What Black History Month means in a primarily white area

February is Black History Month, but what does that mean in a primarily white school? Why does it matter to someone who isn’t black?

Black History Month’s purpose isn’t to degrade white history. It’s not to say that white history isn’t important, or to take away from white history at all. In order to fully explain what it is, I’ll use an example from Meredith Wright, a teacher here at Davis, who teaches a Women’s Art History class, as well as AP Art History.

She recommends imagining a stage, where white, male history has always been , due to a very eurocentric view. Black history isn’t pushing the white history off the stage, rather it’s just making room for itself on the stage as well. When people talk about black history, they aren’t saying that white history doesn’t matter, it’s just that black history does too.

In the United States, the history that is taught in our schools is very eurocentric, or white. It leaves out many stories of successful African-Americans, and instead focuses on successful white men. Erica Affronti, an African-American student from New York says “Most of the black history I know, I’ve learned at home. I haven’t learned very much at school. Which illustrates how lacking our curriculum is in providing a place for black stories. 

In terms of whether a black history month is racist, due to the fact that we do not have a white history month, Wright says “We don’t need a white history month, because every month is white history month, we have a very eurocentric view” I agree. To me, stating something such as “Shouldn’t all history matter” in response to black history month, is the same as stating “Shouldn’t all cancers matter” in response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. No one is saying white history isn’t important, this month is about recognizing and bringing awareness to black history.

Even if Black History Month isn’t inherently racist to white history, why is it important? Why should we celebrate it? Well, that’s simple, it has to do with equal representation. Have you ever had a character or historical figure that inspired you? Do you see yourself reflected in TV shows and history textbooks?

In order to understand, some of us may need to step away from race for a little bit, but we will come right back in a second. When I was a young child, I wasn’t into Disney Princesses. My mother loved Belle from Beauty and the Beast because Belle was smart and brave, but also because Belle looked like her. My mom was a brunette with hazel-brown eyes. As a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, you would think it would be easy for me to find a princess I could connect with easily.

I couldn’t though, to me the only choices were Aurora or Cinderella, whom I disliked because they weren’t smart like Belle. They didn’t act, they were acted upon. To me, an easily angered 5 year old, they didn’t really even have feelings. When I saw the first Tinkerbell movie though, I found someone I could look up to and identify with. She looked like me, but was smart and courageous. To a young child, feeling represented is so important.

In terms of race, African-American children have not had many mainstream historical figures to look up to at all. This isn’t even taking into account someone who looks and acts likes them, as was the case for me and Tinkerbell. I had many people that looked like me. These kids aren’t even being taught about heroes and important people that only look like them.

“When I learned that a lot of the things I use everyday were made by someone who looks like me, it made me feel like ‘Oh, well I could do the same thing,’ or ‘it is possible.’” Erica says. Seeing someone that looks like you, achieve miraculous things, is more than just important, it’s inspiring. 

Having someone to look up to is critical in order to inspire the next generation to achieve personal goals, but not just that, it works for the good of society. It’s important for science, technological advancements, business, economics and more.

So yes, Black History Month is not only not racist, it is important. To everyone, even white people. Our country is made up of different people from different cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and more, and in order to come together, we need to understand and celebrate each other as equals.

“Our Constitution was written in this beautiful way, and our Bill of Rights, that includes freedom, and liberty to all and yet I still feel like we are still trying to catch up and live up to that vision and in order to do so, we need to focus on and highlight and celebrate the voices of all.” Wright says,

She continues “For a group of people that have been oppressed throughout the history of our country, whether it was through slavery, discrimination, segregation, for us to live up to “Freedom and Liberty for all” we have to listen to their voices and hear their history, it’s a really important part of us living up to our Constitution”

Especially since much of black history, is just American history that has marginalized or pushed to the sidelines. Shouldn’t we all be learning about American history? Really, the benefits of learning black history for white people line up with the benefits of just learning history, which is important.

When asked what she thought the most important aspect of Black History Month was, Erica said

“Recognizing that Black History is American History as well, like us, the things we have created, and our everyday lives and it’s important for everyone to celebrate and learn about” 

For one to say “If I’m white, why does black history matter to me?” Is the same to say “If I’m black, then why does white history matter to me?” Our country was built by white men, sure. We should all learn about the founders of our country. But why were many of our founders able to build our country in the first place? They had the time to do so. They had the time to study and plan and prepare because they weren’t busy farming and such. They had the time because they had slaves to do that for them. These people were brought and kept against their will, and then literally built America. Shouldn’t we use time to learn about more of them?

I think what makes our country special is we are a country made up of immigration, of immigrants, it’s really important in my eyes to celebrate our diverse country and what makes us America… highlighting [African-Americans], celebrating them bringing them into the melting pot of our culture and elevating these other cultures cause you know, we are a culture of all these mixed ethnicities, nationalities,” Wright says. She goes on to say how beautiful it is to live in a country full of so many different people and how beautiful it would be if we could all come together and understand each other.

Becoming educated and learning about black history is important. Especially as a white person. We know that especially since this summer, tensions have been high. But rather than only condemning the actions of a few, why don’t we learn about the reasons why they may be angry in the first place? Ask what the majority are protesting for?

Although we know that learning and celebrating Black History is important, how we can learn about it if we live in such a predominantly white area? It’s simple. We live in a time and age where almost everything is accessible to us through the internet. Especially information.

Wright recommends going out of your way to find stories and articles. She even mentioned podcasts. Especially in February, there are so many easy to find sources to read black stories or listen to them. Erica also recommends googling, watching documentaries, and reading books written by black authors.

With the easy access of the internet as well as libraries and streaming services, basically anyone can find black history. Just because it’s not taught extensively at schools, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily always hard to find.

So this month rather than posting a Martin Luther King Jr. quote on your Instagram story, (although he was a truly amazing man) research black stories, share black stories and learn black stories. Become a true white ally.

“The best way we could try to be a white ally is by emboldening POC, instead of boldening ourselves, and listening to POC and letting them lead the way when it comes to their history, letting them lead the way when it comes to how they think we should stop oppression, stepping aside and being a really good listener, and having an open mind and open heart” Mrs. Wright says. She goes on to say that it is not enough to simply be “not racist.” We must actively be anti-racist.  How can you be anti-racist though? The above advice from Mrs. Wright still applies, but so does some more.

“Speak up against racism and injustice, because you feel like it is wrong, not because it’s a trend or not because it looks good to do it, but out of the goodness of your heart.” is what Erica Affronti recommends.

Learning black history is important to the growth of this nation. Like Mrs. Wright said, we need to live up to “Freedom and Liberty for all” and we can’t do that if we don’t understand each other. Understanding is the basis for all beneficial relationships.

So learn as much as you can, in not just this month, but in the months following. You don’t have to limit it to just black history either. You can expand into Native American history, Latino or Asian history as well.

It is the hope that as we learn each other’s history, and come to understand each other more that we can begin to heal this nation finally, from the cloud of racism and injustices that many people, especially African Americans, face. So do your best going forward, to look into others and begin to understand them. Teach yourself their history, as they have always been taught yours.

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

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How men or couples really feel about Valentines?!

My very first response about this story was, Ys I really love the day of Valentines. Your able to show how much you appreciate your significant other on that day. Which is really cool for her and for you. But to be honest I think Valentines Day is mostly for the girls if being honest about this opinion. But then I could be wrong because there’s not just men and women there also different types of gender relationships so I guess that opinion could be kind of offensive. But valentines  can be awesome ! you can do all sort of things for that day. That day basically gives you so much  creativity to work with. Which is really nice you can do all sort of things for valentines for them. For intense you do something they enjoy a lot! For my valentines I helped my girlfriend make an angel food cake it was really nice to be able to do that with her and celebrate it our very first valentines. so But, there’s probably diffidently. So this is what my sisters boyfriend had to say. I think it’s dumb to have it one specific day when you can do that any day of the week even year around. I think you shouldn’t pay as much money for valentines day. And it’s not all about buying them things. so how do you guys really feel about Valentines Day. Aden Morton said, this day can be sometimes be very overwhelming but, it can be  also a reminder to show you love for the people you care about.  Claire young, she enjoys that day even though she has no significant other but, she likes to spend time with her girlfriends and just hangout with them. She also spends valentines with her sister and to chill but she likes it . So considering there is mostly good positive opinion about this day. Most people like Valentines day and the guys have much different opinions then I expected which is nice to have the change of perspective of things and ideas of people. So what ever you decide I’m sure you have a great reason for it . But it will be interesting how or even if it will like Valentines be much different in 5 years. Though I’d enjoy to see things different  from how there is usually are for this type of holiday. How do students at Davis feel about it, but that will be up to them.

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What The Super Bowl is like for people who don’t like Football

As everyone knows, this previous Sunday was the Super Bowl, the biggest Football event of the year (for everyone in America). People tend to gather with family and friends to have a party and celebrate like its a holiday. There’s food, good company, and of course Football. What’s not to like? In my case, it’s the Football. You’re probably wondering, “What do people who don’t like Football do during the Super Bowl?”. Well here is my firsthand account on an anti-Football celebration.

To give you some background, my family has a close bond to our neighbors down the street because they moved in shortly after us. Our family has lived in the same house for 15 years, so our families have been friends for over a decade. As a result, every year we celebrate the Super Bowl at their house. Everyone gets excited for the game except for me and my friend Briana, as we don’t care about sports. We celebrate the Super Bowl together instead as a really long hangout as opposed to a Football party.

Our Super Bowl starts off with everyone; we eat a nice meal with typical party favorites; pizza rolls, chips, soda…you know how it goes. As we eat, the game kicks off so we absentmindedly watch for a few minutes. Most of that time is filled with strange commercials, which we question a lot. For example, what the heck was that Mountain Dew Watermelon Commercial? They have a whole obnoxious city, John Cena is there for literally no reason, and it goes on for way too long. We spend our mealtime conversation discussing opinions like this while we enjoy the food. After eating, we head up to her room to do something else while our families enjoy the game.

In previous years, we have done activities such as playing music from Alexa and hosting our own dance party, laughing at funny YouTube videos until our eyes water, and a variety of board games. This year, I decided to bring my jewelry making supplies so we could create our own accessories. Over the course of the night I made two necklaces, five rings, and two ear cuffs. Briana, on the other hand, made around ten keychains and three necklaces. Of course we still included music, this time just from my phone instead of Alexa.

At about half time, we took a break to join the group for dessert, which is essential to any party. We got to discuss more random commercials while we ate, but the actual dessert was the highlight. This year’s variety included an ice cream bar, brownie bites, and chocolate cheesecake, just to start. In fact, we enjoyed dessert so much that we ended up coming back about 20 minutes later for a second dessert. After all, it was a party so we had to take the opportunity to enjoy the junk food.

Just like anyone’s Super Bowl, however, ours flew by. The next thing we knew, it was time to pack up so my family could head home. While the adults were mourning the loss of their favorite team, me and Briana were feeling accomplished with our art and getting excited to wear and share our new designs. We had so much fun, this might’ve been the best Super Bowl yet! Even though our celebration doesn’t include Football, it’s still one of the best parties of the year in its own unique way, and shows that even those who don’t care for sports can still enjoy the Super Bowl.


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Okay I know what you are going to say and I was thinking the same thing!? So there were literally 500 people who got tested, And there were only one person that tested positive which he got quarantined  before they did the test.  But thank goodness. Which means still we get school which is awesome. It’s great to be having school because if we did close down again, we would have to online schooling which sucks! Microsoft word and Zoom. So why were they trying to test 500 people. wouldn’t that just make use be more likely to get covid-19? But I mean they  know what there doing. Which This it creepy to talk to the girl you like friends for advice about her? Took a risk to see who and how many people were or could have caught the virus. They had to have been checked two times. Now I don’t know about you but, for me that be a pain the  butt to have to do that. Would that  mean they had to take two different test? Wait, two test like nose and then mouth? still confused with these type of things.  How come they haven’t tested us? I know were not  in the school teams but, like don’t you think we should have been tested to if we might have got it. Okay but to be real if we are 6 feet from someone and not wearing mask  they couldn’t get or could they? besides that there really shouldn’t be an issue of us having to test that many people. Didn’t they tell us that the vaccine  was really close to be working? Okay be serious though who controls Health Department?! seriously doesn’t anyone think its Bill gates? Or is that just me? Anyways  how is it possible out of 500 students there was only one person tested for covid-19 ridiculously lucky. How it’s insane why has this virus not gone away!? They told us that it was going to be done by December. Why hasn’t that not happened? It’s very frustrated that  it’s still there. Some of the people have been having vaccines reaction from them because of the materials in the vaccine they make. But sadly we still have to soft closing for the rest of the week so… Great! But I  mean we won’t have to go to school anymore for the rest of the week.  Hope 2021 is much better then 2020 haha. But Good luck Davis.


