Senior week; celebrating graduation

Graduation is only three weeks away and to celebrate the senior officers have planned an exciting senior week full of activities.

Capture the flag starts on Monday and goes throughout the whole week. Tags will be handed out when you get to school on Monday morning that you must put on you backpack. Once your tag is taken off your backpack you are out of the competition.

Clues to find the flags will be posted on the Dartboard and the Davisdarts2022 Instagram page. When you find the flag you must return it to Bauer’s room. For it to count you must still have your tag on your backpack. At the end of the week the team that finds the most flags wins.

Tuesday at 8:00 at south-end will be sunset and smores. “I am so excited for our sunset and s’mores activity!” Carlie Lambert, senior class president stated. We started the year with a sunrise and now we are ending it with a sunset. “We have made everything sunset themed to show the closing of a chapter of our lives,” Lambert explained.

Wednesday and Thursday there is going to be a volleyball tournament each day starting at 7 at Barnes Park. Wednesday will be tournament play and Thursday will be “Senior Smackdown.” Thursday there will also be a party with food and music while watching the final game.

You can also order pizza and crazy bread to get delivered to you during 7th period on Thursday. You have to preorder by the Friday before, $7.50 for a whole pizza and $5 for crazy bread.

On Friday the seniors will end their week with Senior Cotillion. Cotillion is a senior only, stag dance. It will be held at Warehouse 22 in Syracuse. “The theme is I Lived! We have lived through a lot, so we deserve to party,” Lambert exclaimed.

There will be prizes for all the activities so get your tickets at (Links to an external site.).

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How to avoid falling for a jerk!

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid messy relationships. Being a teenager and trying to navigate dating is hard. So, these pieces of advice from Davis Students should help.

“It is important to see yourself in another person’s perspective during a fight.” Henry Ihrig, Senior

“Treat them how you expect to be treated.” Kynzie Sheffield, Senior

“Go out on fun and cheap dates. Be creative!” Maddie Forster, Senior

“Always pay attention to hygiene. Look presentable.” Lian Yarbrough, Senior

Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship:

1. Isolation from friends and family

2. Hiding relationship and their actions

3. Extremes; sad, control, fear

4. People who love you warn you

5. Doing things against conscience

It is important to stay independent and be your own person while dating.

“Don’t forget about your friends and family. They are still important and you should maintain healthy relationships with them as well as your romantic partner.” Emry Kilgore, Sophomore

“Set boundaries so you don’t do something that you aren’t comfortable with.” Saydee Forster, Sophomore

“I know its cliché. But be yourself! Don’t change your personality or what you believe in based on what the person you are dating thinks or believes. Be transparent. If they don’t like who you are then that’s their problem, not yours.” Meigan Checketts, Senior

“Don’t rush. It is important to take things slow. Go on fun dates. Ask light-hearted questions. You don’t need to tell them all of your trauma or take things too far too fast. Easy and fun is key.” Kaylee Jensen, Senior

Never start the relationship on any lies. Be open and honest in the beginning. Setting a foundation for your relationship is important. It will help to determine everything else that follows.

If you use this advice from Davis High students, dating will become much easier.

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Widespread ditching at Davis causes administration to retaliate

In an epidemic of class ditching students at Davis increasingly find themselves in conflict with the school administration and staff who are trying to keep them in the classroom. 

When you walk the halls of Davis during class time you will see many students sitting on the benches alone or hanging out with a group of friends. These aimless wanderers usually either have home release or are purposefully not attending their classes. 

Mike Criddle, resource officer at Davis high school, talked about the frequency of these hall wanderers saying he saw them “constantly” and further added that “some of them have legitimate reasons to be outside of class, but sometimes they do not. Those who do not usually have a group of friends they hang around… it is a big problem.” 

While attendance has gone up since the end of the covid-19 lockdowns, many students still decide to hang out in the halls instead of going to their classes. Others decide to stay at the school during home release. 

One student in the hall during class said “I have home release and I want to eat lunch with my friends” he said after being asked why they were out in the hall during 3rd period and why they chose to stay here. 

That leaves us to wonder why students choose to go in the halls during class time. 

Officer Criddle explains why “kids get bored in school… sometimes there is a substitute in class, and they feel it is all right to ditch. Others just do not want to be in class or have a low attention span.” 

No matter the reason for ditching their classes the consequences for those who do are steep. Administrative U’s, truancies, parent involvement, and other punishments are enforced when someone has been missing class too much. 

“I usually go out and talk to them and try to build rapport with them so I can get them back in the classroom. Usually when I tell them to get to class, they reluctantly agree and head over to their classroom. Other times I escort students or walk with them to their classrooms to make sure they go.” Said officer Criddle when asked what he does when he sees students in the hall during class. 

There are many reasons that students give to ditch class but no matter the reason it still effects your grades and standing in the school.  

 Officer Criddle gave one final statement to the students ditching school saying “I was once in the same place you guys were, I made the same mistakes and I’m here telling you to not make the same mistakes as me… this is the short time of your life where you get to learn and develop, if you develop these bad habits now you will carry them with you into the future.”  

en student essay against gmos

ap language synthesis essay

For the past two years, Davis High students have followed the Garden Plot, an indie band with humble beginnings in Mr. Timothy’s math class. The group, down to four members- Baxter Adams as lead singer, Tanner Stuart on guitar, Gavin Cox on bass, and Ian Edgar on drums- is enjoying their last year together before they all part ways for college.

During their short career, the Garden Plot has played shows at multiple venues, such as Kilby Court in SLC, and the Boardwalk Sound in Orem. For some members, the live performances were what kept them in it.

“Performing is just an adrenaline rush and it’s really fun, it’s really the only reason I like the band at all, because other than that it’s very tedious and frustrating,” says Cox, “but when you perform it’s all worth it.”

The band has released 5 singles: Ami, Wasting Time, Alex’s Ballad, Disaster, and Suburbs (which is their most popular song on Spotify, amassing 205,176 streams).

Of their released songs, the bands’ favorite songs are as follows:

Adams- “Released song, I’d have to say Ami, I love Ami”.

Stuart- “I probably like Wasting Time the most.”

Edgar- “We’ve got a new song, I think it’s called Witchy Woman, it’s about someone, can’t tell you who, but it cuts deep, so I hope she never finds out it’s about her.”

Cox- “Of the released ones I would say Alex’s Ballad…Because it’s calming and stuff.”

Edgar summarizes the bands’ influences, saying “I think that definitely there’s rock roots, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and stuff, but we also got stuff from Peach Pit, we listen to a lot of Peach Pit and I think that kind of seeps into the music.”

The bands’ songs are written by lead singer Baxter, who describes the writing process as, “It’s me, in my room, in my chair, I always play unplugged with an electric guitar, and then I just start with music, I’ll hash out a melody, and once I have the melody and the chords and stuff, I’ll come back to what’s the general idea of the song, and I just come back to that.”

“It usually starts out with a song from Baxter,” adds Stuart, “and that usually entails chords and not necessarily parts for each instrument, we usually write that after, so it usually starts out with no lyrics, just chord progression, and then that turns into a lead guitar, then the bass and then drums and that’s how it all comes together.”

While the fan base is aware that the band is approaching its end, what they may not know is just where the group got started. Stuart states, “We were in math class in Paul Timothy’s class and we were in the corner of the class and we were all goofing off and we decided it would be hilarious if we had our own band, because Paul is really into music, so that’s where it all started.”

“None of us played any instruments but we just wanted to play in a band because we thought it looked fun. None of us were even in the music scene either, it’s just we kind of liked music so we learned our instruments and started a band,” adds Adams.

The band has definitely made an impression on their class, offering fun memories at their concerts and songs students can look back on nostalgically.

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The now famous graduates of Davis High School

Ever wanted to know what famous people graduated from Davis High School? Well in this article, all those people will be named. Around 2000 students attend Davis High every year, and some are now famous and it’s fun to learn about what those people did to become famous and to see what Davis High offers!


First off, we have Rob Bishop, graduated from Davis High School in 1969, since then he served for the US House of Representatives from 1979 to 1994. Second, we have Nolan Bushnell also known as “the father of electronic gaming”, graduated in 1964 and went to University of Utah to get a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He is the co-founder of Atari, an old electronic gaming platform, he also invented the very popular “Pong” game, and also founded Chuck E. Cheese.


James Cowser, graduated from Davis High School in 2009, he played as a defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders. Next up is Bernard Francis Fisher, unknown graduation date, first living member of the United States Air Force to receive the Medal of Honor.


Cal Rampton, graduated from Davis High in 1931 and became the 11th governor of Utah. Jared Ward, graduated in 2007 and finished 4th place in 2016 Olympic Games marathon in Rio de Janeiro.


Daniel Summerhays, unknown graduation date, American professional golfer, won three state championships at Davis from 1999 to 2002. And lastly, Matthew Simmons, graduated in 1961. Author of “Twilight in the Desert”, and founded the company, “Simmons & Company International” in 1974.


Those are all the very well-known people that graduated from Davis High School. I hope this article showed you what exactly Davis High School can offer to its students and gave you some ideas about what to do after graduating. Will you be on the next list?

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Early prom asking starts a frenzy


Within hours after the Sweethearts Dance, students at Davis High School began asking to prom. There are rumors of someone asking to prom within twenty-four hours after Sweethearts. Last week, the prom asking frenzy began on a Luke-warm Monday afternoon.

Rumors of who’s asked and been asked are whizzing around the school, social media, and group texts like arrows. Friend groups are filled with drama. An SBO at Davis even asked a Senior Class Officer at the assembly last Thursday.

With rumors circulating, it is difficult to determine what is truly happening in the mires of the social world around these dances. To assist with that, five different questions were asked to a few students to gauge the social situation.

How many people do you know that have asked/been asked to prom?

                “About 50,” Toby Butcher says.

About how many rumors about asking have you heard?

                “None, except for the one at the assembly,” Caleb Miller replies.

How does early asking affect you in particular?

                “It’s not a big deal,” Caden Harris said.

What are your thoughts on asking early?

                “I don’t have any,” Jarred Warren says.

Describe your perspective on the prom asking frenzy.

                “[It’s] to be expected,” Lachlan Abner said. “It’s been a couple years since a formal dance and [people] are just excited.”

These responses now create a newer picture of the prom asking frenzy. Though these responses do not paint a picture of the whole situation, but it gives insight into other possibilities. Could the problem be just in one specific class?

Lachlan’s reply to the question does give an interesting insight into what is happening. The Seniors, who have a waited a year or so due to COVID-19, could be excited, but the rumors don’t appear to come from the Seniors.

