My very first response about this story was, Ys I really love the day of Valentines. Your able to show how much you appreciate your significant other on that day. Which is really cool for her and for you. But to be honest I think Valentines Day is mostly for the girls if being honest about this opinion. But then I could be wrong because there’s not just men and women there also different types of gender relationships so I guess that opinion could be kind of offensive. But valentines  can be awesome ! you can do all sort of things for that day. That day basically gives you so much  creativity to work with. Which is really nice you can do all sort of things for valentines for them. For intense you do something they enjoy a lot! For my valentines I helped my girlfriend make an angel food cake it was really nice to be able to do that with her and celebrate it our very first valentines. so But, there’s probably diffidently. So this is what my sisters boyfriend had to say. I think it’s dumb to have it one specific day when you can do that any day of the week even year around. I think you shouldn’t pay as much money for valentines day. And it’s not all about buying them things. so how do you guys really feel about Valentines Day. Aden Morton said, this day can be sometimes be very overwhelming but, it can be  also a reminder to show you love for the people you care about.  Claire young, she enjoys that day even though she has no significant other but, she likes to spend time with her girlfriends and just hangout with them. She also spends valentines with her sister and to chill but she likes it . So considering there is mostly good positive opinion about this day. Most people like Valentines day and the guys have much different opinions then I expected which is nice to have the change of perspective of things and ideas of people. So what ever you decide I’m sure you have a great reason for it . But it will be interesting how or even if it will like Valentines be much different in 5 years. Though I’d enjoy to see things different  from how there is usually are for this type of holiday. How do students at Davis feel about it, but that will be up to them.

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