Juhee Lee’s Marvelous Music

On April 21 at Syracuse High School, Juhee Lee and the rest of the Orchestra competed at the Regional Orchestra Festival.

Juhee has been dedicated to playing the violin for the last seven years and has reached incredible heights with this talent. Lee can play all different styles of music but her favorite genre to play is classical.

“I really like the environment and how fun the team and teacher is.” Juhee explained when talking about why she has stayed in orchestra for so long. “We can laugh, have a good time, and enjoy the music as a community.”

Juhee claims that now that everyone has been in orchestra for such a long time it easier for everyone to have a good time “We used to just go there because our parents forced their kids to play violins and other instruments. But now it is really fun to be apart of a bigger team and just have a good time.”

Right now Lee is practicing for prestigious solo that she was awarded due to her amazing musicality. In order to get one of these solos, the candidates have to go through a rigorous auditioning process to make sure that they are choosing a participant who has the best abilities.

“There is only three spots available and people who are very ambitious audition for it and I was really lucky to be awarded this opportunity.” While Juhee claims that she was lucky to get the opportunity, the truth is that she was the person that was the most capable for the part.

In order to maintain a non bias opinion on who get a solo, the orchestra teacher Mr. Kochenderfer has the students audition in front of two judges who will determine who is best for the job.

The Orchestra has moved on to the State Orchestra Festival that will take place on May 20-21.

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Greta Svagrova

Who is Greta Svagrova you ask? Well to put it simply she is an absolute queen, a legend, and she is an exotic student from the Czech Republic enrolled here at Davis high. She is a senior and will be graduating here in a couple of weeks.

Svagrova tells us about the major differences in culture between Kaysville Utah and the Czech republic. “Everything is different.” Svagrova says “The language is different and historically different in nature. In the Czech republic there is much more depth in the historical significance and has cooler history than here in Utah. The food is very different and everything in the Czech has a story or a tradition to go along with it. From my experience people seem to be more open minded there and there isn’t a dominant religion. Everyone there is mostly ashiest and here everyone is a Mormon.”

As Svagrova has been adapting to the new cultures of Utah throughout her years, she tells us about what her favorite thing about Davis high school is. “My friends! I love socializing with Americans and having a life.” Svagrova says her favorite class her senior year has been “AP art history with Mrs. wright, Mer is literally so awesome and makes that class so interesting and fun to learn about.”

As Svagrova is wrapping up her high school career. she has had to figure out what she is going to do in her future. Svagrova says “I am going to be an actor. This summer I am moving back to the Czech republic and working on performing an Anne frank documentary till October. Then I am moving to California to become an aspiring actor.”

Svagrova is a track runner, loves to act, dance and sing and is a very multicultural woman and can speak three different languages fluently. She is an icon and has a very bright future waiting ahead.

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The queen herself

Madi Fulks is a super senior at Davis High School. She is a woman of many talents and the definition of an intellectual at its finest.

To start off Fulks has played on the Davis High girls soccer team for the past four years. Her favorite part about being on the team was “the friendships I made and the new people that I got to meet and get close too.”

Not only is Fulks an absolute baller but she is also an offspring of Einstein. Fulks competes on the academic Olympiad team to represent Davis high school. She says “My favorite part about being on the academic Olympiad team is the fact that I get to represent Davis and meet new people that I wouldn’t normally talk too.”

Her favorite class she has at Davis is ceramics. She is one with the ceramic gods and can whip up beautiful pots within the time frame she is given. Fulks is a crafty woman and loves to create things that dwell within her imagination.

As Fulks academic career is excelling at Davis high. She is able to continue this career due to the opportunity she has to attend BYU this fall. Fulks is still unsure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she has many potential paths she could take. Fulks says “I would probably like to be an engineer of some sort.”

With the crazy like miss Fulks has. When asked what she likes to do after school or what she does in her free time she says “I like to play soccer or hang out with my friends. I love to eat candy and gold fish to get the rejuvenation I need after a long day.”

Looking into the future Fulks says “I am excited to go on adventures and travel to cool places when I graduate high school.”

Fulks Is an icon and has so many successes in her high school career. She sure does have a bright future ahead of her and we cant wait to see where life takes her next.

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Officer Criddle: Our amazing school police officer

Every school ever will have one of its own police officers from a nearby police station that comes to the school daily for many safety reasons and to help students.


Davis High School’s most recent officer is Officer Criddle, he has been a police officer serving for Kaysville City, UT for over 13 years and does everything he can do for us!


Such as helping students out with personal problems, fighting bad guys, and protecting Davis High School. He is very respected and loved here at our amazing Davis High.


He decided to become a police officer when he was in the national guard, but while he was away, Officer Criddle’s mother get very sick, he is a very big people person and family man and will do anything for his family.


He came home from the National Guard after hearing about his mother and he didn’t want to leave his family to get deployed far away, yet he still wanted to help others.


So that gave him a reason to become a police officer for Kaysville City, he was close to his family but still got to help others with problems.


It’s very rewarding to really help someone and make a big impact on someone else’s life.” – Officer Criddle


Officer Criddle just wants to make good impacts on other people’s lives. He became a school police officer because he loves kids.


He loves to make a difference in places that need it. Officer Criddle grew up without having much of a father figure, and he understands that other kids have those same issues.


He knows that he’s not the only person with real feelings and who can be hurting inside, so kids with those same problems come to him to understand each other.

The uniform I wear is just a work uniform, it doesn’t describe who I am and my feelings.” – Officer Criddle


One thing to lighten the mood here, Officer Criddle finds it funny when some officers must go to the bathroom, you’ll see them walk in the back door of the station and walk towards the bathroom while taking off all their gear because they can’t go when all of it is on.




Thank you for your service, Officer Criddle.

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The woman the myth the legend

Picture this… your walking through the halls of good old Davis High school, Suddenly the sirens go off and the hallway lights begin to flash. You look around in a state of awe, wondering what is causing this absurd ruckus. You look at the doors only to see an extravagant figure ascend from the outside breeze.  As you take a closer gander your pupils dilate and you realize you are in a once in a lifetime moment, you get a front row seat to see the queen herself, Miss Macie Chamberlain.

Chamberlain is a senior at Davis high school, Her red hair flows through the hallway wind and it is hard to miss her when she passes by.  If Chamberlain could describe herself in one word it would be “Rambunctious”. Chamberlain is a full time student, part time worker, and on top of that she is competing on a competition soccer team along with some Church ball thrown in here and there.

Chamberlain plans to graduate high school with her associates degree. When asked what her life is like in the process of accomplishing this goal she says “It feels like I’m riding a bike through a garden on a beautiful summer day, but the bike is on fire and the garden is on fire and everything is on fire and I’m just going with it, and at the end ill get a framed piece of paper for surviving,”

As she is slowly drowning in a meadow that resembles a melting lava pit of fire , she can slowly see a bright light flash before her eyes and thinks to herself… this is it. Suddenly she hears the voice of her English teacher and realizes the light was just her turning on the projector screen to start class.  Chamberlain tells us what helps her get through her school day with all this stress on her shoulders. “Watching Horton hears a who with Madi Fulks in English and then quoting the movie word for word…also participating in classroom discussions that make my education more meaningful.”

Watching Horton hears a who helps Chamberlain get through her education… and this leads to her fulfilling her future plans and dream career. “I want to go live in a hut in the wilderness with my dog and have a carrot farm but if that doesn’t work out I guess I would want to be an orthodontist.”

After a long day of chamberlain dreaming of owning a carrot farm in the exotic wilderness. She tells us that her favorite thing to do after school is “Take naps” It rejuvenates the mind and helps her get another round of her beauty sleep in before the end of her day.

Chamberlain has such a bright future ahead of her and continues to bless the lives of people everyday just with her presence. To be in Chamberlains radius is such an honor. She is such an Icon and is the definition of a legend.  The woman the myth the legend

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Mr. Scanlon took a deep dive into his career path, experiences and some tips on entering the gave development industry

He wanted to tell stories with art so he originally wanted to be a comic book writer. Toy Story came out and Scanlon changed his career plan. He started to learned about animation, “but,” Scanlon said, “they don’t create enough story. They only design scene by scene, and I wanted to go into more depth.” He turned towards Game Development and went on with that.

He only worked for one company called Avalanche. They originally turned him down, but later they came back for an internship, and he took it. He was working for Avalanche during the development of Disney Infinity. The only reason he didn’t go to a different company was because he had heard horror stories about the high end companies. Scanlon added, “The big two problems in the higher end companies were, and still might be, mismanagement and expecting way more from employees when a lot of the times they were super busy and couldn’t fit things in.”

He worked for Avalanche for 12 years and he only stopped working there because Disney decided that it wasn’t making enough money because they were competing with other games for kids and games like “Call of Duty”. The company got shut down and he stopped working in the industry. Mr. Scanlon still had a plan though. Teaching was something he always saw himself doing one day, so when Avalanche shut down, he started teaching.

He said that something that people who are trying to get into the industry aren’t taught, but they should learn is that most companies in the industry are very, very picky. They require 5 or more years of experience, but it is hard to get 5 years of experience. Mr. Scanlon recommends working on little “projects” to fine tune your knowledge and get those years of experience. He said, “You don’t need to publish the projects. They are just so you can get the experience and reinforce what you already know.” He also recommends that people should learn a couple of the most used languages, like Java or C++. Companies vary in what they use as their main language, so knowing a couple makes you more eligible to more companies.

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Brooke Higley

Brook Higley is a senior at Davis high school. She competes on the Davis Swim team and is very devoted to defend the tradition.

Higley’s favorite part about being on the swim team is the people. There is not a lot of drama and the team has great chemistry. However the dating life within the swim team could say otherwise.

“0% of swim relationships work out”

Higley’s experience with dating life on the swim team has lead to the conclusion that “Dating makes Drama”.

