Update on the boy’s baseball season

Jensen Jacobs is most excited for winning this season.  Winning is such a good feeling.

What he loves about baseball is the memories that come with it with all of his friends and wins.

The hardest thing for Jensen in baseball is “hitting a left handed curve ball.”

Jensen takes everyone as an opponent and that they are all equally as hard.  You never look over them.

Jensen said that baseball is very boring to watch


Carter Compton is most excited to play along side with his friends again for one last year.  He is sad that this is his last year.

What Carter loves about baseball is that it all rides on your hands and there is no shot lock or game clock to get you out of something.  You have to get it yourself out of it.

The hardest thing for Carter in his word are “The hardest thing is being mentally strong.  It’s easy to get frustrated but you have to show no emotion because it brings your team down and won’t help you at all.”

The hardest team to get against to Carter is Freemont.  They are always good and their work ethic up there is very good.

Carter says “baseball may seem boring, but it is actually very entertaining if you know what is going on.”

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Track and field team

Track and Field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based around the activities of running, jumping and throwing.

Records of track and field date all the way back to 776 B.C. in Ancient Greece. Back then and for a long time, only men were allowed to compete officially. These were some of the most popular Games were banned. It was not until the mid 1800’s that organized track and field began its epic comeback.

Davis Highs track and field are putting in a lot work so far for their spring season. Senior at Davis, Paul Funk does long jump, 100 meter and 200 meter in track. “I like the environment, everybody is just there to have a good time and better themselves.” Paul said.

Running track or cross country at the college level is going to be an experience for anyone who has the opportunity to do so. As for Paul, he would love to have that experience. “Doing track in college would be awesome, if I could go to BYU even as a walk on, it’d be worth it to me.” Paul explains.

A lot of people don’t understand track and field that much. It can sometimes be confusing or it’s hard to understand if a team is winning or not.

“It’s not necessarily for everyone, but it gives everyone the ability to find a place to belong in it.” Paul said. Sometimes track and field are for the strong and fast kids. Their not trying to be like every other sport like basketball or baseball, which you have to have many skills to do to play that sport.

For track and field,  you can do whatever you want and how good you can do it. It’s amazing how track and field work.

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2022-2023 drill tryouts!

Drill Tryouts are coming up! Drill is so much fun and a great way to become involved in the school! If you are interested, look at the information below.

Pre-Tryout clinics are on March 9- 7:30-8:45 AM, and March 16- 7:30-8:45 AM, taught by Coach Cierra and former D’ette, Halle Hunt. Parent meeting on March 10- 7:00  PM. Clinics are March 20 and 22- 3:30-5:30 PM. Tryouts are March 23- 3:30 PM.

Pre-tryout clinics are not required in order to try out but are recommended. They are super fun and show you a sneak peek as to what type of dancing will be included in the drill this year. They are taught by Cierra, a former national title-winning, UVU dance team member, and current U of U spirit team member, Halle Hunt.

Tryout clinics will be where tryout dances are taught. They are taught by the current seniors of the team. A jazz combo, a hip-hop combo, an across-the-floor technique combo, and a military combo will be taught.

After both days of tryout clinics, on the 10th, tryouts will be held. They begin at 3:30. The environment at tryouts is a bit stressful but the same as any other tryouts. You are given a number and are called into the room 4 at a time.

When called into the room, there is a set of judges, along with the 4 coaches and the 4 captains of the drill team. In the room, the 4 girls will show all the combinations learned at tryout clinics.

After all, girls have gone through the tryout process, there could be a couple of rounds of callbacks. After the coaches and judges discuss, they print out letters to all of the girls that tried out and call everyone to come to get their letters.

After everyone reads their letters, the girls that made it come back into the room and get a D’ette shirt and take pictures with each other. When everyone is done, the new, 2022-2023 D’ette’s, get dinner and shakes to celebrate.

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Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.

The game’s ancient origin lay in 12th century northern France, where a ball was struck with the palm of the hand. “It is legit because I wish it.” Louis X of France, keen player of game of the palm, which evolved into real tennis, and became notable as the first person to construct indoor tennis courts in the modern style.

As for the Davis High boys tennis team is off to a good start in their spring season. They are now 4-2 and still have plenty more tournaments to come.

One of their seniors, Ryan Harris has been playing since he was seven years old and has loved it ever since.

“I like how unique tennis is compared to other sports. It seems like an easy sport on the surface level but the more you improve the more challenges arise that you have to overcome. It’s just a sport that evolves constantly and always keeps you on your toes.” Harris said.

Tennis is played by millions of recreational players and is also a popular worldwide spectator sport. It’s very extortionary how tennis works. The way the players move and how their always on they’re feet.

“Tennis is not an easy sport but it’s so much fun. If you stick with it and really put the work in, then tennis can become something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.” Harris explains. As for many other competitive sports in the world, tennis is just like all of them. If you are dedicated to a sport you really like and put all your work into it, then you can achieve your goal in becoming one of the best versions of your self that you can be.

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The Davis soccer girls soccer team has always been a legitimate program. Run by head coach, Souli Phongsavath, the team has been in amazing shape for years. Davis has countless region titles and many state titles as well. As a program, these girls work hard every season to keep the program’s legacy.

The 2021-2022 season was a great success with a tough ending. In a victory against their rival team in their last regular season game, they won region. When asked what it was like to win region, Sophmore forward Kayla Wade said, “Being new to the team, it was exciting to see what it felt like to work hard and have it pay off.”

The team suffered a difficult loss in the second round of the state tournament. With Layton being their rivals, it added to the heartbreak. They had beat the team before and had good momentum going into the game. They lost by one goal in overtime. With the golden goal rule on the line, the game was over when Layton scored off of a corner kick.

“The team puts in effort on and off the field. We are like family. I love the girls I play with and the coaching staff. We have so much fun together and we all want everyone to succeed.” says Wade. The team spends a majority of their summer and fall together. With daily practices and hours of team activities.

In preparing for the next season, Wade says, “Many of our girls are returning this year and we are excited to get started. We have some amazing talent and look forward to working hard everyday to take back a state title.” The season will begin in July when they start their summer practices. The team is going to be stronger than ever.

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Davis High track begins new season

With the beginning of spring also marks the beginning of tack season and the team is getting ready to win state this year.

The team had their first meet last week and another this week only for the distance runners and throwers because of the cold. The Alumni meet is always the first outdoor meet of the year and is always a lot of fun for the team. “Track meets are always fun,” states Anderson Perry.

Many track members acknowledge the best part of the team is having friends on the team. “I’m there for the people,” confirms Colby Cox. Everyone is supportive of each other which creates a great environment. “There is a pretty good team chemistry this year,” Perry added.

Some of the track kids even admitted to not even liking running. “Running sucks but it’s better than not running,” confessed Carter Green. Most of the members of the team are there just to hang out with friends at practice and meets.

Carson Stettler notes the best part of track is, “the ability to compete both as an induvial while being part of a team and working together to be better as a whole.”

The team is confident in their chance at state this year. “We have a good chance at placing well, better than last year,” Perry stated. Most of the members agreed that Syracuse was their biggest competition for state this year.

The distance runners argued over which event was the best. Most agreed, however, they preferred Cross Country over track. Explaining that the courses are better because they aren’t running in circles like they do on the track.

“Join track” – Carter Green

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Davis High sports; Stuck in the cycle

This year, at Davis High School, our sports teams, most notably basketball, had all these victories only to lose the end goal. Over the years, we have seen countless teams have many victories, come close, only to lose it all. 

A good name for this is the Sports Hubris Cycle. First teams have a few victories, and after a couple more victories, get overconfident, and let victory go. Depending on the game, some teams fall and don’t go forward anymore. 

This cycle continues, after a team has lost a game, all the pride leaves their heads, and they head to their next game humble. Then, once again, they do really well, and then go on, even on to the finals. 

Once again, after the victories, they go on almost to the end, and choke on a victory. The teams that do go on to the end fight aggressively for a victory. However, there are circumstances when they choke on pride. 

The question with this cycle is whether this applies to Davis. Is Davis High School, like many other teams, doomed to forever remain in a constant cycle of loss? Is Davis going to forever dream about coming victory? 

“Great season, fun memories, but sad ending,” Sawyer Cottrell, a Davis basketball player said. This sounds like how most seasons go for teams, college and professional, having fun, but never quite going all the way to the end goal of total victory. 

“We had some weaknesses but were complimented with [the] strengths [of others],” Cotrell replied. This reflects truly what a good team is: when you have people on the team who can more than make up the difference of your weaknesses. 

“We had a lot of good shooters and good chemistry,” Cottrell says. This is a sign about Davis’s advantages. On all teams, having good chemistry helps everyone to work together. In the world of sports, chemistry makes up the difference. 

“Had a hard time [staying] slow,” Cottrell voiced. In sports, speed and timing is everything. For one thing, all the games have time limits, except in cases of overtime. The other trick in sports according to Cottrell is adjusting speed. 

“Know how to play at different paces,” Cotrell said. According to Cotrell, learning to match the pace of your team to the opponent’s is crucial. Along with this, comes the skill of be able to adapt to the opponent’s moves. 

In all, is Davis High sports, basketball and football specifically, doomed to be in this cycle forever? Probably not, because despite their all losses, Boys Basketball has had it where it counts in terms of their skills and chemistry.  

