The Importance of Perspective in Life

Life is full of disappointments. That’s what we are told on a nearly daily basis from a young age. Something bad happens and immediately we are told “don’t worry, life is full of disappointments.” But, is life really full of disappointments like everyone tells us? The simple answer is no.

Sure, bad things happen to everyone, no matter what is done to prevent it. Just because bad things happen doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life. Often times, life is all about perspective. Carrie Scott talks about how going through life can be very tough, but often times perspective is key to seeing what you are missing.

“There are periods of time in your life that are really tough! It is important to remember that these times will pass. When your kids are young, it is very difficult to get through the day. You go to bed at night exhausted and wonder if you have done more harm than good. Now that my kids are grown, they tell me that they don’t remember all the times I got mad at them or yelled. They remember the good times that we had like holidays, vacations and funny mishaps. I have learned as a parent, not to beat yourself up for the bad days, but enjoy the good days and the surprises.” – Carrie Scott

Life is crazy and often times one can find themselves completely immersed in things that really don’t matter. That is where perspective comes into play, if you can take a step back from everything and almost see life differently, it can make all the difference in the world. Gabe Franklin talks about his outlook on life and how perspective can change your whole outlook on life.

“Life is full of trials and obstacles, you know? It really just goes back to that basic stuff on how you can’t love the sun without the rain or how you can’t experience happiness without knowing sadness. Essentially, if life is always good, and we never feel pain, heartache or sadness, then we will never truly know genuine happiness.” – Gabe Franklin

Why is it that changing your perspective can help your entire outlook on life? Thrive global explains that.

“As you take a different route, you are going to see different things; and you will see the same things from a different perspective, a different angle. When that happens, you see more dimensions and begin to understand on a deeper level what something actually is.” – Thrive Global

So, although bad things do happen, remember to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Life isn’t always bad.

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Healthy Replacements: Snacks

Start 2021 off right with switching out your unhealthy snacks for nutritious ones that will make you healthier and happier.

It can be very difficult to give up the delicious snacks that you are craving, so the best way to change up your diet is to find healthy alternatives for your unhealthy snacks. Finding nutritious food that is similar to junk food is perfect to satisfy your cravings while staying healthy.

Try replacing Chocolate for dark chocolate. If you make sure you’re eating organic dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate, you’ll find that it’s much better for you. Dark chocolate is very nutritious and contains fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium which are all good for you. It is also full of antioxidants, which help keep you young. Even try coat things like fruit and nuts into dark chocolate for a nutritious snack.

Replace you Chips with sweet potato wedges. Sweet potatoes have high level of beta-carotene and have been proven to raise levels of vitamin A in our blood. They’re also full of vitamins B6, C and D. Vitamin B6 may help reduce levels of degenerative diseases and reduce the risk of having heart attacks.

Pizza is extremely popular and delicious as well, but it is not very healthy for you due to the layers of cheese, thick dough and salty sausages. Instead of ordering pizza, why not make some homemade pitta pocket(s). Use warmed whole wheat pitta breads and fill them with spicy chicken and salad for a healthier dinner while still being rich in savory flavor.

Instead of eating ice cream, try eating frozen yogurt instead. Ice cream is essentially churned, frozen fat and sugar. Frozen yogurt is a lot lower in both and contains probiotics to help our digestive system. Try pairing with fresh fruit or nuts as a sweet and tasty replacement for your dessert.

Most cakes aren’t usually healthy, but if you want an option that has some benefits try a whole wheat organic banana bread. It’s full of fiber, and the whole wheat contains potassium magnesium and zinc.

Test out these healthy options to find new foods that you like with the bonus of them giving you nutritious value.



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Should we be Giving Tests After a Break?

Recently we got off of Christmas break, and every time we hit this time of year, I have to question, should we really be giving our semester finals right after we leave school for two weeks, or in our case, three weeks? The goal here is that I want to prove that it would have been better for us to finish tests before the break, as opposed to after the break, and we need to stop having the term play out this way with large tests being right after the Christmas break, where inevitably, none of the students are going to study heavily.

In an interview of psychotherapist with Susan Stiffelman, it was said that students need to give their bodies downtime to cope with stress, “I think it all ties in to fear” she says, and as such, breaks are important, that is undeniable, but giving a test right after that downtime doesn’t help because that will only result in poorer test results. This is shown pretty well in a study done by Hermann Ebbinghaus. Ebbinghaus claimed that “people will remember nonsense phrases just as well as new information.” In this study, done in 1885, he tests how people retain information over a period of time, ranging from 20 minutes to a full month, and in this study, it shows that as soon as 2 days only 27% of people retained the information given, and by 31 days it was only 20%, any time before that was exponentially larger, but that shows that as soon as 2 days much info is forgotten, and with that we can easily assume that information is not going to be retained all too well after a break, unless you know the topic very well.

Students should be well aware by now that they don’t perform very well directly after a break, maybe a month or so after, sure, because they got their down time, but certainly not directly after, and that’s what I’m arguing against. In a study done by the Huffington post it showed that students simply don’t do well in school for a bit after a long break, and that’s only to be expected.

That may be a convincing enough argument for the students, after all, they don’t want to test after a break either, but what about the teachers? Well, i believe that testing before a break is also advantageous for the teachers. Teachers really aren’t given much time to grade, but in the case of doing the test before a break, their given a much larger amount of time to do that grading. They shouldn’t have to work over the break of course, but it would give them much more leg room than what they already have.

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Why do People Watch Harry Potter in the Wintertime?

Every year in the winter, multiple television channels host a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. Even if you don’t watch them on live TV, you probably watch them on the discs or, you most likely know someone who does.

In the spirit of the season of Harry Potter, I decided to interview some avid Harry Potter fans to find out why they like Harry Potter, and why it is such a prominent winter tradition for so many people.
I interviewed 4 different people that I knew to be huge fans of Harry Potter. Their names are Kaitlyn Woodbrey, Abigail Fuhriman, Sophie Gilmore and Sarah Bishop.

The reasons for why each likes Harry Potter is mainly because they always have liked it. Kaitlyn, Sophie and Abigail all watched it growing up, and Sarah loves the world of fantasy.

“I love the Magical World, and the Dark Academia Style.” – Abigail Fuhriman

When asked why they liked it more than other series, they all agreed that the world-building had a lot to do with it. The ability to insert yourself into the book by having relatable characters as well as being able to find out your House, Patronus and much more on Pottermore pertaining to the Harry Potter world.

It’s nice that there are ways that you can somewhat be a part of the world through Pottermore and stuff, and even just watching the movies. And there’s merch available, like the cloaks and such with the Hogwarts houses on it where you can like, have some semblance to being a character in it, which is cool.” – Sarah Bishop

They also had other reasons, Sarah details the different layers to the fandom, such as the Marauders, Golden Gen and Next Gen. Abigail goes into how nice the fandom is, as well as the semblance of growing up that you get with both the movies and the books, as they get darker as they go on. Sophie agrees that you get to grow up with the series, and get to watch the actors grow up, which you don’t get to do with many other series.

Their favorite movies often differ from the books, as some things may not be portrayed as well or certain details get left out. Sarah, for example loves the third book Prisoner of Azkaban, but her favorite movie is the first. Both Sophie and Abigail agree that the sixth movie is the best, and the fourth book tends to shine for them. Kaitlyn chose the last book and the third movie.

When favorite characters come up, Sarah has a bit of a disclaimer:

 “I don’t know, most of my favorite characters don’t have that much actual “canon” to them, but Remus Lupin or Sirius Black was a really responsible father figure character, but he also was a huge mess.” – Sarah Bishop

Sophie loves Luna Lovegood, because of her relatability.

“My favorite character is Luna Lovegood, more because she just reminds me of myself a lot, so its fun to see her onscreen and in the books doing things that remind me of myself.” – Sophie Gilmore.

Kaitlyn and Abbey both agree that Hermione is their favorite character, as she brings a lot to the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) and it’s cool to see someone who is so smart being represented positively.

Now heading into their experience with the Harry Potter Universe, I asked them what their favorite experience, related to the series was. Sarah’s was being able to visit Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios, Orlando.

“[It] was really cool because I was able to see it in real life and how I imagined it… I got a wand and got to go on rides and eat themed food.” – Sarah Bishop

She says. She loved the opportunity to almost live like she was in the Harry Potter Universe and enjoyed trying foods and drinks, such as Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer.

Sophie agrees that Harry Potter World is definitely a memorable experience for her as well. She particularly liked the themed rides and snacks they had to offer.

“My favorite memory is probably watching the movies with my dad growing up.” – Kaitlyn Woodbrey

Abigail’s favorite memories also have to do with other people, although not all of them are her family.

“My favorite memory is when we got to meet Daniel Radcliffe (the Harry Potter actor) in New York and I was able to tell him I read the series 9 times. He said my name and was super nice, I also got to meet Tom Felton (the Draco Malfoy portrayer) and the Phelps Twins. (both Fred and George Weasley)” – Abigail Fuhriman

As for the reason of this interview, many had similar thoughts on why people tend to re-watch or re-read the series in the Winter, as well as why they themselves re-watch and re-read.

“Well almost every movie has a Christmas scene or a snowy scene and it reminds you of Christmas and the winter and makes it seem magical.” – Kaitlyn Woodbrey.

They also mentioned that during the holiday and winter season, many people tend to feel nostalgic and enjoy the familiarity that the series brings. Sophie and Abbey mention that they are nice movies to watch when you want to feel cozy and warm. 

The real question though, is have they watched them this winter, or do they even plan to?

Abbey, Kaitlyn and Sarah have all watched them, and plan on watching them again, and even re-reading the series this winter. Many mention that the amount of time they have due to quarantine, and it makes it so much easier to have time to read the books and watch the movies. Sophie has not yet but plans to also re-watch and re-read the series this winter.

As for me? Well, I have re-watched the series and have begun re-reading it. I love the series and it brings me a sense of nostalgia, like many of the interviewees were saying. What about you? Will you cozy up with some hot chocolate and re-watch the series this year? Or maybe even for the first time.



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What it’s like to experience “Culture Shock” in a European Country

Many people have heard about “Culture Shock”, but they don’t always know what it means or how it feels. Some people don’t even know what it is, so I’ll provide a short definition: “Culture Shock” is when you move or travel to a place outside of your hometown, state, or country and find yourself confused or struggling to adjust to the differences in that place’s every-day culture. Here is the story of my most major experience with Culture Shock.

In June of 2019, I spent nearly a month abroad for the first time, as I travelled across several cities in Northern Italy. It was interesting to see the first of many stark contrasts between Italy and the U.S. The first change I noticed was the transportation. Not many people use rental cars in Italy, so we travelled by bus and train very frequently. The size of roads and cars are also very small in comparison to what we’re used to. A two-lane road in Italy is the size of a one-lane road in America, and on average, the biggest car you see is a Mini Cooper, just to put things in perspective. Family size in Italy is also generally small, with four or less people, so our family of 5 didn’t fit into most cabs. Because of that, if we couldn’t travel by bus or train, we walked everywhere. Since trains and busses are typically only for long distances, we ended up walking up to 8 miles a day.

Other than travel, getting used to the city’s layout was a big change. The architecture is a mix of gothic and renaissance themes, with the buildings looking very ancient in comparison to ours. The buildings seem a lot smaller than ours since they don’t have many skyscrapers in Italy, and they’re usually barely taller than the average U.S. house. There is also much less traffic, and the drivers are usually better in Italy than in Utah, with only a few notable exceptions.

All cities also have what are known as “Spickets”. They are little pipes coming out of the ground with a faucet on top that you can turn, similar to a hose. Spickets provide cold, clean water for free to anyone who uses a it, so our family saved a lot of Euros by refilling our disposable bottles. However, they don’t put any ice in their drinks, as it is “too cold” for their teeth, so getting used to warm drinks was a major change for us.

The last thing that was a big shock for me was the change in religion. Due to the fact that it originated in Rome, Catholicism is the dominant religion across all of Italy. Almost everyone you meet is Catholic, and it’s not uncommon to see Nuns or Priests walking the street. Most families have a Catholic lineage going back hundreds or even thousands of years, and the thought of leaving the religion is considered Taboo. There is at least one major cathedral in each city, as well as several small churches, where members can go to worship Mary. One aspect of Catholic churches I found interesting is that you are allowed to walk into one and explore at any time, including pictures, unless there are signs saying otherwise. However, if you enter a church you must be quiet and respectful, as people frequently come there to pray or light candles to Mary and Jesus.

It was fun to explore these buildings and learn more about a different branch of Christianity that I didn’t know a lot about. Here in Utah, the major religion is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Now that I have experienced Culture Shock for myself, I found it to be a very fulfilling and worthwhile sensation for everyone to experience. You never know what you could learn from it! Even though it can be rough for many.

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Junk Drawers

Nearly everyone has a junk drawer, a drawer that people toss all of their random items into when there is nowhere else to put them.