On the other side of things, Higley talked about the competitive environment that the swim team is surrounded by. At practices, they train alongside Layton and Northridge. But there biggest rivalry is weber and Syracuse. ” The girls are always battling to beat weber at regions, and the boys battle against Syracuse to take the winning title home”

While Higley is very devoted to the swim team she is also a successful student. Her favorite class at Davis high is U.S government with Mr. Roundy. “He makes it fun, and I have it first period and he projects his voice very loud so it helps wake me up” Higley than states that her least favorite class at Davis High is foods and nutrition. ” It is very boring, all we do is take notes and listen to lectures. But it is worth it because we get college credit out of it”. Higley doesn’t believe in homework and refuses to open up her backpack while she is in the safe secure sanctuary of her home.

“homework is a disgrace and should just be completed during school”

Higley is an amazing student athlete but she does indeed have a life outside of swim and school. A typical day in the world of miss Higley consists of many adventures. After a hard day of practice her favorite thing to do is whip up a bowl of cereal and drink high quality chocolate milk. She then devotes herself to  working at “Z-Brothers pizza” in Layton Utah.

One of the things she loves to do after a long day is watch the T.V. show lost with her mom and sister.

Brooke Higley is an amazing swimmer and dedicated high school student. She is a very driven and optimistic being, and most definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

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Eliza Thaxton

Student Body President Eliza Thaxton has been an officer all three years of high school. Her sunny personality always brightening the halls.

Thaxton originally wanted to get involved in student government because her brother did it in high school and loved it and she wanted the same opportunity. “The unique opportunity it offers to get to know different people,” Thaxton explains about why she has stayed involved.

Being involved in student government influenced Thaxton’s favorite high school memory. “Prom week Junior year was the best and worst week of high school,” she stated. Later explaining she loved spending time with the other officers during that week but had to stay after for hours every day.

Student government has allowed Thaxton to have a greater appreciation for the faculty. “Being in SBO I have gained a huge love for Davis High and its teachers,” Thaxton remarked.

Being Student Body President Thaxton is constantly in charge of things and making sure things get organized well and executed correctly. “Yes, I feel pressure all the time, but most of it is personal pressure,” commented about being SBO president.

In her free time, outside of attending Davis High events, Thaxton loves to play pickleball with her friends. She also loves dancing and making cookies.

After high school Thaxton is planning on going up to Logan to attend Utah State University. She wants to pursue a career in marriage and family counseling.

“Go Darts!” – Eliza Thaxton 2022

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Mae Linenberger

Mae Linenberger is still relatively new at D&D, but she still knows a lot more than a decent amount of people at her experience level. She shared some recommendations for first-time players and the ups and downs of her time playing.

She first got into the game during the quarantine. Overcome with Covid loneliness, she didn’t really know what to do, until she noticed that her friends were preparing something. She said, “I had a group of friends who were doing a campaign, and I asked to join, and it went from there.”

Her favorite class to play is Sorcerer. The appeal of sorcerer is that they are an almost completely magic wielders. Magic requires spell slots and depending on the level of your characters, you can cast more spells at higher levels between rests. Sorcerers have sorcery points and can turn them into spell slots or cast spells at a higher level. They can use that to cast more spells between rests, making them a force to be reckoned with.

The funniest moment in a campaign that Mae was in was a PvP tavern brawl. A level 7 sorcerer/warlock/fighter was being rude to Mae’s character, a level 5 monk. The opponent threw a chain with a DC of 20(that means Mae had to roll a d20 and get 20 to dodge it). She dodged it and the opponent threw another chain with a DC of 15. She also dodged that and then proceeded to body slam the opponent into the ground which inflicted stun and prone, so the opponents turn was completely skipped. During this, the party’s Bard was narrating it like a boxing match in the background.

The worst DM she has ever had was a guy named Chris. He formed a party of eight people and immediately tried to wipe the entire party with a bunch of enemies that could instantly kill a person in one attack. Mae’s character died and the rest of the party fled the battle.

Her recommended way to start playing D&D is to get the Players Handbook and the Dungeons Master’s Guide, then listen to a couple of podcasts on D&D so you can see how people actually play the game. Then you want to get a standard set of dice, print of character sheets and pick the Fighter class because it is a little bit of everything and is pretty easy to learn. She also said, “Dungeon Masters should always think about encounters more in depth, because if you don’t, it might not be rewarding or it would be too hard for your party.” She also mentioned that everyone should be patient with newer players because it is their first or second time playing and they don’t really know what the need to do.

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Davis high’s robotics team; A hidden gem

Davis High has a prized tradition of excellence, and one club takes that tradition makes it their own- Robotics.

Davis High’s Robotics club has an impressive track record- 9 time state champions, 2 time world champions and have been among the top 5 teams in the world for the past 10 years.

The competitions that have brought them this prestige are, according to 11 year robotics teacher Mr. Leifson, “…very similar to what I would compare to a regular season for a basketball team. We will have somewhere between 6 to 8 matches, per team, and this year we have 7 teams.”

In an average day in the club, students spend their time making robots as well as “…spend[ing] the day programming and learning how to program and learning how to control the robots. So everything we do in class is focused on automation and control,” says Liefson.

“A normal day is building robots and tuning whatever we have, and programming and doing autons… and scrimmaging,” adds club president Brittany Evans.

The robotics club is programming completely automatic robots, and some have pretty unique skills.

“I made a rubber-band shooting robot,” says Liefson, “I drove it into the main office and started attacking the office staff.”

On top of just having some fun, the robotics team is winning consistently with impressive gender diversity.

“We have a lot of female participation, and I think that sets us up for a massive amount of success because women are such a powerful force and other people aren’t tapping into it the way we have been able to figure out to,” states Liefson.

Student flock to football games, but very few within the student body are aware of the amazing successes of the robotics club.

“I don’t know why people don’t know who we are, or that we exist,” Liefson says, “We have one of the top robotics clubs and one of the top engineering programs in the state of Utah and somehow kids don’t know about it.”

“It might be because we’re a club and it’s after school and it’s not with sports,” suggests Evans.

Liefson sums up the clubs’ legacy best- “We definitely hold up a lot of the tradition that Davis has of achieving excellence. We win, and we win a lot.”

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Missing girl who used to attend Davis high

Late on Monday the 13th of December Madelyn Allen went missing. Madelyn attended Davis high school in 2020 as a senior and is now attending snow college. She was reported missing by Madelyn’s roommate who hadn’t seen her since the night before.

“I can’t imagine how afraid their family is right now and I hope that they can feel support through us and the community.” Said Hailey Sillito, a senior at Davis.

Madelyn’s younger sister Allie Allen is currently attending Davis high and is a sophomore. Allie is on the swim and was very upset to hear this news. The Davis high swim team wore pink the day of their swim meet to represent Madelyn and help Allie find some comfort by wearing Madelyn’s favorite color.

“I hope that allies family feels supported at this time, and I hope they know that they know that we are all praying for them, and that the community has their back. We hope they find her soon.” Said Olivia Carlson, a Senior at Davis who is on the swim team.

The swim team also created a poster for Allie. They hope that through their support they can show her how much they care. They all are very distraught for Allie and her family and hope that she will find their support helpful.

“It lets her know that we care.” Said Samantha Van Drunen, a junior on the Davis swim team.

The police say they are doing all they can and have included the FBI on the search for Madelyn. Many Instagram posts have been up since her disappearance in hopes that someone will find her. The community is doing all they can to find her, and many are keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers.

you can contact the Sanpete County dispatch by calling 435-835-3345 with any information regarding Madelyn’s case.

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Professional Goalie or just another rookie?

Davis Goalie, Morgan Bunch, one of the best goalies in Davis District? 

All her life she’s been heavily into sports because her family has a deep love for the industry. This really influenced her to be involved in sports. She tried out for the soccer team and didn’t make it, so the next best thing was lacrosse.  

Her dad, John Bunch is the assistant coach at Davis for the lacrosse team which was the main reason why she joined the team. Her position on the team is goalie because at the time, they were in desperate need of a goalie.  

“I decided to be the goalie because I was the only one brave enough to take that position. No one would take it and I just wanted to be a part of the team, so it didn’t matter to me,” said Morgan Bunch.  

Although lacrosse wasn’t her first choice, she has come to have a huge appreciation for it. Between the adrenaline rush and the closer bond with her father this has strengthened her relationship with lacrosse. It also has benefited her physical and mental health tremendously.  

“I have stayed in great shape and have gotten those gainz from all that running and weightlifting. It has also helped me get several scholarships and given many opportunities for my future,” said Bunch. 

There are many lacrosse teams in Davis County, but Davis High schools’ team was just the perfect fit for Morgan. She has so many unforgettable memories that make her fall in love with lacrosse all over again but there’s one that trumps all the other.  

Her favorite memory was when her and her comp team went to Colorado. This was such a memorable trip because this helped everyone become closer not only as teammates but lifelong friends.  

“This memory is so near and dear to my heart because this is what proved that I was a good fit for this team. Not only are my teammates amazing, but the coaches are too. Because of that, I have grown so much as a goalie,” said Bunch.  

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Changing her past for a bright future

Taeja Villagrana, a student at Davis High School achieving her biggest dreams to change lives for the better.

“I want to be married as a certified psychologist, living in Italy in a cute little cottage,” said Villagrana.

In 10 years Taeja sees herself as a certified psychologist nonetheless. Becoming a psychologist has been her dream for the past few years, and she’s on her way to her dream career in Italy. She would go to Italy, also in hopes to be a psychologist there.

“As a little kid I used to do hip-hop, ballet, and jazz”, said Villagrana.

As a kid she dreamed of being a dancer, took many classes as well. The mental health area in the U.S. and the world alone is much needed. She sees the crisis as an opportunity, instead of an issue. Taeja is excited to see the changes.