Also based on Lachlan’s response, the Sophomores could be excited for their very first prom. However, the responses to the other questions infer that most students at Davis High School have a level-headed and moderate perspective on when to ask.

In conclusion, prom-asking is happening now, whether fueled by rumors, or the excitement and anticipation for the dance that seems to be in the air. Despite everything that is happening, good and bad, prom signals that life is moving forward.

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What is underneath Davis High School?

Davis High School is a very old school building, built back in 1914 in Kaysville, UT. Davis High is exactly 220 yards away from the very center of the county. Because the school is so old, it was built in war times, many other schools in Utah the same age of DHS have integrated fallout/bomb shelters.


The bomb shelters in other schools are made for obvious safety reasons in case something nuclear were to happen in the 1940s. Everyone in Davis High School knows that the school does have a basement, but that is all the staff classifies it as.

Many have theorized that the first underground floor is an actual staff only basement, but there are more floors, leading deeper underground with large tunnels and stairways. This may have been built for war reasons to protect students and staff.

We know of a secret swimming pool that resides underneath Davis High School but that’s it.”   –Carrie Scott

There has to be something down there that they are hiding from us, it isn’t empty.”                     –Brandon Garrido

Very few of the staff have access to the basement but I do not yet, I have asked before and all they say is that it’s a single floor basement for the heaters, emergency generators, and other uninteresting equipment.” –Alicia Garrido

The school today is not the same as it was before when built in 1914, it was rebuilt in 2003-2004 to what we know it as today.

Nobody really knows what is down there, the staff keeps it a secret and says it is just a basement. But how else can people find out what is truly underneath Davis High School? Could it be a secret government weapon storage? Or maybe a secret bar and dance club? Or even dinosaurs.

Personally, I don’t think we’re really ever going to know until the school staff tells us exactly what is down there, but it is NOT just a basement.

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Combating Senioritis

Many seniors are feeling disillusioned with school and ready for it to end. They are probably feeling less motivation to get up and go to class and really, who can blame them? They’ve been at this for a while.

These lackadaisical feelings are called “senioritis” and it is so real that Microsoft Word recognizes it as a real word.

How can seniors stay motivated to stay in class and keep their grades up? Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Take advantage of the resources school offers.

Davis High has a lot of resources that can help you earn scholarships, or generally build up activities that are going to look good to colleges.

If you have time, talk to Ms. Sommers about scholarships. If those scholarships require essays, take advantage of the writing lab and English teachers who are willing to help you edit.

  1. Join a club.

Joining a club always looks good to colleges, and some clubs may even offer service opportunities that look even better.  Additionally, getting in touch with like-minded people in a club can help you feel more motivated to show up at school for your new friends.

  1. Set goals for yourself.

Set goals for yourself in terms of your grades, projects, and athletics. Having goals to work towards can give you another reason to show up and do your best at school. Set goals for term grades as well as individual projects.

If you’re an athlete, push yourself to break your own personal records within a self-imposed deadline.

  1. Take breaks.

While it is always a good idea to push yourself, don’t forget to be kind to yourself as well. School is hard, and the last year of high school can feel especially taxing. It’s important to have fun at this time in your life an enjoy being a kid.

So take time for your hobbies and friends, and be sure to get enough sleep.

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The Starbucks of the West

Dutch Bros was founded in 1992. Founded by Dane and Travis Boersma in Grants Pass Oregon. In 1992 the two brothers quit their jobs in the dairy industry and decided to take up the coffee business. The two brothers spent less time on the business side and more on the connections they made with customers.

What once started as a pushcart has turned into 470+ stores and more to come. In September of last year, Dutch Bros went live on the New York Stock Exchange under “BROS”. They have been since valued at $3.8 billion dollars.

The franchise stores have just recently been moving eastward with a store as far as Tennessee. Dutch Bros just opened its 16th store in Utah. The new store is on Main Street in Layton next to the Home Depot.

But how does a coffee shop due so well in a state where half the population doesn’t drink coffee? It came with their new Dutch Bros Rebel™ energy drink. It was a new caffeinated soda that they could mix with different favors. They also introduced DUTCH FROST®. The Dutch Frost is “A Dutch take on a classic shake”.

The stores have been able to go just about anywhere because the stores are so small. The stores are usually in parking lots of other stores. This idea keeps their footprint down and prices down as well.

Dutch Bros credits their success to their “broistas”. Dutch bros are known for having happy employees that bring happy attitudes and make the experience better.

The Double Dipping crew takes on Dutch Bros in this week’s episode and see what all the hype is about. Are Dutch Bros coming after the King of Coffee or will Starbucks continue its reign as America’s way to get their coffee fix?

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Missing girl who used to attend Davis high

Late on Monday the 13th of December Madelyn Allen went missing. Madelyn attended Davis high school in 2020 as a senior and is now attending snow college. She was reported missing by Madelyn’s roommate who hadn’t seen her since the night before.

“I can’t imagine how afraid their family is right now and I hope that they can feel support through us and the community.” Said Hailey Sillito, a senior at Davis.

Madelyn’s younger sister Allie Allen is currently attending Davis high and is a sophomore. Allie is on the swim and was very upset to hear this news. The Davis high swim team wore pink the day of their swim meet to represent Madelyn and help Allie find some comfort by wearing Madelyn’s favorite color.

“I hope that allies family feels supported at this time, and I hope they know that they know that we are all praying for them, and that the community has their back. We hope they find her soon.” Said Olivia Carlson, a Senior at Davis who is on the swim team.

The swim team also created a poster for Allie. They hope that through their support they can show her how much they care. They all are very distraught for Allie and her family and hope that she will find their support helpful.

“It lets her know that we care.” Said Samantha Van Drunen, a junior on the Davis swim team.

The police say they are doing all they can and have included the FBI on the search for Madelyn. Many Instagram posts have been up since her disappearance in hopes that someone will find her. The community is doing all they can to find her, and many are keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers.

you can contact the Sanpete County dispatch by calling 435-835-3345 with any information regarding Madelyn’s case.

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When is too early to ask to the school dances?

High School dances have been a popular thing for generations. High school students around the nation look forward to asking their fellow classmates to go to dinner and spend the night dancing and having fun with each other.

 Throughout the years asking to the dances has become more extravagant and students will ask months in advance. What are the thoughts of some Davis High students on when the appropriate time is to ask to a school dance? 

Hannah Lindsey, a Davis high school student had a lot to say about this issue. Lindsey said that asking to the dances early is almost essential if you want to go to the dances with people that you want. She said it’s stressful and very unneeded but the pressure of asking comes because other people feel the need to get it “done and over with” even if it is three months until the dance.

“I asked very early to Christmas, I asked the day after homecoming and I had a lot of fun at Christmas and I think if you are sure you want to go with that person, then go ahead but keep in mind a lot can change in three months” Lindsey explained after being asked about the schools Christmas dance.  

Davis High student Kaylee Jensen said that asking that early feels very weird to her. “I don’t regret doing with who I asked but I do regret asking that early but at the same time understand why I did” Jensen talking about the Christmas dance.

Jensen felt that it’s almost a competition to beat everyone and who is going to get who. “I think there should be certain rules on asking to dances and a certain day you can start asking so that it can be fair and less stressful for everyone” Jensen on the pressure of asking to the dance.  

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Sub 4 Santa 2021

There’s no missing the posters and holiday decorations around the school, put up as advertising for Sub 4 Santa.

To students unfamiliar with the program, student body president Eliza Thaxton explains, “Sub 4 Santa is an opportunity for us to give back to our community and we help raise money to … fund a homeless center at mountain high so kids can come do their laundry, take a nap, get help with homework, shower, all that good stuff.”

To raise these funds, the student government has planned 16 activities, with at least one activity every day.

Last year, Davis High raised over $25,000, and this year, junior class president Bryndee Maxfield reports that “Our goal is 25,000, but we’re hoping for 30,000”.

Of all the activities, many students are looking forward to Save it or Shave it. Save it or Shave it is an annual activity for Sub 4 Santa where individual students raise funds in their name, and whoever gets the most funds gets to keep their hair.

One participant, Allie Snapp says that she’s “definitely nervous” about the possibility of getting her hair cut. She says if she ends up needing to make the chop, she’d be losing “about 8 inches”.

Some other activities to look forward to, according to sophomore class president Megan Chamberlain are “game night and a softball tournament.”

Senior class president Carly Lambert most looks forward to “Beating Farmington with Dartman by shaving their hair.”

Davis’s student government implores the student body to donate. “I think its’s just  a really great opportunity to really get people to come out and just serve and it brings unity.” Says Lambert, adding, “There are so many different ways to donate.”

“Everyone should donate, it’s for a good cause…Let’s show our Davis High pride and donate,” says Thaxton, ”Let’s show our Davis High pride and donate.”

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Strangers around Davis: Continuing the search

Continuing the discovery of students at Davis High, we interviewed more teenagers wandering the halls of Davis. Our questions centered more around the get to know you phase and gradually got deeper and deeper. Catching up the students is actually more fun than you would think. It’s not awkward and every answer given is something you wouldn’t have guessed from certain people.  

Here are the answers your fellow students gave: 

What is a compliment you wish you received more frequently? 

“That I’m nice. I get told I’m mean a lot.” says Boston Cooper, age 16. 

If you could have it your way: who would you be with? Where would you be? And what would you be doing? 

“Stanley Idaho with my family fishing!” dreams Chad Davis, age 17. 

What is the most unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you? 

“Probably going to a Harry Styles concert! That was pretty unexplainable!” exclaims Kennedy Piper, age 18. 

What’s been the best compliment a stranger has ever given you? 

“I got told yesterday that my eyes are really pretty! It was so sweet!” Abby Lewis, age 17, happily states. 

What is your current mood? 

“I don’t know! I’m just chillin!” Daphne Henderson, age 15, coolly responds. 

Is there a feeling you miss? 

“Not really! I’m feeling pretty awesome!” explains Oaklee Bond, age 15. 

What’s your father’s name? What is one thing about him? 

“Mark and he is a dentist!” says Zayn Miller, age 17. 

What is the last thing you lied to your mother about? 

“I lied to her about how I really am.” Cadi Manchego, age 18, states. 

Why do you think we met? 

“Well, I was just on my way to get a Mountain Dew so because I needed to.” laughs Peter Debry, age 16. 

Take it from these students, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has been through something hard and even though these are more surface level questions, if you get to know the people you are constantly around you can always find someone who’s been going through the same thing. We all go to the same school and if there is someone who knows what it’s like going to Davis High it’s those that go to Davis High! 

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Hamlet can teach high schoolers to stop procrastinating

Many high schoolers struggle with a serious illness called chronic procrastination. Students don’t have any motivation to get their work done and lack the capacity to act against their missing work. Procrastinating may seem like a modern issue, but the tragic hero Hamlet also struggled with this affliction. 