“My family definitely has a junk drawer, often times there are batteries, writing utensils, and smaller items that get thrown into this drawer without a second thought. There have even been times where we have had to take the drawer out completely because there was too much stuff in them. However, something nice about having the junk drawer is that all smaller items make their way to it, so if something is missing than that is not only the first place that’s checked but, it also is where most lost items get found.” – Brooklynn Crowley

This brings up the question, should everyone have a junk drawer or would it be better to find a place for everyone to begin with?

“Junk Drawers are a necessary evil while it would be nice to have everything perfectly organized and easily available sometimes its not worth the headache thus we have the junk drawer to throw everything into until one day when you have to pour it out to search trough everything for something you put in there ages ago.” – Daniel Findlay

Question is, why were these drawers used for such a “trashy” purpose and why do so many people have them?

“I am pretty sure that everyone has at least one junk drawer in their house, some people may even have more. They’re just an easy and convenient place to keep things that don’t necessarily have set place. They were probably just made by people who had a lot of things and nowhere to keep them all, so they decided to keep all their odds and ends in one place. Honestly, it can even make things easier when you have a junk drawer because when you need to find something specific, you can just find it in the junk drawer.” – Grace Clark

As you can see, junk drawers are found in most households and can even sometimes be beneficial in day to day life.


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Ways to Grieve – All Similar None the Same

Everyone mourns different things in diverse ways, but is all grief the same in its basics? There are so many different emotions that we put under the category of grief. Anger, pain, hurt, confusion, anxiety, fear, and so many more outside and in between those. Even if two people feel the same feelings, their reactions to those emotions can differ anyway. Someone who feels anger might react by lashing out, cutting off the people they love, doing dangerous or irrational things that they may never have done before. Another person might suppress their anger, often leading to an explosion. 

So, what do they all have in common? In most cases, a substantial change in interests, personality, etc. Things like death, divorce, separation, or other big changes wreak havoc on our emotions. It can bring people together, make them stronger and create more intimate/close relationships. It can cause people to look at the bigger picture, force them to realize what they really value. For instance, when my brother passed away this last year, something interesting happened. His current girlfriend and his last two ex-girlfriends grew closer, forging a bond that can only be created by looking past something that, had he still been alive, would not have been considered possible. 

But the other end of the spectrum is equally powerful, and not so pretty. Too often, pain can drive people apart. Instead of bonding over shared pain, what was once a happy relationship can turn ugly. Fingers are pointed like guns, emotions explode, and in all the pain and confusion, people can forget what really matters. The emotions caused by grief can get so loud that the bigger picture is forgotten. The people who stand right in front of someone pale in comparison to the person they lost. 

Of course, these are only the more common products of grief. They can be experienced in various levels and doses. It all depends on the people. Everyone goes through grief differently, unpredictably, but I believe there is something that every version has in common. Change. When the life a person lives changes, that person changes too. They adapt. 

Whatever the change is, expected or not, needed or not, it happened. We might not get a say in what happens to us, but we do choose what we take from it. We can surrender to the pain, ignore everything else. We can numb it, explode. Or we can choose to learn, to take a deep breath, to focus on what matters no matter how much it hurts. It is hard, and the pain may never go away. But now is not always. It might feel like life will never get better, but this is just a chapter in a bigger story. A long chapter, yes, but one long chapter does not mean a book isn’t worth reading. Just like you can’t judge a book on its cover, you can’t judge a lifetime on a moment. 

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Fun Facts About The Korean Alphabet

While the language might not be so simple, the alphabet takes the average person less than a week to memorize.

Unlike many other languages, the Korean Alphabet doesn’t have upper case letters. There is no Aa Bb Cc, no fifty ways to pronounce the same vowel. In fact, Korea is pretty strict when it comes to pronunciation. One tiny mispronunciation and you might say an entirely different word. The alphabet is the easy part.

There are 24 letters in the Korean alphabet. Plain Consonants, Tense Consonants, Aspirated Consonants, and Vowels. All that may seem like a lot, but it’s simple in it’s theory. The characters that make similar noises look similar. For instance: ㅂ, ㅍ, ㅃ, and ㅁ are all made in the same part of your mouth. The first three all make variations of a b/p noise. The first, ㅂ, makes a soft b sound. The second, ㅍ, makes an aspirated p sound. The third, ㅃ, makes a sharp tense p. The last, ㅁ, makes an m sound.

Another example: ㄱ, ㅋ, and ㄲ. The first makes a plain g sound. The second makes a slightly hard k. The last makes a tense, sharp kk.

Now for the vowels. All the vowels have a slightly similar look, made up of vertical and horizontal lines.ㅏ(a),ㅑ(ya),ㅓ(eo),ㅕ(yeo), ㅗ(o), ㅛ(yo), ㅜ(u), ㅠ(yu), ㅡ(eu), ㅣ(e). As you may have noticed, when the character has two of the shorter lines, it makes a y sound at the beginning.

These vowels can’t make a word all by themselves. If you were to simply write ㅏ, that would be bad grammar. You can’t just have the vowels by themselves. They need to be accompanied by a consonant. That is where ㅇ comes in. ㅇ is another character that may seem confusing, but really isn’t too complicated. When placed at the bottom of a character block (Ex: 성), ㅇ makes an ng sound. When placed anywhere else in the character block (ex: 의), it is silent, a placeholder. When a word begins with a vowel, you put ㅇ in front of the vowel so it isn’t by itself. For example, the word no in Korean is said an-ee-yo. It is spelled 아니요.

As scholar Jeong In-Ji said: “A wise man can learn it in one morning…and a fool can learn it in the space of ten days.” Of course, learning a whole new language can be very hard. I don’t plan on learning to speak Korean fluently, but just learning the alphabet can open up new doors, even if you don’t need it every day.

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The truth about Hermione Granger

Ever since both the Harry Potter books and Movies came out, people have praised Hermione and labelled her as a role model. But the question is, do they actually mean it?

Hermione Granger has been called a nerd, a girl boss, and widely celebrated for being clever, brave, determined and getting good grades. Many, if not all, Harry Potter fans look up to her as a role model, and many will name her as their favorite Harry Potter character.

Everybody has that person in their class that is a know-it-all, and quite obnoxious about it. They constantly raise their hand, get upset when they don’t get called on and smile smugly when they get the right answer. They argue with you quite easily and tend not to back down unless you say that they are right. And if they aren’t? Then it takes them quite a long time to admit it. Nobody really likes them, and if they do, then they certainly don’t like the know-it-all aspects of that person. Even though it’s rare that someone actually likes those traits, Hermione is praised for having those traits. So what is the truth? Do people like those traits? Or do they not?

Growing up, I was as close to Hermione as one could be, without being a British witch. I was constantly raising my hand in class to answer, and mumbling the answer under my breath when someone else got called on and got the answer wrong. It wasn’t because I thought myself to be infinitely smarter than others, it was just the way I learned. Participating in class in the easiest way to learn and make connections, and answering questions was the easiest way as I had to quickly search for the answer in my head before raising my hand.

In my History and English classes I shined specifically, and my hand would rocket up whenever a question was asked. If I was particularly excited, I would jump out of my chair and stand up or kneel on my chair. (I’ve always been short, so it also had to do with the fact that I wanted to be sure that the teacher saw me.) I would get my homework done on time, and even help my friends on homework. I could pass tests and quizzes without studying although I often did.

I even have some of her uglier traits. Refusing defeat if I think I’m right, piping up with unwarranted answers to questions as well as advice. I admit, I was a bit annoying growing up, but so was Hermione.

The only difference is that I wasn’t as liked as Hermione. I was often called a know-it-all, a smart aleck and anything else you can think of along those lines. I didn’t really mind being called that most of the time, as I am the first one to admit that I am a bit of a know-it-all, and I had know-it-alls in my life that annoyed me, so I could definitely see why people would call me that. But for some reason, the people in my life weren’t saying the same thing about Hermione, which confused me.

Sure in the books, she is called a know-it-all, obnoxious, annoyingly smart and she is characterized as so. She was argumentative, I mean she has a huge argument with Ron that results in them not speaking to each other in almost every book! Even in the beginning movies she is characterized as such, although the later movies do glorify her quite a bit.

I loved Hermione. Here was this girl, that was so unapologetically smart, who corrected her teachers and friends, and who was passionate about things like equal rights (S.P.E.W anyone?) and would argue them to the death. Who was willing to fight for what she believed in, no matter the odds. She was who I was and wanted to be.

Later on, I had gained some friends who were huge Harry Potter nerds, and loved Hermione as much as I did and even felt that they related to her as well. They would be the first to praise Hermione when ever her name was brought up.

That’s why it hurt, when they were the ones who called me names like “know-it-all” behind my back. It hurt when they were upset that I was passionate about things like equal rights and wouldn’t back down from an argument about such. They were upset that I “didn’t have to try” in school (although I did), and often gave me backhanded compliments that portrayed such.

I didn’t understand. They loved her for being smart and passionate, but hated me for it? when I had asked a mutual friend what they were saying about me behind my back I certainly hadn’t expected this.

I understood it coming from other people, who didn’t care for the series as much, I definitely agreed that I had those traits and that they were annoying, the hypocrisy stung though. Mainly because I couldn’t understand why they would hate me for the traits that they loved her for.

I  truly don’t think that they’ve thought about it though, the fact that they disliked Hermione’s traits in real life. When being a stubborn, smart-aleck wasn’t  useful to defeating Voldemort, or other magical enemies, they aren’t traits people like. But that’s the truth about Hermione that many people don’t realize.

If you took Hermione out of the magical world, and placed her in your life, you wouldn’t like her very much.

It’s them same in real life too, at least to a degree. If knowing facts off the tip of my tongue was useful in a competition, people loved me. When I was on their side in a debate, people loved me, and those traits. But in any other instance, where those traits weren’t useful to them, they didn’t care. Which goes for a lot of things in life I guess, but why is Hermione praised so consistently, if those traits aren’t always useful? Or even likeable?

I’m not going to tell you that “You can’t praise Hermione, if you aren’t going to praise the smart-alecks in your life” or anything like that. People like that are annoying are annoying, I get it, I’ve known other know-it-alls besides myself, and I don’t really like them either. I just want you to think about it, maybe change your opinion a bit. get the ball rolling. Do you still like Hermione now? Obviously I do, but I relate to her too much not to.

Or, does seeing that the know-it-alls in your life are actually just real-life Hermiones give you a bit more appreciation for them? Obviously you don’t have to love them, I don’t love them (except for the rest of my family who are all huge know-it-alls.) but, I do appreciate them just a tad more after reading this. they still annoy me, and get on my nerves (Imagine living in a house full of them, I know) but i do appreciate these qualities a little bit more and I hope you do to.

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Changes: are they more harm than good?

Everyone gets excited for the end of the semester, but there’s always some mixed feelings. From taking tests to homework deadlines, everyone’s scrambling to get everything done.

Students and teachers alike are overloaded with work at the end of the semester because of the procrastination and lack of motivation that has been building up over the past couple months. It’s the same story every single term/semester.

“The stresses of COVID have overwhelmed my soul!”

Said one teacher.

There’s so much stress and anxiety that comes with end of the term finals, midterms, or projects. Often, these projects encompass everything students have learned throughout the term or semester, depending on the class. These cause students to become over-stressed and  they feel like there’s so much pressure on them from everyone to get good grades when, sometimes, it’s just not possible. They’re still working hard and they’re still doing their work, but they don’t get the scores they want on their assignments and tests.

“As long as they have everything turned in and done, the grade doesn’t matter to me.”

Said an anonymous parent.

Some students don’t feel the pressure to get good grades from parental figures, but from themselves. Students strive for perfection. Everyone wants to get that 4.0 perfect report card, but often fall short. While there are strategies and ways to overcome procrastination, some students thrive off of these methods and are relieved when the semester terminates because it’s a new schedule. So many kids here at Davis High burn out and don’t have the energy emotionally or physically to do anything and that’s something that needs to be fixed.

This is what we call monotony, which is something that can be changed. While the A day/B day schedule helps reduce the repetition, having the same classes every day of every week like we have been doing for the past couple of months diminishes the progress we have accomplished with 5 days a week, switching off the days of classes.

Davis High School was able to go through a hybrid phase of school days and it seemed to be working. There was no 2-week quarantine, practically no cases, and most students were thriving with the new schedule. Students were given an emotional break day from school and were able to regroup themselves and reset without having to go to school day after day after day after day. Yes, four days a week is better than 5, but it still isn’t enough for some students. They need that day to refresh their minds and have a day completely dedicated to the homework and lessons they learned the day before.

Finding out what works for each individual school is tough, but it’s important that each school finds a schedule that prevents monotony and relieves some of the pressure that students feel. Once the school finds a schedule that works during these unprecedented times, stick with it! Why change what is working so well? Who knows.

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Spotify Wrapped 2020

If you’ve logged onto social media in the past week (and who hasn’t?) then you’ve definitely seen somebody post about their Spotify wrapped list. Spotify wrapped is released every December and gives each listener a personalized list about their music history from this year. 

