Davis beats Viewmont in rivalry game

The Davis High boy’s basketball team climbs the ladder as they dominated against Viewmont on Wednesday, 77-53. With excellent defensive plays and a stellar offense, Davis High continues an excellent run to their season. The team works hard and puts in hours of effort to make themselves the best they can. As they join together and unite their efforts, they battled through and came out on top.

Many players were thrilled to have this win under their belts. It brought much excitement and thrill to the locker room and the team meeting after the game. The crowd stepped it up and brought real team spirit to the bleachers.

“The best part of the game was winning,” stated Dax Pew, Senior.

“We prepared for the game by preparing the same way we did for Viewmont last year.”

Viewmont has been a great contender for the Darts and this year the team’s efforts proved worthwhile. Watching film, running plays and coming together as a team has really helped the team progress and improve in such a short amount of time.

Today, Friday, December 6, Davis goes up against Olympus in another battle for a win. Taking the time to prepare is a crucial element in getting ready for this game. Practice time is valuable time and will give the team another chance to work together and support each other for tonight.

It is also important that the fans make an appearance! Come one come all and see your very own Davis High Darts battle for triumph in this epic battle of the schools. The game begins tonight at 7. Now get ready for the Darts to show Olympus how it’s done!


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Discussing the Upcoming Girl’s Basketball Season

The Davis High girls basketball team was set in stone about a week ago when the coaches posted the final cut on the wall. Many familiar faces return, while a new batch of sophomores have joined in the chase for athletic success. All these girls have worked hard to earn their spots and will try to make the best of it. After interviewing Regan Hansen, one of the returning seniors this year, she provided some insightful information about the upcoming season.

“The team is super good this year because we have a lot of experience.” – Regan Hansen

Hopefully, Davis will live up to Regan’s expectations as last year they racked up 13 wins to 9 losses, and are certainly looking to improve this year.

Davis has a list of team goals to help them improve from their .591 win percentage last year. They have the goals that you would expect them to such as; “stay healthy” and “beat Layton”. But one of their goals is for the team to get above a 3.2 G.P.A. Not only is this goal important to follow because the girls need good grades to stay on the team, but it is also important that Davis has a “student, then athlete” mentality, and this goal helps sustain that.

“I love the girls, they feel like my sisters,” said Regan Hansen when asked why she plays basketball.
Not only do these athletes love and respect the game of basketball, but they also love each other. Regan’s comment is living proof of this as well as the chemistry you can see that they have with each other.

When you walk in the gym during a girls basketball practice you can hear laughter and encouragement. Hearing excitement like this can bring a smile to your face because that is what basketball is all about.

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Kicking off indoor track

Ready, set, *bang*, the gun goes off, you can feel the air fly past you as the crowd screams and you round the last turn in the race. The Davis High Indoor track team has just started the 2019-2020 season and is very excited about what is store.

Indoor track is actually a club not and actually team sanctioned sport. Most of its members belong to the track team and use it as an opportunity to stay in shape and help condition for the upcoming track season this spring. The Indoor track team size varies from season to season. This season’s team size is still being determined but it’s estimated to have anywhere from 50-75 team members.

While not all events are included in Indoor Track they do have some events from each category. In the sprints category, you will see the 60m, 200m, and 400m races. For distance, they have the 800m, 1600m and the 3200m races. The field category includes the high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, and shot put. They also have the 200m relay (4x), 400 (4x), and 800m (4x).

“This season is going to be full of excitement and close races. Davis will represent well as we always do. we have a lot of young athleticism, talent, and potential on this year’s team.” says Devan Gwynn a senior on the track team this year.

Indoor track is just around the corner if you want to join indoor track meet in the commons on November 25th at 2:45, or you can talk to coach Timothy in room 2512.


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Davis High Swim Team’s Region Relays

The Davis High swim team’s meet was Tuesday, November 12th, at Ogden High school. Davis High was competing against Weber, Roy, Layton, Fremont, Syracuse, Northridge, and Clearfield. The meet consisted of 14 events: 200 yard Medley, 250 yard free, 400 yard IM, 200 yard free, 400 yard medley, 8 by 25 yard free, 4 by 200 yard free, 200 yard butterfly, 200 yard backstroke, 200 yard breaststroke, 400 yard free, 8 by 25 mixed medley, 8 by 25 mixed kick, and finally 8 by 25 t-shirt which is just for the seniors.

The Davis High swim team was consistent with the support they gave their teammates while they raced. There were many people cheering on each other and getting together and bonding over their love for the sport.

“It’s just fun to be with friends and to compete with other schools. We had a ton of fun, and it made it even better when we won, I really appreciate my teammates and I love the environment I’m in when I am with them.” stated Brayden Littlefield a junior at Davis.

The Davis High swim team is very thankful for the coaches: Coach Kitt, varsity coach, Coach Jesse, intermediate, and Coach Tayleigh the beginner or first year swimmers coach.

“I like how they always encourage us to do better and they are proud of us when we do better.” said Holly Witherspoon a senior at Davis.

In the end of the meet girls and boys both placed first with 186 points for girls and boys with 174 points, which is very impressive. Davis dominated and out of the 11 scoring relays Davis girls placed 1st 8 times and 2nd 3 times, with Weber trailing behind with 144. The boys placed 1st 7 times, 2nd 3 times, and 3rd 1 time. Syracuse came in 2nd with 132. In conclusion, Davis did really well in this meet and will continue to perform to their best abilities.


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Boys Basketball tryouts and preview

The audience is on their feet, as the players dribble the ball down the court. As the clock ticks down, the ball is thrown and arcs perfectly into the hoop. The crowd goes wild as the buzzer goes off and rushes onto the court. The excitement that courses through the air at a basketball game is contagious.

As the basketball season approaches, it is now time to get a sneak peek at how Davis High’s boys basketball team will do. The boy’s team did extremely well last year and they have a lot to live up to this year. Last year the team took second in region and made it to semifinals during state. It will be a season to remember.

The Darts will return with some Varsity experience. They will look to their returning starters Trevan Leonhardt and Jake Sampson. Leonhardt started point guard last year averaging 9.8 points per game and 4.7 assists per game. And shooting sensation Jake Sampson who led the state with a 3 point percentage with a shocking 50%.

Tryouts were on November 11 and November 12. During tryouts they did defensive work, drills, and ran a lot to increase their endurance. As you can see from the tryout results, there is a ton of skilled players. We can expect many wins from this team.

The team puts in a lot of hard work and sacrifices a lot of their time for practice. They practice every day of the week, except Sundays.

Dax Pew, a senior on the team,  gave his input for the upcoming season.

“We have a really good chance at region and making a run at state.” he says.

” We all want to win the state championship.” he says when asked what their ultimate goal is this season.

The first game of the season is on November 26, 2019 against Bountiful high school. Come and support the boy’s basketball team at their first game!

The following athletes made the boy’s basketball team for 2019-2020: Trevan Leonhardt, Spencer Vernon, Nick Fisher, Sam Heath, Dylan Perrenoud, Dax Pew, Jax Pierce, Cameron Swapp, Jack Sampson, Ben Haggard, Austin Frasure, Spencer Ferguson, Chance Trujillo, Brock Sheehan, Rex Sunderland, Colby Sims, Tate Garff, Henry Ihrig, Sawyer Cottrell, Cole Mullen, Caden Swapp, Dallin Draper, Beck Jacobs, Alex Fisher, Crew Frost, Colby Whicker, Kaden Eggett, Mitch Jeppessen, and Isaac van Drimmelen.

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Are you ready for this years basketball team?

Davis High school boys basketball tryouts are coming and who knows what this team will be capable of with this coming season we have new sophomores who could make it and make the team who they are and seniors now who were juniors last year.