Dating in the LDS culture

Dating in the LDS culture can be very difficult and challenging on top of the struggles of a regular relationship, and it doesn’t make it any easier that we live in a protected bubble in Utah.

The LDS rules and guidelines on dating were set up initially to be a good thing and almost a guide for dating to say safe and healthy in a relationship, but the culture of the people in the religion took it to a different level for the worse. Dating is described as miserable as a teen that has to deal with a strict parent in a relationship, whether it is their own parent or their partners parents. After the age of 16, dating is encouraged in the LDS ‘come follow me’ guide book, but parents have a different view on it and make it much harder than it has to be.

I got the opportunity to ask a Layton High student on her experience with dating in her culture and how it affected her relationship, she responded with “It was really difficult to date when your parents are strict in the religion. They make up new rules every week such as limiting the days we could see each other, and worrying about what other people think instead of getting to know my boyfriend for who he is. I felt so judged for what I was doing, although I was following the rules and it made me happy, eventually it go to a point where I had to choose them over happiness”. Many other students agreed with her statement when she was talking and it is truly sad.

The religion was set up to be yourself and have the chance to be forgiven if you do wrong no matter what, but the culture views it as taking it upon their selves to judge other without any background, and forming opinions just because they are afraid of what other people view of them. It is truly toxic and very hard to deal with it seems like!

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Will we last the rest of this week before soft closure

So how long do we really know we will stay for this week if we soft closure or not. Though the district has explained that we will be tested and we will still be able stay or leave home for 10 days instead of going to school. But we are find right now. But we need to be careful with these things. Were at like 19 people right now that are tested positive for in Davis high school. So we won’t really need to close down the school because we will be then tested and we will be fine from this virus.

So let’s hope that we can last the week. some people think that we won’t last that long. So what do you think and how long are you thinking we will be doing school until someone get’s the virus and it’ shuts down the school for a few. Kainoa Sorenson he said maybe we will have to have soft closer because were close to the number of people we have to be tested again. Why can’t this virus be here. why not they give the vaccine to us already haha. But updated today Biden was said that he will be able to have a date that we will then be able to normal life soon. So let’s hope it happens soon that be so nice.

We won’t have to do the silly online schooling thing it’s so repetitive. My friends aren’t really sure when they will soft close. I hope that we can soft close in like two weeks that be so awesome. well not awesome but, at least we can get a nice start back to school. That’s all I  care about having to get my assignments done for classes. Also so then you don’t have to have so much stress depending on your classes you have this semester.

But we will get through this we are strong! we are keeping it up and staying from  the positive cases we have been doing a great job that we can do. Before we know it we won’t have to wear these silly masks that will be the greatest day of my life! Well it would be so amazing for everyone that we won’t have to use the masks yeah! We are Darts! we will fight this and we can over come it! Davis high school holding strong for our school. A lot of the teachers think they it may not last this week we shall see. I bet that we will be able to last a few weeks for sure.

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How to combat burnout

It’s halfway through the year! As the semester changes and everyone is saying “We are already halfway done!”, you may be feeling “Only halfway?”. That’s what I am here to help you fix. It’s important to get your mental state up, at least enough to make it until you really feel like you’re nearing the end.

I have been burnt out since my freshman year (I’m from New York, Freshman year is in High School). It was probably my worst year, and all I could think was ‘3 more years of this?’. This time of the year was my worst. I was so tired.

Now that I’m a senior, I have some tips that I’ve learned throughout my almost 4 years of high school.

First is to take classes that you like. I know, I know, you may not be able to switch now, but it’s something to keep in mind for next year. Don’t just take classes because your friends are taking them. Take them because they sound interesting.

If you can’t take classes you like, find something, anything, that you like about each class. Maybe it’s the teacher or that your seat is close to the window. It could be socializing or having some quiet and peace.

Second is something you can control a bit better. Try doing your homework in a new place. Obviously with COVID being a problem, you may have trouble, but with the weather warming up more places should open up. Trying a different room in your house, going outside, or even doing homework in your car can help a lot with ridding yourself of the gray mood you’re in.

You can also try to find a specific motivation to get good grades. Whether it’s a club, a sport, or a job you like, it can give you motivation to do your work. This was evident to me in my sophomore year when I joined a my school’s rowing team. Motivation helped a lot.

You are also going to want to find a way to focus. I know a lot of times when you’re burnt out it’s really hard to focus, but find a way. Whether it be giving it to your parent or setting it aside, you should probably get rid your phone. It is the biggest distraction. Other than that, find a quiet place to work and maybe get a snack.

Now this tip is going to sound a bit strange, but one that I have found to work for a lot of different people. Journaling. Whether it be a small gratitude journal, one where you answer a couple of questions, or a journal about your daily life, there is something about journaling that makes people productive. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. It is truly strange, but absolutely true.

Honestly, what really helped me was a combination of all these things. But it mainly came with a change of mindset. It came when I realized that being smart or studious aren’t inherent traits. They aren’t aspects of a person that are developed in the womb from DNA. It had to do with environment and how one conducted themselves. I could become a studious person and get good grades if I just worked to do so.

This is how I changed from someone who had been burnt out for a long time, a chronic procrastinator, into someone who worked hard, got assignments done on time, and got good grades.

Changing your mindset is best advice I can give you. If you want to become a better person, a smarter student, more outgoing, kinder, all you have to do is believe you can and work towards it. So, if you want to become less burnt out, all you have to do is change your mindset and take actions to get there.

If all you do are the first five tips, and never open your mindset to change, you won’t change. I know, I’ve been there. But if you open your mindset to change, everything is so much easier. New habits are easier to create, old habits are easier to get rid of. You can become a different person.



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What’s the story behind Kainoa’s song?

So there has been some rumors on this person in our school, and you all probably know him! So what can we uncover? I watched his videos, but he sang with some other people. He did a great job with the songs, especially with these people and the one he sang by himself. With how they did the editing, I enjoyed everything about both of them to be honest. I think they have great bunch of people to help out make these great, professional music videos. They are really close to gaining 930 subscribers.

You will be so thrilled that you were able to know of this amazing music video channel. They definitely know how to do these types of things. But as soon as you listen to both of these music videos you might want to listen to them over and over. I sure have been listening to them over and over, and they are just that type of music.  You can just feel that emotion from the music. It makes you feel good.

I’m very happy I know Kainoa a little, as I didn’t know he was this impressive with singing and video creation. They have been working on this channel for a while considering how many subscribers they have. But being a part of that is for sure a great and wonderful idea. Their editing was very awesome. They even had an editing team, so their video took about six days to do all of. Recording all the instruments and vocals took one day. It took one day for rehearsal, one day for shoot, and two or three days to edit. So there was very great preparation with these videos.

I know there’s just no words to explain these songs, especially if you listen to them. They are just the best. I really hope everyone in our school can know of these songs. One song I really enjoyed that Kainoa sang is “You’re not your mistakes”. He was also in this song with four other people and they made a nice Christmas music video. They are called “Kids America”. This music is awesome, so go check them out. You won’t regret it. One of his song is out on iTunes and possibly on Spotify and other places but I don’t know for sure. Kainoa’s feelings towards the music videos is that he felt really good. “When I was singing those songs because singing is something I love to do. And when I sing I feel like nothing else matters,” he explained.

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Fun Winter Activities

Many people dislike the cold Utah winter weather and stay inside waiting for it to be warm again, while others make the most of the season by trying new things and going new places. So start this year off right with some super fun winter activities.

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to see the ice castles in Midway, Utah. My family visits every other year and enjoys the magical sculptures, tunnels, and slides all made out of ice. It is especially cool to go there when it is dark because of all the colored lights glowing in the ice. The ice castles are also a perfect destination to take super cool winter photos with friends and family.

Lets take advantage of this snowy weather and go skiing, Snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, and ice skating. If you have never been snowmobiling then I strongly advise you to borrow one or rent a snowmobile for the day because it is one of my favorite things to do ever. I tried skiing for the first time this year and I have definitely been missing out because it was super fun.

For those of you who dislike the cold there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy. Nothing is better than playing board games by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.

Baking is something that I love to do in the winter because you can give your treats away as gifts during the holiday season while improving your baking skills.

If you want to enjoy the winter scenery without being cold then take a drive through the canyon and enjoy beautiful views of the snowy trees and frosted mountains.

If you are a fan of camping then staying at a cabin in the winter woods is something I bet you will enjoy doing. I love staying at cabins because when you go outside into the woods the snow absorbs all the noise around so it is one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever had. You can do indoor and outdoor activities and never have to drive to a snow filled area to go sledding, snowmobiling, and walks in the snow.

I hope you have a great winter and an even better new year!

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Winter Hairstyles

Winter is one of the most fashionable time of the year because of the winter clothes, shoes, and hair. Spice up this cold weather with super cute styles this year.

-Pairing hairstyles with a hat.

The low temperatures that the winter brings does not make your style any more cool. But a hat does! Pair a cute winter hat with any of your hairstyles to protect your head and ears from the cold while staying fashionable. A great thing about hats is that they come in a wide variation of different colors and styles you can choose from to go with your hairstyles and outfits.


Braiding your hair is like a 2 in 1 hairstyle. Wear your hair in one to two braids for the day and wear them to bed and when you wake up the next day you can take them out to reveal heatless waves. There are many different types of braids so experiment to find the kind you want.

– Bun

The great thing about wearing a bun is that there are many different ways to style and place one. If you wear your bun on your lower head you will be able to pair it with a hat. If you wear you bun higher it will be more visible. Try different methods of wearing buns this winter to find the ones that you like the most.

-Curled hair

Curled hair is one of the most desired hairstyles in the winter. Try different methods of curling your hair heatless or not to find what kind of curls you like the most. Winter photos are all the rage right now and curled hair will look great in a photoshoot and Christmas cards.

-Half up half down

This iconic look will keep the hair out of your face while keeping your hair down. This look is great for winter because it keeps your hair out of your face like a ponytail while leaving hair covering your neck to keep you warmer.

Have an awesome and stylish this winter this year!



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Utah Students and Tattoos

How many students in high school actually have tattoos? Stick and pokes, professionally done tattoos, friends tattooing friends, how many students fall into that category?

If the students do have tattoos, what are their reasons and if they do notwhat are theirs? From my knowledge, very few students have real tattoos because many are under the age of 18. However, a few have a stick and pokes that they have given themselves 

The students with tattoos in Davis are a small population, I am one of the few included. The percent of students with tattoos at Davis High were hard to find, but I asked as many people as I could.

I asked friends, friends asked their friends, and found that the population of people tattooed is around 2%. These students didn’t surprise me when they said they had a tattoo, but none the less, they were all good students.

Almost all the students asked were seniors, few grades below 12th had any. The students without tattoos often come from religious backgrounds or their age has stopped them from doing so. I have also had students say that they were planning on getting a tattoo, or many, as soon as they were 18 or graduated.

A student who wished to stay anonymous said: 

I have a tattoo because I really wanted to express myself. I think other students don’t have tattoos because they are seen as rebellious if they do. The culture at Davis, in my opinion, stops students from expressing themselves and getting tattoos. I feel like students that are 18 want to get tattoos the second they are old enough because they have a new sense of freedom. But I feel like adults also tell you that you’ll regret it later and it makes students think twice about going through with it. 

Students all over Utah have tattoos, the percentage is too hard to figure out among the region because I seem to be the only one with the question. The areas where tattoos are most popular among high school students is difficult to determine, but areas with more gang affiliation could have students with more tattoos.

Before, you could often connect lower income and the lower class to tattoos among students and others, but now they seem to be so widespread among everyone that there is no association. 

The tattoo percentages among the students in Utah are low, but still there. In a review of 2180 students in Canada, only 8% had tattoos. One could compare this information to Utah or maybe the United States. It was also discovered that the U.S. has not done as many studies on high school students and tattoos as one would imagine they would have

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Why do People Watch Harry Potter in the Wintertime?

