New Year’s Resolutions

With a new year always comes new year’s resolutions, but as the years have been going by more people have stopped making them. They are too hard to keep with and it seems like many people have just decided they aren’t worth the time. How much can a person really change in a year?  

Taking the time to write down goals for the new year has proven to help better a person. Creating realistic goals can help through the year and you can far achieve what you thought you could. 

“I want to get my body, soul and mind on the best track for my future. I want to be the best me I can be in all aspects of life.” explains Taeja Villagrana 

Resolutions like this can help set realistic expectations for the next year. As people continue to create goals to better themselves, if they are stuck to, they can continue to create good habits for their future. 

“I want to stay on top of my running, and I’ve decided to get rid of soda out of my diet.” enthusiastically says Oaklee Bond. 

As well as becoming aware of knowing where your intentions are there are good benefits. This new year’s is a chance to get back in the groove. Even if you haven’t thought of it yet, reach for the stars. 

“I didn’t make any. I guess it sort of went over my head! I guess I’ll have to do that!” laughs Dayton Ferree. 

Even if you aren’t sure you could keep up with a new year’s resolution it doesn’t hurt to try. The benefits outweigh the challenges. This year learn something new, continue creating lasting friendships, and help those around you. Make sure this year is something looked back on as a good thing. Have no regrets and continue making an impact on the world! 

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Undefeated Darts take on cross-town rivals for the first time ever

Davis High Boys Basketball Takes on the six win five lose Farmington Team. Farmington high is lead by 16th ranked in the nation player Collin Chandler. This is the first time in history the darts have have faced off with the Phenixes.

Some keys to win this game are; Collin will get his points but as long as the whole team doesn’t get on a roll we will be victorious. The darts cannot let them get to the free throw line frequently. Defensively darts have to force tough two pointers. Offensively Davis just got to do there thing; shoot lots of threes and get offensive rebounds.

Star player Rex Sunderland said ” It should be a fun game”. This game has been hyped up for months. The atmosphere should be surreal.

The heart and soul of the team henry ihrig said “Should be a tough game we will have to play tough D” All the players on both teams have played on the same teams and against each other there whole lives. This game will be personal.

In the previous game Rex took over the game in order to win. We will have to play better basketball as a team to beat Farmington. Henry said “We just got to hit our shots.” Be there Friday 7:00.


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End of semester stress

As the end of the semester creeps ahead of Davis High students you can feel the tension radiating off everyone. Students preparing for finals, completing their biggest projects of the semester, and closing themselves off to everyone around them.

Even after the two-week break students seem more stressed than ever, maybe it’s because they forgot everything they were learning before the break. Many students wish that the semester had ended before the break, so that they could relax more and not have the reminder that they have finals starting the week after break.

“It’s stressful having to finish over the break. It should just be family and friend time, and we could already have things done! It is kind of nice to have some extra time, but it would be easier to have it end before break.” Bryndee Maxfield explained.

“Yes, I wish that the semester ended before the break because it is really hard to remember what you learned once you get back. Plus all our finals are right after the break so I feel like my test scores don’t reflect my knowledge.” Savanna Sims said.

With finals looming over the students’ heads their stress levels reach another level of extreme. What exactly are the students worried about though? Finals? Next semester classes? Friends? Big assignments? Sports?

“I am most definitely stressed about the end of the semester. Tests weigh so heavily on my grades, and I have quite a few coming up.” Charlotte Lindeman exclaimed.

“I think my AP grades have me the most stressed right now.” Anna Larsen said with a laugh.

Having a break should be relaxing, you should be able to turn off your mind and not worry about what homework you have or what tests are coming up. Since students go back to school in a new year after winter break, they should also have a fresh start.

The only way to achieve that goal is to end the semester before the break. Not only will students have a fresh start with classes, but they’ll also have a fresh start on their mental health. Winter break should be like hitting a “reset” button, not a “pause” button.

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What is the closest planet to earth?

Planets are complex and many people have been told that the planets move around the sun in a perfect circle, but this is simply not true some are close to circles, but most are ellipses, so which is the closest? 

But there is another issue, they are going around the sun at separate times so how can you calculate that? Well, which planet that is closest to the longest will win. 

So, who is mostly the closest excluding the sun so is mars or Venus the closest? Well, neither is it mercury that is the closest because it is so close to the sun it is never too far from earth. 

This goes for Venus and mars as well as the earth so the closest planet to Earth, Venus, and Mars is all closest to mercury but who is closest to Jupiter surely the same rules do not apply right? 

Wrong because the sun is the center of the solar system and mercury is the closest to the sun that means that bigger planets with bigger orbits are more inconsistent because all planet years are different. 

So that means that every single planet in this solar system is closest to mercury for longer than any other planet and therefore you have been lied to because everybody thought it would just be in order. 

