Player Spotlight: Talon Meyer

Talon Meyer is a fun person to be around, and has an excellent sense of humor. Everyone around him loves him, and no one can deny his talent in soccer.

As a freshman, Talon played for Davis High’s Varsity soccer team, and played the full game. Covid-19 shut down the soccer season, but Talon still made a name for himself in the Davis High soccer world.

Now a sophomore, Talon still plays on the Varsity team. He is grateful for the chance to play soccer this season, even with the covid precautions.

Talon got his start playing soccer when his mom signed him up for rec soccer at a young age. Talon loved the game, and has been playing ever since.

Talon is always getting new soccer gear for Christmas and his birthday, because soccer is what he enjoys. Soccer is his passion.

“My cousin and I hang out all the time and we both play soccer, so we always play together which gives me a lot of my practice.”

Talon is found in the field behind his house all the time, kicking around a soccer ball and taking shots.

“I play on USA, for a team which was ranked 12th in the nation by when I joined” says Talon about his current soccer team.

This is a huge sacrifice for him, because USA is an hour away. Every practice takes about four hours with drive time plus the time spent playing soccer.

This sacrifice shows Talon’s dedication to his sport and his determination in succeeding.

“College soccer would be fun, but I don’t have my heart set on one place.” says Talon on his college plans.

Talon has put hard work, time, and a lot of sweat into his dream, and we will see how it pays off in his bright future ahead.

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What it means for March Madness to be back after an off year

After a year taken away from basketball fans by Covid-19, March Madness is officially happening. The NCAA tournament is arguably the greatest annual sporting event in history, with thousands of basketball and non-basketball fans alike tuning in.

One of the many great things about March Madness that appeals to those who do not watch basketball is filling out brackets. Competing to see who can correctly predict all 63 games is fun in and of itself, but the fact that you need close to no college basketball knowledge to succeed makes it even better. Just take Gregg Nigl, a man who didn’t watch any college basketball but picked close to 50 games in a row correctly in 2019.

“Don’t overthink it,” said Nigl when asked about the keys to a good bracket.

Whether it’s in a family bracket group, or in the overall bracket pool, the person who has none to very little knowledge of basketball always wins. Experts never get their picks right, because the teams that are “supposed to win” never win.

Since March Madness is fun for those who don’t care about basketball, it is something close to heaven for those who thoroughly enjoy basketball. Something about the huge field of teams, the complete randomness of the teams that win, and the fact that games are always happening make March a month of basketball heaven.

“March Madness is super great because there are so many different teams that can make noise and win, which in my opinion is much better than the NBA,” explains Colby Cox, a March Madness fan.

“I love March Madness because of how it takes a great sport and creates a huge sporting event that brings tons of people together and creates a fun, competitive environment that everyone can participate in,” says Silas Williams, a March Madness fan.

“It’s fun to watch all the games because all the games matter. Plus it’s non-stop action,” exclaims Tyler Tynsky, a March Madness fan.

Even if your bracket is consistently busted every year, March Madness will always be something you can enjoy.

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Davis Soccer team in it to win it!

The Davis High boys soccer team officially started last week on Friday in a game against Weber High.

The varsity game ended in a loss with a score of 0-2. The JV game also ended in a loss of 0-2. The game against Roy yesterday ended in a win 3-2. The JV score also ended 3-2. Tomorrows game will be against Northridge High School.

Talon Meyer, a sophomore on the varsity soccer team says that the goal of the team this year is to win region.

“If we put in some hard work we can win” says Talon on whether or not the team can win region.

“Weber is the biggest competition for us this year so that is our biggest obstacle this season.” says Talon on the challenges of this season.

Even faced with challenges, the soccer team is prepared and ready to fight for their victories. Even though the first game against Weber was a loss, this will just push the soccer team harder to improve themselves.

“By putting forth more effort and practicing our formation changes.” Talon says on how the team is going to overcome the challenges of this season.

With this kind of determination the soccer team is going to crush everyone this soccer season!

Talon started playing soccer when he was really young because his mom wanted him to be involved. Talon thought soccer was fun, and has been playing ever since.

Talon says the best part about high school soccer is being able to mess around and have fun with “the boys.” The fun relationships on the team is what will push the team this year to victory.

Although the first game was a loss, the soccer team is still hungry and going to fight to win each game. Good luck on the rest of the season boy’s soccer team!

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Boys Lacrosse

Davis high lacrosse team has had a great season so far. Only 2 weeks in and they are already 3-0, winning by significant margins in each game.

This week, they play Fremont on Tuesday and Clearfield Thursday. The game against Fremont will be a good matchup because just like Davis, they are also 3-0. Clearfield should be an easy win for the boys, as long as they keep playing at their current level, seeing as they are only 2-4.

Erik Hansen, a sophomore on the team, has been playing for just over five years. He does faceoff, which is what starts the game.
It also is what they do every time someone scores a goal rather than just turning the ball over. He played for a club team called Oneida before Davis School District sanctioned lacrosse.

“I love being part of the lacrosse team. It really is one big family, which is my favorite thing about it. I also like being able to be aggressive on the field.” said Erik.

Jon Page, a Senior defender on the lacrosse team, has been playing for nearly ten years and has grown to love lacrosse.

“It’s a brotherhood really. Its different now that it is a sanctioned sport and not a club. We really are one big family.” explained Page.

According to multiple team members, the team has become a family. Much more than it was when it wasn’t sanctioned.
More and more people are starting to get involved and go to games. Lauryn Arnold, a senior at Davis, enjoys going to the games.

“Lacrosse is super fun to watch. Its kind of crazy because its literally like a mix of soccer, football and hockey. It moves really fast pace and it is just such a fun atmosphere.” She says.

Overall, lacrosse is a fun game to watch and Davis high students are all excited to see how far the team goes.

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E-Sports vs Sports which will succeed and which will be left in the dust?

As technology advances in this modern era and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic people are beginning to wonder whether E-sports will overtake sports in the future. Here at Davis High, the issue couldn’t be more dividing.

One argument goes that E-sports is a relatively unknown field that very few people attend and that sporting events like the super bowl will remain the supreme event.

The other argument is that our increasingly technological society will give way to more people watching technology-based sports and videogames(aka E-sports).

Here at Davis, both points of view are shared, unsurprisingly many people who play sports believe that regular sports will be able to continue to surpass e-sports, while people participating in e-sports think the opposite.

“One day it could happen, these E-sports events get millions of vies, more people are becoming interested in E-sports, ” said a student when asked about E-sports overtaking physical sports.

“E-sports will take hold because of technological advancement, especially with us moving more and more into virtual reality,” exclaimed another student who was asked about E-sports overtaking physical sports.

While this society is nowhere near the virtual reality world presented in “Ready Player One”, it could get close with enough technological advancement to cause physical sports to take a backseat to e-sports.

We all know that E-sports were not a thing prior to the 21st century and did not have enough time to grow to the proportion that physical sports have. Because of this, E-sports ultimately taking over regular sports is a whole new reality, and for some a pipe dream.

“No the super bowl will remain more popular. While younger people can relate to both sports and E-sports, older people will continue to only relate to one of the two,” said an athlete here at Davis High.

“No, physical sports will remain the dominant entertainment form,” explained a student when asked whether E-sports would close the gap of participation on sports.

Our first student is quite right, older generations cannot relate to E-sports while younger generations can. This begs the question if 100 years in the future E-sports will be the supreme sport. Surprisingly the E-sports coach at Davis High doesn’t think so.

“I don’t think so, there is a huge presence in kinetic sports…the majority of people do not even know about E-sports”

“E-sports won’t become more popular than regular sports tournaments, but the numbers of people interested will grow,” explained Mr. Stanley, the E-sports coach.

This shows a lack of belief that E-sports will surpass regular sports from the coach of the team which is quite surprising. While the numbers will grow, it will not be enough to upset regular sport’s dominance over the entertainment industry, or so the argument goes.

So, who will take up the mantle of the most popular sport? Will it stay with regular sports, or will we see a shift to E-sports? Only time will tell.



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Recap of boy’s baseball so far through the season.

Baseball season has been underway for the past few weeks the things are looking up for the team, despite a few set backs.

First off, we have boy’s baseball. Through their first five games they have gone 3-2, with back-to-back loses to Riverton in their last two games. They started the season hot with a 3-game win streak.

The first game was a close win over Bountiful, final score was 1-0. The first two innings were scoreless, until the third inning when Jake Maw got a hit to score the one and only run. Davis pitched a shutout to put their record to 1-0.

The second game was a high scoring win for the Darts against Woods Cross. The final score was 8-3. The first inning started off with a bang with both sides scoring two runs. Davis got the win with a 4-run inning in the 5th.

The third game was a blowout against the Copper Hills Grizzlies, the final score was 7-0. Mike Wendt had 3 hits with 2 RBI’s on only 4 plate appearances. Davis pitched a shutout to bring our record to 3-0.

In our fourth game of the season the 3-game win streak came to end with a heartbreaking loss to Riverton. The final score was 10-1. Riverton came out swinging and Davis could not keep up with Riverton’s offense.

In our latest game we played Riverton again and it was closer than before, but we still ended up with the loss. The final score was 5-2. We held Riverton to less runs but we just couldn’t get the bats going against Riverton’s pitching.

The boy’s baseball season started off hot with a 3 game win streak, but lost two in a row in back-to-back games against Riverton. If we play like we did at the first of the season we have nothing but good things to look forward to this season.