For example, Spotify goes over all your listening history and tells you which song you listened to the most. This is sometimes unexpected.  But most often, it is expected and not very surprising. However, it is still cool to see which song you listened to the most throughout the whole year. 

Spotify will also provide you with the number of minutes you listened to in total. This shows how obsessive people are over music or not. Personally, I listened to 76,386 minutes of music, or 53 days straight.  Which definitely a little obsessive.

It gives you other facts, such as how many artists you listened to, and how many different genres you explored. Spotify also gives you a top 100 list of the songs you listened to the most, which is also really cool. If you have used Spotify for a while, it’s interesting to see how much your music has changed throughout the years.  

Another thing that comes along with Spotify wrapped is seeing the endless social media posts about individual listening history. Some argue that it’s annoying to see so many posts about others music. Others enjoy seeing what everyone is listening to and encourage people to post their individual statistics from Spotify. Personally, I think it is interesting to see everyone’s top artists and songs from the year. 

As bad as 2020 has been, it’s no doubt that some really good music has come out of this year. The worldwide quarantine from earlier this year was definitely boring. The release of new songs and albums helped to release the burden of how difficult that time was for everyone.  

Spotify wrapped is always a cool way to end the year. However, I think that it especially brought some extra happiness this year than it usually does because of how difficult this year has been. The end of 2020 is finally in sight, and the release of Spotify wrapped is just another thing signifying how close the new year is.

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Faux tree? Fo sho or no

In today’s day and age, most people opt to have a fake Christmas tree rather than a real all natural tree. In this article I will address both sides of this argument and let you decide which you believe is actually best.

The main argument against fake trees is that they are bad for the environment. Manufacturing fake trees contributes green house gasses to the atmosphere and when you throw away the tree, it takes several years to break down and  adds to the copious amounts of pollution in our oceans and landfills. Other than the environmental concerns, there is also the fact that fake trees don’t have the same magic. You don’t get the smell of a real tree or the experience of going to a tree lot and picking out the perfect tree. You don’t get the memories of chasing your siblings or family members around with sticky sap on your hands. Real trees can create memories that fake trees can’t.

On the other side of the argument is convenience. With a fake tree, you don’t have to worry about going to a tree lot early enough to get a good one. You don’t have to worry about the mess of falling needles or sap getting everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about watering the tree. Overall, having a real tree is seen as a hassle. Many will say that fake trees are bad for the environment, but isn’t cutting down more than 50 million trees each year around the world worse for the environment? We are cutting down healthy trees that are in their prime and could be doing photosynthesis and keeping our earth healthy for multiple years. On average, people keep the same fake tree for about 10 years which is a lot longer than people keep real trees. Just because most fake trees are made of plastic, does not mean that all fake trees are. If someone has concerns about the plastic of the fake tree, there are several more eco-friendly fake trees that are made out of more biodegradable materials that people could get.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when thinking about this argument, and, overall, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone thinks. This is a choice you get to make on your own; you get to decide which arguments are important to you and what stance you will take on the faux tree debate.

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Mental Illness Epidemic in Utah

Mental illness is something that is often not discussed and thought of as a sort of taboo subject, at least in Utah. Utah has a suicide rate of 22.7% with an estimated total of 663 suicides per year.

“In 2019, suicide was the leading cause of death for Utahns ages 10 to 17 and 18-24. It is the second leading cause of death for ages 25 to 44 and the fifth leading cause of death for ages 45-64,” according to

Many people in Utah suffer silently from mental illnesses because of the surrounding stigmatization in the culture.

Aliyah Clark, 20 from Kaysville, Utah talks about her experience with mental illnesses living in Utah.

“I have PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia, passive suicidal ideation.” Utah is an absolute living hell, there’s so much stigma around mental illness that still exists, especially in Utah. There is no way to determine whether or not it is a cause but, in my opinion, there is definitely a correlation between the LDS church and mental illness, which is very ironic because in my experience the church has contributed to continuing the stigmatization of mental illness.”

As a result of the discretization of mental illness throughout Utah, there is a lack of knowledge surrounding the issue. People do not understand the effect their discretization has on people who are struggling to manage mental illnesses.

Liv Watts talks about how she feels the lack of understanding surrounding mental illness has affected her life.

“I have depression and at times it has been pretty severe. Living in Utah I feel has had more of a negative effect than a positive. There isn’t very much awareness of mental illness, especially between my peers. I feel we also live in a very judgmental environment so it’s hard to be open about my mental illness because people don’t understand or try to understand.”

Could the stigmatization surrounding this topic be due to the high religious population in Utah? Out of the 3.1 million residents in Utah, 62% of them are part of the LDS religion. This religion tends to look down upon those with mental illness. Often times it is correlated with not being a “righteous” enough person.

This person who shares their story on how the culture in Utah has affected them has asked to remain anonymous,
“I feel like in Utah standards are so high due to the Mormon religion and it is a lot of pressure added on to what teens already struggle through. For me, my family is very Mormon and I didn’t believe as much as they did and they would judge me so hard for my clothing and how I acted and it pushed my depression over the deep end which led me to attempting to take my life. Then on top of that I was judged for trying to take my life because of how horrible of a sin it is. I didn’t receive the help I needed for recovery from my family instead I had to reach out on my own.”

Alongside the previous quote, Addy Packer, 18 talks about how the LDS religion and culture Utah has played into her depression and anxiety.

“One of the biggest things with the Utah/ Mormon culture that has affected my depression is that many of the Mormons believe suicide is a sin and if someone died by suicide or thought about it then they would go to hell. Also growing up in the LDS church and having anxiety, I always felt like I was being judged at church.”

To many outsiders, Utah may seem to be a beautiful place where everyone is happy and there is not a care in the world. However, if you take a closer look into the lives of those with mental illnesses, you will see that is not the case. Utah is a hostile environment for those who suffer from mental health issues. Something has to change, so people who need it can get help without being looked down upon or judged.

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Women’s Winter Fashion

Winter is definitely the most boring season, but your outfit doesn’t have to be.  Fashion trends are constantly changing. From puffer jackets to turtlenecks, there’s a large variety of styles trending this winter. 

Living in Utah, something to be mindful of is the cold weather. For this reason, layering provides both style and warmth. Simple outfits can be elevated from layering. From example, throwing on a turtleneck under a simple t-shirt and adding a jacket on top will make a basic outfit look more put together. And as a bonus, two extra layers will be much warmer and more comfortable.   

Turtlenecks are versatile and can go with so many different outfits. Adding a turtleneck under a crewneck sweatshirt adds an extra detail. Sweater vests are another current trend. When paired with a long sleeve-shirt, it makes the outfit more practical for winter.  

Another trend this winter is matching sets. For example, matching sweatshirt and sweatpants can be cute, comfortable, and warm. This outfit can be worn for lounging around the house, going to school, or running errands. You can elevate this outfit by simply throwing on some cool sneakers. An extra jacket can be thrown on top for extra warmth if needed. 

Weren’t we all embarrassed for no reason to wear a puffer jacket to school in elementary school? Me too. However, one of my favorite winter 2021 outerwear trends are puffer jackets. They are both functional and fashionable, so you don’t have to pick between the two.  

The possibilities that come with winter fashion are endless. This allows for a wide range of creativity that you can express. And, of course, pairing each outfit with a matching mask will help to keep you warm, and safe.

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Is Disney World safe?

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular and loved theme parks. The food, rides, and overall magic feeling that it brings is what keeps people coming to the parks. However, with the new Covid-19 restrictions, is Disney World the same as it used to be? Is it unsafe? 

I got the chance to go to Magic Kingdom in early January. Disney World is only allowing a 35% capacity in all of their parks, so you have to reserve tickets multiple weeks in advance to ensure entrance into the park.  

Once you reach the park, you will get temperature scanned before being allowed to enter. I liked that they were doing this because it made me feel more secure that I wasn’t going to get sick from the parks.  

Next, masks are always required. Seriously, if you take it off at all in lines or while walking around, an employee will immediately ask you to put it back on. I almost got kicked out because my mom made me take my mask off for a picture and we got in trouble (do it for the ‘gram.. right?)But in all seriousness, I think that making masks mandatory was a smart decision by Disney. And, for the most part, everyone was following the rules. 

Now you might be wondering about lines. If you’ve been to Disney World (or any amusement park) in the past, you know that lines used to mean being crammed next to weird strangers. However, thanks to Covid-19, this is not the case anymore! There are stickers on the ground in every line demonstrating where to stand to remain 6 feet apart from other groups. 

Sanitizing stations were also available at every ride. I found this smart because I was able to sanitize both before and after getting onto a ride. 

Overall, my experience with Walt Disney World while practicing Covid-19 precautions was a positive one. I felt safe and never worried about getting sick because of the temperature checks, mask requirement, and line spacing. The magic of Disney World was still alive, and I enjoyed the experience just as much as I have in the past. 


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2020 Christmas Movie Watch List

These are the top 5 best Christmas movies of all-time. Based on mine and others’ opinion, this is the list that most accurately reflects the opinions of Davis High. The following movies are family favorites and watching them is a tradition for a lot of families.

“This is the most accurate list I have ever seen, more accurate than my calculator actually,” Will Sommer states.

5. The Santa Clause

This is always a great movie to sit down and watch with the family, and as a kid, it always gave people hope that your dad was secretly Santa. The character Charlie is great, which is why it is such a fan favorite to Christmas movie lovers.

4.  Die hard

This is not your traditional Christmas movie, but came in at number 4 for a reason and the people say they love to mix it up and watch it this time of year. It is an action movie but has a Christmas touch behind it. It has always been a joy for millions to watch and some say this might be the best Christmas movie to ever be made.

3. The Grinch

We all know the Grinch is an embodiment of the spirit of Christmas. It took him a while to figure out what the true meaning of Christmas was, but people still fell in love with the hairy, green, stinky creature who we call the Grinch. This has some of the funniest scenes in Christmas movies.

2.  Elf

A movie about a caring and lovable elf traveling to find his dad is bound to be a good movie. From throwing snowballs like a machine gun to capturing the hearts of his family, we all know it is the funniest/dumbest movie out there and came to a fan favorite at number 2.

1. Home Alone

A childhood fear of being home alone is brought to life in this goofy Christmas movie. Kevin, the kid protagonist, went through it all after he was left on Christmas vacation.He had to figure out how to live by himself and protect himself from people trying to rob his house. This kid shows the true meaning of Christmas; that Christmas is family time.

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All the new Star Wars series coming to Disney Plus

Disney recently announced nine new Star Wars series that will be streaming exclusively on Disney Plus in the future years. The series takes place all over the Star Wars universe and spans from before the prequel era to the recent sequel era. Here are all the series in chronological order and everything you need to know about them.

The Bad Batch

Based on “The Bad Batch” clone squadron that first appeared in the final season of Star Wars the Clone Wars. The Bad Batch will take place during Order 66 and the Jedi purge. The show will most likely premiere sometime in 2021 due to the fact that you can already watch the teaser trailer on YouTube.



Not much is known about Star Wars Visions. It will be a collection of short films animated by “the world’s best Japanese anime creators” says Disney. Visions will be coming to Disney Plus in 2021.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Obi-Wan Kenobi series has been in the works for a few years now. This series will only be one season-long taking place ten years after Revenge of the Sith. It will star Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hayden Christensen reprising his role as Anakin/Darth Vader.


This series focuses on Captain Cassian Andor and his adventures prior to Rogue One. It will star Diego Luna reprising his role as Cassian. The series won’t premiere until 2022 but you can watch a sizzle reel on YouTube showing off some new scenes, concept art, and stills from behind the scenes.


This is the series with the least amount of information on it. It will star Warwick Davis and judging by the name and cover art it is suspected to be about the Ewoks presumably on Endor after the 2nd death star blew up. Willow will most likely premiere in 2023.



This series will be based around the fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano. After making her first live-action debut in season two of The Mandalorian, this series will take place after Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens. This series will most likely follow Ahsoka on her journey to find Grand Admiral Thrawn, which was teased at in The Mandalorian. Ahsoka will come to Disney Plus in 2023.


Rangers of the New Republic

Rangers of the New Republic will take place around episodes 6 and 7. It will focus on the scout rangers for the New Republic patrolling the outer rim and the adventures they go on. It will most likely arrive on Disney Plus in 2023-2024.


The Acolyte

Star Wars: Acolyte will focus on The Sith and different Sith relics. It is unknown when it will premiere. It is assumed around 2024-2025.



There is currently nothing known about this series other than it is about Lando Calrissian. The biggest question mark on this series is if Donald Glover will reprise his role as Lando from Solo: A Star Wars Story. This series will most likely come to Disney Plus in 2026.


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Candy Canes-Fruity or Minty

The debate has existed as long as the fruit candy has existed. Which candy cane flavor is the best. Fruit Flavored or Mint Flavored?

Each Christmas when Candy Canes are given out, my friends and I always fight about which flavor is the best. While my friends are usually stoutly for the Fruit Flavored, I won’t eat a candy cane unless it’s mint. I absolutely despise the fruit flavored ones. I just think they’re gross.