To be on the basketball team you have to have at least a 2.5 GPA and dedicate yourself and a lot of your time, because you don’t get a lot of free time with practice and games always going on and then the classes you have homework in.

Davis high boys basketball tryouts were held Monday, November 11th. The coach for the Davis high basketball team is Chad Sims, He has been the basketball coach for 5 years here at Davis High School.

“To be on the basketball team, you need to be able to make the shots you shoot and know the game of basketball.” – Chad Sims

in an interview with coach Sims he stated, “I love being the coach, I like the relationship I have with everyone who is on the team and can not wait to see who gets on this year’s team.”

Jake Sampson has been on the Davis basketball team since his sophomore year. When asked about his experience on the team Sampson stated, “For me personally, being on the team is really cool but it is crazy. There is always stuff going on with the team and my personal life.”

We hope to see the boys play well and communicate well as a team, and hope they put hard work into there games and practices to make this team the best it can be. If you want to support the team go to their basketball games get rowdy, cheer loud and enjoy the game, every student matters and always remember to #BRINGTHEMOB

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Davis High swim meet at Box Elder

The Davis High swim meet took 2nd place in both boys and girls divisions at Box Elder High School on Saturday, November 2, 2019. The teams: Box Elder, Weber, Riverton, Ridgeline,Uintah, Morgan, and of course Davis High, competed that morning. Swimming as a sport has been around for centuries now since the early 1800’s. Competitive swimming started in Britain in 1830, mostly using breaststroke.  Swimming has encouraged all to push themselves harder physically and mentally. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

“I love swim because I have a lot of friends on the team, it’s fun to do, and it’s good exercise,” says sophomore Shandrey Allman.

Lauren Hall got the award for Best of Meet for Girls. The boys’ 200 and 400 relay also had a new record set aswell.

The team trained hard five days a week after school to get their well-deserved placement in the meet. We also talked to the swim captain, Kyle Lortz, for his opinion,

“My thoughts were how Davis did their best. I did notice that there were a group of swimmers at the edge of the pool cheering on their fellow darts. It wasn’t just one or two swimmers, but nine to ten. They were always being supportive. I was glad on how our team broke two records and one swimmer getting MVP. We may not have won the meet, but we  won for ourselves. We accomplished something beyond just an individual swimmer, but a family.”

Davis High School has a great swim team this season, with alot of young talent and hear. There is no doubt there will be more and more records beat, so please come and supportyour fellwo darats at their next meet on Tuesday the 12th in Ogden!

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Girl’s Basketball Preveiw

As the Davis Darts Girls Basketball team approaches their season, they are getting excited for what the teams future holds. Last year the team enjoyed their success that came upon them. They only had one senior on the team, so this year they are working with the previous years team along with new sophomores. They are hoping this season will bring success. They have been working extremely hard this off season by practicing how they communicate as a team.

Phoebe Arnold a Junior is returning for her third season on the Darts team. Reporters were able to catch up with her and ask her a few questions.

“I love having the friendships, the relationships I have with the girls will last a lifetime I’m sure of.” and she also talked about something else, “Competing is also another one of my favorite things, it gets my adrenaline going and makes me so excited. I love when I win.”

This year the team is trying to acquire more sophomores and younger girls, so that the team can me more developed by the time the seniors and juniors graduate. If girls will join the team it will give them a really good experience to get friendships for the rest of your life.

“It is so beneficial to help us stay in shape, we try to keep deeply conditioned so we can perform the best of our ability.” Pheobe replied when asked about a benefit from being on the team.

The girls on the team spend about two hours every day at practice during the season. During the week they have two games.

We wish the best of luck to all the girls on the basketball team this year. We hope to see them accomplish the goals they have set and develop their skills. Tell them good luck and to keep up the good work if you pass by them in the hall.

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Girls Volleyball: State tournament

This week our girls’ volleyball team is competing in the 6A state volleyball tournament. Our girls’ team has absolutely dominated this year with a total record of 18-9 on the year and a very good region record of 9-5 currently placing us at 4th in our region. We have won our last 4 games straight in the sets of those games we are 12-1. Three of our games have been region play the last one being against Cyprus in the state tournament.

On November 5th we had our first state tournament game and dominated Cyprus high in the first round winning all three sets with scores of 25-11, 25-6, and another set win of 25-6. This advanced our girls volleyball team into the next round of the playoffs where we are set to face off against American Fork.

American fork is 16-12 overall, and 5-5 in their region play. This game gives Davis High a chance to get some revenge against the cavemen after the girls’ soccer state championship loss. Statistically, these teams are very even. It should be a very competitive match as the whole season is riding on this one game.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity,” stated Liv Argyle. “We have worked very hard to get to where we are now.”

Davis high has been preparing all season for this game.

“Davis has had very tough competition this year, but I believe it will only help in the state tournament when we are in a close or tough game,” said Liv Argyle when asked about going further in the state tournament, and how the season has prepared them for this game.

The next girls’ volleyball game is tomorrow at 5pm they will be playing the American Fork cavemen at UVU. Make sure to go support the team!

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The 2019 Mountain bike season comes to a close

The mountain bike season comes to a close right before the bitter cold front hit. The last race at the Wasatch Invitational was exciting and action packed and truely a sight to be seen. Davis placed 11th in state and Corner Canyon snagged the first place position.

Some of the top bikers at state were Colton Desmond, Kennedy Taintor, Ethan Call, Liam Peel, and Taylor Whitely. William Brown is somebody to look out for and will definitly place high in some of next years races, also look out for Sam Liffereth and Blake Jacobsen

Reporters spoke with Ethan Call and asked him a few question about how it was like to bike for davis and being a senior on the team. He took 34th in state racing as a varsity biker.

“Biking for davis wasn’t just a hobbie but fun, it felt super satisfying and fulfilling. It was also very sad since it was my last race. I was bummed but happy at the same time.”

The moutain biking team didn’t do as well as they wanted to but they are excited for next year and are aiming to improve their ranking with last years young talent!



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Davis High Swim Team: Preview

The Davis High swim team has had an impressive reputation for the past few years. There are some lightning fast swimmers on the team, and they just keep getting faster! As the new season begins, we are hoping to see some big wins from their upcoming meets.

The swim team started their practices at the beginning of October. This Saturday, November 2, the Davis swim team will travel to the Box Elder Invitational at Box Elder High School. This is their first meet of the season and they are expecting to see many people win first place.

Last year, the swim team set many new records, which was only possible through their teamwork and hard practice. Lauryn Hall, a sophomore on the swim team, said that the swim team’s greatest accomplishment was “winning region or setting new records.”

“Our boy’s team is super solid and they have a really good chance at getting first at region,” Lauryn said when asked how she thinks the swim team will do this season. Together, the team hopes to set more records and place first many times throughout this upcoming season.

Even though they practice hard, they have fun as a team and bond together. Lauryn talked about how much she loves the community and the people that come to support the team. “Everyone is so nice and welcoming.”

The Davis swim team has also set up many goals for the season. “We hope to have quite a few people get first at state and to win the region meet.” The Davis swim team will be one to watch!

As the swim team prepares for their first meet of the season, let’s all show some school pride. Go watch and support them at their first meet of the season at the Box Elder Invitational. They have a promising season ahead of them!

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Cross Country: Region

Photo cred: Brooklynn Crowley

“Bang!” The gun goes off. The fun begins.The meet was intense with the Boys varsity race. The Davis High Cross Country team didn’t have anyone from Davis High pass the finish line until Hunter Kitchen in 4th place with a time of 15 minutes and 40.2 seconds. The next four people after him were also from Davis. Evidence of their prowess. The Darts may not have gotten first but the effort put fourth was outstanding.

