How to make a boring subject fun: Jennifer Janes

Jennifer Janes is a English teacher at Davis High School. English is known to be one of the more bland subjects, but Mrs. Janes goes above and beyond to make it a little more interesting.

When walking into Mrs. Janes class the first thing you see is a beaming smile and the happy eyes of Jennifer. She is a bright happy person who never seems pessimistic.

Jennifer Janes started teaching 20 years ago at Davis and has never left since. She has a love for Davis and its students that has kept her working there for her whole career. She says her favorite thing about Davis High School are the students.

“We have awesome students here at Davis High.”

When asked what her least favorite thing about Davis was she paused, trying to think and answered saying

” I cant think of anything, that’s probably why I’ve been here for 20 years.”

In her past-time she likes to play volleyball, or to go on a run. She also enjoys scrapbooking and spending time with her kids. In college Jennifer originally majored in Physical Education and was planning on teaching in that area, but eventually became interested in English and began majoring in that.

Jennifer Janes is an excellent English teacher that can add a little flavor the the bland subject that is English with her positive, happy attitude and demeanor.

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Counselor Spotlight: Karl “the chill” Hall

Karl Hall is known for his ability to captivate students with his easy going personality.  Hall’s 16 year career in education makes him a seasoned vet. Something unique about Hall was that he was originally a teacher but decided to make the switch to a counselor so he could work more one-on-one with the kids. As fulfilling as teaching was it was clear that Hall wanted to engage with students on a more personal level to leave a more influential impact on their futures.

“I like how the staff in general prepares the students for college and real life and the many opportunities there are for college.” State hall

Hall was given a unique opportunity to be in the school while his own children attended Davis. This gave him a unique perspective to see what students go through from the perspective of a Parent, Teacher, and Counselor. This has allowed Hall to help people and is very understanding of all situations, he knows what an opportunity it is to be able to go to Davis high and have this opportunity and experience to prepare you for the future.

Karl Hall is definitely a favorite on the faculty for many students.

“Mr. Hall has always been willing to go above and beyond for me as a student.” State Davis High junior Matthew Ralston.

“He is very understanding and “chill”. He’s a stand up guy that has always been straight with me and that’s pretty rare to see from an adult.” Added Ralston.

Hall enjoys being a counselor and helping kids very much he is always willing to help you out and prepare you for the future. Davis high has an amazing counselors staff and he makes it only better, he is willing to help anytime.

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Carston Christensen

Carston Christensen is young, male, athletically gifted senior at Davis High School. Although he is known as the classic class clown/jock, Carson is an extremely interesting individual. Despite football player stereotypes, he is a very deep thinker and has a brilliant mind.

His favorite activities are mowing his lawn in symmetrical lines, ceramics, and of course playing football whenever he can. His favorite place in the world is Idaho where he lived for a few years. When he was 12 years old, his family bought an RV and were home schooled while they traveled all over the country. He said the strangest place they visited was New Orleans. His dream is to go on a backpacking adventure through Europe. His music interest is not what would be expected, he listens to artists like John Lenon, The Lumineers, and Monsters and Men. His favorite food in the world is street Tacos and if he could be any animal he’d be an Orangutan.

Carson said the biggest supporters in his life are his parents. He looks up to his brother Cody because he’s the most generous and kind person he knows. His reason for playing football is because he’s really good at it, he wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps, and he just loves the sport. After High school he wants to take off and explore the entire world. Good luck on your journey Carston.

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Teacher Spotlight: Shir Lynn Baird

As a few might know, Shir Lynn Baird is a math teacher at Davis High School. She’s taught math for many years, but the way she started teaching was odd. Ms. Baird’s parents are both teachers, growing up she never wanted to be a teacher. She was a Nursing Major, and one day her mom told her that she would be a good math teacher. She decided to make a deal with herself. She went back and took Calculus Two, and she agreed that if she passed the class with an A, she would become a math teacher. In the end, she passed Calculus with an A, and became a math teacher. 

A few things I didn’t know about Ms. Baird until the interview, was that she was obsessed with reading. She stated that she reads about a book a week. That is something you don’t usually expect from a math teacher. 

Her least favorite thing about teaching math is grading tests. As a math teacher, she must be on her a-game when grading assignments and tests. On the other end, she said a goal she accomplished while working at Davis High School, was teaching CE. A goal she is working towards, is going back to New Zealand. She explained that it was beautiful, and she was also very passionate about the fact that no animals can kill you. The worse you can get is a swollen hand from a spider bite, according to her.  

One thing that surprised me, is she talked about how she enjoyed going to concerts and shows. She loves going to concerts and stated that she goes to at least one a month, even more “if the budget allows it.” She also talked about how her and her family are very close. They spend time together constantly and talk every day. 

I just recently met Shir Lynn Baird, but she’s a great math teacher and has a great personality. If you go to Davis High School, I’d recommend stopping by to say hi. But be careful, she’s very sarcastic. 

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Grace Clark Volleyball Star

Do you like volleyball? Well, you’re going to love this article. As I interviewed Grace Clark, I realized that Grace had a passion for volleyball that nobody could ever break, she loves the sport to death.  Grace has been playing volleyball for almost 6 years, her first camp was at golds gym in Layton when she was 9. Ever since then she has grown so much love for the sport.  

Grace recently started playing for the school, they have been doing amazing so far and they hope to do good this upcoming season. Graces favorite thing about volleyball is that everyone helps each other and the whole team is very supportive.  Also, her coaches have had a big impact on her volleyball career because they have pushed her to do so much and they got her to where she is today.  

The best memory she has of when she played volleyball is when Davis High play Viewmont last year, one of the players on Davis had spiked the ball and it hit one of the Viewmont players in the head. Grace said everyone in the crowd was either laughing or trying super hard not to laugh. 

Grace has been halepng out her team allot, if she keeps up the good work, she can help the team try and win region and make a run at state.

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Teacher Spotlight: Cory Borup

Davis has some amazing teachers, but some of them don’t fully get the recognition they
deserve. Cory Borup is a Spanish teacher at Davis High and has taught here for 14
years as well as an additional 6 years before Davis.

He also teaches at Weber State, which is insane, but he still finds time to go to the gym every day! In his
free time, he loves going to the gym and spending time with his family. When he retires,
he is going to buy an RV and travel the world with his family. He says there is nothing
he would rather be doing right now than teaching.

Borup enjoys teaching at Davis because of the atmosphere and the maturity of high schoolers as they get older. He
likes being able to teach deeper concepts; it connects to a more mature audience. I thought it was interesting to see some of Borup’s thoughts, and even in such a short interview, I learned a lot!

I go to school with his son and daughter, Eli and Sadie. I mostly hang out with Sadie and she is really cool. Hopefully I can take a class from him soon and see for myself how great he is.

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Trevor Schwab: The man who does it all (Except illegal activities)

Trevor Schwab was born third out of four children. Now, being a middle child does not necessarily mean that he is an “underachiever”. In reality, Trevor is the most advanced specimen in his family and is aspiring to accomplish more than his predecessors.

Schwab’s skillset is shown through a variety of scientific, mathematic, and historic knowledge. Schwab’s historic knowledge reaches to the depths of the darkest recesses in his mind. This historic memory was acquired at a young age by exclusively watching the history channel, Discovery nature documentaries, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

In elementary school Trevor supplemented his growing knowledge with vigorous baseball training. Over 9 years Trevor enhanced his mind and body to show the world that one can be brains and brawn.

At the age of 16, Trevor had received the greatest gift in history. A 1999 bright cherry red Chevy Tahoe. Using this Tahoe, he has traveled to lands unseen by the average Kaysville resident.

“I like car, car no go fast, red car red car red car” said Trevor Schwab.

In recent years Trevor has drifted from playing baseball to arguing with others over current issues in debate. As a debater Trevor has earned countless awards and has shown his prowess with rhetoric. For the past two years he has gone to nationals with Ethan Adler as his partner. He currently plans on going for a third year in a row.