So, despite all the losses, there is hope for Daivs Sports. The teams here have demonstrated excellent chemistry and skills. And for everyone on those teams, they know their weaknesses, and they can now progress to overcome them, and towards victory. 

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Region champs suffers loss in the second round of the state’s basketball tournament

With four of the five same starters from last years season win, students assumed they would be playing in this years championship again. They only had one previous loss going into the tournament.

First round they played Fremont. This just happened to be the only team they had lost to all season long. With some amazing shots and great defense, the Darts beat the Silverwolves by 17 points.

With a quick win against Fremont, Davis headed into the second round. “I didn’t even attend the game because I assumed a win,” many students commented. After just the first quarter, the darts led by 11 points.

With momentum starting up with the Silverwolves, they scored 19 more points in the next two quarters. Many complained that “the refs controlled the outcome of the game.” Students and parents were upset at many of the fouls called arguing that there were “bad calls.”

During the fourth quarter, the Silverwolves began to make a good lead. Majority of their teams points were scored from free throws. With 28 more points in the final quarter, Syracuse won the game. This was the end to the Darts season but the start to a break out among the schools.

With many people upset from the loss, people began to get involved in a series of fights between the teams fans. Parents from the Syracuse team began to yell inappropriate things at the Davis students. Finally things were settled by the police, but now we see the ways that beating the top team in the state gets to people’s heads.

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Davis girls golf ready for the season

Last year the Davis High girls golf team finished with a two day score of 648, just one stroke ahead of Corner Canyon and Lone Peak, who went to a sudden death playoff for the rights to second place, which Corner Canyon won. The reigning state champs are getting ready for their new season to start soon. Will they be ready and do they have what it takes to win it all again?

Cheyenne Hansen, one of their best players is ready for the season to start. “I’m super excited for the season to start, especially coming out of a really good season last year. Being able to play senior season with the girls I’ve played with since freshman year.” Hansen said. As for Cheyenne and many other girls on the team, they have a lot more pressure on them this year, for being a threat to many other high schools such as Lone Peak and Corner Canyon. They need to be ready.

“Our biggest competition for region this year will be Fremont, but I think we’ll still do really well.” Hansen said. Last season, through out all of their region tournaments, Davis won every single one of them. With Fremont and Weber on they’re tail every step of the way, they never gave up their first place title, not once.

Golf is one of the hardest, most skillful sport you could ever play. It is a game of the mind, it is fun, recreation, and a stress buster when you enjoy each shot. Harry Vardon, one of the most amazing golfers in history once said “There are only two types of players-those who keep their nerves under control and win championships, and those who do not.”

These girls have what it takes to win it again. They need to stay focused and learn from one another. If they can push them selves to do great, they can win another state title for Davis High School.

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Davis cheer and drill teams go to California

This week, the Davis drill and cheer team went to California. The cheer team had their national’s competition, and the Dette’s got to come with. We went to Disneyland for three of the days, and one day, we went to the beach.

The first day we traveled all day. We had a layover in Phoenix, then got to the hotel around 11 pm, figured out our room assignments, and went to bed. The next day we woke up and went to Disneyland.

One of the days at Disney, a chaperone paid for a tour guide, which meant that our group got to walk through the exits of any ride, so we didn’t have to wait in any lines. It was a fun experience.

Another one of the days at Disneyland, we had to perform. They took us backstage to get ready and to practice our dances before we performed. The drill team had 7 dances and the cheer team did the spirit dance.

One day we went to the beach. We went to Huntington beach. We rented bikes for a bit, and we also got to go shopping. We ate Bonzai Bowls and Wahoo’s Tacos. Most of the time we laid out on the beach.

Most of the Disney days, we would spend half the day and each of the parks. We ate lots of yummy, overpriced food and treats, but that was the best part.

Many the teams’ favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Incredicoaster, Guardians of the Galaxy, Space Mountain, and the Star Wars rides. The favorite treat was the raspberry macaroons, or the churros.

After a long travel day, which consisted of a drive through traffic to get to the airport, a 4-hour layover in phoenix, and two 2 hour flights, we have made it home and are back to real life.

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D’ettes go to state

On February 5th, 2022, the Davis High drill team competed at Utah Valley University at their state competition. The D’ettes brought home a 3rd overall win against 8 other teams.

After countless hours of hard work and dedication the drill team was able to be one of 9 teams to make it through to the state finals. During the awards they were able to hear their name for every routine and took home that 3rd Place win.

Team Captain, Ella Gatherum reflects on how they did at state and says, “I am very proud of my team, and I think we overcame many challenges and surprised the state by showing that we weren’t just the underdogs we were thought to be.”

Ella talks about how she felt being at state saying, “The feeling of being at state feels very rewarding and like everything we had worked for all year was finally paying off.”

Before state the drill team competed in 4 competitions prior to going to state. Ella says their show routine Jekyll and Hyde had done the very best this year. It was the teams favorite dance to perform, and it was one of the highest scoring routines at one of their competitions this year.

Now that their season has come to an end Ella says, “I am excited to be able to move onto different opportunities, but drill will be something I cherish for the rest of my life.” She says that the whole team is sad to see the season end but is content with how it all played out.

The end to the 2021-2022 drill season has come. The D’ettes and their coaches are very proud of their 3rd in state title this year, but they are also excited to start up a new season soon.

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Swims regions; A Davis success

This year the swim team had their region swim meat at South Davis Recreation center on Friday, February 4. Both the Boys and Girls placed second and overall came in first.

The team overall had some incredible swims from both the boys and the girls team.

One of these notable swims came from Allie Allen who took of 12 seconds off of her 500 freestyle and took 2nd in the event

Most of the swimmers felt extremely proud of there individual performance. Olivia Carlson, a senior, said “I did amazing. I dropped time in both of my events. I also completed my goal that I set from Freshman year to break 30 seconds in the 50 freestyle.”

The girls team was hoping to take first place, however, were somewhat disappointed but happy with there close second. “I wish we could have taken regions once since we have always been so close since freshman year, but winning isn’t the only way to measure success and we were really good at supporting each other and building up the team spirit.” says Carlson.

Now that the season is over the seniors are looking back at there time on the team and how much fun they have had. Olivia Carlson says “I cant pin point a certain memory that has been my favorite but I will always remember my team throughout the years and the support through the highs and lows.”

After regions the swim team had a successful trip to state were faced off against powerful competition. The girls ended up finishing in 5th place and the boys finished in 11th.

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Davis Girls Basketball Dominates Clearfield

Teamwork has been the MO for the girls’ basketball team and that clearly proved to be true on their Region 1 battle on Tuesday night.

Kendra Kitchen, who was the teams’ second-highest scorer in Tuesday’s game, says that “working as a team” and “not letting up” is what led the team to victory.

The scoring distribution was very diverse with two scorers in double digits. Kendra Kitchen scored 15 points while Kylee Mabrey added 11. Additionally, unlike Clearfield, every player on Davis’s team scored at least 2 points.

Davis also wowed the crowd with a collection of 4 3-pointers.

Kitchen says they got to the free throw line so often by “just being aggressive and driving, no matter if there’s contact or not, just pushing through the contact and physicality.”

However, the team did not reach this game’s level of excellence without preparation. “We knew it was going to be tough, so we just had to prepare for certain players that we had challenges with the last game and just keep them under control and play through it,” says Kitchen.

Overall, the team won with energy and teamwork. Summarizing, Kitchen states, “Everyone played great, I think the environment was good and everyone had energy, and everyone was just hyping each other up.”

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Davis girls basketball dominates Clearfield

Davis girls basketball dominates Clearfield

Teamwork has been the MO for the girls’ basketball team and that clearly proved to be true on their Region 1 battle on Tuesday night.

Kendra Kitchen, who was the teams’ second-highest scorer in Tuesday’s game, says that “working as a team” and “not letting up” is what led the team to victory.

The scoring distribution was very diverse with two scorers in double digits. Kendra Kitchen scored 15 points while Kylee Mabrey added 11. Additionally, unlike Clearfield, every player on Davis’s team scored at least 2 points.

Davis also wowed the crowd with a collection of 4 3-pointers.

Kitchen says they got to the free throw line so often by “just being aggressive and driving, no matter if there’s contact or not, just pushing through the contact and physicality.”

However, the team did not reach this game’s level of excellence without preparation. “We knew it was going to be tough, so we just had to prepare for certain players that we had challenges with the last game and just keep them under control and play through it,” says Kitchen.

Overall, the team won with energy and teamwork. Summarizing, Kitchen states, “Everyone played great, I think the environment was good and everyone had energy, and everyone was just hyping each other up.”

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Undefeated Darts take on cross-town rivals for the first time ever

Davis High Boys Basketball Takes on the six win five lose Farmington Team. Farmington high is lead by 16th ranked in the nation player Collin Chandler. This is the first time in history the darts have have faced off with the Phenixes.

Some keys to win this game are; Collin will get his points but as long as the whole team doesn’t get on a roll we will be victorious. The darts cannot let them get to the free throw line frequently. Defensively darts have to force tough two pointers. Offensively Davis just got to do there thing; shoot lots of threes and get offensive rebounds.

Star player Rex Sunderland said ” It should be a fun game”. This game has been hyped up for months. The atmosphere should be surreal.

The heart and soul of the team henry ihrig said “Should be a tough game we will have to play tough D” All the players on both teams have played on the same teams and against each other there whole lives. This game will be personal.