As the rule goes, ladies first, Girls varsity began and only the first person to cross was from Davis high school. Hope Preston with a phenomenal time of 18 minutes and 7.9 seconds. The next Davis High girls varsity member was Kenedy Maudsley in 5th place with a time of 18 minutes and 49.9 seconds.

“It is really nice to have support whenever you do a sport – Seeing people out there cheering for you is like a mind set type thingy and it’s really nice to come out here and support.” Explained Winston Mi; Junior

It’s 3.1 miles and the first 3 people to cross the finish line were Lily Prisbrey with a time of 20 minutes and 54.8 seconds, Lauryn Hall with a time of 21 minutes and 18.7 seconds, and Laine Blaser with a time of 21 minutes and 33.1 seconds.

Following girls JV was the Boys JV team. They not only held the top 3 places but the top 4. First to cross the victory line was Luke wilde with a time of 16 minutes and 47.4 seconds, second was Colin Major with a time of 16 minutes and 47.4 seconds, third was Liam Baird with a time of 17 minutes and 6 seconds, and fourth was Josh Eldredge with a time of 17 minutes and 16.5 seconds.

“It’s just such a fun sport cause we get to go out and run with each other every day and we are all really close on the team – we get to be such good friends on and off the course.” – Luke Wilde; Senior

“I love cross Country because it’s one of those sports that people overlook and when they actually do it they are like oh crap, this is hard – cross country runners are the strongest of people.” Stated a member of the team.

It’s quite clear by going to a meet that the Head Coach Paul Timothy has done an excellent job creating a cohesive atmosphere for the team to compete.

“Competing and running with your friends makes it a lot more fun” As stated by one of the sophomores on the team.

“They are great student athletes who represent our school and our community extremely well.” The perfect quote from Principal Greg Wilkey.


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Girl’s Soccer Game Review

The most important victory is a region victory. The Darts girls soccer proved that true in their victory over Fremont. The Darts won a 2-0 in an epic battle of defensive play and offensive runs creating many scoring opportunities.

The defense was key in pulling Davis through to the win.

“The defense did really well talking things out to play out of pressure and cover for one another. Just doing our part to mark up and stay on our man no matter what.” said Jaqui Tidwell, Senior.

The team has great cohesion as they work together and blend each individual’s talent and abilities. They rely on one another to communicate and interact well with each other.

The second half is where things kicked off. 2 goals were scored quickly and emphatically.

“Offense made some beautiful runs which created many scoring opportunities for us.” Jaqui Tidwell stated.

The key to making a team run smoothly is unity. Friendship and understanding one another makes it easier to trust one another as you play, as well as in and out of games and practice. You desire to protect and defend one another throughout the season.

“The friendship that we have with each other makes it easier to play and win for one another.”

The soccer team continues to work with one another and strive for success with each other on their side. The Darts continue with high hopes going into the State Tournament.

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Davis High Football Preview: The Road to State

Yes! Less than two weeks ago we were sitting in 80 degree watching the Darts play on Fridays. And with the snap of Thanos’s fingers we are at the bitter and frigid end of the Darts unique road to their first state playoff game.

The Darts football team has had its ups, downs, highs and lows but we have overall been very successful. There have been many big and exciting moments from the season. One of the highlights from the season was when peter Stevenson caught a pass over the middle against crosstown rival The Viewmont Vikings and broke two tackles and scored a 50+ yard touchdown. Additionally it’s easy to recall  David Spjut’s punt return for a touchdown which was the first score of the game and really helped get some momentum going. Moreover, Davis played Northridge and Clearfield back to back they were both blowout wins with scores of 44-14 and 48-14. Quite a resume of wins for the Darts.

Another standout this year has been the performance of the junior Quarterback Chance Trujillo was this year’s starter over 9 games he had 107 completions with a 56% completion rating to go along with 1,437 passing yards and 12 touchdowns with a quarterback rating of 93.3 which is very impressive. The leading receiver was Peter Stevenson he led the team with receiving yards with 871 yards receiving and 7 receiving touchdowns he absolutely dominated.

The Darts look to host the Westlake Thunder. A team from one of the most dominant regions in the state.

“It’s a really fun challenge to be honest. They’ve played some tough opponents and their record certainly doesn’t match their ability.” Stated Davis’s star running back Carston Christensen.

This has been a very remarkable year from a dog running on the field and our game being mentioned on SportsCenter to our mob yelling and throwing tortillas, but it is not over yet on Friday the 25th The Darts play Westlake in their first state playoff game going into this game we are 4-5 and Westlake is 2-7 it is a home game at 4 this will be a very good game and have very high stakes whoever loses this game there season will be over and one will advance this will be a competitive game that will make a very big difference going forward not only for this seasons.

“I feel really confident in our team coming if this bye week. Our guys are healthy and our gameplan is sound. Should be alot of fun.” Added Christensen.

The Darts kickoff tomorrow at Davis High School at 4:00. Expect a packed crowd for what is predicted to be the most competitive of the first round as the number 15 and 16 seed face off.

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Girls Soccer semifinals

Yesterday our lady darts played hard and upset their opponent, number one ranked Pleasant Grove. It was a close game with a score of 1-0 scored by Reagan Nuenswander. The team will advance to the finals and play American fork at Rio Tinto Staduim this friday! The game is at 11:00 and will have bus for students that would like to attend. But students will have to be checked out to attend since the game is during school hours.

Reports caught up with Reagan and she was kind enough to answer a few a questions about the game.

When asked what the team did well,

“We played hard through out the whole game.” She replied

We also asked what the team could have done better,

“we need to focus a little more on our communication.” She replied

You can be sure that this game be exciting and action packed, so don’t forget to grab your jacket on the way out the door. Cheer loud and come support your Davis Darts!

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Davis High Football loses to Fremont 34-10

Friday, October 11, 2019

In their last regular-season game, Davis High football fell to Fremont High 34-10 on a freezing and disappointing night in the middle of nowhere. The game was played at Fremont High at 7 PM in plain city UT.

The darts struggled to move the ball on offense, and only managed to put 3 points on the board in the first half, and scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Despite having marginally similar stats to Fremont, they had a difficult time executing in the red zone. They also turned the ball over multiple times.

On defense, the main struggle for Davis was the secondary. Fremont threw many deep passes over the defensive backs of Davis and moved the ball fairly easily. The darts also struggled with tackling, and both the QB and RB of Fremont had many yards after contact.

As far as attendance goes, Davis High had a pretty good turnout. Despite the fact that it was an away game, freezing cold, and this particular opponent is located way out in the farms west of Ogden, the Davis student section (mob) was still a decent size. In fact, there seemed to be more students there than the previous game at Weber High. They broke tradition, however, by abandoning the “farmer” theme usually displayed against Fremont (since they’re all farmers), and instead, the theme was a “ski-out”. This proved to be the better option since the ski clothes the students were wearing were far more comfortable for the low temperatures that night. The mob proved that they are still the best fans in the district.


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Can the golf team swing state this year?

The Davis High golf team went undefeated besides one match last year, can they pull it off this year? Davis was undefeated heading into state but took second at the state tournament. Davis has been working hard to be able to live up to last year’s performance by practicing 5 days a week for 2-3 hours. The whole team practices together putting or hitting the range.

Bradley Yu a valuable member of the team with an 18-hole average of 75 said:

“We have a solid team with depth, so the lineup changes a bunch.”