The first mint candy canes dates back to the 19th century, perhaps even as far back as the 17th century and have reigned supreme since, although the fruit ones have popped up more recently and became quite as popular as well.

Although I absolutely despise the fruit flavored ones, many enjoy them and despise the mint. The main reasoning is that it tastes like toothpaste. What I want to know is what toothpaste they are using that tastes like Candy Canes?

Meagan says that mint are the best by far and she’s noticed an unfortunate change lately.

“I love mint, but it’s hard to find them. They are slowly being replaced by fruit ones and it’s disappointing”-Meagan Cheney

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to a party and all they had were the fruit flavored ones. Honestly I think they taste like cough drops. But like I said before, the fruit fans think that the mint ones taste like toothpaste.

“I like mint because it’s normal to me.” Lindsey Madsen

Mint is such a classic flavor at Christmastime, why would you want to get rid of such a great, traditional flavor?

Others like the fruit ones. Mainly the rainbow cherry ones.

“I like the Jolly Rancher ones the best” -Lizzie Bodily

Something weird I’ve noticed is that I have never met anyone who was in the middle. It’s like black licorice, you either like it or you don’t. You either like mint or you like fruit. There isn’t an in between. Like, usually there is a gray area, but not with candy canes I guess.

What do you think? Are you a devout fan of the fruit? Or are you a stout believer of mint supremacy. Or are you someone who IS in the middle? The odd one out? Whatever you are, just know this, you don’t need to get into a heated argument like my friends and I have. It’s just a candy cane.

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My relationship with Chocolate

I love chocolate. It’s my favorite flavor of ice cream and cake, both of which I don’t really like unless it is chocolate flavored. Sadly though, I have developed an allergy to chocolate, or rather an intolerance.

My whole life I have eaten chocolate, and loved it. The problem really started when I was around nine and on vacation. Whenever I eat chocolate ice cream and went on a car ride after, I got sick.

Now, I don’t think it was car sickness as 1. I don’t get motion sick really and 2. The second time, I had eaten the ice cream and then went to sleep in a hotel, I got sick the next morning on an hour drive to the airport. There was around 8 hours in between the car ride and the drive.

Another reason it wasn’t car sickness was that years later the same thing would happen if I had just walked 1/4 of a mile back to my house from the local Ice Cream Shoppe. I just figured that I should only eat chocolate ice cream if I could lay down afterwards. I didn’t really make the connection of an allergy until later.

When I was 16 years old (I’m 17 now) I was talking to my friends about our favorite candy flavors. I said “Yeah, I like chocolate, but it burns your throat when you eat it.” They all looked at me and said “No, no it doesn’t. Are you allergic to chocolate?”

I hadn’t ever thought of that. Was I? I went home later and asked my family if chocolate burned their throats. The consensus then was “No.” I was confused. I had been raised believing that everyone’s throats burned when they eat chocolate. To me it was so normal, that no one talked about it.  If they did, it would be like “Rain makes you wet” something so obvious and known, there was no point in talking about it.

I had no idea that I was the odd one out

Then I moved and suddenly my reactions to chocolate started getting worse, it seemed that whenever I eat more than one fun size candy bar, I would get nauseous. The more I eat, the sicker I got. It took until November of this year, when I got extremely sick after eating my sister’s chocolate birthday cake that my parents were like “No more for you, you can only have a little bit on special occasions”

I love chocolate, and it seemed like all of the sudden I couldn’t eat it. Why now? Why do I have to give it up after I grew to love it?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this had been happening all of my life. Not with all chocolate, (though to be fair it’s not even all chocolate now) but I would get sick when eating really rich, chocolatey foods like brownies or good Hot Chocolate.

It isn’t a new thing, but it seems that with my age, my sensitivity to chocolate grows. I can still eat Nutella and Oreos without getting sick, but how much longer until those are taken away?

I see so many people eating chocolate and serving chocolate dishes and I just want to eat it with them. Sometimes I still do. I can’t give it up entirely.

The jury is still out on whether I am actually allergic to chocolate, or if I am actually just allergic to a commonly used additive, or something used during the refinery process. But for now I ‘try’ to avoid all chocolate, just in case. (Except  for Oreos and Nutella, still not allergic to those!)

So, all in all, it kind of sucks to be allergic to chocolate. Especially because I have been eating it my whole life and I know what it tastes like. I just want to go back to the happy days of being able to eat what I want, whenever I wanted. I want to drink hot chocolate when it gets cold and eat brownies and cake with others. Sadly, I cannot.

In the meantime I tend to prefer vanilla or caramel flavored things, at least, until we can find out a solution that allows me to eat chocolate again. For now thought, Caramel is my favorite flavor.


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2021 resolutions

The time has come my friends…the year of tyranny has finally come to a glass-shattering end. 2020, aka officially the absolute worst year of all time, is over! Although we all wish that Covid-19, wearing masks, and the global pandemic would come to a stop as well, we all know that is not the case. However, we need not focus on the past and only trudge on into the future. The end of the Covid-19 pandemic is uncertain and most likely not anytime soon, yet there will be a day when we no longer have to suffocate under masks and carry hand sanitizer with us everywhere we go. Until that day comes, we can only stay positive, hopeful, and alive. In order to succeed in this and continue living life, setting goals for the next year is a great idea…2021 New Years resolutions baby!

Of all the years in our lives, this may be the most important one to create New Years resolutions for. After months of darkness, sadness, and uncertainty enveloping the world, we must not lose hope…we must stay strong.

As for the specific resolutions, there are several aspects and key components to include on the list. You want to make sure you are imaginative, healthy, thriving, challenged, excited, motivated, inspired, supported, creative, and above all…happy. Because we can all agree, after 2020, we need some happiness.

Some classic, yet great resolutions could be to hit the gym, workout more, eat healthier and smarter, learn an instrument or language, make new friends, travel, and so on. Yet, with our current situation, some innovative resolutions could be: do everything in your power to prevent the spread of Covid, find ways to escape the madness and be more positive, or do what you can to help others who have been affected by the virus.

Students at Davis High gave us some insight, tips, and ideas for resolutions,

“Try and focus on what makes life worth living, find that source of happiness in your life and use it to motivate yourself, grow, and do NOT give up in 2021.”

“This one is kind of basic, but get moving and workout more. Exercise helped me get through tough times in 2020 and it’s always good to get into shape. 2021 is the year to get ripped guys!”

“Go outside more, be with friends, and try not to let the pandemic get to you. Obviously follow the guidelines and stay home if you’re sick, but for 2021 just make it a goal to LIVE.”

“Make 2021 a PARTAY!!!!!”

All these suggestions are wonderful, so make sure to set some goals for yourself throughout this coming year. Don’t let 2020 drag you to the bottom and leave you there! We’ll all get through this together and one day it’ll be over, but for now reflect on this past year and set some resolutions for yourself!

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Don’t Catch the Winter Blues!

As 2020 comes to a close and winter sets in, it is more important than ever to protect our mental health. As cheery as the holiday season can be, winter is also long and dark which, paired with the current circumstances of the world, can cause a lot of people to fall into a slump. Experiencing seasonal depression in the winter is very common, but, luckily, there are many ways to prevent and relieve it.

One very popular and effective way to prevent seasonal depression is by practicing hygge- embracing coziness and comfort to engender contentment and well-being. This lifestyle has been adopted by countless people and has become a focus for many during the holiday season. As the holidays become hectic, it is important to take time for yourself to focus on the small daily pleasures. Embracing the coziness of winter by curling up in a blanket by the fire, wearing fuzzy socks, making yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, or watching a movie with your loved ones can influence your happiness tremendously.

Another great way to promote winter wellness is by finding and participating in winter activities that you enjoy. Participating in snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing is an amazing way to maintain your well-being both physically and mentally. Other excursions and activities such as going to see the Christmas lights, sledding, ice skating, and snowman-building are also good for your health because they take you outside and allow you to have fun.

There are also countless other really simple ways to boost your mood this winter. Some examples are making your bed, opening the blinds, exercising, writing letters and giving gifts to people, limiting screen time, getting dressed and ready each day, intellectually stimulating yourself by reading books and listening to podcasts, eating healthily, and drinking lots of water. All of these things do not take much time at all and can be done easily (even in a pandemic), and will have a monumental impact 0n your mental health this season.

This year has undoubtedly taken a toll on our emotional well-being, which is why it is so important that it becomes a focus of our attention this winter. If we devote more of our time and energy into protecting our mental health, this holiday season and the new year will be a happy time for all of us!

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Long Hair Highschool

The high school life is complicated enough as it is. But what if you add another thing to make it better or worse. Long hair is a thing that a boy does not usually have. But is has been in style and being a boy that has it there is some plus sides and some down sides.

My high school experience has been pretty good. I have not had any issues, but my hair really makes people say some things. I have been called a girl and people have told me that they did not know they invited the young women into the class. It is funny as long as you know they are joking and that they don’t mean to hurt you.

There is one benefit that I really like. And that is because it makes me stand out. It gives people a really easy way to recognize and find me. When people first look at me they look at my hair because it is unusual for a boy to have as long of hair as I have. And it is an easy way to get attention.

It also gives me something to talk about. A lot of people ask about my hair and it is easy to make a conversation out of it. It is a good way to talk and they usually ask a lot of questions about it. They ask how long it is and how long I have been growing it out for.

Honestly, I love my hair. It is a good way to joke around with people and a good way to talk to people. It is a little more maintenance, but it shows who I am and shows that there are ways other people can live. It is a great way to live and get recognized. I would recommend doing something similar for everyone.

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Behind the Mask

Imagine this. Teenagers are walking into their classes, the halls of the schools are buzzing with the latest gossip, you hear someone yell your name, so you turn to say hello. The bell rings and students file into their classes but the talking does not stop, and the teachers are trying to get their students to be quiet and pay attention.

This is the regular school day we all know, but this year is different. On March 13, 2020, Davis high school was shut down and the requirements for wearing a mask were put into place, we were told to not go to any social event, to stay away from others in fear of being infected, and to stay indoors as much as possible.

Then in August of 2020, school started again. Students could finally socialize again, they could be in clubs, and they could have fun. But something had changed, students began to avoid each other, teachers are forcing kids to talk rather than begging them to be quiet instead. Why is that? How did students go from being social to this level of antisocialism in a matter of a few months? I believe it is the masks.

Masks affect the psychology of us as humans more than we know. The number one complaint of being forced to wear a mask is “they are hard to breathe in”, so of course we aren’t going to talk every chance we get when we can barely breathe in them in the first place, this complaint has gone so far that the teachers have been given a face shield instead of a mask for when they lecture.

Renowned therapist David Christensen says, “Since the COVID-19 virus started to affect our lives, I have noticed that people have become less social, I believe that our masks have become muzzles”.

Ashton Johnson, a student at Davis High, says “Masks have subconsciously taught us to not only stay away from others but to fear being around them because of the virus. I understand why we should wear masks, but it restricts us in so many more ways than we understand”.

As a student, I wondered how this antisocialism could be changed, and so as a journalist I conducted an experiment, I went out and interviewed 10 students about their lives and how they have been affected this year. For the interview, we went to a secluded spot and stat six feet apart, with both our masks on I asked easy questions that got more personal as we went, every response I had got were short answers as if the students just wanted to get this interview over with.

About halfway through the interview I took my mask off and said they could do the same. Most of the students were surprised when I told them they could take off their masks, but all the students happily did so. I then went on with the interview, but the questions I asked this time were actually the same questions but asked in a different way so that the students could not tell it was the same question, the answers this time weren’t short, the answers actually became personal and for a few students, their answers became emotional.

Two of the interviews I conducted ended up being twice as long as I had planned on it being, even though both sets of questions I had asked were extremely similar. I then realized as David Christensen had, the masks we wear have become our muzzles.

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Snow-basin: Is it worth the money?

With the winter ski season coming up and the option of buying a pass still under review, there are a few things to consider this season. In previous years this may have not been as big of a tough decision but due to covid and all that is going on in our earth, it might be a tough decision.

The first thing to consider this ski season, is with it already being December 7th and only being enough snow to open two lifts, is it worth it. Usually, around this time, the snow is coming in heavy but this year it might be a light year when it comes to snow. If you are going to commit to buying a pass you have to have a good reason to go up and put time aside, and it will not be worth it if the snow is awful.

Another thing to consider before settling on a seven-hundred dollar pass is the money worth it considering the snow basin could potentially close due to Covid-19. Last ski season, Snow Basin got closed early and half of the season was put aside and many people were mad that no refund was given.

They offered a small discount to the people instead, which in my opinion isn’t the same. The money is a lot but it is worth it if you get the full experience of Snow Basin and this year, we won’t be getting an authentic snow basin experience.

The last thing to consider is the safety of skiing at a resort such as Snow Basin. Not many protocols are being followed at large resorts like snow basin. The lodges are filled with people and not properly sanitized and prepared for the next customer. Masks are not mandated which becomes a health hazard to everyone, not just the snow basin pass holders.