In the previous game Rex took over the game in order to win. We will have to play better basketball as a team to beat Farmington. Henry said “We just got to hit our shots.” Be there Friday 7:00.


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NFL and Taunting Penalties

In the American National Football League, a player can receive a penalty for taunting if players engage in, “The use of baiting or taunting acts or words that engender ill will between teams” according to NBC sports. 

This penalty is worth a 15-yard loss on offense or an offensive 15-yard gain if the flag is thrown on the defense. NFL players this season are becoming increasingly frustrated at how often this call is made in the game. 

In a recent Chicago Bears versus Pittsburg Steelers matchup, in what’ve possibly been a game ending sack by Bears defensive end Cassius Marsh, turned into a first down and more for the Steelers offense. 

The penalty was thrown after the sack when marsh spiraled into a karate kick and took multiple steps towards the steelers bench, staring them down in the process. “I saw the player, after he made a big play, run toward the bench area of the Pittsburgh Steelers and posture in such a way that I felt he was taunting them.” Referee Tony Corrente described the play. 

Marsh in an emotional interview completely disagreed with the call and shared his thoughts. “I think it was pretty clear to everyone who saw it that I wasn’t taunting. On my way to the sideline I got hip checked by the ref and it’s pretty clear.” Marsh said. 

Many NFL players and fans believe that the taunting call is taking away from the intensity and competitiveness of the game. Like the play with Marsh, it takes it an exciting moment for fans and turns it into a disappointing experience.  

Penalties this ridiculous take me right out of it and make me question why the hell I even bother watching.” An NFL fan says on reddit. 

In defense of the NFL, it is understandable that they are enforcing the taunting call for the safety of the fans and players. It does a great job at keeping everyone at the game tame and calm. If a fan sees that fighting and taunting is permitted on the field, why wouldn’t it be allowed in the stands? 

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Region Relay

On November 9 the Davis High School swim team went up against 6 other teams in their region at the Region Relays. Davis High did an incredible job winning 1st place for both boys and girls. Competing in 11 different events being led by their amazing head coach Kit Barker. 

Each swimmer has their own pregame ritual, but it always starts with stretching. They then do their team cheer and continue to hype each other up. Each teammate supports the other and that carries into the practices and then helps the team dynamic between everyone. 

“There is no drama on the team and it’s a really positive environment!” says Brooke Higley, Varsity teammate on the Davis High team. 

The girls came into the competition ready to swim for the win. Each relay team, consisting of 4 girls per team, swam the 800yd relay and the 200yd relay. In each event the Davis High girls won their heat in those events. Taking 1st place in their heat has boosted their confidence for the next meets. 

The 2 co-ed events were very entertaining to watch. Davis did great in the t-shirt relay and continued their momentum to the other events that meet. Each team that was put together was perfect for the competition. 

Kit Barker, Davis High Schools head swim coach, is extremely talented at strategizing good event teams. A big part of Davis High’s success in swimming is reliant on the event team dynamic and putting teammates exactly where they need to be for that event.  

“[Coach Kit Barker] is really good at strategizing and putting people in good teams. That is a big reason why we do so well at meets.” continues Higley. 

Davis High has incredible captains for their swim team and other team members. Kit Barker believes that every person has the ability to be a good swimmer and develops each swimmer according to their strengths and weaknesses. 

“Swim has definitely helped my confidence and I love our coaches and swimming with them!” says Higley. 

Davis High School will compete in the Cedar City Invitational on November 12th and based on how they have been competing so far, they are sure to do amazing! 

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World Series 2021: How the Atlanta Braves took the title for this years fall classic

It’s November and the Boys of Summer just ended this year’s post-season with the Atlanta Braves winning the 2021 World Series title. While this season was crazy it wasn’t completely unexpected that the Braves came out as champions.  

“I’m at a loss of words. This is it. This is everything you work for” Freddie Freeman on now being a World Series champion.  

After the Atlanta Braves defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship series they knew it was time to bring the World Series title back home to Atlanta, but they would first have to face the Houston Astros. This wouldn’t be easy knowing that the Astros had a season record of 95-67 while the Braves had a record of 88-73.  

The World Series started in Houston with the Braves taking game one and the Astros taking game two. They head back to Atlanta with the series tied. Atlanta was able to defeat Houston in both games three and four. The series is now at 3-1 and the Braves are hoping to win the next game. While still in Atlanta the Astros took game five to make the series 3-2. With Astros fans on edge and Dusty Baker hoping to take a World Series title as manager. After flying back to Houston and the Atlanta Braves take game six to end the series as champions.  

“It’s okay, we’ll be back. We have unfinished business” Dusty Baker said after dropping game six. 

“I said it before and I’ll keep saying it, I’m an Atlanta-lifer. I live and die the city of Atlanta and there’s no place that deserves it more than the city of Atlanta” Dansby Swanson said after helping his team take the World Series title.  

The Braves have now won the World Series for the first time since 1995. Jorge Soler was named MVP of the series because of his outstanding clutch hits. Freddie Freeman and Dansby Swanson are both now well-deserving world champions and the city of Atlanta can sleep peacefully.

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Early Results of the 2021 NFL Season

2021 showcases the NFL’s 102nd season of American pro football. So far, we’ve seen breakout performers from players like Cooper Cupp, Jamar Chase, Justin Taylor, Kyler Murray, and Josh Allen to name a few.  

Most notably out of those players, Cooper Kupp has been outstanding at the wide receiver position. He’s on track to beat the great Calvin Johnson’s single season receiving yards record by 1 yard. It’s too early to know if he’ll break the record, but his early success is impressive, nonetheless. 

NFL fans have also been blessed with amazing early season performances from familiar faces such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Derek Henry. Tom Brady, playing at the level he is in his 21st season and at 44 years old, has never been seen before. He is currently the league leader in total passing yards at 2275. 

The current teams with the highest records are the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. They are both sitting at 7-1. There is currently also multiple teams with 2 losses. 

The Green Bay Packers were not expected to do this well at the start of the season. Their opening game showcased a dominate win by the New Orleans Saints, with the ending score being 38-3. NFL fans were quick to blame their downfall on an unmotivated Aaron Rodgers after a dramatic offseason between him and the front office. 

It’s a business — it’s an incredible opportunity to play this game — but it’s a tough business,” Aaron Rodgers said when asked about considering retirement during an interview. 

Although there is no clear cut frontrunner for the 2021 super bowl champions, we know who wont be taking home the trophy, featuring the Detroit lions with no wins so far this season and the Miami Dolphins with just one more than that. 

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Star linebacker Colby Flint named 6A MVP

After a 3-year run filled with ups, downs, highs, and lows; star linebacker Colby Flint’s football career at Davis High came to an end after a playoff loss against Herriman. Despite what was sure to be a heartbreaking way to go out, Flint’s career was far from it. Every rep in the gym, every down he played, and every minute spent grinding ended up paying off in the form of a 6A football most valuable player award.

“It means a lot,” simply states Flint. “To see all the work I put in pay off means a lot.”

In Flint’s MVP season he racked up 46 solo tackles and an astounding 139 total tackles. To put that number in perspective, the national average for tackles in a season is 17.6, which is almost 8 times less than Flint’s 139. This ranks him at 73rd in the nation for tackles in all positions, as well as a ridiculous 11th in the nation among fellow linebackers.

This amount of success, however, should not be a surprise to anyone. During his sophomore year, Flint was pulled up onto the Varsity squad, which is very rare for a sophomore to achieve. Ever since getting pulled up, Flint has done nothing but elevate Davis football to a higher level.

Many people say that luck is when hard work meets opportunity, and for Flint, that statement couldn’t be more than true. He was given a shot as early as his first year of high school and has put in the effort to become the MVP that he is now.

Moving forward, Flint hopes to continue his football career in college. The work ethic, statistics, and awards all show how much he has earned and deserves the opportunity to play at the next level.

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Football all region teams released, who at Davis high made it?

Davis high had 5 players make the all-region first team. Those players were: Caden Swapp (LB), Trey Talbot (WR/RB), Eli Cullimore (OL), Kael Jenkins (DL), and Max Painter (TE/DE).

Here are their individual stats:

Trey Talbot (RB/WR) 5’9 | 185lbs | C/O 2022

Yds: 465 | Avg: 4.3 | Carries: 108 | Y/G: 46.5 | Rush TDs: 4 | Total TDs: 8“My personal season was a lot different than I thought because Easton and some people go hurt so I had to play more receiver than running back, but I still thought I played good and helped the team win some games.”

Caden swap (LB) 6’2 | 190lbs | C/O 2022

Solo tackles: 18 | Total Tackles: 61 | Tackles a game: 6.8 | Sak: .5 | Int: 1 | Rcv: 1“I was surprised that I got this award, I was happy that I got it but also really happy that many other players on our team also got this award.”

Eli Cullimore (OL) 6’3 | 305 lbs | C/O 2022

“As a team I feel like we did good, to put a full new staff in and still have a decent season is tough and we managed to do that.”

Max Painter (TE/DE) 6’4 | 205lbs | C/O 2022

Yds: 602 | Avg: 12.8 | Rec: 47 | Y/G: 60.2 | Rec TDs: 2 “This has been a really fun year, I feel like our team has come such a long way”

Kael Jenkins (DL) 6’0 | 230lbs | C/O 2022

Solo tackles: 7 | Total Tackles: 28 | Tackles a game: 3.1 | Sak: 3 | PD: 1 | Sck/G: .3“My personal season went pretty well. I faced a lot of adversity with a lot of different changes and I learned so much from the sport as well as my coaches and wont forget it!”