Last season Boys Golf finished 2nd at State after being undefeated. Lone Peak won with a score of 564 with Davis coming in second with 591. Jack Sargent and Preston Wallace had the best scores with 145 and 144 respectively. Bradley Yu also states:

“Spencer Vernon and Trev Leonhardt are solid players on and off the court.”

The golf season starts in the spring and there are high hopes for the team. The team hopes to take state again this year as they did back in 2017. With confidence and practice, Davis can take state this year.

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The Wild Women of the Davis High Soccer Team

The Davis High girl’s soccer team is a powerful bad-A force that cannot be contained within the white spray painted lines of the soccer field. When they’re not kicking grass during an action packed game, they’re spending their day training and preparing their bods to destroy the other cowardly adolescent girls who’s soccer skills can’t even compare.

The deep question I must find the answer to is how do they become united enough as a team family to work together and wreck all the other teams? In the seventeen games they’ve played, varsity has won thirteen and only lost two. Annie Haycock said the secret to this magic is “team bonding and lots of hard work.” Their soccer practice is held for two hours three days a week. Multiple sources have concluded that Sully is a very intense coach who uses tactics such as yelling very loud, and aggressive lecturing to whip the team into shape. Could his anger be the key to their success?

The teams biggest rival is Layton, whom they defeated this season! Annie said what makes someone a great soccer player is “lots of sneaky footwork”. Her favorite thing about being a part of the team is the friendships she’s made. This year the team had a sleepover at a cabin in Park City and spent the day at Jordanelle to get to know each other and bond.

According to Annie the funniest experience the team had this season was when Jackie Tidwell kicked the ball and accidentally hit her in the head and knocked her over. Annie also loves how competitive the games get because it motivates her to become a better athlete. On average they have at least one girl get injured every game. This season alone they’ve had someone get a concussion and a goalie that popped her hip out. That is some dedication! Annie feels like all her hard work and commitment is worth it every time she scores a goal and hears her team cheering her on!

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Davis XC Region: Can They Continue the Winning Streak?

This upcoming Wednesday, Davis High’s Cross Country team will be competing for region along with seven other schools. Davis will be defending the tradition at Layton park, which is right across the street from our bitter rivals. It has been around ten years since Davis hasn’t advanced, so the pressure will be on for them to continue their dominance.

A lot of the students that go to Davis High are running in Cross Country, and every week they talk about all of their positive running experiences. Each week you can hear their excited and nervous comments, but the hype has never been as real as it is now.

“It’s one of our last races. We have state in two and a half weeks and NXR in November, so it’s like my last chance to PR (personal record),” commented Colby Cox, cross country workhorse.

For many kids like Colby, it will be a final attempt at a personal record, and a last chance to make an impact with their team. Hopefully these kids do make a impact, continue the dominance of Davis High Cross Country, and defend the tradition.

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Davis high football preview: Davis vs. Freemont

Davis High Football Preview

Davis Vs. Fremont

This week the Davis Darts play the Fremont Silver wolves, going into this game both the Darts and Silver wolves have an overall record of 4-4 and are 4-2 in region play. This is also the last regular season game for both teams, it will make a big difference for the postseason for both teams. Both teams have the same records, so this will affect the seeding heading into the playoffs greatly. Both teams will make the playoffs due to the new rule instated this year that every team gets a playoff game, but your record affects your seeding. It is an away game for Davis. Last year Davis played Fremont for their homecoming game and lost 21-14 it was a very competitive game last year and that competitiveness should carry over into this game and be a competitive game once again.

Both teams are very good and have playmakers at their skill positions, but what will come down to who wins this game is who can win at the line of scrimmage. Who can open run lanes and dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, it will be very cold so running will be very important, although the skill positions are important for this game especially when it comes to securing the ball winning at the line of scrimmage will ultimately decide the fate of the game.

This will be a very good game and make a big difference for not only seeding but momentum heading into the post-season, everyone remember to go and support and go darts!



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Pass, Set, Hit: Davis High Volleyball

Davis High girls volleyball has been doing really well this season. They practice all the time and are doing everything they can to finish off the season with a bang. The team has practices almost everyday, and they work really hard to be where they are. They are ranked 9th in region, and 26th in state.

Last week, they took a loss to Fremont, but recovered with a win against Weber. The Fremont game was close, and they only lost each game by a couple points. They did really well in the Weber game beating them 25-22 in the first game, 25-15, and 25-20 in the last game. This week they played Northridge, which was a tough loss, but they did their best and only lost by a few points.

The team has been bonding and working together to be the best that they can be; when asked about times she felt a lot of team spirit Senior Madi Rushton said:

“The Fremont game was really close, and the whole team was really encouraging”

The team has a lot of new sophomores this year. One of them, Hannah Goodfellow,  said:

“I have loved it so far because the juniors and seniors have been really nice and have helped improve my skill level”

To get ready for the game next week, they are practicing hard and watching videos of previous games to know what to be prepared for. The game at home against Syracuse is Tuesday at 3:30, make sure to go and cheer Davis on!



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Davis High Cheer: the schools biggest supporters

The cheer team is one of the most important teams here at Davis HighWithout them cheering on our teams and supporting the school at almost every activity, the school wouldn’t be the same. 

The team last year was very positive, and it led them to an amazing season.

Senior Kaycee Barlow said

“This season should be pretty similar to last year, it is still a really positive team, everyone gets along, and it is a fun environment.”  

With only a couple competitions scheduled for the season, they won’t be competing as much, which means they will be at more games, but this doesn’t stop them from practicing all the time. They practice twice a week after school, and sometimes come in the mornings. 

When asked about what she’s excited about this season, Kaycee said she’s looking forward to

“getting closer with all the girls and helping our school with school spirit and activities”.   

The cheerleaders do so much for our school, and they work so hard to be as good as they are. It is clear they care about what they do. It’s important that we give them just as much support as they give us, so make sure to help them cheer on Davis agames this year!

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2019-20 Cross Country

The 2019-2020 Davis High Cross Country team is a very dedicated and motivated team. The team works very hard and practices multiple times during the week after school.

Mr. Timothy, a coach for the cross country team, said, ” My favorite thing about it is pushing yourself physically, doing things you didn’t think was possible, achieving goals, and staying fit.”

Another student athlete on the team, Griffon Karras,  says he has been running since freshman year and  loves it because he gets to run with his friends.When asked what the team was working on, Lily Prisbey said, “We are working on mental toughness and working together as a team. Our team motto this year is ‘puntos’ which means together.” Lily Prisbey’s least favorite thing about cross country is, “the amount of time it takes up; it is time consuming.”

With regions approaching on October 9th, the team’s goal for regions is, “Boys being region state champs, and girls being top three,” says Coach Timothy.

The team together has been working hard on their practices, setting goals, challenging themselves, prevailing, and there is no doubt that they will perform to the best of their abilities with all of their hard work they put into it.

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Homecoming Review/Weber Preview

This past week the Davis Darts played their homecoming game against the Syracuse Titans. Davis lost with a score of 38-6. Bridger Hamblin, the quarter back for the Syracuse Titans, was a fearless player in the game against the Darts. He was practically the entire offense for the Titans, he truly was a Titan on the field. He had 149 yards in the air and 165 yards on the ground.

The MOB was a big part of what made the game memorable. The student section really was, “MOB DEEP!” The game was a, “gold-out,” and the students really brought school spirit from chants and cheers to tortillas and water flying through the air. The intensity and energy of the MOB truly does make or break the football games at Davis High because even though we lost, the MOB makes it a good game and a good turn-out for all in attendance.

This upcoming week, the Darts will be playing against the Warriors of Weber. Weber has an overall ranking of 5-2 with 4-1 in Region and Davis has an overall ranking of 4-3 also with 4-1 in Region. This week’s game is an away game for the Davis Darts, and the student section will be decked out in, “pink-out,” attire in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Davis will need to work on their defense to win this week’s game and qualify for play-offs. Good Luck this week Davis!