“Once you feel like you’ve hit everything, you feel stuck,” said Villagrana.

She’s a hard worker in any task she is set or asked to do. Proving to others her worth has been a key factor in her life, she wants to show people that she isn’t to be looked down upon. She is always focused on helping others, and that’s a quality people admire.

“If I had to label this chapter in my life, I would call it Adulting,” said Villagrana.

Turning 18 wasn’t the average feeling, she didn’t feel that relief many people get. Instead, the pressure and weight started to burden her. She is left with a lot of responsibility to prove to herself and everyone around her.

Keeping herself busy has been something she’s been doing since the 7th grade. Taeja has the qualities of a psychologist, because of the care she gives people and the undivided attention. Psychologists have to be fast, and understanding and she has those qualities.

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Spotlight: Mr. G

Andrew Gallegos, known by students as Mr. G, is a new physics teacher at Davis High School. This is his first year at Davis, and already many students have fallen in love with his teaching.

Mr. G thought he wanted to be a physics teacher in high school. He said he loved the concept of physics, but hated his teachers and the way they presented the material. He thought that he could do a much better job of getting these concepts to students.

After high school, Mr. G went to Weber State University. While he was there, he majored in physics teaching.

“It’s a pretty unusual major actually. Most physics teachers are just physicians who become teachers.”

Mr. G was a student teacher at Ben Lomond before coming to Davis High. He’s loved being here at Davis and loves his job. Mr. G said his favorite thing about Davis is the students.

“The students here are smart and respectful. That was not the case at Ben Lomond.”

Mr. G loves teaching physics, but he also loves to have some fun in his free time. He loves to play video games. But, his favorite thing to do is dungeons and dragons. Mr. G is great with all of his students. He loves chatting with people about movies and games. He is very helpful to all his students and makes sure everyone understands. He is a favorite teacher amongst many of his students.

Ty Hoagland is one of Mr. G’s students. He is a big-time admirer of Mr. G, and has loved being one of his students.

“Mr. G is my favorite teacher because he is hilarious and is a baller at physics. And he chugs G Fuel.”

Mr. G is taking the hearts of Davis by storm. He is a young, enthusiastic teacher who surely has a great future teaching physics.

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The kid that never left high school

Being principal of Davis High, Gregory Wilkey has goals for Davis to be a good environment to help students with their mental health, and to become incredible students. Wilkey has been principal of Davis for 5 years since 2017. As principal his main role is to support the students and help the students at Davis high school receive their academic goals.  

He has received many academic achievements as well. Wilkey has a B.A. in German and History, as well as an M.A. in German Literature. He went on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ to Germany and fell in love with the language. 

He enjoys being principal because of the students. He enjoys the relationships he has with both the staff and the students. He has been principal at Bountiful High School and Northridge High. Being principal of so many schools, he has learned many things about being a better person.  

“I think teenagers get a bad rap, but they are amazing! I think adults are jealous of teenagers and their perspective on life.” Wilkey explains. 

The big goal Wilkey has for Davis High this year is “leave no one behind”. He has consistently tried to implement this when he began as principal. He has continued to try and notice every student and their academic, mental, and physical needs.  

“The Marine Corp motto is a big goal I have for Davis. Leave no man behind and keep fighting. Don’t give up!” 

Wilkey has shown his appreciation for his staff and for the students as he comes to work every day. There is an atmosphere of high standards and happiness within the school. There are high expectations for the students at Davis high, but it is a great place to learn and grow. 

“The culture of the school is great! It definitely not a one man show. The staff is incredible and supportive!” Wilkey concludes. 

Principal Gregory Wilkey is a great principal and person. Outside of high school he loves spending time with his family and getting to know his students. He loves seeing his students every day and his own growth as a person. There will be great things to come for Davis High School.  

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From volleyball rookie to expert teacher

McKay Barker is not only an excellent fit for life and health teacher, but an awesome volleyball player and coach too! She played on Davis Highs Volleyball team when she was in high school and being on that team was a major reason she began teaching in the first place. 

Barker made the volleyball team for junior high in 8th grade and only loved it from there. There were tons of other sports she was playing but didn’t love those sports as much as volleyball. She then went from there to play at Davis and then in college.  

“I loved the girls I was playing with, and I was doing other sports, but I just didn’t love them as much as volleyball.” 

She loved being on a team and really wanted to be able to play volleyball for as long as possible. The easiest way to coach volleyball still was to teach something with it. Choosing fit for life and health was easy. 

“I feel if you’re going to teach you should teach something that you are passionate about, and I am passionate about exercise.” Barker said. 

She enjoys both subjects she teaches and feels that teaching high school is better than any other school area. Both subjects are great, and each comes with their pros and cons. Barker has a degree in exercise so combining her likes into her classes is enjoyable. She loves teaching high school because they seem to be more fun to work with. 

“I don’t love teaching younger kids, so if I was gonna teach any grade, I was gonna choose high school. I feel I can tease and have more fun with them.” Barker explains. 

Barker has taught at both Northridge High and Davis and both were perfect environments for her. There is a support system at Davis that makes teaching a more pleasant experience.  

“The PE administration is great and the Administrator for volleyball is great as well. There is tons of support here.” Barker exclaims. 

If she wasn’t teaching gym or health, she would love to teach physics, including kinesiology, or psychology. She loves relating everything she does back to exercise and staying healthy. Barker enjoys coaching and teaching and hopes to continue years to come. 

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Star linebacker Colby Flint named 6A MVP

After a 3-year run filled with ups, downs, highs, and lows; star linebacker Colby Flint’s football career at Davis High came to an end after a playoff loss against Herriman. Despite what was sure to be a heartbreaking way to go out, Flint’s career was far from it. Every rep in the gym, every down he played, and every minute spent grinding ended up paying off in the form of a 6A football most valuable player award.

“It means a lot,” simply states Flint. “To see all the work I put in pay off means a lot.”

In Flint’s MVP season he racked up 46 solo tackles and an astounding 139 total tackles. To put that number in perspective, the national average for tackles in a season is 17.6, which is almost 8 times less than Flint’s 139. This ranks him at 73rd in the nation for tackles in all positions, as well as a ridiculous 11th in the nation among fellow linebackers.

This amount of success, however, should not be a surprise to anyone. During his sophomore year, Flint was pulled up onto the Varsity squad, which is very rare for a sophomore to achieve. Ever since getting pulled up, Flint has done nothing but elevate Davis football to a higher level.

Many people say that luck is when hard work meets opportunity, and for Flint, that statement couldn’t be more than true. He was given a shot as early as his first year of high school and has put in the effort to become the MVP that he is now.

Moving forward, Flint hopes to continue his football career in college. The work ethic, statistics, and awards all show how much he has earned and deserves the opportunity to play at the next level.

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The apple of Davis High eye

Mr. Spaulding is a hard-working teacher at Davis High School. He is well known for how he teaches and how hard he works. Students love his stories and how engaging he can be with the students. He is the flower of Davis high school. This agricultural science teacher is here to stay for a while.  

Mr. Spaulding has been teaching for ten years and has worked at two other schools. He is the agricultural science teacher and teaches many classes such as animal science 1, animal science 2, aquaculture, plant and soil science, floriculture, and greenhouse management. He loves Davis High School a lot and has no complaints about it. He loves how the teachers are treated and how the students are treated.  

“I love how the students say thank you when they leave. That has never happened at any of the other schools I’ve worked at.” Mr. Spaulding said thankfully. 

Mr. Spaulding loves teaching but one of the hardest parts about being a teacher are the kids. Keeping the students in control can be incredibly difficult. One of the ways his does it is treating the students like adults.  

“I treat my students like adults. I give them the respect they deserve, and they return it back to me. Most of students are still trying to figure themselves out and by treating them like adults it can help them figure out who they want to be.” Mr. Spaulding explained.  

Mr. Spaulding adores his job; he loves every day that he comes into work. He always has a smile on his face which encourages the students as well. He brings a lot of positivity and joy to the classroom. He makes the class fun and can cheer up all the kids from their school faces.  

“There is never a day that repeats. There is a new challenge every day and it’s so much fun to interact and talk with the students.”  Mr. Spaulding said with a smile on his face.  

 Mr. Spaulding is a teacher everyone can look forward to seeing. He is the winning prize at Davis High school. His smile is contagious and it keeps students interested in the subject they are learning. His teaching ways make students feel like they belong somewhere. Mr. Spaulding can teach multiple classes and keep a good schedule with his farm life. 

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A Blessing in Disguise

As a resource officer for Davis High School, Officer Mike Criddle has many roles that he executes amazingly. He is a family man at heart, but he loves his job! Being at Davis he has learned incredible social skills and learning from the students one of things he enjoys. 

Even though we have such an amazing school officer, he came to us under unexpected circumstances. Officer Criddle was working as a sergeant shortly after George Floyd was killed when he got the call that he was going to be investigated for some posts on Facebook that were racist and strongly offensive. Officer Criddle was then put on leave for 2 weeks while the investigation proceeded.  

After concluding the investigation, officers had found that someone made a Facebook account in his wife’s name and then proceeded to post racist things on that account. None of the things posted were posts from either Officer Criddle or his wife. He then resigned from his sergeant position and found a position at the high school. This should be a lesson that the actions of others can affect good people. 

Although what happened was distasteful and took Officer Criddle into a path he didn’t think he would go; he wouldn’t change it! Some of his roles include being a social counselor and educator under the law, guest speaker, and most importantly to ensure the safety and support for the staff and students of Davis High. He loves interacting with the students and continuing to have good relationships into the future. 

“I love the atmosphere at Davis. The staff and students are always upbeat!” says Officer Criddle. 

Along with working at Davis, he has worked in many other areas as a member of the Kaysville Police Department. Come December 1 he will have worked with the department for 13 years! He has worked in the K-9 unit, undercover narcotics, patrol, served as a sergeant, and worked as a detective for a year.  