All region second team and honorable mentions include: Colten flint(OL), Ty Hoagland(WR), George Drakos(DB), Connor Mclaughlin(OL), Jensen Jacobs(DB), Mason Merback(DL), Easton Baggett(WR), Dakoda Kempthorne(RB), Jeff Sumsion (DB).

All of these great players will face Herriman in the first round of the state tournament.

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Davis vs Herriman playoff preview

This week Davis will take on the Herriman Mustangs in the first round of the UHSAA football state tournament. The game will be played Friday afternoon at 5pm on the Davis high school football field.

Davis and Herriman should be an exciting matchup. The darts come into the contest as the 15 seed with a 5-5 overall record. With home field advantage, Davis should be slightly favored but anything can happen in the state tournament. Herriman comes in as the 18 seed with a 3-7 record overall.

A couple Davis players shared their thoughts on the keys to the game:

“The keys to the game are starting fast and finishing strong. If we can come out and jump on them quick and keep the juice through the whole game, we will win,” explains Eli Cullimore, Senior Offensive Lineman.

“Offensively we need to convert on 3rd down and start fast. Defensively we need to stop the run and overall, we need to win the turnover battle,” says Hunter Walsh, Senior Defensive Lineman.

Davis is coming off a 3-3 record in league play with their last game being a win at Clearfield, and the game before that being a rough loss to Weber. Herriman is coming off a 30-point win against Copper Hills and a 3-point overtime loss to Mountain Ridge, who is the 5th seed in the RPI rankings.

Herriman will be an exciting test for the darts in Scott Peery’s first playoff appearance since being named the Davis head coach. The winner of the contest will have Lone Peak (who earned the two seed and was awarded a first round bye) waiting for them in the next round.

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Davis High Football Team forced to sign into class through new rule

Nearing the end of the football season at Davis High School, coach Scott Peery mandates a rule among his football team. The rule consists of making his players ask for a teacher’s signature for every period of their school day. This regulation is being enforced in hopes of improving overall grades and attendance among the boys. 

The paper with all the teacher’s signatures is required by all players to be turned in at the end of the day regardless of whether the player’s grades were previously sufficient. This strikes the controversy, is it fair to make all of the players fill out the signatures. Not all of the players on the team have poor attendance.  

Defensive lineman for the Davis Darts, Hunter Walsh, is optimistic about the idea. He says, “There is a handful of guys who are not good at getting to class, but it’s all a team effort and it’s important that we listen to coach.” 

If certain players were free from this burden, it could cause tension among the group, regardless of grades.  

Onlinemasters.edu says, “High school athletes have the best chance at a future athletic career when they have a coach focused on improving team chemistry.”  

Coach Scott Perry could be killing two birds with one stone with his disciplinary action. The rule helps the players feel equal among their teammates, and helps them focus on their future. 

According to leagueside.com, “There are 1,093,234 high school football players in the United States, and 6.5% of those high school players (or 71,060) will play in college.” 

It’s fair to say that it is important for high school athletes to focus on education before their sport. Like the stat shows, the chances of students making it to the next level is very low, and the chance of making that sport their profession is even lower. 

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Bringing positivity to the community, a tale of how Mitch Jeppesen inspires others to be great

Being able to represent your school, family, teammates, and community in a positive light is something that athletes at Davis High are engrained with and nobody demonstrates this better than Davis high junior Mitch Jeppesen.

When asked about his hobbies, Mitch said:“Well (pause) my hobbies are basketball (pause) mutual every Wednesday I look forward to at 7 o’clock. So yea.”

Mitch represents the community by attending mutual every Wednesday and by being a part of the Davis basketball team. Being a member of a school sports team bring a lot of pressure to not only be a good player but an even better. Mitch tackles this challenge like a stud.

Being a good person starts in the classroom. When asked about his grades Mitch responded: “My grades right now are a 1.7 (pause) but they go up at the end of the term so I’m not worried bout’ it and I do not enjoy school.”

Student comes first in the term Student Athlete and Mitch demonstrates this in his school first mentality.

When Mitch isn’t representing Davis High, he is bringing positivity to his household by raising a trio of ducks. Mitch uses this to get away from his daily duties and relax.

“I have 3 ducks. Joey, Chandler, and Ross and I have a house for em’ and I let them swim in my pool, feed them, grains and corn and such.”

Overall, the way that Mitch Jeppeson balances his duties of being a representative of his community with the responsibilities it takes of being a high schooler, he is someone that people can really look up to and be inspired by.

When asked to describe himself using 3 words, Mitch said “Articulate, Big boned, caring.”

Mitch truly does bring a positive light to the Davis community and is someone that young kids should look up to.

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Aaron Lowe tragedy leaves the Utah Utes in heartbreak for second time

Utah Utes defensive back Aaron Lowe was fatally shot and killed Sunday morning following the team’s win against Washington State. The event occurred at a house party in the Sugarhouse neighborhood where a fight including weapons broke out shortly after midnight.

“I think that this is a very sad thing that happened to a good man, and this should not have to happen to anyone, but sadly it does happen and it’s terrible” Ashton Bond from Davis High states.

A second individual who has not been disclosed was also injured and is currently in the hospital. The shooter and reasoning behind the fight is unknown. All who were in attendance of the party are being asked about the events of the night.

Bond also says, “The effect it has on the local community is huge since this is the second time within a year. Once a community that may have felt safe is now checking their shoulders everywhere trying to stay out of trouble.”

Lowe’s passing occurred close to a year after close friend Ty Jordan from the Utes was also shot and killed at a Christmas party. Lowe switched to Jordan’s jersey number in honor of his late friend. Ute fans and Utahns across the state are once again heartbroken over tragedy less than a year apart. How to address the issue is a question needing an answer.

“Absolutely there should be something done to address the issue,” says Bond, “For instance honoring the life Aaron Lowe lost just last week to a shooting similar to his friend and former teammate Ty Jordan with a scholarship being awarded to someone who has honored them.”

Honoring and creating awareness of these issues leads to more thought of how these things can be avoided. The answer to prevent such occurrences is complex, and may never find a concrete result.

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Trey Talbot Darts up the Middle

Trey Talbot is a senior this year, and he always gives his all to defend the tradition. He is a two-sport athlete and an exceptional student of Davis High.

Trey is known as a great athlete and a strong competitor in both football and baseball. He’s already had a fantastic senior year in football, which will surely continue. He will be the catcher for the baseball team when the season rolls around. He loves to compete and works hard in everything he does.

Trey made it very clear that he does not have a favorite sport between football and baseball.

“I like whatever season it is better.”

Trey has had multiple game-winning touchdowns and crucial plays in his football games this year. He said that his favorite games he’s played in this year have been the Syracuse and Fremont games, both of which he had a big part of winning.

“I love the intensity of the close games, and especially love a good comeback.”

Many people know the athlete side of Trey, but don’t know what he’s like outside of sports. Although he stays very busy with sports through the school year, Trey always makes time to have some fun with his friends.

Trey explained that his typical day after practice usually consists mostly of homework. When he finishes his homework, he likes to watch friends. He usually watches this for a couple hours before going to bed. He also said that he often finds himself “scrolling through twitter” late at night before bed.

Trey made it clear that his hardest class is AP calculus. It’s his most challenging class and is where he gets most of his homework from. “Calculus sucks, but I’m doing very well.”

According to some of Trey’s friends, he is a good teammate, student, and friend. “Trey is a really good teammate. He just brings the juice all the time.” “I love hanging out with him and he’s a lot of fun.”

Trey does a great job of balancing his school, social, and sports life. He will be ready for anything after high school and will continue to have a great senior year.

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Davis D’ettes competition ready

The Davis High D’ettes work extremely hard every season to dominate in competition come December. The drill team is exceptional! Their work ethic is amazing, and each dancer has great self-discipline. Each team member is incredibly talented to help with their competition season coming up!

Currently, the D’ettes practice 6 days a week and are working on their competition routines. Each practice starts with a drill down and then the seniors warm up the rest of the team. Their tricks and skills are then worked on for the rest of the warmup. They then begin cleaning or learning choreography to their routines.

Right now, the team is learning and cleaning their routines including show routine, hip hop, dance routine, and military. Many team members are used to the competitive spirit leading up to the competition, but for the newbies it’s a new air space.

Although most of the girls on the team are returners, the new girls have been able to catch on and continue to work as hard as those who already know the rundown.

“The new girls are doing very well and catching on!” says Head Captain, Ella Gatherum.

All the captains as well as the coaches are impressed with the team’s work ethic this year.

“They are all really hard working, especially with the dance routine that is super exhausting; all the girls push through to the end!” Coach Kiera Mortenson says of the girls during practices.

All the girls love their coaches! They speak highly of the people they work so hard for.

“I’m so grateful for my coaches! I couldn’t have asked for better!” Ella exclaims.

The coaches help the team dynamic, and it seems to be amazing as well. It’s a fun and safe environment to learn and make mistakes. Everyone has a kind spirit, and the team feels like a sisterhood and a family! Being on such a team, it doesn’t surprise me that each dancer has tons of Davis Pride! They love cheering at the games and performing at halftime. Their football routines were so much fun to watch!