Trevor now has combined his speaking strength with his historical knowledge to have the ability to speak like a college history professor.

“He is like an old history professor but trapped inside of a 17 year old body.” Alex Arnesen stated.

This can be seen clearly as his favorite painting is La Guernica, (Pablo Picasso’s magnum opus), and his enjoyment of Romanesque architecture over other forms of architecture.

“Julius Caesar was a chad, Julius Caesar was Roman, Therefore I like Romanesque architecture because it’s for chads.” Trevor Schwab.

Many people have experienced senioritis, in which they just don’t care about school anymore. Lately Trevor has been feeling a tad overwhelmed. With college applications being due soon for UC Berkeley, The University of Washington Seattle, and The University of Utah, taking 3 AP classes, 5 CE classes, and many extracurriculars, Trevor has had an extremely busy year. Although Schwab is busy, he will persevere through the year. Like the pioneers.

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Administrator Spotlight: Dr. Wilkey

Most students here at Davis High know Dr. Wilkey simply as our head administrator, and don’t think about him outside of school. But he’s truly a friendly, family-loving people-person, with a love for pizza and college football.

Dr. Wilkey doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies, since most is spent on otherwise. When he can, he watches college football and spends time with his family. When asked who his favorite college football team is, he responded, “Who do you think? The Utes!”

When Dr. Wilkey was younger, he didn’t know what he wanted to do when he grew up. He went on an LDS mission in Germany and it really gave him some perspective. He says, “I made a choice to leave the country and go somewhere for two years. I had something to look forward to, And then when I came back, I think I was kind of dialed in like ‘hey, I want to be a teacher’.” While on his mission, he had to learn German, which later became a subject he taught.

Dr. Wilkey taught history and German, and he loved it. He loved being able to make a difference one on one, and doesn’t have that as much now that he’s an administrator. When asked what drove him to be an administrator, he answered, “Most of us I think, when we do something say ‘okay, do I want to push myself to advance?’” Advance is exactly what he did.

Dr. Wilke is much more than our head administrator. He said himself that he would like to be loyal, loving, and kind, as we already know him to be.

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Coach Bayard the football expert

Coach Bayard has been coaching the Davis High Football team for the past three years. His most favorite
thing about being a coach is the atmosphere. He also loves the competition between the players and the
other teams.
At the beginning of the season the Darts didn’t score as many points as Bayard was hoping for.
“The first two games we only scored 23 points combined, and the last three games we have a total of
113 points.” Bayard tells the reporter.
The way that the offense is developing is looking good for the darts as they prepare for Region.
Currently Davis is sitting in region behind Syracuse. They have played the bottom half of the region
already and they are preparing to take an on the 1st on the team and 3rd team in the next two weeks. If they beat both teams they will be ranked first in the region. It is going to be a challenge for the Darts.There have been some tough tests this year for the Davis High Football team. Last year the team was super senior heavy. Also, with the Farmington split last year, the senior players on the team this year is a small number.
“It was hard getting all of the players on the same page.” Bayard explains.
The team also has struggle with getting a lot of the players healthy this year. He is overall very happy
with the progress that the offensive line is making, but they still have things that they could work on.
Before the games Coach Arquette treats all the coaches with a meal. They discuss the game for that
night and what their goals are for the game. After, Bayard tries to relax and get the boys prepared for
the game.

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Meg Harris is a gifted and brilliant student here at Davis High. She is a senior this year and is a member
of the Davis Cheer team. Some of her favorite hobbies are painting, working out, and reading books. She
has a passion for literature and is constantly searching for another good read.
Meg is very optimistic and has a positive outlook on everything. She is incredibly intelligent and an
exceptionally artistic student. Other than painting, she enjoys Broadway musicals, especially Hamilton.
When asked about the Davis Cheer team, she stated, “It has been fun to be involved in things at the
school. The relationships between the girls are amazing.” Meg has brought a lot of unity to the cheer
team and is always looking out for everyone around her.
Meg hopes to pursue a career in business and graduate with a master’s degree. She will be attending
Utah State University with the Huntsman Scholar Program next year. If that’s not impressive enough,
Meg also works at a capital investment firm, which is quite an achievement!
Meg wants students at Davis to know that she is not as scary as she looks and wants to be a friend to all.
When asked about how she hopes to influence Davis, she said, “I want to be kind to everyone.”
Meg is a wonderful student and friend. If Meg is not a familiar person to you, you should get to know
her. She will definitely be one of your greatest friends!

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IGOR: The new sound of modern music

Tyler, The Creator, one of the music industry’s most versatile and varied artists and producer tweeted out the following a few minutes ahead of the release of his newest album, IGOR:


Tyler’s made quite the following for himself in the past decade since his debut, and in that time hes repeatedly pushed the boundaries of music as the modern world knows it. From the violent bars and verses of albums like Cherry Bomb, Or Goblin, to the swooning melodies and upbeat tunes of Flower Boy, Tyler has gone from a punk to a young man struggling with his sexuality, and someone that just wants to save the Bees. Two years removed from his last album, Flower Boy, fans were ecstatic to say the least when world of a rumored new studio album emerged earlier this month, and on May 17th, 2019 IGOR was released.

Tyler himself suggested that fans just go, just jump into the album, and from first hand experience I can attest that a long walk, a car overlooking the sunset, or just laying in bed all suffice, as long as distractions are limited, IGOR can be experienced just as its meant to be. Using the world “Listening” doesn’t do justice to this album, it is something that is experienced. If rap isn’t your genre don’t be discouraged, Tyler stated it himself, don’t go into this expecting a rap album or any album for that matter.

Taking heavy influence from old school R & B, soul, funk, and rap music Tyler manages to assemble an album that hits the check marks to qualify for all those categories, yet doesn’t truly fit into any genre. IGOR is IGOR, that really the only genre it can be classified in, which is to say that IGOR is an entirely new genre in the age of modern music, one that it alone will ever fit into. The first track exemplifies this to a tee, deep bass as if from a Si-Fi movie opens the track, but soon enough drums, cymbals, and masterful layering of vocals produces an atmosphere that sets up the rest of the album, an atmosphere that says this isn’t just music, this IS IGOR.

With features from artists such as Kanye West, Playboi Carti, and Lil Uzi Vert, the album on paper seems like the perfect recipe for a masterful rap album, but the way these guests are used just play further into Tyler, The Creators musical prowess. A prowess he uses to display the complex emotions behind IGOR so that by the end of the album you’ll feel that you were at the center of a heartbreak yourself.

“EARFQUAKE” is the second song on the album, one that sets the stage for the story of loves troubles IGOR will chronicle throughout is approximately 40 min run time. Stating “‘Cause when it all comes crashing down, I’ll need you.” Tyler sets the stage for next song “I THINK” where he believes hes falling in love, and this time he believes its for real. The idealistic view of love can only last so long however, until the album explores Tyler’s descent into heartbreak and misery, eventually accepting his feelings, and asking the person in question: Are we still friends?

Withing 40 minutes, IGOR sets up, explores, and describes the emotional roller coaster of love for someone that doesn’t love you back. It does this will solidifying Tyler, The Creator as one of the most innovative artists in the industry, with the music industry as his canvas. Music couldn’t be in better hands than those of Tyler, The Creator.

If you haven’t listened to IGOR yet, go on a nice walk, or find a place with no distractions and experience the new sound of modern music.

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Student Scottlight: Scott Swain

Scott Swain is a senior here at Davis high. But a regular senior he isn’t. He is the director of the Bread and Cheese Club, a Sterling Scholar finalist, the best journalism editor around, correcting every grammar problem that you haven’t seen, a DECA member, and a member of the senior committee.

He loves our school, though he likes many of the classes here his favorite  are  ceramics, film history, and AP English. Through all of these classes he will be graduating our school with a 4.0, one that he has held since 7th grade, and he has achieved 34 ACT score.

