2020 has been very hectic so many things that have changed. What is Christmas really going to be like? What do you guys think Christmas will be like. So many people have and might change some of those traditions will not be able to go and do those things. But I mean it’s almost the new year so.. Which there could be the same things not a lot of  restrictions but still covid-19 regulations. Interesting enough there is so many people don’t even care about it that much. I don’t really  mind the covid-19 regulations there just very annoying. Which sucks when you have soft closer and all these other things you have to worry about. Man 2020 hasn’t been the best year everyone thought it could have been. Which is understandable I mean everyone thought 2020 was gonna be such a great year! Wrong it literally sucks haha but, there’s been some good things and some bad things about this year. I think Christmas will be the same I hope. Nothing should change at all. Interviewing Jordan Phelps this is what he told me, “I think that this Christmas there’s going to not have some people not coming to celebrate together because of them being high risk of covid-19. But there still won’t have them stop gathering in big groups for Christmas.” So he has a very good point about some people not being able to come, but it’s a good thing they might not be able to come. More time for them to be safe until the covid-19 issue isn’t an issue. But most of these traditions will be okay everyone will be fine to be honest. Like your friends and family and neighbors will be okay there’s not really an issue. Heck my dad has trouble with asthma, so he’s high risk  going out and seeing people or family. But, that’s not going to stop us from going out and having a great December because the virus isn’t an issue if we are  doing what were suppose to do. They are getting the virus right now I’m not sure where they are working on right now in the united states. The Vaccine has arrived into Utah. But theirs only certain people who will receive it at first. Which makes sense but I’m very optimistic about the new year hoping it’s going to be much better then this year. Well let’s just hope that Christmas traditions and everything we do we will be okay for Christmas.

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