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Upset After Upset: March Madness

March madness was able to begin play this year after an unfortunate leave due to Covid last year. With the absence of the tournament last year it seems as if all the attention from then has been thrown at this years tournament. March Madness wouldn’t be madness without its signature upsets. Millions of people have posted there brackets with some betting thousands of dollars and now according to ESPN there are no longer any perfect brackets out there.

This year has been different than previous years not just because of the way the players are heading into the games but the number of upsets we have had has been much more than previous years.

For starters eleven seed UCLA took on six seed BYU to throw apart many peoples first round, UCLA won 73-62, this was just the beginning. 14 seed ACU threw apart brackets left and right when they defeated Texas who were ranked with a 3 seed.

upsets continued to rain down with a more memorable one being 15 seed Oral Roberts defeating 2nd seed Ohio state, only the second time in history of the tournament that a 15 seed has defeated a 2nd seed. as more and more upsets came peoples brackets were beginning to fall apart.

As the tournament continued into the second round there was no relief from the upsets. Loyola an 8 seed moved on to defeat number 1 seed Illinois whom many had going much further and for some they had them winning the entire thing.

the more the upsets happened the more people started to blame the rankings. “To many teams have been ranked to high”, “To many teams have been over looked because they were ranked lower” are just a few of the quotes I’ve heard around the school and online.

with second round currently going underway the tournament is just getting better. Although the upsets might not be the best for peoples brackets it definitely makes its an interesting subject to talk about.

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Oral Roberts basketball is stealing everyone’s heart this March

Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma is managing to steal everyone’s heart this March Madness season. A University that glorifies God is stoked to be stealing the show. Oral Roberts is a university many have not heard of, but one that is sticking out in many hearts recently with their showing in March Madness.

Coming into March Madness, Oral Roberts was the 15- seed. Their first matchup would entail the ever-dangerous Ohio State Buckeyes who were the 2 -seed. The Golden Eagles were able to overlook these standings and put the pedal to the medal. Kevin Obanor led the way with 30 points and was followed by the nation’s leading scorer Max Abmas who had 29.

“A big key to this game for Oral Roberts was not going to their bench. A lot of teams will go to their bench early into games, but Oral Roberts only had 2 guys come off the bench which is huge.”

Stated Sharon Brown when asked about her thoughts on the game.

Overcoming Ohio State meant that the Golden Eagles would have to face the 7-seed Florida Gators. Florida was just coming off a testy match against Virginia Tech where they only won by 5. Florida had no idea what they would be getting themselves into when they went up against Oral Roberts.

Oral Roberts was able to overcome multiple double-digit deficits with an aggressive last five minutes. They were able to claw their way back into the game and stun the Gators. This was a different brand of basketball as well for the Golden Eagles as the Gators hail from the SEC. The SEC is known for its gritty and well-rounded basketball teams. The biggest weapons for Oral Roberts were, once again, Kevin Obanor and Max Abmas. They combined for 54 points and 13 rebounds.

Managing to score 14 of the last 20 points of the game, the Golden Eagles were able to punch their ticket into the Sweet 16. This is a massive accomplishment for the school as they don’t see that kind of stage often. The stage is set and we now all wait to see what Oral Roberts does next.

“How do you not cheer for Oral Roberts? This is a Cinderella story in its purest form. A small school from Oklahoma is dethroning the schools that have reigned forever. I think everyone at home and out there is rooting for the Golden Eagles.”

Exclaimed Tara Nish.

The Oral Roberts Golden Eagles will face the Arkansas Razorbacks next. They will look to continue their phenomenal run and triumph over the Razorbacks.

Oral Roberts is stealing the hearts of many and will forever stick in our hearts. May we never forget the school that shocked the NCAA world this March.

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A Promising Upcoming Soccer Team

Jordan Ferre, a Davis High School Senior and 4th year Davis High Soccer player, says this spring season will be one to remember.

“We are shaping up to be a pretty strong team. We have some rock solid seniors as well as our Juniors.”

Said Jordan Ferre when asked how the team is looking this year.

Throughout the years, Weber High School has been one of, if not the toughest competition for our Davis High’s boys soccer.  Who will be the toughest opponent?

“Weber! Weber is gonna be damn good this year.”

Replied Jordan Ferre.

Some students were concerned about another season ending early due to Covid-19, however, they have been told not to worry. This year, they have stated that the situation is under control. Players are being tested every 2 weeks along with a mask requirement everywhere to ensure safety for all the athletes.

Sadly, star forward Jordan Ferre has been banned from competing in the first two games of the season. When asked how he will improve himself during his cleansing period, Jordan Ferre replied confidently,

“I will watch my teammates and their tendencies, come back for the 3rd game of the season and score a Hattrick.”

Cheers to a successful season for our Davis High School Boys Soccer Team. Go Darts!


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Swim Team Takes the Lead

The 2021 swim team has worked as hard as possible to ensure their success. Throughout 2020 and 2021, they have had to endure the struggles of Covid-19. However, even still, they work hard and thrive.

While many people have been taken by surprise, Davis High sports continue to progress the same, if not more than before. “I work my butt off for these sports, but in the end, I know it’s worth it,” Marcus William says.

At Davis High students try to push their limits and excel past what everyone expected, even when they are in the toughest of times. The swim team is ready for their challenges and won’t let anything stand in their way.” If I keep working, in the future I’ll have more options and probably succeed,” Marcus said.

After the recent games in February, Davis High’s swim team is thrilled to face yet another challenge. In last month’s regional, they made their success known as they passed with flying colors. “I wasn’t even surprised, after all we have worked our tail ends off,” Marcus says.

The swim teams offers no mercy as they plan to continue this amazing streak and show other schools that through hard work and dedication, they can make it.

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How COVID-19 has changed school sports at Davis

The global pandemic has shifted schools online, cancelled dances, and postponed almost all large celebrations. But how have school sports teams been affected?

Last year, when the first shutdown began, all in-person classes and school activities were cancelled until further notice. Athletes went from having practice every day to none at all. If athletes wanted to keep up their skills, they had to do so alone and at home.

But that was all last school year. In August of 2020, schools started back up again, and sports were back. Each school district handled things differently, taking varying degrees of caution in order to keep athletes safe and healthy.

Here at Davis High, our school administration has been rigorous in creating a safe environment for sports to continue. Before joining any sports team at Davis, students must sign and turn in the “COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Consent Form.”

By signing this document, athletes and parents give their consent to the school that allows them to administer COVID tests on all sports participants. These tests are taken by all sports participants every two weeks, as well as before each game.

In addition to testing athletes, tickets to Davis High football games have been limited to a set number of attendees. Tickets are distributed in a lottery-like manner, with attendees entering their names and student ID numbers in an online form.

An email is sent to students whose names were drawn at 12:30am before the game. While at the game itself, students are expected to stay six feet apart from others when possible and face masks are to be worn at all times.

These modifications to how we approach sports keep the health and safety of our athletes as a top priority. Above all else, Davis High is committed to the health and success of its students.


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Boys Basketball clinches berth into state quarterfinals

There are going to be games where the Davis Darts make some noise and magic. Well Friday night, the Davis Darts created some serious last-minute magic and noise to stun the Layton Lancers and the boisterous crowd. 

After watching Layton defeat West, the Darts knew this was not going to be easy. The playoffs are win or go home, and Davis was going to make sure they did not go home. 

“The hardest thing about the playoffs is winning that first game,” Chance Trujillo said when inquired about the playoffs. “We knew even before the game that we would have to play hard offensively and play lockdown defense. 

The Darts went on to beat the Lancers, 41-39, but it was clear early on that they were going to have to dig deep down to win this one. At the end of the first quarter, they were down by 9 and only had 2 points. 

“We knew that we had to come out strong after the 1st Quarter and not back down,” senior Ben Haggard said. “That mindset is one we would adopt for the rest of the game and would lead to victory.” 

Davis stayed mentally tough and staunch in their effort to play lockdown defense. They were able to limit arguably the most dominant player in the 6A region, Ethan Potter, to just 13 points. Davis also shut down Layton on the boards by limiting them to 20 rebounds. 

The Darts also limited Layton’s shots by taking the ball out of Potter’s hands and making others shoot the rock. This strategy worked effectively as the second-leading scorer for the Lancers, Preston Squire, only had 10 points. By limiting shots and taking the ball out of Ethan Potter’s hands, Davis was able to fight back. 

Coach Sims promised us if we played lockdown defense and limited their shots that things would work out,” stated Spencer Ferguson after the game. 

The Davis Darts only held a lead for 43 seconds the entire night, but Rex Sunderland’s buzzer-beater is what propelled Davis into the state quarterfinals. The Darts used a team effort to secure the win and maintained their mental toughness all night. 

“It was a great way to end our last matchup with our rivals and send ourselves into the quarterfinals,” exclaimed Ben Haggard when asked about the emotions he experienced after the game. 

Davis learned some valuable lessons from this game. They will take the lessons learned with them into the Corner Canyon game as they work towards securing a 6A State Championship trophy. 

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Could there be a bowling club at Davis?

Has anything ever been appealing to you but seems just out of reach? Something like bowling, maybe? Here at Davis High School, Bowling is something that most students see as a pastime. Could Bowling possibly be integrated into Davis High as a club or competitive sport? Stick around to see if the general opinion of the students says so.