These great accomplishments have gotten him a great deal of scholarships, including the Presidential scholarship from USU which pays for his tuition and the Huntsman Scholar and Direct Admit scholarships which gets him an additional $8,000, and finally a 500 dollar scholarship from USU due to his excellence in the sterling scholar competition.

These scholarships have lead his way to Utah State University, which he will be attending  this fall after graduation. While there, he will be delving into economics and statistics, planning on coming out of there with a Master’s in economics and statistics.

If Scott had his way then he would be a screenwriter, as he writes screenplays and directs short films now. He has written many, but he is currently writing “a microcosm of the transition of life from childhood to adult life in the form of a senior trip.”

While screen writing is his favorite, poetry and journalism are other places where his writing excels. In addition to editing for Davis High News, Scott writes for the Ogden Standard-Examiner.

While an amazing writer, his other talents are very impressive too. Scott loves using his hands to make things. He loves sewing, where he has made his own bow ties. He dabbles in activities such as origami with canons being his coolest consistent project and painting, where his favorite painting he has made is a painting of boats.

Realistically though, Scott wants to be a actuary and moving to Texas where the economy is great, in hopes of making a good income to support a family.

After making this all of the money, as someone as intelligent as him is sure to make, he wishes to retire to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Though clearly not everyone’s first choice, it has personal importance to him. His family has history there on the beautiful cape. The history of his family isn’t the only history there that he is intrigued by, so retiring there is his plan.

The greatest editor, a man of many traits, and an absolute genius. It’s not hard to see that he is going to go far.

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Godfrey, jack of all trades

Josh Godfrey is a teacher and our boys baseball coach here at Davis High. He has been coaching for 5 years. This is his second year teaching and coaching here.

For coach Godfrey sports has been a huge part of his life for a long time. Coach Godfrey went to Davis and was an all-state baseball player.

When he was asked what it was like to return to his alma mater as a coach and teacher he said, “I love coaching at Davis. It can be tough because I’ve been in the community for 40 years so there is some pressure.”

This sentiment is common with a lot of coaches because they a lot of pressure to succeed and live up to your expectations.

I also asked coach Godfrey what made him want to coach and he said ” It’s a chance for me to stay in the sport of baseball at a competitive level and its a chance for me to see them grow both athletically and as men and individuals.”

Coach Godfrey also has great things to say about his staff. “My varsity assistant Cam Talbot is the hitting coach and the kids love him because he keeps it fun for them.”

As you can see Coach Godfrey is not only a great coach and teacher, but also a great man.

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Teacher spotlight: Davis Dart Through and True

Mr Dobson is one of the Sophomore English teachers. He has been teaching here for twenty four years, but before that he spent years teaching at Highland High and East High school.

Many years before that, he was a student here at Davis High school. Not just a regular “come to classes to graduate” student, but a very intelligent and involved one. A madrigal, in the theater here, and an honors society member, which is one of the reasons he came back and taught here.

“Teaching is part of my genetics,” states Dobson.

Dobson has always wanted to be a teacher. Both of his parents were teachers, and he was sure he wanted to follow their footsteps, and be an English teacher too. So after a few years teaching in other schools, he came here.

“I really like the school here and the students who are fun. You, Max, are my favorite reason to teach.” says the English teacher.

A good thing too, because his class has taught me, and I’m sure many others, so much more and in a very memorable way.

Knowing he wanted to be a teacher he decided to go to college. So off he went to England to go York university, but not as an English major. He majored in medieval studies instead, making his now profession a secondary degree. His major covered medieval England, their literature, the wars, and the culture, while enjoying studying abroad and experiencing the world.

Outside of teaching Mr Dobson loves to travel and be outside. Though he has gone all over, he has a few favorites, New York and London being his top two. And the places that he has gone to have brought him to many fantastic hikes, which is one of his favorite things to do.

Mr Dobson though, is still an English teacher, and as many English teachers like to do, he reads. The Poisonwood Bible and The Mountains Echoed are some that he has read.

More impressive than all of that though, Dobson loves to do volunteer work helping the homeless and the less privileged, doing so quite often for volunteers of America.

A man of knowledge, a man of nature, a man of heart, and an excellent teacher. Mr Dobson is quite the man to meet.

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Student Spotlight: Margaret Brown, mountain biking machine!

Margaret Brown is a talented mountain biking senior here at Davis High. Her hobbies include mountain biking, journalism, skiing, enjoying the outdoors, and playing with her dogs Hazel and Scarlett.

During the mountain biking season she spends a large amount of time on the trails, she stated she rides 6 days a week when the weather allows it.

Currently Margaret’s dad, Gardner, is the Mountain biking club’s coach. Her favorite places to go mountain biking are Moab, Sun Valley, Deer Valley, and Saint George. Margaret and her team travel all around the state visiting many cool trails to compete at.

Margaret has a passion for mountain biking. She says,

“It is a really amazing sport that allows me to be outside and see more of the world. More girls should join the team! The sport is growing and is always in need of girls!”

Davis Highs Mountain Bike Club has been around for about 6 years. The first team was made up of barely 10 students. Now, there are 50 plus students and is growing rapidly every year. Utah Cycling League is also growing and has almost 3,000 racers at each venue.

Davis High has done very well at state the past two years. The 2018 year season, Davis got 3rd in the state. That is an amazing accomplishment for this growing sport.

Margaret Brown is an awesome person and a great friend to everyone and if you have not met her before, I recommend that you do!


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Sam Pontillo (aka Snam Pontillus)

Davis High has many different clubs & groups. One of these clubs is stage crew (Audio Visual Team or Stage Craft if you’re interested in taking the class next year;)) & in stage crew you’ll find the iconic Sam Pontillo. Sam is an intelligent, passionate, hard-working, & hilarious being. Anyone who is lucky enough to know him (& his awesome girlfriend, Audra Leslie) knows what an opportunity it is to be graced with his presence.

A little about Sam:

  • he is a junior at DHS
  • he often goes by his last name, Pontillo
  • participates in stage crew
  • loves spending time with his friends & girlfriend
  • loves video games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, etc.
  • plays the piano very well (even though he’ll say he doesn’t)
  • also can sing VERY well (but pretends he can’t)

Pontillo spends a lot of time in the DHS auditorium. Even though he is extremely talented in all aspects of stage crew, he has an exceptional capability when it comes to lights. He can often be found in the DHS auditorium hanging lights, focusing them, & fixing things no one else would have had the eye to notice.

Sam has contributed to many of the beautiful light designs in our productions this year: Shakespeare, Newsies, One Acts, You Can’t Take it With You, & the upcoming Dance Company concert, titled She.

The nickname “Snam” came about this most recent September during Night O’ Shakespeare. Thanks to his great talent, & admirable commitment, he came to each rehearsal & performance when he could have spent his time doing other things. As we were all tired & worn out, Sam started putting an “n” into words. Fnood (food), Cnam, (a friend named Cam), & soon after, Snam Pontillus was born.

Meme knowledge, great taste in music, & humility are just some of the traits that make up Sam Pontillo. A more funny, caring, talented, & relatable soul has not existed. Incredibly humble, talented, & a fantastic friend, Sam Pontillo is the greatest gift Davis High has ever received.


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Mrs. Bennett: Queen of Teaching

Mrs. Bennett, one of the teachers at Davis High, teaches quite a bit of the available classes here at Davis: AP world, psych, history of film, and study skills. She has been a teacher now for 14 years.

Mrs. Bennett started teaching in California where she is originally from. She taught there for 2 years, moved to Utah and taught at Syracuse Jr High for 3, Syracuse High for 5 years, and continues to teach here and has been for the past 4 years. She is an amazing teacher who has great value for what she lectures on, and cares about all of her students.

Teaching is no easy task,

“I do sometimes hate it, but at the end of the day I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

She didn’t always think that she would be a teacher,

“I thought I was going to be rescue swimmer for the coast guard, and a fire fighter.”

