New High School Impacts DHS Sports Teams


With Farmington High School opening for the 2018-2019 school year, a new competition for sports will be born. Students from Davis High, Viewmont High and surrounding junior high schools will attend Farmington High creating a diverse population, and adding multiple levels of skill to the sports teams. Most, if not all, students from centennial Junior high will attend Farmington High School, Davis High will lose students as well.


“We are loosing about 800 total but then we are going to gain some from Layton Highschool so probably around 5-600,” assistant principal for Davis High, Mr harris said.


The first year Farmington high will be open, It will be in the 5A division and Davis will remain 6A. Due to the lack of seniors that will attend Farmington, the population will be much smaller, only occupying half of the building’s max capacity. The following year, Farmington will be 6A, and permitted to compete against Davis.  


“They will open up as a 5A class the first year, so one division lower than us, but then the next year when they have a full senior class it will be a 6A,” Harris said.


Farmington high will open up new opportunities for students to be apart of a sports team. According to Edutopia, The Social and Academic Benefits of Team Sports, Team sports provide athletes with a natural community. Youth who play sports have higher levels of social support, and that the sense of community created with teammates, coaches, and family members incubates the perfect setting for critical self-esteem development.


“It is really fun, you meet a lot of new people with good coaches and it is fun to play,” soccer player at Davis, Tyson Bailey said.

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The Scoop on Farmington High School Sports

There has been a lot of buzz about the new high school that will be opened in 2018 called Farmington High School. From the school’s mascot to school boundaries, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this new school. One of these controversies has been around the size of the school teams at Davis High School. Due to the small size of the school and the pool of students from other surrounding schools, there is a lot of speculation around the sports team sizes.

“We are losing about 800 total but then we are going to gain some next year,” Mr. Harris said when asked about how many kids are going to Farmington High School from Davis High School.

Due to what Mr. Harris has said, it seems like the sports teams at Davis will not be impacted due to size change. The sports teams at Farmington High School seem to be a different story. Due to the small number of students who will be attending this new school, the sports teams will be smallers sizes compared to Davis.

“I will be attending Farmington High next year, ” Tyson Bailey said. “It will be different to play on their soccer team because we will be playing others teams from small schools because of our size.”

Davis and Farmington High School will not be in the same class because of the school size, so they will not be facing each other. They might however when they get enough students to fill their senior class a couple years down the road. It will be interesting to see how the sports teams will be affected due to the size of Farmington High School next year.

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Softball Celebrates Region Title

The softball team has had a long tradition of excellence like many of the other sports here. This year the girls’ team took home the region championship along with a 17-2 game record.

“I played with older girls all growing up and so a lot of the girls played for Davis high and they loved it so I knew they had a good team,” pitcher Mia Cullimore said.

Most of the girls that are on the team have been playing softball since they were able to at a very young age. The sport is extremely competitive and has a high demand for quick and coordinated athletes.

“I have to do snaps every day and work on my spins to move the ball so that they can’t hit it,” said Cullimore.

Along with individual training the team must work as a whole to be able to play at an elite level. They have been able to have a very successful season and have beat both rivals and some of the highest ranked teams in Utah.

“Our biggest rival is probably Syracuse,” said Cullimore. “Because they like to try and cause beef on twitter and we know all the girls and so it’s always a good game when we play them. We beat them 8-0 last time we played them though.”
Along with a winning record they have also had multiple athletes highlighted and mentioned in both local and statewide papers. Sophomore Paige Elkins and senior Paige Reynolds were recently featured in an article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

“Me and paige Reynolds, who’s a senior,” said Elkins. “Were featured on the article as the ‘Power of the Paige’s.’ It talked about her job as a lead off to do whatever it takes. My job as the second batter is to execute and get her in.”

The softball team will be competing next week in the State tournament going in as the #1 seed from Region 2. For more information on their schedule and rankings visit the school website at or





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Ben Rigby Commits to BYU Baseball

This year multiple athletes who have been stars of the Davis sports program have signed agreements to take their skills to the collegiate level. Senior Ben Rigby decided to play baseball for Brigham Young University (BYU) after receiving multiple baseball offers and a basketball offer from Weber State.

“My sophomore year I didn’t play baseball because I was getting exposure for basketball,” Rigby said, “But in basketball these last couple of years I’ve struggled a little bit and in baseball this last year I excelled more and I really loved playing.”

Much of the success he has seen has been a result of the opportunities he has been given on the Davis baseball team.

“We’re playing on a high level, so I think that we’ve gotten used to playing against good competition,” Rigby said.

Rigby also received baseball offers from the University of Hawai’i and Liberty University. While he obviously has had a love for both sports, BYU was the most appealing school and athletic program to him.

“I’ve always wanted to go to BYU and I like the environment down there,” Rigby said. “I like the coaches and I’ve known them for a couple years. I love it down there.”

