Teacher Doppelganger

Do you ever see a teacher and feel like you’ve seen them before, but you cant wrap your finger around who they look like? This might help you. Here are a few teachers that look like movie actors and TV characters.

Coach Arquette and King Henry the VII.





Coach Bayard and football player Tom Brady.





Mrs. Bennett and Betty Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.





Mr. Gunn and Al McWhiggin from Troy Story 2.





Mr. Haueter and Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2.





Mrs. Janes and the Canadian actress Jillian Harris.





Coach Horne and Thanos from Marvels Avengers: End Game.





Mrs. Jones and actress Mary Steenburgen.





Mrs. Lawson and Actress Marisa Tomei.





Mr. Scanlon and actor Rowen Atkinson.





Mr. Timothy and Roddy from Flushed Away.





Mr. Wahlstrom and actor James McAvoy.





Mr. Wilkey and Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.





Mr. Spaulding and actor Dave Foley.





Mr. Street and actor Paul Johansson.





Mr. Roundy and Benny from Gmoneo and Juliet.





Mr. Merrill and Mr. Frey as The Property Brothers.




After reading this article, you decide: Are the teachers at Davis High really who they claim to be? Or are they living a double life?


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Keep calm, it’s almost Fall Break!

The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping, and Halloween is right around the corner. Along with all of this, autumn brings the promise of fall break.

Students anxiously look forward to UEA weekend because it provides students a break from the demands and stress of schoolwork. With four full days off of school, what could you possibly do with yourself?

If you’re one that likes to pack in fun activities and events during holidays off from school, then you may be overwhelmed with the variety of options that you can do during fall break. One could go do many of the seasonal activities such as going to a haunted house, visiting a corn maze and pumpkin patch, or baking fall treats.

If you are staying home for fall break, there are still plenty of things to do. You could hang out with friends, watch a movie, play board games, cozy up to the fire and enjoy a good book, or spend some quality time with family.

Many students at Davis are going out of town for fall break. They are heading for warmer weather and the ocean. Some are going camping, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the beautiful fall season. Other students are staying at home, sleeping in, and enjoying the time off from school.

Samantha Oswald, a student here at Davis, told us that she planned on “possibly hanging out with friends, watching movies, and going in the hot tub.” Samantha continued saying, “I wish fall break was longer, but that it is a great time to relax.”

So whether you plan on staying home or going somewhere tropical, make sure to enjoy the break from school.

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What teachers are doing to improve students’ mental health

There’s no doubt that students today are experience higher rates of anxiety and depression. Just in the state of Utah, 33% of kids grades 9-12 have reported symptoms of depression, while 22% have had suicidal thoughts. 14% of kids ages 12-17 have reported having depressive episodes. This begs the question, what about life today is making students more anxious and depressed? What are teachers doing about it? Is there a solution?

Abnormal or impaired brain chemistry, and hormones are the obvious answer, but why are there more “chemical imbalances” found in people today compared to those in the past? Well, low self-esteem, comparison, and peer pressure all add to the mix.

“Students have more access to information that allows them to compare. It’s really hard to compete with somebody’s best Facebook page. As we do that more and more, we fall into this trap, and that is we compare our weaknesses to somebody else’s strengths, and that is an infinite defeat,” Tim Larson, English teacher at Davis High, said.

He continued with, “It’s interesting how corrosive contemporary society can be if you let it in constantly telling you you’re not enough. It’s not only you don’t have enough, but you aren’t enough, and you never will be enough. Those are, if internalized, are destructive messages.”

Heather Bauer, another English teacher here at Davis High, added that there is a lot of pressure from outside influences to fit into a specific mold.

“There’s a lot of pressure to be this, I don’t even know. Nobody really knows what it is but we’re all trying to reach for something that nobody can really define. But we’ll know if you get there,” she commented.

While teachers are not qualified to deal with these sensitive situations, both Larsen and Bauer do think it is everyone’s responsibility to help someone in need.

“I think it’s a human to human obligation. I think it’s a common good thing. I think everyone’s health and happiness is everybody else’s obligation and responsibility. So, as a teacher, if I have some kind of insight as to how to be healthier mentally, how to address anxiety, then if I can share than is a respectful and productive way to students then I want to do that,” Larsen shared.

In his own classroom, he’s connecting the literature he teaches in the classroom to deeper messages about life and happiness. He also tries to work with the students, and their stress levels, when it comes to assigning homework.

Mrs. Bauer takes a similar approach. She also tries to make her class low stress when it comes to homework and grades, and she also likes to send positive and affirming messages to her students.

“That’s always a goal of mine. To create a relationship with the kids, look them in the face, let them know that they’re important, and just ask them about their day. Not just about my class, not just about English, but how are you doing? How are things? I treat them like a human being, not just a student, because you guys are.”

While there is no perfect way to handle this issue, and there may be no perfect solution that completely cures depression or anxiety, but there are ideas that can help make the world a more enjoyable place to be in. As for improving the education system to alleviate anxiety, both Bauer and Larsen would advise the administration and school board listen to the students and their needs to create an environment that students want to be in, as well as place less of an emphasis on grades. As far as the social and emotional aspect of it, Larsen encourages students to be defiant to messages.

While improving students’ mental health may take a huge support system of parents, friends, and others, Larsen, Bauer, and all the teachers here at Davis want you to know they are here for you.

“There are adults in this building that care about these kids so much. So, so much. To be able to create that relationship where a student feels comfortable with me is my goal. That’s why I wanted to be a teacher is because somebody did that for me. Somebody said, ‘You’re safe here, and you’re okay,’” stated Bauer.






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The Opioid Crisis: Utah’s rising epidemic

The United States is facing an increasingly problematic issue that poses a major threat to many people. Recently though, teens have entered the scene and it proves troubling for many.

The Opioid Crisis has significantly been rising in the past few years. So where does Utah enter into this? Utah has ranked top 10 in the country for overdose deaths for the last ten years. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that there were 456 deaths related to an opioid overdose in 2017.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse also reported that, “Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.” This is a somber fact that should inspire us to try and do something to stop the opioid crisis from spreading even more.

“From 2000 to 2015, Utah experienced a nearly 400% increase in deaths from the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs,” stated the Utah Department of Health. This has pushed Utah to take significant steps in decreasing overdose deaths from opioids.

The Utah Department of Health has received funding to address the opidemic. They have also been distributing Naloxone, which has contributed to saving lives. The department has funded community clinics, substance use treatment facilities, and community organizations.

Teens in Utah have been abusing prescription drugs that contain opioids. They abuse these prescriptions because social media portrays it as popular and normal, they are looking for acceptance with their peers, have a lack of confidence, or are simply going through a rebellious phase. Opioids can also be unintentionally abused if teens are recovering from a sports injury. They may become dependent on it so that there isn’t a lot of pain.

Teens and adults should seek out help from a trusted adult or professional counselor if they are dealing with opioid addiction. Seeking out help and gaining support from family and friends will help teens on their road to recovery.





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Whats in store for students during college week?

Want to apply for college but you’re not quite sure what college? Do you want to know more about your dream college? College week at Davis High is a great way to learn about different colleges in Utah. Next week, October 7-12, Davis has college representatives coming to the school to teach the students about their colleges and what they have to offer. Dixie, Utah State, USU, and other colleges are offering free applications during this week. So rather then having to pay a $40 application fee, you can do it for free! Since applying to these select schools is free that means that you can apply to more then one with out having to pay a dime.

Lisa Wadley is the counselor in charge of college week and she set it all up for the students. She did her best to make this week not only educational but fun too. You can put your name in a drawing to earn a prize like a t-shirt or a lanyard. Each day during the week there is something going on. There will be a FASFA completion night where there will be people there to help you fill it out. So when you have any questions there will be someone right by your side helping you fill it out.

Wadley also thinks college week is a 10/10 experience that all seniors should attend. It brings resources to our school for anyone who has questions that need to be answered. On top of all that, all the teachers are very supportive of this week because they want the students to focus on their future and start preparing. With all the support from the school and the college community, college week is a significant way to start getting interested in college and your future. Its highly recommended that all seniors attend because its really the easiest way to get a head start on your future.

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Traditional True Darting


True darting is a Davis High tradition that I have known about since my Jr. High years and coming into High School. I figured that it would be talked about much more often than it is. It has come to my attention that most people don’t even know what true darting is.

In all scenarios of this tradition there is a couple who kiss in the ‘D’ by the football field. However, variation does still occur. One scenario involves having to kiss some who has already been “True Darted” in order to become a true dart yourself. Another includes running across the football field in an unholy fashion before the kiss.

Why is this even a tradition? Guaranteed, there were some students who were trying to steal as many virgin lips as possible. Since true darting is still around, I am going to say it works.