 Shakespeare’s play Hamlet shows that balancing thoughts and actions determines our level of success. For example, the characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern showcase how not thinking for yourself can be fatal. Many can argue that they didn’t have any thoughts of their own, and didn’t stand up for what they believed in. Instead, they ignored their good friend Hamlet and obeyed the king’s every command. 

 “Ay, sir, that soaks up the king’s countenance, his rewards, his authorities. But such officers do the king best service in the end he keeps them like an apple in the corner of his jaw, first mouthed to be last swallowed. When he needs what you have gleaned, it is but squeezing you and, sponge, you shall be dry again.” as Hamlet states in act 4 scene 2, he proves a point by likening them to a sponge, because they are just soaking up whatever Claudius says to them, and they weren’t trying to form their own opinions. 

 Hamlet says that the king is just using them and doesn’t care about their well-being. Hamlet ends up being correct when both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern wind up being killed in England after following one of Claudius’s orders. 

Claudius is an example of a different type of thinking, Claudius struggles with overthinking after he has already acted. Claudius plotted to kill his brother and take his place as king. After being successful he takes his ex-sister-in-law as his wife.  Claudius however struggles with feel guilty after the fact and wishes he could have everything his brother had without killing him. Hamlet act 3 scene three Claudius states 

 “though inclination be as sharp as will. My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent, and like a man to double business bond, I stand in pause where I shall first begin, and both neglect.”  

Claudius talks about his guilt and how he regrets killing his brother. Although Claudius thought out his plan greatly after he took action, he ended up regretting what he did. Balancing his thoughts may have led him to the fact that killing his brother would make him feel bad before he murdered his brother.  

Lastly, Hamlet shows us that thinking too much without acting can be just as fatal as any other mortal flaw. Hamlet throughout the play spends his time plotting and thinking of how he will revenge his dead father. However, he ends up dying because he waited too long to do anything. If Hamlet had acted sooner, he may have been able to survive. 

 Shakespeare showcases this often throughout the writing of Hamlet, by having the character second guess himself. For example, in act 3 scene 3 Hamlet states the following, “Now might I do it pat, now ‘a is a-praying, and now I’ll do’t–and so ‘a goes to heaven, and so am I revenged…No. Up, sword, and know thou a more horrid hent.” 

 Hamlet plans to kill Claudius while he is praying but decides not to because he doesn’t want him to go to heaven. Instead, Hamlet decides to wait until Claudius is doing something sinful. The irony is that Hamlet knows Claudius is a murderer and so it shouldn’t matter how he dies, he will end up in hell no matter what. Hamlet eventually gets his revenge on Claudius but pays with the price of his and his mother’s lives.  

Hamlet’s characters show us how we think can be detrimental to our lives. If we spend all our time just thinking and never acting like Hamlet, we will never get what we want. And if we just do things to please others like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern we are ignoring our own needs. And if we are like Claudius and too quick to act then we may regret our past. 

 Procrastinating is just another version of balancing our thoughts and action. Taking more control of our lives and acting when we see fit may change the outcome of how we live. Like Shakespeare shows, Fortinbras took his life in his own hands and fought for what he wanted and ended up being the only successful character in the tragedy of Hamlet. 


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Bright Star: Davis High’s Latest Success

This year’s feature production from Davis High Theater is Bright Star, a tale of the enduring power of family set in North Carolina.

Considering that this a high school level production, a lot of impressive work and technical elements went into this musical.

A lot of time and effort went to pulling this all together. Director Michael Wright gave this rough outline of the preparation process (which began at the end of last school year):

Selection of the show, getting a feel for it, set conception, setting up live band, approval-all done in late spring- then announcement, auditions, beginning of set construction. audition for roles, rehearsal, incorporate band, lighting and tech and finally, performance.

What many consider to be the star of the show is, of course, the acting. Female lead roles were double cast, with Darcy Pace and Maura Garnder playing Alice Murphy and Sadie Stevenson and Ella Dickson playing Margo Crawford. The male leads were Jay Stevens playing Billy Cane, and Liam Bean playing Jimmy Ray Dobbs.

Between all the leads interviewed, their favorite part of production was unanimous- the people.

“One of my favorite parts is the people of theater, getting to know people and meeting some of my best friends,” says Pace.

“The family environment we have,” Brian Stuart (Daryl Ames) says on his favorite part of production.

Director Wright, has similar feelings about the relationships he built during production. His favorite part was “The students”.

Another impressive feature of this show is the live music. According to the band director, Eric Kochenderfer, about ten different instruments went into this production. One unusual instrument proved a particularly difficult obstacle to completing the band.

“Oh, that was an adventure,” says Kochenderfer when asked how he found a banjo player for the show. “I went to Facebook… I used the local community page and I posted and I said “Hey, I’m looking for a banjo.”

What really ties the show together is one often overlooked aspect- the set.

Stage crew teacher Mr. Eric Gunn says “We put a lot of technical elements into the design of the show that we haven’t tried before…The biggest one being the rotating stage.”

They also included a new LED lighting system, fiber-optic lighting and over two dozen mason jar lights hanging from the ceiling.

Overall, this may well have been Davis High’s biggest production, complete with several impressive elements which took extensive effort to pull off.

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High school students suffer from consistent lack of sleep

School starts at 7:30 am four days a week. The recommended amount of sleep for teenagers is at least 8 hours a night. The CDC reports that 7/10 teenagers are not getting enough sleep.   

For students working, doing homework, and extracurricular activities, getting 8 hours of sleep may be very difficult. Schools recommend getting lots of sleep but make it nearly impossible with the homework load that is given out.  

The average high school student has about 2.7 hours of homework per weeknight. If you pair that with a 5-hour long shift, sports practice, or balancing a social life it becomes clear that 7:30 am school makes this impossible. 

“on average, I would say that I usually get around 7 to 7 ½ hours of sleep every night.” states senior Evan Sundstrom. 

Sundstrom is one of the least extreme cases of lack of sleep, and is a great example of how hard it is to gain the 8 hours of sleep with schools so early in the morning.  

“I think that 7:30 is too early to start school. I feel that everyone is too tired at the start of the school day.” states Sundstrom. 

At the beginning of the school day many students are too tired to focus on class, this is easily preventable. . 

“if school started around 8:30 I feel like everyone would do better academically during their classes.” 

According to the CDC Lack of sleep can lead to higher risk of diabetes, injuries, obesity, and poor mental health. Starting classes just an hour later could really help students gain the sleep they need to make a difference in their grades, mental health, etc. 

Late start days allow students more sleep, and more time to get things done since they don’t have to worry about waking up super early the next morning.  

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Gratitude’s effect on Mental Health

Thanksgiving has been a widely celebrated American holiday since 1863, when President Lincoln declared it a nationally recognized holiday meant to fall on the last Thursday in the month of November. In the beginning, the holiday was meant to express gratitude for the year’s harvest and blessings and has since evolved into a holiday to express gratitude for the small things. What is the significance of recognizing the joy in the world around you?

“Thanksgiving, more than anything, is what really saved my life,” Chandler Kinsley, a Davis graduate expresses, “[It] was what really woke me up, realizing how blessed I am and how much I should be grateful for that is so easy to belittle.”

Expressing gratitude is an interesting concept; how much, in modern day, does the average person take for granted in the world around them?

In Kaysville Utah, many of our families are blessed with clean drinking water, heated homes, food on demand in grocery stores and local eating locations. Each of these things are largely expected for members of a first world country, but are, in reality, luxuries that we take for grated every day.

“In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness,” a report from health division of Harvard explains, “Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

While thanksgiving is largely recognized as a holiday to gather with loved ones and eat a large, warm meal, research suggests that if we take the time to recognize the positives of the world around us, we will be granted a higher level of happiness, which is without doubt needed in Utah.

In Utah, suicide is the number one cause of death in the 10–24-year age demographic. Its ranks sixth highest in the rate of suicide deaths in the country (divided by state), and ranked fourth highest in regions of major depression in the united states, according to Utah’s IBIS and the World Population Review.

Perhaps with this season’s holiday, as opposed to focusing on the gathering of loved ones and the sharing of food, we should focus on all the small things there are to be thankful for. With increased gratitude, maybe a slight break could be made in the low mental health in the state of Utah.

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Continuing to “Defend the Tradition”

Davis High School was founded in 1914. As one of the largest, oldest, and highest ranked high schools in the state, Davis is bound to have a reputation. “Defend the tradition” is a common saying for students and teachers as well as the school motto. With the longevity of Davis there is undeniably a tradition.

“There’s kind of two things, its academic and I would say our sports and clubs. I know that were known for math a lot; we have a really good math system. Sports wise you just know that Davis is going to be good every year, it’s a big school.” Says student Camden Bywater.

Math department Chair and teacher Ms. Meade states, “Part of it is just how old it is. Back in the day it was the only school in the county. There’s a longevity that is huge for part of it, so it certainly does help that it’s been here for so long.”

Utah is growing in population with a large influx of people moving in and the state’s high birthrate. This growth leads to the creation and need of more schools which put up a challenge for Davis High. Farmington High School was opened in Fall 2018 and took a large student flow and population from the highly populated Davis High. Being the same group of kids that would have gone to Davis, Farmington puts up a rivalry.

“I do think Farmington will be the biggest challenge we have because they’re us, part of us, so that will be a hard-fought battle. They did take a good part of us that use to be here. Athletically we will come and go, rise and fall. But I do think Farmington is a good challenge because they are so like us.” Says Meade.

“Since the creation of Farmington high there has been a decline in a few things at Davis especially our sports, but I think it will stabilize and increase.” Says Bywater.

Looking back on the past performance and name of the school is no longer an option in maintaining the stance of the school on a competitive level. With school rivals growing, current students and teachers are large influences on the performance of the school.

Meade says, “I really like that we try to defend the tradition, but it is not enough to live off of your history, you have to work to keep it great.”

Davis High continues to be a large contender regarding academics. With some of the highest ACT scores and best programs available, the school continues to hold high value. But there are challenges with Davis being regarded as an unkind school that is closed to any ‘outsiders’.

With the long multigenerational history and hometown feel, Davis comes across as a closed circle for many people trying to fit in. Students are often raised in this closed circle feeling so actions and thoughts can be confusing.

“You are oblivious sometimes to newcomers and I think it’s not because you’re not kind, you’re just oblivious. I think people here overall are very kind.” Says Meade.

With constant oncoming challenges and more than plenty of room to improve, Davis High continues to carry on its long-standing stance of “Defending the Tradition”.

