feminism is the idea that women and men are equals and should be treated as such.

Being a woman in modern times has its pros and cons. Living in the United States women are definitely more protected than other places where they kill them for leaving the house without male supervision. We’ve worked extremely hard and fought for the basic human rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. While we have earned much more respect than we’ve been shown in the past, problems like domestic abuse, assault, unfair job opportunities, and blatant sexism are still very real issues in our world today.

When asked “What makes you feel oppressed?” many teenage girls from Davis High responded:

“Social construction or expectations and toxic masculinity.” said Mikaela Ponce

“Gender roles in careers, and women not being highlighted even though they’re completely capable.” adressed Shelby White

“Men being in charge and not being able to see yourself in those positions.” stated Lexi Smith

“Men seeing you as an object and having non-achievable expectations.” added Lauren Rusnell

Toxic Masculinity is a plague that will take over the minds of every male host and destroy whatever good is left in this world. Boys, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to enjoy watching a good chick flick. It’s okay to paint a picture of a pretty bouquet of flowers. The truth is, running away from “girly” things doesn’t make you more manly. It makes you a coward to your own deep personal inner thoughts and feelings. So shed a good tear or two, whimper if you must. But don’t bottle up all your feelings until you become desensitized to the thought of having human emotions.

Don’t even think about telling a girl she can’t do something because it’s too manly. A woman can do whatever she sets her mind to and if that irritates you I suggest you go deep into the jungle and ponder the way your brain is wired for a few long days. The next time I hear a man tell a woman “You can’t do that, that’s a man’s job…” I will not hesitate to stand up for a fellow sister.

The way children are raised has much to do with the sexism women are constantly punched in the face with. I’m sorry to burst your stereotypical, feeble-minded bubble, but women do not have to be stay at home moms. Women are ambitious, hardworking, creative, dedicated lady tigers that have dreams and goals they will accomplish. They don’t have to get married, have kids, cook, clean, wear make up, or fit a certain body standard. Women are completely capable of providing and taking care of themselves and any man who says otherwise can take their complaints to Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres.

There are many different messages in the media that tell women how to be respected and admired. Many of these messages, however, aren’t helping our case. Showing risky amounts of skin and looking as hot as we can isn’t empowering. Running down a busy street topless isn’t going to help us out sadly. When we dress a certain way to fit the expected mold of a woman, we’re not respecting ourselves. That’s just giving men exactly what they want and promoting the idea that we’re just objects to look at. Of course women should be completely comfortable and love their bodies, but wearing nearly nothing and calling it empowering isn’t going to earn you the respect you deserve.

I asked the same group of girls “What makes you feel empowered?” And they answered the following:

“Being passionate about things and doing whatever makes you happy. And doing things for yourself.”
Mikaela Ponce explained

“Proving you can do whatever a man can do! Having the same education, same jobs!” Shelby White exclaimed

“A group of girls getting hyped and supporting other women’s experiences.” said Lexi Smith

“Other powerful influential women, and education because knowledge is power.” stated Lauren Rusnell

In my experience, I feel most empowered when men don’t treat me differently just because of my gender. I feel respected when men listen to me and care about my opinions and ideas. I feel happy when they compliment a personality trait instead of a physical characteristic I have. Then I know they see me for the person I am and not the body my soul is trapped in. Looks can only take you so far. If you’re nothing but a hollow shell of worldly beauty, you’re going to feel pretty empty and dissatisfied with your life when the wrinkles kick in.

It can be incredibly hard to survive and thrive as a teenage girl in this day and age. But when you stop focusing on men’s expectations, you start to realize what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. Next time you feel helpless and unappreciated, remember what Susan B. Anthony and and Sojourner Truth did to get us this far. More importantly, think of what you can do to get us even further. YOU DON’T OWE NOBODY NOTHIN’! And I live by that.

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FRAVIS TREY Feat. (The Rubik’s Cube)