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Was homecoming 2019 a foreshadowing of bad future dances?

After Davis High Schools disastrous 2019 homecoming dance on September 28, many of the students are concerned about the quality of the other three dances to take place this year. They fear that if the other dances are anything like homecoming was, then they have nothing to look forward to except for three mediocre dances.

What was so bad about the homecoming dance you may ask? Well, besides the spoiled milk being flung into the center of the crowd of students, the typically exciting and fun homecoming dance was run in an overly strict fashion, with several new rules. The least popular of said new rules was the new ban on moshing. Moshing has always been the favorite dance activity among many of the students who attend the dances. However, those who participated in the mosh-pits at homecoming were rather disappointed as the DJ would stop the music every time moshing began, under the orders of Mr. Chapple.

Furthermore, there was really nothing to mosh to, as the music playlist was mostly full of old, boring, and mostly “family friendly” pop songs, far different from the style of music typically played at enjoyable dances. Several students who were at homecoming were asked what they thought about the songs played at the dances.

Jackson Terril (Senior) said, “The DJ knew as much about music as my dog knows Japanese.”

Terril, as well as many other students felt that the songs played at homecoming were not the kind of songs students enjoy hearing at dances. For example, the song “Happy” by Pharrell was played, and received a chorus of boo’s. In fact, many students left the gym and waited for the song to be over until they returned.

“Happy belongs in Despicable Me 2 in 2013. Not a Davis High dance in 2019.” said Britain Grant (Senior).

Another new rule that irked many students was the new policy on leaving the building. If students leave the building during the dance, they will not be let back into the school, and the doors are locked at all times during the dance. This was especially controversial at homecoming, because after the spoiled milk fiasco turned the gym into a rancid setting, many students went outside to get fresh air. These students were not let back into the dance. Students are still required to wear the wristbands given to them at the door regardless. By the end of the night, and after a heated confrontation between the administration and several students in the south end parking lot, around 20 students had either been banned from entering the building or had to wait at the south end stairs for the dance to be over.

If the changes seen at homecoming are in fact here to stay, and are any indication of how the next three dances will be, then the school can expect the following. For the satisfaction of the students to plummet and the attitudes of students of all schools towards Davis High dances to be much worse than what they have been in the past. Students who attend Farmington, Layton, Viewmont, etc., will not have the same excitement that they have in the past when being asked to Davis dances. Although safety should be a concern, so should the students overall enjoyment of the dances. Students look forward to these dances for months, and should not be dissapointed by them due to the demoralizing rules put in place by the administration. Let the kids be kids.


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Words of Wisdom for my Naive Sophomore Mind

Sophomore year at Davis High in many ways feels like a haunted house that you are forced by the government to walk through. That was my experience at least. I remember feeling an entire hurricane of emotions every day and constantly being afraid and self-conscious of things I’d never even thought about.

Having gone through three years of high school, there are several concepts of life I understand now that I wish someone had explained to me when I was young and terrified of the world. I want to bestow that knowledge onto as many sophomores as I can to help them navigate their way through the treacherous, Amazonian jungle like maze that is high school.

A huge problem in our society today is social media. We are constantly comparing our worst to everyone else’s best. This leads to a mindset that everyone around us is constantly judging us. Walking down the halls surrounded by so many people you don’t know can be extremely intimidating. When you look at it from a different perspective though, no one is judging you. Everyone is here to get an education and we probably all feel uncomfortable frantically running up a stairway when the minute bell rings. We’re all going through a lot of the same issues and we’re more alike than different.

My sophomore year I was horrified to say something dumb in class or wear something that looked dumb because I didn’t want to mess up a fake person that I was trying to create; a person that was acceptable to other people but not acceptable to myself. This is the key to being happy and making friends that love and accept you for who you are, be yourself! Wear whatever you want, talk about whatever you’re into, do what makes you happy. Don’t live a fake life just to fit in with people you have nothing in common with. Popularity doesn’t exist after high school.

There is a huge focus these days on getting perfect grades and getting accepted to top collages. We become so overwhelmed with work and stress that we forget to take care of ourselves and our mental health suffers. It is vital that you put school aside every once in a while, and take a mental break to clear your mind and take care of your body. When you’re in a healthy mindset it is way easier for you to learn and keep up on your work.

Another issue is when you fall behind on your homework or don’t understand a concept. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Get help as soon as you can because once you fall behind it’s almost impossible to catch up. Don’t be afraid of the teachers they are there to help you. I was afraid of my math teacher and I didn’t ask for help and suffered the whole year because I didn’t understand anything that was going on. Don’t let the workload overwhelm you and make sure you still leave time to relax and have a mental break.

Sophomore year and your overall high school experience can be amazing if you figure out how to have fun and care about your classes. When you think of school as a prison, you’re held captive in for seven hours, you lose any intrinsic motivation you had to come. But when you find a reason to try your best every day you are happier, and school becomes a safe place you really enjoy coming to. And that’s the tea.

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Fighting the flu: Tips to staying healthy during the flu season

As we transition into fall and winter, the flu season approaches fast. School is in full speed and there is more of a chance of catching and spreading the flu. So what can we do to protect ourselves from falling ill to the flu?

The best option would be to get vaccinated against the virus, but there are many additional options to fighting the flu.

Washing your hands often can help in protecting yourself from the flu. You should especially wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, or before eating.

Don’t be tempted to share things with your friends or family, as that is where the germs can really spread. Try to avoid being near people who are already sick, as well as large crowds.

It is very important to get plenty of sleep. If you are feeling run down try to get more sleep,  as less sleep weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to the flu or other viruses. Not getting enough sleep can also affect how fast you can recover from an illness if you do get sick.

Getting enough exercise will help keep your immune system strong to defend against the flu. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated. Make sure you are eating healthy and getting enough nutrients for your body. Eating more protein and antioxidant-rich foods, such as whole grains and walnuts, will help you fight the flu virus.

Learning to protect yourself from the flu and other colds will help reduce the risk of catching an illness during the fall and winter seasons. Remember to use your best judgement and be cautious throughout the flu season. Don’t get caught with the flu when you have the means to stay healthy!



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The “Club Chev” Legacy

Have you ever been hanging out on a Saturday night when all other stores are closed, and you have nothing to do? No mischief to make? Everyone’s answer happens to be the heart and soul of Kaysville, Club Chev. 

When it comes to high school hangouts Club Chev otherwise known as the Mcdonald’S/Chevron on 2nd North is almost unmatched there are people their nightly. Maybe the reason is because it is so close to everyone and open late, or maybe it’s the cheap food when everyone is munching. Either way Club Chev is well known to be the Davis High hangout. 

However, there is a new rival on the rise. Almost every Friday after Friday night lights the parking lot at In-n-Out in Centerville fills up with cars and students from all schools hanging out, the line files out of the door to order food as you see waves of Groups of all sorts in different themed outfits, drenched in sweat and covered in paint from cheering on their teams to victory. 

In n Out is a worthy opponent in dethroning the hangout king Club Chev. However, I don’t think it will be considering its further away it’s become more of an after-game tradition. Mcdonalds is still about unmatched as if you decide not to go to In-n-Out after the game you are almost guaranteed to find people at Club Chev.  

Our beloved Club Chev has been a hangout for ages former students are often found there to this day. It’s a restaurant/gas station very near and dear to our hearts. The endless memories found their will live forever. like the one-time Nick Shirley set up bowling pins and decided to bowl in front of the cash register, which he was kicked out soon after. Club Chev is an urban legend, a myth, a fact and a legacy; and it will continue to live on for as long as it stands. 

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Homecoming Week Extravaganza


School dances are one of the best ways to get involved, Homecoming is the first dance of the year. The whole week leading up to the Homecoming dance the school has activities.

Since there was no school on Monday there was no scheduled activity. Because of this there was two activities on Tuesday. Tuesday morning was the banner contest and Tuesday after school was street painting. Brooklyn Haycock participated in the street painting, she was there for AP art. She said “it was very competitive and there was a lot of people screaming with paint flying everywhere”.  

Wednesday was the Homecoming assembly. During the assembly they had a lip sync battle between the grades, musical theater preformed part of Matilda, Dance Company, and the D’ettes performed with Davis cheer. Finally, they presented this years Homecoming Royalty.

Thursday was the parade, it started at 4 pm and goes through the neighborhood west of Davis High School. Since the Parade is a little bit harder for students to attend there is another activity that night. “Sunset S’mores” 7pm @ south end there was little fireplaces for people to roast s’mores and watch the sunset with their friends. Friday is the homecoming football game vs Syracuse. There will be a tailgate on the point @ 5:15 pm and kick off is at 7, it will be a gold out.