“So, every planet is closest to mercury how?” said Mckay Brady, a Davis high school Student. 

But if you are still skeptical like Mckay. Just remember that other planets get closer, but mercury is mostly the closest planet. It fluctuates because different planets travel at different speeds and for different lengths of time. 

And you can try this theory out, get five friends, go to a high school track, have one stand in the middle of the track, have a friend closest to the middle run and the outside walk and you can visualize why this is true. 

“Yes, that’s right mercury is the mostest closest to all the planets,” said CGP Grey, an educational YouTuber. 

Or you can look at this graphic below either work because you can see mercury isn’t the closest planet just mostly the closest. 

 term 2 story 7 pic 2.JPG

Source:🌍 Which Planet is the Closest? (Links to an external site.) 

Or you can look at another graphic below to show why this happens but now it’s clear mercury is the closest to all planets in this solar system  

 term 2 story 7 pic.JPG


Source:🌍 Which Planet is the Closest? (Links to an external site.) 

“Mercury is the closest to all the other planets in our solar system its everybody’s best friend,” said bill Nie, the science guy 

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The Superior Music Streaming Platform: Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music and Spotify are by far the two largest streaming platforms in the world, with Amazon Music trailing in third by a considerable margin. Market share analytics show that Spotify is responsible for 30% of the revenue earned by streaming platforms in the first quarter of 2020, with Apple music at 25%. Mark Saltzman defines in, “13 Popular Music Streaming Services Give Listeners Loads of Choices” 

An important feature of streaming platform to users is to have the song they are looking for, when they are looking for it. If the streaming service doesn’t have the artist or genre of music they are looking for, they are likely to find the songs somewhere else and listen to it there.  “Spotify says it has a catalog of over 70 million songs while Apple Music is over 75 million.” says A 5 million song difference isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but to buyers that could be the swaying factor considering the applications are very similar. 

In an interview where asked whether they prefer to use Spotify or Apple Music, Students at Davis High School, Tanner Hixson and Matt Allen, had this to say:  

“Apple Music because it seamlessly connects with my watch, computer, car, and HomePod” Tanner says. In this situation, there is a clear bias, taking into account the number of devices he has that are conveniently compatible with his Apple Music subscription.  

“Spotify reigns superior due to a plethora of nonparallel attributes. For one, Its personalized recommendations found through the individually crafted playlists yields a better experience for one who yearns for a larger quantity of similar tracks.” Matt Allen shares his opinion.  

This strikes a valid point in the argument. There is no clear “best option” among all the music streaming platforms, because they are all convenient to different people in certain ways. Someone might prefer an Amazon Music subscription because they have Amazon Alexas set up throughout their house so it would just be silly to pay for a non-Amazon music platform.  

In conclusion, the debate on what is the superior streaming platform will never reach a clear answer, because the topic is completely subjective. 

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Is Utah’s sexual health program up to date?

Sixty-eight percent of Utah agrees that the sexual education program needs to consist of more than just abstinence. Although teachers are allowed to mention contraception they are not required to. This poses a problem for many young people. 

Having uneducated teenagers leads to the more frequent spread of sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, and more. Utah may be taking the first steps towards a more comprehensive sexual health program, but it may be a slow-moving progress. 

Davis County’s program doesn’t allow the teachers to advocate for LGBTQ+. This can be harming to queer students and lead to them not being educated on sexual health. Utah teachers cannot answer questions about specifics in same sex intercourse and are not allowed to promote same sex attraction.  

However, that same program doesn’t encourage heterosexual intercourse either. Leaving all students dangerously unprotected.  

Davis County’s current sex ed programs do not allow teachers to talk about specifics in intercourse. Students are told to just wait until marriage. In a perfect world everyone would wait till marriage, but if the world were that way, we wouldn’t have any STDs.  

Some students aren’t taught how to use a condom but can be shown a video of a woman giving birth or see graphic images of STD’s on genitals. Scaring students tends to be a common teaching tool for abstinence.  

 Some blame the lack of progress in the sexual health programs on the large majority of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The church promotes abstinence until marriage, which could be one of the reasons Utah’s programs remain outdated.  

Although there are many downsides to the health programs, there are a lot of pros to the program as well. The health program promotes eating healthily and exercising. Most students learn about human anatomy, and the risks of substance abuse, and some programs teach CPR and first aid. 

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Stolen Artifacts

Some of the most famous museums are products of stolen artifacts that have eventually been sold to the museum. The MET, Louvre, and British museum all have stolen art. However, in more recent years there has been a push to get these artifacts back to their homeland.  

  In 2019 the MET returned artifacts back to Egypt.  According to the New York Times “Museum officials said that they bought the object from an art dealer in Paris in 2017 and were fooled by a phony provenance that made it seem as if the coffin had been legitimately exported decades ago.” 