“I’ve learned a lot from being at Davis High. I’ve learned to be more compassionate and have more empathy, as well as being more sociable.” 

Outside of Davis High school, he enjoys, spending time with his family! He has 4 kids and enjoys camping and playing sports with them! He loves basketball and football! He loves watching sports as well!  

“I love sports! If basketball or football aren’t on the tv, I’ll watch baseball or soccer!” 

The students at Davis High are so grateful for such an amazing school officer who we know would protect us in any situation! 

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Mrs. Rupp’s first year of teaching at Davis High

Mrs. Rupp is so far enjoying her first year of teaching. She likes teaching and being in classrooms with students and helping them learn. However, Rupp’s least favorite thing about teaching so far is attending all the first-year teacher trainings. She considers these trainings very important, but very time consuming as well.  

“Seeing unique personalities, everyone student is so different from each other” Is among some of Mrs. Rupp’s favorite things about teaching. 

Rupp has had a very interesting background outside of teaching. Including being a childbirth educator, teaching infant prep classes, and breastfeeding classes at the University of Utah. As well as being a doula, meaning a someone who helps a person throughout the whole childbirth process. Kind of like a birth coach. 

Mrs. Rupp enjoys hiking, reading, and musical theater. “I like being at home reading a book, I’m not a big party person.” 

Traveling is also one of Mrs. Rupp’s favorite hobbies. After spending a summer in France during study abroad, she wishes to live there some day. Rupp is also fluent in French, and almost studied to be a French Teacher.  

Rupp is currently teaching the subjects Health and Financial Literacy. “I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and decided I was only going to feel good teaching something that students could never say “when am I going to need to know this”. I wanted my students to ask why.” 

Rupp has a sign on her wall that says, “ask why?”. Rupp wants students to know how important it is to learn about health and financial literacy. She wants to make a difference in the world and really help students learn life changing skills. Even if it is just making a small difference.  

Rupp chose to teach at Davis because it was a perfect fit. Davis had an opening for a health and a financial literacy teacher, and she had heard great things about Davis, so everything worked out perfectly.  

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Michael Navidomskis: richest man in the world

Michael Navidomskis is a history teacher at Davis High School, and this is his last year before retirement. In his youth, Navidomskis moved around a lot, but sports were always an anchor for him with his father being a coach. 

Navidomskis has taught at Davis for 29 years. The best part of his job for him is his students because he loves to talk with them. Navidomskis’ love of travel and desire for exploration is the driving factor behind his departure. 

“I’m having a hard time letting go because I’m enjoying myself. The number one reason (for retirement) is that I have so much to do, I have to do it before I die. My desire to travel, having this job prevents me from doing so.” says Navidomskis. 

Even though he has visited 86 countries all over the world, Navidomskis says he has at least that many more he would like to visit. 

In the classroom, Navidomskis has a contrasting teaching style compared to other teachers at the school. While teaching his lessons, Navidomskis makes sure to include life lessons that prepare students mentally for life’s struggles. His purpose in teaching is to make students stronger. 

“I want to be remembered as a source of inspiration for students to further their education. Education is one of the greatest things they can accomplish. I also want to be remembered as being fair and helpful, for being kind and rough, for helping students realize excellence and demand it of themselves.” 

Navidomskis, with his diverse background and extensive experience with the world, has had many opportunities in many different career paths. But being an educator is where his heart is at. 

“I had a number of opportunities that would have caused me to be wealthy, but the choice I made to be an educator has made me realize that I am the richest man in the world, and that there is a difference between wealth and riches.” states Navidomskis. 

Navidomskis’ humble and accepting view on the world is where his best advice for students comes from. He doesn’t sort his students by categories or beliefs, instead he sees them all as human beings. 

“We are all exactly the same, there are no categories, nobody should be relegated to anything, that we are all on the same team and benefit from each other’s help, and no matter where I go, everybody is exactly like me, they want the exact same things as I want.” 

With this piece of advice for current and future students, Navidomskis will be leaving at the end of the 2021-2022 school year to go skiing and enjoy the world with the people around him. 

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Bringing positivity to the community, a tale of how Mitch Jeppesen inspires others to be great

Being able to represent your school, family, teammates, and community in a positive light is something that athletes at Davis High are engrained with and nobody demonstrates this better than Davis high junior Mitch Jeppesen.

When asked about his hobbies, Mitch said:“Well (pause) my hobbies are basketball (pause) mutual every Wednesday I look forward to at 7 o’clock. So yea.”

Mitch represents the community by attending mutual every Wednesday and by being a part of the Davis basketball team. Being a member of a school sports team bring a lot of pressure to not only be a good player but an even better. Mitch tackles this challenge like a stud.

Being a good person starts in the classroom. When asked about his grades Mitch responded: “My grades right now are a 1.7 (pause) but they go up at the end of the term so I’m not worried bout’ it and I do not enjoy school.”

Student comes first in the term Student Athlete and Mitch demonstrates this in his school first mentality.

When Mitch isn’t representing Davis High, he is bringing positivity to his household by raising a trio of ducks. Mitch uses this to get away from his daily duties and relax.

“I have 3 ducks. Joey, Chandler, and Ross and I have a house for em’ and I let them swim in my pool, feed them, grains and corn and such.”

Overall, the way that Mitch Jeppeson balances his duties of being a representative of his community with the responsibilities it takes of being a high schooler, he is someone that people can really look up to and be inspired by.

When asked to describe himself using 3 words, Mitch said “Articulate, Big boned, caring.”

Mitch truly does bring a positive light to the Davis community and is someone that young kids should look up to.

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The tale of Taya

Taya Kilgore goes thoroughly through the aspects of how she lives her life, the things she has overcome, and who inspires her to do so.

Kilgore grew up in Kaysville, Utah with her mom, and Dad being a first born. Then came along three other siblings years later. She quickly became involved with dance and cheer classes at a young age. Her and her father enjoy skiing together and going running.

“Growing up with siblings was so fun, and I’m very grateful for them”

Kilgore has had many curve balls thrown at her. Her best friend passed away due to an unfortunate event in junior high, her father went to prison and was in a mentally abusive relationship her sophomore year of high school. Despite these circumstances, she has come out of them as a strong powerful woman.

Kilgore’s dad has made a huge impact on her life. He has overcome many trials in his life and done amazing things despite the circumstances. He raced in 100-mile races, grew his solar company, and just recently wrote a book.

“My dad has inspired me to work through any trials that come my way with my head held high”

One thing Taya is passionate about is politics and making a difference in people lives. She uses her social media account to promote important things going on around the world. For example, she promotes Black Lives Matter, abortion laws, and women’s rights.

“I know posting about things isn’t going to make the worlds a difference, but it can spread awareness”.

Kilgore values her strength on all the hardships she’s going through, her empathy and sympathy for her friends and family and the love she gives to them. Anyone who knows Taya loves her and she is nothing without her courageousness!

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Trey Talbot Darts up the Middle

Trey Talbot is a senior this year, and he always gives his all to defend the tradition. He is a two-sport athlete and an exceptional student of Davis High.

Trey is known as a great athlete and a strong competitor in both football and baseball. He’s already had a fantastic senior year in football, which will surely continue. He will be the catcher for the baseball team when the season rolls around. He loves to compete and works hard in everything he does.

Trey made it very clear that he does not have a favorite sport between football and baseball.

“I like whatever season it is better.”

Trey has had multiple game-winning touchdowns and crucial plays in his football games this year. He said that his favorite games he’s played in this year have been the Syracuse and Fremont games, both of which he had a big part of winning.

“I love the intensity of the close games, and especially love a good comeback.”

Many people know the athlete side of Trey, but don’t know what he’s like outside of sports. Although he stays very busy with sports through the school year, Trey always makes time to have some fun with his friends.

Trey explained that his typical day after practice usually consists mostly of homework. When he finishes his homework, he likes to watch friends. He usually watches this for a couple hours before going to bed. He also said that he often finds himself “scrolling through twitter” late at night before bed.

Trey made it clear that his hardest class is AP calculus. It’s his most challenging class and is where he gets most of his homework from. “Calculus sucks, but I’m doing very well.”

According to some of Trey’s friends, he is a good teammate, student, and friend. “Trey is a really good teammate. He just brings the juice all the time.” “I love hanging out with him and he’s a lot of fun.”

Trey does a great job of balancing his school, social, and sports life. He will be ready for anything after high school and will continue to have a great senior year.

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Ben Johnson: drummer extraordinaire

Davis High senior Ben Johnson is an extraordinary student who became head drum major in marching band in the 2021 season. Drum majors have multiple responsibilities and Ben is the student leader over the marching band.

When becoming a drum major, he showed technical marching techniques, conducting, having a loud, roaring voice, and having to make hard decisions on the spot. Johnson had to go through a tryout process where he weeded out dozens of competitors for his position.

“Most of the time when something goes wrong, I’m the first person who gets called out, its pretty tough getting called out in front of 160 people who are looking up to you,” says Johnson about what challenges he faces about being a drum major.

“Easy to connect with because we’re all the same age, have a love for music and I’ve known them for 5 or 6 years. They’re both smart and we all get along well,” says Johnson about the other drum majors Cole Spackman and Charlotte Lindeman.

Overall, he has a good feeling about the marching band and thinks that Davis could score high. “We have a pretty good show,” says Johnson. The theme for the marching band shows this year is Through the Trees with three movements and Ben is in charge of it.

In Ben’s free time he is in the men’s volleyball club at Davis, and he loves to watch YouTube. He has a love for math and has been advanced math classes for the past couple years.

“The marching band appreciate any support that the student body can offer, and we love making music for everyone. That’s really the point of our program, is to give you chills and to bring some emotion with music,” says Johnson.

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Soccer Senior Night

The Davis High Soccer team faced the Syracuse Titans on Monday night for Davis’s senior night.