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Going in late or not coming in at all

Because of the pandemic last year many things had to be changed to avoid contact with other people. One of the biggest changes was schools and how they scheduled days. Now that things are returning to normal, so has the schedule.  

During the pandemic, many schools had alternating days of in-person learning, and something called a remote learning as well as something called a remote Friday. The students would have a day where they could come into school and work on assignments if needed, if not then they were allowed to stay home.  

Now students have returned to their normal schedule except for late starts on Wednesday. Late start Wednesday means students can go into school between 8:30-9:30 students can come in and work on assignments. Also, on late start Wednesday’s students are given an extra class called “homeroom.” This is where students get an extra 40 minutes to work on assignments  

Both late start Wednesdays and remote Fridays can help students progress, but which of them is better? Each day has its own perks and its own downside to it, but how the student takes advantage of the day can determine which one is more helpful.  

“I think remote Fridays because it allowed a student to have an entire day to get things accomplished, and the scheduled made everything even,” said Ms. May a teacher at Davis High School.  

Fridays did allow a full day of letting students be productive and they were allowed to come in and ask for help if they needed it. The schedule also helped teachers and students plan what was going to happen the next day and period.  

“In my opinion late start Wednesdays where better, students are allowed to sleep in and then they go to school to actually learn while remote Fridays very few kids did any school at all,” said Ellie Davis a high school student.  

Late Wednesdays gave students more of a chance to learn, especially with the late start. With students also being able to sleep in they are proven to be more productive. Dr. Michael Breus did a study and concluded that most teenage brains learn the best starting at 10:00 a.m.  

If students take advantage of either one of these days, then many students could catch up and benefit from either day. Students that fall behind do need a day or a few hours to catch up and so do teachers.  

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Block schedule or traditional

The traditional school schedule is having 50-minute classes where students attend all their classes every day. Davis High School uses block scheduling where classes alternate days and are separated into A and B days.

“I like A/B mostly because it allows for a day in-between class. I’m sure teachers would assign stuff differently (with a traditional schedule) but still.” Says Davis student Camden Bywater.

Davis student Ashton Bond states, “It is way easier to keep everything organized. It is easier than doing eight classes worth of work every night.”

Being able to have an in-between day provides more time for teachers and student to prepare for the next lesson. Having a longer class period also allows for more in-depth conversations and question time with teachers.

“The largest benefit is having a longer time in class to learn. You have time to relax and learn what you are doing with time to practice it in class.” Says Bywater.

The benefit of having a lot of class time could also be seen as the disadvantage of block schedule. Teachers could find it hard to fill all the time and students easily get burnt out on the lesson. Having the shorter and more consistent class schedule with the traditional style removes this problem.

More transition periods and a shorter amount of time required to focus on a subject keeps the school day more interactive and productive for students. The constant meeting also makes it easier for students to make up absences because students meet with the teachers every day instead of every other. Block schedule leaves more work and learning time missed which is hard to make up with the fewer meetings per class.

Both schedules have their own benefits and disadvantages, but what get favored seems to be a matter of opinion based on how well students work in each environment.

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Davis County Investigation Hits Davis High

The biggest news as of late is undoubtedly the investigation into racial discrimination and harassment in the Davis County School District. Some students are shocked by the investigation, others are disappointed, but not surprised.

Some students may have even heard of the more severe instances of blatant racism at other schools, such as black football players at Layton being jeered with racial slurs on the field.

While these are issues everyone should be aware of, it’s also important to know if racial harassment is an issue at Davis High.

While this specific demographic was not mentioned in the investigation, the two Latino students who were asked whether they had seen or experienced any racial harassment or discrimination spoke of positive experiences at Davis.

“I’ve never felt any racial discrimination from teachers or staff ever,” says a senior female, “…Sometimes there are difficulties with other students.”

When asked whether he had seen a teacher ever say or do anything that might make minority students uncomfortable, a senior male responds, “I haven’t to be honest.”

As for Asian American students, a senior female had some interesting insights. “I’ve never seen discrimination, but I think there is a difference between what minorities are involved in and what the majority is involved in,” She says. “Especially in Davis High, there’s not a lot of diversity and socially when you talk to people they don’t understand what it’s like to be different… they can’t really relate… No one is being rude, but they don’t understand how much they don’t know about other groups.”

In addition, a woman named Grace Soelberg recently took to Instagram to talk about her experience as a mixed race child going to school in Davis County.

“Growing up in Davis County as a woman of color was incredibly challenging and often times demoralizing,” She writes in a post to the Stop Your Silence Instagram page. “I was bullied at every age for not being white and being adopted into a white family.”

She also mentions being called the n-word repeatedly in junior high, and received no aid when she reported it to the principal.

What do the experiences of these student’s prompt for change at Davis High?

Perhaps this investigation can inspire the school district to put more emphasis on teaching about the experiences of minorities. Maybe it’s time to read more about the experiences of black Americans, immigrants, and other minorities in English classes.

Soelberg suggested in her Instagram post that pushing the district to teach African American history at all ages is a step in the right direction.

The experiences of non-white students can teach the white majority at Davis High a lot about how other people live, and, in turn, increase empathy. Overall, this would lead to a kinder student body, and make Davis a more welcoming place for everyone.

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Davis High Football Team forced to sign into class through new rule

Nearing the end of the football season at Davis High School, coach Scott Peery mandates a rule among his football team. The rule consists of making his players ask for a teacher’s signature for every period of their school day. This regulation is being enforced in hopes of improving overall grades and attendance among the boys. 

The paper with all the teacher’s signatures is required by all players to be turned in at the end of the day regardless of whether the player’s grades were previously sufficient. This strikes the controversy, is it fair to make all of the players fill out the signatures. Not all of the players on the team have poor attendance.  

Defensive lineman for the Davis Darts, Hunter Walsh, is optimistic about the idea. He says, “There is a handful of guys who are not good at getting to class, but it’s all a team effort and it’s important that we listen to coach.” 

If certain players were free from this burden, it could cause tension among the group, regardless of grades. says, “High school athletes have the best chance at a future athletic career when they have a coach focused on improving team chemistry.”  

Coach Scott Perry could be killing two birds with one stone with his disciplinary action. The rule helps the players feel equal among their teammates, and helps them focus on their future. 

According to, “There are 1,093,234 high school football players in the United States, and 6.5% of those high school players (or 71,060) will play in college.” 

It’s fair to say that it is important for high school athletes to focus on education before their sport. Like the stat shows, the chances of students making it to the next level is very low, and the chance of making that sport their profession is even lower. 

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Double Dipping: Big Daddy’s Pizza

David Portnoy or better know as the “El Presidente” is the founder of Barstool Sports. One of the most popular segments on the Barstool Sports YouTube channel is Barstool Pizza Reviews.


Starting in 2015, Portnoy goes around New York City tasting different pizza. He takes one bite from the actual pizza and one bite from the crust. He then rates the pizza out of 10 and describes why he gave it that rating.


These videos have gone viral with people flowing in his footsteps. Portnoy has done hundreds of pizza reviews. This idea has created an app called One Bite where people can review pizza and see how others review the pizza.


Portnoy and Barstool Sports recently released a new frozen pizza called One Bite Pizza with mixed reviews from the public. The pizza is being sold at Walmart in a 1 pack and 4 pack.


Davis High News has decided to launch their own food review videos called “Double Dipping with Frey.” Ian Jensen and George Blue will first review the food on location at the restaurant and then bring the food back and have the Davis High News Advisor review it as well.


This will be a new weekly series brought to you, right here on Davis High News.

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Skyrocketing gas prices concern Davis students

The average gas price in Utah lies at $3.77/gallon. Since last year gas prices have risen by an average of $1.02/gallon. Utah’s prices are also above the national average of $3.15/gallon. These steep prices have had many negative consequences for Davis High students.

“My friend’s car broke down from lack of gas on the way to the bank to deposit money.” explains high schooler Genevieve Nolan.

Students are getting desperate in order to maintain their modes of transportation. Some resort to depositing spare change or tips and argue that they can’t pay for gas without the gas to get to work. This creates a never-ending cycle of the blame game.

“With minimum wage at $7.25 there isn’t enough money to go around for gas. Especially with not being able to work a lot of hours due to school and homework.” says Brooke Higley Davis High senior.

Students are expected to manage a full plate as well as pay skyrocketing gas prices. Many students are resorting to walking more, or even driving their parents’ car to combat with needing gas.

“I can’t save for college and pay for gas.” argues student Maddie Morris.

Seniors especially are starting to stress the impending doom of paying for college, inclining gas prices are not helping.

Gas prices are speculated to be high due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since people were locked up all day, they had no reason to drive their cars causing oil/gas companies to suffer. When lockdowns lifted, people were eager to use their cars and begin commuting to work again. This caused the steady incline of gas prices as demand grew.

Although gas prices are still high, they have dropped since this summer much to the relief of high schoolers. Students are still hopeful that gas prices will drop further.

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The first homecoming

Homecoming has become a longstanding tradition for High Schools across the United States. It often is built around a football game and includes a dance or rally. But why is it celebrated?

Homecoming originally comes from college football games where the school alumni are ‘invited home’. Football would be the center of attention, with a rally or dance to build up hype and get the student body more interactive.

Baylor University, Northern Illinois University, and the University of Missouri are believed to have held the first homecomings, with nobody being able to verify that they hosted the first. The University of Missouri has set the standard model of what homecoming is today.

Mrs. Meade of Davis High School says that the faculty lunch-in where previous faculty and alumni are invited back is the best part, but what is the biggest event at homecoming?

“The football game should be the biggest thing, the dance does overshadow just a little bit, but the game should be the central focus. I do love that all of the alumni come back to that game.” Says Meade.

Meade also says that she “love(s) the atmosphere and the unity” during the week. This of course revolves around the game at the end of the week, but the dance seems to be making a larger influence now.

“I think the dance can sometimes overshadow the football game due to the amount of planning that must go into a dance from finding a group, getting the day date and dinner planned, then getting a good outfit put together, and finally going to the actual dance” says Davis High student Ashton Bond.

Homecoming and Prom are different, but the gap between is shrinking and the importance of the homecoming dance is growing. This may be because a dance is able to attract a more diverse population of students over the football game.

Meade states, “The football game is typically the biggest event, but the dance does sometimes rival it and that’s too bad.”

Bond also says, “If the football game is not the center of attention it is bad. It not being the center of attention can upset the football players which seem to almost mediate the whole homecoming dance.”

It is unfortunate to see the original traditions of the event being challenged in the way seen today, but regardless, homecoming has rooted itself in the hearts of high schools across America and it is here to stay.

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From prank to Homecoming King. What next?