In a poll of 20 random students at Davis High, 45% of the students said they were interested in bowling, 10% could see DHS creating a team of talented Bowlers, and that same 10% said they could see it being successful. Then, once again, the same 10% said they would join the team/club. All of a sudden, it’s not looking so good for a Bowling team at DHS.

As the final question on the poll, the students were asked if they thought the idea was waste of time, good enough to be a club, or should be made into a school sport. 60% of the students thought it would be a waste of time, 25% thought it should be a club, and 15% thought it should be made into a school sport.

What can be said from these polls is that DHS doesn’t seem to be too interested in competitive bowling as a school team. To me personally, I just see bowling as a fun pastime activity to partake in with your family, friends, or a date. I’m not sure if I can speak for other students by saying this, but to me it seems like they feel the same way.

Although Bowling at DHS isn’t exactly a bad idea, to a general audience, it isn’t a great one. With enough students and faculty supporting the idea, it could become a reality, but until then, bowling looks like it’s just gonna have to stay one of those activities you do with grandma.

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Shocking poll shows that only 25% of students care about Davis sports

A new poll at Davis High interviewing 20 students of different genders, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds found that only 5 in 20 keep up with Davis sports in any way.

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging throughout Utah, many Davis High recipients found themselves not going to sports games which they traditionally traveled to. However, this new poll shows that the majority of students never cared in the first place.

“I just don’t care” is the answer we got from many students when asking them why they don’t keep up with the sports world at Davis.

Surprisingly, the majority of people who do care about sports participate in them, simply saying: “I play them” when asked about why they keep up with the Davis sports scene.

About 3 out of the 5 who keep up with Davis sports played in them, showing that the majority of people who don’t play sports never bothered with them in the first place.

“It’s boring” is another characteristic response from students who were asked why they don’t care about sports.

In the age of information, it seems that people just have more fun things to do, or they just don’t have the time.

With the advent of new recreational activities such as videogames, Netflix, YouTube, etc., it seems people just cannot find a reason to go to the sports stadium.

Others seem to have better things to do on a Tuesday/Thursday night saying: “They(sports) don’t matter”.

With mountains of homework and virtual learning becoming more common, many decide to fulfill their responsibilities rather than engage in this recreational activity. Covid-19 effected how many people could come to sports games, so we’ve seen a large decline in the attendance.

As lockdowns and mask mandates begin to lift, it calls into question: will anybody show up to the sports games? Will we see an increasing interest in sports at Davis? Or will we continue to lose interest in these recreational activities?

It’s hard to say, but for now the majority of Davis will just move on with their life despite any sports events.



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The Year Ahead for the Davis High Boys Soccer Team

The Davis High boys soccer team has finished their tryouts and is heading into the 2021-2022 season. With a global pandemic and the previous season being cut short, the season ahead has been a big mystery- until now. Although last year’s seniors got an unfortunate exit, they passed the torch on to some new prospects on the team. And they think this season will be a good one.

“I think we will be strong compared to last year, especially with the season being cut short” replied mid-field Elliot Pehrson on being asked how the season will be now that tryouts are over.

Star senior Simon Jensen had a similar opinion, saying, “I think this year will between us and Weber; we will be one of the top dogs.”

As last year’s seniors left, it seemed to concern Simon Jensen. He said, “We lost our star forward and one of the best goalies I’ve ever gotten to play with, but I have confidence in this year’s team and look forward to playing at Rio Tinto.”

When asked what will be different this season compared to last, Junior Cooper Barnes said, “With last year being cut short, our team chemistry needs to be put in priority. We haven’t had the previous experience to see how each other play, and I look forward to seeing how it goes.”

Coming in after Covid, the new team and players have less experience than previous seasons. But Elliot viewed this as a positive: “We have a pretty young team that I can grow with. Last year we had a lot of seniors, so it will be interesting to see how we do on our own, especially in our senior year “.

All three replied that they wanted more student appearance at the games. Simon said, “I want a mob, from the beginning to the end. I want support from everyone.”

Cooper and Elliot had similar responses, saying “We need more students to come to the games. It would be cool to see a mob like the football games have.”

Davis heads into their first of two pre-season games against Weber this week, and then it’s off to the races as the season starts.

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A look into the future for DHS boys soccer

With the recent start up of the DHS boys soccer season, we get an inside look at some goals and aspirations of the team and players.

With the season just starting, the hopes of the boys soccer team are high, and their drive is strong. They are motivated and excited to play they very best they can this season.

“A big team goal is just learning to work together as a team and becoming comfortable and familiar with each-others skills.” said sophomore Xander Burt about the teams goals.

As you can imagine it’s hard enough to work with others, especially if you aren’t familiar with them; that’s why developing that bond of friendship and teamwork is so important, and will be crucial for the team to succeed this season.

“Some obstacles with making the team were that there were a lot of boys that wanted it just as much as me, so I had to push myself to the limit.” says Burt about his experience in tryouts.

Being one of the few Sophomores on the team is quite an impressive feat. It can be a cut-throat world out there, and even the smallest amount of skill can give you a step up on your competitors… and soon to be team-mates.

With the majority of the Junior Varsity team being Juniors, it will be critical they practice together and become comfortable working together to be successful as a team.

“My solution is to just always work hard no matter how your day went, and to think of the bigger picture rather than simply not participating.” says Xander on how he plans to be successful this season.

That is the kind of attitude all coaches and team-mates would like to see in every single player. If everyone had this mindset, we can’t help but wonder what great things could be accomplished.

“It’s super cool being on the team as a sophomore and I look forward to every minute of it.” says Burt.

With 2 games already played and many more on the horizon we all look forward to this season, and to all the things it will bring.



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Less practices, people and fun: How Covid has affected the Davis Mountain-Bike team

Last year looked quite different for the members of the Davis High Mountain-Bike team. Unable to hold as many practices as previous years, and with less coaches and teammates, some riders were left in the dust.

“We had to wear masks, have less people, and didn’t have as many practices as before,” said Charlie Zaugg about how Covid affected the team.

But they’ve dealt with it the same way we all have in these strange times: by social distancing, wearing masks, and following the rules/guidelines from the state and CDC. It’s been hard, but it’s the only thing we can really do.

Riders are eager for a change of scenery this upcoming 2021 season, and with it right around the bend, now is a prime time for those changes to be made.

“I’d like to have more practices at Snowbasin and less Farmington Canyon rides,” says Charlie Zaugg, hopeful for the upcoming season.

Since things have been so different this year already, it may be the year to alter these things and make the changes that the riders want.

“I would also like to see more riders go to state,” says Zaugg about his personal and team goals for this upcoming season.

While mountain biking is more of an individual sport, there is still so much teamwork and comradery among the riders, always pushing each other to become better riders and to do their best.

“Encourage others on more, and stay more unified, cause Covid makes it hard,” says Ethan McKay about what he’d like to see more of this season.

I don’t think anyone could have said it better. During times like these, we all need to think more of our communities, family, friends, and loved ones. Sacrificing things we love and care about can be challenging, but sometimes you just have to keep pedaling and moving forward.




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Player Spotlight – Ben Haggard

Ben Haggard is a quiet kid, but being 6’3”, you always notice when he comes in the room. And yes of course he plays basketball.

Ben is a Senior captain on the Davis High Basketball Team. He is 17 years old and plans on serving a mission after this year of school.

“I’m planning on going on a mission for two years, so I think not playing for two years straight and I won’t have a lot of time to adjust when I get back, too. There’s a lot of good players out there,” Ben said of possible recruiting challenges.

Although he may not be the state’s number one prospect, Ben still hopes to play basketball in his future. Whether he walks on or is offered to somewhere, his passion for the game could lead him onto the roster at some of Utah’s top colleges.

“I’ve been accepted to Utah State, Utah, SUU, and Westminster. It just depends on whether I want to go to a smaller school and play or go to a bigger school and maybe not play,” said Ben of making his college choice.

Ben began playing basketball when he was six years old and he was taken with it from the start. Not just because he is big or talented, but for the joy of the game.

“In first grade my dad signed me up for rec basketball and I just loved it; it was like my favorite thing ever. I was obsessed with it,” said Ben of the start of his love for basketball.

Basketball may not be what fills the fridge for Ben Haggard in the future, but it does fill him. Whether it is his potential on the court or his potential in the workforce, potential is a great word to go with Ben Haggard.

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Girls Wrestling: Trailblazers at Davis High

This year, Davis High added girls wrestling to their athletics program. They started their conditioning in September, and finished up their season up February 15 with the state tournament. Most of the girls on the team ended up placing in the top 6 in the entire state in their respective weight class. Overall, Davis High Girls Wrestling placed 8th out of 21 schools in the state.
There were four seniors who placed in the state tournament. Jessica Nowers placed second, Cece Putnam placed 5th as well as AnaLise Womack and Mary Reid. Amayah Flores, a freshman from Kaysville Junior High placed 6th.
Cece Putnam, a senior on the team, says she loves the sport and loved being on the team.
“The best part about girls wrestling was finding a sport I could be aggressive in and not be judged by my weight. You feel equal to the other girls and you rely on yourself to do well rather than teammates. It’s all or nothing, if you lose, you lose. It is up to you, not your team. Eveyone is wanted no matter how much you weigh or know about wrestling, and that’s a beauty of the sport”
Setting goals is a big part of any sport, it is a way to hold yourself to something and to better yourself in every aspect of the sport. Cece Putnam talked about her goals for state.
“My last goal was to beat a girl from Riverton who had beaten me twice before. I beat her at the state tournament placing me in fifth in my weight class. I was so proud of myself for following through with that goal and being able to accomplish it.”
Talking about her teammates and all they accomplished this year, Cece says
“I am so proud of the girls and their hard work and the coaches who pushed us. All of the girls pushed themselves to be better and work harder and I think that was so important and I am really proud of them for that.”
The girls on the wrestling team were lucky enough to make history at Davis High being apart of something so progressive. Congratulations to the girls wrestling team and all they have done this year.