Finally, Saturday is the Homecoming Dance. The dance starts at 7pm and goes until around 10pm. Dances are the perfect way to make new friends and get outside your comfort zone. Participating in these activities not only supports the school and the dance, but it shows your school pride.  

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Kissing at Davis Football Games

 Its halftime of the football game, electricity fills the air as Davis is at a raging lead. Everyone is screaming and yelling when suddenly a circle forms around you and one other, everyone begins to chant, “KISS! KISS! KISS!” your stomach drops, butterflies fill the space left behind, you begin to panic as the chants get louder… there is no escape!  

A new exciting fear is emerging from Davis high football games, being circled and pressured into kissing another student. Football games are all about fun especially when you’re on your home turf, the excitement is great, and you are full of Davis pride screaming and cheering your team on. The second you hear someone chanting someone you instantly join in to feel a part of the Davis mob family, this includes when people start chanting “KISS, KISS, KISS!” everyone gets excited in hope or fear that they could be the next victim.  

For Davis high students it is all fun and games and is soon forgotten by the following Saturday. But how do people feel about getting pressured to kissing into someone maybe they don’t want to? It can be seen as a problem by some kids and some adults Lauren Rusnell says, “it can definitely be a problem at the games no one likes to feel pressure so why put kids in an uncomfortable environment.” our administration here at our school was surprised and shocked when they learned of these events going on during halftime. Wilkey said “it is negative peer pressure which is never okay in any situation. It creates unsafe and dangerous environment.”  

However, some students love the idea of this activity and would like to do it at all blow-out games. Regan Neuenswander who was one of the students to be kiss (on the cheek) during halftime says, “it was fun and a fun moment to be in we kind of view it as school pride, almost like true darting.” all the students love to get wild at the games and kissing during half time when your team is guaranteed to win is all a part of the fun. Come and experience it all!… if you dare. 

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Fall fashion failing?

Through the years, people grow to like obscure clothing. More and more skin shows as life continues. Now why is this? Even during the fall, the youth seems to be showing much more skin than the average person should be. Especially considering the dress code standards at Davis High.

Ladies youth have been seen wearing strapless tops, booty shorts, merely scraps of clothing that cover hardly anything. However, the schools freezing cold AC has been combating this dilemma. Since most of the human species has been known to dislike cold weather, they have been wearing longer sleeves and longer pants in order to warm their bodies.

Fashion is going down the drain these days and I don’t see why. It makes it so much easier for predators to access areas of the body that most women would not enjoy. Yet, people wear them anyway because it is what is currently “in” as of the season.

Yet, people have the audacity to wonder why so many problems concerning women getting harassed have come to surface.

Now, I am not one to judge, but if a woman wants to go out practically nude than she shouldn’t expect to have the same respect that is handed to everybody else. I understand that it is currently a popular fashion but, would you rather be respected or disrespected?

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The Infamous Davis High Mob

Having school pride is at its undermost importance when it comes to attending the games, That’s why we try to have the loudest student section, also known as the Mob. But what is it really like to be a part of the Davis High Mob?

Jake Sampson, one of the seniors that help hype up the crowd said that being a part of the Mob is “being a part of something bigger than yourself, and being able to cheer your friends and classmates on is the best”.

The Mob may be a bunch of crazy teenagers, but when they come together they created the biggest support system for our football players. It also proves which school has the most pride. As Lincoln Thorpe said “it’s to be a part of the school while also defending the tradition”.

With crazy teens however, come crazy chaotic experiences. Kaden Kinikini and Jackson Culimore describe one of their craziest experiences while in the Mob. “We once got hit by a flying tortilla while trying to talk to our friends”. At every corner there is something new and unusual happening. Lincoln Thorpe said that Jake Sampson hit him in the head with a cowbell, Now that’s school Spirit!

Every Mob must have its leader right? Well maybe not. When asked who the mob leader was this year Jake and Lincoln responded with “not really one person, it’s more of a group effort”. This has been a hot topic at the school ever since football season started. Who could ever follow in the footsteps of Garrett Cisneros, a legend?! That question remains unanswered.

One controversial topic this year concerning the Mob is that the administrators are too strict. When asked his opinions on the topic Lincoln said, “yes 100%, all the other schools have so much more fun and are allowed to do so much more, with them keeping tabs on us our student section is kind of dry, we just get yelled at”. Brooklyn Haycock’s respond was very similar “yes they show a lot of distrust in the students and they see us as stupid teenagers that only know how to make mistakes”.  Some could argue that it’s for our own protection and they’re only doing it to keep us safe.

The Mob has been a tradition for as long as we can remember. We want to create a legacy that can carry on for generations to come.

“One of the reasons it is so important to our students is because it hypes up the players and gives them confidence to improve at their peak” said Kaden.

So what is it really like to be a part of the Davis High Mob? Better come and see for yourself.

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Students for the Environment

You have probably heard of the problems our globe has been through. I know there are many, but there is definitely a bigger one. Global warming is real, it is sad, and it just grows. For that, there are many things that us, as the family earth, can do to make it better. One of those things that came up not to Utah, nor the U.S., but to the whole world was a movement that supported. A Swedish clime activist  has been fighting for the world’s biggest leaders to use more alternative energy sources like the renewable ones, such as solar energy instead of the combustion of fossil fields. At Davis High, the Junior Julia Last is being responsible for the movement.

“She posted online and we are trying to spread the word, and to gather as many students as we can to join the movement. We are gathering at Davis on the morning of Friday, the 24th, and marching to the City Hall in Kaysville, during it, we are having a lot of activities during it, and we will find supplies to make posters and whats is needed, and I will give a speech.”, said Last.

So, if you agree with Julia’s plans and that the earth needs help, joint the movement.

If not, no one cares for whatever you are doing in your end of term classes.

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Senior Cotillion

With the end of the school year coming to a close, the last couple weeks are going to be awesome, especially for the seniors. With a lot of fun activities and opportunities senior week is upon us. Every day there is a different activity for the seniors to participate in, all leading up to Friday. Friday is Senior Cotillion.

Senior Cotillion is a non-date dance for all the seniors who attend Davis High. It is suppose to be an awesome time. With it being senior week, there is a lot of talk from everyone about Senior Cotillion.

Zoe Jacobs says,

“I think that I’m going. I think that it’s great, and I’m looking forward to this last chance to socialize and attend a dance for Davis High.”

When asked about the expectations for Senior Cotillion Marcus Maughan said, “I think it will be a good time and hopefully there is good music.”

Lot’s of seniors have different opinions about the dance and are looking forward to have such a fun opportunity.

Margaret Brown says,

“I am super excited! I am so excited that all of my friends are going to Senior Cotillion as well.”

This years senior class has been an awesome one for sure. With the senior’s high school career coming to a close, they are excited to have one last opportunity to dance and have fun at Senior Cotillion.

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The music we listen too

Throughout the world and history music has been and still is an extremely important part of humanity. Proof of its existence since the beginning of man has been discovered.  The oldest instrument, is a bone flute from a cave in Germany, carbon dates to 35000 years ago. The first complete musical composition is the Seikilos epitaph its written on a gravestone that resides in modern day turkey, and has been decided to be from the first or second century AD.  the first known written song is cuneiform, a Hurian hymn written 3400 years ago. The credited founder of music itself is Iranian king Jashmid, with his rule during the eliminate empire that existed from 2500 BC to 644 BC, but presumably it existed before then because humans have had vocal chords longer than that.

Quite clearly music has had a major influence on our world. In modern times though, hymns, operas and classical music were the most significant as it started out, but, as we progressed, so did music, leading us to the 1,264 genres we have now.

It has been used a long time as a way of helping to get through work. A great example of this is music that slaves would sing while on the plantation, though just songs at the time, the significance of African american culture in music is substantial. so substantial that in my age group the genres of music they are accredited for is most listened to.

Here in Davis high, I took a poll of 60 students and the outcome of the best wasn’t surprising. Coming in first was rap, with just over a third at 22 people voting it as their favorite. A tie at second place, with country and punk rock with 14 people each, though both of these are much lower nationwide, in Utah culture seems to make them popular. A three way tie comes in at 3rd place, with rock, alternative, and electronic all having 3. Though in third in this sample, nationwide in all age groups, rock makes up 21.7 of favorites, which put it in first. What was even more shocking is what came in last, pop with only 1 person saying it was their favorite, because nationwide, its only 1.6 percent less than rock, so barely number 2.

The United States is a very diverse place, with diverse music choices. My sample did not really reflect our nation at all of all ages, and not too similar to our age group too. The culture here in this area of Davis country though, the culture is very different from the rest of the United States, so maybe its that influencing our favorites, or maybe its just something else.

Whatever it may be, and whatever your favorite genre may be, in the long run it doesn’t matter as long as you like what you listen to.