Every year in the winter, multiple television channels host a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. Even if you don’t watch them on live TV, you probably watch them on the discs or, you most likely know someone who does.

In the spirit of the season of Harry Potter, I decided to interview some avid Harry Potter fans to find out why they like Harry Potter, and why it is such a prominent winter tradition for so many people.
I interviewed 4 different people that I knew to be huge fans of Harry Potter. Their names are Kaitlyn Woodbrey, Abigail Fuhriman, Sophie Gilmore and Sarah Bishop.

The reasons for why each likes Harry Potter is mainly because they always have liked it. Kaitlyn, Sophie and Abigail all watched it growing up, and Sarah loves the world of fantasy.

“I love the Magical World, and the Dark Academia Style.” – Abigail Fuhriman

When asked why they liked it more than other series, they all agreed that the world-building had a lot to do with it. The ability to insert yourself into the book by having relatable characters as well as being able to find out your House, Patronus and much more on Pottermore pertaining to the Harry Potter world.

It’s nice that there are ways that you can somewhat be a part of the world through Pottermore and stuff, and even just watching the movies. And there’s merch available, like the cloaks and such with the Hogwarts houses on it where you can like, have some semblance to being a character in it, which is cool.” – Sarah Bishop

They also had other reasons, Sarah details the different layers to the fandom, such as the Marauders, Golden Gen and Next Gen. Abigail goes into how nice the fandom is, as well as the semblance of growing up that you get with both the movies and the books, as they get darker as they go on. Sophie agrees that you get to grow up with the series, and get to watch the actors grow up, which you don’t get to do with many other series.

Their favorite movies often differ from the books, as some things may not be portrayed as well or certain details get left out. Sarah, for example loves the third book Prisoner of Azkaban, but her favorite movie is the first. Both Sophie and Abigail agree that the sixth movie is the best, and the fourth book tends to shine for them. Kaitlyn chose the last book and the third movie.

When favorite characters come up, Sarah has a bit of a disclaimer:

 “I don’t know, most of my favorite characters don’t have that much actual “canon” to them, but Remus Lupin or Sirius Black was a really responsible father figure character, but he also was a huge mess.” – Sarah Bishop

Sophie loves Luna Lovegood, because of her relatability.

“My favorite character is Luna Lovegood, more because she just reminds me of myself a lot, so its fun to see her onscreen and in the books doing things that remind me of myself.” – Sophie Gilmore.

Kaitlyn and Abbey both agree that Hermione is their favorite character, as she brings a lot to the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) and it’s cool to see someone who is so smart being represented positively.

Now heading into their experience with the Harry Potter Universe, I asked them what their favorite experience, related to the series was. Sarah’s was being able to visit Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios, Orlando.

“[It] was really cool because I was able to see it in real life and how I imagined it… I got a wand and got to go on rides and eat themed food.” – Sarah Bishop

She says. She loved the opportunity to almost live like she was in the Harry Potter Universe and enjoyed trying foods and drinks, such as Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer.

Sophie agrees that Harry Potter World is definitely a memorable experience for her as well. She particularly liked the themed rides and snacks they had to offer.

“My favorite memory is probably watching the movies with my dad growing up.” – Kaitlyn Woodbrey

Abigail’s favorite memories also have to do with other people, although not all of them are her family.

“My favorite memory is when we got to meet Daniel Radcliffe (the Harry Potter actor) in New York and I was able to tell him I read the series 9 times. He said my name and was super nice, I also got to meet Tom Felton (the Draco Malfoy portrayer) and the Phelps Twins. (both Fred and George Weasley)” – Abigail Fuhriman

As for the reason of this interview, many had similar thoughts on why people tend to re-watch or re-read the series in the Winter, as well as why they themselves re-watch and re-read.

“Well almost every movie has a Christmas scene or a snowy scene and it reminds you of Christmas and the winter and makes it seem magical.” – Kaitlyn Woodbrey.

They also mentioned that during the holiday and winter season, many people tend to feel nostalgic and enjoy the familiarity that the series brings. Sophie and Abbey mention that they are nice movies to watch when you want to feel cozy and warm. 

The real question though, is have they watched them this winter, or do they even plan to?

Abbey, Kaitlyn and Sarah have all watched them, and plan on watching them again, and even re-reading the series this winter. Many mention that the amount of time they have due to quarantine, and it makes it so much easier to have time to read the books and watch the movies. Sophie has not yet but plans to also re-watch and re-read the series this winter.

As for me? Well, I have re-watched the series and have begun re-reading it. I love the series and it brings me a sense of nostalgia, like many of the interviewees were saying. What about you? Will you cozy up with some hot chocolate and re-watch the series this year? Or maybe even for the first time.



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New Year’s Hope vs. End of Term Burnout

Every year begins with an eruption of energy as 12:00 am first arrives on January first. Millions of people set off fireworks and cheer in excitement for a new year. With this excitement often comes New Years resolutions as well as a rejuvenated sense of hope for life. Unfortunately for high school students a few days later they are tossed right back into school with the end of the semester looming a few short weeks away with finals and big reviews due in many classes.

Why do we celebrate New Years anyways? It’s just an obligatory date that was put into place by people it’s not even the end of winter as we still have to go through a few months of the cold.

So is the holiday worth celebrating? Is the hope that is produced by this holiday momentary and how can it stack up against renewed stresses of the pandemic and school?

Does one event outweigh the other or do they cancel each other out? The new year can be a time to recenter yourself and embrace a less stressful life. Whereas finals week can be a time of falling back on core habits with many students stressing, procrastinating, and staying up too late studying before tests.

Sometimes this can lead to more stress after the break than you had before it, and with exams combined with a long period before another break it is easy for some students to feel overwhelmed.

And yet every year there seems to be some students who have a boundless sense of optimism and joy. So how do they do it, is it the new year hope winning out or is it something that is based more on student’s personality all year long.

So how does the student body of Davis High feel about this? Are they excited to be back in a new year or are they too worried with the stress of school to be excited about a new year?

“The new year feels no different. I don’t thing that the changing of the year will bring positive change. Only action will bring change. I do think it is significant to recognize the passage of time, but to treat it as if it alone will bring change is foolish. And so I am even more stressed now than I was before winter break.”-Cameron Caldwell, a senior at Davis High.

“I think that the new year is less of a new experience, but a mental reset that we can use as a point of positive change. After coming back from break, I’m much less stressed than I was before. A break during the holidays is necessary and very useful. The end of term is a stressful time but once you get trough it is a great relief of stress.”-Duncan Jeppson, a Junior at Davis High

It seems that some the students of Davis High may be more stressed at the beginning of the new year while many others have been able to adopt a positive attitude and are combating some of the stress of coming back at the end of term. Hopefully as the year goes on conditions will become better and people will be able to be more optimistic and be able to be happy.

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Davis High’s Predictions For 2021

2020 has been a year for the history books, with a global pandemic, an election, and hundreds of smaller events. As we enter the new year many are left to wonder, what’s 2021 going to be like? Will it get better and finally put an end to this pandemic and year of craziness, or is it going to be a round 2 of 2020 and have even more crazy world events and the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

For many students here at Davis, the most important changes that might come in 2021 are about school. Questions linger of whether activities like dances, assemblies, and other gatherings might be resumed because of a potential vaccine and increased availability of rapid testing for students at school.

This week the first doses of the newly approved Covid-19 vaccine are being administered to health care workers and the elderly.

With the vaccine comes a hope that soon we will be able to return to our everyday lives as they once were, almost an entire year ago. However, this hope may also be dangerous, it may take months to produce enough of the vaccine for everyone and there are segments of the population who are against taking the vaccine.

So this inflated sense of hope could lead to a sense that the rules are relaxed, but if people stop distancing and following covid guidelines than we may have the largest spike that we have seen yet.

Already, just days after the vaccine had been announced and started to be administered, we entered a soft closure on the last week before Christmas break.

So how do students feel, is 2021 going to be a glorious return to normalcy or another year of hectic shutdowns and battling a vicious virus?

“If I had to guess, 2021 will be a fairly normal year other than everyone waiting for something to go wrong every month. I would like to say a vaccine would be available by February or March but I could see it being May before the general public is vaccinated. The pandemic should realistically end this year unless something goes horribly wrong with the vaccine. School will probably shut down 1 or 2 more times, 3-4 at worst. We should definitely have more dances this up coming year, I would hate to have the juniors this year deal with what us seniors dealt with this year. As far as school policy goes I would not be surprised if schools in general became more aware of disease spread, implementing better precautions against that, but I do not believe we will return to school on Friday this year and hopefully for years to come. Having Fridays off I think really helps relieve stress from students that are usually overworked.” -Alex Arnesen, a senior at Davis High.

“I think 2021 will be fantastic, but we will be too paranoid to do anything. it’ll probably take a few months for the vaccine to be available out to everyone and unfortunately I think the school will shutdown about 13 times more till summer comes round. I would love to open up all the extracurriculars and for the dances to happen!! I WANT MY SENIOR PROM!!” -Marshal Jacobson, a senior at Davis High

“I think 2021 will be about struggling and change. It’ll be a year where we still have to learn to grow, adapt, and adjust! For the most part, I think the virus will be over. We’ll still deal with repercussions the rest of the year, and having to rebuild, but yes, I think everything will work out in the end. I could see if shutting down 2-3 more times but I do think extracurriculars should open up more. Without them, school is really rough. As far as dances go, as much as i love them, for safety, we should try to limit those. Maybe a dance near the end of the year to have a little fun, but not much else. I bet we will have masks the rest of the year unfortunately. Hybrid would be nice to return to, it worked really well (and we’re not shut down every other week). I think the current schedule is fine. But if we add back Friday, I think it’ll only get worse” -Nathan Peterson, a senior at Davis High

“I’d like to think 2021 will be a bit more boring than last year, though I expect with the inauguration and everything, things might start out a bit rocky. I don’t think the vaccine will be available for everyone until at least late summer. I think that the pandemic might slow down a bit, but those that don’t take the vaccine or aren’t able to yet will still be open to the virus, so it will take a bit until it fully leaves. I’m saying now as a complete guess we will shutdown four more times. As someone who is in charge of multiple clubs, I really really want extracurriculars to continue. I might as well be at home studying than at school if I don’t get to see those I care about as often as I used to. However, I also know that it’s not exactly going to keep numbers down if we do. I don’t know enough about sports to say much, but if we can just keep the same rules that we do during school hours (which seem to be doing okay?) and actually follow those rules? Then I’m hoping we’ll be okay. Until we can maintain under ten cases for at least a month or so, I don’t think the school should have a sponsored dance. That being said, I don’t doubt people will still have their own dances. But they can’t even get the student body to stop moshing during dances, and we know people are going to be within six feet without masks on, so if there’s going to be a school sponsored dance the Covid cases at this school is going to skyrocket. As long as these numbers are as high as they are, I really hope we continue to wear masks. While it was a bit weird at first, I think many people can agree that it’s become so much of a habit that it’s not as frustrating anymore. Part of me wants to stay this way purely because I don’t want to spend my last few months with my best friends seeing them only twice a week. However, I understand if we need to go back to hybrid. I’m hoping that the rising cases before break were due to holiday meetups and not proof that we need to go back to hybrid. I think I heard somewhere that the plan is to return to full week, including Fridays, with the new semester? But honestly at this point it could change at any moment. That being said, I don’t mind not having school on Fridays. It’s not as stressful, and, for me at least, my teachers treat it more as a catch up day for the week then assign more homework.” -Eliza Taylor, a senior at Davis High

It seems that overall there is a hesitant optimism among the students hoping that by the end of this year that we could truly see the end of this virus but shutdowns, spread, and cases remain a large threat prevalent in the minds of students for the rest of the school year.

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Sub 4 Santa

Sub for Santa is a donation fund that allows the homeless families in Davis School District to have an enjoyable Christmas season. Despite how many lucky and privileged people are in our district, many families do not make enough money to participate in what are considered normal or even mandatory holiday activities. These families often get overlooked, and Sub for Santa is a great way to make sure that it does not occur.

“Sub for Santa is a fundraiser we do every year to get funds to give families Christmas who can’t afford it,” says Lindsey Regis, a Davis High SBO.

Donating is not only doing great things for our community, but it is surprisingly easy. There are many different ways to donate depending on what’s best for you.