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Golf Birdies through the Season

The Davis High golf team has done it again, winning region and representing Davis well. The golf team has been tearing it up all season and punching their ticket into state.

The team got very high hopes for state after breezing through region play but fell just short to Lone Peak in State. After the first day it was anyone’s game. Davis was just six strokes behind the leader in Lone Peak. Unfortunately Davis took second falling twenty seven strokes behind Lone peak after the second day.

Jack Sargent is one of the best golfers in the state and showed it at the tournament. He was just four strokes out of having the best score in the whole tournament. As a Junior the sky is the limit.

“I feel like state went okay, none of us played our best but we played well enough to take 2nd,” Sargent stated.

The team did very well for not playing their best. Sargent has a whole other year as he is a junior this year. He told me what he thought they needed to do to get better for next year:

“I feel like if we continue to practice and become closer as a team we will be better on the course and more motivated to do well for our teammates.”

Sargent really enjoyed this season and was happy with being able to achieve some of the goals he set and making a run at state is always a great experience.

Sargent is a much better golfer than our beloved teacher Mr. Frey. He destroyed Frey the one time they played and Frey even contemplated quitting golf.

The golf team has been on the rise for the past two seasons and we are very excited to see where they end up next season.



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Homecoming Preview

This past week the Davis Darts played their Football game against Roy High School. This was the Homecoming game for Roy which brought a good energy to the game. Davis won the game with a score of 34-20. The game was a “neon-out” for the student section and even though our student section was small in numbers the game was full of school spirit and energy. Special shout out to the students who made it out to support the Darts.

This week the Darts are playing their Homecoming game against the Syracuse Titans. The Darts are leading in region and Syracuse is the main contender against Davis for Region Champions. Spencer Ferguson, touched on the fact that, the players need to clean up their mistakes and focus on the game in front of them. He also expressed that the game this week against Syracuse is going to be a tough one, but that if, “we want it more, we will win.”

The Homecoming Game will also feature Senior Night for the senior football players. This will also be the last home game of the Dart’s Season. This night allows the senior players to be recognized for all their hard work and accomplishments in their high school football careers. These seniors are recognized by announcing the players before kick-off and walking across the field with their parents.

This is going to be a game full of energy and excitement for the players, students, and parents. This week’s game will be a, “gold out” game for the student section to share their school spirit and support the Davis Darts. The MOB is a crucial part of the Davis High Experience because of the hype and intensity they bring to each game. Let’s bring that energy to this week’s game and continue to do so in the future season, toward Region Champs.




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Girls tennis takes region!

The girl’s tennis team took first place at region this past Thursday, September 26, and to say they were excited is an understatement.

“They were so ecstatic. They were euphoric. We had a five minute team hug,” reported Lexi Turley, head tennis coach.

The girls worked hard leading up to this. The only changes they made were with their doubles teams, ended up taking home a region title for both of their doubles teams. Other than that, it was all about practice, practice, practice. They had a great preseason, which carried over into region.

While tennis is an individual sport, the girls have great team moral. They support and cheer each other on through thick and thin, and, at they end of the day, they know they’ll always be friends.

“They are great team players. It’s an individual sport, and we win or lose as a team. They always play team. They have high energy, and their work ethic is unbelievable.”

Right now, they’re getting ready for state, and things are looking good for them.

“We are just focusing in on small changes. For the most part we’re building off of a season full of work. Now is not the time to make many changes. We’re just going to go in with a lot of energy and a lot of belief in each other.”

State is this Thursday and Saturday at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, so be sure to come out and support the fierce tennis team!

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Davis high Girls Soccer team Presses onward to make it to finals

This year the Davis high girls’ soccer team is striving to make it to the finals. Davis High School is known for its success in sports and playing under pressure.

The trick for the team winning their soccer games and having fun playing is, the teamwork and relationships the team has; the Davis high Girls soccer team has a connection like no other team and bond like they have known each other for years.

When I talked to the team captain Reagan Neuenswander, she stated that the Davis High girls’ soccer team won their last soccer game which was Tuesday September 24, and we played Clearfield Davis won 3 to 0. The teams overall record is 6-2-3 but the team thinks they can pick it up and hopefully take it to finals.When I asked Neuenswander what the team can work on, she said

“We could improve finishing the ball when we get opportunities.”

When I asked how the team did last year compared to how they are doing this year, Neuenswander said,

“This team has more talent and more potential than last year’s team did, and she thinks they will make it to finals.”

The next girls soccer game will be this Thursday, October 3rd. Make sure to come and support your lady darts! #MOBDEEP

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Girls Volleyball

This week the Davis Darts Volleyball team will be playing Syracuse onTuesday, September 17, 2019 and Clearfield on Thursday, September 19,2019 both are home games. The Darts have a record of 10-5 and have had agreat season thus far.I had the opportunity to get insider info from Davis’s own LizDewsnup, who is a senior on the Dart’s varsity team this season. Sheexpressed to me her concerns and aspirations for this season and theupcoming game this week. She expressed that team work and separatingdrama from games is the most important component to a winning season.Once the girls are able to let go of what happened at other games and focuson what is right in front of them and cheer each other success can beachieved.


At the game against Syracuse, Davis lost with a score of 3-1 overall.Davis won the second match and lost the other three. They were able toexecute and apply teamwork to their game, but could have brought a bettergame to add another win to the season. At the game against Clearfield, Davis won their match with a score of 3-0. They were able to achieve this win by working together as a team and focusing on the game. Let’s continue to bring that kind of game to the rest of the Dart’s Volleyball Season.

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Davis High girls’ soccer team fights to keep the dynasty alive

Its no secret that the Davis High girls’ soccer team has been a force to reckon with in the past, winning a handful of state championships and even being nationally ranked at number one and winning the national championship.
But the real topic is if they can keep their hunger for winning alive this year. Student-Athlete Ruth wright said that the girls’ soccer team started off strong with a few consecutive wins and were looking good but the last few games they have struggled a little bit more in region.
“We have a really tough region this year and everyone is competing.” Stated Ruth.
In 2019 UHSAA decided to introduce a new playoff system this year using RPI from the state rather than using top teams from each region it really shakes up the competition and provides everyone with a chance at a State Title.
The teams overall record is 5-2-2 but the girls are confident that they can pick it up and finish off the season well and grab a strong seed in the playoffs.
Aside from the team’s success on the field they also succeed in the relationships they make as teammates off the field. This Chemistry has been developing for some of them for over three years.
’We get along really well and all love being together and having fun.” Stated Ruth.
All in all, this soccer team is a tough bunch of girls and excited to play and is force to reckon with when everything is executed.

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Volleyball Team has been Spiking it this Year

The Volleyball team is really stepping it up this year with a record of 10-5 overall so far,
compared to their 7-13 overall post-season record last year. They’re looking to take the win against
Syracuse this Tuesday September 17 at Davis High.
After interviewing Keri Morrell on the Volleyball team, we got some good insight about our girls
repping brown and gold. When asked about her thoughts on how this season will be different from last
year she said.
“I think this season will be different because we’ve all been playing together even longer so we
are more in tune with how everyone naturally plays which makes it easier.”
It looks like the team is going to do good this season but there is always room for improvement.
Keri said.
“The team could make improvements on their serves and placements. We’ve been working very
hard at practice to improve.”
So far this year the girls have had a lot of success and have gotten a lot better since try outs.
Curious of who Keri thinks the most valuable players are, we asked what her opinion was. She said,
“It’s difficult to have an MVP when there are so many different positions, our defense is pretty
good compared to most schools, but our best setter would be Madi Rushton along with the best hitters
Katie Corelli and Liv Watts.”
The Volleyball team should be able to make it to the playoffs and make a run at state. Don’t
forget to come support our girls at their next game. #bringthemob

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How par has the Davis high boys golf team gone this year

This year the boys golf team is looking to add another region championship to the trophy case. Some of the key components will be there top players including Preston Wallace, jack Sargent, McKay cook.

