Greta Svagrova

Who is Greta Svagrova you ask? Well to put it simply she is an absolute queen, a legend, and she is an exotic student from the Czech Republic enrolled here at Davis high. She is a senior and will be graduating here in a couple of weeks.

Svagrova tells us about the major differences in culture between Kaysville Utah and the Czech republic. “Everything is different.” Svagrova says “The language is different and historically different in nature. In the Czech republic there is much more depth in the historical significance and has cooler history than here in Utah. The food is very different and everything in the Czech has a story or a tradition to go along with it. From my experience people seem to be more open minded there and there isn’t a dominant religion. Everyone there is mostly ashiest and here everyone is a Mormon.”

As Svagrova has been adapting to the new cultures of Utah throughout her years, she tells us about what her favorite thing about Davis high school is. “My friends! I love socializing with Americans and having a life.” Svagrova says her favorite class her senior year has been “AP art history with Mrs. wright, Mer is literally so awesome and makes that class so interesting and fun to learn about.”

As Svagrova is wrapping up her high school career. she has had to figure out what she is going to do in her future. Svagrova says “I am going to be an actor. This summer I am moving back to the Czech republic and working on performing an Anne frank documentary till October. Then I am moving to California to become an aspiring actor.”

Svagrova is a track runner, loves to act, dance and sing and is a very multicultural woman and can speak three different languages fluently. She is an icon and has a very bright future waiting ahead.

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Senior’s advice

It’s almost time to graduate. Class of 2022 will be able to move on with their lives into bigger and better things. There’s good times and bad times of high school. 

You start out as a small sophomore not knowing the idea of high school or what to expect. Now class of 2022 is about to walk down a stage and get diplomas. 

It’s been an interesting high school experience. Going through Covid-19.  

For all of my next stories, many seniors of 2022 are going to be interviewed. Just to get an idea of what a lot of people have felt this year.  

A series of seniors was asked multiple questions. Question 7/8. What do you have to say to the incoming sophomores? 

“ If you don’t like a teacher, be sure to ask your counselor to switch into a different class. If your counselor says no, don’t let them just do that to you, you definitely can get into a different class.” – Kate Bowers 

“Good luck kids.” -James Olsen 

“Don’t let what other people say about you effect your actions.” -Lily Lebaron 

“Focus on the fun experiences that you can have with your friends and have a good attitude. Instead of the hard parts of school and drama that a lot of people focus on.” Ashley Hintze 

“Make smart decisions. Also avoid relationships. Always do your homework on time, and always put school first.” Abdon Figueroa-Ruiz 

“Don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you because they probably won’t be thinking of you.” -Kate Allen 

“Don’t get caught up in your fixed mindset of what you think high school should look like. Try new things, meet new people. Also don’t judge anyone. We’re all just people trying to survive life, and everyone’s going through something difficult.” – Kenzi Ashton 

“Keep working hard and be kind to EVERYONE!” -Addy Pace 

“No one actually cares about what you’re doing as much as you think they do. Just be yourself and do whatever you want.” -Abby Chase 

“Worry less about grades and focus on making memories, while keeping your future in mind.” -Owen Bascomb 

“Don’t give a crap about what other people think.” -Sam Hirschi  

“Planning ahead is important. If you’re up to it, take those AP classes and save yourself some money in college. But remember that there is more to life than getting ready for college. Don’t rush to grow up.” -Grace Mayor 

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Should homework be removed?

With the end of the year approaching many Davis students are being overloaded by homework assignments and upcoming end of year exams. This leads many to question whether homework in the first place is useful or just busywork.

Many question the validity of homework within the education system citing various reasons why it should or should not be performed in school.

“I think homework is valuable to learning as it helps you practice certain complex concepts, for example in statistics when I learn something in class it helps me when I can practice it with the assignments,” said Nick Watkins when asked whether he thought homework was valuable to learning.

While homework can be useful for practicing, this function can also be accomplished with regular class work and practice time in class.

“Yes, I think classwork can accomplish this same goal” admitted Watkins when asked if classwork could achieve the same goal as homework at school.

Of course, the only problem with this theory is that there sometimes is not enough time for classwork to cover all aspects of a class leading to even further questions of whether what we are learning is useful or if we should extend/reduce school time.

However, many agree that homework should at least be reduced from its current form within the Davis High education system. Especially because of the strain that it puts on students and the time that it takes away from them to live their normal lives.

“I think that homework should be reduced in some cases, when you have already learned a topic and know how to do it there is no point doing it over and over again” said Watkins when asked if homework should be reduced/removed

The homework reduction would also not be applied uniformly to all classes as homework really depends on what subject is being taught. For example, math would require more practice as compared to a subject such as English in most cases.

Others still argue that school is supposed to be directed at getting you jobs and therefore homework is useless because you won’t take your work home with you.