The game was a huge success, ending in a win for the Darts with a score of 2-1.

This was a big game for both Davis and Syracuse because whoever won would secure 2nd place in our region.

Because it was senior night, we recognized our four senior players Simon Jenson, Wyatt Sanders, Stephen Seelos, and Jacob Veater.

A junior at Davis High, Jerick Sparrow, scored both the goals for Davis.

The highlight of the game was during the second half. Syracuse scored, tying up the score to 1-1 and in the very next play, Davis scored. It wasn’t even ten seconds after Syracuse’s score!

“When Jerick scored that second goal for us, it was so exciting and we all ran up to celebrate our soon to be victory.” says Talon Meyer, a sophomore on the team.

There were lots of fans who came to support the team and that really motivated the players to do their absolute best.

“We had a bigger crowd that really hyped us up and got us ready for the win. People posted on social media and it was super fun to have so many people there supporting us.” says Meyer.

There were a lot of soccer players from other teams in the crowd who were waiting with anticipation to see who would win the intense game.

As the team is heading into the playoffs it’s important for Davis students to support our team more than ever before.

The energy was high and after our victory everyone ran down to congratulate the team on their spectacular win.

“The game was perfect, this was the win we needed” says Meyer.

This win was the perfect step to push the team into playoffs, now as the 2nd place team in our region.

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Davis High legend: Austin Frasure

There are few better than the Davis High legend Austin Frasure. As a two sport athlete this kid gave his all to defend the tradition this year.

Many know Austin on the football field and basketball court as a fierce competitor but what most don’t know about is how he spends his down time. During a sit down interview with Austin he shared some of his hobbies and hidden intrests.

Austin has four siblings and he is the middle child in the family. He works at Cinemark theatre in Farmington every week to earn a bit of dough.

“I try to get my homework done within a couple hours after school so I don’t have to worry about it.”, said Austin when asked what he does in his after school hours.

Austin goes golfing a couple days a week with his buddies now that all his sports seasons are over. Austin made it clear that he wasn’t great at golf but he still enjoys the time with the boys.

Austin also goes to EOS gym to lift weights and play basketball to stay in shape. It is clear Austin is still very active.

“Usually I’ll go home and make myself a quesadilla or a bagel with creme cheese for my after school snack.”, said Austin when talking about after school activities.

Austin made it clear that math 1050 was his most challenging class and he hopes he can finish with a passing grade. He also said he was just trying to finish all his classes strong which is truly a challenge in the last month of his senior year.

“I’m planning on a two year mission for my church.” said Austin on his after high school plans. Austin surely has a bright future ahead and with his time here at Davis High he will be ready to take on the world.

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Student Spotlight: Krazy Kache Allen

Kache Allen is a senior here at Davis High and he will go out with a bang! Kache is a well known comedian and an even better friend to students at Davis.

Kache has played football here at Davis High for all 3 years and he says that was some of his favorite memories that he will remember from high school. Kache has dipped into a number of hobbies to add to his collection: He has played lacrosse, basketball, and has been in the chess club all throughout high school and he claims to have “Loved every minute of it all!”.

Kache’s plans after high school is still undecided on what he wants to do in his future, but until then he plans to serve a full LDS mission, serving in Provo, Ut. I asked kache what he is most excited for after he graduates and he responded, “I am so excited to move out, even though I will miss my mothers company and her cooking. I am looking forward to getting a girlfriend and having my first kiss in college. That will be awesome!”. He is such a comedic human specimen and he brings such a contagious smile and mood whenever he walks into a room.

I asked kache what advice he could give to any incoming sophomores at Davis High and he replied, “When I went into high school I was way too worried about trying to get grades that I lost touch of what really mattered in high school, the friendships. You don’t look back and remember how hard you studied for a hard test, you remember the fun times you had with friends.” Kache surely has made a positive impact on several peoples lives in high school and will be remembered for a very long time in the roots of Davis High. He is nothing shy of a great human being and an even better friend, teammate, and classmate.


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Student Spotlight: Taig Olsen

Taig Olsen is a sophmore attending Davis High School this year. He  attended Fairfield Jr. High 7th through 9th grade, but he is already liking high school more than Junior High. “I like hanging out with my friends and meeting new people,” says Taig.

High school gives people a great opportunity to meet new people because there are so many kids that attend. Taig and his friends hang out a lot and do lots of fun stuff. They like to water balloon people and toilet paper people’s yards. Outside of school, Taig does lots of fun stuff too. “I enjoy playing soccer and riding bikes with the homies.”

He plays for Wasatch soccer club. He has been playing for Wasatch for the last few years and he really enjoys it. He rides a Cannondale Scalpel mountain bike and loves to go riding at fruit loops and the wilderness park. He has a biking trip planned in Fruita Colorado this weekend that he is really stoked about.

Taig also loves being in the outdoors. “Anything in the mountains like biking, hunting, hiking, and skiing.”

He goes skiing at Snow Basing and has a season pass. He also has a passionate hate for snowboarders. “Snowboarders are nothing but big jerks that think they own the slopes,” he says.

Because sophomore year is almost over there are a couple of things he is excited for next year. “I’m most excited for no masks and having more out of school activities.”

I think that lots of people agree with him when he says he is excited for masks to be gone and for more activities to happen. Overall, Taig is a very good student at Davis High School. He does good in all his classes, and does a lot of sick things outside of school. What a cool guy.

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Student Spotlight: Luke Weston

Luke Weston is a sophomore at Davis High. “Luke is going places,” said a fellow student at Davis High.

And they aren’t wrong! Luke has used the money he earned at his job to start his own aerating business. “I had rented some out with my dad when I was younger and it really made me want to do it on my own because then I could choose my own hours and work whenever I want, ” Said Luke when asked about what inspired him to start his business.

He turned a successful childhood business into his own business. He used ingenuity and what he knew about entrepreneurship to start this business. The hardest thing for him to start up his business was the initial expense. Aerators are a rare asset to have because they are expensive. Putting down the money for the aerator was hard, but he quickly made it back.

“I am so glad I started this business, because I have learned a lot stuff and made lots of money,” said Luke.

Even though it took a lot of work for him to start his business it was still worth it. For anybody that is interested in starting their own business, Luke has some advice for you. “Don’t think of the initial investment as losing money. Think of it as putting the money into an asset that will bring you more money in the future, and that will help you to start a business with less guilt.”

This is great advice that you should really take into consideration if you are starting up your own business. If you want to make money, learn a lot about handling clients and coworkers, then you should consider starting your own business. Luke has reasonable prices and quality aerating. “Hit me up if you want your lawn aerated or fertilized! My digits are 801-227-9358,” says Luke.

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Dakoda Kempthorne and his NFL Dream

Dakoda Kempthorne is one of many students that attend Davis High. People at school refer to him as “chino.” He is a Junior here and starts varsity on the Davis Football team. Dakoda has grown up in a family where his dad is in the Airforce. His dream has always been to play in the NFL and that’s what he is striving to do now. His favorite food is rice and he loves to party.

Dakoda has been playing football ever since he was 6 years old. It is his favorite thing to do and he has been playing competitively for as long as he can remember. He has been on the  Davis football team since his sophomore year and has loved it so far.

“Football makes me feel like a king.” He said when asked to describe what he feels like when playin the game.

It’s obvious how passionate he is about football. His dream is to go pro and everything he is doing should get him there. It’s looking good for this upcoming star.

” I feel like nothing can get in someone’s way when they are fully passionate about what they do and grind it out to the best of their abilities.” -Dakoda Kempthorne

Dakoda is a fun loving ball of joy. He is always putting smiles on people’s faces and making them happy. His biggest accomplishment was doing a backflip off of a 40 foot cliff.

“It hurt so good.” he said describing the unique feeling.

Overall Dakoda is a great kid and has big plans for the future. I’m sure he will grow up and become a star athlete and all of the students and Davis high can say they went to high school with him. Dakoda will continue to work hard and tackle each and every obstacle that stands before him to get to his dreams. Lets all hope he gets that touchdown.



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Oceana Jones talks student leadership and making friends as a sophomore

Oceana Jones, a sophomore here at Davis High, has been involved in student government since the beginning.

Jones is taking student government as her third period class and loves every minute of it. Her responsibilities include generating ideas for school events, making plans to be approved by administration, and attending said activities to facilitate their success.

“We organize activities so students can communicate, connect, and integrate their interests,” Jones said concerning the goal behind these school activities.

The entire mission of school events like prom, diversity week, and live music at lunch is to connect students and create a community among the students at Davis High.

Along with the job of planning activities, members of the student government have to set a good example for other students in academic success, social circles, and quality of character.

“We have to set the BEST example for students,” says Jones.

Members of student government must keep their GPA above a 3.0 in order to continue leading. If a student’s GPA falls below that, their student government sweater is taken away.

Because of the high standards for student leaders, Jones has to be at the top of her game. Managing her schedule to enable time for not only homework and friends but also sports games, dances, and other school activities is critical.

Jones attends many sports events to show support for our Davis athletes. Whether it’s a track meet or a basketball game, Jones can be found on the sidelines, cheering them on and making sure students feel hyped up.

“I always want people to feel like they have a friend,” Jones said, describing why she was interested in student leadership to begin with.

Oceana Jones is someone who can be friends with anyone. Her friendly demeanor and bright smile bring a light energy to every conversation. Jones has always wanted to serve people and help them feel accepted into the community at school.

This past year has brought unique challenges because of COVID-19. Jones said that the virus has made planning and executing school activities more difficult, due to social distancing guidelines and limits set on group gatherings.

Despite this, Jones said that she and the other officers work hard to find ways to keep Davis safe and social, modifying their usual plans to follow state and school guidelines.

