What Halloween ideas will be in store this year for people in your neighborhood? Will there even be Halloween this year? Imagine what children think about the idea of not having trick or treat! The things we have to do for Covid-19 are pretty serious. I work at Lagoon, and they still are enforcing social distancing, but they do the best that they can do with the haunted houses. I’m not exactly sure how they are social distancing, but they’re doing all they can to keep their customers safe. The biggest issue about the haunted houses is that the actors have to wear masks on top of their character masks. That sounds such like a struggle. October should be very interesting to see the outcomes of what may happen for that month. Will anyone even put up their  Halloween decorations and give out candy? How can you plan Halloween events when a lot of the places still make you use hand sanitizer and wear a mask? This seriously could not get any worse. Now let’s talk little more about these other haunted house attractions. Let’s start off with Black Island Farms. If you’re wanting some good Halloween ideas, go through their nightmare acres! That should give you a good scare! In Nightmare on 13th, they are doing very well with the covid-19 plan. But if you take off your mask anytime while you’re in the attraction, they will not interact with you. Their tickets are only for half hour time slots, so only a small amount of people are able to go. Will it even be fun with the actors having to wear masks? I know it’s safer for us and for them, but do you like to be scared by them? Or do you like to see them wearing masks? I guess you could say the the idea of Halloween won’t be as scary as you imagined. I was able to have the opportunity to ask these students what they were thinking of wearing for Halloween. Ethan McKay says he’s not going to be dressing up for Halloween. Some people go big for Halloween, and some people don’t. I spoke to my mother Jill Rindlisbacher, and she said “I would go big but I would do what I’m told. I wouldn’t plan the decorations of things.” These are some Halloween ideas. Hope you guys live it, and HAVE A SPOOKY HALOWEEEN HAHAHA!

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