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Xbox Vs Ps4, Battle For The Ages

Xbox and PlayStation have been going at it ever since they were released. They are trying to figure out who makes the better console for the consumer. The people think they are both great, but you always have people on both sides, and they are always telling the other that they are better.

Xbox who is run by Microsoft has been making consoles for years. They have been doing very well and they are one of the top manufacturers in their industry and they are there for a reason. They make a console called the Xbox One.

It is a gaming console that allows you to play with other people and all sorts of games and it does it with such a nice and smooth system. The user interface is great, and it is easy to use and you can do so much with it. One of the problems with it is for all games you need to pay per month to play online with friends and other people.

The PlayStation is a very similar concept. They are run by the company Sony. They have been doing this for just as long as Xbox has, and they are right up there with them. They can give the same experience. Some would say that is runs just as smooth and that it is even easier to use than the Xbox.

A lot of it is how you like the feel of it. But it is also very easy to use and it gives you a great gaming experience. One of the things that set them apart is that to play some online games you do not have to pay to connect with other people.

They are both great and they are the best on the market. But it all comes down to personal preference. How you would use it and how it feels in your hands are some major factors and that is how you decide. You cannot go wrong with either of them or they will both give you an amazing gaming experience.

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BTS – the Biggest Boy Band in the World

You know the name, but do you know the band? Jin, Suga, J-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook make up this revolutionary group, often compared to the Beatles. With each album, they break records all over the world. They have been on several famous talk shows and topped the Billboard 200 chart five times.  

Their journey was not easy. They started at the very bottom, with nothing but each other and an obstinate refusal to give upNow they are at the top, with an army behind them. In We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal (a song written to ARMY) they sing, “The name that everyone laughed at, that was once embarrassing... We were only seven, but we have you all now.” 

For their passionate fans (and I have never met a fan who wasn’t), this is common knowledge. For possible new fans, this is a crash course to a worldwide phenomenon. 

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a famous K-pop (Korean pop) group that debuted in 2013. Each member was recruited in diverse ways by Big Hit Entertainment. 

RM was the first to join. Impressed by RM’s skill, a rapper he met at another audition connected him to a Big Hit producer, which led to his audition for the group in 2010. In an interview with Alyssa Bailey he says, “I loved writing lyrics for rap when I was in junior high.” RM is known as the leader and spokesperson of the group. He learned English from watching the show Friends. He is the lead rapper and producer of BTS’ songs.  

Suga was the next to join. Suga was scouted when he won second place in a rap competition. Excited by his skills, Big Hit offered him a position as a producer/trainee. He never meant to join BTS, preferring to produce rather than perform, but he was persuaded to join. “I have [been] writing rhymes and lyrics, a habit since I was a kid,” he tells Bailey. He often jokes that he was tricked into the band by being told that he would only be rapping, not dancing. Suga is a rapper and producer for BTS. 

After Suga came J-Hope. After failing an audition for JYP entertainment (one of the “Big Three” entertainment groups), Big Hit accepted him as a trainee when he was 15. He almost left the group after a disagreement with Big Hit, but RM convinced him to stay. J-Hope handles most of BTS’ hardest choreography, being extremely skilled at hip-hop dancing“When I was a little kid, I simply music and enjoyed expressing myself with my body,” he informs Bailey. He is also a rapper and has written/produced his own album, Hope World. 

The oldest member, Jin, was scouted getting off a bus. The recruiter asked him on the spot if he would like to audition. As a theater major, Jin did not have much experience singing and instead auditioned as an actor. Big Hit had other plans and persuaded him to join the group. Jin’s looks have crowned him the lead visual of the group and earned him the nickname “Worldwide Handsome.”  He often handles background vocals and has written/helped write several songs for the band. 

Jungkook came next. At just 13 years old, he auditioned for the show Superstar K, and though he did not win the show, he was scouted by several Entertainment Companies. It was RM who inspired Jungkook to join the group, making him confident in his leading and rapping skills. As the youngest member, he would normally be called the Maknae (the Korean name for ‘youngest sibling’), but his nickname became a little more personalized. He is called the Golden Maknae, because Jungkook is, well, golden. He is the lead dancer, usually getting most of the solos, the lead dancer, usually at the front center of group formations, and even dabbles in rapping. He is also known for being able to pick up new talents quickly. 

V joined sixth. V, funnily enough, didn’t even mean to audition. He came to the auditions as moral support for his friend and was spotted by a Big Hit employee who encouraged him to audition. He was the only one from his hometown, Daegu, who made it to the next round of auditions. V mostly covers background vocals. However, he has some songs with the group where he is the lead singer. His deep voice is known for being soothing and calming. He has also become more involved in the writing of some of BTS’s songs. 

Last and anything but least, Jimin. A dance instructor at his school was impressed by his skill and suggested he audition for Big Hit. He passed the audition and became a trainee, receiving the least amount of training before their debut. Jimin is one of their main dancers, handling the more graceful choreography. He is also one of the main vocalists and sings the higher notes in the songs.  

BTS debuted in 2013. They started with a small company, Big Hit Entertainment. In the beginning, hopes were low for their success. They were young and determined, never giving up despite the odds. They kept going, through death threatsslander, hate, through sleepless nights learning/writing new choreography and lyrics. They were giving free concerts, living seven to a room, practicing for hours on end every day on top of their education.  

Then, faculty at Big Hit barely knew their names. Now the world does. 

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Which Christmas Story is the best?

All throughout the world there are so many different Christmas stories. They differ depending on the culture and they are passed down from generation to generation. Which story is the best one?

My family is made up of a bunch of readers, basically everybody in my family reads all of the time (save my 6-year-old brother). Books are a really big part of our holidays and we always sit our books under the tree before Christmas. Christmas books are kind of a tradition in my family. This season I wanted to rank some of our favorite books that we read each year. So, without further ado, lets get on with the listing.

10. The Night Before Christmas by Clemont Clarke Moore

Honestly, The Night Before Christmas is kind of boring. It’s not a story it’s just someone stating what they saw. It’s genuinely overtold. I mean, maybe it was good the first time, and it’s definitely iconic, but it’s not an interesting story. Only because it is so overtold. I like similar stories that aren’t told as much, so I feel as though if this wasn’t told as much then I would like it a lot more. It also brings a sense of nostalgia as well, so I do like it because of that.

9. Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus by Francis Pharcellus Church

Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus is just so short and there isn’t much to it. It’s kind of heartwarming, and not as overtold as number 10, but there isn’t much to be said about it. We like it though because a total stranger goes out of his way to assure a child, and perhaps even others that Santa Claus is real, thus preserving the magic and wonder of Christmas.

8. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

The Polar Express is just so overdone. It’s a good story, but I only watch the movie and read the book out of nostalgia. Although, it is written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg which is pretty cool., the book has a lot less content than the movie but it’s still pretty good. My family really likes it, but I don’t see the allure all that much. It’s not bad in my opinion, it just exists, I don’t really care for it either way.

7. The Grinch by Dr. Seuss

I really enjoy The Grinch because it’s a heartwarming story and the protagonist is very dynamic. His heart grows three sizes! Honestly he had some points. He was against the capitalist approach to Christmas, and he had never actually celebrated Christmas with anyone, so how was he supposed to know that there was more to Christmas than gifts that get thrown away eventually? He saw them get thrown away, he knew that it happened.

Celebrating Christmas as  a way to celebrate appearances and to eventually show ingratitude for a gift that was received is awful, and I completely understand why he hated Christmas. When he learnt that there was more to Christmas than simply appearances and gifts, he changed and made up for his actions.

6. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is such an iconic piece of work. The reason I’m not taking off points for it being overtold is simply because it has twists and turns and is very heartwarming. I mean, he turns from an awful, money-obsessed person into a very kind, generous one. He saves Tiny-Tim!

It, like the Grinch, shows that even the meanest people can change and I think that that is a really important lesson, especially in today’s world where “cancel culture” is so prevalent. ‘Cancel Culture just writes off any change a person ever makes and holds celebrities’ to these impossible standards no one can reach. The lesson that people can change is so important, especially in the path towards forgiveness. While I agree that we shouldn’t support someone who is problematic, we shouldn’t write them off when they have truly changed and condemn them forever.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life

I admit it,  It’s a Wonderful Life is technically a movie. I have a book that was written based on the movie, and after some research I found that It’s a Wonderful Life is actually based on a 1943 book called The Greatest Gift. So it’s also technically a book if you go with it’s origin.

This story really hits the heart. It talks about self-doubt and insecurity and the effect that they can have on life. It illustrates how a lot of times we only see our mistakes and become very self-critical, when actually there are so many good things we’ve done that we simply write off. It shows how important we can be even if we don’t think. I think from a young age we are taught that success in monetary and scholarly pursuits are what determine our worth, and this story shows that there is more to us than that. What truly matters is how we help and treat people, not how much money we make or recognition we have.

4. The Nutcracker

Okay, technically The Nutcracker is a ballet, but it’s still a story told through music and movement. I happen to own a book based on The Nutcracker and I love ballet. Barbie also made a movie out of it, just like she did for A Christmas Carol so it counts as a story. The plot follows Clara throughout a truly magical night where she goes to a far off land for an adventure. I absolutely love it.

It is probably my personal favorite. It it told so beautifully every  time I read it or watch it. It full of magic and fun and is the literal embodiment of a dream. It has fairies, a terrific villain and a brave hero.

3. Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner

If you haven’t heard of this story, you are not alone. This is more of a niche book, but out of the opinions gathered this was held in high regards. It’s more of a children’s book, so if you aren’t into kid’s books then you probably shouldn’t read it. It takes you through a magical journey, illustrating how Snowmen celebrate their Christmas each year while humans are asleep. I won’t spoil it but it has to do with a big party and lots of treats.

2. Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

If you are looking for a heartwarming story, this is the one for you. If you haven’t read it, it’s about a couple that gives up the items they value most in order to buy each other a nice Christmas present. This is a big favorite at my house and I love reading this each year. It’s a great lesson of sacrifice for those we love, and seeing it in action really warms the heart. It also teaches a lesson of gratitude and love. Reading this is like drinking a nice warm cup of cocoa on a cold day, and feeling the warmth spread throughout your body.

1: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Lloyd and Karmel Newell

This is also a book you may not have heard of, although you may know the song. It’s the story about how the song was written. It tells of the grief, pain and sorrow that the author, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow went through before writing the song. It is also a family favorite and teaches a great lesson. A lesson of hope, love and peace, even in the darkest of times. It teaches how even though the world around us may seem like it is falling apart, there is always something to hold on to.

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It’s Time To Hit The Slopes!

As the cold slowly seeps in and winter progresses, we have hit the SKI SEASON! Resorts are opening up (with Covid-19 precautions) and with luck, we’ll get some more snowfall. Major resorts such as Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are up and running, however with the pandemic situation, there have been some setbacks. Before we get into that, lets talk about the snow sport excitement.

Most can agree that this year has hit us all hard. It can be difficult to find motivation, encouragement, joy, and fun at times and that is why it’s so extremely important to find an outlet. Some kind of happiness. For many, with the coming of winter, that happiness is found on the mountain, shredding some snow.

“Its the best feeling in the world! The cold air rushing into your lungs, the feeling of the frost on your face, and the adrenaline flowing through your blood. It’s the most exhilarating natural high ever and I can’t wait for it to snow some more so I can go up and ski!”

Says Samantha Siddoway, an experienced skier, ready for the ski season to really get going.

At the popular Snowbasin resort, the lines due to social distancing are quite long and it is definitely different from previous years. Other resorts have a similar situation going on, however we have to make do with what we have. At least resorts are opening, and, so far, we have hope that they’ll stay that way through winter and into spring.

So everyone get your skis and snowboards ready, it’s ski season!


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Is Black Friday Dying?

Black Friday has been a tradition for many years, millions of shoppers freshly stuffed with thanksgiving turkey rush to malls, stores, and outlets to steal the biggest deals of the year in a mad dash of chaos. However, in the last few years, Black Friday has been declining and getting less sales and people are less frantic. This is due to a very similar event, Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday, also know as the online shopper’s dream, is when thousands of sites put some of the biggest deals of the year on items that anyone can order. This has taken off pressure to rush to stores in hopes that they can snag one of the few items before the stock runs out.

The last 10 years have seen a revolution of commercial goods with online shopping booming while malls and shopping centers are dying as customers disappear.

This decline of Black Friday has been increased by the ongoing global pandemic as well. Many shops this year didn’t even open on Black Friday or didn’t offer many deals, if any at all, to hopeful shoppers.

The many families have been disappointed and forced to abandon traditions of waking up in the early morning to line up outside of shops to find great deals, now are left at home wondering if they will ever be able to have their Black Friday rituals again.

So during this time of online deals and limited opening of stores the question remains, are people still trying to hold onto Black Friday and go shopping anyways, or is it truly dying off with the rise of online shopping and chaos during quarantine?