A few weeks ago, the school hosted a movie night where snacks were provided. Because of the pandemic, Jones and her fellow officers had to pre-package all the food, wear gloves, routinely sanitize, and social distance the seating.

As the interview came to a close, I asked Jones if she had any advice for incoming sophomores who were nervous about starting high school.

“Don’t be scared! It’s not as scary as you think. Be welcoming, be open, and you’ll do great. If you’re open and nice, you’ll find a friend in no time,” Jones stated.

Jones strives to set a good example for all her fellow students, staying on top of her schoolwork and being friendly towards all who meet her.

Oceana Jones brings a fun, friendly feel to the student leadership. Her desire to help everyone feel welcome and love of community makes her the ideal leader at Davis High.

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Student Spotlight: Hannah Wright

Anyone who has met Hannah Wright knows she’s sweet, but do they know she makes sweets too?

Hannah Wright has been making cakes for four years now. Hannah has made multiple different types of cakes including wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and just cakes for fun!

Hannah has an Instagram account called the_wright_cake that shows off some of her talented cakes and the processes it takes to make them.

“My friend took a cake class and I thought it looked fun so I taught myself to make cakes and I’ve been doing it ever since.” says Hannah on why she started baking.

One of the most amazing things about this skill is that Hannah is a self-taught baker. Teaching herself this skill has made her talent much more impressive because she never officially learned.

“I want to go to a culinary institute because it will give me the experience I need to either start a bakery, sell cakes, or teach cake lessons to kids.” says Hannah on what her baking goals entail.

This is a solid plan that will get her to where and what she wants to do.

“I will have to get into the school and also pay for it. Then I will have to work hard to do well in the school.” says Hannah on the biggest challenges that will get in the way of her goals.

With Hannah’s skills, there is no doubt that she will be able to reach her goals.

“I will save up money for the expenses and make a portfolio of my work so far to get accepted.” Hannah says on how she will overcome these challenges.

“The most rewarding part of baking to me is that I can make other people so happy when they see the cakes I make for them, which in turn makes me happy. ” Hannah says.

Hannah is a selfless baker, baking to make others happy. Hannah’s skills will continue to grow as she continues baking and as she attends the culinary institute. Good luck, Hannah!

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Jamie Perry: SBO for life

Jamie Perry is a senior at Davis High school. Jamie has been an SBO for 3 years now! From 2017-2021. Jamie is an SBO Vice President this year and enjoys every second of it.

When asked about her favorite part of being an SBO, Jamie said:

“The people I get to meet and work with, its fun to meet people in office and meet students at games and interact with people I usually wouldn’t have. And watching her friends doing things they are good at.”

Jamie says that this year has definitely been her favorite year being an SBO. In her own words: “Cuz it sucked but it also has been good. Ya know? Also because I’m a senior now and I know what I’m doing and I get to help people now.”

Jamie’s plans after graduation include going to Southern Utah University to study English education.

When asked about why she wants to go into English education Jamie said: “All the English teachers I’ve ever had have been super cool and I like reading and I think I’m pretty good at writing if I do say so myself.”

Her dreams include, going to the Met Gala and doing 73 questions with Vogue, whichever comes first.

Jamie currently works at Cinemark and has worked there since 2019! She only plans on staying there until the end of summer when she starts school.

She really enjoys working there and says it’s fun. Her favorite part about working there is when big movies would come out and people would be so excited and dress up to see their favorite movies.

When she’s not working Jamie loves to bake. Her favorite thing to bake is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and bring them to her friends.

She says “I make a beast angel food cake, which is really hard to do.”

You can keep up with all her baking and other adventures on her Instagram account, @jam.spamms



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Future politician tells all

Corran Cottrell is famously known at Davis High School for his political views. On any given day, you can expect Corran to be wearing some political shirt or hat. Many do not like this, but Cottrell does not care what you think about him. He recently told me his story. 

“Politics has such a huge impact on our society. Look at this past election. Biden v. Trump, red vs. blue, control of the Senate or not, etc. Politics is what runs our societies, so it interests me,” Corran stated to me when asked what excites him about politics. 

Cottrell looks at politics as something he aspires to participate in in the future. He plans on running for the city council first and then moving up the ladder to be a Senator. His end goal is to one day be the President of the United State of America. 

“It’s what I really like doing. I want to be in a job that I have a lot of fun in and that I can relate to. I also want to be in a career where I can make a difference. It’s a big motivator to me. It is different from any other private-sector job,” Cottrell said when quizzed on why he wants to make politics a career. 

Many peers and associates of Corran view him as eccentric and too out there. Corran has committed to himself to not listen to them as he continues to write his own story. He laughs at the criticism and finds humor in people laughing at his views. 

“I just look at people and laugh super hard because you have your views and I have mine. Just respect that I have an opinion and I choose to express mine,” Corran Cottrell declared when asked how he handles people’s criticisms. 

Maybe one day, we will be calling Corran President Cottrell. He hopes that as he continues to climb the political ladder, he continues to make a difference. He’s hoping to start small and impact the community of Kaysville and one day work up to impacting the world. 

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Student Spotlight: Hailey Halliday

Hailey Halliday is a junior at Davis High and an inspiration to all those who get the pleasure of meeting her. Hailey is friendly to everyone, and makes everyone feel like they are one of her best friends.

Hailey is very involved in the choir department, being a member of the Acapella Choir this year.

“I joined choir for my passion to sing! I have been in choir for at lease 6 years and I’ve loved every second of it.” says Hailey on why she joined choir.

She recently participated in solo and ensemble which is a singing competition the choir students are able to participate in.

“I ended up moving to district! The piece that I am singing is “American Lullaby.” Although district is online this year, I am still very excited to be able to participate!” says Hailey on her participation in solo and ensemble.

There is not doubt in anyone’s mind that she will do amazing at district and blow the judges away with her voice of an angel.

Hailey’s current goals in choir are the make the Davis Madrigals next year and to increase her vocal range.

“I currently have a pretty low range but I would love to work on my higher soprano range” Hailey says.

“My biggest challenge is making sure to not strain my voice while trying to increase and work on my range” she says on her biggest challenges in accomplishing her goals.

“With lots of practice I’ll be able to hopefully overcome these challenges.” she says.

Hailey is working so hard, and it will all pay off when she accomplishes her goals.

“I love being able to develop my voice and being around people who also have similar passions. It’s such a fun class and you get to know so many people.” Hailey says about her favorite thing about choir.

Hailey will continue progressing in choir and spreading her positive attitude to all those around her.

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Jonathan Page: BETTY WHITE

Jonathon Page is a senior here at Davis High School. Jon also attends Davis Technical College and is currently earning his welding technology certificate. Jon is on track for graduation. When I asked Jon what his goals were after High School, he began to say,

“My main goal is to blow up and act like I don’t know nobody.”

Besides that, Jon has many dreams and goals in his life. One goal is to eventually start up is own automotive mechanic shop. After high school, he plans to continue at Davis Technical College and work full-time at Ford Performance where he is currently working at part-time on the weekends. He is ready to be out of this hell hole called high school and to be independent and move out on his own.

Beyond work and school, Jon plans to travel on the weekends and continue his love for fishing and camping. If you have ever met Jon, you would know his love and passion for the outdoors. He is very involved in quite a few outdoor activities including rock climbing, fishing, camping, hunting, hiking and swimming. Jon is also involved in Davis High School’s lacrosse team as a defender. Jon has been playing lacrosse for most of his life and enjoys it very much.

After speaking with Jon, I started to notice something he loved more than anything in his life. BETTY WHITE. Jon has a love for her in ways you wouldn’t think of. Somehow, he slipped into the interview that he would pay a million dollars to take Betty White out on a date and that he would love to spend a million more to end the night off with a kiss. Betty White was born in 1922, making her 99 years old. Jon, on the other hand, was born in 2002. But, he is 18 years old so there is no issue. Jon says his main attraction and favorite thing about her is that he thinks she sold her soul to devil.

Jon is going to go in a great direction after high school. He is focusing on himself and is determined to get places.

“I am focusing on myself but would not mind if a girl happened to come into my life and made me the most happy man alive.”

Jon says.

I’m sorry to say Jon, but no women will love you if you love Betty White more then her. Jon is a teddy bear once you get to know him, don’t be fooled by his height. He’s not that tough.



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Faculty Spotlight: Tracey Meade

Tracey Meade is an amazing math teacher at Davis High School, but she is much more than just a teacher. Ms. Meade is a friend, supporter, and a genuine person who wants to help her students succeed in and out of the classroom.

Ms. Meade has always wanted to be a teacher.

“I always wanted to teach, but I really wanted to teach a subject where the teacher really made a difference” said Tracey.

Ms. Meade has always focused on how she can affect her students and change their school experience for the better. She enjoys the challenge of finding ways to connect with her students, and also the social aspect of her job.

Tracey Meade has jokingly been referred to as the “season ticket holder” of all school events. She enjoys attending school events and supporting all of her students. She likes to attend because it shows her students that she cares about them outside of the classroom.

“Its not just about how they are in math, and just about them sitting in my classroom, but that I care about them on a bigger level than that” she said, explaining why she attends school events.

Ms. Meade cares for her students and wants them to know it.

Ms. Meade shared an experience about how early on in her teaching career there was a student in her class that acted very disinterested. She was concerned about being able to reach her student educationally and emotionally.

But when she went to a wrestling match one night and saw her student was an amazing wrestler. The next day in class, she brought it up to him and they were able to become closer and more comfortable in class.

Ms. Meade is still able to recall some specific moments that were very intriguing. After that experience, he was much more interested in class and would talk to Ms. Meade often.

The love of her students drives Tracey to discover ways to connect with them. Showing she cares for her students is one of the ways she connects with them.

“They are interested in my class because they know I am interested in them” she said.

One of Tracey Meade’s goals for her students is for all of them to pass the AP test, with at least an 85%, resulting in a 5. This is a lofty goal but still reachable for a great teacher such as Tracey.