“As an SBO, we run the D-store, sell items such as food or Davis merch, deliver candy grams, go around collecting donations, and plan and run all activities during Sub for Santa like our lunch tournaments. To contribute you can make a cash donation during school to any of the [SBO] officers, make an online donation through dartsgive.com, go to the d-store, and participate in our dash for cash. Sub for Santa is a great way to help those in need, and every donation counts,” explains Lindsey Regis.

Because it is the season of giving, many people are already looking for charities. Sub for Santa is a great place to get started, as it is a fun and enjoyable way to donate. If you want to have a fun socially interactive experience you can participate in any of the Sub for Santa activities. If you prefer a quick and easy donation; just donate online.

Giving to people in need is literally what the Christmas season is all about, and Sub for Santa is directly supporting that notion.

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Covid-19 Again?

As of December 7th, 2020 scientists are questioning the “immunity” of those who have previously been afflicted with the Covid-19 virus.

Wife and Mother Tanya first got sick in April 2020, after her and her family were sick the first time, Tanya was left with many medical issues she had never had before. Now months after this ordeal, she and her family have tested positive for the virus a second time, and while she said her symptoms are milder this time, her husband’s seems to be more intense.

Tanya isn’t the only one who has gone through something like this. Nurse, Holly Sox contracted the virus for a second time after having it the first time three months prior. Doctors explained she hadn’t developed a strong enough immune response to prevent her from getting it again. “Not only do I not have energy, I just feel like I have something weighing me down, keeping me down. I have shortness of breath, which keeps me down almost daily…or just doing simple things around the house where I feel like I’ve just run or gone up a couple of flights of stairs,”  Sox explains.

No one is immune. The stories of Tanya and Holly are proof of this, and both of these women were being very cautious, Tanya later says in her interview “To get it again, I think I am still in shock because I don’t know anyone who has been more careful than we have been,”

Remember to wear a mask, follow the advice Principal Wilkey has given us, “Stay home when sick or if you are awaiting the results of a COVID test, practice physical distancing, continue using the right side of hallways and stairs at school, avoid congregating in groups before or after school and at lunch, wear masks in the car and whenever possible,  wash and/or change your mask daily, Wash and/or sanitize hands frequently during the day, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.”

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The Mandalorian: Episode 2 Review

In The Mandalorian chapter 10, “The Passenger”, The Mandalorian Din-Jarin continues his search for other Mandalorians hoping they know where he can take Baby Yoda, or The Child.

The Mandalorian is tipped off by an old friend on Tatooine that a Mandalorian covert is nearby. The only catch is that he has to take an alien mother and her podlings to her homeworld and he can’t use the hyperdrive, which is extremely dangerous. To add to the stress of non-hyperdrive travel, the Mandalorian cannot understand the language the alien mother is speaking and The Child has a knack for eating the mother’s eggs.

About a third of the way through the trip the Mandalorian is “pulled over” by New Republic x-wings patrolling the area. This is bad because he is wanted for raiding a New Republic prison ship. After stalling for a while they figure out he is a wanted criminal and makes a run for it.

When trying to escape The Mandalorian crash-landed on a snowy, icy planet and his ship “The Razorcrest” was badly damaged. While trying to fix the ship and keep The Child from eating the alien eggs. The mother is getting worried about her eggs freezing to death and seeks someplace warm to keep her eggs.

The Mandalorian notices the mother is missing and tracks her to a natural hot spring in an ice cave. The Mandalorian tells her they need to leave. While helping the mother gather her eggs The Child gets curious and accidentally wakes up a huge nest of spiders called Krykna.

Realizing they are in danger The Mandalorian grabs The Child and they and the mother sprint out of the cave. The spiders continue to chase them out of the cave. They finally reach The Razorcrest and when trying to start it up and escape a huge spider jumps onto their ship, damaging it even more.

After they think all hope is lost, the New Republic patrol comes back and kills the spiders. The New Republic patrol looks him up and lets him go because of all the good he had done.

The Mandalorian gets the ship working and the episode ends with him and the mother shooting into orbit on their way to the mother’s homeworld.

This episode was easily the funniest out of the season so far. I appreciate all the fan nods and the callbacks to other Star Wars episodes and tv shows. I enjoyed the directors and producers’ cameos that keep popping up in episodes. I also enjoyed the practical props such as the mother and The Child. This was a great episode and I’m sure many Star Wars fans will enjoy it.

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Xbox Vs Ps4, Battle For The Ages

Xbox and PlayStation have been going at it ever since they were released. They are trying to figure out who makes the better console for the consumer. The people think they are both great, but you always have people on both sides, and they are always telling the other that they are better.

Xbox who is run by Microsoft has been making consoles for years. They have been doing very well and they are one of the top manufacturers in their industry and they are there for a reason. They make a console called the Xbox One.

It is a gaming console that allows you to play with other people and all sorts of games and it does it with such a nice and smooth system. The user interface is great, and it is easy to use and you can do so much with it. One of the problems with it is for all games you need to pay per month to play online with friends and other people.

The PlayStation is a very similar concept. They are run by the company Sony. They have been doing this for just as long as Xbox has, and they are right up there with them. They can give the same experience. Some would say that is runs just as smooth and that it is even easier to use than the Xbox.

A lot of it is how you like the feel of it. But it is also very easy to use and it gives you a great gaming experience. One of the things that set them apart is that to play some online games you do not have to pay to connect with other people.

They are both great and they are the best on the market. But it all comes down to personal preference. How you would use it and how it feels in your hands are some major factors and that is how you decide. You cannot go wrong with either of them or they will both give you an amazing gaming experience.

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It’s Time To Hit The Slopes!

As the cold slowly seeps in and winter progresses, we have hit the SKI SEASON! Resorts are opening up (with Covid-19 precautions) and with luck, we’ll get some more snowfall. Major resorts such as Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are up and running, however with the pandemic situation, there have been some setbacks. Before we get into that, lets talk about the snow sport excitement.

Most can agree that this year has hit us all hard. It can be difficult to find motivation, encouragement, joy, and fun at times and that is why it’s so extremely important to find an outlet. Some kind of happiness. For many, with the coming of winter, that happiness is found on the mountain, shredding some snow.

“Its the best feeling in the world! The cold air rushing into your lungs, the feeling of the frost on your face, and the adrenaline flowing through your blood. It’s the most exhilarating natural high ever and I can’t wait for it to snow some more so I can go up and ski!”

Says Samantha Siddoway, an experienced skier, ready for the ski season to really get going.

At the popular Snowbasin resort, the lines due to social distancing are quite long and it is definitely different from previous years. Other resorts have a similar situation going on, however we have to make do with what we have. At least resorts are opening, and, so far, we have hope that they’ll stay that way through winter and into spring.

So everyone get your skis and snowboards ready, it’s ski season!


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Spotlight: Bryson Cunningham, hip-hop guru

There are so many students at Davis High school that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Sometimes talented students aren’t recognized as they should be, or their talents aren’t well known. But everyone deserves a chance to shine. So today, I’m going to recognize one such student with many skills: student Bryson Cunningham.

Bryson is a junior at Davis this year, and his favorite part of school is seeing his friends. He is personable and friendly, which makes him a valuable part of his friend group. However, like everyone, he has at least one thing about school he doesn’t enjoy.  Cunningham’s is quite relatable: “Mornings,” he said. “Getting up so early is no fun”. Talk about a mood! His favorite class is English because of his favorite teacher, Mr. Frey. “Frey is so cool,” says Cunningham. Sometimes the teacher makes the subject, as we all know.

But there is more to him than school. In his free time, Cunningham enjoys playing basketball with his friends and dancing in the style of hip-hop, hence his title. “I do it competitively,” he explains. “We have a choreographer who comes in and teaches us the moves, and we practice them all year. Then in March, we go to competitions”. Cunningham enjoys dancing with his team and says that this is what he considers to be the coolest thing about himself.

An interesting fact about Cunningham that few people know is that he was actually born dead. “They had to take me to the emergency room and give me air and stuff,” he explained. He was also born “clubfooted”, meaning one of his feet was completely sideways. He explained that as a child, he wore a special device similar to a brace that helped his leg to move back into the normal position. “I think I still have it,” he says. “It helped me to be able to walk”. He’s not sure if it is related or not, but his left foot is smaller than his right.

Though he doesn’t often get recognized for it, Cunningham is certainly an example of an exciting student with many skills, and his dedication to his passions is inspiring to me. Hopefully, he inspires you too!


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Davis High goes Virtual

Davis School District is experiencing a record high number of Coronavirus cases. In result, Davis High School and numerous other schools have been placed on a “soft-closure” for two weeks. What’s a soft closure? This means that students will not be attending class in person, but will be joining each class virtually. In two weeks, school will open back up as normal, and the student body will return to Davis High.  

Liz Brown (Sr) exclaimed that “It’s not fun. It’s boring.” But she also explained that this schedule allows her to be more productive. Compared to 4-day school, she now has more time to do homework because of all the free time.  

However, she thinks that there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to dealing with this new schedule. When there is a lack of communication between students and teachers, students are often unsure what to do, resulting in confusion.  

Some students don’t mind that school has been shut down. Emma Remington (Sr) is enjoying the time off from school, and all the extra free time she now has. In fact, she was able to watch a whole season of the hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy”, in only 2 days. 

Is sending the whole student body back to school on November 30th a good idea? Or will this further encourage the spread of Coronavirus and create another shutdown? The new 4-day a week schedule didn’t even last a full 2 weeks before Davis High got shut down. This prompts the question of whether attending school 4-days a week, with the hybrid schedule, or virtually is best. 

This is a school year that is more unexpected than any of us could have imagined. None of these decisions are easy to make, but the Davis High administration is doing their best to keep students in school, while also promoting a safe learning environment.  


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The challenges of being a small Youtuber

What are the reasons it’s hard being small Youtuber. Why is it challenging to be a startup channel? Because you need to find out what you enjoy doing, and what your audience likes to see. Find what videos work the most, how you speak, what type of things and videos you say and do. Then your reputation of the type of  Youtuber that you are and act like. And when you act the same or different in your videos, people like you the same. Find what videos work the most for your channel and work towards that. What type of videos that people enjoy to see, how the things they watch they will like. It’s a struggle to gain 1,000 subscribers. It’s truly hard just because you can never make everyone happy, which makes it so hard to keep it steady. Because keeping the subscribers is one of the worst challenges. I have had such a struggle keeping my subscribers for some reason, which doesn’t make sense. I feel like my Instagram account is doing so much more then my YouTube. And when you start out as a small YouTuber, the challenges with you and your start out equipment. you don’t really have enough stuff to do things. And things you need for your channel can be very expensive. The lights and things just a lot of important light kits and green screen. It’s really good to have a nice mic, also a voice changer is good to have because you can use those funny voices. Which is pretty cool because you can troll people. It’s so funny haha! Also you never want to give up on your channel just because they don’t like your channel. But I’ve got some information on this issue. I’ve asked two of my friends to talk to me about their channel. Jacob Coles was really really excited. When he lost subscribers, he kept on going at it which is the great thing to do. He’s been so excited that he’s been in the youtuber business for five years. He’s gonna try doing videos as well in five years. Mason Chamberlin said, “When I first started, I felt like it wasn’t going anywhere.” The person who influenced me to do the YouTube business.” he still feels like it’s not going anywhere.  He told me if there was any chance in any day that he would be giddy that he got 200 more subscribers.” “If you got sponsored by a company for your channel what would you do? I would use it towards YouTube. ” This is the greatest time to become a youtuber. You are able to fulfill it because there will be other things in life that will make it all go away. That’s why, if you feel like you want to become a youtuber, it’s more fun then anyone really realizes. It’s kind of a awesome challenge. You will be able to be yourself on your channel. Which is really cool that you can do that. People say you need to change, but changing for your channel is so much different. Which is amazing because Youtubers if they don’t want to have a normal job they can have a very unique one.

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How the Immune System Might be Killing Those With Covid-19

A recent scientific breakthrough has given us a better idea of what is causing deaths in those who contract Covid-19. This will bring us ever closer to finding some type of preventative, more information, or a complete vaccine.

People who have severe cases of COVID-19 are found to have a elevated amount of cytokines as compared to healthy people, thus leading to a cytokine storm in our body. A cytokine storm is a reaction within our immune systems that causes molecules to release in massive quantities, causing organ failure, and by extension, death.

This can be caused by many viruses, but of course, most notably, the infamous Covid-19. This is most likely not the only way this virus kills us, however, it brings us ever closer to finding a cure, since we know one of the reactions that is causing the deaths in people who contract Covid-19.