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Choir State Competition: Review

Our choir students competed at the Libby Gardner Hall, in Salt Lake City and represented Davis really well, apparently. But, not all of them made it for State, only A Capella Choir and Madrigals, and they got mixed. Both of those choir categories have their own class periods, and the students included on it have to try out. They have multiple songs that they have prepared to perform and everyone in the categories make it, not only some students, which is really good and inclusive for all of them.

” We perform the songs and we get a score for them, 1 is perfect, and 4 is the worse we can get. 1- is also possible and it’s considered almost a perfect performance. We did pretty good, we got 2 1-‘s and one 1, so that was totally worth it”, said Paden Wilson, one of the students of A Capella that made if for Madrigals next year.

” I think our work was worth it and we also had a lot of fun, because we all like singing and that is a way for us to express ourselves as a group”, said Courtney Sorenson, another student that made it for next year’s Madrigals choir too.

It seems to us that their hard work was worth it . Congrats to the students and to their teacher, Ms. May.

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AP Testing is Finally Upon Us!

Prom is over, graduation and summer are coming, and from here it’s pretty easy coasting. That is, unless you have an AP test. For the people who took AP classes like, chemistry, geography, calculus, psych, history, etc. school isn’t quite done.

An “AP” test is a college level test that high schoolers’ take to prove that they have earned collage credit. Students that are taking it this week say they recommend taking AP classes in high school, because it’s easier, and much cheaper. In collage classes can cost up to $1000, here at Davis it’s only around $90.

AP classes, and tests take a lot of work, devotion, and  preparation. Some of the students taking AP tests told how they prepared for them.

“The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing practice test, and also been reviewing notes since August.” explains Micah Laub.

“We’ve been doing study groups during lunch, and after school, and writing a lot of essays.” Camille Hough.

If you pass with a 3 or higher you get collage credit. Micah Laub is taking 2 AP classes this year because she is trying to get her associate’s degree.

We all know there is a lot of stress that comes with AP tests. Everyone has different ways of getting rid of stress.

“How I deal with the stress that comes with AP testing is studying more for it.” -Micah Laub.

We wish good luck to all those who are participating in the AP testing!


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Senior week

Here at Davis High tradition is huge. Next week we enter our senior week. Senior week is designed to send off our senior class with a bang and many people say that this last little while of senior year is the best. Even talking to past seniors they all say they wish they could go back to those last couple weeks of senior year.

I asked a couple seniors how they were feeling and what they were excited about for senior week.

Zoe Jacobs said, “I’m excited for senior week because we get to play in the volleyball tournament.”  This year there is a tournament for all seniors who want to play volleyball and compete in a tournament for bragging rights.

Margaret Brown said, “I think its cool how the seniors get a week to be appreciated and sent off in the right way.”

As we head into senior week, we all have the chance to reflect on our awesome high school experience. I think its cool that we get to have activities because it is the last time our whole senior class will be together, and the last time we get to do things at our school.

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2019 Prom leaves everyone speechless

Prom is always a great night to remember for high school students across the nation. The dresses, the suits, the fancy dinners and limos, and the music and romance are always prominent aspects of prom night every year. This year’s prom included all of these themes and more, making it a wonderful night for everyone who was there.

Dinners during prom night are well known for being really fancy and lavish. Popular places for students to go included places like the rooftop, Rodizio’s, Brio, Cheesecake factory, Tepanyaki, Oakridge country club, and a lot of students have their parents make ornate dinners.

A big part of the prom experience is the day date. Day dates are a fun tradition that students at Davis High like to participate in every dance. Most day dates include recreational activities like paint-balling, mini golfing, top golf, laser tag, go karts, and things are casual as hammocking. Students have even been known to do things such as driving four wheelers at friends cabins far away from Kaysville and shooting shotguns.

Prom is a magical occasion for everyone who participates in it. For the boys who haven’t asked to prom yet, next prom you need to ask, you will not regret it.

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Davis High: home to the best teachers in the world!

Davis High is home to many incredible teachers! Once a week every year, us students have the opportunity to show the teachers how much we appreciate their hard work. It’s TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!

Teachers put so much time, energy, money, & thought into preparing the engaging lessons & activities we do in class. Many teachers pay for their classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Early mornings & late nights don’t faze teachers; they use the time to grade assignments, finish lesson prep, or doing some other awesome thing to enrich their classrooms.

There’s so many ways to show your appreciation for your teachers. However, one of the most effective ways is to come to class & be on time! It shows that you respect them & their class. With the weather getting warmer & sunnier, the temptation to take a day off may be strong, but teachers appreciate having students in class.

There’s been several teachers that have personally changed my life. Teachers who believed in me before I believed in myself, who helped me when my grades were struggling & who helped my earn my scholarship. Davis High teachers truly care about the students. Next time you leave class, thank your teacher for the lesson or leave them a nice note 🙂

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How to ace every test you take

Not everyone is good at taking tests but with a few tips you’ll be able to go into every test with more confidence and better scores. Especially with end of year testing coming up, learning a few tips for testing will be helpful.

Everyone learns in different ways. Its best to know how you learn and the best ways to study for your learning type. There are four main types of ways to learn: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic (hands on learning). When you know your learning style it will be much easier to study. Visual learners learn best by seeing charts and graphs. Auditory learners learn the best by reciting information out loud. Reading/Writing learners learn the best by following along in books and taking notes. Kinesthetic learners learn the best by doing things and adding activities to learning.

Besides knowing your learning style there are just some basic tips that will help you on your future tests. The first tip is to eat a good breakfast. If you have a good breakfast its a good start to the day and will help so you’re not thinking about food while you’re taking your test. The next tip is to take breaks when you study. Its been proven that if you take some breaks when you test that you will study more productively. The best tip I can give you is to not multitask and to try your best to just focus on what you are studying. The best way to do this is to keep your phone out of sight. Phones are very distracting and it helps to keep your phone in another room when you are studying.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your tests. Good luck!




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Bob Ross Comes to Davis

The Davis High senior committee and the senior class officers along  with their advisory teacher Tracey Meade, come together and worked hard to come up with the amazing  idea of “Painting with Bob Ross” for the latest senior activity. The final decision was made with a vote that the committee made. It was held in the school cafeteria on the 20th of March.

“Senior Committee got together during home room and they thought of all sour of funny activities and came up with it, and we just needed to fit in the schedule.” said Ms. Tracey.

Since there were around 50 students at the activity, they took a big TV that belonged to the SBO’s and the infamous painter Bob Ross was broadcast to teach the 50 students the techniques of great painting.

All of them started with a  11×14  construction paper canvas, gathered paint brushes,  and a well chosen episode to incorporate all the beautiful paints that were brought.

“The funniest part is the expectation of finishing three episodes but as we had to keep pausing it so everyone could catch up and understand, we didn’t even get though one.” Tracey said while chuckling.

It was cool to see a great idea brought to life with the help of the SBOs and senior committee. The turn out was better than expected and everyone seemed like they had  lot of fun. “We may not have gotten through as many episodes as we planned, but people had a great time in there” states Scott Swain.

Well, it seems like the idea turned out great. If you are a junior or a sophomore, let’s hope this becomes a tradition so all of us can be able to enjoy it.

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Ties for prom and a good cause

Sadie Green created a business called Green Starfish. This is an up and coming business. Not only is it selling ties to students at Davis High, but it’s helping families get out of poverty.

Green Starfish was started by an assignment in an entrepreneur class at the school. The assignment was just supposed to be a theoretical, but Sadie went above and beyond to create her business. Sadie decided that it would be a good idea to sell ties, because prom season is coming up, and ties are about to become a very needed product throughout the school.

Green Starfish is also helping families in get out of poverty. The business is specifically helping a family in Guatemala called the Garcia family. The family is close friends with Sadie Green’s family, the father’s of both families met on their missions and stayed in touch ever since. Right now Emilio (the father of the Garcia family) is struggling with his health, so the main goal of the company is to help his kids with the money they are trying to gain. The poverty rate in Guatemala is growing, right now 23% of the people are in extreme poverty. 50% of profits go to getting people out of poverty.

By supporting this business you can help the people in Guatemala and help the Garcia family. Buy a tie from Green Starfish for prom and support a great business. You can look at the ties Green Starfish has to sell on the Instagram: @green.starfish


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Seniors and College Registration

Nearing the end of the year, many seniors are looking for what they are going to do with their lives after high school. For many, this means college. Getting into college can be a stressful experience, because depending on where you go, you will be living there for however long you are attending the school.

Another reason why choosing the right college for you is so important is because depending on how good of an education you get, it could determine the job you have and ultimately even decide where you live. These are huge things in your life. Every year, seniors feel this pressure and rightfully so.