“Yes I absolutely do go Black Friday shopping but I don’t spend my whole day in a store, that would be absolute torture, discounts or not. I think Black Friday is 90% safe, no problems, because everyone’s hiding at home so the crowds were less than normal.” – Marshal Jacobsen, a senior at Davis

Black Friday may not be dead after all, as a few loyal supporters still showed up this year to find all the greatest deals that the stores had to offer this year. It seems that there might always be those who prefer the old ways of in person shopping and scrambling for deals.

However, some people are just shopping less as a whole, with a global pandemic many families have less spare money then ever and may have to cut back on holiday shopping and Christmas gift giving. This could explain the reduced turnout and shorter lines for Black Friday this year.

Even people who do have money often spend much more on the sale than they would if there no sales at all. Holiday shopping has been ingrained into the American culture so much that it is standard to spend lots of money on presents and deals in the holiday season.

“Holidays shred my wallet… they are definitely not a saving grace for my bank account” -Jacobsen

So while Black Friday may have not been completely killed it still is greatly reduced because of the pandemic combined with more people preferring just to order what they want online and wait for packages to arrive in the mail.

As time continues it will be interesting to see if Black Friday and Cyber Monday keep affecting each other or if both stabilize their sales in the future and both events stick around to cater to both the people who still love the tradition and fun of in person shopping and those who love getting packages and ordering whatever they want online the week after.

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Humming Along To The Holidays

Yup! It’s that time of year and despite all the weirdness going on in the world, we have a great outlet, especially during the holiday season: music. For many, getting into the Christmas spirit during a worldwide pandemic might seem like a challenge, however we all need to find some happiness and motivation, so here are some great songs to get you in the cheery mood.

  1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” by Mariah Carrey. This is an all time classic! Many of us Davis students have definitely heard it at least 30 times. Although it’s been basically burned into our ears at this point, it never gets old. The intro just gets us pumped up and hyped for the holiday season and everyone can join in to sing along.
  2. “Last Christmas,” by Wham! Obviously, this bop goes on the list because, again, most of us know it. It’s a fun Just Dance song to do and it brings Christmas vibes! “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. Then the very next day, you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special.”
  3. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is another great one. This song has a sweet melody and catchy lyrics. It brings back simple memories from childhood; when life wasn’t revolving around Covid-19 and everyone’s beautiful smiles weren’t covered by masks. Although it may not actually feel like “the most wonderful time of the year,” let’s all keep our heads up and keep trudging forward.

Obviously, there are many many more blissful and joyous holiday tunes we could include, this is just a snippet of the magic. Whatever Christmas songs you and your family prefer, the moral of this article and for the next few weeks is just to find that happiness. Through music or whatever other escape you have from this uncertain world, go and enjoy the holiday season!

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The Flying Bug

Millions of people across the world look up to the stars and see lights darting across the gloomy night sky. These lights are actually airplanes, but not just everyone gets the opportunity to strap themselves into them and experience the love of flying. For a pilot, flying brings more than just fun. It comes with lots of memories and exciting stories. The good thing about being a pilot is when you think you know everything about flying, there is always something new that you will eventually learn. Flying to travel or flying to just fly is always a good time, but you do need to be sharp minded and make safe decisions before flying, as it is very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Kent, a 90-year-old pilot with more than 50 years of experience and over 12,500 hundred hours in the cockpit was asked about what he enjoys about flying.

“It’s something I look forward to every day and is always on my mind ever since I was a little boy until when I was out of the air force after world war ||. I still love flying,” said Kent.

Airplanes have been around for nearly 120 years, with the first flight ever being made by the Wright brothers in 1903, yet there’s still a lot more opportunity to come with flying.  Personally, I encourage everyone to go to bountiful flight and get down and dirty with all the information and just enjoyment that comes with learning how to airplanes are operated.

You can do anything you put your mind to, and if want to fly, all you need is the desire to, as well as a small amount of money. With this passion, you can turn it into a career and make serious money. The sky is the limit.



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Covid Vaccines: How do They Function?

Finally, as some may know, we are getting vaccines for Covid-19 being developed and with those, we can hopefully end this all. Of course that’s assuming that people actually take the vaccine, which we should do, and to encourage that let me explain how the vaccine works and how harmless it actually is to us.

The purpose of this article from here on out is purely informational, so I won’t go into depth on conspiracy theories that the government is injecting things into us, as much as some might enjoy entertaining the ideas. In reality, vaccines are essential and they are a scientific miracle, but they require us to work together to all use it to prevent the spread indefinitely.

To understand how the Covid-19 vaccine works, we need a basic understanding of how normal vaccines function as well. A normal vaccine gives the body a small dosage of a virus so our body develops a safeguard against it and is able to prevent the virus from hurting us the second time around. This is why, after some of you may have caught the virus, you haven’t gotten it again, because your body is protecting you against it.

The Covid-19 vaccines are unique in the fact that one of the developing vaccines prevents the need for us even to take a small amount of the virus, if that is a concern of yours. It uses mRNA to produce proteins unique to Covid-19. Upon seeing this, our body will recognize it as something that needs to be gone and remove it and make new lymphocytes that will prevent it from ever entering again. Through that method, when our body sees Covid-19 it will eliminate the virus because it shares the protein that it removed earlier.

Of course, there are vaccines that share the method discussed earlier by giving us a small and harmless amount of the virus to the point where we don’t get sick. The company Moderna has already developed a working vaccine, with a 94% success rate of preventing the virus as a whole, and a 100% success rate at preventing severe cases, these are really huge numbers. So if we work together to all take it, we may be able to turn the tide of this quarantine.

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Ahsoka’s live action appearance and what it means for the future of Star Wars

The most recent episode of The Mandalorian marks the first live-action debut of fan-favorite character, Ahsoka Tano. Originally appearing in 2008 in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, she was a returning character throughout the series. Then in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka returned once again. This is her third appearance in the Star Wars franchise and perhaps her most important one.

At the end of the 13th episode of The Mandalorian, titled “The Jedi”, Ahsoka asks the main antagonist of the episode “Where is your master, where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?” Grand Admiral Thrawn is a strategic, high ranking Imperial admiral that was feared throughout the galaxy. He made his first canon appearance in the TV show Star Wars: Rebels.

In the series finale of the animated TV show Star Wars: Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn was lost in hyperspace along with the Jedi, Ezra Bridger. Due to the fact that both were together when we last saw them, and the close relationship Ezra and Ahsoka had in the TV show many fans believe that we will also see Ezra in this season of The Mandalorian.

In the most recent episode, Ahsoka tells The Mandalorian to take Grogu, or Baby Yoda, to the planet, Typhon, where he will find a Jedi temple. Grogu can then reach out through the force and hopefully, a Jedi will reach back and in Ahsoka’s words “Seek him out.” Many fans are hoping the Jedi that will seek out Grogu will be Ezra Bridger.

Not only have we seen Ahsoka and Thrawn, but Boba Fett was teased in the first episode. With only 2 episodes left in season 2, many fans are hoping we see more of Thrawn, Ahsoka, Boba Fett, and hopefully a Jedi, such as Luke Skywalker or Ezra Bridger.


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Mysterious Monolith: Aliens in Utah?

A tall metal monolith was discovered in southeastern Utah on November 18, 2020 by the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Aero Bureau while they were counting bighorn sheep. Shockingly, the mysterious structure vanished, leaving a slew of conspiracy theories in its wake.

Found standing in a red rock slot canyon, the monolith was a 10-foot tall structure made of metal sheets riveted together in the shape of a triangular prism. It was unclear to investigators how long it had been there, who put it there, and it’s purpose. All of these unknown factors contributed to the public’s immediate fascination with it.

Many believed that it was an anonymous art installation, perhaps a creation of the late John McCraken. Others believed it to be a left-over TV prop, as the area is a fairly popular location for filming. However, by far the most accepted theory is that it was a type of advanced alien technology used by extra-terrestrial beings to visit our planet.

Countless people came to hike in the Utah desert, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious phenomenon first-hand. However, many did not have to chance to see it as it inexplicably disappeared in the night on November 27th, just 9 days after its discovery. The triangular base and a hole in the ground were the only traces left behind.

Because it was installed illegally on public land, the San Juan County Sherriff’s department took up the investigation. Unfortunately, they did not have many resources to devote to the case and few leads to go off of. Until very recently, no one claimed to know anything concerning it’s disappearance. In hoping to gain some tips from the public, the Sherriff’s office posted the pictures of their current list of suspects which included E.T. and other aliens from popular culture.

Many had accepted that the disappearance of the monolith would forever remain a mystery, until, recently, a man named Ross Bernards claimed to have the facts. According to Bernards, he was visiting the monolith on the night of November 27th, when four men arrived, pushed the structure over, broke it apart, and carried it away. Bernards’ friend, Michael James Newland, who was with him that night, took several pictures of the incident on his phone.

Andy L. Lewis and Sylvan Christensen claimed to be two of the four men who dismantled the structure. They claimed to have done so because the sudden high traffic of visitors to the area was causing harm to the environment. Hikers were polluting the landscape with trash and human waste, and these men didn’t want the desert to suffer anymore.

It seems as though the case of the disappearance of the monolith has been solved, yet it’s appearance still remains a mystery. Does it have just as reasonable explanation? Was it the remaining legacy of an anonymous artist or film crew? Or is it possible that aliens are now roaming the Utah desert? We may never know.

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The Theories of the Game Among Us

Among Us is a murder mystery experience that is expanding to everyone around the world. There are also some dark secrets behind the plot of the game. But there are things in the game that are still unexplained. Like why and how was the imposter able to get on the space ship in the first place? Why is the Skeld the first map? There are so many theories that if we were able to have a story mode, we could better understand the plot. Plus, it would still be the same as multiplayer mode, just the character you play would have those crew members in the story line.

I’ve been trying to figure out every single little detail, but it’s kind of okay to not have it all make sense. But I’d like to know more about the story in order to fully understand the maps. Why did they choose the maps in that order? Because it does have some time travel and sci-fi but they are disguised as maintenance people to be safe and not get killed by the imposter. Also this game is also kind of like this 1987 movie. It’s very interesting how the game is almost like that movie. But what I find interesting is that they have the ship Skeld as the first map you play on because it would make more sense.

Well that’s what they want you to think! How it should REALLY start, is planet, then the Head Quarters, then the ship. We have never really been able to see what’s behind the Visors on the crewmates. So what exactly are they? Are they humans or different type of alien species? We don’t really have a lot of evidence that gives us enough information to know if any of these theories are true. But there is some evidence that the imposter is able to have weapons, but also it uses its tongue to kill you, so what do you think? So that evidence shows the imposter is a alien. But everyone loves a good mystery and a twist now and again. Which is excellent sense it’s kind of a murder mystery game! I must say that the change in scenery of the game genre. The sci-fi plot is excellent choice. But there should have been somethings before all of the three maps that you can play on one. There is to be told that there is gonna be a new update for the Among Us. There’s the new map, which is a cross over with henry stickmen. Which is definitely a really great idea. More things to distract us from the main story that the need to be focus to find out the true story plot. There will also be said that you would be a Among Us. Because of the rising popularity they were thinking it would be expanding on the game’s features instead of making a sequel.

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When is it okay to listen to Christmas music?

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means. It’s FINALLY time for Christmas music… or is it?

There has always been a huge debate on the right time to listen to Christmas music and start getting into the holiday spirit, and it’s finally been settled. Is it really okay to listen to these uplifting, cheery, holiday tunes before other holidays?

Some people listen to Christmas music way before the set holiday season, like in September and October. The question is, why aren’t these months considered holiday months? Why does there have to be a specific time for Christmas music when we should be thinking of giving all year round?

According to a poll on, 41% of people start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, as opposed to the other 59% who start listening the day after Thanksgiving.

Spotify put up a graph of when their listeners start playing Christmas music on the app, and the results are astonishing. In 2017, the first country that started listening to Christmas music was the Philippines on October 9th. The United States and Canada both started listening on November 11. While that may seem too early, some countries don’t start listening until the day of Christmas, December 25.

“The Philippines takes Christmastime very seriously—and kicks off the season months before any other country. To celebrate the holiday for as long as possible, Filipinos start shuffling their holiday playlists as early as September.”

Explained Spotify.

Essentially, it really all just depends on how serious you take Christmas and how early you like to listen to all the holiday hits. Everyone’s different and has their own personal opinion about when to start playing Christmas music.

So whether you listen in December or June, Christmas music is just music and it really doesn’t matter when you listen to it, because it’s your decision!

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What’s going on at the United Nations?

The United States has been in the news for actions taken at the UN.  A couple of weeks ago the US made headlines by signing an anti-abortion declaration, and most recently when they were reviewed by other members on the basis of Human Rights.

Back in October, the Trump Administration finally signed the Geneva Consensus, an anti-abortion declaration after pushing other members of the UN to also sign.

The US was met with much backlash, as the only other countries to sign were authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.

According to Forbes, not one other country ranked above 95 on the Georgetown University’s Women, Peace and Security index. Meaning that the other signatures were from countries where women do not have much safety or many rights.