Thirumala-Devi Kenneganti of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital selected eight cytokines that were seen in COVID-19 patients. The cells growing alone caused no harm to the immune system, however, when all eight are together, cell death was elevated, it was deadly. They found that the combination of TNF alpha and gamma interferon was deadly to the macrophages they tested on. Additionally, this combination of two chemicals could kill mice within 10 hours. This form of cell death, Apoptosis, also happened alongside pyroptosis and necroptosis. Those two combined cause a deadly cytokine storm, as previously stated.

This information gives us ever growing hope that soon, we can find a way to, at the very least, prevent death in those who are infected. Better yet, its hoped that this will lead to findings that will help us develop a way to prevent the virus in its entirety, all we can do now is hope that when that cure does come out, everyone takes it so it cuts the virus off entirely.

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The Zodiac Experiment

Everyone has a specific zodiac sign that is supposed to influence their luck/fortune, personality traits, and even normal behavior. I am an Aquarius, for example, and we are supposedly known for creativity, independence, and eccentric thinking, among other traits. I feel like the outline for an Aquarius actually sounds a lot like me, so I wonder if perhaps there is some truth to zodiac signs.

That’s why I have decided to perform an experiment- I will record what my horoscope reads according to astrology.com every day from now, Monday, November 2nd, until Wednesday, November 4th, and then analyze its validity. Time to find out how accurate my horoscope is!

November 2nd: Today my horoscope read, “Be careful not to relax too much today. If you let down your guard, you could start falling back into a bad pattern of behavior. You worked too hard to get to where you are now, so don’t let yourself slide. Self-discipline can be tough when you’re on your own, so if you feel yourself succumbing to temptation, try the buddy system. Talk to a friend and take your mind off whatever it is that you know isn’t good for you!”

I was amazed at how much I actually connected to my horoscope today. My anxiety levels are high with the return to 4-day school, so I’m not relaxing much today. I’ve been working on managing my stress and anxiety more lately and have really improved, so “falling back into a bad pattern of behavior” might relate to me letting stress and anxiety take back control. And good friends are my main support system to manage these emotions; it’s like the horoscope read my mind! Overall, I am feeling intrigued today.

November 3rd: Today my horoscope read, “You’re doing some good stuff, so spread the word! You need to start opening up about all the projects you’re working on right now. How else will people know about them? They are more interested in what you’re doing than you think. They want to know what’s got you so energized. You might think they’ll roll their eyes when you give them an update, but that’s not true. They are more likely to look at you with amazement and then give you a round of well-deserved applause.”

Okay, I’m starting to wonder if this website is reading my mind or something, haha! I just started a business for my hobby/talent of jewelry making in the last few weeks, and I’ve been needing to get the word out, so the line about “opening up about all the projects I’m working on” directly applies to me.

It has been energizing me and improving my mood to be getting my first few customers, so my horoscope was actually pretty accurate today. Either this is another coincidence, or horoscopes may actually be somewhat accurate. As of now, I am undecided, but by tomorrow I might be a believer in astrology.

November 4th: Today my horoscope read, “Your cynical side is in charge today, which means you’re going to be suspicious of people who act like saints. To you, these folks don’t have altruistic motives. They are helping someone only with the goal of helping themselves in the end. But the big question is are your suspicions correct? Resist the urge to warn others about this person being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You don’t know for sure, and you could hurt their reputation.”

This one was not even close to accurate. I’m not feeling at all cynical, and I’m not feeling very suspicious of nice people today. I’m not a cynical person, and I’m in a pretty good mood.

Honestly, I’ve been really appreciating the friendliness that I have received today, as it has been an interesting adjustment this week with the return to four-day school. I think the accuracy of the last two days was simply a coincidence.

My final conclusion is that horoscopes have no factuality behind them. They’re like a fortune cookie; it’s a randomly generated fortune that plays into the minds of the superstitious.

While I do admit that the first two were accurate, I believe it was simply a coincidence. If they had any truth behind them, they would be correct every time without fail and would relate to each person individually.

My horoscope is not personal; these daily fortunes are for all Aquarius combined. Personally, I believe nobody can tell the future, so it’s best to keep an open mind. Therefore, I think I just busted the myth that horoscopes are true. However, they definitely make for an interesting read! I would recommend them to anyone who’s bored.

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Fun Things to Do This Winter Season

What are some fun things to do doing during winter? There are so many things that work for you whether you like or dislike the cold. Let’s look into the many different options for entertainment during the coldest season of the year.

As we transfer from Autumn to Winter, we may be needing new activities to do. It’s too cold to go for a walk, or have picnics, or hang out outdoors, but there are many activities that entertain and give you experiences you may have never had before.

For those of you who like being active, there are many options. Usually, exercise warms you up, so becoming cold isn’t as much of a concern. Skiing and Snowboarding are two very popular activities here in Utah. Due to the insane amounts of snow that Utah manages to keep during the winter.

Utah’s powder-like snow makes for great times when skiing, snowboarding and sledding

Ice Skating is popular. Fair warning to those who have weak ankles, you may need an ankle brace. If you’ve never been, it’s quite similar to roller-skating, although you need a bit more balance.

For those of you who like to be outdoors, but don’t necessarily enjoy being active, there are many activities for you as well.  If you’re a Disney Fan, you could visit the Midway Ice Castles, and feel like royalty.

You could go for a horse-drawn sleigh ride, to channel your inner Hallmark movie.

If you love camping and related activities, you could try camping in heated cabin rather than a tent. You could also go Ice Fishing at Bear Lake, and go on Trail Rides in Bryce Canyon.

If you have a budget to worry about, there are plenty of things for you to do as well! Not all fun winter activities have to cost a fortune.

You could look up a list of houses with amazing Christmas decorations, grab some Hot Cocoa and some friends and go for a drive to gaze at the sparkling lights.

You could find a new book, and cuddle up on your couch near a window and read as you look out at the snowy world outside. You could also get some friends and play some board games.

Seeing the frigid outdoors when you are warm and cozy indoors is such a nice feeling.

One activity is a movie night. Call your friends and tell them to bring a snack or dessert to share. Pick out some movies and watch the movies together, wrapped up in blankets. You could even ditch the movies and just have conversations with each other.

Although some of these activities may not be as fun this year, with the COVID-19 epidemic being so prevalent, we should still try to be positive and try to change them or reinvent them so we can still have fun this winter, and make some memories this winter.

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Effects On Students Post Car Crash

Multiple Davis High cheerleaders were in a car crash that left each one with injuries. About a month ago a group of cheerleaders was in a severe car crash leaving almost every girl with a concussion and/or other damages. The whole back end of the car belonging to Maddie Forster was smashed in and the opposite car of a Farmington high student was totaled in the front. Arlie Putnam, Ashlyn WalkerVienna Jacobs, and Dezirae Dayton all suffered from concussions. Arlie Putnam and Maddie Forster suffered facial injuries and Dezirae Dayton has head trauma, a broken pubic bone, and a broken hip. 

The schools are trying to have their students come back as soon as possible, but the girls are finding it hard to make it through the day without feeling the effects of their concussions. Though the school is understanding of the girls’ conditions. School being online is very hard for those with a concussion. The light from computer and devices affect the eyes very harshly and the girls must wear blue light glasses when they work on a computer.  

School wears me out, I can only go to a few periods before being mentally exhausted. My lip was split but has completely healed, but my concussion make tasks that used to be simple much harder. I often find myself tired and easily irritated, my eyes hurt and I have headaches. I think I will recover, but it will take time. I can’t cheer for a while because I can’t balance well enough to fly and have a hard time remembering some of the cheers. But despite how I feel or not, I cannot cheer until I’m cleared,” says Arlie Putnam.

School is going well for me, I couldn’t go for awhile and did fall behind. It was hard to concentrate in class and do online work. It was difficult to eat and speak with a swollen jaw. I no longer have any current symptoms other than a numb section on my jaw. After surgery I was tired and sore. But I think I’m healing well and won’t notice a difference going forward. I was cleared 10/20/20 to cheer at games and I can tumble, but I can’t stunt for another two months, explains Maddie Forster.

“My injuries at first made it so I could not walk, my body was in a lot of pain. I do online school at Career Path behind Davis high school, school hasn’t been hard for me this year. My teachers have worked with me and I only had issues my first week after the accident. I don’t have many symptoms anymore but a few days after being released from the hospital we discovered I had a blood clot. After being put on medication I feel so much better and, I am up and walking. I feel like I will get better but never be fully healed, I’m afraid to have another break to my hip,” explains Dezirae Dayton.

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Teachers, Push These Buttons, We Dare You…

As students, through the years of our tedious schooling, we have all developed our own personal likes and dislikes regarding teachers. It’s just natural, we all judge, whether positively or negatively, but there are just certain things that throw us over the edge.

After accumulating various opinions and perspectives from students and teachers, we have our list of top 5 biggest student pet peeves!

To start us off easy, our number 5 pet peeve is when teachers call us out in class. The stress of going to class, finishing assignments, and “fitting in” is already enough pressure on kids. However, the thought of being publicly announced and often humiliated is a dreadful idea for many. There are exceptions to this. Some teachers are fun, free-spirited, and when they call you out, it’s always with kind intentions. These kinds of teachers create comfortable classroom environments. Mr. Frey, an English teacher at Davis, is a good example of this. Walking into Mr. Frey’s room, students feel as though they can finally take a breath. A feeling of relief washes over students as they enter the door and no longer feel the need to be “the perfect student”. When Mr. Frey calls you out he does it in a fun, positive way. On the other hand, other teachers will simply criticize you in front of your classmates for their own fulfillment which is a problem.

Number 4! “Teacher, can I please go to the bathroom?” “Well I don’t know Billy, can you?” Or another great one, “I’ll wait.” These stereotypical phrases, along with many many others can become quite annoying for students. Even several teachers, when recalling on their high school days, mentioned that this was one of their pet peeves as well.

It’s a normal day, students are sitting in class, minding their own business, when all of a sudden…brrring..brrring…brrring goes one of the student’s phones. Their sweaty hands fumble for the phone as the entire class turns their attention to them. The student quickly pushes down the “silent mode” button, and looks up to see the teacher glaring at them. Whether they deliver a warning or a punishment, the teacher always holds a grudge on the student for their simple mistake. The same goes for a text or alarm or whatever else it is that disrupts the class. It was never meant to happen, and many wish it never would. They are honest mistakes, and yet, students are frowned upon because of them. Now, this is where the pet peeve comes in! We get chastised for such mishaps, but when a teacher receives a call in class, a text message, or other distractions they have absolutely no problem to stop class and engage in the distraction. Therefore, number 3 on the list goes to…teachers being hypocrites. They throw us in a fire and watch us burn, yet when it comes to it, they can’t take the heat themselves.

This brings us into the second point on our list. Some teachers disregard, disrespect, and underestimate students, simply because we’re young. Although there definitely are high school students who waste their time and don’t have a single regard for academics, there are also incredibly talented, successful, and intelligent teenagers that roam the halls of Davis High. Yet, teachers undermine them because, in their minds, we’re just “stupid kids.”

And finally, last but not least, our top pet peeve is how teachers base a student’s intelligence on their grades. In some aspects, the grading system is a good way to analyze what we know, however, teachers use it to a fault. A letter on a screen does not determine who we are, what we’ll do with our lives, and how successful we’ll be! So why is it the only thing many teachers turn to when judging a student?

“Its stupid how teachers rely on grades to determine our intelligence, we’re so much more than that. We’re humans and we definitely make mistakes, life happens, and grades might fall. However, it shouldn’t be what defines us!”

Says Jared Clark, an achieving student and Davis High.

Despite these annoying things, we love and our very grateful for our teachers at Davis High!



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How to Avoid ‘Senioritis’

Every student comes to a point in their lives where the motivation bar drops to zero, and things like homework and grades don’t seem to matter anymore. This usually happens to kids in their senior year, but in MY case, this happened around my sophomore year. So I consider myself to be quite the expert in the subject. Here are three things you can try to help avoid senioritis.

Set Goals:

Setting goals is one of the best ways to cure lack of motivation. Setting short-term and long-term goals will help you stay on task and keep you focused. Haley Lowery says that thinking about graduation helps keep her motivated.