No matter what you think about homework one thing remains clear, it will stay part of the learning experience for years to come, however change is being made.

essay on kennewick man

What is the point of life? Many of us ask ourselves this when them seems to be no point at all. Millions of people have opinions but none of them are correct because there truly is no correct answer.

Mr. Williams is a chemistry teacher at Davis high. He believes there is no true point of life. In his own words, “People think there is some big objective in life, and without that life is meaningless. If there is an objective to life, then you now become the actor in someone else’s story.”

Mr. Williams believes that the point of life is do what you want. He believes that we should follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. His advice to living life is care about things and do not take what you have been given, choose what you want and pursue it.

Mr. Hyde, one of the history teachers at Davis, is similar in his belief that we should live our life. “Even if I had all the money in the world, I would still be teaching because I enjoy it.” He thinks we should do things that we enjoy.

Ms. Chapman is a financial teacher at the school, she believes that we should serve others in our life. Not only does serving others make them happy, but it also helps us become better people. “You don’t always know someone’s back story and sometimes a little bit of kindness goes a long way” was her way of putting it.

The advice they give us is to step back and realize that we should not be wasting time on miniscule things. We should remember a little bit of a kindness goes a long way. Finally, we should follow our dreams and live out our lives however we would like.

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Why is Utah’s weather so bipolar?

So it’s spring again here in Utah, and just like every year, we’re experiencing nice heat, rain, cold, and then snow.

But it’s spring, and just last week it was 60 degrees, why is it snowing?

Well it has to deal with the elevation of Utah, and which ways the wind blows.  And since we’re in the valley, everything gets taken a little bit more and becomes more concentrated.

The second biggest factor is the wind.  where its coming from and what it’s coming with.

If were getting the dry hot winds from California, Then Utah will receive the nice warm sunny skies that we’ve come to expect in spring.

Then late March early April will come around and we’ll get the cold moisture driven winds from the north, and that right there is how we get rain, and if the wind is a little extra cold, Utah will end up getting some snow.

In relation to Utah’s bi polar weather, this type of year is when peoples seasonal depression flares up the most.

Just when people thought the weather was getting nicer and so was their mental health, Utah throws a pipe in the wheel of their bicycle of a brain.

Sadly spring is also the time where suicide rate is some of the highest of the years.

“I hate it so much, if it snows one more time this spring I’m just done and ill just quit everything and just leave Utah and never come back” said Hallie Kinsley

“it doesn’t bother me too much, I just hate that for those two weeks of snow that everyone forgets how to drive and there are so many crashes and man I hate that part about it” sad Nick Arancibia

“I like the week or so of snow because I love the snow but I hate driving in it so ill just stay home and stare out the windows for hours” Said Grace Mayer

So, blame the winds, not Utah in itself, its all the winds fault

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Should Davis have more breaks?

With Spring break fast approaching many Davis High School students feel relieved at the prospect of a weeklong break, others see it as too little. 

The first semester is laden with many breaks, veterans’ day, fall break, Christmas break among many other days off. However, the second semester, which marks the end of the school year is viewed by some as an infinitely lengthy period with little breaks. 

After Christmas break students are expected to stay in school for the rest of the year with few exceptions for Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and the final large break in spring.  

This leads to many students feeling tired of school and waiting anxiously for the freedom of summer to arrive. 

One student who chose to remain anonymous said “I think the length of the spring break is fine, but I wish they would add more breaks to school, like a 3-day break in May or something.” after being asked about if they thought Spring break was enough. 

Indeed, the end of the school year is a stressful time for many students who must go from April to the end of May with little more than a day off school. 

Combine that with those students who work jobs that will give them more hours during the break time due to the increased demand during these break periods. 

To Demonstrate this an anonymous student at Davis told us that “pretty much during my Spring break I will be working at my job not much else is planned” after being asked what they were doing over spring break. 

This leads us to question why we have breaks in the first place and what the utility of them is.  

For many students’ breaks are a good way to relieve stress from learning 5 days a week for so long, it is an effective way to rejuvenate students for the next month until another break ensues. 

Perhaps that is why the end of the school year feels so long to many students because we are absent from breaks for around a 2-month period.  

Taking breaks is the same reason the military has leave, businesses give vacation days, and why there is a weekend or day off in the first place. 

Breaks are an effective way to keep students present in the classroom and to give them energy after prolonged involvement in the school and education. 

Or as one anonymous student put it, “I like breaks because it gives me a break from the garbage education system.” he said after being asked about why he liked breaks 

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A broke student’s guide to scholarship services

Looking at tuition fees, with or without any basic scholarships, can be frightening. Fortunately, there are free scholarship services available that match students with scholarships based on their specific interests, backgrounds, and skills.