This decision was met with much backlash from many people, including Americans, Non-Americans, religious and non-religious alike. Many felt that the US was taking a big step backwards in terms of women’s rights.

It is now becoming evident that the US is behind other first-world countries in the terms of Women’s Safety and Rights.

More recently, the US was under review at the UN, on the subject of Human Rights Violations. The New York Post said that the United States was one of ten countries under review and the main causes for concern was the subject of Police Brutality and Black Lives Matter, as well as the politicizing of COVID-19.

Ironically, the countries who were the most critical of the US were North Korea, Saudi Arabia China and Russia. All of which are know for their severe Human Right’s Violations.

North Korea is the prime modern example for starving it’s citizens as well as using torture and public execution commonly for things such as watching American movies, or listening to pop music.

Many bring up the recent violations China committed during the Hong Kong protests. Killing, arresting, and injuring many protesters who simply did not want to be forced into communism.

Saudi Arabia was gravely concerned over the discrimination that is present in the US, which considering the fact that no other religion is allowed to be publicly practiced besides that of Islam, is quite ironic.

Russia was troubled by Trump’s 2018 decision to withdraw from the Human Rights Committee. Trump had decided to leave over an “Anti-Israel” bias the other countries on the committee had, due to Israel’s treatment of the Human Right’s Violations in Palestine.

Many view this as unfortunate, because the simple fact that these countries were the main prosecutors takes credibility away from these important issues that should be fixed.

Many other countries were on the panel and echoed the calls for less discrimination, less politicization of the COVID-19 epidemic, and were concerned about the withdrawal from the Human Right’s Committee, showing that many countries thought this way, not just those with more severe Human Rights Violations.

No further actions were taken during this recurring evaluation that all countries are put under every ten years or so.



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How to Stay Happy During the Gloomy Winter

As the weather grows colder and the sun tends to hide away, the seasonal depression starts to come out. I want to educate people on what I have learned to try and combat the winter blues. I have grown up with two sisters that have struggled with depression which as I have come to realize that almost everyone goes through lows and struggles. Whether it is a seasonal depression or just needing some self-help here are some helpful tips to stay positive.

Exercise is something that is very important and is something to try and incorporate into your daily life. The days I work out I tend to be in a better mood and happier. Daily exercise also helps with: sleep, endurance, stress relief, improvement in mood, increase in energy, reduced tiredness, increased mental alertness, and weight reduction. Working out doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym, but walking your dog, yoga, hit workouts, or dance all are examples of exercise.
When people get more depressed they push away loved ones. Try your best to notice if you are doing this and know that it is normal. Communicate with these people that are close in your life. Venting is always very healthy. Ask for advice and be open to acting on it.
Make future plans to be excited about. “Planning to go to Europe was the only thing at time that got me out of bed and gave me motivation to work hard” states Grace. Having something to plan and look forward to is always helpful when in a tough time. An end in sight allows you to recognize that this is hard in the present.
Mr. Frey teaches that these hard times and depressions are also beautiful. Instead of trying to push and hide sadness away, feel it, and accept it. Go out in nature and experience the beautiful earth. Depression and pain make us have deeper gratitude for happiness.

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As Temperature Drops: Winter Fashion

Every year as temperature drops scarves, mittens, gloves, and giant jackets spring into action to fight the cold. The dropping temperature as winter approaches provides a chance to shift your fashion and get fancy with the holiday spirit or to bundle up in lots of cozy clothes.

During summer a T-Shirt and shorts may cut it but now as it becomes freezing and a blanket of snow wraps the ground you’re gonna need to wear more layers. And to many this is the best time of the year for clothing.

Some may argue to wait until December to bundle up tightly but even during fall is a perfect time to start wearing festive clothes and bringing out scarves, jackets, and boots with your everyday outfits.

“The right time all depends on the place, person, and situation. For me, coats come out during fall, and full on boots/scarves/gloves when it starts to snow. Or just whenever you feel like it. Style is all about confidence babe” -Eliza Taylor, a senior at Davis.

Indeed fashion is largely down to personal preference. Often people are afraid of standing out or looking dumb or stereotyped. But ultimately how you dress is up to you, whether you love winter or summer clothes, whatever you choose to wear be proud of it and enjoy the different seasons.

“Winter clothes are better, it’s much easier to style with different layers and I have a deep hatred for shorts” – Taylor

And with those extra layers it provides an opportunity to go more in depth and create a style that is really your own.

Some students may not like the cold, but it provides an opportunity to reevaluate your life. Now that we’re in the middle of school and schools shutting down it may be easy to stop caring about your appearance as much and just focus on school. But it could also be a positive way to motivate yourself everyday to get up and feel good.

By small things great works can come to pass and this is even true with fashion, its proven that when you feel good about your appearance it is easier to be happier, more productive, and even more motivated to do everyday tasks.

In the end fashion is up to you, so during this winter season as temperature drops and the holiday spirit sweeps in, wear whatever you want and enjoy it! Be proud of who you are and how you look whether that’s physically or how you dress. If it can make you happy that’s great!

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The Zodiac Experiment

Everyone has a specific zodiac sign that is supposed to influence their luck/fortune, personality traits, and even normal behavior. I am an Aquarius, for example, and we are supposedly known for creativity, independence, and eccentric thinking, among other traits. I feel like the outline for an Aquarius actually sounds a lot like me, so I wonder if perhaps there is some truth to zodiac signs.

That’s why I have decided to perform an experiment- I will record what my horoscope reads according to every day from now, Monday, November 2nd, until Wednesday, November 4th, and then analyze its validity. Time to find out how accurate my horoscope is!

November 2nd: Today my horoscope read, “Be careful not to relax too much today. If you let down your guard, you could start falling back into a bad pattern of behavior. You worked too hard to get to where you are now, so don’t let yourself slide. Self-discipline can be tough when you’re on your own, so if you feel yourself succumbing to temptation, try the buddy system. Talk to a friend and take your mind off whatever it is that you know isn’t good for you!”

I was amazed at how much I actually connected to my horoscope today. My anxiety levels are high with the return to 4-day school, so I’m not relaxing much today. I’ve been working on managing my stress and anxiety more lately and have really improved, so “falling back into a bad pattern of behavior” might relate to me letting stress and anxiety take back control. And good friends are my main support system to manage these emotions; it’s like the horoscope read my mind! Overall, I am feeling intrigued today.

November 3rd: Today my horoscope read, “You’re doing some good stuff, so spread the word! You need to start opening up about all the projects you’re working on right now. How else will people know about them? They are more interested in what you’re doing than you think. They want to know what’s got you so energized. You might think they’ll roll their eyes when you give them an update, but that’s not true. They are more likely to look at you with amazement and then give you a round of well-deserved applause.”

Okay, I’m starting to wonder if this website is reading my mind or something, haha! I just started a business for my hobby/talent of jewelry making in the last few weeks, and I’ve been needing to get the word out, so the line about “opening up about all the projects I’m working on” directly applies to me.

It has been energizing me and improving my mood to be getting my first few customers, so my horoscope was actually pretty accurate today. Either this is another coincidence, or horoscopes may actually be somewhat accurate. As of now, I am undecided, but by tomorrow I might be a believer in astrology.

November 4th: Today my horoscope read, “Your cynical side is in charge today, which means you’re going to be suspicious of people who act like saints. To you, these folks don’t have altruistic motives. They are helping someone only with the goal of helping themselves in the end. But the big question is are your suspicions correct? Resist the urge to warn others about this person being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You don’t know for sure, and you could hurt their reputation.”

This one was not even close to accurate. I’m not feeling at all cynical, and I’m not feeling very suspicious of nice people today. I’m not a cynical person, and I’m in a pretty good mood.

Honestly, I’ve been really appreciating the friendliness that I have received today, as it has been an interesting adjustment this week with the return to four-day school. I think the accuracy of the last two days was simply a coincidence.

My final conclusion is that horoscopes have no factuality behind them. They’re like a fortune cookie; it’s a randomly generated fortune that plays into the minds of the superstitious.

While I do admit that the first two were accurate, I believe it was simply a coincidence. If they had any truth behind them, they would be correct every time without fail and would relate to each person individually.

My horoscope is not personal; these daily fortunes are for all Aquarius combined. Personally, I believe nobody can tell the future, so it’s best to keep an open mind. Therefore, I think I just busted the myth that horoscopes are true. However, they definitely make for an interesting read! I would recommend them to anyone who’s bored.

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Why I don’t like Chick-fil-A

As someone who has lived in places both with and without Chick-fil-A’s near, I have been able to develop an opinion on the well-adored fast-food place, and you may not like it.

I have lived in a total of three states. Utah, Virginia and New York. I first lived in Utah before Chick-fil-A was a big company, and I lived in Virginia once it gained popularity, the New York and finally back to Utah.

In Virginia, I loved Chick-fil-A. It was my favorite fast food. My go-to orders were the Spicy Chicken Sandwich or the Grilled Chicken nuggets. With Chick-fil-A sauce of course. I paired it off with their famous lemonade or a Dr. Pepper.

I honestly ate there as much as I could. So did everybody else I guess, as the line was practically in the street. Every time I had a choice of where to eat I would choose Chick-fil-A. I was in love with the place.

And then I moved to New York. I lived around an hour from the city, and the city was pretty much the only place in the entirety of New York state that had a Chick-fil-A. So I only eat there like three times a year, and those times would happen when I would travel to Connecticut, not even New York.

Although I never eat there, Chick-fil-A remained one of my favorites. Every single time I got to eat there was an amazing experience.

“The distance did not diminish my love for their Spicy Chicken Sandwiches”

After a while though, because I had began treating these occasions as such an extraordinary event, I had begun to view Chick-fil-A as overrated. My love was fading, and we sadly had to break up. Every single time I was in an area with Chick-fil-A, and it was an option, I began to stop wanting to eat there.

It had become like Burger King, yeah, they had some good stuff, but I didn’t like it enough to want to to visit. So whenever I was in Connecticut, New Jersey or even California, I began wanting other places to eat, and would actually argue against going to Chick-fil-A.

“There was just so much more to eat.” I would say, “We are in Los Angeles!”

I hadn’t fully realized this until I moved back to Utah, and Chick-fil-A was easily accessible to me. My friends from New York asked me “Aspen, what is it like to be able to eat at Chick-fil-A every single day?” I didn’t know. I didn’t care about going to Chick-fil-A anymore. I have been back in Utah since March, and eaten there only once.

So although it was once my absolute favorite, It became something I disliked. I would rather choose a different restaurant to go to, over Chick-fil-A. But, even though I dislike it now, I will always hold their Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, Waffle Fries and sauce, in my ever-loving heart.


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Travis Scott Bullied off Instagram over Batman Costume

Most celebrities go all-in on Halloween, with The Weeknd going as the Joker and Lil Nas X going as Niki Minaj. This year was no different and on October 31st Travis Scott posted his Halloween costume, an all-over brown version of Michael Keaton’s Batman from the 1992 film Batman Returns.

Travis immediately received backlash in the comments with people tormenting him over his costume. And only a few hours later he deactivated his Instagram account and as of today, he has deleted it entirely.

Most people actually liked his costume. Many thought it was fun and cool how he even matched his cars with the costume. 187 students at Davis were polled on if they liked the costume 134 people said they liked the costume or 72%.

“He looks cool in the costume and it’s fun how he matched his costume with the cars. The way he’s standing makes him look silly, but I’m sure that the comments were just to be fun. Not mean,” said Jamie Perry when asked about the costume.

With Travis’ sudden absence on Instagram, it has left his 28 million followers wondering if and when he will return. Not every celebrity has Instagram and many delete theirs later due to the pressure of their audience and millions of people expecting them to post. Perhaps Travis was already contemplating deleting his account or taking a break from social media for a while. Maybe this was the last straw and pushed him over the edge.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that mental health is more important than social media presence. We all love keeping up with our favorite celebrities. Lots of people love Travis Scott but I think most of his followers are would prioritize his mental health over a new picture of him wearing dunks.


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My Review of The First Episode of The Mandalorian Season Two

When you are like me, to fully understand the whole story, I have to re-watch season one to prepare for the new season of Mandalorian. I liked how he was able to talk to  the sand people. And that The Marshall was wearing the Mandalorian’s Baskar armor. My first thought is “how was he able to get that armor!?” Mando was going to the Outer Rim to search for Baby Yoda’s people.

And then he came into onto this planet that was really western. And then this guy came into this bar and asked Mando what he’s doing here. He said he was looking for a type of people. He also asked him how he got that armor, and told him to take it off. Marshall said “look, I’ll make a deal with you” or something like that. Mandalorian told him that he will help him with whatever he needed to do. So they went to talk to these sand people or the Tuskan Raiders. So they had to deal with this ancient beast called the Kyrat Dragon. It had been eating so many people.