No one looks forward to doing their homework, but we do look forward to things like food, clothes, movies, video games, etc. So what you need to do is reward yourself after you complete one of your goals. You can do small rewards like play a video game for short-term goals and big rewards like going to dinner or a movie for your long-term goals.

Don’t Stress:

This may vary between people, but I find that a lot of kids get overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork they are given, so they just avoid it and hope it goes away. I find that it is best to take it one assignment at a time and try to space out your homework instead of saving it till the night that it’s due.

Aiden Morton says “Try to attend school and don’t skip.” This will make it easier to not fall behind.

And there you have it, the best ways to avoid/cure senioritis. Hopefully. 🙂

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Does Automotive ‘Drive’ You in Life?

The automotive class at Davis High is a great class to take. It teaches you how your car works and how take care of it. It is a great class to take if you want to have a successful time driving your car and to know what to do if anything happens.

The automotive class offers many courses you can take. From Intro to Automotives, all the way up to Advanced Auto. Intro to Automotive is the basic stuff. You learn how to change oil, put on a tire, and the basics on how an engine works. Going into Advanced Auto, you learn about suspension, brakes, and the electrical components of a car and how they work.

It is also a enjoyable class. John Page said,

“I love this class! It is very fun and it gives me so many opportunities for my future and my career.” Mr. Schirner said,

“I love teaching! I love knowing that I’m transferring information that will hang on and help my students all through their life. Because everyone has a car, and everyone needs to know how to take care of it.”

John and Mr. Schirner would recommend taking this class. You don’t have to take all the classes they suggest to take, but at least take Intro to Automotive. It’s not as in-depth, but it teaches you how the car works and will help you be a better driver and to know what to do when something bad happens to your car. Even if you don’t drive or have a car.

It will teach life lessons and open up your career choices. If you want to go on into the automotive industry, they recommend going on to their next classes. You will get a head start on your career and come out ready. Over all. it is a great class, and even if you don’t like it, it will teach you so many things to carry into the rest of your life.

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the controversy of columbus day

As you may know, there has been a controversy in the celebration of Columbus days for many years. We all remember the poem “in 1942 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. We were always taught Columbus was the one who discovered America, but comes to find out this is incorrect. The fact is Columbus did not discover America, the Vikings arrived in America before Columbus did, but even before that, native people lived there for around 3000 years before this so-called discovery.

When talking to several Davis high school students, we asked the question, “do you believe we should celebrate Columbus day or indigenous day?” most of the responses were similar to each other saying we should celebrate the indigenous day, because of the way Columbus treated indigenous people when he arrived in America. It is also known that European explorers brought diseases with them to America.

Columbus enslaved many native people when he arrived. When talking to these students I asked what they personally thought of Columbus and one student responded with “He was very smart. He just murdered a lot of natives, I don’t know why we’re celebrating him, the Vikings discovered America before Columbus did, so why aren’t we celebrating the Vikings?”

There are still many people that think of Columbus as a “hero” and think we should still celebrate this holiday. some people that are against celebrating Columbus day have even gone as far as wanting the memorial torn down.

Through the horrible things Columbus had done, he still has had many great achievements and some people against the holiday believe he should receive some credit. Columbus Day was first celebrated in 1792 but was not actually proclaimed an actual holiday until 1937. So what do you think? Should we celebrate Columbus Day or call it something else?

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The Pros of Graduating as a Junior

There are things you don’t ever think about until you make the actual decision that could totally change your perspective in that choice. But things like that are usually way before high school. It’s like it’s been your idea of a future you want to succeed in. But sometimes, those choices you make can cause sadness. That’s what happens when you have different goals and career choices. If everyone was the same, there would be so many people with the same ideas and career. Which would cause lots of companies to go out of business.

Graduating as a junior can be great. You don’t have to worry about any classes. But graduating as a junior can be very stressful just because of the things you need to do and all these extra class assignments. But if you’re like me and 17 and a junior, you would be turning 19 if you stayed until your senior year. No thanks! I would prefer to graduate at age 18! There are other things that can pull you to graduate early as well. And it’s not at all bad to graduate high school early! Not to colleges anyway. They’re looking for smart, motivated kids, so early graduation is a positive sign to them. And as a junior, you’re graduating early, but not so early that you’ll be completely out of place with the usual high school graduate. Another reason why you might want to graduate early is you might want to start your next education phase early. You might want to pursue an opportunity before college. You could like the idea of entering the workforce as soon as possible. Or you just simply don’t enjoy high school. In my case, it was just wanting to graduate and live my life. Which is kind of funny because my username has the year I’m wanting to graduate. Which is almost a coincidence it’s like they knew I wanted to go and graduate. It’s like destiny!

Graduating can really help people with their success in life. When you graduate early, it gives you time to grow up and do things, find jobs, and figure out what you’re gonna do in order to make graduating early and worth it. Graduating early gives you a boost in the life that will help you learn and experience all types of things that will make you stronger due to the opportunity to venture through them. It helps you get closer to that career you’re wanting to work towards. People that graduate early  know what they want to do for their career. Friends can be strong peer pressure because they might want you to stay. This is what McKay Willmore had to say,

“I don’t think graduating at 11th grade is ideal because, if you graduate as a senior, you will have more time to experience the rest of high school.” William Zerkle explained this to me,

“Graduating early wasn’t what I wanted to do, because I’m thinking of going for a teaching career.” Mason Chamberlain said, “Don’t leave. You’re the life of party of our group! You make it so great to be friends with everyone.”

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Uinta, Sammy Brue, and the garden plot band

On October 29th the Uinta band from Davis high school put together a concert. It included the garden plot band and the grinders. Garden plot band is also from Davis high school. Many people from Davis high school showed up. There were around 50 presale tickets and many bought at the door.

Davis high school students came together and had the greatest time. New friendships made, people laughing, cheering, singing. This night brought people from all over together, with social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines still in place.

The Uinta band has been together for around a year and has played 7 shows together!

Garden plots have been together for around 6 months and have played 3-4 shows together already. Both of these bands from Davis high school have 1 song each out on all platforms and are well known by our great school Davis high school.

Their whole goal is to spread positivity and share their great talent in music and touch the hearts of these students and people from all over. They are trying to make it big. They have such a great passion for sharing their music.

They are just a group of friends who came together with their instruments and made something great come from it. For the Uinta band, Greg Page is the lead singer and plays guitar, then we have Lincoln Baird on guitar, Jake Needham on drums, and then Levi Clark on bass and keyboard.

The garden plot band consists of Baxter Adams on vocals, Tanner Stuart on guitar, Gavin Cox on bass, Alex Schaefer on guitar, and Ian Edgar on the drums.

There are many more concerts to come. And many more friendships to be made. It’s hard to stay positive in these trying times, but this concert sure did bring a smile to a lot of people’s faces. These activities are what make high school relationships grow and start. It’s a place where every student/teenager doesn’t have to worry about a thing and can just be who they are!

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Hybrid schedule-Helpful or Harmful?

The newly created “hybrid” schedule has allowed Davis to open and stay open for two months now. This weird schedule is another thing that has been thrown at Davis High students because of Coronavirus, but both students and teachers have adapted and fallen into a routine with the half in person and half online instruction. However, there are many aspects of the hybrid schedule that is appealing, and similarly many aspects of this schedule that is negative. 

First, there are several positive aspects of a Hybrid schedule. The opportunity to be at home several days a week allows for more free time for students. One of the biggest appeals of the hybrid schedule to students is the opportunity to sleep in every other day. Also, with winter rapidly approaching, the opportunity to not have school 3 times a week is something that will attract anyone who enjoys winter sports such as skiing.

However, there are many negative aspects of hybrid learning. Teachers are at the school all week and must balance the online and the in-person learning. This can lead to bad communication and a difficulty to reach students if they are struggling. Another negative impact is reduced time in person. This is difficult for students because they cannot receive some of their lessons adequately. At Davis High, many students take AP or CE classes which are challenging and a higher workload. These classes present a challenge when students are not able to receive important face-to-face instruction. 

Liz Brown, a senior at Davis High, enjoys hybrid because of the flexibility, but is excited to return to 4-day classes. “AP classes are difficult, and I can’t wait to have more in-person class time with my teachers.” Opinions on the hybrid schedule vary between students, some love it where as others miss the regular schedule. Hybrid schedule also prohibits students with interactions that they would usually have with students who attend school on different days than them. 

The decision to switch back to a 4 day a week schedule was decided recently and is planned to put into place starting November 2nd. Is this a good ideaSome may argue that it will allow students to better learn and have better instruction. However, with the recent spike of cases, and schools getting shut down within Davis county, is this really the smartest and the safest decision?  

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Class of 2021 Withstand Pandemic

Seniors have drastically been affected by COVID-19 this school year and many are saddened by the high school experiences they will leave without. The final year of high school is typically envisioned to be the most exciting one of all four. It is the ending to a full 12 years of grade school and a wrap up of memorable adolescence. The dances, dates, and hangouts are some of the things many would love to go back and feel. It’s remembered by many adults to be a very important and exciting time, but that might not be the case for the graduating class of 2021.

“Dances are most fun during senior year since everyone goes all out for their last ones.”

Says Shareef Rehman, a past student at Davis High.

Now that everyone is currently trying to stop the spread of the infamous corona virus, many schools have enforced social distancing and a hybrid schedule. This change has caused dances to be cancelled, a limited amount of sports game tickets, and way less students at school. For seniors, the school spirit just doesn’t seem to be there.

“Its super weird, the halls are quiet and a lot of my friends go to school on a different day than me.”

Says Davis high senior Halee Richmond.

Although the seniors this year definitely aren’t going to get the experience they hoped for, it hasn’t stopped them from enjoying the finale of this chapter in their lives. Students have hosted their own smaller dances, planned their own get togethers, and continue to make more unforgettable memories. High school in the middle of a pandemic isn’t fair or ideal, but it won’t stop this year’s seniors from enjoying one of the most eventful times in their lives. Covid will not pose any threat as these students transition into adulthood.


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TV Show or Modern Masterpiece ?

Breaking Bad, a popular TV show on Netflix, remains a series favorite and continues to be enjoyed by almost anyone who watches it. Once the show has been started, it’s hard not to remain locked in on this emotional and thrilling masterpiece. With a rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, there’s no doubt that this intense TV drama will leave you needing just one more episode.

“I’ve watched it at least five times and it’s still one of my favorites.”

States Breaking Bad fan Oklee Jackson.

Maybe it’s the fact that Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, turns his life completely around and becomes a secret criminal after finding out he has a limited amount of time left to live, that keeps people intrigued. Whatever it is, this show has an emotional impact like no other. There’s excitement, sadness, thrill, joy, and much more throughout Walter’s rollercoaster of a life. Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walter, does a great job of portraying Walter and makes it all the more real.

It’s the perfect show for times like these when social events and going out isn’t safe or appealing. Even with 5 seasons and 62 episodes, this show will never get old even after watching it multiple times. Although it’s final episode date was September 29, 2013, it remains a loved and dependable series. If you’re looking for the perfect show to start during these days of staying home, this one will not disappoint.


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Boba: adorable addition to the family

Davis high school teacher, Mr. Phongsavath, gets the cutest puppy named Boba T. Phongsavath.

Early August, high school teacher, soccer coach, and father Soulivahn Phongsavath made the decision to let his family get a puppy. This decision was a very rewarding one, but also one that was challenging. It was not a unanimous vote. While most of his family wanted a puppy, Souli wasn’t 100% convinced. After serious consideration and deal-making, they finally agreed and got Boba, the Cavapoo.

“The compromise was that I would be able to pick the name”

Says Souli.

There were a couple different options for names for the new family member. Souli wanted anything Taylor Swift or Kanye West related, but since all of the boys’ names in his family start with “B”, they went with Boba.

Souli got Boba because it would be good for the kids, but Boba quickly took a liking to one of the kids specifically, Souli’s daughter. He follows her around everywhere and she takes care of him. They’ve created such an amazing bond with each other that will last a lifetime.

Even though puppies can be hard to train, they are so rewarding and it feels like everything was worth it when you really start to love them. As you get to watch them grow up, you can see all the progress they’ve made and it’s truly amazing.

“Boba’s a part of the family and we love him.”

Explains Souli.

Though trying at times, puppies teach everyone so much and bring people together as families and friends. Everyone grows to love puppies and puppies love everyone back. Some more than others.

You can follow Boba for more adorable pictures and updates on Instagram @boba_cavapoo .

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What is the Yearbook Doing Amongst COVID Chaos?