The D’ettes competition season starts in December, and as they begin to intensify their practices and become more competitive, their season is going to end up being exhilarating! The team is ready and prepared to work harder and harder to get to the top!

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The Davis High lady darts soccer stunned as the Lancers ruin their perfect season

On Thursday, the Davis High girls’ soccer team took on the Layton High soccer team. The Lancers put up two goals, one in each half. The game took place at Angel Street Park in Kaysville Utah.

Lead by the Davis’ scoring usual stellar ability, they struggled against the Lancers. Taylor Huffman, a senior on the team, shared her thoughts after the game.

“The game was very frustrating in all aspects, both the Layton team and the refereeing.”

The race for 6A region 1 title is starting heat up with only two region games left. With their lose to the Lancers the Darts have to win one of their last 2 games to clinch the region. If Davis doesn’t, then the Lancers could steal the region right out from under the Darts.

The most noticeable thing during the game was the absence of head coach, Soulyvanh Phongsavath. According to team reports, “He is on vacation this week but will be back next week.”

The assistant coach stepped in as interim coach for the time being. Phongsavath will return next week in hopes to finish the season strong.

Leading the way for the Darts is the head coach and his hardware proves it. The domination of Soulyvanh Phongsavath has been felt throughout Utah since 2014.

Soulyvanh Phongsavath, “Souli” known by his player and students, is the head coach for both the girl’s and boys’ soccer team at Davis High School. In his time at Davis High school, he has won 2 region championships with boys and 4 region championships with the girls. He also won 4 state championships with the girls and won 0 state championships with the boys.

The lady darts are ranked 3rd in the state and look to defend their title as the playoffs approach. Davis looks to go to its 3rd straight state championship game appearance. Phongsavath is no stranger to the big game, if they go all the way it will be his 6th appearance in the last 8 years with the lady darts.

Lizzy Oldham, a senior on the team is still excited for the rest of the team. “This team is really good and we capable of beating anyone.”

Nevertheless, the lady darts look to bounce back going to the final week of region play and make a deep playoff run.

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Davis Volleyball comes in clutch with the win

The Davis volleyball team went up against Weber Tuesday after school and completely dominated. They played the best 3 out of 5 sets and Davis shut down Weber on the first 3 sets. With the final tip from Brynlee Bush, Davis won the game!

The 3rd set was so intense. For a lot of the set Weber and Davis were neck and neck. Many players made incredible hits including Brynlee Bush, Loryn Helgeson, and Aubrey Nielson. Throughout the game you could tell that the team became more and more focused on their end goal, taking the win.

Keeping the intense air, there were communication problems from both teams and outstanding blocks. I thought there were so many close calls between plays but in the end being on the edge of your seat through every play was exciting and exhilarating. Each hit took a compelling amount of skill and focus for each player on the court.

“We definitely played better as a team and had better focus on the court.” Coach Mckay Barker said.

As the set went on the scoreboard became a ticking time bomb. One point after the other after the other; getting more and more intense. Taking all the time needed for a last play, Davis came in clutch with a 26-24 set win! I couldn’t have had more adrenaline pumping through my body even from the bleachers.

“I felt we could totally beat them.” said confident Loryn Helgeson, Middle Blocker, after the game.

Loryn was in for most of the game and killed it. She did amazing! Block after block and hit after hit she was deemed an important asset for the Davis volleyball team. Talking to her after the game was so fun and seeing her outside the intensity of the game was amazing. She is so sweet.

Although Davis won the game there are always things the team could work on.

“I’m always happy with a win, but there are still some areas where we could do better.” Coach Barker and Loryn Helgeson both agree.

The volleyball team killed it! With improvement and hopefully many more wins in the future for the Davis High volleyball team, this season looks like it’s going to continue to be a great one!

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The first ever battle in rivalry cross-town war set for kickoff on Friday @ 7

The Davis Darts are set to play the Farmington Phoenix this week for the first time ever. Kickoff is scheduled to kick off in Farmington on Friday at 7. After the Phoenix opened their doors in 2019, Davis School District has kept the two school apart as much as possible in athletic matches.


“I’m not nervous at all, the team has shown some strong mental health, I mean composure in the final minutes of the game.” Sophomore quarterback Jackson Stevens


The two teams had been in different classifications with Davis being in 6A and Farmington being in 5A until this year the school district moved Farmington up into 6A and into the same region as Davis.


The schools have met in other sports, but this will be there first matchup. It set to be a good one with both teams locked at 4-3. There will be lots of bragging rights with the first win.


Davis High looks to take the lead early, with 3 of their last 4 games determined by the last playoff the game.


The Darts have struggled with injury this season losing: Mason Rigby, Rhett Rice, Easton Baggett, and Lucas Baird. All of these injuries ended these players season short. The only player that has returned is Baggett and he was playing limited reps last week.


“We’ve had some crucial injuries, but we are a program where everyone is challenging for spots. The backup guys are getting well prepared by getting snaps and were able to step up when the time came.” Head Coach Scott Peery


Senior linebacker, Caden Swapp had a few words about the injuries. “The underclass has done really well at stepping up and continue to make plays and help fill the voids of injuries. George Drakos and Cam Wilson especially have done a really good job filling these roles on defense.”


“We are super exciting, there is lots at stake, friendship, bragging rights, and pride. I have a saying, “Act like every game is the biggest game of the year.” Well, we’re here the biggest challenge for our guys.”


The dubbed “Backyard Battle” continues to heat up as the week progresses both teams wanting the first win in what will become a big rivalry.

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Davis stuns Syracuse in a contest that came down to the final play

The Darts lined up for their final snap of regulation with less than 2 seconds on the clock, game tied at 20. Being near mid field, the entire arena was preparing for an overtime duel that would decide the game.

Nobody expected this to be the last play of the game. Davis’ sophomore quarterback Jackson Stevens calls for the snap and drops back. Dodges a sack and airs the ball out high in the air towards the end zone.

Nobody can accurately recall what happened next. Multiple Davis and Syracuse players all went up for the jump ball. Nobody knew who came down with it or if anyone came down with it at all. With the entire crowd holding their breath, the referee put both his arms in the air signaling a touchdown.

The arena erupted in excitement. Parents cheered as everyone on the Davis sideline rushed to the endzone to celebrate. Shortly after the initial celebration, the team was joined by the student body. Being the homecoming game, there was extra people in attendance which made the celebration even more exciting.

Davis receiver Ty Hoagland was credited with the touchdown in the stat book, but Max Painter seemed to have the ball in his hands after the play. When asked about the play from his perspective, Painter said:

“I saw everyone jump for the ball and it seemed to be sitting in everyone’s hands for a second, so I grabbed it and pulled it down.”

Whereas Hoagland said:

“I went up and caught the ball but as I was falling down or maybe I was already down I’m not really sure, someone stripped it from me. I couldn’t tell if it was our team or theirs at first but once I realized Max had it I jumped on him and started celebrating.”

Either way the play resulted in a Davis touchdown and a huge win over a good Syracuse team. Davis jumped out to an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter after a Dakoda Kempthorne run and a Gage Butler field goal. By halftime the score was 17-3 and looking very good for the Darts.

However, Syracuse was not about to roll over like many were thinking. Coming out of halftime they ran back the opening kickoff, forced Davis to punt, then drove the field resulting in a 42-yard field goal making the score 17-13 with 7:25 left in the 3rd quarter.

After another Syracuse touchdown and a Davis field goal, the score was tied at 20 heading into the 4th quarter. The period was back and forth, staying tied the entire time. Thus, until the 40 yard heave from Stevens that gave the Darts the win.

Coming into the contest Davis (3-3) was 2-3 on the year. This win against Syracuse (4-2) should provide the confidence needed to compete for the top spot in a region where it’s free game. The biggest games of the darts season are ahead of them with one of them being an away game at Fremont this Friday.

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Davis stuns Syracuse in a contest that came down to the final play

The Darts lined up for their final snap of regulation with less than 2 seconds on the clock, game tied at 20. Being near mid field, the entire arena was preparing for an overtime duel that would decide the game.

Nobody expected this to be the last play of the game. Davis’ sophomore quarterback Jackson Stevens calls for the snap and drops back. Dodges a sack and airs the ball out high in the air towards the end zone.

Nobody can accurately recall what happened next. Multiple Davis and Syracuse players all went up for the jump ball. Nobody knew who came down with it or if anyone came down with it at all. With the entire crowd holding their breath, the referee put both his arms in the air signaling a touchdown.

The arena erupted in excitement. Parents cheered as everyone on the Davis sideline rushed to the endzone to celebrate. Shortly after the initial celebration, the team was joined by the student body. Being the homecoming game, there was extra people in attendance which made the celebration even more exciting.

Davis receiver Ty Hoagland was credited with the touchdown in the stat book, but Max Painter seemed to have the ball in his hands after the play. When asked about the play from his perspective, Painter said:

“I saw everyone jump for the ball and it seemed to be sitting in everyone’s hands for a second, so I grabbed it and pulled it down.”

Whereas Hoagland said:

“I went up and caught the ball but as I was falling down or maybe I was already down I’m not really sure, someone stripped it from me. I couldn’t tell if it was our team or theirs at first but once I realized Max had it I jumped on him and started celebrating.”

Either way the play resulted in a Davis touchdown and a huge win over a good Syracuse team.