And they feed the dragon to make it sleep much longer. At the end of the episode, he still hasn’t found the people where the Baby Yoda came from. But if I type too much, I will spoil it for you. That’s as much as I can say for now, but It was a really nice new episode for us to watch. Sadly, there’s not a whole season that were able to watch. WHAT IS WITH THAT! Overall, it’s the greatest episode of Mandalorian because he can talk to sand people. How the Mandalorian was able to do that amazing work and teamwork with the people and the sand raiders.

Cannon Blaser liked it it because “He’s a really good character.” He is very intrigued to see the next ones. He enjoyed how the Tusken Raiders were communicating instead of trying to kill them. He feels that it was great to not have found Baby Yoda’s people because they need to put it far into the season to create suspense.

Though it’s quite interesting that Marshall ran out to not get killed and die from the raiders when he had things to defend himself. It’s almost like when he wears that Baskar armor he feels he can do anything. When he didn’t have that armor, he felt unable to defend his town from the raiders and the desert worm.

My friend McKay explained this to me, “That episode of Mandalorian was so amazing! There was such a smoking gun with Marshall wearing Mandalorian Armor! It was like ‘whoa why does he have that’ ?!”

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Teachers, Push These Buttons, We Dare You…

As students, through the years of our tedious schooling, we have all developed our own personal likes and dislikes regarding teachers. It’s just natural, we all judge, whether positively or negatively, but there are just certain things that throw us over the edge.

After accumulating various opinions and perspectives from students and teachers, we have our list of top 5 biggest student pet peeves!

To start us off easy, our number 5 pet peeve is when teachers call us out in class. The stress of going to class, finishing assignments, and “fitting in” is already enough pressure on kids. However, the thought of being publicly announced and often humiliated is a dreadful idea for many. There are exceptions to this. Some teachers are fun, free-spirited, and when they call you out, it’s always with kind intentions. These kinds of teachers create comfortable classroom environments. Mr. Frey, an English teacher at Davis, is a good example of this. Walking into Mr. Frey’s room, students feel as though they can finally take a breath. A feeling of relief washes over students as they enter the door and no longer feel the need to be “the perfect student”. When Mr. Frey calls you out he does it in a fun, positive way. On the other hand, other teachers will simply criticize you in front of your classmates for their own fulfillment which is a problem.

Number 4! “Teacher, can I please go to the bathroom?” “Well I don’t know Billy, can you?” Or another great one, “I’ll wait.” These stereotypical phrases, along with many many others can become quite annoying for students. Even several teachers, when recalling on their high school days, mentioned that this was one of their pet peeves as well.

It’s a normal day, students are sitting in class, minding their own business, when all of a sudden…brrring..brrring…brrring goes one of the student’s phones. Their sweaty hands fumble for the phone as the entire class turns their attention to them. The student quickly pushes down the “silent mode” button, and looks up to see the teacher glaring at them. Whether they deliver a warning or a punishment, the teacher always holds a grudge on the student for their simple mistake. The same goes for a text or alarm or whatever else it is that disrupts the class. It was never meant to happen, and many wish it never would. They are honest mistakes, and yet, students are frowned upon because of them. Now, this is where the pet peeve comes in! We get chastised for such mishaps, but when a teacher receives a call in class, a text message, or other distractions they have absolutely no problem to stop class and engage in the distraction. Therefore, number 3 on the list goes to…teachers being hypocrites. They throw us in a fire and watch us burn, yet when it comes to it, they can’t take the heat themselves.

This brings us into the second point on our list. Some teachers disregard, disrespect, and underestimate students, simply because we’re young. Although there definitely are high school students who waste their time and don’t have a single regard for academics, there are also incredibly talented, successful, and intelligent teenagers that roam the halls of Davis High. Yet, teachers undermine them because, in their minds, we’re just “stupid kids.”

And finally, last but not least, our top pet peeve is how teachers base a student’s intelligence on their grades. In some aspects, the grading system is a good way to analyze what we know, however, teachers use it to a fault. A letter on a screen does not determine who we are, what we’ll do with our lives, and how successful we’ll be! So why is it the only thing many teachers turn to when judging a student?

“Its stupid how teachers rely on grades to determine our intelligence, we’re so much more than that. We’re humans and we definitely make mistakes, life happens, and grades might fall. However, it shouldn’t be what defines us!”

Says Jared Clark, an achieving student and Davis High.

Despite these annoying things, we love and our very grateful for our teachers at Davis High!



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The Brainwashing Influence of Travis Scott

Travis Scott is virtually everywhere, as he is one of the biggest musical artists of the modern era. Not only is he making music but he is also striking deals with major companies and corporations left and right. Starting in 2018 when he signed a deal with Nike. He then went on to collaborate with Fortnite/Epic Games and even getting a limited edition meal at McDonald’s.

In March of 2020, Travis Scott posted a photo of him wearing the Stussy x Nike SB dunk low. Before the photo was posted you could get the shoes for around $500-1000, a steep price for some but not too bad. After the photo was taken the price sky-rocketed rising into the $5,000 range and on March 9th someone bought the shoe for a record-breaking $10,000.

It seems no matter what Travis Scott wears, the price will rise or it will sell out. This has affectionately nicknamed the “Travis Scott Effect”

4/5 people guessed the shoe was worth under $1,000 based on its appearance. Some called them ugly others liked them. When asked about the shoe Davis High student Hailey Duncan says:

“They look like they are from the DI but they are probably some designer partnership that’s mega-expensive, ” said Davis High student Hailey Duncan when asked about the Stussy x Nike SB dunk low.

Now fashion is subjective and everyone will always have different opinions. But why did so many people flock to get this shoe after Travis posted this photo?

Most humans are naturally reactive and most people followers to trends, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most people like to see their favorite celebrities and keep up with them.

I see no harm in liking celebrities and following trends but I think this should be eye-opening to us. Maybe we should be more careful when following celebrities and mindlessly doing everything just because we see someone else doing it.

Next time before you buy something think to yourself, do you actually want it? Or are you giving in to the “Travis Scott Effect”

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Class of 2021 Withstand Pandemic

Seniors have drastically been affected by COVID-19 this school year and many are saddened by the high school experiences they will leave without. The final year of high school is typically envisioned to be the most exciting one of all four. It is the ending to a full 12 years of grade school and a wrap up of memorable adolescence. The dances, dates, and hangouts are some of the things many would love to go back and feel. It’s remembered by many adults to be a very important and exciting time, but that might not be the case for the graduating class of 2021.

“Dances are most fun during senior year since everyone goes all out for their last ones.”

Says Shareef Rehman, a past student at Davis High.

Now that everyone is currently trying to stop the spread of the infamous corona virus, many schools have enforced social distancing and a hybrid schedule. This change has caused dances to be cancelled, a limited amount of sports game tickets, and way less students at school. For seniors, the school spirit just doesn’t seem to be there.

“Its super weird, the halls are quiet and a lot of my friends go to school on a different day than me.”

Says Davis high senior Halee Richmond.

Although the seniors this year definitely aren’t going to get the experience they hoped for, it hasn’t stopped them from enjoying the finale of this chapter in their lives. Students have hosted their own smaller dances, planned their own get togethers, and continue to make more unforgettable memories. High school in the middle of a pandemic isn’t fair or ideal, but it won’t stop this year’s seniors from enjoying one of the most eventful times in their lives. Covid will not pose any threat as these students transition into adulthood.


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TV Show or Modern Masterpiece ?

Breaking Bad, a popular TV show on Netflix, remains a series favorite and continues to be enjoyed by almost anyone who watches it. Once the show has been started, it’s hard not to remain locked in on this emotional and thrilling masterpiece. With a rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, there’s no doubt that this intense TV drama will leave you needing just one more episode.

“I’ve watched it at least five times and it’s still one of my favorites.”

States Breaking Bad fan Oklee Jackson.

Maybe it’s the fact that Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, turns his life completely around and becomes a secret criminal after finding out he has a limited amount of time left to live, that keeps people intrigued. Whatever it is, this show has an emotional impact like no other. There’s excitement, sadness, thrill, joy, and much more throughout Walter’s rollercoaster of a life. Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walter, does a great job of portraying Walter and makes it all the more real.

It’s the perfect show for times like these when social events and going out isn’t safe or appealing. Even with 5 seasons and 62 episodes, this show will never get old even after watching it multiple times. Although it’s final episode date was September 29, 2013, it remains a loved and dependable series. If you’re looking for the perfect show to start during these days of staying home, this one will not disappoint.


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Boba: adorable addition to the family

Davis high school teacher, Mr. Phongsavath, gets the cutest puppy named Boba T. Phongsavath.

Early August, high school teacher, soccer coach, and father Soulivahn Phongsavath made the decision to let his family get a puppy. This decision was a very rewarding one, but also one that was challenging. It was not a unanimous vote. While most of his family wanted a puppy, Souli wasn’t 100% convinced. After serious consideration and deal-making, they finally agreed and got Boba, the Cavapoo.

“The compromise was that I would be able to pick the name”

Says Souli.

There were a couple different options for names for the new family member. Souli wanted anything Taylor Swift or Kanye West related, but since all of the boys’ names in his family start with “B”, they went with Boba.

Souli got Boba because it would be good for the kids, but Boba quickly took a liking to one of the kids specifically, Souli’s daughter. He follows her around everywhere and she takes care of him. They’ve created such an amazing bond with each other that will last a lifetime.

Even though puppies can be hard to train, they are so rewarding and it feels like everything was worth it when you really start to love them. As you get to watch them grow up, you can see all the progress they’ve made and it’s truly amazing.

“Boba’s a part of the family and we love him.”

Explains Souli.

Though trying at times, puppies teach everyone so much and bring people together as families and friends. Everyone grows to love puppies and puppies love everyone back. Some more than others.

You can follow Boba for more adorable pictures and updates on Instagram @boba_cavapoo .

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Alone on Halloween: What to do

Halloween is a time of the year filled with skeletons and ghouls galore, and for many this is not a holiday very celebrated. Perhaps plans fell through due to the pandemic this year, or perhaps this time of year just isn’t what they look forward to. However, there are many options for those who still don’t have plans so close to the holiday.

“Halloween is one of my personal favorite holiday. I know it may sound crazy, but I grew up off of scary movies and it’s just something I am used to. Most people don’t enjoy this time of year, but it’s almost reliving my childhood. Every year my family does all the traditional things like pumpkin carvings and handing out treats, but we also pride ourselves in hosting a Halloween party. Of course we will need to make adjustments due to COVID though.” – Cheyenne Baptist

Like Cheyenne said, there are regular traditions that many indulge in this time of year such as handing out tasty treats, carving pumpkins, dressing up in costume, trick-or-treating, and so much more!

For those who have friends and/or family to spend the season with, there are always fun activities available like a group movie night to watch scary films, going out to eat, dressing up altogether, corn mazes, haunted houses, and everything/anything else around.

For those who do not have a group to go with, you are more than welcome to do any of those activities on your own. Movie nights are fun regardless of who is or is not with you, just don’t forget to treat yourself to good food and snacks. Dressing up is always an option, and it makes it way more fun to hand out candy as trick-or-treaters come knocking at your door.

Some seasonal movies to watch are the corpse bride, nightmare before Christmas, the twilight zone, the Adams family, and plenty more depending on what your legal guardian says is good for you to watch.

The night is yours, so make the most of it and stay safe out there!

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Top 5 Teacher Pet Peeves

The student-teacher dynamic at Davis High is very healthy most of the time, but, let’s be honest, we annoy each other sometimes. From early on in their careers, teachers have noticed specific annoying characteristics of students and developed pet peeves for them. Below are the top 5 teacher pet peeves about students.

#1  When students are obviously not listening while they are teaching. Students are often caught playing on their cell phones, working on other homework, or listening to music with their earbuds while the teacher is in the middle of a lecture or explanation. This annoys teachers because it shows that the hard work and effort that they put in to preparing the lesson is going unappreciated by their pupils.

#2 When students interrupt class to make excuses for being late. If a student comes into class late while the teacher is teaching, they would much prefer if the student came in quietly so as to minimize the disruption caused to the class by their entrance. However, most students come running in and yell out their excuses for their tardiness causing a major disturbance to the class while the teacher is trying to do their job.

#3 When multiple students ask the same question about something that was explained at the beginning of class. This shows that the students were not being attentive and it requires the teacher to repeat themselves over and over again which can be very frustrating.

#4 When students send ridiculous emails. Students will often email their teachers asking what they missed in class when there is a calendar on Canvas that outlines everything the student needs to know and answers every question the student might have. Another example is when students email their teachers asking them to update their grades. Teachers will get to it the moment they have the chance, but they will not pause their lives or other work projects to update a student’s grade just because the student’s parents have taken their phone away.

#5 When students don’t use class time wisely. Students will often misuse their time in class assuming that they can get it done fast at home, but then end up getting really stressed out because they don’t have enough time to finish their work. This is very disrespectful to teachers who are trying to help their students by giving them time to work in class.

Hopefully this list enlightens students about the disrespectful, annoying way that they sometimes treat teachers and that it gives them a new appreciation for our beloved Davis staff.

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