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What The Super Bowl is like for people who don’t like Football

As everyone knows, this previous Sunday was the Super Bowl, the biggest Football event of the year (for everyone in America). People tend to gather with family and friends to have a party and celebrate like its a holiday. There’s food, good company, and of course Football. What’s not to like? In my case, it’s the Football. You’re probably wondering, “What do people who don’t like Football do during the Super Bowl?”. Well here is my firsthand account on an anti-Football celebration.

To give you some background, my family has a close bond to our neighbors down the street because they moved in shortly after us. Our family has lived in the same house for 15 years, so our families have been friends for over a decade. As a result, every year we celebrate the Super Bowl at their house. Everyone gets excited for the game except for me and my friend Briana, as we don’t care about sports. We celebrate the Super Bowl together instead as a really long hangout as opposed to a Football party.

Our Super Bowl starts off with everyone; we eat a nice meal with typical party favorites; pizza rolls, chips, soda…you know how it goes. As we eat, the game kicks off so we absentmindedly watch for a few minutes. Most of that time is filled with strange commercials, which we question a lot. For example, what the heck was that Mountain Dew Watermelon Commercial? They have a whole obnoxious city, John Cena is there for literally no reason, and it goes on for way too long. We spend our mealtime conversation discussing opinions like this while we enjoy the food. After eating, we head up to her room to do something else while our families enjoy the game.

In previous years, we have done activities such as playing music from Alexa and hosting our own dance party, laughing at funny YouTube videos until our eyes water, and a variety of board games. This year, I decided to bring my jewelry making supplies so we could create our own accessories. Over the course of the night I made two necklaces, five rings, and two ear cuffs. Briana, on the other hand, made around ten keychains and three necklaces. Of course we still included music, this time just from my phone instead of Alexa.

At about half time, we took a break to join the group for dessert, which is essential to any party. We got to discuss more random commercials while we ate, but the actual dessert was the highlight. This year’s variety included an ice cream bar, brownie bites, and chocolate cheesecake, just to start. In fact, we enjoyed dessert so much that we ended up coming back about 20 minutes later for a second dessert. After all, it was a party so we had to take the opportunity to enjoy the junk food.

Just like anyone’s Super Bowl, however, ours flew by. The next thing we knew, it was time to pack up so my family could head home. While the adults were mourning the loss of their favorite team, me and Briana were feeling accomplished with our art and getting excited to wear and share our new designs. We had so much fun, this might’ve been the best Super Bowl yet! Even though our celebration doesn’t include Football, it’s still one of the best parties of the year in its own unique way, and shows that even those who don’t care for sports can still enjoy the Super Bowl.


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Lacrosse Class: Is it Worth it?

With the lacrosse season approaching, and lacrosse coming in swinging at full speed, the question of the day is do they deserve a lacrosse class period during school. As some may not know lacrosse is finally becoming a sanctioned sport in the Davis School District, and it deserves to be treated just like every other sport that has a class period at this school.

Members of the lacrosse team has been trying to convince the vice principal, Mark Jolley, to put together a class for them before the next semester starts. I have asked numerous players about what they would use the class for and all of them responded passionately with great ideas.

“It would be super beneficial to have a class period because we could use it to lift on our non-game days. On the days where we would have a game the same day we had the class period, we would use it to watch film on the opponent we play that day or we can use it to get a real good stretch in.” – Kache Allen, Lacrosse Captain

All points seem very valid to these boys who would use the period.

Every sanctioned sport at Davis High school has a class period during the day to train, workout, and even to use as a study hall period. I think it would be fair to have that since Lacrosse will be a sanctioned sport this upcoming semester, it definitely deserves a period as well as every other sport at the school. With the semester starting along with the season starting, the lacrosse team waits impatiently for the class to be created and started for them before the season and semester starts.

Eventually the class period has to be started for the sport, and the players insist the sooner the period is created the better!

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Lacrosse Returns to Davis High

With the winter approaching the season for the 2021 lacrosse team is kicking it off. Davis Highs’ previous lacrosse year was cut off short due to covid-19 and hopefully will not get canceled again this year. I got the chance to interview the class of 2021 and ask a few questions about this upcoming season and what their opinions are.

With extra precautions this year to make sure the lacrosse season doesn’t get canceled, there will be extra things to keep the team safe and healthy to keep the team playing. I asked Senior, Justin Lundskog what snuggles covid will bring this 2021 season.

“I think the biggest struggle we will face is the constant worry of not having a season. it will be especially hard for the seniors because we want to graduate with having a fun and successful season, which we might not get.”

Every lacrosse season is fun and something to definitely look forward to, says Lundskog. The players seem to love every second they get to spend together playing this sport.

Jordan Phelps, Senior says, “I am most excited for this season is to spend time with my teammates and win games and build memories together. With this being our first year being sanctioned, it will be fun playing good competition and getting to travel and win games in our region, and hopefully, go far into the playoffs.”

This season will be surely unique and exciting to see how it plays out. Hopefully, covid won’t stop the seniors last year from playing together as a team. Davis High is projected to have their first game in March and play a team in Region 1 (Davis School District).

Dillion Yocom, Head coach says, “I am excited to get started and start training my players to be ready to perform and compete for this march and hopefully we will get the opportunity to play into the playoffs.”

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Logan Paul to fight Floyd Mayweather in boxing match

On December 6th YouTuber Logan Paul and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather took to Instgram and other social media platforms to announce that on February 20th, 2021 they will be competing against each other in a boxing match. After days of both fighters firing shots at each other over social media, bashing each others integrity and Paul calling Mayweather out to accept the fight contract they made the fight official.

Last month Floyd responded to Logan’s persistent social media call-outs on twitter telling Logan to “find some Barbie dolls to play with” and that Mayweather could “put a muzzle on him”.

Logan Paul is a social media influencer and YouTuber with 19.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 18 million followers on Instagram, who has recently taken up boxing. Last fall Logan boxed fellow YouTuber, KSI. KSI eventually won the match after 6 rounds.

Floyd Mayweather has been boxing professionally since 1996, and since then has not lost a single fight. He has been 50-0 for nearly 30 years!

With Mayweather’s experience and track record many people think Floyd is gonna have an easy win. Weighing in at 150 pounds and standing at 5’8″, Floyd has fought in the Super Featherweight-Light Middleweight class. While Logan Paul is 6’2″ and weighs 200 pounds, landing him in the Cruiserweight class.

Both height and weight have their advantages and disadvantages in the ring. Logan is a lot bigger than Floyd, packing more of a punch, but Floyd is smaller and faster than Logan.

With a perfect record Floyd would have more determination to win. Imagine a professional boxer losing for the first time in his career to a YouTuber, thus ruining his perfect record. With Mayweather having his career and respect on the line, Paul has nothing to lose, with this being only his second fight in his boxing career. If he loses he will just come back harder and stronger.

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Playing Sports During a Global Pandemic

2020 has been a crazy year full of uncertainty and madness. It seems as though nothing has been consistent. In an attempt to try and make things resemble life before Covid-19, Davis High School has kept their sports programs open with extra measures and safety precautions to keep their student athletes safe and healthy.
Volleyball was the only indoor fall sport at Davis High. They were able to make it through their whole season without having to quarantine the whole team. According to Sophomore Leah Clark,
“The sophomore team had to quarantine early in the season after one of the girls tested positive. Because of the precautions being taken, and the fact that the sophomore team practices on a different court than JV and Varsity, only the sophomores had to quarantine.”
Some of the safety precautions that the volleyball team had to follow included having a temperature check each day before practice for athletes and coaches. Each athlete and coach also had to fill out an online survey each day regarding any Covid-19 symptoms and if they had been in contact with anyone who had tested positive. Tristin Wallwork, Junior on the volleyball team said
“I definitely think that the precautions worked and were worth it. We had one girl test positive at the beginning of the season but only the Sophomore team had to quarantine. After that it was smooth sailing. At practice, we had to keep masks on until we were on the court ready to play and then put them on as soon as we were off the court. Then at games we would have to wear our masks on the bench but then if we subbed in, we took them off. We didn’t have to wear them on the court but everywhere else we did. We were also pretty diligent at keeping our distance at practices and in school.”
Senior Lauryn Arnold said the girls were all grateful to have a season.
“There were a lot of states that didn’t even get to play High School sports so we were really lucky to have been able to play. It was such a weird season but I am sure I can speak for us all when I say we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to play. Especially the seniors, it wasn’t the senior season we had hoped for but we got to have one just the same.”
In a time when nothing seems to be normal and it seems as though nothing is a constant in daily lives. The one thing that has been able to stay relatively the same is sports. Although there are several changes that have been made to keep student athletes and coaches safe and healthy, the game has stayed the same.