McKay Cook one of the top players on the Davis high school golf team and he had a few things to say about what they could work on going into this year. In reference to their performance Cook said that he leads very well but he doesn’t finish as well as he would want to, he also said the team can work on are there finishes.

When asked about what they execute well and things he likes about playing golf. Cook said:

“The thing I do the best is I can hit the ball pretty dang straight”

Cook went on to say that the team leads very well also. McKay also said that he likes to go and play away more than playing at home because he gets to play on different golf courses.

At the last boys golf game at Syracuse we won, and Jack Sargent played the best. We are still undefeated this season. If you want to watch the next boys golf game, you can catch them Monday the 16th playing against Roy playing at Roy.

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Peter Stevenson on track to shatter the previous receiving yard record

Peter Stevenson a senior graduating in 2020, is a captain on the 2019 football team. It is anticipated that he will beat the record of receiving yards that was set previously last year by Trey Baggett. The darts have taken on four teams so far this season, Stevenson has 463 yards so far, Baggett had 735 yards for the entire season last year. If Stevenson stays on track keeping his average amount of yards per game, he is going to beat the record.

Stevenson’s has really enjoyed being a senior and a captain this year.  “I really like making an impact on the players.” Stevenson tells reporters. Many of the younger players look up to him as a role model. He loves that atmosphere of being on a football team, being around friends, and FNL. That is what he is going to miss most about playing on the high school football team.

As the Darts take on the Royals this weekend, Stevenson claims that something they could improve on is not letting mistakes get to there head and being able to start of the game stronger. Before the game he will be an encouragement to the team.

When preparing to take on the team on Friday he will prepare for the game in a few ways. He usually gets taped first and then jams out to music. “It helps me not think as much and chill out.” Stevenson says. Right before the game he likes to say a prayer.

After graduation Stevenson plans on serving an LDS mission, then when returning he hopes that he will get to participate and play football at a college level.

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Layton Rival Preview

Davis vs Layton the biggest rivalry game of the year! This week’s Football Game on Friday, September 13, against the Layton Lancers, the
biggest rival of the Davis Darts. The game that gets students, parents,
players, and patrons riled up and brings the most school spirit. This week’s
game is a, “white-out,” so bring your school spirit with neon clothes and
glow sticks! Kick-off is at 7:00 p.m. at Layton High School. The first away
game for the Davis Darts and the end of a four-home game streak.
Davis had a great game last week against Clearfield, which resulted in
a defensive shut out with a score of 48-0! The Dart’s Defense set the school
record of five interceptions in a single game as well as, Kyle Roberts, the
wide receiver and defensive back, for the Darts, set a school record of 2
pick-sixes in a single game. During the second half of the game the Varsity
team was able to sit out of the game and were able to allow the JV team to
play the entire second half of the game. This was an awesome opportunity
for the JV players to experience, as part of their season this year. Davis
kicks Region off with a strong 2-0, as they prepare for the Layton Game.
The Lancers have a record of 1-3 overall and the Darts have a record
of 2-2 overall. The Darts are averaging 192 receiving yards with 52 yards on
the ground. They need to improve on their rushing game to ensure a
winning game against the Lancers. Carston Christensen, the running back
and linebacker for the Darts, says, “It’s going to be a tough game and it
won’t be as easy as the last two games, but if we execute we will win.” An
optimistic and encouraging statement from one of the Dart’s phenomenal
players! The season has been full of spirit and energy from both the student
body and the players. Let’s bring this same energy to our game against the
Lancers and add another Win to our season.

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Davis high baseball is out of here

As all spring sports have come to an end, the High school baseball season has been a good one. This is the second year for our new coach, and a good one for him. The baseball team did well, with many wins and many losses, some losses worse than others, and some wins that stood out.

The team did well enough to tie in region, along side of Fremont, who, though swept us, lost to many teams that we beat. Being in first, even in a tie, is much better than being in second. With sweeping Northridge, and beating a team by over 10 points, what they did this year was impressive.

Working in sync lead them to winning so much this year, and every time they won, the way they worked together improved. When they acted for themselves, to prove themselves, and to impress the crowd, they didn’t do well at all. But as they grew closer, they got better,and each win they had lead to them becoming much closer, improving their chemistry together.

Though in our region they did very well, in state they did not. Going only a few games and being beat out disappointed them.

Recalling on the rest of the season, Heston told me “it was a good one, and I’m glad I was there for it”. Many other of the players feel the exact same way.

With the year coming to an end, baseball, and many other sports, had a great season. But as Davis high does, we’ll defend the tradition, and keep winning.

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Boys tennis team: The best tennis team in years

Davis High School’s boys tennis team just came out with a major win. The tennis team got first in region after six years. They were predicted to get third place but then got first. They beat out Fremont and Layton high, which were predicted to first and second. We are so proud of our tennis team especially since we haven’t gotten first place in six years.

The boys tennis team has state this weekend on the seventeenth and eighteenth. The team right now is working on self improvement and to focus on what makes them a good player instead of trying to match the other teams players styles. The schools they are looking out for are Lone Peak High and some Salt Lake schools. The Davis High tennis team hasn’t had a top finish in state in a while, but with our first place at region we are expecting great things at the state tournament.

Danny Zlothick said, “The team was so excited about our win at region and I am really looking forward to state.”

At the state tournament there are about twenty other schools that are competing. The team is hoping to place top five this year. There are different events and different levels to every event if they players win then they get points for their team. We wish our boys tennis the best of luck at their tournament this weekend.

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Darts Softball

It’s almost the end of the school year which means the softball state tournament is here. The softball team here at Davis has had a great season. With the school year coming to an end, the Darts softball team, who took 3rd in region, heads to state.

The way the tournament works for softball is the tournament is all double elimination. This means you can lose once and still go on to win the whole thing. However, once you lose once it is a lot tougher as you are working your way up from the loser’s bracket, but it is possible to win it all.

Davis has already played 2 state tournament games. The first game they faced off against Herriman, but lost.  Then they played American Fork and won pretty easily. So the Darts are still alive and look to keep moving forward in the state tournament.

The Darts will face off against the Pleasant Grove Vikings next Tuesday. This should be a great match up, good luck to the softball team as they continue to battle for state in the state tournament.

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Boys Soccer First Round of the Playoffs

This year the Davis High Boys Soccer team exceeded predictions for the season, ending with a region trophy and a first seed spot in the state tournament. Behind Davis, ended Layton with a second seed, Weber ended with a third seed, and Clearfield weaseled their way into the tournament with a fourth seed. As the tournament began, the Darts were matched up against Riverton.

Even though Riverton had not ended their season with the best record, the Dart’s knew from previous experience that anything could happen in the playoffs. With some motivation from head coach Souli Phongsavath, the Dart’s stepped onto the field with a winning mentality.

As the game began the Dart’s kicked off, and sent that ball down into the left corner of the field, deflecting off a defender and going out for a throw in for the brown and gold. Captain Kaden Chino proceeded to throw the ball in, finding midfielder Zach Kennedy, who flicked the ball across the box and was finished by other captain Tyson Bailey. With a goal scored for the Darts within the first minute of the game, the Dart’s grew confident but not satisfied.