Her biggest pet peeve that goes on in her class room are cell phones. She says that she could get behind a no cell phone policy. It is easier to focus and do things in class without one. One of her biggest goals with teaching is,

“If I can make a difference in one student’s life, then it’s all been worth it.”

She is such an amazing teacher, we are all lucky to have her here at Davis.


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Mike Crookston: The new director of the DHS Band

One of the newest teachers at the school, and a previous student at Davis High School, is Mr. Crookston. He has taken over the position of band director, after Mr. Hendricks retired. Mr. Crookston has helped the band accomplish previously unattainable goals and made sure they are held at a standard of excellence.

Mr. Crookston has shared that one of his main factors when teaching band students is that he takes great pride in the performance of his students and wants to do whats best for them and for the school.

“I love the students in the band program and care much more about the lessons they learn when making music together than about the actual music itself.” 

This school year is Crookston’s first year as a band director at Davis High school. One of the things that he integrates into the band is a “culture of kindness”. What this means is that every student is expected to treat one another with respect and understanding, rather than competition and rivalry. The goal is to try and erase the stigmas surrounding different sections and remind the students that every part of the band is as critically important as the next. He hopes that this behavior and standard will continue to be taught and upheld for years to come in the Davis High band.




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Spencer Vernon Darts Secret Weapon

Spencer Vernon was Davis high basketballs secret weapon. The 6’2 junior never shied away from a challenge Coach Sims put in front of him. The basketball team took a trip to North Carolina to play some tough competition. They were playing a North Carolina team that was top in the state and then an unfortunate accident occurred. Spencer took a nasty fall and broke his wrist.

“I went up for a dunk and I got my legs taken out and I tried to catch my self and I felt a pop on my wrist.” says Spencer.

At first Vernon thought it was just a jammed wrist and he wanted to keep playing but coaches wouldn’t let him because it was too swollen, you could tell something was wrong.

“I was very sad when they wouldn’t let me go back in and play.” admits Vernon.

Spencer broke his wrist and was out for 6 weeks. He missed the first half of region play. He came back later made a huge impact on the darts and was a huge part of their great success.

“It was a blessing in disguise, when I was out I took that opportunity to get stronger and did a lot of lower body work and ultimately made me a better basketball player.” states Spencer.


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Student Spotlight: Carston Christiansen

One of the reasons Davis High is such an amazing school is because of its exceptional students. Carston Christiansen is a great example of what Davis High has to offer. He is a very outgoing, warm person that makes everyone around him feel welcome and included. Carston is a junior and plays football for Davis. He was an offensive force for the Darts at running back this last year. He is a man of many hobbies, as he enjoys movies, rollerblading, watching the bachelor, doing puzzles, vacuuming, and mowing his lawn.

Unlike most students at Davis High, Carston did not grow up in Kaysville. He moved from Rexburg, Idaho at a very crucial time in his life, the summer before starting high school. Because of his outgoing personality and his involvement in football and track, Carston was able to make a lot of friends with which he credits to why he enjoys Davis High so much. “My favorite part about being a student at Davis High is the social aspect and spending time with my friends and making memories with them.”

Carston says he enjoys Utah more than Idaho because “here there’s a lot more open mindedness; people aren’t as judgmental, and you can think for yourself more.”

He has enjoyed his time as a student at Davis High very much and is excited for what the future holds.

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Kennedie Shepherd: davis high’s curly sweetheart

Kennedie Shepherd is the girl with the dark curly hair. She’s a junior at Davis High School. She’s a great friend and has a trendy grungy/athletic style. She likes to hangout with friends play soccer and work towards future goals. Kennedie has a big family and scoops them chocolate ice cream every night (Kennedie’s personal favorite ice cream). She loves her dog Scooter and loves to play tug of war with him. Kennedie is supportive of her friends and family and will always be there if you need her.

Kennedie is on the Davis debate team and goes to most tournaments. She loves being apart of the team. She said “I love having a second family to spend all of my weekends with at tournaments.” Kennedie also participates in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). She goes to meetings and to talk about medical terms and talks to other potential medical majors. Kennedie wants to major in sports medicine and become an Orthopedic Surgeon. She is currently taking medical classes at Davis High to work towards her goal. “Sports Med and EMR are the best classes and Miss. Kurtz is one of my favorite teachers.” she said. She shows great enthusiasm to the medical field and we wish her the best of luck on all her future goals.

Outside of school Kennedie is on three soccer teams. She’s on an adult league, competition soccer and recreational soccer. She has practice twice a week and will only miss if she has work. In soccer Kennedie works really hard and has always been supported by her family. She has been playing soccer since she was five years old and said “Soccer has always been my favorite activity.” Kennedie works at a daycare and takes care of kids. She loves her job and loves the people she works with. Kennedie also will ref soccer games and will sometimes supervise soccer practices for the rec league. She works hard in and out of school and has so much energy to do all she does.

Kennedie loves to hangout with her friends and will always make time for the people most important to her. She loves to go swimming in the summer and would rather walk than drive a car. She loves her curly hair and embraces the curly personality it gives her. Kennedie is a sweet girl and has many great qualities. She keeps herself busy between soccer, work, and school activities. Kennedie plans to go into the medical field and become an amazing Orthopedic Surgeon. We love our Davis girl with the curls and wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors.


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Student Spotlight: Gary THE Boy

Eli Borup, better known as “Gary” (A nickname given cause of his Fortnite username), is an above average student here at Davis High School with many accomplishments to his name. Eli is a junior here at Davis High, and loved by many of the students.

When asked his thoughts on Eli, Korey Peters (one of Eli’s closest friends) replied: “He’s funny and caring, and always knows how to bring those up who may be feeling down.”

Although Eli is known by many for being the son of Mrs. Sarah Borup, a Special Ed teacher, and Mr. Cory Borup, a Spanish teacher here at Davis; Eli has shown out to be a funny, loving kid who has given himself his own image here.

Eli is also quite the athlete, playing many sports from soccer to football. As a kid he played soccer, but quit when he was in 7th grade when he took a step back from athletics. He then took up football and played linebacker for the team during his sophomore year. This last winter Eli played on a basketball team known as the “Honcho Ballas,” which also included other students from Davis High.

Eli is also a well rounded individual. When asked what he does outside of schooling and athletics, he said, “I play the violin, I enjoy playing video games, and also hanging out with friends.” Eli is a very well rounded individual, and very outgoing. He’s the type of person people love to be around.

With Eli being in his junior year he looks forward to his senior year, where he plans to keep up his academics and make new memories with his friends.

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Greg Page Is The Man!

Want to go for a hike or drive in the mountains? Want to have someone to talk about music or guitar with? Greg Page is your guy! Greg is one of the 2018-2019 Sophomore officers, soon to be candidate for 2019-2020 Jr officer. He is always on the run doing what he loves, literally.

Along side of all his many talents and interests, he is also on the Davis track team. He loves doing anything that involves being in the mountains, hiking, camping, going for drives, and skiing. He says he is so passionate about skiing because he is able,

“To be up in the mountains and be with friends.”

He has been skiing basically all his life up at Snowbasin, and is a total powder junkie. One of his dreams is that he will be sponsored as a Backcountry skier.

He self taught himself the guitar and has been playing for the past year and a half, he loves having jam sessions with his friends. He is really passionate about music and loves finding new music, listening to it, and sharing with people. He usually listen to music like, alternative, R&B, and singer songwriter. He enthusiastically said that just a few of his favorite bands and artists were,

“John Denver, Rex Orange Country, The Lumineers, The Beatles, Mipso, and The Backseat Lovers.”

Greg is always down to do something and have fun! Some of his favorite things to do with family and friends are,

“Go camping, go on drives, and go to concerts.”

Hope all of you get to know him and see just how awesome he really is!