Listed below are some of the best services out there for high school students:

  1. Bold Scholarships-

Bold Scholarships offers exclusive scholarships as a way to combat student debt. Based on the profile you create, they notify you about scholarships for your particular situation. (As an added bonus, they offer a lot of no-essay options!)

While most of their scholarships may not seem to offer a significant amount of money (most of them are for either $500 or $1000, not enough to pay for a semester in most cases), students who take full advantage of the service and apply for as many scholarships possible, can make a significant dent in their student fees.

However, the scholarships on their page are usually only offered on their site, which limits the range of scholarships you can access through their service.

  1. Tallo-

Tallo is another free scholarship matching service, but you may continue to find it useful after college, as they offer job connections as well. Be sure to fully complete the profile to be shown the best opportunities for you.

Additionally, Tallo can connect you with scholarships specific to the schools you are interested/ enrolled in.

  1. Scholarships-

Scholarships provides the most comprehensive profile set-up, connecting students to scholarships that seem made for them. Their page is super easy to use/navigate, and they make it easy to save scholarships and come back to them later.

Their service, unlike Bold Scholarships, does not provide opportunities specific to their site, meaning their options come from hundreds of other sources that can even be specific to your location.

Happy scholarship hunting!

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Update on the boy’s baseball season

Jensen Jacobs is most excited for winning this season.  Winning is such a good feeling.

What he loves about baseball is the memories that come with it with all of his friends and wins.

The hardest thing for Jensen in baseball is “hitting a left handed curve ball.”

Jensen takes everyone as an opponent and that they are all equally as hard.  You never look over them.

Jensen said that baseball is very boring to watch


Carter Compton is most excited to play along side with his friends again for one last year.  He is sad that this is his last year.

What Carter loves about baseball is that it all rides on your hands and there is no shot lock or game clock to get you out of something.  You have to get it yourself out of it.

The hardest thing for Carter in his word are “The hardest thing is being mentally strong.  It’s easy to get frustrated but you have to show no emotion because it brings your team down and won’t help you at all.”

The hardest team to get against to Carter is Freemont.  They are always good and their work ethic up there is very good.

Carter says “baseball may seem boring, but it is actually very entertaining if you know what is going on.”

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Are you in a manipulative relationship?

Today we will be discussing a very common issue in relationships, manipulation is not easy to catch right away unless you know the warnings and red flags before-hand. So that is exactly what you will learn by the end of this article.

Manipulation is a very common and very serious issue in a lot of relationships today, it can be done by one partner or both partners in any form of relationship.

The first warning sign we will talk about is thinking one partner has more power over the other partner, that is very wrong, everything in a relationship is completely equal, no partner owns another.

The second warning sign is one partner getting mad at the other for going out with their own friends, if you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t feel comfortable with you going out, talk to them, communication is NUMBER ONE in a relationship.

Third warning sign goes to one partner trying to “guilt trip” the other partner, guilt tripping is a big form of manipulation and should not be tolerated in any relationship.

Guilt tripping is purposefully making your partner feel bad for you for no reason other than to make you give them attention when they are deprived of it, guilt tripping is a HUGE sign of a toxic relationship.

Your relationship WILL be toxic if any of these happen to you, toxic relationships will never work out if you continue letting yourself get beat up and manipulated.

I had just gotten out of a three year relationship, and most of it was toxic “love”, I was blinded by a false form of love and care and that made me easily manipulatable, do not be afraid to leave someone for manipulation, it is the best thing for both of you.

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Davis students favorite Disney characters and movies

Almost everyone was raised watching Disney movies when they were young, some even watch them to this day, so that begs the question: what are Davis students favorite Disney characters and movies? 

Davis students have many different ideas of what the best Disney movie is but some of the most common answers were Hercules, Moana, Cars 2, and the original Lion King. 

When asked why these movies are their favorite an anonymous student said: “Hercules slaps, the music and animation in it are top Noch. Cars 2 is just underrated” 

While these are some of Davis’s favorite Disney movies the characters are a completely different story. Many students named heroes and villains interchangeably, so we split them into two categories. 

Some of the heroes named were Aladdin, Moana, and Hercules 

One student casually saying after being asked about who their favorite hero was “My favorite hero is definitely Hercules; he is definitely the best out of all the other ones and is pretty based” 

However, among Davis high students the villains were the most named of all the characters within the Disney universe.  

Some of the favorite villains are Scar, Dr. Fascille, Cruella, Captain Hook, and Hades. 

When asked why he picked Scar as one of his favorite villains an anonymous student said, “I don’t know Scar is pretty cool and one of the evilest villains in Disney history, one of the darker villains too.” 

Overall, it seems like the Lion King and Hercules stand out as the overall favorites among the students. With Cars 2, Moana, and a few others being rated well across the board.  

So, if you haven’t seen any of these movies since childhood or you haven’t seen them at all consider dusting off the case and putting them into your dvd player (or Disney plus service) to watch one of the classics of American film. 

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