Every year almost all students buy a yearbook, it contains everyone’s pictures as well as documentation of most everything that happened during the school year. However, this year there is a big chunk of the book is missing, almost 400 students across the 3 grades did not get there picture taken at the beginning of the year and so if they don’t get their picture taken soon they will not be covered with the rest of the students.

“About 300 student’s didn’t get their picture taken, so we will come pull them out of class and take their pictures against the wall” -Savannah Karchner, A Senior Yearbook Editor

The main part most students look at in the yearbook is the people pages to find their picture and their friends, not only will much of this be displaced or gone because of missing pictures, but also several events throughout the year have been canceled leaving space where things normally would have been covered.

Assemblies, dances, and concerts are only a few of the missing things from the yearbook that the coronavirus has taken from us. Instead there has to be new coverage of what is happening this year. Instead of a homecoming dance spread there may be one about how you get social interaction when you are social distancing. Instead of our welcoming assembly we get to explore how people have adapted and learned to use online learning and only coming to school 2 times a week.

“We have created different spreads that haven’t been covered in previous yearbooks, and we are using our creativity and problem solving to fill the book” -Savannah Karchner, A Senior Yearbook Editor

With these difficulties the most important thing you as the student body and as parents is to make sure you get covered. On the dartboard there are surveys to fill out and teacher superlatives that if you fill out you can be quoted and covered in the yearbook.

While struggling through a pandemic it is our cooperation that will help the school rise and be able to do it’s best. By participating in school and taking initiative for being a part of the school we will will all have a great school year.

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Thanksgiving Traditions of Davis High School

With Halloween celebrations coming to an end and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the next holiday. We all know the basic story behind it, with the pilgrims and the natives becoming friends and having a harvest feast together to celebrate. However, each family celebrates Thanksgiving in their own way, with recurring traditions or perhaps something new every year. How do students at Davis High celebrate Thanksgiving each year?

For some students, such as Sion Keyes, Thanksgiving means a bridging of multiple cultures. Keyes is half-Italian, so each year he says his family “always put Italian candles around the table, and light them for the whole dinner”.  Then they indulge in a traditional Thanksgiving feast like all of us do.

I think eating at Thanksgiving with beautiful candlelight is a lovely, unique tradition. But what sorts of traditions do other students have?

Student Sara Clark starts Thanksgiving off by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with her family. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving feast at dinnertime, the Clark family enjoys their meal for lunch and then indulges in pie for dinner. According the Sara, the best tradition is watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” in the evening. Even though it isn’t the most unique, Clark’s family still enjoys a fun and fulfilling Thanksgiving each year.

Other students, such as Ashley Sparks, find the most joy in spending time with others. While she enjoys her childhood tradition of watching Charlie Brown movies like Clark, Sparks loves attending family gatherings the most of all. It is the season of togetherness after all, so this is quite fitting!

Based on these three students, it is safe to say that Davis High has a nice variety of traditions for the Thanksgiving season to look forward to. If you have a favorite tradition for Thanksgiving, feel free to share in the comments. Happy Harvest everyone!

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Was the Travvy Patty Lit?

The Travis Scott Meal is very controversial. Some say it’s horrible, some say it’s the best McDonald’s meal they have ever had.

Recently McDonald’s and Travis Scott collaborated and made 2020 better with the Travis Scott meal. The meal includes a Quarter-Pounder with cheese with lettuce and bacon, tangy BBQ sauce with a medium order of fries, and a medium Sprite with extra ice. All this for only $6! This Meal has caused quite an uproar on social media.

The Meal will only be available until Oct 4th. A lot of people are saying that it is overrated. Some say its the best meal from McDonald’s they have had. Since the meal has ended, people are talking about how it was very concerning for a rapper whos lyrics are very explicit to collaborate with a family fast food restaurant.

“The strips of bacon are surprisingly really good!” Said Travis Frey.

Everyone is also talking about the shirts that the crew got to wear. It was a red shirt with the Cactus Jack Logo, and above that is the McDonald’s Logo. All the employees are required to wear the shirt, and “It’s Lit!” according to Graham Capel.

“The burger was so alive, and I felt Travis Scotts childhood within my taste buds. The drink was divine, after a perfect amount of warm fries dipped in tangy barbeque sauce.” Said Ethan Miles.





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Outdoor Dining Opens at Sushi Monster

With so many restaurants closing, it’s nice to know that outdoor dining has returned to Sushi Monster at Farmington Station. Since the middle of September, customers have been able to have the dine-in experience once again.

Sushi Monster has opened outdoor seating because of Farmington Station’s new policies that allow Station Park to be closer to what it was before Covid-19. Sushi Monster will continue outdoor seating and hopefully reopen indoor seating by continuing to follow safety precautions.

Kennedy Weight, a fluent customer of Sushi Monster says that the opening of outdoor seating is awesome and allows more customers to enjoy the view of the outdoor fountain. She says that the service there is especially nice and takes all the right precautions to keep everyone safe. She also says that “the Mango Tango sushi roll is very good.”

Customers are also allowed to be served in the Station Park food court as well.

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How Popular is Gaming at our School?

Can you believe you can get famous from just playing video games? It’s pretty amazing. Gaming has become a more popular form of entertainment in the world because it exists in so many forms to be consumed. And it’s only going to get more diverse from here! As virtual reality and augmented reality devices become more common, VR and AR games will become more common as well.  This is why there are so many types of games that are in our new generation right now.

But there are so many gaming YouTube channels, and ever sense covid-19, even more  people have been creating gaming content, and it’s amazing! Gaming creates such creativity in people’s lives. Sometimes it’s good to game, because you can go into another world to let go of some stress and forget about things you don’t really want to do. Some games, such as the Action & Adventure category, are considered the best to help relieve stress. That’s followed by shooter games and puzzle games. You can even use multiple gaming systems! A person named Hales says, “for those looking for support, gaming as a hobby can offer a confidence-boosting sense of achievement which may be lacking in other aspects of their lives. ”

There are so many people who game! There are about 89 million game console users in the United States in the first quarter of 2017 alone! The most popular video game of all time is Minecraft! The second is Counterstrike, and third is Grand Theft Auto 5. But I don’t know about Nintendo putting Steve from Minecraft into Super Smash Bros as A DLC character. But I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s been getting lots of likes, so it’s not really an issue. A lot of people like him in that game.

There’s some interesting competition going on between Roblox and Fortnite. But why are these the ones that are in the first and second place spots?! I don’t know, it’s a bit confusing. Fortnite is a better game. It has 152 million players, and Roblox has 178 million accounts.  But there are more active Fortnite players then Roblox players. Also Minecraft is the most popular game right now. Which I would blame for Fortnite and Roblox not being the most popular game.

Games have been around since 1972, when this person named Magnavox released the Magnavox Odyssey. Video games were introduced in amusement arcades in the late 1970’s and were most popular during the golden age of arcade video games. There are some popular horror games that a lot of people play. In 2020, there’s been some excellent horror games released. Resident Evil 2 remake is the best example, but even more are yet to come.

And you may have some friends who might play popular games too. Or maybe you play the less popular games. I interviewed Mason Chamberlain and asked him a few questions about gaming. Here’s what he had to say:

“Gaming has became more popular because of covid-19. Gaming in our school has been so popular. In quarantine, there were lots of people with nothing to do, so they started gaming.”

I asked him why he thinks gaming is so popular. He said, “It’s entertaining to play them because of the change of settings in the different games you play. You could say there are a lot of people who play all sort of video games.


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What does Davis High think of the 2020 Presidential Election?

The upcoming Presidential Election is one of the most controversial topics today.  With the end approaching, a question presented itself. What do Davis High Students think about the election and candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

Firstly, for those of you who want to know what someone experienced in the field of US Government thinks, or maybe just get a bit of information on the election, we have interviewed Mr. Bo Roundy, A U.S Government and Citizenship Teacher here at Davis High.

When asked why someone would vote for Donald Trump, he says that Trump’s supporters had devoted such love and loyalty to Trump, which Roundy has “never before witnessed”

“Trump represents populist America. People love his ‘Drain the Swamp’ and ‘America First’ politics”-Roundy

Biden however, gains his votes by being the answer to beat Trump.

“He represents the answer to all the injustices and inequalities in our country.” Roundy goes on to state that people “are tired of Trump and his ‘white America’ and are looking for a president who is honest and respectful.”

Now as far as what things are damaging each candidate’s campaign, Roundy’s answers were the same. President Donald J. Trump. Many people love Trump, and see Biden as old and too weak to be president. Trump is damaging his own campaign by talking too much and being seen as disrespectful to many groups and individual people.

“He [Trump] needs to shut his mouth and listen. He is the only thing holding himself back. His narcissism and bullying!” -Roundy

Finally, we asked him who he honestly thought was going to win, “Biden” Roundy answered, in just that way.

Next, we wanted to find out what Davis High Students thought and what candidate they would choose. In order to find out we staged a poll on our Instagram @davisdartnews to determine what our followers thought. If our poll was the election, President Donald Trump would be in for a second term. Although, considering this is a conservative area, Biden wasn’t too far behind, with a split of 60% to 40% respectively.

When the students were asked why they had voted Trump, the majority claimed that Trump’s economic policies were a major factor, as well as his Christian ideals. Biden’s voters, chose him because they agreed with his ideals more than Trump’s in areas concerning Climate Change and Equality.

In order to really figure out what issues represented by the candidates mattered to students, and to have a more detailed look into their thoughts, we interviewed two of them.

One, a devout Conservative, and the other a strong Liberal. This way we could see why each side would vote in the way that they did, but in a more detailed way. Matthew Ralston was the representative Democrat, and Will Jensen the Republican.

When asked if either of them actually supported the candidates, their answers were very different. Ralston only supported Biden for the purpose of removing Trump from office.

“Biden is too moderate and not who I would vote for if I had the choice.” Ralston says. He also feels that Biden has more political experience. Although Ralston thinks that Biden is too moderate he also agrees with Biden’s stance on climate change and Police Reform.

Jensen however, supports President Trump fully

“he’s one of the best Presidents we have ever had” although he can see why people may not like him due to his abrasive nature, in fact, Jensen doesn’t like that about him. Jensen admits that they both have histories doing the job but claims that Joe Biden isn’t up to the job.

“I don’t think Joe Biden is up to the task at all”-Will Jensen

Trump’s winning factor to Jensen is that he keeps his word.

“…he promised to put up a wall and he did. He promised to put in Republican judges and courts and he did” says Jensen. The way the Biden has won Ralston over is simply because Biden’s views align better with his and he wants Trump removed from office.

You may be wondering, “What is so bad about Trump that people are voting for Biden simply to get Trump out of office?” Many don’t like his personality.

“He is a bully, who goes after people with no reasoning, as well as using the office to move himself forward, and give himself the spotlight.” Says Ralston

“Trump is a bully. His first response to criticism is to bully other candidates, such as name-calling and going after their families”-Ralston

Of course Ralston is referring to the names Trump gave to his opponents, such as “Sleepy Joe” and “Pocahontas” (Elizabeth Warren) He also refers to Trump going after Hunter Biden in the debate for his struggles with drugs.

Jensen doesn’t support Joe Biden because of two things. One is that Biden is old, and is “kind of losing his mind a little bit.” Jensen claims. For context Trump is seventy-four years old and Biden is seventy eight in November. The second is “he has a bad track record of passing bills I don’t like” Jensen added, referring to the Crime Bill of 1994.

Now when asked which candidate they honestly think is going to win, they had similar answers. For Jensen, it changes every day. Advantages for one side come and go so quickly it’s hard to tell. Ralston mirrors the message of being unable to know, but rather than the coming and going of advantages being to blame, for him it’s the electoral college. He compares it to the election in 2016, where Hillary won the popular vote, but lost the election.

In conclusion they both had a few words.

“Please vote for Biden and get Trump out office” Ralston said.

“Everyone needs to remember that we are all Americans and we need to be kind to each other”  Jensen’s last words for Davis High to hear.

It’s clear that this presidential election is a very divisive issue across all of the United States, even areas that seemingly lean towards one side or the other. It will be very interesting to see what the outcome of this election will be, and how the country will react.

Unfortunately, we won’t know right on election day. We will have to wait until all the mail-in ballots have been counted, but until then, hopefully we can get through this together. Although you may love one candidate and despise the other, Roundy has some words of comfort.