This September, Davis high school Homecoming king turns out to be a little unexpected. This DHS Student, Connor McLaughlin recently explained how he became Home Coming king after his friends pranked him into running.

According to Connor, “it started off as a prank, the football team voted for me, then the whole school got on it.” On one day, McLaughan was hanging out with a couple of friends messing around. Connor Saunders, one of McLaughlin’s friends, suggested that he should run for homecoming king.

The idea was crazy, but it soon came into effect when Saunders and the rest of Connors friends spread the idea to the football team, and the rest of the school. 

“All of my friends set it up, and the whole football team, and the coach. They gave me all of the support, and I think they really won it for me.”

And with all the support from his friends, and team, he did win the crown of home coming king. Connor and went on later in the week to represent the Davis football team, and help lead them to victory against Syracuse, Davis’s long-time rival.

When this all came into effect, it was very surreal. “Feels great, like I didn’t expect it to happen. It’s exciting.”, Says Connor.

During half time at the homecoming game, Connor, among the other royalty, was brought to the center of the field to be crowned king. Among the other royalty, he was called to walk the field next to last, and was congratulated, along next to the homecoming queen.

Even though it started off as a prank, with the help of his friends and peers, Connor ended up as this year’s homecoming king. What’s next for our homecoming king?

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Davis County disappointed at councils decision

Two years ago in 2019, during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, Davis County switched to online school.
When it was time for us to return to school (2020-2021) Davis County decided to switch to 4-day school week to reduce the spread of covid-19.
Now that we have started our 2021-2022 school year the school board made a decision, that left a lot of people disappointed. We would be returning to a 5-day school week
“I loved the 4-day school week. It gave me more time to catch up on grades and, in turn I had more time to help my students.” After interviewing multiple teachers, most of them agreed with or had similar opinions.
Why did Davis County make this decision? Instead of having Fridays off we have a late-start day on Wednesday. The council decided that students were not using Fridays for getting help with work. People wondered if this claim was true and a study was conducted on students and teachers at Davis High and surrounding High schools. 85% of them said that they would use Fridays to get caught up in classes when they needed it, and Teacher’s helped students get caught up.
Not all the time did students need/want help. In other instances, some teachers would take the day off because they didn’t have to be there. More dedicated teachers would take this day to grade work and work on lesson plans. While also helping students.
This can show that the council, while trying to make the best decision, already had a confirmation bias of high school students. When also looking at the results of the study there was a noticeable trend. When asked “How well would you say the 5-day benefit you?” The answers were all very split 50% said 10/10 and 50% said 1/10. 1 being not beneficial, and 10 being the most beneficial.
When looking at the results of the question,” How well would you say the 4-day school week benefited you?” 100% of people said 10/10.
“Having a 4-day school was very beneficial for my mental health, I got to work on myself and work.”
82% of students and teachers said that school had affected their mental health. The next trend we can see is on the question, “Would you say the 4-day, or 5-day school week is more beneficial for your personal mental health?” In response 75% of participants said the 4-day school/work week was better for their mental health.
“I’d say it was super beneficial specifically to kids who struggled in school. With 4 days more would come during the school week, and on the Fridays to get help form me.”
Overall, 80% of participants prefer the 4-day work/school week or the 5-day work/school week.
From 2015-2019 the Association for Sustainable Democracy and Autonomy conducted a study in two large-scale trials of 2,500 participants, in Iceland. They found that a 4-day work week, without any type of pay cut, improved worker’s mental health and productivity.
Worker wellbeing dramatically increased across a range of indicators, from perceived stress and burnout to health and work-life balance.”
A long-time myth that constantly pushes back the idea of changing to a 4-day work week is that productivity will decrease, and nothing will get done. As proved in the study done in Iceland this is the exact opposite of what happens. Workers have a better work/life balance and therefore increased productivity and overall morale.
560 districts and 25 states in the USA have allowed at least one school to adopt the 4-day school week. A lot of places in the US have one big setback, to why not all schools haven’t integrated. It seems like a flawless plan, right?
It has been brought to people’s attention that changing to a 4-day work week could do more damage than good to lower income families. Not all families have stay at home parents and can pay for day care centers. Also, a lot of low-income students rely on school for half of their daily meals.
The Center on Reinventing Public Education has said that while moving to a 4-day school week can be beneficial in some situations, to low-income places it can make things worse.
In conclusion, at schools in Davis County, the 4-day school week has been very beneficial to its students and teachers. When looking at the evidence, it’s shown to be very morale boosting and overall improved positivity in Davis County.

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New coffee company brewing up in Kaysville

Officer Bret Bateman (Local police officer) opened a coffee shop in Kaysville located next to Walgreens, and has been bringing in the customers. This new business was a long dream of his, and now he’s finally able to live the dream of opening a shop.

Bret expressed how he had planned, a year before opening the shop, that he wanted to start a business. It took tons of preparation and research to finally decide they wanted to open a coffee shop. Bret and his wife Brittney Bateman decided to do this together.

“This is for the people,” he explained.

Bret explained that there are no places for coffee inside of Kaysville. Police officers that work for the Kaysville department cannot go out of the city to get food/drink, which is why Bret started this.

Business is improving immensely. Marketing is a huge part of getting out there with the new generation. He only wishes that more people knew about this place. Bret explained that they started making drinks other than coffee and tea so they can get more inclusive for others.

“We make a lot more drinks than coffee”. The coffee shop makes blended drinks, steamed milk, hot coco, Italian soda, electric sip, iced coffee, hot coffee, tea and much more. They can make any of the drinks hot or cold for the people’s liking.

A worker there named Kade explained how they are like family. Everyone gets along with each other.

“He is such a goofy man, but he is so caring,” explains Kade.

Telling me about how they take them out to dinner and worry about one another like family. Plus, he says the pay is super good, even without tips.

“I would work here even if I didn’t get paid, I really enjoy it,” tells Kade.

You can come support them anytime or get more information through their socials! They are local with not all coffee drinks, plus with a lovely sitting area.

“We also have dog treats to bring your fluffy friends,” Brett expresses.

They also have started a loyalty program!

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Dress code: against or for the students?

High school dress codes have been protested all over the country. The dress code is all about making education a priority. A common assumption is that the dress code is pointless and oppressive, however the dress code is intended to promote safety, learning, and much more. The dress code is also to help students prepare for professional workplaces post high school.

“The intent of the dress code is to help students learn professional dress.” says Principal Wilkey.

Administrator Amanda Taggart goes on to explain that there are dress codes everywhere. For example, wearing a uniform at work or wearing a swimsuit at a pool.

It is district policy to create a safe and nurturing environment for students. Part of having a safe school environment is the dress code. Taggart brings up the point that having lewd or inappropriate words or images on a t-shirt can take away from that.

Principal Wilkey brings up the fact that the dress code isn’t just black and white and is more of a gray scale because they really don’t want to disrupt learning. If teachers or administration were to dress code every student over every little thing, nothing would get done.

Administrator Douglas Peterson states that “Last school year, there was only 1 dress code violation recorded. So far this year, there has been 1 violation recorded.”

Our dress code reflects our community’s standards, meaning that it is changing and adapting to what our community chooses to allow. For example, the dress code has already been changed to have less restrictive rules on facial piercings and colored hair.

The dress code will continue to change and adapt to create a safe and creative place for students, as well as ensure safety in schools.

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Faculty Spotlight: Douglas Peterson

Douglas Peterson is Davis high’s new vice-principal, and he came in to fill in the spot left by Mr. Williams. He has been here since the start of the third term. We are excited to have him here, and so far he has done a great job.

Mr. Peterson has been a principal for 8 years and has worked at Bountiful Jr., Kaysville Jr., and Syracuse Jr. which means he already has plenty of experience being a principal.

“To help teachers and students any way I can, and to help me be pushed to be my best,” says Mr. Peterson, explaining his biggest goal.

“The teachers, counselors, office staff, custodians… everybody has been awesome so far! Plus it’s been fun to get to know a few students…,” explains Peterson when talking about his favorite parts of the job.

He also said he was happy to start off his Davis career with a championship in boy’s basketball.

Student Jadin Cleveland reminisced about his days at Kaysville Jr. with Mr. Peterson

“I want to talk to him and catch up.”

” The effects that Douglas Peterson has had on this school have been impeccable. It is clear he came into the school with a goal in mind, and that goal was to improve the quality of our experience at school. He has far surpassed that goal, and will be a positive influence on students throughout his entire tenure at Davis high,” explains Jared Clark.

He was an administrator and a teacher there for a total of 15 years. Some of his students have now become teachers here at Davis.

Although he is a great principal, Mr. Peterson also has an exciting life outside of school.

“I love sports, boating, biking, reading, and music.”

He also plays in a rock band called Holy Revolver.

Having Douglas Peterson here at Davis should be a great thing for years to come.



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Davis Students Do Not Want Fridays Back

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools in Davis school district decided to change out attending class on Friday for remote learning days at home. The question is: Do Davis students want to return to the normal 5 classes a week schedule?

Out of the 13 students interviewed, 13 said they did not want Fridays to come back and 0 said that they would want Fridays back.

“I don’t want Fridays back because the free time was actually epic and I could do homework,” explains Corran Cottrell

“It’s a lot better to have a day to relax or get work done than having an extra day of school,” explains Jared Clark

” Friday is a homework day,” says Lizzie Bodily

Students seem to enjoy the four-day-a-week schedule a lot more than the previous 5-day schedule.

Not only does the 5-day schedule mean an extra day of school, but it also poses other complications like homeroom and an uneven number of A and B days.

Some additional benefits of the four-day-a-week schedule include that there is no confusion on whether it’s A day or B day, and it rids students and teachers alike of inconvenient things such as homeroom and late start.

4-days-a-week is also a good system because it allows students who need help to be able to go in on Fridays and get more personal help from the teacher. The students who are on top of things and have all their work done are rewarded with the day off.

“It allows me to get through more of the curriculum,” counters Mr. Frey, a 5-day schedule supporter.

The biggest conflict about Fridays being gone is that it does not allow teachers to teach the curriculum and it causes the students to have more homework and put more responsibility on themselves to get stuff done.

Despite all of this the majority of students still do not want Fridays back.

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Prom is in 9 days this is gonna be a change!

So prom is happening in about nine day’s hope you all are ready all for prom. Because there’s a lot that have changed ever sense we have had this silly virus. this virus I swear is probably feels like we have had it longer then it really has been infecting the world. So I’ve never officially been to my own schools Prom so I’m not sure how well this one will be considering now the Dress code will be enforced now which, I don’t think that’s really an issue who cares haha that’s just me how I feel about the dress code for prom, at least.