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It’s Time To Hit The Slopes!

As the cold slowly seeps in and winter progresses, we have hit the SKI SEASON! Resorts are opening up (with Covid-19 precautions) and with luck, we’ll get some more snowfall. Major resorts such as Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are up and running, however with the pandemic situation, there have been some setbacks. Before we get into that, lets talk about the snow sport excitement.

Most can agree that this year has hit us all hard. It can be difficult to find motivation, encouragement, joy, and fun at times and that is why it’s so extremely important to find an outlet. Some kind of happiness. For many, with the coming of winter, that happiness is found on the mountain, shredding some snow.

“Its the best feeling in the world! The cold air rushing into your lungs, the feeling of the frost on your face, and the adrenaline flowing through your blood. It’s the most exhilarating natural high ever and I can’t wait for it to snow some more so I can go up and ski!”

Says Samantha Siddoway, an experienced skier, ready for the ski season to really get going.

At the popular Snowbasin resort, the lines due to social distancing are quite long and it is definitely different from previous years. Other resorts have a similar situation going on, however we have to make do with what we have. At least resorts are opening, and, so far, we have hope that they’ll stay that way through winter and into spring.

So everyone get your skis and snowboards ready, it’s ski season!


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Runners UNITE…It’s Indoor Season!

Runners to your marks…get set…GO!

Thats right baby! Its indoor track season and it’s time for everyone to strap on their spikes, whip out the mileage watches, and get ready to run. For most people and students at Davis High, running is not a very pleasurable activity, however for those of us who thrive on that adrenaline rush from running a 400 meter sprint or a quality 10K, it’s time to hit the track. So for all you trackies, this is the article for you.

As the cold continues to set in, runners must stay inside and stay warm, but maintain rigorous training and get physically and mentally ready for the spring track season. Indoor track started on the 1st of December and will continue for the next several weeks before and after winter break.

Runners meet after school and split up into their groups, sprinters, long distance runners, hurdlers, throwers, and jumpers are all focusing on their individual strengths and weaknesses. We have an incredible set of coaches that are here to help every step of the way. They are committed to pushing us to be the best runners we can possibly be. With encouraging motivation and a strict set of mind, Davis runners are in great hands.

Obviously, our situation in much different than from what it was last year. The masks, the cases, the precautions, and so on are all a major and significant part of our lives now. We’re extremely hopeful to keep cases down, for if we exceed the limit we will be forced to postpone practice and run on our own.

“I have been a runner for 5 years now. Running, track, and cross country have made a big impact on my life and I am so freaking thankful to have been able to run track as I have in years past. Indoor track is honestly such a party, you make great friends, get fit, and overall its just a fun vibe. So come run with us!”

Says Brooke Faucet, a beast runner on the team.

All of us runners are excited for indoor track! We are ready to get into shape and see some awesome performances in the spring when meets and outdoor season begins. So come run with us or cheer us on as we run into 2021!

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Volleyball: The Season Finale

The Davis High Girls Volleyball team had a great season. They ended third in Region 1 with a league record of 9-5 and an overall record of 17-12. The team began the state playoffs by playing Taylorsville at Davis High. They beat Taylorsville in three short sets, sending them on the play the Syracuse Titans at Syracuse. They battled but sadly lost in four sets, ending their season.

“It was a heartbreaking loss. I know that we could have won. We just didn’t battle until the third set. It was a sad way to end the season but I guess everyone’s season, except for one team, ends in a loss. It sucks but it’s just how it is.” Said Lauryn Arnold, a senior middle blocker.

Overall, the girls had a good season. It took a little while for the team to get their “groove” and work together but once they did, they were unstoppable.

When asked about the season, Sophomore hitter, Leah Clark said,
“I think that the players were really good and it was a little bit of a struggle to get everyone to mix and play together well, but once that clicked it was perfect and they rocked it!”

The main thing that the girls struggled with was the mental part of the game. The girls tended to get in their heads and struggled with finishing their game strong.

“I feel like we were a great team and had a great season but I think we got in our heads and that’s a main reason why we couldn’t follow through in a few games,” said Junior hitter Savannah Coleman.

That was the one thing that really killed the girls in a lot of games. If they were struggling in a game, they had a hard time coming back and getting back into the groove of things. Once they were able to overcome the mental block, there was no stopping them.

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What Ski Resorts Will be Open This Season?

As all of us know, skiing and snowboarding, and snow-based activities, in general, are a large part of Utah. People come from around the world to participate in winter sports here, and as such, the ski resorts are very important, but due to our current pandemic, how many of them are actually going to be open for the season?

Unfortunately, many resorts don’t know if and/or when they will actually be open this season or if they’re just going to stay closed. This is understandable, considering how unstable everything is right now, financially and such, but more than likely all of them will open eventually since tourists will be coming. The following are places that are unannounced on what their plan for winter is.

Beaver Mountain

Brighton Resort

Cherry Peak Resort

Powder Mountain

Woodward Park City

Luckily for us, many of them will be opening soon. Not all of the resorts are unannounced after all, we have to go skiing somewhere! So here are all of the resorts and their stated opening times for the year.

Alta Ski Area, November 21st

Brian Head Resort, November 20th

Deer Valley Resort, December 5th

Eagle Head Resort, December 18th

Nordic Valley December 4th

Park City Mountain, November 20th

Snowbasin Resort, November 25th

Snowbird, November 30th

Solitude Mountain Resort, November 20th

Sundance Mountain Resort, December 4th

So that’s all of them, and fortunately, they’re not all that far away from now, we will be having fun in no time if all goes according to plan. Hopefully, all of us can get out and have some fun to get away from the trouble, and have a good winter instead of spending it all indoors. The best of luck to Davis High, and have a good time up there in the mountains this holiday season.

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Will they be Region 1 champs or will they choke?

The Davis High girls soccer team heads into their final region games on top of all the other schools in region 1, but with two must-win games, will they pull up and win or will there be two region champions this year?

After a major win against Layton last game, Davis is ready to storm into these two games and seize the region championship trophy. It was such a tight game with great opportunities for both teams, but better defense too. The game ended up going into double overtime, still scoreless, and on to penalty kicks. With weeks, even months, of practicing penalty kicks almost every single practice, the Davis High girls soccer team prevailed and made every single one of their shots. Goalkeeper Taygan Sill showed up and did more than her part, making an essential save during the shootout. Halle Lund then stepped up and put in the winning shot.

“It felt awesome. It was just a great experience to be a part of, and knowing I helped the team succeed was awesome.” (Halle Lund)

That win definitely gave the team a ton of momentum heading into the last two region games, but there’s always nerves when you have to play in big games. A lot of the girls were nervous because it’s always anyone’s game, but they had so much support from friends and family, they knew they could pull out the win.

They knew they would be heading into playoffs regardless of if they won or not, but they were unsure of which seed they’d get. It’s always nice to go into playoffs with a high seed, but the team is so grateful they could make it to the playoffs and are hopeful for the best outcome possible.

“I’m super excited and have a good feeling going into playoffs. I feel like we are going to peak at the right time.”

Says Grace Nicol, the captain the team.

With their record and the girls they have this year, it’s shaping up to be another great year to be a Dart.


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Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming…

With spirits high Davis’ swim team has started their first month of training off with a bang! Training began at the end of September and their first meet is going to be held in November.

It’s a strong group of athletes, determined to swim their way to victory and here’s how. With frequent training and rigorous workouts our swimmers work hard and aim to improve their performance. Not only does the team focus on strength and strategy to prevail, but they also understand the importance of fun. The students on the team hold a very special bond, they have sportsmanship, and are kind to one another. Like many of the other teams/clubs at Davis, the swim team is a family.

“Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. It’s not the sport itself that I love, it’s the people I do it with. Some of my best friends are on the swim team with me and I love swimming with them.”

Says Shandry Alman, a phenomenal human being and excelling swimmer.

What an awesome freaking team! Not to mention how intense the sport is. It takes so much out of the body and requires not only muscle power, but will power. However, this team faces much more significant issues because, although they have control over their own physical and mental strength, they don’t have control over the COVID pandemic. It’s agreed that the virus has altered life in extremely negative ways and all sports at Davis feel it.

The Davis swim team has to social distance and when they are out of the pool they are mandated to wear masks.

“We also are not allowed to have one of our favorite things, pasta parties.”

Says swim star Shandry.

With the swim season coming in hot, our swimmers are sure to submerge under these thick waters and come out…VICTORIOUS!

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DHS Volleyball Team’s Eventful Week

Last week the Davis High girls’ volleyball team took on the Weber Warriors and the Northridge Knights. The girls won both games and played lights out against Northridge.

Despite being favored because of their previous win against Weber, playing the warriors was rough for the Darts. Although they won the first two sets, they fell apart in the third set and ended up losing. However, they came back during the fourth set with a change in the lineup and won the game. Weber was an expected win for the girls because they beat them in their home game earlier in the season.

“It was a rough set, there’s no sugar-coating it. We fell apart. Our passing was all over the place and we couldn’t put a ball down. We were a completely different team. Luckily we bounced back and won the fourth set.” said Haley Waters.

The girls played amazing against Northridge which resulted in a big win for the Darts. Katie Corelli, senior outside hitter says that Northridge was a big win for the team.

“Northridge was a big game for us because we won in three sets. Last time we played them, at Northridge, we lost in four.” said senior outside hitter Katie Corelli.