“America is greater than any one president. America has survived with greater and lesser men. We will be fine with either.”-Roundy

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Teaching Methods: What Does Davis Prefer?

Davis High School students are now having to deal with new systems of learning, but which one do they prefer?

Out of the people who were asked, most wanted to go back to only having school.

Online Only: 20%

School Only: 42%

Hybrid Schedule: 38%

Many sources had many things to say, but for each side it fell under a general consensus, those who want to go to full school say that’s just what they prefer and how they learn better, which is more than fair, and those who want full online either excel at it, or they simply want to avoid the virus spreading and are against physical contact.

Those who want hybrid are rare, seeing as its neither one or the other, but they generally preferred to be able to sleep in and work online some days and still get to go to school, and also fall under the idea that we shouldn’t gather in groups too often

Part of the reason why hybrid and school only are so close would be that some people answered based off of what they want, the ideal. Others answered based on what we need to do, what is the smartest in the current situation. Some said that while they do want full time at school, the logical choice would be to do the hybrid schedule, if not to do full online as the other extreme is arguably safer, if not the best for everyone.

A large portion of it also comes down to the teachers that some students have, some of them said their teachers don’t handle online as well, after all, it is an entirely new method of teaching.

At the end of the day, the best thing that could happen is the school doing whats best for all of us. To choose the method that helps the most people, or even to give options like other school districts have been doing.

Giving parents and students the option to either do online, hybrid, or at school could help a lot of people out who don’t want to follow, or necessarily agree with, the majority. Regardless of the way we learn, we should all do our best to strive in our fields, good luck Davis!

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DHS Students Bring Back 90s Fashion

Students all over Davis High can be seen following the latest fashion trends of 2020. Baggy jeans, retro Nikes, corduroy pants, and high top Converse are found almost anywhere you look. Travis Frey, a teacher at Davis High, frequently wears his trendy OG Air Jordan 1s in it’s classic red, black, and white colorway. Like many others, he likes splurging on his favorite clothing trends.

“Crew neck sweatshirts, straight/wide leg pants, and high top Converse are a good go-to outfit.” says Haley Lowry, a senior this school year.

The fashion of 2020 is strongly influenced by 90s fashion. Many of the outfits being worn today mimic the beloved trends in the 90s. Scrunchies, plaid vest sweaters, and mom jeans made up some of the most fashionable outfits throughout the 80s to 90s, and are being worn by teens and young adults of today’s time. Fashion icons of this generation such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez are a few of the people that started the vintage trend of this year, and so far it has appealed to many DHS students.

Clothing today is very gender neutral and both boys and girls at Davis High School are seen expressing themselves through their clothing. There’s no doubt that these stylish students that are creative with today’s trends have a big impact on the style of their peers.

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Attention Incoming Sophomores!

Listen up all you incoming sophomores! High school is the next step in your life and we want you all to enjoy it, so here is some advice on how to NOT go through the pain.

The biggest point to mention and probably the most significant is: TIME MANAGEMENT! This cannot be stressed enough; whatever classes you’re taking, whatever sports/clubs/activities you’re involved in, and whatever else you have going on in your life, organize it! Here are some tips…

  1. Spread Out Homework Assignments and Studying. By getting in the habit of doing homework (even if it’s just a little bit) everyday you can dramatically decrease stress. Rather than cramming and finishing it all last minute, which usually results in poor, rushed work and lower grades, spread it out.
  2. Get a Planner. Planners are a great way to write down and lay out your schedule. You can organize activities, events, assignments for school and add any notes. This method of organization has proved to be a beneficial and smart way to manage our crazy lives.
  3. Don’t Overdue It. We all want to excel in school, graduate, and eventually get a job. Therefore many students pile on difficult classes and responsibilities, anything to spruce up college resumes…right? As great as this is, don’t push it. You’ll just end up overwhelmed, taking on more than you can handle.

To shed light on some personal experience from a former sophomore at Davis,

“My first year of high school was really rough, I was taking all honors classes, taking AP, and playing sports. I just couldn’t keep up. I felt trapped in this continuous spiral of stress and sadness. So, my advice to incoming sophomores would be to take it step by step, enjoy high school, work hard, and most importantly don’t give up! I gave up and looking back I wish I never did.”

So all you new sophomores, be smart, work hard, manage your time, and have fun. We wish you all the best and good luck!

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New School Board Gives Teachers and Students a Scare

Earlier this week, it was brought to the publics’ attention that, on November 4th of 2020 they will be adopting the current school schedule to a four-day schedule, contrary to the current hybrid schedule. With the numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases on the rise, family and students are beginning to worry. Some individuals believe that this new schedule will create a spike in Covid-19 related cases within the school and community, stirring more thoughts on the possibility of remote schooling for the rest of the year.

When asked about the situation, David Henriod, currently a  biology teacher at Davis Highschool, had this to say when hearing about the school board’s decision. “I was very surprised. I had no idea that they would have a decision that fast,” If this change had gone through, a fairly quick change would have to be made in all classrooms. “I would have had to make sure I had enough seats for a full class. I would also have to start preparing more classroom lessons since I would be seeing students more often in person,” stated Henriod.

This idea for a schedule change in the very midst of the pandemic seemed sudden to many and as said before, concerned many people as well considering the hybrid schedule was supposed to be a full year situation. In David Henriods words, “it just seemed like the decision came out-of-the-blue, no warning. I was expecting it to last at least through the first term. Hopefully, at least to get a two-week notice. When the school board revised the decision for the schedule change many were relieved however, this schedule change was only postponed for grades 7-12, Jr. high and high school students.

When asked about the decision to revise or, postpone the change, Henriod had this to say, “ I thought they did the right thing for Jr. high and high schools. Make the change at a good changing point at the end of the term” But elementary teachers got the shaft. All of their students are coming every day.

It is no surprise that with the changes in the hybrid schedule that started this school year due to Covid-19 some teachers may feel overwhelmed. These intense changes and especially with how the school board has recently been fluctuating can cause a lot of teachers to stress as they need to edit their curriculum on the fly. “I am easy going—so they can do whatever they want. I wish there was more communication from the top about possible changes. I think the teachers are doing okay, I know many who are angry and have to work twice as hard to cover both in-person and remote learning. It can wear on a person,” stated Mr. Henriod.

Teachers seem to be doing well and students are getting on track, but no matter what changes happen, this year is sure to be a unique and fascinating year for Davis High.


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COVID Cases Spike: How are Mask Opinions Shifting?

In the recent weeks there has been an upswing of cases in the Davis school district as several students and teachers have contracted the virus. This has lead to a putting off the return to a 4 day a week schedule and has raised questions on how we should try to further reduce the spread of the virus.

Some extracurriculars have been questioned as to whether they should be shut down. Amidst these growing concerns some attitudes about school procedures may have shifted. At risk people may get more concerned and feel unsafe, and previously anti-mask people may reduce their opposition to wearing masks.

For many students coming to school is the main source of human contact and therefore potential contact with the virus. Because of this people have started changing their opinions on the virus based on what they are seeing and hearing at school.

As Individuals have become more informed than they were over the summer due to others sharing what information they have found this has caused a shift in how students feel about policies that are in place to limit the spread of the virus.

“I used to think masks were really stupid and not worth anything  beforehand, but as I go on and see studies and other things and i’ve come to see it as a necessary evil. I would feel awful if I did spread COVID so I do wear a mask because that is what I can do to help out.” – Liam Bean, a junior at Davis high.

Many others who have immune deficiencies, health complications, or those who are regularly around those who are in high risk groups may feel very different about how safe school feels and how they handle masks.

When worried about getting the virus the small things such as sanitation and masks may seem much more important to comply with in order to ensure that they do not get infected or spread the virus it to others

“I am so grateful for masks being required at school. It lowered the chance of getting COVID. I honestly don’t mind masks because I’ve gotten used to them and I know they are keeping me safe. The school has done a pretty good job at keeping COVID under control so I feel safe going to school. I am worried however for going back to 4 days a week because social distancing won’t be possible in a few classes” – Kenzie Carter, a senior at Davis High

Feelings are becoming more intensified, as opinions can significantly alter the habits and activities of students, controlling the spread of the virus is the largest factor in schools remaining open. Students have come to rely on the patterns of school and are worried about going back to an all online schedule, so many have become more cautious and willing to wear masks and take protective measures to stop the spread of the virus to keep the school open and to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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How will Halloween look this year?!

What Halloween ideas will be in store this year for people in your neighborhood? Will there even be Halloween this year? Imagine what children think about the idea of not having trick or treat! The things we have to do for Covid-19 are pretty serious. I work at Lagoon, and they still are enforcing social distancing, but they do the best that they can do with the haunted houses. I’m not exactly sure how they are social distancing, but they’re doing all they can to keep their customers safe. The biggest issue about the haunted houses is that the actors have to wear masks on top of their character masks. That sounds such like a struggle. October should be very interesting to see the outcomes of what may happen for that month. Will anyone even put up their  Halloween decorations and give out candy? How can you plan Halloween events when a lot of the places still make you use hand sanitizer and wear a mask? This seriously could not get any worse. Now let’s talk little more about these other haunted house attractions. Let’s start off with Black Island Farms. If you’re wanting some good Halloween ideas, go through their nightmare acres! That should give you a good scare! In Nightmare on 13th, they are doing very well with the covid-19 plan. But if you take off your mask anytime while you’re in the attraction, they will not interact with you. Their tickets are only for half hour time slots, so only a small amount of people are able to go. Will it even be fun with the actors having to wear masks? I know it’s safer for us and for them, but do you like to be scared by them? Or do you like to see them wearing masks? I guess you could say the the idea of Halloween won’t be as scary as you imagined. I was able to have the opportunity to ask these students what they were thinking of wearing for Halloween. Ethan McKay says he’s not going to be dressing up for Halloween. Some people go big for Halloween, and some people don’t. I spoke to my mother Jill Rindlisbacher, and she said “I would go big but I would do what I’m told. I wouldn’t plan the decorations of things.” These are some Halloween ideas. Hope you guys live it, and HAVE A SPOOKY HALOWEEEN HAHAHA!

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Creepy Costume Ideas for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, everyone is getting excited for the spooktacuilar events that lie ahead. The only problem is coming up with a good costume. Lucky for you, I have come up with the most thrilling costume ideas! So you and your friends can celebrate the spookiest holiday in style!

Halloween Costumes for Singles:

  • Cher Horowitz from Clueless
  • Lord Farquaad from Shrek
  • Sia
  • Ariana Grande
  • Nacho Lebre
  • Zombie
  • Dracula
  • Superhero

Halloween Costumes for Couples:

  • Danny and Sandy from Grease
  • Shrek and Fiona
  • Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz
  • Barbie and Ken
  • Woody and Buzz Lightyear
  • Sun and Moon

Halloween Costumes for groups:

  • Winnie the Pooh characters
  • The Mystery Gang from Scooby Doo
  • Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
  • Stranger Things
  • Care Bears
  • The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus
  • Deck of Cards
  • Mario Kart characters
  • Harry Potter characters
  • Ghosts

Now that you are all set for the big night, be sure to stay safe and healthy and have lots of fun!



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Davis High Students react to recent spike in COVID-19 Cases

In the past few weeks, Utah has hit the highest number of recorded COVID-19 cases as a state. Though as a country we have been flattening the curve, this weekend it was announced that Utah has hit a startling amount of positive cases. Over 1,1oo positive cases of COVID-19 in Utah were confirmed just last Friday, leaving everyone in shock.

But how has this alarming information impacted the students of our local Davis High? For some students, the biggest concern is protecting others. Davis High Student Amanda Barlow says that her habits haven’t changed much since following the spike, as she has already been wearing a mask and keeping her hands clean.

However, the high number of cases does make her wary of being around individuals at higher risk. “My biggest concern”, says Barlow, “would be that I would spread COVID to someone who would die from it”. Barlow also leaves her advice that students should “Be safe, but don’t live in complete fear”.

For other students, their concerns lie with going to school itself. Even though she is following the state’s mask mandate and the school’s constant sanitation policies, student Anna Owens worries that students may have to revert to online learning in the coming months.

She isn’t worried about attending school four days a week, but she knows that the school board might be. Owens commented that her biggest concern is to “Maybe not go to school at all”, worrying that the spike in cases will cause schools to shut down completely.

Each student seems to have their own perspective and concerns on how the high number of positive cases will impact their life. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that after this year, attending school may never be the same.

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