As well as getting covid-19 tested I mean those rapid covid-19 tests don’t do anyone jack. All they do is give you practically just quick result and they don’t really give you the greatest of results and the positives and negatives aren’t all true so, these covid-19 test are ridiculous. All they do is make the schools and district satisfied with the covid-19 tests so they still will be able to be in the school and teaching still. So having to get tested for coivd-19 kind of of dumb ,I’d rather get the coivd shot because then I don’t need to take that stupid rapid covid test and more. Being immune in two weeks sound nicer then being tested all the time don’t you think.

Next thing there may be say someone you would like to go with but, you won’t this year. You can’t bring anyone from any of the schools which  is a little kind of bogus! I wanted to bring my girlfriend to prom but sadly I can’t which is a bummer, mainly the reason I was going to have the whole time planned with her but, oh well none of my friends are going so that’s not fun considering it’s my last prom that I kind of want to go. The point is there is so many changes of prom that I don’t really feel like going anyways. who cares I can still have a fun day even if I don’t go to prom my last time it would have been only just me and her haha. If I did have another way to go to prom with some buddy’s that be legend in away.

There’s no reason for those people that aren’t going they can’t find something else to do that night. But nine days this is going to be awesome ! There’s supposedly a dope DJ there for the Dance kind of want to go there being a DJ but nah there’s definitely something better the prom. How do you guy’s feel about prom. Ben haggard feels pretty chill with these changes of prom, he’s in the Davis high school team so it does make perfect sense. Then there’s sometimes different opinions about prom right now.

What will Brooklynn have to say about prom? The feeling having prom is a pretty cool thing to have the ability to do. Especially given how little we weren’t really able to do. though having a prom just for the seniors in the district could be great mainly, to give seniors the chance to do this, because we won’t be able  to experience this one amazing sometimes an extraordinary night that we will have that special someone or even you having that remarkable night to remember the night you would want to remember!

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Dateless Davis #2 pandemic boogaloo

The Covid-19 pandemic of last year is still affecting dating tremendously at Davis High with the already declining dating rate plummeting lower than ever before leads us to ask: “Why don’t people date anymore?”

Davis has never been known to be a real “dating” school with other articles written about “Dateless Davis” aptly named because of the low amount of dating that is happening within the school.

The Covid-19 pandemic however has made that even worse adding on to the multitude of reasons and sometimes excuses for students not to date.

“Many people won’t go out because they are scared of Covid-19” explained a student.

Many students at Davis high share these sentiments and decide for their safety that they won’t go on any dates, however others see this as just another excuse.

“Not going dating because of Covid-19 is just a wimpy excuse” another student passionately claimed.

With the vaccine out and proper Covid-19 safety restriction’s widespread this student might just be right. Maybe there is a deeper reason for “Dateless Davis”; after all the low amount of dates is not new.

Davis has always had a low dating rate when compared to other high schools. There are many other reasons for students not to date.

“It’s just feminism and false MeToo accusations that make me not want to date” Expressed another student.

These days with the rise of the MeToo movement and feminism’s appeal to young women, some guys just don’t want to date those kind of people for political or moral reasons.

This shows a general ideological divide between students at Davis. The majority of the schools students are raised with conservative values and that makes students with liberal values unappealing and vice versa.

“I don’t want to date liberal’s because there is no way we would get along, we share too many different values to get along.”

Others worry about the divorce system

“The divorce system is broken I don’t want to risk losing half of my stuff in a botched marriage. Go watch better bachelor and you’ll understand what I mean”

Said a student concerned about modern dating.

These attitudes and others are the reason why many students just won’t risk dating anymore, we can only hope that these ideological differences and Covid-19 are relieved so we can all get back to enjoying this high school experience.



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2000s kids’ shows we loved

Growing up, watching television was a key component in our childhood. There are a lot of shows we watched as kids that we have forgotten about. Whether these shows were good or bad didn’t really matter because we loved them anyways. A lot of the channels that most 2002-2004 kids watched included Boomerang, PBS kids, Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, and Of course, Disney channel and Disney XD.

Boomerang was probably the most iconic channel for kids growing up in the 2000s. It had the best shows in many opinions.  Boomerangs shows included Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons, and the best kids show of all time in my opinion, What’s New Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo was a show about a dog and his owner, who had a group of friends who liked to solve mysteries. As a kid it was thrilling to watch and just an overall super wholesome show.

“Scooby Doo was GASSSS, i remember watching it and being scared”- Dakota Kempthorne a junior at Davis.

Another Popular Show was Arthur, It was about animals portrayed as humans and Arthur’s everyday problems. This show was aired on PBS kids and every kid in that grew up in the 2000’s watched this show, along with Martha Speaks, and Ruff Ruffs Playhouse. Another groovy show on PBS kids was Cyberchase. Cyberchase, was about a group of kids that were brought into the digital universe by a hacker and they have to figure out ways to destroy him. Never the less this show was straight gas.

“PBS kids shows made me feel so cool growing up.” -Luke Weston a Sophomore at Davis high exclaimed.

But lets not forget about the most relevant and liked kids channel of them all, Cartoon Network. CTN was just the coolest kids channel known to man. If you were a cool kid  you definitely watched this as a kid. They had so many good shows to watch. The most Popular show on there was Adventure time. Not everyone’s Mom would allow them to watch this as kids because they say it makes you loose braincells. But in reality these shows were way ahead of their time. Adventure time was about the adventures of Finn, and his dog Jake. they were just random adventures with lots of comedic relief.  Steven Universe is another show featured on CTN, and it is one of the most wholesome shows imaginable. It’s got this soft lofi vibe, and you can watch it to put you to sleep or in a good mood.

All of this leads to the last and coolest channel of them all, Disney Chanel. If you were born in the 2000s and you didn’t watch Disney Chanel, Oh boy. Disney Chanel had so many bangers its hard to list them. But lets start with Hannah Montana. This show is about a Girl named Miley Stuart, who has an alter ego named Hannah Montana who is famous and loves to perform. But she can’t do both so she keeps it hidden. This show was literally everyone’s childhood and it was so amazing. The last show I will mention is Phineas and Ferb, This show was just so well put together and it was 20 mins of straight serotonin. It was about two genius brothers who made crazy things happen. Although its over and its not the same anymore going back and watching all of these shows, we will never forget them because they helped us so much throughout the early stages of life/].



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To chew or not “chew”

At first glance, gum usage during the pandemic has seemed to drastically decline; as we look deeper into the validity of the previous statement, we’ll also get a look inside Davis High students’ varying opinions on gum.

With the pandemic recently hitting its one year anniversary, our faces and mouths seem to have taken a toll. Breath seems less important, and masks can make it hard to chew gum anyhow.

“I use less gum, cause the mask filters out the bad breath anyways.” says Charlie Zaugg about masks affecting his gum usage.

While some agree with Zaugg, others tend to over-correct and use twice as much gum!

A recent survey revealed that the average Davis High student goes through 3 packs of gum a month. This may come as a surprise considering the amount of bad breath still out there.

Sub-consciously, when you realize this you’d instantly think to pop a piece of gum in. As you reach into your backpack or pocket, you realize you have options. And the big question now is: what flavor?

“If you have mint, it’ll freaking destroy your eyeballs.” says Taig Olsen explaining why mint gum and masks don’t mix.

Given the previous information, some students opt for other flavors. Popular opinions included: cinnamon, sweet mint, and an overwhelming majority for watermelon.

“Cause if I just want gum for enjoyment, I’ll go with watermelon. But if I need it for my breath I’ll go with mint.” says Kyler Ito, explaining his choice of flavors.

That’s why it is essential to have a complete gum arsenal, one with all flavors for all situations. Some kids stock up, so that they never have to go without their favorite flavor.

So whether its Trident or Extra, mint or cinnamon; gum has seen it all and is in it for the long haul. Imagine a flavorful explosion dancing across your taste-buds, the waft of mint energizing your breath with every passing second: that’s how it feels to chew 5 Gum.



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Has Covid-19 Affected Learning?

Has Covid-19 really affected the social and learning aspects of High School students? Here at Davis High, there have been many restrictions put in place to ensure both students and faculty can both work and learn in a safe environment.

When it comes to restrictions, wearing a mask is mandatory, social distancing is mandatory, and the school has even gone as far as to enforce soft closures a few times (once enough cases in the school have been reached).

“The social aspect has been a little different, not being able to go to dances and things like that, and when it comes to the actual learning part, doing more online school has been harder to do, and the evidence is in my grades.” Marshall Brower, a student at Davis High, said when asked.

Many students couldn’t have said it any better. From student’s parents being paranoid about the virus, to kids completely switching to online, this school year has been little bit more than a mess.

With more and more precautions, executive orders pertaining to the virus, and people being personally affected by the virus, there are a lot of people wishing that the virus would be gone already.

When the virus first hit, students saw the closure as an opportunity to get away from schoolwork. Students, along with the rest of the world, are now hoping things would return back to normal.

There is some hope for the future of school life though, with many rumors about mask restrictions being lifted somewhere around April, the following school year could see things going back to how they were before the closures came. It’s a true shame that many students did not get a graduation ceremony in the 2019-2020 school year, but they can only hope the next graduating class get’s one.

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Mike Trout is capturing Dart hearts

Mike Trout has arguably been the best player in the MLB for the last seven years. He is flashy, professional, and the description of a perfect player. He is the player people show up to the ballpark to watch. Trout is also the player that manages to steal your affection. 

When people talk about their favorite player, Mike Trout is a name that you will hear most commonly. My love for baseball recently compelled me to listen in on a conversation about two people’s favorite players in baseball. To my astonishment, both students said Mike Trout was their absolute favorite. 

I will say I was puzzled by the student’s statements of Trout being their favorite player because I knew them not to be Angels fans. Usually, people will say their favorite player is someone on a team they root for. Therefore, I was a little startled to hear Trout’s name pop up in their conversation. I decided to investigate further on this matter. 

Jessie Higley and Kaylee Bowles are surprisingly some of the biggest baseball fans you will meet. I knew that in some of their sports discussions they would mention baseball. I decided to ask Jessie and Kaylee who their favorite players were, keeping in mind that Kaylee does not care too much for the MLB and Jessie is a Chicago Cubs fan. They both emphatically stated that Mike Trout was their favorite player. 

“I may be a Chicago Cubs fan, but Mike Trout is for sure my favorite player. How could you not like Mike Trout? He’s such a classy and amazing player”

Stated Jessie Higley.

“I have yet to meet someone who does not like Mike Trout in the slightest.” 

Mike Trout has managed to be my favorite player for the last 7 years. Ever since I became an Angels fan, Mike Trout has been my favorite player and, now, I am starting to see Mike become others’ favorites. You do not even have to like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the ‘Millville Meteor’ to be your favorite player. The next time you watch an Angels game, Mike Trout may become your favorite player. 