A few minutes passed as the defense won the ball and found captain Tyson Bailey for a counter attack. Tyson Bailey went on to attack Riverton’s defense creating space for midfielder Colby Cook. As Colby Cook made the run onto the through ball, he took a few extra touches and noticed the keeper leaning to far near post. Colby Cook then seized his opportunity and found the side of the far post netting, ending the first 15 min with a 2-0 lead.

“After we scored in the first minute of the game I knew we were not going to let down. Then i scored about 12 minutes into the first half and I was confident we would win the game. Everybody was playing super hard and it was a blast to play with the boys and win our first playoff game.” said Colby Cook.

The Darts went on to finish the half 2-0 after keeper Noah Larkin made a spectacular save while defending against a corner kick. After that the Dart’s started the second half and held their 2-0 lead. Everyone did their job, the forwards put pressure on the defense, the midfield battled for the ball, and the defense denied Riverton of any chances. Putting the Dart’s into the next round, who they will play Granger.

So far the rest of region 1 has done well in the tournament. Layton beat Taylorsville 2-0. The Weber Warriors beat Herriman 3-1 and Clearfield lost to Copper Hills 2-1. The Dart’s play this Friday, May 17 at Davis High.



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Davis High Track Team

The Davis High track team has gone through the good, the bad, and the unexpected this season. From having one of the smallest teams they’ve ever had to getting brand new coaches, the team has become closer than ever this year.

After the end of the summer competitions, the track team was met by tons of new challenges. However, they overcame these obstacles and are now qualifying for region and state.

Since the track has two seasons, indoor and outdoor, there are lots of opportunities for growth and success. With the regional competition coming up and state not far behind, the team is working extra hard to achieve region champs.

The track team is also unusually small, which was a major difference from past years. Being on a small team does have perks, but it does also come with a lot of challenges. The team has grown closer and become successful by not letting these setbacks ruin their overall performance.

Miranda Baird, a member of the track team who specializes in pole vaulting, says, “I’ve never seen a team come closer together than that.”

In preparations for the region and hopefully state competitions coming up, success is not just a dream but a reality for one of the biggest and most prevalent teams at Davis High School.



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Girls golf destroys at region

Davis high’s girls golf team is known for our amazing golfers and our consistent wins. The girls golf team has gone undefeated so far this year. They won their region tournament last weekend. The team is confident that they will continue to do well at future tournaments. Our girls golf team has continued to impress us this year, and we are so excited they are region champions.

They have put many hours of practice for golf. The team would work hard after school at practice most days a week since the season started. The golf team’s hard work has obviously paid off since they won region. They have been working really hard at practice an according to the girls on the team they have been working especially hard the days before the region tournament. Their win is no surprise but it is still a great win for the team. This region tournament is one that the team was very excited about and very proud of their win.

We are so proud of the Davis High golf team. The girls always amaze us and keep impressing the school every year. We have high hopes for them at state May 13th. We wish them the best of luck and hope they do well!





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Do injuries ruin sports?

Sports are, and will always be, a major part of the world we live in. Kids live their whole childhood dreaming of playing their sport under the big lights and reaping all the rewards that sports can offer. Sports can change a persons life in a drastic way, not just physically, but socially and mentally as well. In many sports, injuries can be not only likely, but inevitable. Many people may even argue that the cons in sports outweigh the pros.

Kids and teens have been actively participating in sports for decades even with the knowledge of possible injuries. Trace Dunn and KO Fisher were both members of the Davis High Football team for all three years of high school. Trace suffered 11 shoulder dislocations in his last year of Wrestling and Football, and KO tore both ACLs in his time with the Football and Basketball team. Both players were asked, “If you knew about all the injuries you’d have in high school beforehand, would you still play?”

Trace Dunn answered, “Of course. The doctor told me that I had a 100% chance of dislocating my shoulder again going into my senior year of football. I decided to not tell my parents because I knew they would make me quit and that’s not what I wanted. I wouldn’t have traded the season I had for anything.”

Ko Fisher answered the same question, “Yes I would still play. Sports have been a huge part of my life and has shaped who I am. Even with injuries I have learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.”

These players would both argue that the positives that come from sports outweighs the negative by a lot. KO went on to miss his senior year of football, but recover in time to play his senior basketball season and help the Darts to the State Semifinal game. Injuries can be extremely difficult both physically and mentally, but the players who have to go through it learn so much that helps set them up to go onto life after high school.

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Davis High Boys Soccer, Region Bound?

This last week was definitely one for the Davis High Boys Soccer team. With two significant games secured under their record, the eyes and attention of Region 1 are all on the Dart’s. As the result of the two games, the Dart’s are now tied with Weber High for first place in their region.

Tuesday’s game could have arguably been one of the most important games in the Dart’s season. Against their long time rival Layton High, who was ranked 1st in the state and 5th in the nation, according to Desert News. Players like Tyson Siddoway and Eli Nixon had played significant roles in Region 1, as Nixon leads the region with 11 goals. To most, the Lancers were feared and their undefeated record portrayed them as untouchable.

However as the Dart’s starting 11 lined up on the rainy field and listened to “The Empire” pray for another victory. The Dart’s were unfazed and stood strong, for the Lancers had held the rivalry cup for the past 3 years. Giving the Dart’s the perfect excuse to leave it all on the field and that’s exactly what they did.

From the moment the Lancers kicked the ball off, the tension between the two teams shook throughout the stands. While the first half was a hard fought battle, the Dart’s defense ultimately shutdown Layton’s star forwards. With the defense led by goalkeeper Noah Larkin, who is currently leading 6A in shutouts and has only been scored on twice. With nowhere to run, the Dart’s offense exceeded expectation and closed the game out.

Towards the end of the first half Pedro Silva took advantage of a corner kick and placed the ball on the 18. After the two teams scrambled to win the ball, the ball found Zach Kennedy who finished it in the back of the net. With the half ending with the Dart’s up 1, Souli Phongsavath gathered the team together, and both teams knew the next goal scored would ultimately control the rest of the game.

Knowing what they had to do, that’s exactly what they did. Minutes after the start of the second half, leading scorer for the Dart’s, Josh Harwood led the team on a breakaway and found the keeper off his line, hitting a shot outside the 18 and the ball fell in behind the keeper. Josh Harwood also went on to close the game out with another goal. Taking a free kick and finding the back of the net.

Later that week the Dart’s went on to beat Syracuse for the second time, and finish the week with 6 points. In the last week the Dart’s beat the number one team in 6a, they continue to lead the state in shutouts, and have proven to finish what they started and win trap games. Leading to the question, are the Dart’s bound to win region?

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Davis Soccer Still Rolling

The Davis High soccer team has been putting on an amazing season so far, They have a full record of 8-1-3 and only one region loss. They are tied in first place of Region 1 with the Weber Warriors and have a couple big games coming up as the season winds to a close. The Darts have their goals set high, as Kaden Chino, who is a Captain of the team, said they hope to “Win Region, and compete for a State Championship.”

The season got off to a slower start than the Darts would have liked as they tied their first three games. By the time game 4 came along, they were rolling and have only given up one game since. When asked where this success has come from, Chino explained, “We have a set style of play implemented since day 1 by our coaches, a willingness and desire to defend, and an enjoyment of playing together as a team.” They have made it a priority to build team unity in an effort to play together more naturally.

Davis will be playing against Layton High in their senior night game on May 9th, then begins the UHSAA Playoffs. The 16 teams who make the playoffs will battle until a Winner hosts the trophy at Rio Tinto Stadium. Come support the Darts in their last three games of the season and as they make their run at the State Championship.