Along with the benefit of knowing the coaches, BYU also has the promise of new facilities and a nationwide fanbase.

“I know they are getting a new field and it’s all turf in a heated system,” Rigby said. “I’m really excited to play for coach Littlewood and the environment of course; BYU fans are awesome.”

Rigby plans to serve a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Santiago, Chile, and he feels like the break from baseball is something he can use to his advantage.

“It’s going to be hard to come back and stuff,” Rigby said. “But I think that it will be a good rest on my arm for a couple of years and it will help me in the long run because I will be resting it and preparing it for two years.”

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Boys Soccer Succeeds as a Team

The Soccer team has a lot of raw talent, and with a lot of talent comes high expectations as the season gets underway. The team expects to make it to playoffs, and is aiming high for state.

“This team has enough talent to take state this year, for sure,” said forward Jared Hatch.


The team is excited to get the season going so that they can get into a rhythm. This is a tight knit group of individuals, who are very close and friendly, which is a real asset as they begin the season and are beginning to play tougher and tougher teams in the region and soccer powerhouses outside of the region.

“We are all super tight, and we all hang out, so the guys are comfortable with each other for sure,” said midfielder Luke Merril.

The team is also excited to strike back at some of their division rivals, who have dealt them severe blows in the past when playing them. Teams like Viewmont, Lone Peak, and Layton High School which has been an exceptionally good competitor for the last few years. Layton returns a lot of talent and senior leadership this year, and will create an interesting matchup for the Darts.

“Layton isn’t as good as everyone thinks they are,” Hatch Says. “We shouldn’t have lost to them last time”.

The team is hoping to try to make it far in the playoffs, and they encourage the student body to come and to participate in the games, since soccer is such a crowd influenced sport. The chants of the crowd often help the team perform better, especially at home.

“I think it’s a great sport, and it’s so much fun to watch” said forward Matt Fairy.

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BYU Invite Proves Successful Meet for Track Team

The track team competed at the BYU Invite May 5 and 6. They have trained and prepared for months and will be a part of one of the largest and most competitive meets in Utah.

“You have to qualify to get there,” track member Miah Weaver said. “So only those with the fastest times is who you’re going to be competing against. So big competition, fast times.”

Members of the track team not only train for their own events, but there are also many events that they take part in that involves teams such as the relay races. These include the 4×100, the 4×400 and the Medley.

“I run the 800, the mile and the two mile,” Weaver said.

Many of the athletes competing have been running, jumping and throwing their whole lives. Often they are influenced by friends or family and again the team aspect of the sport in reinforced.

“[I became interested] when my oldest brother and oldest sister were running for Woods Cross,” track athlete Xakai Harry said. “Watching them run got me into it.”

Harry is one of the many successful athletes on the team this year. Competing in four different events, he is busy training almost every day. His team has had a very successful season thus far and they are hoping for that to continue in both the BYU Invite and State at the end of May.

“Right now we are feeling pretty confident,” Harry said. “I really believe we could win state for the 4×100.”

Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in the track meet. For more information on joining the track or the cross country summer team see Coach Talley or visit for more information.

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Boys Tennis Season Proves to be Successful

The boys tennis team is currently working very hard to prepare for the upcoming matches and tournaments that will be taking place towards the end of April and through the middle of May. There was a tournament at the end of March in St. George, and now the team is focusing on getting ready for Regions and State.

“Season started first week of April and it ends May 18th, when State is,” Tennis Team Captain Sam Hafen said.

In past years, the tennis team has been very successful, but they are still working hard to improve and beat Viewmont. The Viewmont team has had a very successful history and season so far.

“We’re pretty good. We’ve won regions quite a bit but we haven’t won recently, because of Viewmont,” Tennis Player Danny Zlotnick said.

The team has experienced many new changes this season with eleven new players and a new assistant coach. Despite all of the obstacles they have had to overcome, they are continuing to have success and so far have an almost undefeated streak.

“The past few matches, we were undefeated until we played Viewmont, they took third in states last year, and they had two seniors on varsity so they’re still doing pretty well,” Hafen said.

With all of the changes that have taken place this season, the team is excited about their potential success. Like most sports teams, there is a lot of room to grow with a new group of athletes. Practice is the main focus of the team as they prepare for their events, and many of them spend more than ten hours every week practicing.

“I put in about two hours every day, except for Fridays and Saturdays,” Zlotnick said.

Tennis has been a part of most of the boys lives for as long as they can remember, and the time and effort that they put into tennis in order to have success is beyond comprehension for most people. In the end, the time that is put into practicing in past years pays off and they are hoping to see similar results this season.

“I’ve played Tennis my whole life. I can’t remember not playing,” Hafen said. “It used to be almost four and half hours a day, growing up, and that was a lot. In high school I probably play an hour and a half a day.”

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