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Dart pride shines during spirit week!

Spirit week is a student pride event that consists of activities throughout the week that go around events like sports, games, and lunch.  Spirit week started today, the 12th of April, and will end on Friday. Students are encouraged to get involved and participate in the activities that are hosted by the student body officers.

Spirit week will run as follows according to the schedule posted by the officers.

Monday is vintage day. Students are asked to come to school in items that they have thrifted or have an indie style. There will also be Karaoke in the commons during lunch.

Tuesday is Disney day. They want students to wear something Disney-related and then participate in a Disney themed Kahoot competition at lunch.

On Wednesday, students are encouraged to wear pink. There will also be more games at lunch for students to play.

There will be a tailgate at the baseball game against Syracuse on Thursday. Otter pops will be given out to students who come to this event.

Coming to school on Monday, I haven’t seen a lot of student participation so far for vintage day. After asking around my class, it seems many students don’t even know what is happening this week. It seems that the word about spirit week hasn’t gotten out yet. This has been a problem in past years. Many students do not participate because they simply are not aware of it. Following Davis High’s Instagram page can help students stay updated on school activities like spirit week.

In past years, students have responded to spirit week with a negative attitude and have considered it boring and not very entertaining. However, especially this year when school activities have been severely limited due to Covid, participating in activities like spirit week can help lift school morale and improve your high school experience

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Women’s History Month

Although Women’s History Month is nearly over, I wanted to compile a list of amazing women in our history so those of you who may not have even been aware are still able to learn about some amazing women in history

Some of you may not know a whole lot about the women in our history, but with this article, that can be at least somewhat resolved.

First up on our list is Abigail Adams, who is mainly known for her role as John Adams wife. Born in 1744, she believed that slavery was evil and spoke out against it many times to her husband.

She also believed that women should be educated and have a role in government as more than just their husbands companions. Abigail consistently spoke out and wrote letters with advice to our nations founders multiple times throughout the process of creating our government.

“If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women.” Is one of my favorite quotes by Abigail Adams, and perfect for Women’s History Month.


For all of the businessmen and women out there, this one is for you. Our next amazing woman is Madam CJ Walker. She is known as the first female self-made millionaire in the US. (At least documented)

Born in the year 1867, she made her fortune off of by making hair products and cosmetics for black women. She also was a philanthropist and often donated to different causes. Her home served as a gathering place for the African-American community.

Madam CJ Walker delivered many speeches for African-American rights and advocated for the community for many years throughout her life, especially after she moved to New York and became contemporaries with people like        W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington.

“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” She said, when referring to her time spent working up the chain of business, starting in the fields of the south.


Next is someone I personally love. It’s Hedy Lamarr! You may recognize her from her time as an actress, but that’s not all she did! She was an amazing inventor and made and improved many different objects, such as stoplights, and airplanes. She was born in Austria in 1914, before later moving to America and becoming a citizen here.

Lamarr told Howard Hughes, an important figure in the airplane industry to streamline his boxy looking planes, and make them smoother so they could go faster.

She also developed a frequency hopping signal that could be used to jam the signals of Axis torpedos during WWII. The techniques she came up with in the 40s are similar to and helped the inventions of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

“Analysis gave me great freedom of emotions and fantastic confidence. I felt I had served my time as a puppet.” She said. Hedy was known for her progressive ideas concerning a woman’s worth, and what was worth her time.


Next up on our list is Coretta Scott King. Born in 1927, her husband Martin Luther King Jr. made waves in America with his activism, but she had a huge part too.

After his death she continued his work and opened the King Center and helped establish Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

She continued pushing for rights and broadened her activism to women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. She was very active politically and musically, often putting activist themes into her music.

“Hate is too great a burden to bear” She said, “It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” If you have time, I recommend looking up her other quotes as well, they are amazing.


Next up is one of my personal favorites authors. Ever since reading her autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings my freshman year, I have admired her so much.

Maya Angelou is absolutely inspiring. She is best known for her book mentioned above, which details her life until she was about seventeen. She was born in 1928 and faced so many different difficulties. She was still able overcame them and became an amazingly talented and world-renowned writer.

She opened the door for black feminism in the 60s. Although her intent on the subject of feminism was debated, it’s impact was as such. She was an advocate for African-American rights and worked hard for equal rights as well, helping to create new organizations and even was asked by Martin Luther King to help organize a march.

“You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lines. You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise.” She says. Again, highly recommend looking into her quotes more. She truly did rise from hard circumstances and became an absolute inspiration.

She completed many firsts and became an indisputable legend. Her writing achieved so may great lengths, including her piece Georgia being the first screenplay that was produced, written by a black woman.


Don’t worry athletes! I haven’t forgotten you! I actually chose someone absolutely amazing. Jacqueline Joyner-Kersee. Jackie for short. She was born in Illinois in 1962 and she won three gold, one silver and two bronze medals at the Olympic Games.

Jacqueline was the first women to score over 7,000 points in a heptathlon. In 1988, she won gold medals in both the heptathlon and long jump. She was the first American woman to win a gold medal in each event.

In those Olympic games she set an Olympic record in long jump for 7.40 meters. Joyner-Kersee also set a still standing record in the heptathlon with 7,291 points.

“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” With all of the numerous medals and awards she won, I certainly hope she doesn’t look back and regret anything.


Our final woman we are highlighting is Tammy Duckworth of the US Senate. She was born in Thailand in 1968, yet still a natural-born US citizen because her father was a US citizen. Duckworth was in the military and served as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot.

In 2004, her helicopter crashed after being hit by a rocket propelled grenade. She suffered severe injuries, and lost both of her legs and some mobility in her right arm. She got a medical waiver and continued serving in the Illinois National Guard until 2014, when she retired.

In 2012, she was elected to the House of Representatives and served two terms. She was the first of many, including first Congress-member born in Thailand, first Asian-American elected to Congress from Illinois, and first woman with a disability elected to Congress.

In 2016, she won a seat in the Senate, also giving her a list of firsts. She was the first to give birth while in office and the first female double-amputee in the Senate. She was the second of three Asian-American women to be US Senators, the first being Mazie Hirono and third Kamala Harris.

U.S. Senate Photographic Studio-Renee Bouchard

“We must be an inclusive nation that respects and supports all of it’s citizens: a nation that doesn’t give up on anyone who hasn’t given up on themselves.”

For the eighth and final subject, I choose to highlight when the National Council of Women was formed on March 31 1888. Just in time to celebrate. The National Council of Women was founded by big names from the Woman’s Suffrage Movement like Susan B. Anthony and May Wright Sewall.

The National Council of Women is the oldest non-secular organization for women in the United States. Today, they bring to light issues that women face and they try to bring the political, social and economic equality of the sexes.

When the UN hosts it’s annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the organization acts as a host to women from all over the world, and showcases them.

All of these women are truly remarkable, and I hope that by reading this article, you were able to learn of at least one more amazing woman than you did before. Happy Women’s History Month!


Information was found on

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Fashion around Davis

So many people in the Davis School District have a strong passion and opinion about fashion. Fashion is an amazing outlet for creativity.

“I think that fashion is a way for people to express themselves,” says Caity Kellogg, a student at Davis High, when asked what her thoughts on fashion are.

People like Caity express themselves through their clothing. People find it fun looking at different styles and trying on many clothing brands.

However, fashion isn’t always perfect. Some people have other opinions and views on it.

“It is kind of scuffed. I think people should be able to wear whatever they want and have it be ‘fashionable’ and not be judged if it is up to date or not,” explains Emily Whear, a girl at Fairfield Jr. High.

She makes the point that sometimes when you wear what you find cute, others might judge. Being able to wear what you want and not care what others think is important to her. 

Comfort versus being fashionable is an important topic when it comes to fashion. Most people around Davis believe being comfortable is more important.

It is possible to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Many brands lately are trying to ensure that their clothing is cute and enjoyable to wear.

“I choose both! There is always a middle in between the two. I choose it because you get to look stunning but also get to feel like it’s the weekend at times,” says Emily Whear. 

It may be hard to find places to shop at. Pricing, style, and sizes vary at each place.

Pacsun because it has style, and their clothes are way comfortable and sometimes affordable,” explains Chris Knaaks.

Others enjoy thrift shopping. It is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. It is a cheap way to possibly find some cool items.

“I think that it’s a cheap way to find really cute clothes. We should always try to reuse and repurpose our clothes if we can instead of buying something brand new every time,” says Caity.

Over time fashion trends change and so does everyone’s style. Trends leave and come back. The amount of different styles there are is infinite.

My style has changed a ton and it’s made me more confident. And yes I really enjoy all the different looks,” explains Chris.

In general, there are many different opinions on fashion throughout Davis county. Fashion means something different to everyone and you shouldn’t judge someone else’s fashion just because it’s not your taste.


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Prom: What You Need to Know

The dance everyone has been looking forward to all year. The 2021 spring Davis High School Prom. The Prom this year will be taking place on the Davis High School football field.

“I have never been to a prom, but it sounds really fun and I hear it might be on the football field which sounds like it would be a great and fun atmosphere.” Says Luke Weston when asked what he thinks about the 2021 Davis High School prom.

The Prom is a great opportunity for students to get out and be social and meet new people. The Prom also pushes people to get out of their comfort zone and ask someone to the dance. It can be a great experience for a variety of different people.

“I have no idea who I am going to ask to the prom yet, I am a lonely man,” said Weston when asked who he was going to ask to the 2021 Prom. That is another great thing about the prom, is you can ask anybody.

There are no limitations to who you can ask. You can ask friends or just random people you would like to get to know better. You are even allowed to ask people that attend different schools to the prom.

“I think I will, but then again maybe I won’t because I just have to see how I’m feeling.” Luke said this when asked if he would be attending the 2021 Davis High School Prom. There is no pressure to go to this dance and it is just something you can attend if you want to.

The Davis High School 2021 spring Prom would be a great thing for anyone to attend that wants to have a good time and meet new people and make new friends. You just need to pay a small fee to get in and then you are good to go.

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Subway: is it a good lunch location?

Davis high lunch goes from 12:06 to 12:46, giving each student forty minutes to either leave the school and find somewhere to eat or wait in line for the school lunch. With the limited time, students have to stay close to the campus, further narrowing down their already small options.

If a student takes longer than 10 minutes to get to any fast food restaurant in Kaysville the lines are already 15 to 20-minute waits. If you need somewhere to go in a hurry, one of the best options for good fresh food is the subway on Main street.

With a short drive consisting of only 2 lights to get there, a cheap menu, good food, and fast working staff, Subway is the daily destination for students like Alex Lopez also known as Papi Chull.