Ms. Meade is a very successful teacher. She designed the calculus curriculum for Davis High, as well as starting the Statistics department.

This year Ms. Meade teaches AP/BC Calculus and Secondary III Honors. Both of these classes have a history of being very successful at Davis High and Ms. Meade is a big reason for that.

While she’s had an amazing amount of success, not everything has gone smoothly.

“Hybrid was a nightmare. During that time I got behind by about half a unit, which is frankly sort of miraculous that we are still that close to being on.” She said, explaining the difficulties she’s had to endure this past year.

With this year being so difficult for many schools around the state, there is an optional later AP test date which the BC calculus classes will take this year. Ms. Meade is a fan of the later test date because it allows her to add her review in again. She predicts that the AP class is in good shape to pass the test.

The key to preparing her students to be successful according to Ms. Meade is “Practice, practice, practice, practice” near the end of the year in late 3rd term the class has already learned all of the material.

Now the classes just have to go over what they have already learned; review quizzes, assignments, and many practice questions, along with test questions from previous years.

“It makes all the difference in the world to have them prepared, and know when they get to a question on the test, they have seen one like it” said Ms. Meade.

This kind of preparation is how Ms. Meade empowers her students to be extremely successful.

The care she has for her students outside of the classroom shows that Tracey Meade is a prime example of a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.

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Jeff Williams Leaves Void at Davis

Jeff Williams, an Assistant Principal at Davis, is leaving our school to become the Principal of Vista Education Campus.

Mr. Williams has worked at Davis for 3.5 years and has made an incomparable contribution to our school. Among his many responsibilities at Davis, he has worked with the special education department, supervised testing and school activities, and oversaw the school’s response to Covid-19. He has enjoyed his time here and has developed many amazing relationships with the faculty, staff, and students. He has also learned many lessons from working here, especially from Principal Wilkey who has been a great example of leadership to Williams.

“Davis High is a great place to work. I have really enjoyed working with a great staff and wonderful students.  The community is also very supportive.”

Williams says.

Although working at Davis has been a very positive experience for him, Williams has decided to make a switch to Vista Education which is a school that focuses primarily on helping students with disabilities or learning challenges develop the skills that they need to transition smoothly into their futures after high school. This job is an incredible opportunity for Williams to advance in his career while also using his special education training more. Williams was drawn to this new job by his love for helping special education students and we have no doubt that he will serve them well as principal.

As exciting as this new endeavor is for Mr. Williams, his absence will no doubt leave a void at Davis. He has made an unforgettable impact on all of the students and staff here and he will certainly be missed.

“I’m sad to see him go but I’m glad that he is bringing his talents to the other children that could use it.”

Says Aiden Morton, a senior at Davis.

“It’s sad to see him leave, but he will do great things wherever he goes!”

Jared Clark, another Davis High senior, exclaims.

“I think that it’s exciting for him, but I will miss having somebody in the administration who speaks French!”

States Mme. Clegg, Davis High French teacher.

Despite our sadness at him leaving, Davis High is supportive of Mr. Williams in this decision and we wish him all the best in this new exciting chapter of his career.

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Spotlight: Katie Frederiksen

Mrs. Frederiksen has been teaching at Davis for two years. She goes by Fred for short. Fred taught at Centerville Jr. for 3 years and Legacy Jr. for 4 years before coming to Davis High.

When I transferred to Davis I was nervous because they were put into a stereotype that made them seem ungrateful for teachers, but they’re nothing like everyone says. I have loved every student. The kids and the other teachers are great.” – Katie Frederiksen

Fred is the coach for the girls wrestling team. She became the coach because they couldn’t find another teacher, but she is so glad to be coaching and learning the sport. She said that she loves all of the girls and can’t believe how well they’re doing so quickly. She says any girls that are questioning wrestling should do it, no matter how strong or how much you weigh you should wrestle, there’s a spot for everyone. 

Fred teaches senior English; she teaches this class because she loves the seniors with their angsty and apathetic attitudes. Fred is passionate about teaching and making sure students are set up to do well in life. She teaches English specifically because she enjoys stories and non-fiction. She also likes that with English she can teach anything she wants. 

“I can teach any topic I want and have it fall into the category of EnglishEnglish isn’t just grammar and writing, it about learning how to understand and communicate information. That makes it possible to teach English anyway including through any other topic I’d like.” – Katie Frederiksen

Fred has been married for 20 years in August and has 5 children. She has one pet, a chocolate lab named Sadie. Her favorite thing to do is read a book on the beach or take a hike to the Arches. She tries to go outdoors as much as possible. Her hobbies are coaching the girls wrestling team, reading (of course), and she loves researching about psychopaths or serial killers. Her favorite foods are vegetarian Café Rio salads and Thai Rod Dee’s yellow curry. Her favorite drink is the raspberry honey lemonade from Café Zupas. Fred’s favorite colors are black and yellow. Her favorite music is 80’s rock, Led Zeplin and Sublime are two of her favorite bands. 

Her plan for the future is one of her favorite things to talk about. After she finishes teaching (for another 15-19 years), she plans on teaching at department of defense schools and travel the world. Anywhere there is a base, there will be a school she can teach at. So there’s chances she can teach in other countries. After she does this for a few years she plans on buying a house on the coast and walking down the beach every day. 

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The Most Interesting Uninterested Person: Gabe Franklin

Gabe Franklin, senior at Davis High, comes off as the exact opposite as he is. Many think he is just a very calm, laid back, stereotypical teenage boy. Although he doesn’t seem very concerned about life’s various stressors, he is actually a very fascinating human being with a lot of unique life goals.

From having a business to traveling the world, Gabe Franklin has a different view on life than others, and there’s so much to learn about him. After getting a business license, he started EZ Clean Mobile Detail which is a car detailing business that has become one of his greatest life accomplishments. He is very approachable and getting to know his warm and inviting soul will leave you grateful to know him.

Gabe is currently on the path to graduating high school and attends a class at the DATC for welding technology. However, that’s just his backup plan if he ever grows bored of where is in life and wants to fall back onto something different. After high school, he wants to become a rock climbing and white water rafting guide. He also wants to buy a van and live in the Tetons, a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains, for three months. One of his main goals is to eventually travel across Europe in a van as well. This plan seems to suit him well considering that in his free time he likes to travel, hunt, fish, and camp.

“I do what I enjoy to do!” – Gabe Franklin

He has many inspirations and motivations, one of them being Mr. Frey, his English teacher. Frey loves his life and it reminds Gabe that he should love life too. He is also motivated to graduate since high school isn’t a place he likes.

“Highschool is the most toxic place” – Gabe Franklin

He doesn’t seem to see it, but Gabe Franklin is wise and has a lot of potential. It is easy to see that he is going to live an exciting and amazing life.

“I’m just not an interesting guy” – Gabe Franklin



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Marcus Williams: Simply Swimmin’

Once a shy sophomore, now senior Marcus Williams shares his swimming story and all the emotions with it.

After almost three years of being on a competitive swim team, it’s finally coming to an end. He started his sophomore year at Davis High school and has loved it ever since. It has impacted him in many ways, particularly in his social life.

“I’ve made a lot of super close friends I didn’t think I was going to make.”

He said.

Those kids he bonded with the first couple days of swim practice turned into life-long friends who are together every single day after school. The team spends 10-20 hours a week for all things swim-related. Whether it’s in the pool, lifting weights, or competing, the team is always together.

“It makes me sad knowing that there’s only two meets left, even worse because one got cancelled. We’re all so connected to the team and the coaches and it’s just all gone in two weeks.”

Said Marcus.

His senior season is coming to an end way too fast for his liking. The State meet is coming up the last week of January and there’s definitely some competition and pressure.

“There’s pressure to drop time and compete well for the team especially because there’s kids who are quarantined. Plus, all the athletes are getting tested tomorrow, so who knows if we’ll get shut down and not even have the last two weeks of the season.”

While competing for a spot at the State meet, Marcus is pushing himself harder than ever. No mistakes, no off days, just hard work. Not many people can say that they’ve been on the Davis High Swim team and have competed at the State meet. We all enjoy doing things we love, and Marcus loves swimming. His favorite part is just being active and being part of an amazing team.

“Swim is awesome, you should join!”

He stated.

Everybody’s known that Marcus was meant to be a swimmer. Even though it’s already been three years, he’s just getting started.

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Faculty Spotlight: Mr. McCauley

Recently I sat down to talk Mr. McCauley, a marketing teacher here at Davis High.

Although he considers himself a pretty mundane guy, there are definitely some really interesting and cool things about him, such as the fact that he has done some DJ work, and has a minor in coaching and coached a few sports at the last school he taught at. He also has a jersey with his name and number, from that school as well, even though he never played a sport!

Mr. McCauley is originally from Wisconsin and has taught here at Davis for 22 years. He has been a teacher for a total of 40 years.

Mr. McCauley likes Davis because of student behavior. He says that although the commitment varies, people are taught respect, so behavioral problems aren’t really present.

He moved to Utah shortly after he married his wife, who actually used to teach business here at Davis, because she was from Utah.

He decided to become a teacher because he had a really good experience with his business teacher in high school, and he had an interest in business. So he thought it would be interesting to try. “I think there was probably also a little bit of optimism or naiveness in there in terms of maybe I can affect a kid’s life like that teacher affected mine.”

In High School, he also ran hurdles. He talks about one race in which he ran hurdles and knocked down 8 of the 10 hurdles!

Mr. McCauley  decided to teach Marketing because he was interested in Business, but didn’t want to get into the accounting, and actually preferred the marketing aspect.

Outside of school, he runs a side business and that uses up a lot of his time. He also enjoys spending time listening to music (Contemporary Jazz and Classic Rock are his favorites) as well as spending time with his family.  He also has a ’74 MG that he likes to drive around in, with the top down in the summer.