When going to college you have to take many things into consideration. Some of these things being who you are rooming with, where you are going to stay, what you are going to pay with, and many more things.

Student Will Ferrin said, “its really hard to decide where to go.” this is the common theme for many students because, like stated earlier, this is one of the decisions that shapes many of the things in your life.

In conclusion, even though it seems daunting and scary to decide where you are going to college… it is an awesome decision that will shape your life for better or for worse.

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Class of ’19 “Most Likely to…”

Since the yearbook doesn’t do it, DHS News has decided to throw together a list of “Most likely to”s for the graduating seniors. We have created a list of 16 categories with three guys and three girls nominated for each category. Here’s your chance to vote for the people you think deserve to be the definitive “Most likely to” for that category.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.
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Experience the golden age of music at moonlight serenade

For years, the highlight of Davis High fine arts programs has been the Moonlight Serenade. Delicious food and a night of fun produce the experience of a lifetime, and can be enjoyed by people from all over. Ageless music combines with dazzling performances to create the Moonlight Serenade.

The moonlight serenade has been hosted by the fine arts companies at Davis High for several years, preparing the music and ensemble performances half a year in advance.

While dinner is being served, the jazz band and moonlight singers perform several different songs from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. A custom drink bar and dance floor are offered for guests who buy a seat at the event.

Tickets for Moonlight are $30, and it includes a seat, fancy dinner/drinks, fine arts performances, and a chance to dance on the dance floor. However, separate tickets are sold for $5 to enjoy the music and dance floor alone.

Many people enjoy Moonlight Serenade over prom, because of the gourmet food and live music. City residents and Davis high students agree that this annual event is a must for couples and groups.

This night is a classical event that is known by cities all around Davis School District. It is a chance to enjoy exceptional music and gourmet food while taking a look into the golden age of music.

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Sophomores take a a test

This year, the Davis school district has decided to give a writing test to both sophomores and freshman to see how well our students improve in writing. The Davis school district is the only district in the state to choose this format, this year. The writing test used to be a part of the sage testing, and was for many years, until they decided to switch.

The same people that run the ACT, run this writing test. Now that there is a mandatory writing section in the ACT the school decided to use their format to help students, hoping it will help them prepare for the written ACT test later.

The ACT version is hand written, but this written test, like the old sage test, is on the computer. The test is either an argumentative essay or an informative one. Each student is given the same passage, and with the information given they will either choose a side or produce information from what is given. This essay is designed to be a 3-6 paragraph essay, depending on the format.

These tests are being taken during the English class of each students, so as to not disturb the schedule of the school like The ACT does. Some of last week and part of this week are when it is being taken, so as all of the students finish it up, the school will learn how well their kids are learning, hoping that one year of English will make it better. I am pretty sure that it will, but you never know.

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Have Past Artists Influenced Modern Music?

Every few years artists find new ways to coax fans into their music, leading a revolution of change in the music industry. An industry that will go to the depths of someones mind, and haunt the artists that find those catchy sounds and trends. Leading them to decide whether or not they want to descend the down whirl spiral of fame.

We live in an age where the theme of trans-realism has seeped within modern day arts and utilized by experienced and upcoming music artists. Trans-realism is the movement in where people want to escape reality due to abnormally high depression rates, arts use science fiction and fantastical elements to give a feelings of beings lost within an alternate reality. Which means anything from drug use to burring your face into a self phone could be considered as such.

Artists who have become popular over the years all have something in common. Artists that stick out, tend to travel lands untouched by the music industry. They develop a controversial image by talking about taboo topics and unearthing the uncomfortable. As well as drawing the listener into an alternate reality using those unique sounds and tones. These sounds and tones are not always from the norm’ but is what keeps you coming back for more.

Each decade has had artists follow this criteria. Leading the psychedelic movement in the 60’s was The Grateful Dead. This group sang popular songs like “Box of Rain”, “Friend of the Devil”, “Uncle Johns Bands’, and “Touch of Grey”. Although the sounds within the songs were recognized by most, songs like “Fire On the Mountain”, “Dark Star”, and “Unbroken Chain” gave fans a taste of what music could be. While being consumed by the chimes from”Unbroken Chain”, surrounded by products of Woodstock 69, and an agent from the psychedelic world gave people the ability to fully travel into that different reality.

Following the 70’s came bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd. Each explored their own sounds and men like Jim Moresen found that the strange shouldn’t always be shunned. As The Doors whaled on the organ creating songs like “The End” and “People of Strange” it gave an eerie feeling of the shadows of society. However Pink Floyd used sounds of the world in songs like “Breathe (Air)” and “Money”. The whirls of wind added into the back ground and the clanking of money and cash registers allowed fans to relate to their music, to their modern lives.

As the 80’s were coming to the end, rock, pop, and white pants were just not cutting it for some and a new form of music had begun to pry its way into musical culture. Without knowing it, the rap group N.W.A changed musical culture forever. Songs like “Straight Outta Compton”, exposed the dark truth of growing up in Compton and places like it. As many listened in dis-belief, the harsh language and bluntness used in their music angered many. For most  were not ready to accept the controversy of the outside world.

Generations passed and the world became more accustom as generations pass. Legends like Curt Cobain and the rest of Nirvana came out with songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that went along the lines of teenage life. Discussing teenage years during the grunge age. Artists like Kid Cudi dug deep into their self conscious to give us beats from another world. A great example is Travis Scott. His brand new album, “Astroworld” allows you to take a ride in a torn down amusement park in Texas.

Music has changed throughout the years but in some ways has stayed the same. The beauty of the matter, is music can take you away from reality. You can get lost within distant memories tied to the artists music and find clarity in the world we live in.





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Davis High’s got talent

On March 20, 2019 Davis High presented our yearly talent show. There were nine amazing performances, all diverse and saturated with immense talent. So lets take a look at these astounding performers.

The first act of the day displayed the amazing drumming skills of Ambree and Ellison. The second they stepped on the stage with their snare drums, they brought a whole new element to the auditorium. Their performance was upbeat, lively, and lots of fun. Not only did they bring the audience joy, but they themselves were radiating with joviality.

The next act was presented by Hyrum Frank. There is no mistake that he has the vocal chords of a professional singer. His performance of “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato filled the audience with astonishment. He accompanied his vocal presentation with the acoustic guitar and mesmerized the audience with his skills.

Mary Oldem then performed a beautiful piano piece that displayed her perplexing skills. As her fingers flew across the keys, the audience watched in bewilderment of the majestic melody she bestowed.

If you didn’t recognize Asher Layton before, you definitely will now. After his vocal and guitar performance, Davis High fell in love with him and his talent.

The amazing “Skater Boi” act thrilled the audience as Tayden Webb started dancing and doing jumps and flips with roller skates on. Obviously skilled in his department, Webb took advantage of the surprise of the audience and kept giving them more stunts and dance moves.

Isabel Rogers stepped on stage and captured the attention with her song about love





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Prom is right around the corner

The end of school is drawing nearer and nearer.  What does that mean? Prom is right around the corner. Davis Prom is a big deal around here. Students are getting excited for the Dance, along with a buzz going around with it.

To some students Prom is a pretty big deal. Will Ferrin, student at Davis high missed last years Prom and says he excited for the opportunity provided by the school to go and enjoy his fellow classmates presence at the dance one last time.

Zoe Jacobs said,

“I think the Prom is a great opportunity to be with friends and to dress up.”

Margaret Brown said,

“I think that it’s a good social experience to meet new people and it is overall just a fine time.”

When asked about some of the expectations for Prom, Braden Wilding said,

“Prom is awesome, I’m expecting for it to be an overall good time.”

Davis High D’ette Cali Stephenson added,

“Prom’s better than all the other dances. I’m hoping for some good music, some good dinner, and a good time with my group and date.”

At the end of the day Prom is an awesome time. It will be a great time to hangout with your friends and to have a lot of fun.

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The Bread and Cheese Club Art Show

The Bread and Cheese Club is hosting an art show on Wednesday, April 10th. The show will display all of the work that the members of the club have created throughout the year. Bread and cheese will be provided at the event.

The club has been a place for artists of different mediums to come together and collaborate on a variety of projects. Pieces of art will be on display for people to come see. Some of the mediums that will be featured include paintings, ceramics, and music.

Any student is welcome to bring art to display at the event, or to send a photo or video of their art to breadandcheese.davis@gmail.com to have displayed at the event, regardless of their involvement with the club prior to the art show.

Though admission is free, donations will be collected for the International Child Art Foundation. The club has been collecting donations all year, and this art show will be the last opportunity to gather cash for foundation this year.