This win against Northridge for the Davis High volleyball team moved them up to 10th place in the state for all 6A teams giving them a solid spot in the state tournament. The girls have another big game this week. Tuesday the Syracuse Titans will be coming to Davis and the girls are hoping to bring home a win.

“I definitely think we can beat Syracuse, we are a really good team and if we play together and everything comes together, we will win. Sometimes we just get so in our heads that they are the better team that we come out playing scared. I am confident that if we work together and each do our part, we will win.” said Cierra Limb, senior libero/ defensive specialist.

Hopefully, the girls can beat Syracuse as they inch closer to the State Playoffs next weekend.

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Davis Girls Soccer Wins State Championship

Last Friday, October 23, our Davis Darts girls soccer team defeated American Fork for the title of state champions in an overtime thriller 1-0. The Darts redeem themselves with their overtime victory, as they lost a heartbreaker to American Fork in last year’s state championship. After the rematch, Davis will no longer be haunted by the state championship loss last year.

Davis absolutely trounced their opponents this season, with a record of 19-1, and outscoring their opponents 12-1 in the state tournament. Davis has been a powerhouse the past couple of seasons, so no one else is more deserving of the state title than the Darts. It is truly amazing what our soccer team has been able to put together this season, and the people involved will never forget their amazing experiences.

Annie Haycock, an absolute sensation on the soccer field, described it as “The best feeling in the world.”

“This year’s team was all heart and no drama,” replied Annie when asked about what she was most proud of this season.

Despite Davis’s many accomplishments this season, their stars like Annie stay humble and give credit to their teammates, which is truly a testament to how championship teams are formed.

When asked what her favorite moment of this season was, Annie put it simply by saying, “playing with the girls.”

This simple phrase truly sums up the Darts season. Playing together is the way to win in soccer. The chemistry is evident on and off the field, and it is no wonder that the best thing about our girl’s team is that they have each other.

Deep down, every team’s goal is to win a championship. Whether it be the Utah Jazz, the New York Yankees, or even the U.S. Curling Team, everyone wants to be recognized as “the best.” We see high school, college, and pro teams pump thousands of dollars, hours of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears just to be known as the champions. Our Davis girls soccer team did accomplish the ultimate goal for an athletic team, and they deserve all the credit and respect in the world.

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Fremont Stuns Davis on Senior Night

Davis High took on Fremont high in a Friday night showdown on October 9th for their senior night at Davis High. Davis was projected to sweep the Silver-wolves, but the outcome came unexpected to all.

Throughout the game, Davis was leading the game and it looked like they were going to finish Fremont off in the 4th quarter. It was obvious the darts were making several minor errors on the offensive side, that could be the reason for the outcome of the game. Players were frustrated on how poorly Davis couldn’t execute their play,

“Something has to flip on the offensive side as well as finish our drives and put points on the board to respond for how well our defense is playing.” – David Spjut, leading receiver at Davis

Although Davis came into the 4th quarter with being up by 9 points, the momentum of the game was changing and Fremont had the confidence to win the game. I asked David what his thoughts were after coming into the 4th quarter.

”I still had a feeling that we were going to win, we just needed to execute with making our blocks, running our routes and catching the ball.” – Davis Spjut

Davis still was confident they could pull it off. Fremont scored and made it a one touchdown difference and Davis had possession to finish the game. It came down to a 4th down and Davis decided to fake the punt and they put it in the hands of David Spjut.

Coming up short, Fremont was close to their touchdown and they scored and put the game away. I asked David what his thoughts were on the decision to fake the punt.
“Honestly I didn’t really think much of it, and I thought to myself hopefully we can get this and seal the game away.” -Davis Spjut

Fortunately for Davis, they still will advance to the playoffs and hopefully see Fremont later for the rematch!

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Davis Soccer…It’s Time To Step Up Our Game!

Our girl’s soccer team has been on fire this year! With only one loss, due to a dumb PK situation with Layton, the players have been fighting hard, leaving everything on the field.

Today, our soccer warriors are up against Copper Hills High; the game will be at Angle Park at 4, so come and witness greatness unfold.

Shelby Steele, an incredible player on the defensive line says,

“My goal for today’s match is to keep working hard throughout the game, even when I make mistakes. I want to be smart and work alongside my teammates.”

The team is obviously hoping for a win; however, these girls don’t only want to triumph and destroy, but they want to do it as one. It’s a tight-knit group of friends; they have each other’s backs and if they win…they win together!

On a more technical note, overall, the team’s offense and defense are unquestionably strong. Passing with one another, adding pressure when needed, and using strategy and might to score, not much will get through these girls.

Fortunately, the team hasn’t been hit too hard by the whole Covid-19 situation. Players haven’t caught the virus or needed to be quarantined. Despite these wonderful results, a different monster has hurt the team; many have gotten injured.

Specifically, 2 powerful and important forwards, Ruth Wright and Liv Flint, tore their ACLs badly, leaving them out for the remainder of the season. Although Ruth and Liv have had to step down, it has shown just how strong and able the other players are to step up to the plate. They won’t let anything take away their power, ferocity, and drive to play. Through thick and thin…this team will prevail in the face of anything life decides to throw at them.

We can even see this motivation on the wrists of these girls: before games some of the players write down a reason for why they’re playing, on their wrist. Whether it’s for a person, a goal, a struggle, or even just for the rest of the team, they inspire themselves to be the best player they possibly can be. Not just for individual reasons, but for their team and for their school.

This is just one of the many things they do to stay focused and keep their head in the game. After all, the day of the state tournament is coming closer and closer. The mental and physical preparation for this trial is intense, they must keep up the training.

“There was a point when I realized…this is it…it’s beginning…it’s time to step up our game because state is coming and WE will be the victors.”

Said Shelby.

So come and cheer on our inspirational, extremely hard-working, and truly awesome Davis High Girls Soccer Team today at the Copper Hills game!

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Davis Cross Country! Running Through the Pandemic

We all know that the 2020 Covid Pandemic has altered lives all across the world. Here at Davis, we feel the after shock of it all, deeply. That being said, many of us have experienced one major change: sports, arts, and any extracurricular actives have been canceled, modified, and overall not the same as they used to be. Let’s be honest…it SUCKS! However, everyone (especially Davis) has been pushing through. One team in particular, Cross Country, composed of awesome, hard-working, and remarkable athletes has not let these difficult times slow them down!

The team has been holding strong; even at times when practice was cancelled these incredible runners kept their spirits high and continued to train. They attacked summer training and came into the season with energy and a drive to excel. Whether as a team or individually, they didn’t quit or give up.

Hope Stanley, who turns into a running beast when that gun goes off, tells us,

“We’ve been handling it like everyone else, we trust each other to work hard, even if it gets canceled we train on our own with the support of the team.”

Along with each other’s motivation, they have a great coach guiding them every step of the race. Coach Timothy has not let his athletes down and the team is looking forward to the upcoming weeks of training, ready to give it all they got at meets.

Hope, again an awesome athlete on the team, elaborated on what she does in those moments of weakness. What her and the team use to motivate themselves to just keep on going,

“Things like becoming the best you can be. Not letting your team down, helping the other athletes be faster while training your hardest and getting stronger and faster.”

She explained.

Although running is overall an individual sport, this teams looks out for one another. For them it’s not just winning for yourself, it’s winning for the team.

Davis’ Cross Country team will stop at nothing to succeed and they for sure won’t let us down. They will run through sun, rain, snow, and COVID, because “running is a source of athleticism, friendship, and so much fun.” Way to go Davis XC!

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Battle for Regionals

The fight to win Regionals is never an easy feat. It takes hard work and dedication in order to achieve this goal, something our girl’s tennis team has plenty of. It has paved the path to them making overall second in Regionals, which took place on September 28th and 29th.

The highlight of the first match, according to Mr. Frey, was, “Watching Ellie Cook, Brylie Sigg, and Esmae King upset their opponents, as they were seen as the underdogs in their matches.”

He also voiced his pride in the team by saying, “I’m very pleased about how the girls faced diversity this year and came together as a team to finish as the top two teams in Region One.” The girls not only displayed an outstanding example of teamwork in the first regional game, but the second as well. The girls encouraged one another to do their best, and they did exactly that.

One of the members, Kyra Spendlove, who did the 1st single, answered a couple questions concerning the topic of her matches. Kyra got into tennis in the sixth grade, needing something new to do after quitting soccer.

“I for sure can play this sport until I die. I love it so much and it is seriously my life.” Kyra responded. With a passion for tennis as fierce as that, it is no surprise that the team got as far as they did.

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Golf Region Champs!

The Davis High Varsity Boys Golf team is not one to be overlooked. With a legacy to live up to from past years, they successfully earned the title of Region Champions after a challenging tournament this past week. The real question is- can the Boys Golf team claim the State title next week?  

When asked if this match was a simple one to win “Our team didn’t play amazing, but we played well enough to win.”  said Jack Sargent a Senior on the Davis Golf Team.

With threatening winds during the second game, this match presented a challenge for Jack who is a valuable member to the team. Jack shot a 79/72 at this tournament compared to his personal best of 61. He believes that the Boys Golf team will succeed at State if they can all play well.  

However, Charlie Rhodes claimed that the Region win was less of a challenge. Charlie stated that, “We whooped. It was pretty dang easy.”  Charlie shot a 83/85 and is expecting for State to be a close match. When asked to describe his team in one word, he chose “Exquisite” because of the excellent coach and team members.  