    There is such a big push towards returning artifacts that an activist tried to steal work from the louvre in 2020 to return to Africa. However, the group was caught and fined.  

  Now, the biggest controversy is in the British musem. One of their largest exhibits is the stolen Sculptures of the Parthenon. Now, Greece is asking for their works back, but the Museum is not complying.  

The British museum claims that they are not stolen because Greece was under the control of the Ottoman empire by the time they were stolen. The Elgin was a British Ambassador and was given permission by the ottoman empire to obtain the sculptures. According to the British Museum. “He was granted a permit (firman) and between 1801 and 1805 acting under oversight of relevant authorities, Elgin removed about half the remaining sculptress from the ruins of the Parthenon.” 

 For several years Greek and British officials have debated who the sculptures belong to. In October of 2021 the United Nation of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization took a vote to return the works back to Greece.  

  However, according to Art Net the museum dismissed the vote and released a statement saying “Our position is clear—the Parthenon Sculptures were acquired legally in accordance with the law at the time. The British Museum operates independently of the government and free from political interference. All decisions relating to collections are taken by the Museum’s trustees.”  

  There is no end in sight in this debate. The British museum is pushing to keep them while Greece is pleading for their sculptures back.  

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Teachers want a proper salary too.

Throughout our school years, especially junior high and high school, many students spend more time with our teachers than with our parents or family. Teachers are almost like family to us and like any family member, we want our teachers to be happy and well.  

The average salary of a teacher is between $48,405 and $42,982 a year depending on their seniority. When you calculate that teachers work nearly 11 hours a day, that is only about $18.00 an hour. Teachers are worth a lot more than that 

“Encouraging teachers is a must. Teachers are leaving the field. Due to shortages, Utah at one time said you didn’t have to license to teach, only a major in the field. you wanted to teach. This had some terrible results but there were a few positives. Legislators have given teachers the impression ANYONE could teach But this is not so. Legislators control the classrooms in some aspects, pay, class size, and the number of teaching hours. Teachers have not been recognized for dedicating many hours outside of their classrooms. This is why so many teachers leave, especially in the state of Utah,” says Celest Gardner a former teacher in Ogden.  

Teachers dedicate so much time to their work it can stress them out a bit. They don’t realize when signing up to be a teacher how little the pay is verses the time spent working. Legislators know they don’t offer teachers much pay so they try to help by giving them benefits.  

“If teachers where paid more, hopefully others would recognize that the profession is serious.  We have to attend meetings and trainings and recertify just like other professionals.  Hopefully it would also entice others to want to teach. Sometimes the teaching profession is looked down on because it’s thought ‘those that can’t do, teach’”, says Mrs. Jones a current teacher at Davis high.  

If teachers where paid more, they could get a little bit more respect. There wouldn’t be such a high demand for teachers because more people would want to be a teacher. It’s hard when teachers are looked down on because they are teaching future generations.  

Teachers work as hard as other professionals but don’t get paid anywhere near enough as the others. It’s painful to see good teachers get paid barely enough to survive with their family and just keep on working to make enough. 

With every good positive there might a bad downside for example higher pay. Some people could take advantage of the higher pay. It could cause some issues that wouldn’t benefit the students at all.  

“Unqualified teachers – or more of them.  More teachers coming just for the pay rather than the purpose of actually teaching.  An influx of competitors may make it more difficult to get a job just anywhere,” explains Mrs. Jones.  

Sadly, this could happen and many students would struggle with learning. People who want to be teachers would have a harder time to find the job they want. Even with this, giving teachers a higher paying job could help both students and teachers. This is needed, especially in Utah where the current teacher pay is the lowest of all states.  

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Giving to others during winter times

During these times where it gets colder and colder many people to need help. People go without houses and such needs that we have. But also during Christmas, some kids do not get presents.

You wake up on Christmas morning and you get to open gifts and have a wonderful breakfast. But many kids in the US do not have that. It is important to not only be happy during these times but also be the reason someone else is happy.

Giving a toy to a child in need is one of the opportune you can use to buy presents and send them out to the kids who may not get them. You may also answer a letter to Santa.

Many of those kids have written to Santa to be able to protect their family as well as have toys like all the other children. You can get the letters from the post office and make all of their wishes come true. You can write them back a letter as well as put presets with it.

You may not have any idea how much this affects a child’s life. It makes them so much happier in life during their circumstances. You are also helping the parents by letting them use their money for food and other necessities. Helping them not have the stress with all the presents during the holidays.

Giving during the holidays has also been proven to help you be happier as well. It gives you happy chemicals such as dopamine inside of your body. It helps you feel good about yourself, and also helps others.

Searching on the internet you may also find many more different ways to give to others. You never know whose life you could save by giving.

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