Many Davis high students have found out about Mr. Frey’s Rubik’s Cube addiction, his addiction has been seen on DTV as well as in his English classes. But what causes him to be so intrigued by this cube? It may be the fact that every time you solve the cube it is different, it may be the turning, and it may be the way that the cube behaves in your hands. What causes a vast amount of people to love this strange object? Here are some of the reasons.
The amount of permutations (ways that the cube can be scrambled) is 43 quintillion different ways (43,252,003,274,489,856,000). This is known as God’s number to the community of speed solvers around the world. The second part of God’s number is the fact that any scramble can be solved in 20 or fewer moves.
The Rubik’s cube solution is easy to learn and very user-friendly, requiring most users to learn 4-10 algorithms to use. However more advanced methods like CFOP and the keyhole method. The CFOP Method steps are Cross, first two layers, orienting the last layer, and Permuting last layer. The first two steps require intuitive knowledge to complete while the last two require 78 memorized algorithms. The CFOP method has become one of the fastest methods and now holds the world record of 3.47 seconds held by Yusheng Du.
More and more cubes have arrived since the launch of the first one. The mirror cube, Pyraminx, and sometimes the 2×2 cube can be seen in Mr. Frey’s classroom. The mirror cube is a 3×3 but with offset edges causing weird shapes when scrambled, the Pyraminx is the pyramid cube, and the 2×2 is the smaller cube.
Not only are the cubes confusing but they are a very good Fidget device and stress reliever. This is probably the reason that Frey loves these strange cubes. The only downside is that the cubes can be loud and annoying to some people, however with lubricants and modifications the cube can be silenced.
Overall the cubes are extremely fun, and the University of Utah holds a competition every year. The competitions are very fun and experience ranges from Professional to Starter. These competitions are always fun even as a spectator. Next time you see Mr. Frey with his Rubik’s cube those are the reasons why.

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43 Quintillion Feat. (The Rubik’s Cube)

Many Davis high students have found out that some people really love Rubik’s cubes, and even Mr. Frey can be seen in last year’s DTV with one. But what causes people to be so intrigued by this cube? It may be the fact that every time someone solves the cube it is different, it may be the turning, and it may be the way that the cube behaves in people’s hands. What causes a vast amount of people to love this strange object? Here are some of the reasons.

The amount of permutations (ways that the cube can be scrambled) is 43 quintillion different ways (43,252,003,274,489,856,000). This is known as God’s number to the community of speed solvers around the world. The second part of God’s number is the fact that any scramble can be solved in 20 or fewer moves.

The Rubik’s cube solution is easy to learn and very user-friendly, requiring most users to learn 4-10 algorithms to use. However more advanced methods like CFOP and the keyhole method. The CFOP Method steps are Cross, the first two layers, orienting the last layer, and Permuting the last layer. The first two steps require intuitive knowledge to complete while the last two require 78 memorized algorithms.

The CFOP method has become one of the fastest methods and now holds the world record of 3.47 seconds held by Yusheng Du.
More and more cubes have arrived since the launch of the first one. The mirror cube, Pyraminx, The 2×2, etc. The mirror cube is a 3×3 but with offset edges causing weird shapes when scrambled, the Pyraminx is the pyramid cube, and the 2×2 is the smaller cube.

Not only are the cubes confusing but they are a very good Fidget device and stress reliever. This is probably the reason that People love these strange cubes. The only downside is that the cubes can be loud and annoying to some people, however with lubricants and modifications the cube can be silenced.
Overall the cubes are extremely fun, and the University of Utah holds a competition every year. The competitions are very fun and experience ranges from Professional to Starter. These competitions are always fun even as a spectator. Next time you see someone with a Rubik’s cube those are the reasons why.

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Christmas Shoes

Christmas is the hardest time of the year to shop. But there is a need that everyone has. SHOES. Shoes are the gateway to the soul for a lot of high schoolers. Sometimes shoes are the first thing that people look at and compliment.

There are many sneakerheads in high school and all over the world. A sneakerhead is someone who lives and breathes shoes, they are always in the know when the new shoes are gonna come out and they somehow manage to get the newest and coolest shoes.

Everyone needs shoes, they are a basic necessity that we have come to love. Some just take what they wear on their feet more seriously than others. The hardcore sneakerheads only wear the highest quality shoes on the market and the most expensive.

The Off White UNC Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic shoes ever made. People would kill to own them let alone own them. The shoes are on average $15,000 to purchase and are very hard to get.

If you are looking for shoes that are a little less expensive there are a lot of options. The Jordan 11 Breds dropped a few weeks ago and are very high in demand this holiday season.

With the holidays in full swing that means basketball season is as well and there are some shoes you need to keep your eye out for. The Lebron 17’s are the best selling basketball shoe this year while Kobes are always a safe bet for high-quality shoes.

“I really like Paul George’s new shoe right now because they are light and have a good grip, making it so I can play my best on the court,” said Jake Sampson, a student here at Davis High and a High School basketball star.

There are so many great shoes out there, it is just a matter of what your style is and how much you would like to spend on some great kicks.

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