The Boys Golf team has had an impressive record this year, with only losing one tournament. They are optimistic about their chances with winning the title but are already expecting a demanding game that will require them to perform at their absolute bestThe Boys varsity team consists of Mckay Cook, Jack Sargent, Preston Wallace, Cade Montgomery, Sebastian Fernandez, Charlie Rhodes, Cole Cipriano, and Drew Sampson. Individually, Mckay Cook consistently scores very low (which is good in golf-in case you didn’t know!) and is a valuable asset to the team.  

So, will the Boys Golf team be able to swing state? We’ll find out next week, but Davis High has full confidence in the team! 

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Davis Suffers in Late Region Loss

The Davis High football team suffered another devastating loss last Friday against Roy Highschool. With the final score of 32-26, Davis put up a good fight throughout the whole game. The game took place at our home field, which seemed to make the loss even worse.  

Although we lost, the game was certainly an interesting one to watch. Davis was behind in the first half of the game and winning the game seemed unlikely at that point. However, Davis made a huge comeback in the 3rd quarter and even managed to pull ahead of Weber! The possibility of a win seemed likely at this point and filled the whole stadium with hope. However, in the 4th quarter, Weber managed to gain a lead that enabled them to win the game. The loss of this game stung more because of how close we were to winning, and the fact that we were at our home stadium. 

Although Davis was not able to take the win, our team still played exceptionally well. Our Davis Highschool football team is ranked #12th in the state of Utah out of all the 6A schools! This is a good rank, and our team should be immensely proud of the way that they have performed this year. 

The theme that was chosen for the student section this past week was a “Pink out”. This was chosen to represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink flags were used by referees during the game for the same reason.  

Our last football game is on October 9th on our home field against Fremont! Davis Highschool is confident that our boys will be able to dominate and claim the win.  


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Davis Football Starts the Season on Fire

Despite schools being shut down just less than six months ago, we still get the pleasure of high school football, and our Darts have begun the season spicy hot. With a 3-0 start under their belts, Davis enters their next game against Clearfield like a train full of steam. Winning the first three games by a combined score of 116-26, the future of this season looks bright for Davis football.

The first game of the season, the only close game they’ve played, saw Davis beating Herriman in a defensive battle, 24-20. The following game against Viewmont was in a very lopsided fashion, and featured the Darts winning 48-6. The most recent game played saw Davis absolutely stomping on Northridge 44-0.

Following the three wins, Davis High Football’s next up and comer, Anthony Foy, was asked about the Darts flaming start to the season:

“We have preformed to the best of our ability and left everything out on the field in every game,” he responded.

With the three wins set in stone, Davis now looks ahead to the future, with the overall goal of a state championship in mind.

“We have a great shot, with amazing players and a great [coaching] staff to get us there [the state championship] and win,” said Foy.

With Davis looking ahead to Clearfield on August 4, and hopefully take this next step to the state championship.


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Girls Wrestling

Girls are finally allowed to compete in wrestling at Davis High. Women are able to wrestle in college, but Davis High girls (and most high school girls) have not been allowed to, until now. The Davis High Wrestling team will include girls in their first preseason competition of the season this coming Saturday, October 10th. This is exciting news for the girls, who previously would have had to wrestle boys, which was awkward for everyone and only allowed in Jr. High 

According to Bear River High School Athletic Director Van Park “It is the fastest growing girls sport right now.  There are many scholarships opportunities available to female wrestlers that until now could not be utilized. Coach Roundy is certainly excited for the girls to have this opportunity.  

It’s about time that girls get their own platform to shine.  Women’s wrestling is an Olympic sport, Utah is finally catching up with the rest of the country,” says Roundy.

According to Analise Womack it is an empowering feeling.  

I feel accomplished, as if there is something I am doing that may affect other girls and might help them find their path.  It’s not about the competition it’s more about the way it makes you feel about yourself. It brings a sort of confidence and pride, it’s a sisterhood we are in. We are all going through it and learning together. There is no other sport I have played that is anywhere near the same type of energy. Wrestling is not only an individual sport but also a team sport the mindset is different,” claims Analise.

I am on the Davis wrestling team as well. We receive good coaching and tough critique, but we learn from it all. I enjoy the sport for many of the same reasons as Analise; I love to feel strong and powerful. Many people ask me if there is anything that bothers me about wrestling, and I don’t have any concerns. People have questioned the uniforms. We have the option of wearing singlets or fight gear, and I am personally a fan of the fight gear. I am glad to be a part of the Davis High Girls Wrestling team, and I’m excited to make friends and excel in the sport.  

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Game Day Thoughts With the Davis Volleyball Team.

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are always big days for the Davis High Volleyball team. This week, they faced off against the Weber Warriors and the Northridge Knights.

Tuesday evening, the girls dominated the visiting Warriors winning in only three short sets. As the season progresses, the girls continue to get better and better in every aspect of the game.

Lauryn Arnold, senior middle blocker on the team said “Both games I felt we were super hyped and had really good energy. We played so well as a team and came together and played our hearts out.”

Despite their efforts, the team lost their game on Thursday to Northridge in four extremely close sets.

“We started out pretty slow and by the time we got going and connecting we were pretty far behind. We ended up only losing by two in what is considered overtime. We came back stronger and were playing super well together, we just weren’t all doing our part,” said sophomore outside hitter, Aubrey Neilson.

It was a tough loss for the girls who are trying to take the region title this year. Even with their loss to Northridge, the region championship is still within sight for the team.

The girls are currently 11-9 in their overall standings and 4-3 in the league standings putting them at fourth place in the region. Next Tuesday, they will play against Roy, who they have beaten before at the beginning of the season. They will also play at Fremont on Thursday.

Senior outside hitter Katie Corelli says “It is a really big game for us, we lost to them the first time we played them this season. Fremont is good, but I definitely think we can beat them if we work together and play our hardest. I just think we need to get over the label that Fremont is the best because they clearly are not.”

It is a highly anticipated game for the girls and their coaches, if they win against Fremont, it will only boost their chances of taking the Region championship.

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Roy Upsets Davis for Region Title

Davis took on Roy high school last Friday, September 18, for their Homecoming game and unofficially for the region title. Both teams coming in undefeated, you could easily say it was going to be a great game.

Throughout the game, Davis and Roy kept a very close score and both answered each other with points on the board every series. Heading into the 4th quarter Davis was up by 9 points making it 40-33, to start out, Davis scored a touchdown to intentionally seal the game. With 3 minutes left, Roy had the ball and scored, making it a 7 point game. Roy went for the onside kick but overshot it and left Davis with the ball to finish the game. With 2 minutes left, Roy caused a turnover and they took it down and scored. With the score at 47-46, Roy went for the win and scored with a 2 point conversion to win the game, and ultimately take the region title. Roy advances at 6-0 win record and Davis falls to 5-1.

I had the chance to interview Chance Trujillo, Davis High’s starting quarterback, on his emotions in the 4th quarter of the game.
He answered with, “A lot goes through your mind when the game could slip through your hands at any given moment, so I got to make sure to keep my composure til the clock hits 0. You can’t let the pressure and anxiety affect you in a situation like that, or that’s when you lose confidence and focus. I don’t know if you would say that the pressure got to me, but I think you could say we thought the game was over with there only being 2 minutes left in the game and is being up by 2 scores.”

Both teams competed and matched so greatly and hopefully we get to see a rematch later in the playoffs to see a great game again!

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Girl’s Softball: Ridgeline and Kearns

The girls fought an amazing game with triumph over Ridgeline on Thursday, March 5that Davis and now go to put up a fight against Kearns March tenth.

The Ridgeline game was a very well played game and shockingly by the younger girls. Players, Sadie Hathaway (sophomore), Abby Olsen (freshman), Laney Tuft (freshman), Abby Clark (junior), Emily Dent (jurnior), and Keli Scadden (sophomore), all girls on the younger side, but just as amazing as the senior players. They had 7 home runs total, 6 of which were scored by juniors and sophomores and 1 run was made by Kya Wilmott (senior).

The team continues to grow together after their triumph. Most players on the team have been playing together for a while. when asked how the team spirit was at the game

The Kearns game was a game well fought. Although Davis was defeated it was close with the game ending Davis 8 and Kearns 9.  This game seniors really came to play making most of the runs. Seniors, Danielle Brklacich running once and Britney Brklacich and Kya Wilmott each making two runs. Other players that made runs were, Ellie Anderson (junior), Emily Dent (junior), and Keli Scadden (sophomore) each scoring one run to help Davis almost take the win over Kearns.


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If You Ain’t First, You’re Last: Davis High’s Amazing Track Team

Two weeks ago our very own track team kicked off what is expected to be an amazing season. There are a lot of great athletes on the team this year. This team shows lots of promise and it will be exciting to see what they accomplish in the future. The previous week they started out with an Alumni meet.

“We did a lot of events. My favorite part was seeing all the different people there, and because of Agnello. Agnello’s the coolest guy.” – David Spjut, who is a junior on the team.

There are high expectations for the track team this year. Before the first meet the team went into it with a lot of confidence. They should though, I have heard nothing but good things about the team.

“We are taking on Roy and Northridge. They are both pretty bad, so we’re gonna take all the podium spots,” predicted Spjut about the meet.

Spjut turned out to be exactly right. Someone from Davis took first in every event!

