Here it is, everyone’s favorite season: FALL! You know that means, here comes the pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters. Another thing that comes around this season is Halloween! The holiday where scary movies and haunted houses reside. What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Are you into scary stuff or are you more laid back? For your convenience, here are some of everyone’s all-time favorite Halloween movies:


  1. The Conjuring-2013 Rated R
  2. Scream-1996 Rated R
  3. It-2017 Rated R
  4. The Exorcist-1973 Rated R
  5. It Follows-2014 Rated R


  1. Halloween-1978 Rated R
  2. Get Out-2017 Rated R
  3. Scream-1996 Rated R
  4. The Babadook-2014 Not Rated
  5. The Ring-2002 Rated PG-13

Blood and Gore:

  1. Dead Alive-1992 Rated R
  2. Tokyo Gore Police-2009 Not Rated
  3. The Evil Dead-1981 Rated R
  4. Hostel-2005 Rated R
  5. Blood Feast-1963 Not Rated


  1. Hocus Pocus-1993 Rated PG
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas-1993 Rated PG
  3. Halloween Town-1998 Rated TV-G
  4. Casper-1995 Rated PG
  5. Monster House-2006 Rated PG

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