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Will Ferrin Spectacular Student Athlete

Will Ferrin is a senior here at Davis High School. Will grew up in Lindon and Orem Utah. In ninth grade Will moved here to Kaysville and the rest is history.

Will has had a successful career in kicking, and it is far from over. Will recently committed to play football for Utah State University in the fall of 2021 after he serves his mission. He is receiving his mission call very soon, and many people are anxious to hear where he is going.

Back to kicking… will starting his kicking career in the 5th grade where he kicked for Timpanogos high school. He kicked there until 8th grade. When he moved here in ninth grade he took a year off kicking. Will then started kicking again his sophomore year, but this time for dear old Davis high school. He was the varsity kicker for all three years of high school. His senior year he made 13/17 field goals, 16/16 extra points, and 33 out of his 40 kick offs were touch backs. If this doesn’t show the power and accuracy that Will has, I don’t know what does.

Not only is Will a great kicker, he is a great kid. He is always looking for ways to make people happy and puts other peoples needs first. He is a hard worker and has great things ahead in his future!

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Lisa Wadley: the kindest counselor

Here at Davis High we have a variety of school counselors that are available for students to talk to. One of the kindest, most beloved counselors by the students is Lisa Wadley.

Mrs. Wadley has been a counselor at Davis High for only two years, but has already stolen the hearts of the students and staff. She has become quite fond with her occupation, saying she loves being able to form connections with students and to help them succeed.

“I’m just here to support everyone.”

When asked what her favorite part of the job was, she unhesitatingly answered that it was the students. She enjoys helping educate them in better ways to progress in their lives academically to help pave a path for their future. Wadley originally got a teaching degree in English, but later went back to school to get a masters in psychology.

Wadley says that her least favorite part of her job are the busy schedule change days and having to say no to students. She also says that she doesn’t absolutely love the early mornings, but who does?

For anyone interested in being a school counselor, she recommends getting a masters in psychology, getting diversity training, studying family support and career planning.

So head on down to the counseling office and show your appreciation to Davis’ kindest counselor, Lisa Wadley.






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Joe Jessop: The average Joe, but the extraordinary teacher

In the summer of 2016, there was a meeting of the teachers here at Davis that was held to introduce themselves to all others. While teacher after teacher told of their ever interesting and adventurous life, it got to the new teacher there, Joe Jessop. Joe stood up and instead of telling of unique talents and hobbies, Joe let everyone know that he lives an average life.

Joe is the sophomore head coach, applied education, and success for seniors teacher here at Davis high. This is his third year teaching here doing these things, but these aren’t his first years here. Joe went here for all 3 years of high school, with an above average GPA of 3.8. In his words he was an “average football center on our team that was average at the time”.

After graduating here he went to Weber state, graduating with a Bachelor’s in political science, in hopes of one day becoming a senator, but became a teacher and coach instead. Though not his dream job, he really likes it anyways, letting me know that “its nice helping others” and that “he likes the people here”, making his job enjoyable.

When he isn’t teaching, coaching, or helping out here at our school with multiple sports, his favorite thing to do is play video games. Even though he plays them quite often, everyday actually, and saying he does nothing else in his off time, he admits to “being average at them”. Playing video games, teaching, and sports really are his whole average life.

Mr. Jessop may be an average Joe, but as a teacher he is really something else. He has one of the most important jobs that there is. The main part of his job is to help kids like me with various mental disorders or life struggles, but still function like the other students. Kids like me with high functioning autism, kids with anxiety, kids with ADHD, kids with broken homes, and other problems that lead us to struggling at school. He has to deal with kids like me with behavioral problems from awkwardness in social situations, or that land us in the office quite often, and kids that have problems with school work.

He’s dang good at it too, getting kids to graduate that couldn’t have without him, far better than most teachers too. He manages to make us students smile and laugh in his class, he manages to always make friends with his students, and he manages to help us with the day to day stress we deal with here by helping us figure out our plans. Not the average Joe he claims himself to be, but something much more important.

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Tatum Cook: one of the best officers you’ll have!

Sweet as a peach, Tatum Cook is one of the 2018-2019 Junior Class Officers. Besides student government, she has been involved with track since her sophomore year, and she appears to have a great time when it comes to both. But, she also said that sleeping is one good hobby of hers.

Her birthday is on July 16th, and here is what she has to say about it:

“I like cupcakes more than cakes, and I like to swim and spend time with people I love.”

Speaking of people she loves, we wanted to know what Tatum likes to do with family and friends.

“My family and I enjoy  to play games, the board ones and video games too, like Mario Kart…and swimming too. When it comes to friends, I like to hike with them during summer time.”

”Tatum is super fun, she loves to do new things and I admire her for being very supportive, funny, and outgoing. I’m glad that I am part of her life,” said Julia Hampton, one of Tatum’s friends that likes to go hiking and boating with her.

Since everyone appears to be glad that Tatum is their officer, we were wondering what made her run last year and what her goals were. She said:

“The people. The good you get to do, go to all the activities and support the teams and be able to see the hard work they put on. And I have a lot of school pride.”

After reading this, I hope that if you do not know Tatum you better look for her, because it is totally worth it. We are glad that she can represent Davis so well and show her support at all the sports activities and be such a nice person to everyone.


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The Duck

Jaxson Rose, is a senior and stellar student here at Davis High. He is an athlete, captain of the lacrosse team, and well known by the students of Davis High.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he is better known by “Quack” or “The Duck”. A nickname that caught on in 7th grade, after replacing his head with the one of a duck on his school photo. From then on everyone knew him as “Quack”.

When asked about how he felt about this years lacrosse season he said, “In the four years I’ve played for Davis High, I have never seen the team put more work and time into achieving our goal of winning the state championship.”

Quack, like he said has put in a lot of time and effort into lacrosse. He started playing lacrosse when he was ten years old and started playing lacrosse for Davis as a freshman. Unlike other sports he had played, he liked lacrosse due to its physical nature and fast paced play.

Being a senior, Jaxson plans to enjoy his last year playing defense. He has been preparing for the spring season and state tournament, by playing in the fall season and going to anger management. The team has also stayed in shape during the winter, by conditioning inside the school.

To see the infamous Duck and the rest of the lacrosse team play. Come and support them at their first game Monday, March 4th.


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Student Spotlight: softball_swagger11 Paige

Paige Elkins is a grand slam of a player and a person. Paige is an amazing athlete that plays for Davis Highs Softball team. She started playing when she was 6 and has a huge love for the sport.

“I love playing for Davis because I am so close to all the girls on the team.”

High School Softball teams compete for region title and eventually state title. With this being her last year, she is hoping to help her team win at state.

Paige loves giving it all for her team. “I’m excited for this season because i’m a senior and i just can’t wait to ball out.”

Even though this is Paige’s last year in high school softball, she is going to continue to play in college. She committed to Snow Colleges softball team.

Paige plays on a comp team as well. She compares it to the Davis Team, and confirms she likes Davis better than the comp team because she gets closer to the girls on her team.

Paige is also an amazing student at Davis. She loves spending time with her friends and taking classes. She has gone to Davis all three years and has made many good memories.



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Athlete Spotlight: KO Fisher, a big fish in a big pond

For most people, two torn ACL’s would indicate the end of their high school sports career. For KO Fisher, this is not the case.

As a sophomore, KO tore his ACL playing as a defensive end during a football game and was not able to play the rest of the football season or the basketball season that winter. After going through a tough recovery, he was able to play a successful season of football and basketball his junior year. A year later, KO’s final season of high school football was cut short as he was blinded with another ACL tear, this time in his other knee.

Instead of just deciding to be done with high school sports for good, KO went through another grueling recovery, and, five months later, became a starter on the varsity basketball team. It was not easy for KO to overcome the challenge of rehabilitating a knee for the second time. “It very mentally and physically challenging,” he stated.

His family, friends, coaches, and determination were very important influences during his recovery, and helped KO push himself to his limits so he could play basketball with his friends.