“We’re taking state, that’s always the final goal,” – Spjut

The Darts boys and girls teams won by a significant amount. Star members of the team, senior Cole Noriega and senior Bailey Kealamakia both took first place for the Darts in the hurdles. There were some great throws by Kale Thomas and some awesome clears in the pole vault by Parker Sagers.

“There were so many good marks it would take me too long to mention everybody. All in all I think it was a very successful meet.” – Cole Noriega

Unfortunately due to the current situation of the virus our track team cannot compete until May 1st. Hopefully we will get to see them soon back out on the track to show off all the hard work they have put in for this season.



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Boys Soccer Review

This last week the boy’s soccer team played Logan High School and Syracuse High School and achieved two wins. The Darts will also be facing Northridge High School next week and they anticipate another win for their season.

On Thursday March 5th, the boys soccer team played Logan. The game started off rough because they were down 0-2, but they made a come back and won 4-2! During the game, Logan High School’s defender got a red card, and the Davis High School team capitalized on, the fact that, they only had 10 player, so they scored 4 goals.

4 days later, on Tuesday March 10th, boys soccer team played Syracuse High School. They also won that game! The score was 3-0.

The team wasn’t too confident going into the game,

“[but] after Roderick scored the first goal, the whole team got hyped and we started playing much better and with more energy,” said Colby Cook, senior on the soccer team.

So far the boys soccer team is on fire!

This Thursday, March 12th, we are going to play Northridge High School. This team is going to be good, but Colby Cook predicts that they will win the game 2-0. It will be intense but the Davis High soccer team, believes they can win.

We have played a total of 3 games so far, and won all of them. The DHS boys soccer team is amazing and believes the rest of the season will go really good. The students have high hopes as well, and believe that we can make it to state if we keep playing how we have been!

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Does Practice Really Make Perfect When It Comes To DHS Baseball?

The Davis High Baseball team played Viewmont High last friday. Low scoring game, the Darts only winning 4-0.

“I mean we won but, we had a lot of things we need to work on,” said Brighton Cooper, a senior on the Darts Baseball team.

He could be reffering to the 5 out the 7 innings played where there wasn’t a new number shown on the board. Viewmont ended up not scoring any runs, but is that on our part as good team work or Viewmont’s for choking at the plate.

So the Darts win, but now it’s back to practice, preparing for the match-up against Logan only 4 days away. Another point Cooper made, gestured toward preparing for Logan was,” …really just focusing on getting our bats back to normal…” which seemed to pay of because the Logan game was better at exactly that.

Now we are here, Tuesday, March 10th. Logan knows how our last game went, and they think they know how to get us on it. But what they dont know is that we’ve been practicing. Overall game went alot better, final score coming to Davis winning 12-2. This time only 5 inings were played and we scored in 3 of them. Sure we let the get 2, but when we hit, we hit.

Now we are looking down the barrell of the gun we call Woods Cross, now how should we prepare for that. We got batting figured out, but what about the rest of the game. Cooper has the awnser for that as well.

“We need to focus on overall execution. We got away with some sloppy times throughout the game that will be crucial to fix for the others.” He also stated in a later interview,”…we really just need to carry over our hitting from Logan and fix the little things but overall pretty set going into Thursday.”

So far The Darts have had a good season, all 2 games of it, and looking to make it even better. But they need to figure out themselves before they realize that springs almost up.

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Softball tournament in St. George

What’s to come for Davis Highs girls softball team this weekend? Read here and find out!

The girls softball team is heading to St. George for a softball tournament. The team says they hope that this weekend holds nothing but great things! The girls team has done great so far. They have been training all year and are ready for what the season holds. You’ll find them conditioning every fourth period, just training for this upcoming season. The softball team said these tournaments usually are way fun and are a great experience before they start up on games. This tournament is usually an annual thing said Coach Street.

“I think the tournament will be good, we will just have some tough competition, but overall I think our team will really show up and give it our all,” commented Kya Willmot (Junior).

“The teams we will be playing are; Bingham, Toole, Phrumps Valley, Corner Canyon, And Arbor View,” added Coach Street.

Talking to the girls softball team a few days ago they seemed ready to take on all these teams. The coach talked about how he has just been motivating them so they can preform to their best abilities. The softball team said they were very prepared for what this tournament may bring and thought they were more than ready to take on these teams, out of district. The softball team said it was exciting playing these new teams, because they don’t normally get the chance to play out of district schools.

So, all you Softball fans make sure you support Davis Highs softball team throughout this season. They would love your support throughout the season. Bring the Mob!

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A Night to Remember: Feat. the Davis High Dette’s

On Tuesday, March 9, 2020 the Davis High D’ettes had the opportunity to perform their competition routines for the very last time at their, ‘Night to Remember,’ event.

This event gives these girls the final opportunity to perform as a team, say goodbye to the season, and for the seniors on the team say goodbye to being a D’ette. The 2019-2020 D’ettes team have had a very successful season, they earned both Region and State titles with their X-men themed routine.

The, “Night to Remember,’ event is the perfect opportunity for these girls to look back on their season and end on a high note. This is the last showcase for those who weren’t able to see the D’ettes perform, at State or Region, the opportunity watch this award winning routine. It’s also the last time the 2019-2020 team will be able to perform together. These girls are like sisters, their bonds go far beyond the typical teammate relationship.

Sage Bangerter, a senior and captain on the team, expresses her love for the D’ettes as she prepares to say farewell to the team she has been apart of for 3 years.

“I’m so sad to leave the D’ettes because of how loving and supportive the whole group is, so the, ‘Night to Remember,’ is a great way to finish dancing dancing together. I’ll miss spending so much time with all my best friends. After all the hours we spend together we have become so close and it’s fun spending time together.”

Grace Aspittle, a sophomore on the team expressed that,

“I really like getting to compete with all my teammates. We have  become so close during all our practices and it’s fun to be a part of such a big team. I like knowing that I have all these awesome girls that I can count on to be there for me or help me with anything!”

These girls have grown so close together and have created a family dynamic among teammates.

Grace also talks about how the, ‘Night to Remember,’ event is a great way to end the season by saying,

“The last time we danced was at the State Competition, so it’s nice to have just one more time performing with the team and all my friends.”

Sage is a senior and this will be her final performance as a D’ette. She reflects on the fact that she loves the team and has seen so much growth during this season.

“It’s been the best season yet! We achieved so much and did things that the D’ettes haven’t done in a really long time! I have loved this team so much and we came so far this year. It’s always fun to see hard work pay off.”

The 2019-2020 D’ettes were incredibly successful this season and have achieved greatness. Congratulations to these girls and the season they have had together. They represented Davis High in the best way possible and the, “Night to Remember,” was the perfect way to close the chapter.

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Tennis Season Preview

The tennis season has started! Davis Highs tennis team is working hard to win their way to the top. They just had their very first pre-season game yesterday and despite their loss, it is only the beginning of the season. The team has 2 more games next week.

The team consists of 16 players and some of which played on the team the previous year. Last years tennis team did very well and they have a Region Title, as well as, the fact that they placed higher in State than they ever have. They are looking to crush this season and win State!

Lexi Turley is the tennis coach for both girls and boys teams. She is very excited for the upcoming season and to work with the kids. She has been working with tennis team for about a year and a half, and she loves what she does. She is also an Sophomore English teacher here at Davis high.

“I am very excited for this upcoming season, and I am excited to work with the talent and great work ethic the boys bring to this team!”

Said Lexi Turley, Tennis Coach.

We are so excited for this tennis season and can’t wait to see what our tennis team is capable of.

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Girl’s Golf Preview

The girl’s golf team is looking better than ever this season. Coming off of a Region win from last year and being second in State, the girls are ready to get back on their game. The whole team is in agreement that they want to win both state and region.

Coach Salvo shares her hopes for this coming season,

“Be region and state champs! Be amazing as a team and come together to be one. Become a family!!”

All ten girls are working very hard to win, especially for their coach.

“I hope to win the state championship for Coach Salvo, she is the most supporting and influential figure on the team. It would be amazing to give her a 6A State Championship”

Said Victoria Castro.

The girls are very excited to improve this year. The team has changed a lot since last season, with the graduated seniors and the new sophomores.

“I think we have the same mindset as last season. We were really sad to see the seniors leave.”

Said Caylyn Ponich.

Coach Salvo also addressed this,

“We lost a lot of seniors and we are young, but we definitely have the potential.”

The girls realize they are going to have to work a lot harder to get their win at state.

“It’s going to be a lot harder, we don’t have as many girls as we have had in years past, but everyone has improved so much and I think we ahve a really good shot at winning state.”

Said Aubree Johnson.

Coach Salvo and the team plan to work harder everyday to get to that state championship and win. This is how they plan to achieve that goal.

“We’ll be working at the golf course every day after school to achieve our goals,”

Said Quinn Shupe,

“We’re working on getting better than we were yesterday or last week or even the hole previous. We’re also working on being mentally strong and being positive throughout our matches.”

All the girls have a great family and support aspect to the team. They want to make sure the whole team is doing everything they can to be the best they can be.

“Make sure every girl on the team is confident in what they do. Make sure they give it their all.”

Said Victoria Castro.

Coach Salvo’s plan to win state is,

“By working hard and being dedicated to becoming better every practice and every match. We are always trying to be the best. We took second in state last year and we want that #1 spot!”.

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