After Davis High Schools disastrous 2019 homecoming dance on September 28, many of the students are concerned about the quality of the other three dances to take place this year. They fear that if the other dances are anything like homecoming was, then they have nothing to look forward to except for three mediocre dances.

What was so bad about the homecoming dance you may ask? Well, besides the spoiled milk being flung into the center of the crowd of students, the typically exciting and fun homecoming dance was run in an overly strict fashion, with several new rules. The least popular of said new rules was the new ban on moshing. Moshing has always been the favorite dance activity among many of the students who attend the dances. However, those who participated in the mosh-pits at homecoming were rather disappointed as the DJ would stop the music every time moshing began, under the orders of Mr. Chapple.

Furthermore, there was really nothing to mosh to, as the music playlist was mostly full of old, boring, and mostly “family friendly” pop songs, far different from the style of music typically played at enjoyable dances. Several students who were at homecoming were asked what they thought about the songs played at the dances.

Jackson Terril (Senior) said, “The DJ knew as much about music as my dog knows Japanese.”

Terril, as well as many other students felt that the songs played at homecoming were not the kind of songs students enjoy hearing at dances. For example, the song “Happy” by Pharrell was played, and received a chorus of boo’s. In fact, many students left the gym and waited for the song to be over until they returned.

“Happy belongs in Despicable Me 2 in 2013. Not a Davis High dance in 2019.” said Britain Grant (Senior).

Another new rule that irked many students was the new policy on leaving the building. If students leave the building during the dance, they will not be let back into the school, and the doors are locked at all times during the dance. This was especially controversial at homecoming, because after the spoiled milk fiasco turned the gym into a rancid setting, many students went outside to get fresh air. These students were not let back into the dance. Students are still required to wear the wristbands given to them at the door regardless. By the end of the night, and after a heated confrontation between the administration and several students in the south end parking lot, around 20 students had either been banned from entering the building or had to wait at the south end stairs for the dance to be over.

If the changes seen at homecoming are in fact here to stay, and are any indication of how the next three dances will be, then the school can expect the following. For the satisfaction of the students to plummet and the attitudes of students of all schools towards Davis High dances to be much worse than what they have been in the past. Students who attend Farmington, Layton, Viewmont, etc., will not have the same excitement that they have in the past when being asked to Davis dances. Although safety should be a concern, so should the students overall enjoyment of the dances. Students look forward to these dances for months, and should not be dissapointed by them due to the demoralizing rules put in place by the administration. Let the kids be kids.


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