The boys’ basketball team has done very well this year with a record of 16-7 and taking second in region, heading into the playoffs. KO Fisher has been a big part of their success as the starting center.

“It’s been really fun and cool to be playing again with some of my best friends.”

He is enjoying living up his senior year and that high school sports have been a big reason why he’s enjoyed being a student here at Davis High so much.

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Student Spotlight: Fun facts on Mikayla Jensen

As soon as you meet Mikayla Jensen your life will become a little bit brighter. Mikayla is one of the kindest, funniest, and most down to earth people on planet earth. If you need someone to tell you a dad joke when you’re feeling down, she’s your girl. If you need someone to defend you against the jerks in the world, call her up. If you need someone to eat your crunchy fries at lunch, give her a holler. She’s got your back, day and night.

Mikayla is a junior here at Davis. She shared that she really enjoys to walk her dogs, do anything involving music, and spend time with her friends. Along with those facts, there are some things about Mikayla that most people wouldn’t know. For example, she can’t roll her tongue, she’s really good at speaking French, and she is also an amazing lead air guitarist for her own band. She is an expert when it comes to using chopsticks, and she can do the best somersault the world has ever seen. She has an amazing sense of humor, and knows just how to cheer you up when you’re down.

Mikayla is very involved in extracurricular activities here. She is involved with HOSA, and is next years’ president elect. She loves to participate in medical activities, and her biggest dream is to graduate from medical school. She loves learning about medicine and caring for other people.

Everyone who knows Mikayla knows that its nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when she is around. she is such a kind friend, and is always willing to share a smile or give you a hug. People like her are the people that make Davis such a positive place. Seriously though, if you aren’t friends with her, you’re missing out. She’s amazing, uplifting, and not to mention hilarious. Everyone absolutely loves her. So get to know her!


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Student Spotlight: Kyle Rosqvist AKA Geegol or Bike Jump Kid

Kyle Rosqvist is one of the many loved seniors at Davis High School. He is often more well known as Geegol or the bike jump kid. When he was in 9th grade, he and his friends were jumping a bike off a jump when disaster struck. Kyle crashed on his bike and became an over night super star when his video went viral. The video was an instant hit on Youtube and received well over 300,000 views. When he was asked about his opinion on the subject all he said was ” No comment”.

Kyle is a student known and loved by almost every student at Davis High. He is very out going and loves to talk to everyone he comes across. Many students have seen his Bike Jump Video and recognize him from that video, he is well known as a “Kaysville Celebrity.” Even going outside of Davis Country is still recognized and praised for his attempt to do a bike jump.

“I like to horse around with computers, work with foods, workout at the gym, and hang out with his friends.” Says Rosqvist

Kyle is extraordinary skilled in Cyber security. He practices ethical hacking techniques and programs and wishes to become a penetration tester when he is older.

“I have experience in certain tools related to that cyber security field, and I have the knowledge of net working tools and how to use them for malicious purposes.” Kyle states.

He is currently employed at Costa Vida at Farmington Station location. He works there about four days a week doing various amounts of tasks including cleaning, taking customers orders, making the food, and running the cash register. Co-workers love working with kyle.

“Like and subscribe to gnar brothers To YouTube.” said Kyle.

If you have not had the chance to meet Kyle, I would highly recommend going out of your way to go meet him, you would not regret it.

If you want to watch Kyle’s bike jump video here is the link:


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Better than Bo: Erik Gunn

Erik Gunn is the fun, charismatic man behind many of the activities at Davis High School. He came up with the idea for the incredibly successful Fortnite, Mario Kart, & Super Smash Bros tournaments to raise money for Sub For Santa.

Mr. Gunn attended & graduated from Dear old Davis High. After graduation, he went to the University of Utah for a year, then switched to Weber State to pursue a better teaching program. With his Bachelor of Science in Social Science Composite Teaching (meaning that he can teach history, geography, psychology, sociology, political science, & economics), Mr. Gunn was ready to enter the teaching world. Only a few years of teaching at other schools, he secured a position at his own DHS.

Mr. Gunn teaches a wide variety of classes. In addition to being the student government adviser, he teaches stage crew, sociology, & sports psychology.

Mr. Gunn’s classes are very popular with students because of how he cares deeply about every student and his passion for what he teaches. The wide variety of classes he offers means there’s something for everyone. Add one (or more!) of Mr. Gunn’s classes to your schedule today, and stop by room 1801 to check out any upcoming activities at the school.

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Garrett Larson: The Davis High Gunslinger

Davis High’s football team saw a lot of success in the past season. Much of that success can be contributed to Quarterback, Garrett Larson. He Threw for 1,877 yards and 15 touchdowns in the 11 games that the Darts played. Garrett is a team player who loves the thrill of competition. Garrett is a hard worker who has seen lots of success in his years playing Quarterback.

“I contribute my success to working hard everyday. I’ve had to earn everything and I think that comes from working hard. I also have great people around me,” Larson explained, “My parents have helped me in so many ways and I couldn’t do anything without my teammates and coaches.”

Garrett Larson has had a goal to play college football for a long time and has been putting time into being recruited as a Quarterback. After many visits and a new coaching staff at Utah State, Garrett received a preferred walk on spot and committed days later.

When asked about Utah States program, Larson said, “Utah State is a place with a great program and great coaches, it has been the place I’ve wanted to go to for a long time.” He will be enrolling in the school this summer and representing Davis High for years to come.

His goals for the future include, having a successful career at USU, Learning to become a better player, and getting a quality education at one of the top notch schools in America.

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Athlete Spotlight: Cali Stephenson Davis High’s Ace of Hearts

One of the leaders of the drill team….Cali Stephenson. Cali is a senior this year and led the drill team to a great season. Cali has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She has worked super hard for a long time, has been dancing at a studio her whole life, and has made the drill team every year in high school.

“My mom has been a huge influence. She teaches dance and is a big reason I’ve made it this far. Ever since she taught me dance when I was younger, I’ve loved it.” Cali said when asked about who has influenced her the most. Her mom was a current coach on the team this year.

When asked about how she felt the team did this year, Cali said,

“This year we had a lot of girls with talent, we had strong leaders and coaches. It was super devastating last year to not make it past region, but at the same time we were determined and willing to work hard to get where we wanted to be this year.”

The drill team placed 2nd overall in region and 6th overall at state. Cali was a big part of it and put in a lot of time and effort to make it there.

“I’m going to miss competing with my best friends and the hard practices that got us to our goal. I’m going to miss our team.”

Cali wants to keep dancing in college whether it’s just taking dance classes or being on a team. She plans on going to UVU or Utah State and hopes to teach dance in the future.

Cali is not only an amazing dancer, but a great friend with a super funny and outgoing personality.





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Bo Roundy: The student favorite

When you hear, star wrestling coach and favorite history teacher, I bet your first thought is Mr. Roundy.

Mr. Bo Roundy is known to many as a favorite teacher, and a fantastic coach. He continuously inspires students to become better everyday, and we all look up to him. He has voiced that it’s important for him to be seen as a good person in the lives of his students and athletes, and we all know that it’s nearly impossible to feel any differently.

Mr. Roundy has been teaching for 15 years, with the majority of his career being at Logan High School. There, he also coached football and wrestling, leading his teams to many victories. He is just finishing his 3rd year here at Davis High. Here, we know him as a favorite history teacher, the football team’s Defensive Coordinator, but he is most commonly recognized for being the wrestling Head Coach.

We all know that Coach Roundy is incredibly passionate about coaching, shown in his long hours prepping and leading the team, and creating lasting relationships with his athletes. Roundy encourages students to join the wrestling program because its a very unique sport, based on strength and technique. Not only does it have the team aspect to it, but there are a lot of individual elements. Though it may seem overwhelming to many, its can be very rewarding.

“I witness changes in the wrestlers body as they turn into chiseled beasts from the intense workouts.” As stated by Roundy.