With meetings twice weekly for the last six months, the Bread and Cheese Club has been preparing for this event since the very beginning. This art show marks the end of the club for the year.

One of the pieces of art that will be featured at the show is the short film “The Gambler’s Fallacy”. Various members of the club had the opportunity to share their diverse talents during the making of this film. The 24 minute film will have its premiere at the end of the art show on Wednesday.

The small club is hoping for a good turnout. This is a chance for the hardworking artists to show off their talents and a way for them to celebrate the end of the club. Plus, it’s free food and entertainment. What more could you want?

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The Davis High civil rights assembly

One of the most anticipated events of the year here at Davis High School is happening this Thursday, March 21. The students and parents of the Davis High community have the wonderful opportunity to hear from special guests who are willing to come to our school and help us learn more about one of the most pivotal times in our country’s history: the Civil Rights Movement.

We are so lucky to be able to have the chance to hold this assembly each year and enrich our lives by seeing first hand what it was like for African American citizens growing up and living in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement.

This year Davis High has the amazing opportunity to hear from two incredible women, Dr. Valda Montgomery and Janice Kelsey, Devery Anderson, who is the author of: “Emmet Till, the Murder that Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement, and the Hill Air Force Base Baptist Choir. This is not an assembly you will want to miss.

Valda Montgomery lived in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1950s and ’60s, where her parents owned the only African American owned pharmacy in town. In their home they held several civil rights meetings where Dr. Martin Luther King was in attendance, and helped hide freedom riders and other African Americans from hate groups such as the KKK.

Janice Kelsey was a teenager when Martin Luther King called for the Children’s March in Birmingham in 1963. The day of the march she snuck out of her high school with her brother and ended up getting arrested for her participation in the march.

We are very privileged to be able to have assemblies like these at Davis High school, and all students are encouraged to attend.

“It’s important to learn from the past so that when we see things going on in the present we know that we should stand up and try to make a change just like these guys did back in the ’50s and ’60s.”

——- Ms. Leedy, one of the History teachers here at Davis who helps organize this assembly.

You will not want to miss out on what these speakers have prepared to share with our school, so come to the assembly on Thursday!!


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90’s Davis High

2019, a technological overgrown time. A time in which cars have started to run solely on electricity and cell phones dominate society. A time in which the term “patience” has retired and instant gratification is only a click away. The internet has flourished and is utilized in just about every household, workplace, and school.

Even our local high school Davis High School, would be unrecognizable if it weren’t for the trademark colors and unique mascot. To someone who went to Davis in the 90’s would have a complete different experience as one who goes to Davis in modern day time.

Davis in the 90’s, a time in which rap did not dominate musical culture. Instead an era of grunge, punk, and alternative rock was popular. An age where cell phones and the internet were yet to be born. To have a conversation you would actually have to talk to someone face to face. Although Davis was different back then, some things remain the same.

“I still remember going to the old Tastey’s with all my buddies for lunch. It’s now across the street from where it was.” Said a former graduate from Davis High.

The ancient tile “D” that has been inherited from senior class to senior class, was still a respected tradition in the 90’s. Students used to swim in Lake Fiesta just like they do today. Social cliques like jocks, mathletes, and preps existed then and now. However not everything was the same back then.

Davis has almost been completely remodeled and changed from what it once was. Davis in the 90’s was a very old school. However being as old as it was, there was plenty to add on. Adding more space and rooms, as well as urban legends within in the school. Old students used to spend their time searching abandoned class rooms and storage rooms in search of something out of the ordinary. Tunnels enclosed Davis, providing another canvas for students to explore. According to some, there was even a swimming pool in the basement of Davis.

Students spent their time back then a lot differently then students do today. In an age where there were no phones or internet, students had to get creative. Some student would meet up at the Training Table in Layton after football games. Others would spend the week of homecoming sitting around a bonfire on the driving range, east of the football field. However not everything students did was fun for everyone.

High school in the 90’s could have been a scary place as a freshman or sophomore. Back in the 90’s, hazing was aloof and was seen as just another tradition. Some seniors and juniors would stack pennies in the hall, if you were the unlucky sophomore to knock it over. You would be forced to push the pennies into a pile with your nose. If you lost a sporting match, you could be urinated on in the showers by seniors.

Life was quite different back in the 90’s and in some aspects would have been a lot of fun. A world without technology and social media encouraged creativity and allowed students to learn skills of coping and communication.

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Gym Classes: Harmful or Helpful?

A recent study brings us to a conclusion that children that are physically “fit” obtain information more effectively than children that are found “out of shape”. This study brings a big discussion across the globe and in America about whether or not including Physical Education in the class schedules of students.

Specialists and even parents have noticed that physical activities help young people to improve on attention skills, both at school and at home.

A representative study, presented last May at the American College of Sports Medicine, found that fourth and fifth grade students who ran around and otherwise exercised hardly for at least 10 minutes before a math test scored higher than children who had sat quietly before the exam.

The gym classes opportunities can vary a lot. Since school districts cover a big variety of students, it is a responsibility of theirs to offer as many options as they can, including adding team conditioning classes for students involved with specific sports and give them the credit for it, because it was proved that those were good for personal development.

” I think  involvement in sports provides the students to socially develop and to work as a team, something that a lot of people don’t develop once they grow.”, said Travis Frey, the basketball assistant coach.

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Davis women’s spring fashion

Spring is almost here and that means that the fashion world is changing. So pack away your snow boots and knit sweaters, it’s time to get out your shorts and sandals. Here is what’s happening in the fashion world at Davis.

One of the trendiest looks this spring, is pairing tight clothing with loose clothing in an outfit. For example, you could wear a form fitting top with some high waisted, loose jeans and some sandals. You could also wear a baggy t-shirt french tucked into some high waisted shorts with some Converse.

Another thing many girls are wearing this spring are rompers. Rompers are an easy and cute option for an outfit. They also come in many different styles. You can choose one with shorts or pants or one with sleeves or no sleeves. You can conform any romper to your personality by choosing a style, color, or pattern.

Animal print is coming back in style and many girls are choosing to couple their prints with bright and bold colors. For a swim day, you could wear a bright, vermilion bikini with denim shorts and a opened, button-down, animal print shirt.

An outfit you could use for a simple date night would be a flowing dress with flower print and some sandals. You could pair this with a light denim jacket or some cute tights.

So the next time you girls go out shopping, keep these trends and outfit ideas in mind. Fill up your closet with bright colors, animal prints, and flowing clothes and you will be following all the latest fashion. Let’s spring up Davis!

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How to successfully get a prom date

The season of asking and answering to prom is in full swing, and many of our google search histories might have something to do with “creative ways to ask to a dance” etc. The pressure to be creative and memorable when asking to a dance can be a lot to some who prefer simplicity, while others go above and beyond with how they ask (or answer) someone to a dance.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you might consider asking or answering your date face to face with no extra fuss. However for those who prefer the classic “make a poster and doorbell ditch them” method, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Make sure you get the right house. Reasons being self explanatory.
  2. Unless being caught is part of your plan, make sure you know your escape route and be careful not to trip while you run away.
  3. Have someone with you. Going by yourself is stressful, and everything is more fun when you have a friend. Also provides the benefit of a getaway car.
  4. Don’t overdo it. Of course, make it as extra as you want, but don’t let it be too stressful. Dances are meant to be fun, so don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t enjoy the experience.
  5. Be creative. Everyone loves a good pun, and if they don’t, why are you going to a dance with them?

What it all comes down to is that dances should be fun, even the asking and answering part of them. So don’t freak yourself out too much, just enjoy the experience and roll with the punches.

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Davis Boys Spring Style

With spring right around the corner, and the weather getting warmer, boys are starting to transition from their winter closet to their spring closet. As boys bring an end to wearing jeans and hoodies they are beginning to move towards something more comfortable and cooler.

During the winter, the colder weather outside brings boys to try and find that middle ground between being warm and comfortable as well as being stylish. Most boys were wearing something with longer sleeves and a little more layers such as a hoodie, a flannel, or even just a long sleeve shirt. When it comes to pants, the 2 typical pairs worn were jeans or just a basic pair of sweats; there are also always those kids that wear shorts year round no matter the weather.

Starting from the bottom, the main shoes being worn are a basic pair of runners whether they’re Nike, Adidas, or puma. Another pair of shoes are in the rotation for many are Vans, most likely because there are so many different styles and they’re able to be dressed up or dressed down and still look good.

Next up is a style that’s been trending since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Many kids are really liking the no socks look with the runners or with the vans, mainly because whether you wear runners or vans the no socks look enhances the combo with shorts or even jeans. No show socks are a really popular way of doing so, although on the topic of socks there are still kids that like to wear the classic pair of white Nike socks.