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The final battle of the Davis and Clearfield baseball trilogy

Today at 3:30, the baseball team will be facing Clearfield for the third and final time this year. This saga has been one of pride and rivalry, two thirds of a big rivalry.

There are many reasons why this is such a big game. The biggest one being our head coach since last year once coached at today’s rival school. The students that will be playing against us today were some of our very own coaches athletes, though hard for him to beat some of his own team, he will be happy when they do win today.

Not only is the rivalry great, our current ranking in the region is being threatened. We are tied in first with Fremont, but due to our schools competitive nature, being tied isn’t enough. Though being promised we will win today, the possible loss today would place us in a place much worse than being tied. That place is second. Keeping that and the fact that our last two games were losses in mind, this game will be a hard fought for and a very important win.

As previously mentioned, this is our third and final game in the series, and this is for the win. The first game against them did not end well, with a loss of three to zero. When I asked team member, Heston, why they did poorly the first time he told me that:

“We didn’t hit”.

If you aren’t batting well, you wont get on base, and if you aren’t on the bases, you aren’t winning. The second game however, was in our favor. Realizing their problem and working on it lead to a win of five to two.

So all tied up and both teams ready to win, this game is going to be a good one.

Manager Trace told me “that we are gonna kill it” when I asked him how the game is going to go. So with the team very optimistic and ready to battle to win, this game is going a great watch, and a great win for our high school.

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Davis High soccer takes on rival Fremont High

Later today, April 25th, Davis High Soccer takes on a rival, the Fremont Silver-Wolves. The Darts currently have seven wins, one loss, and three tied games. According to Deseret news, Davis High is ranked number one among the 6A high schools in the state of Utah. They were ranked over Pleasant Grove High School who won state last year.

According to senior Max Isaacson, one of the soccer players, the team should perform well against Fremont. He stated,

Good, we beat them last time 2-1 as a new team, and now we are a more experienced team so we should do much better.” 

There is a little bit of contentious rivalry between the two teams. The last time they met on the field, after the game the coaches exchanged antagonistic words with each other. With this resentment between coaches, it should make the upcoming game a dramatic competition.

I would highly endorse that you should go and watch the soccer teams performance against Fremont. It should be a stunning game and hopefully a victorious game for the Darts.

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The Softball team suffered a tough loss to Fremont last Thursday. The Darts fought hard throughout the entire game but came up short 4-0. The softball team is now  3-1 in region. As they near the end of the first round of region games, the team is confident, they know what they need to do in order to progress. They’re prepared to enter the state playoffs in about a month.

“There’s always room for improvement.” says senior Sidney Eyre. “We need to keep working as a team and play off of each other’s strengths in order to be successful.” added senior Maggie Miller.

Last week, the weather was very poor and the team was only able to play one of their games. It is very difficult for spring sports like softball to stay on track with all of their games because the weather here in Utah. Often times the weather does not permit games to be played. This is one of the many obstacles the softball team must face each year, but they always find a way to work through it. The team works hard to make sure that the weather doesn’t get them out of sync with each other and that they’re still able to compete at the highest level they can.

This week, the softball team will be playing Layton and Syracuse. The Layton game is always a challenge for every sport because of the strong rivalry, and this is no different for softball. Syracuse always proves to be a challenge, as well. As the softball team continues to find rhythm, they will be able to find success against these tough teams.

Softball is a very fun sport for spectators and as the weather gets warmer, it is a great after school activity! If you ever find yourself bored after school, come to the softball games!!

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Boys Soccer Vs Clearfield at Davis

With the Boys Soccer Season nearing the half way point, the Davis High Soccer Team went into spring break with their first loss to Weber High. However that did not stop the team from winning their first game back, putting a win and another shutout onto their record.

Clearfield, the team that usually finishes last every year in 6A, had stepped up and emerged victorious against Syracuse and Northridge. Even though both teams lost their first games against the Darts this season, the team knew Clearfield would at least compete and former assistant coach Kennaley would go down swinging.

Beginning the game, the Darts came out and dominated possession across the field. With the midfield and forward putting unrelenting pressure on the Falcon’s defense, they were lucky to get the ball past half field. If they were the Dart’s defense was there to clean it up. After countless pressure the Flacons, eventually were going to make a mistake and pay for it.

The first goal was scored about halfway through the first half after the ball went out for a throw in down by Clearfields 18 yard line. As Captain Kaden Chino threw the ball in, Midfielder Zach Kennedy flicked the ball across the box to the Darts leading scorer, Josh Harwood. Ending the first half strong and putting the Dart’s one goal closer to winning the game.

While the second half started, so did the rain. If you have ever played soccer on grass while its raining you know that the ball skips and slides faster then it normally would, and turf is is even more of a slick canvas for the soccer ball. While the Dart’s battled to put the game away with another goal, time began to tick and the Falcon’s began to scramble.

With 10 min left Clearfield lost the ball and gave Davis the perfect opportunity for a counter attack. As the through ball was played, Cole Anderl ran onto the ball and slid the ball right under the keeper as he dove. At that moment the Falcons knew there was no coming back and the game was over. While the Darts celebrated their win, each player couldn’t keep their next game against Layton out of their heads.


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Davis baseball ready to crush Clearfield

Davis High boys baseball takes on the Clearfield Falcons at Clearfield this week. The Dart’s team is currently doing well with a 10-5 record overall and a 7-1 region record. The Darts have a good chance at winning a championship this year with them being ranked 16th in the whole state.

Trace Lockwood, Davis High School’s student and baseball team manager, is confident that we can beat Clearfield. He says,

“Davis should beat Clearfield by a lot.”

The high school baseball season started in the middle of March and is supposed to end in early May. With this game being the 16th of 25 games in the season, this means that the season is more than half-way over, and the end of the season is almost here.

Davis will have more momentum going forward for the rest of the season, especially for the seniors on the team who will be leaving soon. I would encourage all Davis High Students to go support the baseball team at the remaining games they have, you will not regret it!


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The girls golf team is ready for a spot at the top

For seven years straight, the Davis High girls golf team has gone undefeated against schools across the state. The team works hard to compete against schools across the state and secure a position in the top 5 for state championships. In previous seasons, the team has placed second and third overall at state, but they hope that this state champs will bring them first place.

The golf team has gone undefeated for the seventh season, playing against schools varying from all different parts of the state and school district. The team has been working to become closer and accomplish team goals. With state championships close by, the members of the team are confident in their ability to succeed and take a spot as one of the best teams in Utah.

In the past two years, Davis has taken third and second, but Caylyn Ponich, a member on the golf team, thinks that this year they will take first.

“I think we’ll pull through, our team is pretty stacked,” she commented.

Over the course of the golf season the team has faced several different obstacles, and flourished to become one of the most diligent and successful teams at Davis High.

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Girls’ softball takes the win at region

Two weeks ago our Davis Softball team went down to St. George for Regions and hit the ball out of the park. They won 4 out of their 5 games, continuing their winning streak.

“Right now we are undefeated.” Said Ellie Anderson, player on the team.

The softball coach is Mrs. Zachman, she is in charge of the 20 girls on the team. She also a science teacher here at Davis.

The games were held in St. George, and they played 5 teams. A team from Nevada, Morgan, St. George, and two others. In 2 months the team will continue onto the regions tournament. During this time the team will continue to prepare and practice. A player on the team said they mostly prepare by,

“Mostly mentally, games depend on each other if one of us falls down our team picked us up, it is a team effort.” explained Ellie Anderson.

“I started playing when I was six years old, games get so much more fun the older I get. And the team has become my second family I couldn’t play without them.” Said Ellie Anderson about how much her teammates mean to her.

We are so proud of our girls softball team! Go give them some love and support at their games!


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