“I like to cycle through everything on the menu on different days. Besides the vegetarian patties, those are gross,” Alex mentions when asked what his go-to is for Subway.

Carson Rasmussen, another student at Davis high who goes to the subway almost every day for lunch, prefers steak and cheese.

“Its [The steak and cheese] lit” is all Carson had to say explaining why it’s his go-to meal.

Both Carson and Alex both mentioned that they enjoy Subway because it is a healthy and cheap option when compared to other restaurants in Kaysville.

When it comes to things that Subway lacks, there are only a few.

“Their line goes fast but can get a little long, I wish they moved it outside so we don’t have to stand next to people eating,” explains Alex.

“I think their line situation needs to change to going outside the door not inside. The chips need relocating to the front by the cash register,” says Carson.

Next time you’re in the mood for a sandwich and the lunch bell rings, just run over to Subway and check it out.


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Will Davis have Prom this year??

After a long year of countless disappointments, Davis has announced that we will be having a prom dance! Students will be required to comply with several policies in order to make the dance as safe and Covid-friendly as possible.

Davis High students, especially seniors, have endured too many losses this year, and, overall, school morale has been at an all time low. This year, most school activities and extracurriculars have been canceled, access to sports games has been extremely limited, and we have had zero school dances. It’s also been difficult to make friends due to masks and quarantines.

Throughout all of this, students have desperately wished for a prom dance. Seniors have held out hope that they would be given the opportunity to end their last year of high school on a good note. That they could forget about the emotions and disappointments of this year by dancing the night away with their friends.

As cases have decreased and restrictions have started lightening up, Davis has officially made the decision to host prom. The event will be held on Friday, May 14th so start asking dates now! Tickets will be sold individually for $12. No couple tickets will be sold due to contact tracing efforts.

In order to ensure the safest experience possible, all students who plan on attending prom will have to be tested for Covid prior to the dance. As we get closer to the event, more information will be provided on this issue. Students will also be required to wear masks during the dance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As usual, prom will be a formal dance! Boys are encouraged to wear shirts with collars, ties, slacks, and sport coats. Girls may wear formal dresses or ball gowns. When you go shopping, keep in mind that formal attire must comply with the school’s dress code standards.

Unfortunately, because of Covid conditions, only Davis students will be admitted to the dance. While we love our neighboring high schools, students from other schools are not permitted to attend.

Davis High faculty and student body officers are working diligently to make this happen, so stay tuned for more info.

This is our first and only dance of the year, so you should seriously consider going! Whether you go with a date, by yourself, or with friends, make sure to have a fun and safe time!

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From Sun to Saints

Real Estate is booming, families are moving. The recent eastward exodus from California could one day give birth to a new tradition here at Davis High.

Aspen Bishop and Isaac Chamberlain were willing to answer some questions, to shed light on the subject. They were both asked what they like about Utah and their experience at Davis High.

Isaac arrived in Utah during the summer of 2017. He was eleven years old, preparing to start sixth grade. Now in his senior, he has seen and understands what life is like in Utah.

“There are some benefits to everyone being of my faith. For one, I really like seminary, because I would have had to do early morning seminary there. Being with extended family is awesome too,” Isaac said of what he likes about Utah.

Davis High School is a literally historic. People have been sending their kids here since 1914. Our two state titles this year alone demonstrate our athletic dominance. The question is, how will kids who have not been raised in the “tradition” will fit in?

Isaac’s answer to this question was simply, “I like the people here. It’s cool.”

In a school of over 2,000 people, there are a lot of people to chose from. Our school becoming more diverse as well. As more people from California, Washington, and Oregon move to Utah, the native Kaysville population will be dotted with more Isaacs.

Aspen’s experience in Utah is different from Isaac’s. For one, she moved just before this schoolyear during the March shutdown. A New Yorker (state not the city) brings the east coast perspective to our discussion.

“There’s lots of small towns you can drive through, and while there are small towns there’s a lot of big cities you can go to. There’s things to do whereas in where I lived before it was a small town and there was just nothing to do,” Aspen said of what about Utah she was impressed by.

Utah’s city-suburb dynamic is very different from a lot of other places. The mix of both, packed in between mountains and the lake, here on the Wasatch Front is a new experience for out-of-staters.  The linear displacement or urban and suburban centers is dissimilar from the west and east coasts.

Moving anywhere, let alone across the country, always introduces challenges, but in my experience and the experience of my peers, the move to Utah isn’t a bad one. So sun or no sun to the land of saints isn’t that bad of a deal.

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Spring Fashion

No more sweats and hoodies. Get out the shorts and t-shirts. Spring fashion is here. “Fashion in the spring is definitely my favorite kind of fashion,” says Luke Weston. Spring fashion has lots of possibilities for everyone.

“To me it is abandoning the drab heavier clothes and winter, and there is a rebirth in fashion and vibrancy in your wardrobe and life as well as spring comes just around the corner,” says Luke when asked about what inspires his spring fashion.

The spring brings warmth and heat which effects the fashion and clothes you wear. Now, it is acceptable to wear shorts and a t-shirts every day. And you can still wear pants and sweatshirts. So spring makes it a lot easier to put an outfit together.

“It’s quite a Beautiful time of year where you can dress warm and cold. It’s one of the mildest neutral seasons so I love it.” Says Luke. Spring is also good because you can introduce different colors into your outfits that match the season.

In the spring, you can introduce new colors like orange, red, and yellow into your wardrobe. This gives you more variety to pick from. And you can stand out more with the clothes you wear.

“I look the best in shorts because people look at my legs.” Luke said. Shorts are definitely the best thing that spring brings because it is hard to wear them in the winter.

You can dress warm and cold in the spring which is really cool. You don’t have to just dress warm which is what you have to do during the winter. You can choose depending on what you feel like or what you want to wear. If it is a warm day you can wear shorts and if it is cold you can wear pants.

Spring fashion is one of the best and most diverse times of fashion in the year.

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The Mob: Back together again

The Mob showed out in full force for the boys basketball semifinal and championship games on March 4th and 6th at Salt Lake Community College.

The Mob, which was by far the biggest, loudest, and rowdiest it has been all season, provided energy for the boys basketball team. In the end, it helped propel them to a state championship. Jackson Saunders, a Mob member talks about the environment at the games,

“The Mob was almost nonexistent during the year, so when we finally put a Mob together it brought a really nice atmosphere”

In the arena, the environment was electric. It was obvious that The Mob was excited to be back together. The anticipation had been building since the last time The Mob was in full force, which was at last years basketball state championship game, over a year ago.

Josh Haynie, another Mob member, comments on how The Mob at the state tournament compared to The Mob previously this year and in years past.

“The energy and excitement was better this year because we had all that built up energy from not being able to get to the games in the regular season”

With many Covid-19 restrictions in place, The Mob has not always been able to attend sporting events. Students were limited at football games and it wasn’t until halfway through the basketball season that students were allowed in the gym at all.

Josh Haynie expounds on how the environment at the playoff games compared to ones earlier in the year,

“The playoff games were a lot better than the ones at Davis because we could pack the place and did not have to social distance”

The venue that the basketball state tournament was held at, was smaller than some of the other venues that have been used in past years. When asked about the environment at the tournament games this year Jackson Saunders said,

“I liked how it was a bit of a smaller gym than previous years, and it felt like more people were there.”

The mob will be able to attend spring sporting events starting this week such as baseball, boys soccer, and softball.

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To the seniors stressing about college decisions

This time of year is stressful for seniors. Many have made up their minds about what college they want to go to, but many still haven’t even decided. For those who have decided, there are still a multitude of other questions to answer.

For students who haven’t decided where you want to go, no worries, but you should probably decide soon. Housing and programs are going to fill up soon.

My advice to those still struggling to decide is to talk to your friends about their reasons for choosing a particular school; they may have some you haven’t considered. Or, honestly, if you really have to, just decide based on superficial things like, “Which campus looks better?” or even “Which campus has more vending machines?”

Sorry to tell you, but after you decide which college to go to, you have a million other questions. Like where you should live and what you should bring. In order to help alleviate some of your stress I’ve talked to Anna Larsen, a senior here at Davis High, about how her decision making process has been.

Anna will be attending Utah State University this fall, where many of her relatives have gone. She will be studying  Digital Design with minors in Marketing and Photography. She doesn’t know exactly where she’ll be living but she does have some living/home preferences.

“Close to campus, I want it to be nice, affordable and have plenty of amenities.”

She said.

Her dorm or apartment should be able to provide for her needs and be “easy to work with.” Anna is not planning on getting a meal plan because of the expense.

“I feel like it would be cheaper to do something else and buy a bunch of bulk food beforehand.”

Anna said.

Although Anna isn’t getting a meal plan, she agrees that they may work better for some people than for her, so don’t write off a meal plan if you were planning on one. College is about what works for you.

As for roommates, the most important aspect is personality to Anna. She doesn’t care about what they are studying, but similar interests are important. I agree since you are living with them, not necessarily being tutored by them. They should have a similar preferences to you in terms of cleanliness and organization.

If you’re scared about living alone for the first time, you are not alone. Nearly everyone is. Managing your time, finances, and health yourself is intimidating. On top of that, you are in a new place with new people, and that’s scary.

 “I’m anxious about the social experience and having to put myself out there and having to get to know people. Because it’s really a fresh start, no one knows you so you have to build up your reputation all over again which could be a good or bad thing.”

Anna says about her college fears. 

Ironically, the social experience is also something that Anna is excited about. She’s heard that your roommates or friends in college turn out to be lifelong friends sometimes, and she’s really excited to find close friends and have fun trying new things on the weekends.

Don’t get her wrong though, she’s definitely going to be missing some people. Namely, her family and dog. It’s hard to be away from your family for such a long time, especially for the first time.

Although she’s been preparing and taking advice from her mom about making an Amazon wish list early, Anna still has a lot she hasn’t decided on, so if you’re feeling confused, you aren’t alone.

I still don’t know where I’m living so that’s kind of the biggest decision right now, is figuring that out.”

A laptop is also on her mind, and due to her major being very digitally based, she needs a good one. She’s also deciding on what else to bring to school. All of these decisions are really stressful, and anxiety-inducing. How does one manage it all? Anna just trusts that everything will turn out how it’s supposed to be.

Just do your best, do everything that’s in your power, and then let everything else take care of itself.”

She also advises to get to know people who have gone to the college you are going to. She has relatives on her mom’s side that have gone to USU before, so learning from their experiences is really helpful for her.

To all the seniors, confused and anxious, just get as much information as you can, and make the decision you feel is right. Everything will turn out fine, and work out in the end. So don’t stress, and enjoy the rest of your last year of high school!


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