With the way Utah’s weather is it’s always a good idea to keep the winter and summer closets open at all times. Pants are the main article of clothing that are constantly in rotation for boys. When the warm weather comes around many like to change into shorts, but there always the kids that like to stay in jeans year round.

This is the time of year when a hoodie or jacket becomes less of a necessity and more of a choice of style. Many will begin to wear long sleeves, and when it becomes warm enough to they will begin with short sleeves. School is indoor, though, so despite what the temperature is outside they will still wear a short sleeve shirt.

The final article of clothing that is allowed at Davis is head wear. Although many at Davis choose not to wear anything up top, a popular style that many like are beanies. For those who like to wear something on their head that aren’t a fan of beanies, a flat brim or even a dad hat are a great alternative.

Now, these aren’t all the styles that go around, but these are the style most begin sporting in the spring at Davis. Springs coming up so start closing up that winter closet and start jumping into something a little cooler and a little more comfortable.

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Young, dumb, and free

Egging, doorbell ditching, ways to make much more noise than needed, childish pranks, and adrenaline seeking are all things are quite often seen or heard of when teenagers are involved.  We seem to have a knack for getting in trouble. We aren’t fully mentally developed, leading to ideas that quite often lead to trouble, pain, or damaged items. Mischief and curiosity are very common in a teenagers lives. There are explainable reason for that, and maybe bad ideas are a good thing.

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is associated with decision making, which doesn’t finish maturing in females around 18, and in males around 22. This underdevelopment in the brain is probably the greatest factor of all for why we don’t always use our brains, leading us to do before thinking; leading us to do now, contemplate later. This underdeveloped prefrontal cortex also leads to a confidence of our abilities that may not be actually what we think they are. These reasons mixed with a lack of experience leads to mischief and risks that wouldn’t even be considered by most adults.

Though these decisions aren’t the best, they lead to lessons that we can’t in school. Where the line should be drawn, to put on a helmet, what risks lead to more pain than pleasure, to be more humbled, empathy for others when we aren’t so young anymore, and other life lessons that can’t always be taught, but instead need to be experienced.

So next time your kid or your neighbors do something that is not at all what they should be doing, or something that may be just be on the dumber side of things, just realize that we don’t always get what we are doing. Make sure we never cross a line that leads to life, property, or our bodies being risked, because some things can’t be reversed. When we get into trouble, remember not only that we actually weren’t thinking, that you were there too, nobody is perfect, but most importantly that we need those lectures and lessons that only you and life can give us.


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Davis District transition fair offers a means for special needs students to succeed

The Davis District transition fair is a venue hosted to assist special education students to help prepare for adult lives. When the event coordinators were asked if students with disabilities could be successful in life they said “Absolutely! We see it happen all the time!” It usually doesn’t just happen automatically though; it requires direct instruction, early planning, and consistent improvement. This idea must be an absolute fundamental belief of parents and educators: they can be successful and have great transition outcomes with the right training and support, and it is up to us to help guide them there. Our goal is not ‘just to get them graduated.’” they stress that people with disabilities more than have the ability to be successful.  They list several famous people with disabilities that were more than successful like Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Temple Grandin, Agatha Christie, John Denver, Winston Churchill, Charles Schwab, Vincent van Gogh, and many others.


Transition planning is what will take place at the fair. It is a focus on helping students transition from high school to adult life, such as employment, college education, and independence. In Davis School District, transition planning on the IEP officially begins in 9th grade, but age-appropriate transition activities can be done by parents and teachers much earlier! Transition planning is done by the IEP team and should take into account the student’s strengths, interests, preferences, needs, and the family’s cultural values. They are providing those with disabilities the means to become successful and happy adults.

The first step in Transition Planning it to conduct assessment. To help make informed decisions about necessary services. The assessments include surveys, observations, interviews, assignments, skills practices, etc. transition assessments give information about interests, strengths, and weaknesses, so that a person can make goals and a plan on how to accomplish them. Assessment is not just a hoop to jump through, it should be the driver for the rest of transition planning. There is no perfect assessment, just know what kind of information you want and find a way to obtain it.

The first thing that they plan to prepare for is independent living. The skills a person needs to function independently in life, and may include such areas as cooking, transportation, budgeting, safety, technology, housing, time management, social, etc.

The next step they take is employment. This step covers skills necessary for many levels of employment (i.e. competitive, self-, customized, supported, sheltered). These skills may be in areas such as career exploration and matching, applying, being on-time, following directions, associating with colleagues, etc.

The final step they take are discussions of post secondary education. This covers skills and preparation needed to attend a variety of post-secondary education settings (universities, community colleges, technical school, military, etc.). These skills may be in areas such as choosing a major, class selection, assignment completion, test-taking, organization, study skills, etc.

The transition fair will bring a number of agencies and organizations in the community to help students with disabilities through the transition process! They may provide a variety of services, including help with work skills, job placement, independent living, post-secondary education, funding, etc.

However, their services are often based on specific eligibility rather than entitlement as part of a free appropriate public education. So, it becomes the student’s/parent’s responsibility to make contact and coordinate services with them. It is usually helpful to make this contact early (late jr. high or early high school) to help begin the process, especially if there is a waiting list. With student/parent written permission, some of these agencies may be invited to attend an IEP meeting for more information.

The fair will take place on March fifth at the Weber state Davis campus at 5 PM and will end at 8 PM.


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California is the place to be

This last weekend I had the opportunity to go on vacation. My family and I went to Disneyland, it was super fun.

Before we went to Disney, we were able to go to UCLA and watch a basketball game. The campus is awesome and the weather was great too.  The environment was crazy and it was super cool to be apart of a Bruins win. UCLA beat Oregon 90-83.

After the game we drove to Anaheim. The traffic getting from place to place wasn’t horrible either, which in L.A. it usually is.

The next few days we were at Disneyland. I went with my family, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. We went on a lot of rides in both Disney and California Adventure. Both parks are really fun, but both have a little different vibes about them. California Adventure has some great rides and so does Disney. Some of the favorites from California Adventure were Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredicoaster, and Toy Story. Some of the favorites from Disney were Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones.

Disneyland is a great place to have fun and be with friends and family. All the rides were great. The weather was perfect and it is just a great place to be.


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ACT week concurred!

Congratulations to all the Juniors! After years of being warned by teachers and parents, it finally happened, the ACT!

This last week Wednesday the 20th, was the dreaded day of the big test. For 4 and a half hours they came and took the nation wide test. With only a 15 minute break with snacks given by the generosity of the teachers, cheese sticks and fruit snacks.

All the sophomores and seniors didn’t have to come to school that day. Seniors celebrating that they will never have to take that test again and sophomores terrified of the day next year that they will have to take it.

“I know it is really important and I really want to do good on it, but I also wish it didn’t determine so much about the future!” Said Joslin Wheeler

When asked if they prepared for the ACT one student confessed,

“Not really just my 11 years of schooling and the practice.”

A few weeks ago the school did give the opportunity for a free practice ACT, being able to get the scores back. Also there are classes after school, and online programs to prepare. So we would all be able to have a fighting chance to get into collage.


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The Sterling Scholar competition is coming to a close

Six students from Davis High are finalists in the Deseret News Sterling Scholar competition. That’s twice as many as last year. These finalists are David Randall, McKenna Tracy, Emily Alvord, Charles Johnson, Nicole Svagr, and, well, me. So that’s pretty cool.

Anyways, I was asked to write a piece about Sterling Scholar, so here we go:

The History:

Sterling Scholar has been a competition of the best and brightest students of Utah for over 50 years. In that time, Davis High has only had two winners, but they have had several runners-up. It is an honor to participate in this prestigious event.

What it is:

There are fourteen categories of Sterling Scholars. The categories that Davis will be representing at finals this year are computer technology, dance, family and consumer science, mathematics, foreign languages, and English.

The competition focuses on four qualifications: academics, service, leadership, and the category of that participant. The four qualifications are weighted equally.

In short, Sterling Scholar measures the overall merit of your work in high school and judges you accordingly. The people who win are generally the kind of people who have adopted a kid, started an orphanage, and wrote three books, while getting a 4.0 GPA and a 36 on the ACT (clearly hyperbole, but you get the idea).

The idea behind the competition was to honor students that don’t get the attention that student athletes receive. An argument could be made that times have changed since then, and academics are just as recognized as sports now, but the competition remains.

The reward varies based on the college the student is going to, but the prestige of participating in a competition like this is enough for most of the students involved.

The Process:

The first stage of becoming a Sterling Scholar is getting chosen at the school level. It varies from school to school, but here at Davis, this means filling out an application indicating your qualifications for the award.