Davis jumped out to an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter after a Dakoda Kempthorne run and a Gage Butler field goal. By halftime the score was 17-3 and looking very good for the Darts.

However, Syracuse was not about to roll over like many were thinking. Coming out of halftime they ran back the opening kickoff, forced Davis to punt, then drove the field resulting in a 42-yard field goal making the score 17-13 with 7:25 left in the 3rd quarter.

After another Syracuse touchdown and a Davis field goal, the score was tied at 20 heading into the 4th quarter. The period was back and forth, staying tied the entire time. Thus, until the 40 yard heave from Stevens that gave the Darts the win.

Coming into the contest Davis (3-3) was 2-3 on the year. This win against Syracuse (4-2) should provide the confidence needed to compete for the top spot in a region where it’s free game. The biggest games of the darts season are ahead of them with one of them being an away game at Fremont this Friday.

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Davis Lacrosse summary

Davis high’s lacrosse team saw a lot of success this year with an 89% win rate and they took region.

Davis high boys lacrosse took first in the 6A region 1 with an undefeated 14 and 0 record.

Overall Davis High boy’s record for the 20-21 season was 16-2, giving them an 89% win rate for the season.

Davis’s boy team had a 7-0 record on the road and a 9-2 record at home.

Davis’s boy’s lacrosse team’s biggest win this year was a 20-0 win against their rival Layton high school. It’s also nice to beat Layton especially when it’s a blowout like this one.

When Davis High lacrosse player and SBO Perry Sundstrom was asked about his favorite moment in the lacrosse season he said

” When we beat Layton by 20″ he also said, ” Layton team sucks”.

This season Davis Highs boys lacrosse roster had 39 players, 20 of whom were seniors, so this might affect the team next year because they will be losing over half of their total team.

Davis High school also has a girls lacrosse team that did very well this year as well with an 82% win rate.

“Lacrosse is fun to watch,” explains Jared Clark.

The girl’s team also took first in their region this year, their record in the region was 13-1 and their overall record was 14-3 great job Davis high girls lacrosse.

Just like the boy’s team, the girls were also 7-0 on the road looks like Davis takes care of business on the road, and their home record was 7-3.

lacrosse is a fairly new sport in the high school scene yet it is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sports in high school and Davis is sure glad to have a team for both the boys and the girls at our school. We hope Davis lacrosse can perform just as well or even better next year.





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2021 NBA playoff standings

The national basketball league will head into the 2021 season playoffs on May 22nd. Some teams secured their spot early on and others are still battling it out.

The western conference had the Utah Jazz finish in the number one seed followed by the Suns in 2nd, the Denver Nuggets, Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, and the Portland Trail Blazers. The Lakers are playing the Warriors for the seventh seed while Memphis Grizzlies are playing the Spurs for the 8th seed and a potential spot to play the Utah Jazz.

The play in games take place tonight the 19th. The Lakers play the Warriors and the winner will move on to play the Suns. The loser will play the winner of the Grizzlies and the Spurs game to compete for a last chance and play the 1-seed Utah Jazz.

The east is a similar story. It shows the 76ers in the top spot followed by the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat in the last secured 6th seed.

The Celtics faced off against the Washington Wizards for a the 7th seed and Boston blew them away securing their spot against the Brooklyn Nets as the 7th seed. The Pacers now play the Hornets. Winner will compete against the Wizards in a match to play the east 1-seed 76ers.

It has been a long year with Covid, but it seems that things are finally getting back to normal and that includes a good NBA playoff set. People are looking forward to some good matches and a return to a more normal time.

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Utah Jazz claim best record in the NBA

Sunday’s matchup against the Sacramento Kings was a must-win for the Utah Jazz. E’Twaun Moore of the Phoenix Suns put pressure on Utah with his game-winning shot against the San Antonio Spurs. If the Jazz had lost to the Kings, it would have secured the Suns the No. 1 seed and Utah the 2.

The Kings played the game with one of their starters, so the Jazz could have easily stenciled in a win which would seal the deal as the best record in the NBA. Many know, though, that teams are never promised a win since so much can happen during a game.

Wins are not guaranteed in the NBA, so Quin Snyder knew he could not mess up. The Jazz was able to stick with their game plan and lock the No. 1 seed right now. They routed the Sacramento Kings by a final score of 121-99 and were able to secure a home-court advantage in the playoffs with their win.

Utah Jazz fans and players were crossing their fingers that the San Antonio Spurs would triumph over the Phoenix Suns. With the Suns’ narrow win, the Jazz knew their mindset would have to be on beating Sacramento. That mindset would push Utah over the edge to victory.

This is the first time in franchise history that the Utah Jazz has had sole possession of the best record. Utah in the past has attained the No. 1 seed in the West, but not acquired the best record in the league. The Jazz finished best in the West during the 1996-97 season and the 1997-98 season as well. This is a huge accolade for Salt Lake City.

The Jazz can bask in the moment, as they should, but at the same time, they will be preparing for the Playoffs. A big part of this preparation is getting Donovan Mitchell back. Mitchell, unfortunately, missed the last 16 games of the season due to an ankle injury. Quin Snyder is crossing his fingers that his superstar will be as close to 100% healthy as possible.

Utah will face the No. 8 seed in the West in the first round of the playoffs. The Jazz’s opponent will be determined when the Play-In Tournament concludes. The Jazz will either match up against the Los Angeles Lakers or the Golden State Warriors. Early predictions sway in the favor of Golden State.

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Why I’m not qualified to write sports stories

Not gonna lie, I don’t love writing sports stories. Of all the categories, it is definitely my least favorite. Instead of talking about actual sports, I’m gonna talk about why I am not the one who should be writing sports stories.

First off, I’m new to this school. I moved here during the summer of last year, right before starting my senior year. Most kids here have attended since sophomore year and thus know the ropes a bit more than I do. I honestly have no idea what’s going on at school most of the time. I barely know what’s happening in my classes, so how can you expect me to be familiar with the sports that I’m not involved in? No, sir!

Secondly, this year is actually my first time attending public school ever. Why is this relevant? I have no clue how school sports work. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about Davis football or track or any other school sport. Sounds like a lame excuse, and it kind of is. But still, I feel totally unprepared to write about something that I don’t know about.

I’ve also never been on a school sports team or had any siblings or friends on the sports team. I literally have zero experience or exposure to school sports. The little experience I have playing sports has been in clubs, which is a different dynamic for sure.

And I don’t know anyone on the teams. I could not tell you the name of a single athlete at this school. How am I supposed to interview someone about sports if I don’t even know anyone? Add that on top of my significant lack of knowledge regarding how any sport actually works, and we’ve got a recipe for an embarrassing disaster. I wish to spare us all the pain of witnessing such a debacle.

I also have no interest in school sports at this point. There are only two more weeks of school left for me. I have “Senioritis” something awful, and the apathy is taking over. How can I write about something that I don’t care about? My indifference would show through and make a terrible article. I don’t want to do a disservice to the people who put in so much effort into their teams’ success. They deserve better than that.

Okay, have I excused myself from writing sports stories yet? Do I have enough evidence to support my claim? If not, that’s a rip. Regardless of whether you think I should be let off the hook, here’s my sports story article; take it or leave it, this is all I have to offer. Shoutout to all the kids who are actually involved in sports—you rock!

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Soccer Senior Night

The Davis High Soccer team faced the Syracuse Titans on Monday night for Davis’s senior night.

The game was a huge success, ending in a win for the Darts with a score of 2-1.

This was a big game for both Davis and Syracuse because whoever won would secure 2nd place in our region.

Because it was senior night, we recognized our four senior players Simon Jenson, Wyatt Sanders, Stephen Seelos, and Jacob Veater.

A junior at Davis High, Jerick Sparrow, scored both the goals for Davis.

The highlight of the game was during the second half. Syracuse scored, tying up the score to 1-1 and in the very next play, Davis scored. It wasn’t even ten seconds after Syracuse’s score!

“When Jerick scored that second goal for us, it was so exciting and we all ran up to celebrate our soon to be victory.” says Talon Meyer, a sophomore on the team.

There were lots of fans who came to support the team and that really motivated the players to do their absolute best.

“We had a bigger crowd that really hyped us up and got us ready for the win. People posted on social media and it was super fun to have so many people there supporting us.” says Meyer.

There were a lot of soccer players from other teams in the crowd who were waiting with anticipation to see who would win the intense game.

As the team is heading into the playoffs it’s important for Davis students to support our team more than ever before.

The energy was high and after our victory everyone ran down to congratulate the team on their spectacular win.

“The game was perfect, this was the win we needed” says Meyer.

This win was the perfect step to push the team into playoffs, now as the 2nd place team in our region.

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The first week of Davis High boys tennis.

The week of March 14-20 was the first week of matches for the Davis High tennis team. The Davis tennis team played 3 matches and went 1-2.

The tennis team beat West 3 to 2 on Tuesday and lost to Olympus (Monday) and Bountiful (Thursday) both by a score of 1 to 4.

How a tennis match works is there are 5 varsity matches played. Each varsity match counts towards your team score, so winning 3 of the 5 varsity matches will get you an overall win.

The 5 varsity matches include 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches. The best singles players on each team play each other and the best doubles teams play each other as well as second best singles against each other and so forth.

McKay Cook, one of the tennis players, he said. “We sucked the first match. Coach got after us and we came out and beat West. However, the day after the big win we lost again.” In response to a question about how the first week of tennis matches went.