Well said. His wrestlers have had quite an impressive performance this year. 2 wrestlers (Parker Coffey and Heston Percival) were crowned divisional champions, and 17 wrestlers qualified for the state tournament. Impressive, right?

“I am proud of the team and their fight.” Roundy says.

Although the victories are amazing achievements, that’s not Roundy’s only goal as a teacher and coach. He’s not only trying to build their strength and skill as athletes, he’s working to build their self-esteem and character as individual people.

“I struggled as a young man in school and found success in sports, which helped me grow the self-esteem to do better in school. I feel like I need to be a champion for students in their lives and help encourage positive characteristics. I love being around young people and I feel inspired by their enthusiasm and love for life.” Roundy shared.

He works hard to maintain a balance between coaching and teaching. Along with coaching since July, he works hard to maintain an organized class and keep his gradebook up to date. He loves teaching and shared that he always tries to be energetic and encouraging while doing what he loves.

Outside of school, Mr. Roundy enjoys watching Netflix, going to the movies, mountain biking, and reading. He shared that his absolute favorite thing to do is travel.

“This year I am going to Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Martin, St Kitts, California to Disneyland, just to name a few…” he said.

Well it seems that these vacations are well earned, and very much deserved. So much of his time is devoted to the students here, and his impact on students lives is hard to compare. From all of us at Davis, we say thank you Mr. Roundy, and we hope to have him around for years to come.


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Travis Frey: Former BYU Wide Receiver

“Shut up, Schwab” – Travis Frey

This isn’t the first article I’ve tried to write on Travis Frey, in fact I’ve brought the idea to his attention for the past two and a half terms. While I was shot down every time I brought it up, he went on vacation this week, so while he’s getting sunburnt, I finally get to write a spotlight on the man, the myth, the legend, Travis Frey.

Blah, blah, blah, something about humble beginnings, whats really important is the fact that Travis Frey played high school football for Viewmont high school. After high school he went on an LDS mission, where he was stationed in Veracruz, Mexico wherein he honed his Spanish speaking skills. After a brief season at Utah State University, he transferred to his dream school and played football at BYU. His skills as wide receiver were unmatched, yet came to an end early when I shoulder injury made him sit out for the season. Nevertheless he persisted and came back with a vengeance, and while he may not have had a lot of playing time, his dedication and relentless work ethic impressed those on and off the field. As his college years came to an end a new dawn was approaching, and he would have to choose what came next.

Many people have said that Frey would make a great salesman, his charisma and ability to convince others usually leads people to this conclusion, but what many don’t know is that Frey himself is aware of this, and has capitalized on his skills in the past. During his days as an alarm salesman and a seller for direct T.V. he convinced countless consumers to buy products from the companies he represented, regardless of whether or not they needed them, but hey, business is business. His foray into sales was only a pit stop on his journey to he ultimate destiny, soon Frey would be hired as a Teacher and assistant coach at Davis High School, and in his first year of teaching, second period, his life would change for the better.

Aside from being a member of the coaching staff for the highly successful football and basketball teams for Davis High, Frey would also become one of the highest rated teachers in the school when it came time to evaluate teachers based on student reviews. Typically its a great feat to have such a positive record in your teaching career, but the fact that Frey was able to get these good of reviews so early in his career just show how good of a teacher Frey was, but what many wanted to know was whether or not he could continue his teaching hot streak, or was it all just beginners luck?

One year later Travis Frey continues to be one of the most popular teachers in regards to the sheer amount of students that he has in his classes. Students still line up on class change days in order to switch into his classes, and they still cant wait for their English or Journalism class periods. Many of the students credit this to his philosophy of laid back and deeper teaching. In a school schedule full of homework and tests, his class offers an escape from the monotony of traditional English classes. A large focus is not whether or not you can memorize certain vocabulary terms or write a five paragraph essay a week, its why are we affected by certain experiences, why do certain things matter to us more than others, the study of why we value what we value. For these insights I personally cant thank him enough, he took one of the most boring subjects I and many others could have imagined and helped us learn things about ourselves, he put enjoyment into a required part of the high school experience.

Who knows what the future holds for Travis Frey, a career in teaching seems the most obvious option, but in knowing him one must always expect the unexpected.

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Michael Wright: The Man Behind The Musical

Michael Wright, is one of the many loved teachers at Davis High School. Recently he directed the School’s musical,” Newsies.” This musical was a sell out, for a week davis high students put on a play that left the audience in awe.  He is the acting teacher here at davis and he teaches his students with a lot of enthusiasm and shows the passion he has for acting.

He is in love with acting but also likes playing board games, sports, working out, and playing with his kids. He competitively played football in high school but now just enjoys watching a variety of sports. Anything that is competitive, Micheal enjoys it and wants to be involved.

Michael has been a teacher for 8 years. This year he helped direct 5 different plays, including this years “Newsies.”

“I always knew I was supposed to be a teacher but tried my hardest not to become one.” – Michael Wright

He recently transfered here from Layton Christian where he was a drama teacher. Before he was a teacher he was an actor.

As he stated in an interview the play “Newsies” chose him, he had no desire to do it at first. He was never a fan of the play until he started to direct it, and now he loves it. He wanted to bring excitement to his students and he thought “Newsies” was perfect for the job.

He loves his job because he gets to spend time with his students.

“Seeing my students succeed and excel gives me hope and joy in my life.” says Wright.

He wants to help these kids have bright futures and have an amazing experience. He truly cares for each of his students. Davis High is lucky to have him as a teacher.


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Cara Smith: A Natural Leader


Cara Smith is an amazing captain for the color guard and an innovative student. While many people may not realize it, she has worked very hard to be the head flag captain for her final year on the Davis High color guard team. Her efforts show in her performance on and off the guard floor.

Since joining the Davis team, Cara has voiced some insight on to how it has changed her for the better. The leadership experience she has gained from guard have helped her become a better manager and improve her managing skills.

As flag captain, Cara has overcome many challenges and responsibilities. Planning practices, loading floors, leading basics, and designing/teaching choreography are all part of taking on the role of captain. Cara says that if anybody else was in the spot she is, she would tell them:

“Don’t let people discourage themselves; tell them that you truly care about them.”

She helps her fellow team mates with difficult work by giving support and help where it is needed.

When she first started color guard back in St George, Cara was a very shy and reserved individual. Her friend “dragged” her to one of the practices, and that was when she started a journey that would spread all the way until now, her senior year. Her is an example of the influence color guard has had on her, “color guard in general has really made me blossom out”. Cara developed critical skills to become a confident and assertive leader for her team and for her lifestyle.







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Teacher Spotlight: Julie Laub

Mrs. Laub is one of the most qualified chemistry teachers at Davis high, after being a chemist she decided to change her profession to teaching. When asked about this, this was her response;

“This is my 7th year at DHS.

I love being a teacher.  I feel like I found my niche.

Working as an organic chemistry was super interesting and enjoyable.  I feel like it has made me a better teacher.  I am glad I had the experience of working as a chemist but I definitely would choose teaching first!”


If She didn’t teach chemistry she said she would love to be a math teacher


We certainly are grateful that she decided to give up being a chemist and share her knowledge with us! Mrs. Laub also became a teacher for other reasons as well, the main one being that it worked better being a mom as a teacher than a chemist did.



“I have 5 darling daughters.  Three of my daughters are at Davis.  Ivie and Ariel are seniors and Micah is a junior.  My 2 oldest daughters, Abi and Rachel, are both in STEM fields at WSU.”


However, these aren’t the only children of hers. She also has an adorable furry-friend.


“I have 1 dog named Beau.  He is a golden lhasa apso and just turned 13 on November 1st.”


Its clear to all of us that she loves her cute little pup, as well as her children and husband dearly! We love Mrs. Laub and feel incredibly grateful to have her here with us ad DHS!