If you’re chosen, you then fill out an extensive portfolio. This thing is tough. You document everything that you’ve done in high school that may be relevant to the competition. Transcripts and ACT scores go on there. You add things that demonstrate your ability in your category. Lots of pictures are involved. Not to mention roughly seven essay questions.

Once portfolios are submitted, 15 students per category are selected to move to semi-finals. You go to Ben Lomond High School and have an interview with a panel of 3 judges. The interview accounts for 40% of the final score.

Then, five students per category are selected to move to finals. That’s where we are now. Like semi-finals, this is an interview. This time it’s down at Cottonwood High. The major difference is, now there are 2 more regions that you’re competing with for a total of 15 students per student across the Wasatch Front.

The finalists don’t find out about how they did until a couple weeks later at an awards ceremony at the Conference Center in Salt Lake. The winner for each category and two runners-up will be announced. In years past, all the finalists get medals.

It’s been a crazy ride and I’m so happy to have been part of it. I’m honored to have had my name listed with the other finalists. It has been an incredible experience.

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6 common cliques of Davis High

In every high school worldwide there are many cliques through out, and Davis High School is no exception. On a day to day basis the individuals interact with the others in their clique, and rarely interact with individuals outside of the clique they would be considered a part of. The hard part is determining what clique you would be put into. There are many cliques but there are 6 in particular that are largely seen above others.

Out of all the cliques, probably the most common and high up with their social status would be the jocks. These are the kids that play for the high schools sports teams and usually have little other interests outside of their sports. Although, there’s many different sub-groups within this clique but they are all considered a part of the same clique.

Another one of the most common cliques are the dancers. These range anywhere from the D’ettes to the Cheerleaders. They’re the stereotypical pretty girls that all the girls want to be friends with and all the guys want to date. The different groups typically do not all hang together but within their certain groups they’re very tight knit.

Next up are the intellects. There are many different types, and regardless of the type of smarts they have they’re usually a pretty close group of kids. A more commonly used term for this clique would be “nerds” which may be seen as rude, but that’s how the world usually categorizes this group. They’re the kids that get the 4.0’s and the brown tutorial papers.

The skaters are also among one of the most common cliques as well this group of kids don’t typically go outside of their group when it comes to social interaction. They’re one of the most tight knit groups when it comes down to it because there aren’t multiple groups within this clique.

Artists are probably the most spread out clique because there are so many different kinds of art that are done within. From paint brushes, to pencils, to ceramics there are so many different kinds of art that go on at Davis High.

The last group are really an unclassified group that we’ll call the “outcasts,” they usually just keep to themselves and live their day to day academic lives uninterrupted. This clique is the most spread out because there are so many different groups among them.

Although there are many more than just these 6, those are the most common cliques of Davis High. It may be hard to identify what clique you are a part of, and it may be easy, but regardless, everyone is a part of this school of diverse personalities.

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Best Dressed at Sweethearts

Davis High dances always prove to be a fun and exciting social event for all students. Who doesn’t get caught up in the excitement of deciding how to ask and respond, finding a group, and most importantly, what you’re going to wear? Let’s dive into some of the freshest looks from the recent girl’s choice Sweethearts dance. (Note: everyone at the dance looked awesome! This is just a fun article so don’t get discouraged if you weren’t featured!)

Although everyone looked amazing, the bottom line was that the Best Dressed group was obvious to see as soon as they walked through the doors. Every part of each of their outfits were on point; their ties and dresses coordinated perfectly, their huge smiles let everyone know what a good time they were having, and the chemistry between each couple.

front [left to right]: Logan Jeppson & Ali Bouck, Hyrum Shingleton & Tessa Washburn; back: Kendra Pugmire & Tyler James Bagley, Ashlyn Crowther & Lucas Meyer

Let’s dissect these outfits!

Logan, Tyler, and Lucas all went for black suits while Hyrum opted for a silver suit and vest to better compliment Tessa’s emerald crushed velvet dress. Lucas’ striped tie was a nice deviant from Tyler’s solid red tie. Ashlyn hit us with her classic red lip once again to match her red dress.

DHS dances are a blast! Our next dance is Junior Prom at the state Capital on April 27th. Make sure to put it on your calendars and don’t miss out on all the fun a Davis High dance has to offer!

P.S make sure to ask a date from amazing Davis High!

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Tips and tricks on how to ace the ACT

It’s that time of year again for Juniors: The ACT. One of the biggest, most important tests you can take. Most colleges look at the ACT as a pretty big factor into accepting students. The ACT is about a 4 hour test all juniors are taking next week. It can be a frustrating and stressful time. Having been a junior and having taken the test myself, here are a few tips:

Number 1, make sure to study consistently before you take it, even if it’s a couple days before the test. Just be sure to look over the material and study it.

The second tip is to be ready for it. Whether that is just getting a good nights’ sleep before or eating a good breakfast.

During the test “be quick but don’t hurry”, a famous quote by the greatest coach of all time…John Wooden. Basically this just means you got to be steady but not in too big of a rush to get through all the questions on the test.

These tips should somewhat be of help for the test. Good luck!

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Will speed dating save dateless Davis?

The senior committee officers (SCOs) at Davis High School put on the February senior activity of speed dating. All seniors were invited to go to the lunch room and speed date with other students. To get the conversation started they printed off questions on conversation hearts. Some of the questions include: “Would you rather live in the mountains or by the beach?” and “what’s your favorite show on Netflix?” They sit across from another student and ask a question to start a conversation and talk for two minutes then switch. The atmosphere was easygoing with good music and valentines candy at the tables, the perfect recipe for a good time.

Most people are aware of the infamous reputation of “dateless Davis” a nickname as dark as the lights in the school. Putting together an activity that creates a stress free atmosphere to get to know others is a great way to break the dateless curse.

The SCOs thought February would be the perfect time for a speed dating activity as its the week of sweethearts and everyone is getting in a “lovey dovey spirit,” as Hailee Pett said.

“Davis can be a big school so its kind of nice to be able to meet everybody.” says Elisabeth Christensen

The SCOs made an easy and fun way for students to get to know each other better before they graduate and move on from high school. It’s an activity made for everyone to be included and have a good time.

According to students who went the speed dating activity was a great way to spend their night and meet new people.

“It was really fun! It was really fun to get to meet and learn about people.” says Ryan Anderson.

The turnout was good and it seemed everyone had a great time talking with others.

The senior speed dating activity was a big success with helping students meet each other. The SCOs had a great time planning and successfully putting on the senior dating activity and we can’t wait to see what they plan next. We are hoping for more good times and maybe even a few more dates for good, dear old dateless Davis.

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Sweetheart Dance

Love is in the air with the Davis Highs Sweetheart dance coming up on February 9th. School dances are  some of the most enjoyable parts of high school for many students, and this upcoming dance shouldn’t be any different.

Everyone at Davis loves the dances. I asked a few of Davis’s own about what they thought personally about the dances.

Spencer Vernon says “Yes I love the dances. Its fun being  with your friends and getting your heart rate up”.

Dances provide great opportunities for students to have fun with their classmates outside of the classroom setting. Many students also go on dates prior to the dance. It is proven that they are more likely to score on the night of the dance if they take the time to get to know their date prior to the dance, on the day date.

One of the most popular places for a score is on the doorstep. I asked a couple students if they experienced the classic doorstep scene.

Reagan said “I have scored on the doorstep, and luckily it wasn’t as bad as I thought!” Most students have had the same response.

Dances at Davis are full of fun and excitement. I’m really excited for this next dance, I hope you are too!

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Snowboarding VS. Skiing

Utah is known for having the greatest snow on earth, so skiing and snowboarding is an obvious pastime that many students here at Davis High participate in. Skiing vs. snowboarding has been an ongoing competition to which is the superior snow sport.

A poll went around Davis High asking a group of students that skied or snowboard. A total of 300 students voted, and the results were astounding. 211 students prefer skiing while 89 prefer snowboarding. I wanted to get a closer look before any final decisions were made.

Jackson Nielson, a senior, claimed “i love to snowboard, but i will admit, skiing is a much safer and easier sport.” with that being said, Jackson recently broke his wrist, a very common injury of a snowboarder.

Another snowboarder, Jack Rigby, claimed “I agree that skiing is safer, but i love boarding and personally think its easier to learn how to snowboard opposed to skiing.”

Not many snowboarders go to Davis High so in interviewing, they were the minority while skiing was the majority. After talking to many skiers they all agreed on one thing, “Skiing is cleaner and cooler than snowboarding.”

Ethan Call claimed “Skiing will always be a classic, never will another sport pass it up.”

Both sports had a lot of support from students claiming they were the superior snow sport. Overall, the numbers showed that skiing was better, but everyone is entitled to which they prefer. One things both skiers and snowboarders can agree on, is that Utah will always have the greatest snow on earth.

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