The tennis team is getting better, and they are working hard to improve their game. McKay Cook said, “We have a lot of things to work on like, winners in singles and doubles strategy.” But undoubtedly, the tennis team is working hard in practice to become great behind the great leadership of head tennis coach Lexi Frey.

The tennis team practices hard every day to prepare for their matches, and as the defending region champs the Davis High tennis team has a large target on their backs. They will have some good competition for the Region 1 title this year, and they may have some potential for some state tournament victories.

The tennis team is off for spring break but they have a match the week after so you can catch some Davis boys tennis then.

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Davis High’s Ladies Lacrosse

Davis high school debuted their first official season this year and it is safe to say the ladies team is doing amazing. With an undefeated season so far, the women’s team leads their division and is currently 8th in Utah.

I had the opportunity to talk to a few of the key players on the team to catch their opinions on how they think their season is going, and it was awesome to hear what they had to say. I asked the captains what were some of the challenges with being the first women’s lacrosse team here at Davis, and Freshman Captain replied with, “I think getting the same recognition as the boys do is the hardest part. We work just as hard and in a lot of cases, even harder than the boys team, but we do not get the same credit.” States Tallulah Raser. Since the women’s team is so new it is hard getting the recognition they deserve, but it will only improve from here.

Another question that was brung up while I was interviewing the players was what was the captains main goals and what are they doing to motivate their players to get to where they want to be. Sam Wilkes; a senior, replied, “Our main goal is trusting each other and improving everyday on and off the field. As a captain I try and stay as positive as I can to help my team strive to be better.” They continue to say how they think they are projected to win region and do great in the deep playoffs.

If Davis continues on their path of success they will do great things for their team this season, and take home a well deserved championship. Winning and proving themselves will be huge for their team with kicking off their program this year!


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Journalists’ most loathed topic, sports

It is no surprise that many journalists at Davis High have a favorite subject to write about, but what is less well known is that many journalists have a single subject that they hate writing about the most: sports.

Journalists each week are assigned a topic to write about based on the categories that you see on this website and it is up to them to find a topic to write about. They are the let loose to write the story and interview people relevant to the story.

The most widely loathed topic to be assigned is Davis High sports.

“It is absolutely the worst subject to write about.”

said a journalist who proceeded to go into a rant when asked about if sports was their least favorite subject.

“I just don’t care, I hate Davis High sports and have no interest in sports in general. Why the heck would you waste your time?”

said the same journalist fired up about sports.

Many others shared the same sentiment, if a little less extreme.

“I enjoy sports in general, but writing about Davis sports is my least favorite topic.”

Calmly explained another journalist.

This was a common comment on the journalism team. Many of them liked sports in general but found writing about Davis sports boring.

“I just don’t care, there is not a lot going on.”

Explained another journalist.

It seems that the vast majority of journalists are fine with sports, but do not like writing about them.

“I understand your interest in the sport if you play on a Davis High team, but for everyone else it is kind of hard to relate to”

Said a journalist when asked about their final remarks on sports.

Covid-19 has also decreased interest in Davis Sports because now many sports tournaments that previously would have been held are now cancelled, meaning not a lot is going on in the Davis sports world.

In the end it is up to the audience on what is popular or not, and sports will continue to stay a category, even if loathed, for many years to come.

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She’s a runner, she’s a track star…

Whether it’s the 200m, 400m, hurdles or pole vault, there is no denying that track is an insane sport, encompassing some of the most impressive and top tier athletes around. Running is hard work, so anyone who can do it even half decently is a skilled athlete with insane control over their body and mind.

With State around the bend, and regions coming up even sooner this is how the Davis High Track team is preparing to place big.

“We are seeded really good this year; not that other years weren’t, but we are doing really well.” says senior Shelby Steele about upcoming meets.

The team is having everyone try events to score points more consistently as well as fine-tuning techniques to improve speed in each event, Parker Sagers, senior and captain on the team, explained giving a look into the team’s strategy going into upcoming meets.

“We have region coming up soon- I think we have a chance at it so there’s a lot of prep with finding the balance between hard work to get faster and staying healthy. Injuries are always a challenge, so finding that balance is important.” Melodee Waddoups on some challenges.

That has never been more true; obviously we want to push ourselves and teammates to do better and be faster, but too much of that and you’ll exhaust yourselves, and are then more injury prone. So in the long run it is more beneficial to find that happy medium: the sweet spot between pushing it to the limit and improving, and getting worn out and injured.

Every athlete faces injuries and has to find a way to push through them. The Davis track team is no exception.

“Some challenges I have faced is injury with shin splints and having to train through it. Lots of ibuprofen for meets and practice have gotten me through it all.” says Parker.

Davis High track athletes put so much time into making our school the best team possible. It’s the little things that prove to be crucial in being successful. The little points here and there that’ll allow us to pull ahead of other teams, and to come through with the win.




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Recreational sports according to Kallie Goodfellow

Kallie Goodfellow, a junior at Davis High School voices her opinions on recreational sports.

Kallie plays both soccer and volleyball as recreational sports. Kallie has been playing rec soccer for 8 years and rec volleyball for 3 years.

“I prefer rec sports to comp, I like to have more time on my hands and rec allows that.” Kallie says on whether she prefers rec or comp sports.

“It has helped me to get to know people, try new things, and live a life full of activities that I enjoy.” says Kallie on the opportunities recreational sports have provided.

“For soccer I hope to improve my endurance. For volleyball I want to improve my strength.” Kallie says on her goals in her sports.

These sports are an opportunity for people to stay active and have fun playing sports they enjoy. Kallie has taken advantage of this opportunity and is participating in her community’s sports.

“I will overcome my obstacles by training and pushing myself to improve as well as getting tips from those who have been playing longer than me.” says Kallie.

Kallie is very determined to do well and have fun in her sports, which shows by her goals to overcome the challenges in her sports.

“I started playing soccer because as a kid it was the sport I got into to get outside and be active. It was something new and different. I started playing volleyball because my mom has always loved volleyball and she introduced it to me and now I have grown a love for it as well.” says Kallie on her beginnings in her sports.

“Volleyball and soccer have become my break from life, a way to relax and just have fun. I have enjoyed learning volleyball and soccer over the years.” says Kallie.

Anyone who is interested in staying active and having fun, look into joining recreational sports.

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Tiger Woods left a gaping hole in our hearts

Augusta National Golf Course has been home to many sweet memories for Tiger Woods. From the surprising triumph in 2019 and the back-to-back wins in ’01 and ’02, this year’s Masters left us grasping for something. That thing was Eldrick Tont Woods.

Tiger Woods, unfortunately, could not participate in the Masters due to his recent injury. On February 23, Tiger Woods crashed his vehicle in Southern California. The incident left Tiger with some serious injuries to his right leg which required him to undergo multiple surgeries. This injury could easily jeopardize his future in the PGA and his future in general.

Tiger has been dominating the stage at the Masters since 1997 when he won it by 12 strokes at the age of 18. That tournament is what launched the most followed golf career. Tiger Woods has managed to change the course of golf from just being a “rich guy” sport to a national phenomenon. The “Tiger Woods effect” is real and still continues to grow.

Many predicted after the 1997 Masters, when 18-year-old Tiger Woods dominated, that he would steamroll Jack Nicklaus’s 18 majors. But we need to remember that there is opposition in everything, so many believed Tiger would never reach that milestone. At the age of 43, Tiger Woods conquered the world at Augusta National and won his fifth Masters tournament. Woods has opened the door again for the discussion for the greatest golfer of all time.

When we watched Tom Brady triumph over Kansas City in the Super Bowl, we realized how much we love an old dog who uses new tricks. Athletes such as Woods and Brady, in terms of sports, are “old dogs” who are managing to beat the “new dogs”. At 45 years old now, Tiger Woods is still managing to compete on high levels. Even though he has not competed this year, some of his performances last year shocked the world.

The Masters Tournament at Augusta National in Georgia did not disappoint this year. Hideki Matsuyama managed to win the tournament, but Tiger Woods stole the show. Even without being there physically, Tiger’s presence was felt. We are all anxiously waiting for that next performance and possibly the next win for Mr. Woods.

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Everything you need to know about boy’s baseball so far!

Baseball season has been underway for the past few weeks and things are looking up for the team, despite a few set backs.

First off, we have boy’s baseball. Their first five games they have gone 3-2. They started off the season hot with a 3-game win streak, but had back-to-back losses to Riverton in their last two games.

The first game was a close win over Bountiful with a final score of 1-0. The first two innings were scoreless, until the third inning when Jake Maw got a hit to score the one and only run. Davis pitched a shutout to put their record to 1-0.

The second game was a high scoring win for the Darts against Woods Cross. The final score was 8-3. The first inning started off with a bang with both sides scoring two runs. Davis got the win with a 4-run inning in the 5th.

The third game was a blowout against the Copper Hills Grizzlies, the final score being 7-0. Mike Wendt had 3 hits with 2 RBI’s on only 4 plate appearances. Davis pitched a shutout to bring our record to 3-0.

In our fourth game of the season, the 3-game win streak came to an end with a heartbreaking loss to Riverton. The final score was 10-1. Riverton came out swinging and Davis could not keep up with Riverton’s offense.

In our latest game, we played Riverton again and, while it was closer than before, but we still ended up with the loss. The final score was 5-2. We held Riverton to less runs, but we just couldn’t get the bats going against Riverton’s pitching.