Spending time with his family is something that is obviously very important to Mr. McCauley, as when asked for his favorite childhood memory, he stated that going camping with his Parents and sister rank pretty high.

“Just basically having time spent with family.” is what makes his memories valuable.

Going more into his values, he put an emphasis on hard work, responsibility, integrity and dependability. When asked what inspires him to get up and go to work, he says the fact that he has been hired to do a job.

I just have always been taught, if you’re hired to do a job, do the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do it, it doesn’t matter if you wish you had a different job, I just was always taught growing up that responsibility, to earn your pay.” He says. Having a responsibility to do what has been asked is what makes him want to work hard and do what is asked. 



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Davis High Loves Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson, a senior at Davis High and friend to all, spreads her bubbly and bright soul all around Davis High School. Many know her as one of the kindest people there is. Born and raised in California, Abby moved to Kaysville 2nd term of her sophomore year. You can spot her in the halls beaming with joy and excitement as she always is.

Since being at Davis, Abby has made tons of friends through her involvement at school. She enjoyed being on the Davis High swim team her sophomore and junior year and is now on the Davis lacrosse team. She loves every game and practice with her teammates and shows plenty of school spirit.  She is happy to be a part of Davis and appreciates all her teachers and classmates.

“My favorite part about Davis is the people. There’s no energy or place that could match it.”

States Abby when explaining her love for Davis.

Other than sports, Abby also has many different hobbies. Outside of school she loves hanging out with her numerous friends and is always the planner of their eventful times. She likes bringing people together and would love to be an event planner one day.

“I don’t know why but I love event planning and just hosting and being in charge of big plans. Later in life I want to be able to plan and host important events for others, maybe even as a job”

She explained when talking about her future plans.

Abby is known as an all around good person and values friendship, family, loyalty, and honesty. The people who influence her the most are her older sister and mom who share many of these values with her.

“I look up to my mom a lot because she’s been through a lot and is very wise and inspiring to me.”

Abby Nelson hopes to continue helping people in life and, after high school, wants to have a career that involves social work with children. Many students at Davis High know the caring and positive person she is, and have no doubt she is going to continue to do good things in life.

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Athletic Director: Bo Roundy

Even in a Global Pandemic, the sports programs run smoothly here at Davis High and that is all thanks to our Athletic Director Bo Roundy.

Being the Athletic Director here at Davis is a VERY busy job with a lot of responsibilities. Some include supporting Coaches in their seasons with facilities, scheduling and registering for events, and state requirements. Roundy is also responsible for communicating will custodians, front office staff, coaches, and administrators. Roundy oversees all of the sports teams and in charge of interviewing and hiring coaches.

If that is not busy enough, Roundy is in charge of organizing and planning the mandatory covid testing of over 300 extracurricular students that need to be communicated to seven different programs and with the health department and school district for it to happen effectively.

Supporting people is something Mr. Roundy loves doing and is the reason he applied to be the Athletic Director. He attends sports games and loves to support coaches and says “The most exciting part about my job is watching teams play and win!” When asked what his hopes and goals for the sports teams this year he says

“My hope is that we get to keep playing! Extracurricular activities are so important to the players and our community.”  Roundy’s favorite individual sport is wrestling and his favorite team sport is Football. When asked what his favorite part about his job is, Roundy says”Knowing that I was a small part in everyone’s successes!”

When Mr. Roundy isn’t overseeing the sports programs, he enjoys going four-wheeling, road trips, dirt biking, and using his passport.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle!”-Bo Roundy

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Faculty Spotlight- Mrs. Beutler

Of all the teachers I have had this year, Mrs. Beutler is by far my favorite. As a Career and Technology Education teacher, she teaches CE Foundations of Nutrition, Foods and Nutrition 2, Intro to Education, and CE Culinary Arts classes here at Davis High. She is also the advisor of the FCCLA Club. After having her for two years, I can confidently say that she is a wonderful teacher for a number of reasons.

First of all, she is really patient and helpful; if I ever have a question, she is quick to jump into action and help me figure out what to do next. She is always willing to lend a hand to students and shows that she cares through her gentle temperament and willingness to slow down until students understand. She is almost always smiling, and her positivity and attitude are infectious and help students to feel welcome in her classroom. Today I want to turn the spotlight on her by learning more about her and her teaching career.

Mrs. Beutler has been a teacher for 35 years, and she truly enjoys her job. Her favorite part of teaching is the students because she loves to get to know them and build relationships with them. She said that was what she missed the most during Coronavirus Quarantine, and she hopes to stay open so she can get to know this year’s students better.

She has little preference for what class she teaches; she loves all of them, but she says that Foundations of Nutrition is her favorite to teach because it reminds her of how to keep her diet nutritious.

Outside of school, Mrs. Beutler likes to go horseback riding, especially with her family. Just this past weekend, she went horseback riding with her family in Zions National Park (as seen in the above image)! She also enjoys just about anything with family and going biking.

When asked about what she would do if she wasn’t a teacher, she replied “I don’t know- I love it so much”. However, if she had to choose, she says she would likely go back to her roots in business.

I would highly recommend taking one of her classes or joining FCCLA in the future to get to know this wonderful teacher; If you are looking for lifelong skills in CTE classes, I would highly recommend Mrs. Beutler.

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Jordan Phelps: and His Lovely Christmas Traditions

Davis High senior, Jordan Phelps was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions on Christmas traditions regarding families at our school. With Christmas coming up and people starting to celebrate their holidays differently, it would be great to find out more about how people spend it! Jordan claims he loves the holidays and spending time together when it comes to his family.

When asked about how he spends Christmas Eve with his family members, he answered that his family all gathers together at his Grandmas house. They always play board games and have a nice dinner as well as dessert. An absolutely wonderful way to spend the holidays.

“Our family loves watching the Grinch, its our favorite Christmas movie. We always eat a homemade dessert made by my grandma while we watch our movie.” – Jordan Phelps

Jordan wakes up on Christmas morning and his mom makes a wonderful breakfast made up of bacon, eggs and apple cider. He also shares a very important and fun tradition that not too many have heard of before, and that is to get a new nut cracker every year.

“Yeah, I have like 17 nut crackers that my mom has bought for me that I put up every December.” – Jordan Phelps

I asked Jordan what his favorite part of Christmas is and he responded with how much he loves giving gifts to others. The most important part of Christmas is giving happiness and gifts to his family and friends to help them to feel loved.

The expense of the gift isn’t what is important, it’s the sentiment in the gift that counts. The fact that someone cares about you enough to be thinking about you, especially during such crazy holiday preparations and especially during such a hectic year.



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Class of 2019 Mob Spotlight

Two years ago, the Mob was born. Created by a friend group that explains themselves as misfits. Together they formed the legendary and iconic student section known as the MOB. The name and movement have now been passed down for two years and continues to ignite Davis school pride and spirit. At games, they started chants and cheered on the players. Now the question is, where are they now?

Garrett Cisneros the legendary and first MOB leader is now working to save up to go to school to further his education.

“I am just trying to figure life out and figure out who I am” states Cisneros.

As he is working on himself, he is also working on starting his own record label. Just like everyone else in these hard times, Garrett is just trying to survive by being healthy and safe.

Several of the original members are in college and either live together or live close. Branson, Chandler, Marshal, Chase, Weston, and Adam all like to hang out in their dorm and work on getting tik tok famous.

“I am in college and working on writing a movie” Says Chase Scovel.

A few others are on their missions and still, write weekly to stay in touch.

“Right now, I’m just working a ton so I can afford going on a long trip this spring. Some advice I’d like to give is to follow your passions and don’t worry what other people might think because after high school none of that matters,” says Seth Evans.

This is good advice to follow. After high school, things become more of a reality, and dreams, passions, and goals seem to be no longer realistic with the pressure of society. We can try and remember what Seth has said and push through and continue to dream and follow passions.

Even though this group is going to different places in life, the MOB has continued to carry the enthusiasm and hope through their personal lives. The MOB continues on, each year the faces of seniors change but as we learn from the 2019 gradates, we need to be louder and stronger. As the MOB we carry the school pride and in this is an important job we can look up to the examples of the original MOB.

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A Look into the Life of Heidi Gage

Heidi Gage is a 20 year old woman who has a life of many complications. From an early age it was apparent that Heidi was not a normal child, she could put her finger to the back of her hand and dislocate the shoulders, it was her own superpower. Now her superpower is more formally called EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). EDS allows her to do all sorts of cool tricks with her body.

However, as she got older it became less fun and more painful. Now, her shoulders are constantly going in and out of socket as well as her hips. EDS can make your joints loose and your skin thin and easy to bruise. It also can weaken blood vessels and organs. Depending on how fast Heidi’s EDS progresses, she may not live a full life. Though the thought if dying young is scary, Heidi has never given up and continues to live her life.

Another of her life challenges has been a rocky love life. A couple of months ago, Heidi and her long term boyfriend broke up because he decided that he was a woman and did not want to keep living as a man. He forced her to choose between supporting him or staying true to her sexuality. Heidi was devastated; she never wanted to break up with him, she loved him. Through this breakup, Heidi has done some self discovery about who she is. A month after their break up, he came back begging for forgiveness and trying to convince her to get back together with him. Heidi turned him down because she realized that their relationship was limiting for both of them.

Despite this difficult relationship, things seem to be looking up. A couple of weeks ago, Heidi and I were talking about this family we knew from living in Syracuse. She was talking about how much she liked them, especially their oldest son Talmage. Low and behold, that night, Talmage texted her and asked her out on a date for that Saturday. She went on the date and had lots of fun. As of last night, they have gone on 4 dates and are planning of going on more. Though Heidi may not live a very long life, she is going to do her best to live it to the fullest no matter what. Heidi encourages everyone to live their lives the best they can because tomorrow is uncertain.

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