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Whitney Walpole: The amazing runner & student

Whitney Walpole is what you call an all rounded talented person. As a sophomore at Davis High, she has fulfilled many things. From her amazing grades, to killing it in cross country season, she has done a lot! And not to mention she has the sweetest, nicest personality. Everybody who knows Whitney only say good things about her.

Some fun facts about Whitney are that she likes to run, mountain bike, go on hikes, and go on vacations. Her favorite vacation spot is southern Utah, going to St. George and Moab. Some goals she’s set for herself in the year are: to break 5:40 in the mile, and get a 4.0 GPA, which she’s on track to get. Also her favorite color is blue.

In Whitney’s spare time, she enjoys running, hanging out with friends, eating, watching movies, and running some more!

Whitney is the sweetest, happiest person! She always looks on point. Her clothes are super cute, and her hair is always perfect! She is super hard-worker, and determined person. She is super smart and is very successful in school. One of her classes is Chemistry Honors with Mrs. Laub, she has had a very good year in that class so far.

Whitney is doing indoor track right now with the first race of the season this Friday (11th Jan), distance challenge at the Olympic Oval. She’ll be racing distance races, including the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. Not too long after she’ll be doing outdoor track in the spring, and things are looking good for her this year!

Whitney is a very kind, and friendly student at Davis High. Feel free to say hi if you see her in the hallways:)

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Mr. Fahrenbach: exercise fanatic

Raised in Rhinelander Wisconsin, Bryan Fahrenbach, a disciplined hard-worker, has taught at Davis for 22 years! Mr. Fahrenbach teaches Medical Anatomy & Physiology, and Advanced MAP. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology, a master’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science, and an ABD (almost PhD) in Exercise Physiology. “I have always marveled at what the body is capable of, and how it works,” he says. All throughout college, he was interested in becoming a teacher.

Fahrenbach has a marriage of 39 years, and two children. His family and friends describe him as honest, dependable, and reliant. He would say his talented at being focused and disciplined, two things that take much practice to be good at. Besides teaching, his hobbies include cycling, motorcycling, golfing, and weight training. A perfect day for him is full of productive activities: walks his dog, goes for a two-hour bike ride, goes golfing or motorcycling. He also has two other part-time jobs: a volunteer fire-fighter for Mountain Green Fire Department and works at Vivint Smart Home Arena for Jazz games and concerts.

His favorite book is The Greatest Generation, because it talks about his father’s generation, who fought in two world wars, and sacrificed for our country so we could have the lifestyle we have. Mr. Fahrenbach’s advice for Davis students is “Take advantage of all your opportunities, don’t be a slacker. A contributor to the community, an athlete, and a very knowledgeable teacher at Davis, Bryan Fahrenbach is loved by all his students.

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Mrs. Leedy Makes History

Angie Leedy is amazing at what she does. She teaches History here at Davis High. She doesn’t only teach history but walks you through the most important times in history as if you are actually there. She found a love for history while watching her father work on case in front of the supreme court.

“He got to meet a lot of historical figures like Malcolm X, and Thurgood Marshall so I just kind of fell in love with hearing his stories and it turned in to a love for history.” says Mrs. Leedy

She planned on going into law but being a junior at University of Utah she changed her mind, law wasn’t for her. She has taught here at Davis High School since 2004, she was at Layton for 2 years, and at Syracuse jr for 8 years. Each teacher has their annoyance and Leedy’s big struggle is phones.

“I think kids are so focused on their phones and the latest tweet or Instagram post.” she says.

Phones make Leedy feel like she has to babysit us to keep them away.

Every year she helps put together an assembly about the civil rights and she always finds the coolest speakers to come and teach the Junior class more about that time period. She is always amazed to see the turn out of all the students who want to come and learn.

Her influence even reaches the faculty.

“I consider Angie to have been a great mentor to me, she goes out of her way to include me and provide a stern reminder when needed. She’s been very influential in my early teaching career.” Said Travis Frey a second year teacher at Davis High School.

Her hope for all her students is to know and appreciate the events and people that helped change our history. She is loved by many of her students and colleagues. I personally learned so much in her class and i know if her student follow her guided notes and listen to her knowledge they will learn so much.

Davis High is so grateful to have Angie Leedy as a teacher here.


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Grace Banana Barker

Davis High Senior Grace Barker is an incredible person in many ways. She knows how to talk to anyone and she is extremely kind and loves sharing her music to anyone who wants it. She just turned 18 and loves being in nature, like watching sun rises with her close friend Derek Hansen.

Grace is taking classes this year trying to pursue her dream, becoming a Hollywood journalist. She is preparing herself to get this job and be ready now by taking advanced English, creative writing, and journalism.

Grace is very passionate about music and is constantly listening to all kinds of new sounds that perfectly fit her mood. She is a fragile person who is not one to do dangerous things, therefor she has never broken a bone or had stitches. Her first year of High School she attended Layton instead of Davis, but decided to switch her junior year because she had more friends and heard it was better, which she found out quickly that it was.

“The environment at Davis is very academically prioritized and challenging. That’s something that is good for me.” Says Barker.

Her current employment is at a restaurant in Morgan called “The Post” , working for her Grandmother. On the weekends if she isn’t working or with her family, she likes to be with her group of friends and take pictures outside. They always like going new places and meeting new people, always expanding their social life. Grace says her spirit animal is a bird, not always going with the wind, she chooses what she wants to do.

“I’m a non-conformist, I like to go against the grain, my teacher don’t love that but I love that about me.” States Barker

Lastly, she finds motivation and inspiration from her favorite movies and artists, along with nature. She also would advise other high school students to always be social and meet as many people as you can, talk and hang out with them, and always be nice to them. Additionally, take Frey’s Journalism Class!!!

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Garret Cisneros, the “Mob” leader

Garret Cisneros is a senior at Davis high school with many different titles, including the leader of the Davis high mob. Garret is extremely friendly and fun and always knows how to have a good time. He likes spending time with and taking his grandmother on fun dates and activities.

Garret is full of interesting facts including that hes half Mexican, he loves the snow, and enjoys the taste of burnt popcorn, he even snacks on it weekly! His favorite thing to do on the weekend is hang out with his friends, known as the “shmunks”.

This man full of wonders says his spirit animal is a sloth, which if you get to know garret, you will agree with that statement. He also works at noodles and company in station park adding his unique ideas to their meals.

Garret strives to be a successful hip hop rapper when he grows up, eventually being known as “chowder”, his rap name. He finds his inspiration to better himself through other peoples happiness and success.His advice for other high school students is “have fun, let loose,  because this time goes by quick and sooner than later it’ll be gone.”

If you see garret in the halls or at work or anywhere else be sure to say hi, because he’s always looking for new friends and people to talk to, and i promise you’ll enjoy having a conversation with him.

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Cody the Cool Crawford

Cody Crawford is a junior at Davis High School. He is a man of many faces. You will never see him in pictures and if your lucky you might just see him in real life. A sly comb over, a style that will knock your socks off. He has one of the best personalities out there.

Cody works two jobs; one, with all his homies at Hug Hes Cafe as a host and dishwasher. His second job, is a construction job that he works when needed. Whether he is going to work, partying, or a Davis football game, you can see Cody pull up in one of the flyest cars in existence, with 255 horse power his light brown 2002 Nissan Maxima is sure to give your piece of metal a run for its money in a street race.

Cody Does a lot through out the week, from working two jobs and keeping caught up on school he keeps himself pretty busy. But when he isn’t doing anything you can find him at the skate park with his friends, fulfilling his duty has being a hoodlum, or causing some trouble in your neighborhood.

Cody is also a Fortnite God with over of 30 wins and a deadshot aim that you do not want to become a target when he is looking down the barrel of his bolt action sniper.

If you are looking for an outstanding man to be yours you better cuff him quick before some one else does. Cody isn’t just a good friend but a brother as well. He takes great care of his little sister Grace.

If you need a smile or a good time just give Cody a call and you will not regret it.

“My bones hurt” Cody Crawford

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