The boy’s baseball season started off hot with a 3-game win streak, but lost two in a row in back-to-back games against Riverton. If we play like we did at the first of the season, we have nothing but good things to look forward to this season.

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The chaos behind soccer’s new super league

On Sunday April 14th, 12 European soccer clubs announced a new “super league” that would act independent of the UEFA. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham are the clubs announced as founding members. Just after the announcement was made, the soccer community erupted.

Across the world, there are over 4 billion fans that share the love for the sport. After the announcement was made on Sunday it seemed as if the entire community did not approve. Many have said that the clubs involved forgot about the fans. Sport reporting companies such as ESPN wrote articles with headlines titled “Super league is only wanted by a cabal of Europe’s Elite club owners: Fans have been forgotten.”. This seems to be the overall opinion toward the super league announcement.

Put simply, the super league would be the equivalent to the top four teams from each NBA conference breaking off and creating a league in which only they got to play. As you can see, fans would be torn apart and it seems that is what is happening here.

The UEFA and FIFA have made threats, saying that if these clubs go ahead with the league, they could be removed from there current leagues and their players banned from international games. The opinions of most of the individual players on this announcement are unknown, so fans are waiting anxiously to hear their perspectives so that they can gain a full understanding of the issues at hand.

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Player Spotlight: Talon Meyer

Talon Meyer is a fun person to be around, and has an excellent sense of humor. Everyone around him loves him, and no one can deny his talent in soccer.

As a freshman, Talon played for Davis High’s Varsity soccer team, and played the full game. Covid-19 shut down the soccer season, but Talon still made a name for himself in the Davis High soccer world.

Now a sophomore, Talon still plays on the Varsity team. He is grateful for the chance to play soccer this season, even with the covid precautions.

Talon got his start playing soccer when his mom signed him up for rec soccer at a young age. Talon loved the game, and has been playing ever since.

Talon is always getting new soccer gear for Christmas and his birthday, because soccer is what he enjoys. Soccer is his passion.

“My cousin and I hang out all the time and we both play soccer, so we always play together which gives me a lot of my practice.”

Talon is found in the field behind his house all the time, kicking around a soccer ball and taking shots.

“I play on USA, for a team which was ranked 12th in the nation by Gotsoccer.com when I joined” says Talon about his current soccer team.

This is a huge sacrifice for him, because USA is an hour away. Every practice takes about four hours with drive time plus the time spent playing soccer.

This sacrifice shows Talon’s dedication to his sport and his determination in succeeding.

“College soccer would be fun, but I don’t have my heart set on one place.” says Talon on his college plans.

Talon has put hard work, time, and a lot of sweat into his dream, and we will see how it pays off in his bright future ahead.

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What it means for March Madness to be back after an off year

After a year taken away from basketball fans by Covid-19, March Madness is officially happening. The NCAA tournament is arguably the greatest annual sporting event in history, with thousands of basketball and non-basketball fans alike tuning in.

One of the many great things about March Madness that appeals to those who do not watch basketball is filling out brackets. Competing to see who can correctly predict all 63 games is fun in and of itself, but the fact that you need close to no college basketball knowledge to succeed makes it even better. Just take Gregg Nigl, a man who didn’t watch any college basketball but picked close to 50 games in a row correctly in 2019.

“Don’t overthink it,” said Nigl when asked about the keys to a good bracket.

Whether it’s in a family bracket group, or in the overall bracket pool, the person who has none to very little knowledge of basketball always wins. Experts never get their picks right, because the teams that are “supposed to win” never win.

Since March Madness is fun for those who don’t care about basketball, it is something close to heaven for those who thoroughly enjoy basketball. Something about the huge field of teams, the complete randomness of the teams that win, and the fact that games are always happening make March a month of basketball heaven.

“March Madness is super great because there are so many different teams that can make noise and win, which in my opinion is much better than the NBA,” explains Colby Cox, a March Madness fan.

“I love March Madness because of how it takes a great sport and creates a huge sporting event that brings tons of people together and creates a fun, competitive environment that everyone can participate in,” says Silas Williams, a March Madness fan.

“It’s fun to watch all the games because all the games matter. Plus it’s non-stop action,” exclaims Tyler Tynsky, a March Madness fan.

Even if your bracket is consistently busted every year, March Madness will always be something you can enjoy.

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Davis Soccer team in it to win it!

The Davis High boys soccer team officially started last week on Friday in a game against Weber High.

The varsity game ended in a loss with a score of 0-2. The JV game also ended in a loss of 0-2. The game against Roy yesterday ended in a win 3-2. The JV score also ended 3-2. Tomorrows game will be against Northridge High School.

Talon Meyer, a sophomore on the varsity soccer team says that the goal of the team this year is to win region.

“If we put in some hard work we can win” says Talon on whether or not the team can win region.

“Weber is the biggest competition for us this year so that is our biggest obstacle this season.” says Talon on the challenges of this season.

Even faced with challenges, the soccer team is prepared and ready to fight for their victories. Even though the first game against Weber was a loss, this will just push the soccer team harder to improve themselves.

“By putting forth more effort and practicing our formation changes.” Talon says on how the team is going to overcome the challenges of this season.

With this kind of determination the soccer team is going to crush everyone this soccer season!

Talon started playing soccer when he was really young because his mom wanted him to be involved. Talon thought soccer was fun, and has been playing ever since.

Talon says the best part about high school soccer is being able to mess around and have fun with “the boys.” The fun relationships on the team is what will push the team this year to victory.

Although the first game was a loss, the soccer team is still hungry and going to fight to win each game. Good luck on the rest of the season boy’s soccer team!

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Boys Lacrosse

Davis high lacrosse team has had a great season so far. Only 2 weeks in and they are already 3-0, winning by significant margins in each game.

This week, they play Fremont on Tuesday and Clearfield Thursday. The game against Fremont will be a good matchup because just like Davis, they are also 3-0. Clearfield should be an easy win for the boys, as long as they keep playing at their current level, seeing as they are only 2-4.

Erik Hansen, a sophomore on the team, has been playing for just over five years. He does faceoff, which is what starts the game.
It also is what they do every time someone scores a goal rather than just turning the ball over. He played for a club team called Oneida before Davis School District sanctioned lacrosse.

“I love being part of the lacrosse team. It really is one big family, which is my favorite thing about it. I also like being able to be aggressive on the field.” said Erik.

Jon Page, a Senior defender on the lacrosse team, has been playing for nearly ten years and has grown to love lacrosse.

“It’s a brotherhood really. Its different now that it is a sanctioned sport and not a club. We really are one big family.” explained Page.

According to multiple team members, the team has become a family. Much more than it was when it wasn’t sanctioned.
More and more people are starting to get involved and go to games. Lauryn Arnold, a senior at Davis, enjoys going to the games.

“Lacrosse is super fun to watch. Its kind of crazy because its literally like a mix of soccer, football and hockey. It moves really fast pace and it is just such a fun atmosphere.” She says.

Overall, lacrosse is a fun game to watch and Davis high students are all excited to see how far the team goes.

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E-Sports vs Sports which will succeed and which will be left in the dust?

As technology advances in this modern era and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic people are beginning to wonder whether E-sports will overtake sports in the future. Here at Davis High, the issue couldn’t be more dividing.

One argument goes that E-sports is a relatively unknown field that very few people attend and that sporting events like the super bowl will remain the supreme event.

The other argument is that our increasingly technological society will give way to more people watching technology-based sports and videogames(aka E-sports).

Here at Davis, both points of view are shared, unsurprisingly many people who play sports believe that regular sports will be able to continue to surpass e-sports, while people participating in e-sports think the opposite.

“One day it could happen, these E-sports events get millions of vies, more people are becoming interested in E-sports, ” said a student when asked about E-sports overtaking physical sports.

“E-sports will take hold because of technological advancement, especially with us moving more and more into virtual reality,” exclaimed another student who was asked about E-sports overtaking physical sports.

While this society is nowhere near the virtual reality world presented in “Ready Player One”, it could get close with enough technological advancement to cause physical sports to take a backseat to e-sports.

We all know that E-sports were not a thing prior to the 21st century and did not have enough time to grow to the proportion that physical sports have. Because of this, E-sports ultimately taking over regular sports is a whole new reality, and for some a pipe dream.

“No the super bowl will remain more popular. While younger people can relate to both sports and E-sports, older people will continue to only relate to one of the two,” said an athlete here at Davis High.

“No, physical sports will remain the dominant entertainment form,” explained a student when asked whether E-sports would close the gap of participation on sports.

Our first student is quite right, older generations cannot relate to E-sports while younger generations can. This begs the question if 100 years in the future E-sports will be the supreme sport. Surprisingly the E-sports coach at Davis High doesn’t think so.

“I don’t think so, there is a huge presence in kinetic sports…the majority of people do not even know about E-sports”

“E-sports won’t become more popular than regular sports tournaments, but the numbers of people interested will grow,” explained Mr. Stanley, the E-sports coach.

This shows a lack of belief that E-sports will surpass regular sports from the coach of the team which is quite surprising. While the numbers will grow, it will not be enough to upset regular sport’s dominance over the entertainment industry, or so the argument goes.

So, who will take up the mantle of the most popular sport? Will it stay with regular sports, or will we see a shift to E-sports? Only time will tell.



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